IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2008-12-19

b-manhere's the syntax; | ,, = empty  | ,512,C = 512mb vfat | ,,L = the rest in linux83.00:01
vandenoeverat maemo conference i saw an awesome note taking app, does anyone know the name?00:01
VulcanisYeah, I don't have either of those, so do you know where the package for that would be found?00:01
qwerty12_N801vandenoever, liqbase00:01
b-manapt-get install e2fsprogs?00:01
vandenoeverqwerty12_N801: that sounds right, installing now00:01
qwerty12_N801Vulcanis, you have to be root to 'see' sfdisk00:02
Vulcaniswell, apparently it cannot see it even then, so I guess the card is toasted.  Ah well, back to my dual 8gbs00:03
*** blade_runner has quit IRC00:03
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b-mando you have a device called mmcblk1 or mmcblk0, try 'ls /dev' to see if you have those devices.00:04
*** luck^ has quit IRC00:05
b-manyou shuld have them.00:05
Vulcanisonly when valid cards are in00:06
Vulcanisworking ones00:06
b-manwhat kind of error did you encounter when trying to format them?00:07
*** TrueJournals has quit IRC00:08
VulcanisB-man: it died in the middle of a format00:08
Vulcanisso thats probably part of it00:08
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lcukvandenoever, is that the one you remember?00:09
VulcanisB-man: You mean now, or back when I was trying to format it?00:10
Vulcanisbecause right now it just doesn't recognize the card at all, I guess.00:10
b-mannow and back would be nice. ;)00:10
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vandenoeverlcuk: yes it is, its cool00:11
Stskeepsgah.. ok. sapwood is officially driving me insane. i just found a DoS for it that will cause it to lock up with 100%00:12
lcuklol Stskeeps your nemesis is better than you00:12
Stskeepsthe itch to rewrite it -has- come up.00:12
Vulcanisb-man: No real error back then, it just locked up for more than an hour and I decided to just turn it off00:13
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vandenoeverare there any nice apps for doing logging of things like personal weight, gps bike route, what your doing, what your eating00:14
vandenoeverpreferably in some semantic form00:14
b-manVakcanis; try this  insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/`uname -r`/mbcache.ko; insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/`uname -r`/ext2.ko; insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/`uname -r`/jbd.ko; insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/`uname -r`/ext3.ko00:14
b-manand see if that helps.00:15
lcukvandenoever, how would it know your weight or your diet?00:15
vandenoeverlcuk: i'd type it00:16
vandenoeverlcuk: i'd want something simple like google base to enter recurring datatypes00:16
lcuki was thinking standing on it like a wii fit and using the pressure reading ;)00:16
vandenoeverlcuk: :-)00:16
*** TokyoDan has joined #maemo00:17
lcukthats not too far from where i want liqbase, but for now lemme just see - ive spotted something recently00:17
vandenoeverlcuk: actually, i was thinking that the next thing people will add to mobile phones is allow them to work like scales00:17
vandenoever(small ones for cooking)00:17
vandenoeveralso recording temperature should go in00:17
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*** simboss has joined #maemo00:17
StskeepsGAN8001: where do you send security sensitive bugs? :P00:17
Stskeeps.. probably not a very serious one00:18
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lcukfound it!00:23
lcukvandenoever, :)00:23
lcukmight not be perfect, but sounds like what you are aiming for00:23
LinuxCodehey lcuk00:23
lcukhi there lc :) how goes the wanderer00:23
VulcanisWell, b-man, I ran it once, it crashed SSH, now run it and get00:24 in Germany atm00:24
Vulcanisinsmod: cannot insert '/mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.21-omap1/mbcache.ko': File exists (-1): File exists00:24
Vulcanisinsmod: cannot insert '/mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.21-omap1/ext2.ko': File exists (-1): File exists00:24
Vulcanisinsmod: cannot insert '/mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.21-omap1/jbd.ko': File exists (-1): File exists00:24
Vulcanisinsmod: cannot insert '/mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.21-omap1/ext3.ko': File exists (-1): File exists00:24
LinuxCodehow you mate ?00:24
Vulcanissorry for pastespam00:24
lcuktired but comfortable :)00:24
LinuxCodei second that00:24
lcukVulcanis, you will be \@/00:24
lcukso lc, did they kick you out of the UK or did you go of your own volition?00:25
*** ssvb has joined #maemo00:25
Stskeepsqwerty12_N801: .. think i'll just submit it on bugs.*, i doubt it can do any harm00:25
lcukStskeeps, to report security sensitive bugs you must first obtain the IP address of quims personal n9x0, use the exploit to hack into it, and leave him a big warning message on his screen00:26
StskeepsGAN8001: bugs.* has 2008.43-7 as 4.1.3 btw00:27
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* lardman considers how much difference there is between how good/bad tracks sound with sbc00:32
Stskeepssimple fix, really, but..00:33
ssvblardman: what about the difference?00:33
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lardmansome tracks sound ok, some sound very poor00:34
lardmanssvb: did you get my email? I've not checked my account for a while00:35
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ssvblardman: I guess not yet00:36
lardmanhmm, was about some of the #defines in your patch00:36
lardman"sbc_tables.h", line 364: error: floating-point value does not fit in required integral type00:38
lardmanhere are the defines:
lardmanwhen I try to compile, the compiler chokes on values of F(1.0000)00:39
lardmansizeof(FIXED_T)=1, CHAR_BITS=1600:39
lardmanso it expands to this: (int16)((1.0000)*((int32)1<<15)+0.5)00:39
lardmanand 1<<15 is too large to fit in a signed 16bit typr00:40
lardmanalso, interestingly, the 16bit code is slower than the original (original as in the new filterbank + various patches from the list, but 32bit in/out + 16bit coeffs)00:41
lardmanthough the 16bit code still uses a 32bit out with 16bit in/coeffs00:42
*** chmac is now known as chmac_away00:42
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* vandenoever wonders how often people in this forum say that it is time to kick ass and chew bubble gum00:45
vandenoeverbecause i've got a strong urge to say just that00:45
Stskeepslardman: have you encountered strange happenings of unsigned shorts (16) -> integer conversions on armv5/770?00:46
Stskeeps16 bit, that is00:46
Stskeepscos we've seen them on two platforms now00:46
lardmanI've not been looking I'm afraid, I'm talking about the DSP00:46
lcuklardman, you cant use the sign bit for your shifted results00:46
Stskeepslardman: yeah, sorry, it was an unrelated problem to the DSP stuff00:47
lardmanapparently not, at least not in my compiler00:47
lardmanStskeeps: sorry :)00:47
lcukmerely drop a bit in the shifting?00:47
lardmanI just wanted to check with ssvb as to what he was wanting to happen in the patch before fiddling00:48
mavhcwhy can't I see this new ssu in the app manager?00:48
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*** mike_xcr has joined #maemo00:51
Vulcanismavhc: check if your repos are diablo... I had problems until I went through and changed that00:51
mike_xcrhi all00:51
lcuklardman, fair enough, i remember all this stuff from the fractint shifted ints library ;)00:51
mike_xcri got problem...00:51
mike_xcri load e17 to my n800...00:51
mike_xcrand i can't run this00:51
lardmanlcuk: I've just tried listening to some other songs, and sbc encoded is pretty awful00:51
lardmanlcuk: much work yet to be done00:51
lcukwhats wrong with it? have you sorted the speed yet?00:52
lcuktheres always work to be done :)00:52
lardmanwell I'm getting pitch variations, which is probably do to with speed00:52
lardmanthough I'm not sure it's a problem on the dsp, probably on the arm00:52
lardmanas it happens with all the flavours of dsp task I have00:53
lcukthats not good, have you tried sending test signal notes through it00:54
lcukto see if theres a pattern to the variation or if its just wrong00:54
lardmanno, I need to write a version of sbcenc which takes something other than BE pcm data and try that00:54
lcukor you need to create some pcm data yourself00:55
lardmanyeah, just bigendian is a pita00:55
*** cyrus__ has joined #maemo00:55
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cyrus__Does the N800 and N810 use the same MMC driver?00:56
lardmanthough I've been meaning to look at the gstreamer component to see if I could easily encode mp3 say and send it to file00:56
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*** b-man has joined #maemo00:56
*** croppa has joined #maemo00:56
lcuklardman, you should be able to use gstreamer quite easily00:58
lcukthat is afterall what its there for00:58
lardmanhmm, we'll see ;)00:58
GAN8001Stskeeps, dunno.00:58
GAN8001Hang on00:59
GAN8001Stskeeps, 4.1.3 is correct00:59
Stskeepsyeah, ok, too late :P00:59
Stskeepsreported to bugs.*, it's not a outside-dos bug so00:59
GAN8001Just because Nokia's being a bitch about syncing the SDK and Maemo versioning. . . .01:00
lardmanwhere does gst-launch live?01:00
GAN8001Stskeeps, johnx can confirm it?01:00
StskeepsGAN8001: it's a logic bug and proven in source01:01
GAN8001Stskeeps, OK, I'll set it NEW then01:01
Stskeepsi can write up a mathematical proof for it if you'd like..01:01
*** born2wonder has joined #maemo01:01
GAN8001Stskeeps, do you want editbugs/canconfirm?01:02
lcukback later, got stuff to do01:02
StskeepsGAN8001: not really yet, no01:02
GAN8001How about canconfirm at least?01:02
*** hfwilke has quit IRC01:02
lardmanhmm, file is here:
Stskeepsi don't trust my own bug reports01:02
lardmanhow do I install it using apt-get?01:02
Stskeepstools repo? :P01:03
Stskeepsor sdk01:03
GAN8001Stskeeps, sure, but you might be able to confirm others'. :P01:03
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:03
*** housetier has quit IRC01:04
born2wonderhi, i just got some free time now and willing to run mer on my n810 instead of deblet, any advice where i can get started (a rootfs maybe)01:04
*** matt_c has joined #maemo01:05
*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC01:06
lardmanssvb: any thoughts?01:06
born2wonderI checked on the mer site (blueprints and stuff) but couldnt find links to anything.01:07
*** matt_c has quit IRC01:07
*** Free_maN has quit IRC01:08
lardmanhmm, looks like I need to compile gstreamer-mad01:09
*** chmac_away is now known as chmac01:12
*** lmoura has joined #maemo01:12
Stskeepsborn2wonder: we're finishing up the installer and will be providing images soon01:14
*** eichi has quit IRC01:17
born2wonderStskeeps: Thanks for the reassurance, thanks for all the great work people! deblet  felt right at home, being a zaurus user (running debian) and ubuntu on desktops, cant wait for the successor!01:17
Stskeepsborn2wonder: .. we just had mer running on zaurus ;)01:18
*** alextreme has quit IRC01:18
Stskeepsjohnx in here has one too so01:19
born2wonderlol, i guess its time for my zaurus to get a little attention ( i just got the n810 recently)01:20
born2wonderyah i had debian eabi ,ran well enough but deblet on n810 was way faster and smoother01:20
born2wondereabi on z01:20
Stskeepsborn2wonder: basically just hang around in here and you'll probably be drafted to test some stuff :P01:21
born2wonder:-) , i am not leaving thic channel from now on. just finished uni finals today01:22
*** mike_xcr has left #maemo01:22
Stskeepsbut before getting hopes up, there are interesting possibilities with mer right now, but they're in no way polished. your best tools are a usb cable and knowing how to pop battery :P01:23
lcukborn2wonder, what about when you need the toilet?01:24
born2wondern810/zaurus/p1510 (fav laptop)01:24
born2wonderlove the mobility01:24
lcukplease mark yourself as away when you are ummm busy01:25
born2wonderi go by the saying: if it aint broke, then break it and try to fix it... so usb cable and pop battery are essentials in my gadgets01:26
lardmanssvb: you still about?01:26
lardmanssvb: in your bitpacking patch, using the #defines, was there any particular reason why you waited for >=32bits of data before writing it?01:27
*** fab__ has quit IRC01:27
born2wonderby the way, is the stlc45xx driver gonna be used in mer?01:28
ssvblardman: about, the compiler is right because 1 << 15 does not fit into a signed 16-bit value01:28
lardmanssvb: was that by design?01:29
Stskeepsborn2wonder: eventually - we have people with working 2.6.28-rcsomething so01:29
ssvbwhat exactly?01:29
lardmanthe fact it doesn't fit :)01:29
Stskeepsborn2wonder: still some quirks to be ironed out regarding distribution of firmware bits though01:29
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo01:30
ssvblardman: yes, because it would get the high order bit set and turn the value into negative, which is not what we expect01:30
ssvbthis 1.0 constant is a special case, it is handled by a shift instead of multiplication in the filter function01:31
lardmanssvb: I meant, did you mean to change the sign of the value when converting it?01:31
*** DHR has quit IRC01:31
born2wonderthanks, cant wait for the n810 to be a powerfull network auditing system (without usb adapter/hub).01:31
ssvblardman: this value from the table is not used anyway01:32
lardmanssvb: this is true, as the 12th entry is unneeded01:32
born2wonderHoping to work in that field one day01:32
ssvbyou can try to use something like (int16_t)(int32_t)... to shut up the compiler :)01:32
lardmanok, so your compiler allowed that, while mine doesn't then01:32
lardmanor indeed put any value in there01:32
* lardman has a quick look at the code to check01:33
ssvbabout the performance, the function still requires some optimizations to reduce the number of operations01:34
ssvbeven if 16-bit multiplications are faster, there are more of them right now01:34
ssvbalso checking disassembly output may help01:35
*** chelli has quit IRC01:35
*** lele has quit IRC01:35
ssvbwe need to be really sure that the compiler generates the right instructions here01:35
ssvbfor example, there might make sense to change the accumulator value to 40-bit type01:36
ssvbor something like this01:36
lardmanyeah well the 16x16->32 doesn't seem to be faster than 32x16->3201:36
*** gentooer has joined #maemo01:37
*** melmoth has joined #maemo01:37
lardmanssvb: well the good news is your patch works, thanks :)01:38
lardmanand it sounds good too01:39
mavhcpeople have been optimising ARM code for years01:41
ssvblardman: I'm going to optimized SBC for ARM, it should get quite fast there01:43
*** b-man has quit IRC01:43
ssvbat least I know that 16-bit multiplications are definitely faster there01:43
lardmanI'll do some more for the dsp, learning along the way01:43
lardmanI'll have to do some tests, no timers enabled on the dsp so hard to time things01:44
lardmanI also don't know how much of the pitch variation is to do with sbc or the arm-side wrapper01:44
ssvbalso I guess bitstream writer can be quite fast on C55x because it is big endian01:44
lardmanhmm, it's mixed endian isn't it01:45
lardmancertainly in the mode it runs in atm it's littleendian for 16bit types and mixed for 32bit01:45
ssvbfrom the DSP side it is fully big endian unless I'm missing something01:45
ssvbor wait, you might be right01:46
*** housetier has joined #maemo01:46
lardmanit might be possible to change the addressing mode or something, I don't know01:46
*** hellwolf has quit IRC01:46
*** zakkm has joined #maemo01:47
zakkmdoes Nitdroid work on the N800 yet01:47
ssvblardman: yes, I remember reading something about changing endianness on the fly in the memory controller01:47
zakkmaccording to nitdroid page it got a update supporting n800?01:48
lardmanssvb: good good, so neither of us is going mad :)01:48
*** mib_hoolagin has joined #maemo01:49
mib_hoolaginHello is there anyone available to help me with a relatively simple issue?01:49
zakkm NITdroid is working on N800 devices now at the same level as the original N810.01:49
zakkmBy solca to #NITdroid 1 day, 2 hours ago. Add Comment01:49
zakkmdoes that mean it would work well on my n800 now?01:49
*** datachaos has joined #maemo01:50
mib_hoolaginI have an n810 and i just updated to the new os2008 diablo and I am having a problem with installations; when i try to install an ap it doesn't give me the option i used to get with the earlier version of maemo to choose an alternate location for the files01:51
*** lele has joined #maemo01:52
dick-richardsonsome aren't for me, either...just go to control panel --> panels --> organize and move them where you want them01:52
*** Grackle has quit IRC01:52
mib_hoolaginthats not the directory i meant, thats more the for the launcher, i meant the actual placement of files01:53
dick-richardsonnot sure then01:53
mib_hoolaginwhen I install something it asks me where to install to and it gives me the launcher's folders.01:53
mib_hoolaginbefore it used to ask where I wanted to install the files01:53
lcukand where did you used to install the files to?01:54
mib_hoolaginthe 256 mb storage quickly fills up if I can't use the internal 2GB or an external card01:54
mib_hoolagini used to install them to  the internal 2GB storage01:54
born2wonderAFAIK, the only solution is using the script at itt to clone os to card01:54
mib_hoolaginrather than the 256 mb storage01:54
mib_hoolaginclone the os to card?01:55
born2wonderthen u will will get a more capable 2gb filesystem partition (less (1.6g) after swap and optional fat32)01:55
lcuki understand the problem, but ive not heard of a solution like you are suggesting used to happen01:55
born2wonderlet me check the forums01:55
lardmanssvb: 16bit version of your filter has lots of high pitch harmonics01:56
mib_hoolagini believe the older version allowed to install programs to alternate drives like desktop os's do01:56
zakkmlcuk: would a p3 933mhz debian *server* help mer development or well anything maemo?01:56
mib_hoolaginokay i gotta go01:57
*** vandenoever has quit IRC01:57
lcuki dunno zakkm, speak to Stskeeps01:57
born2wonderclone to os is a good google search to get results better than built in foruum search01:57
mib_hoolaginok thanks01:58
*** mib_hoolagin has quit IRC01:58
*** redcomet1 has joined #maemo01:58
ssvblardman: is it in any way different from the other variants of the filter function?01:58
mavhcit's crazy you need to do all that, I'd have thought a symlink would be easier01:58
lardmanssvb: I don;t think so, just that it's 16x16->32 (i.e. T is the only 32bit var)01:59
born2wonderyah i remeber i ran a script that automated the whole thing but just gave him the first google like assuming that wa s it. i dont remeber who made it but should be easy to find01:59
*** zakkm has quit IRC02:00
lardmanah sorry, my fault, that's the previous filter, let me try again02:00
lardmanssvb: which of T1/T2 were you saying you thought could go 16bit? both?02:01
lardmant1 won't be any larger than the input, which is 16 bit, so that's ok02:01
lardmanah, but then the mac02:02
lcukmmmm shell question: if i have a script and i want it to change the current directory when it leaves the script how do i do it?02:05
lcukive tried with just a cd xyz line in the script itself but when the script terminates the actual path remains the same02:06
lardmanssvb: ok, sounds ok with everything 16bit02:06
*** hellwolf-n810 has joined #maemo02:07
lcuklardman, audio is very subjective ;) you need to start with double blind tests02:07
*** redcomet has quit IRC02:07
ssvblardman: t1 should be 32-bit (or 40-bit) because it is used as accumulator, t2 can be 16-bit because it contains scaled down values that should fit it02:07
ssvblcuk: there are also objective tests which can detect obvious problems02:08
lardmanooh, some artifacts though02:08
lardmanI'll change t1 back to 32bit and see02:08
*** zakkm has joined #maemo02:08
ssvbt1 *must* be 32-bit at least02:08
lcukoh yeah ssvb, but we know lardman is a perfectionist ;)02:09
zakkmanyone here been sucessful in installing nitdroid on n800?02:09
*** redcomet has joined #maemo02:09
lardmanok, with 32bit t1 I still get occasional artifacts02:09
lardmanI'm passing my output as 16bit02:10
ssvblardman: it does not have effect on the use of 16-bit multiplication instructions as it is only used as destination operand02:10
lardmanah, I've also changed the intermediate sample buffers to 16bit, I suppose they should be 32bit too?02:10
*** gentooer has quit IRC02:11
ssvbwhich ones?02:11
ssvbthese should be 32-bit too02:11
lardmanit actually doesn't sound bad with them 16bit; with some overflow prevention it might be ok02:12
ssvbbecause they don't always fit 16 bit02:12
StsN800zakkm, re 900mhz it will run mer;)02:12
ssvblardman: but you don't gain anything from converting them to 16 bit02:12
ssvbon the quantizing stage, it is multiplied by a value that also does not always fit 16-bit02:13
lardmanno, that's ok02:13
zakkmStsN800: i was referring to making a server for mer development02:14
zakkmStsN800: my brother handed me a "throwout" 933mhz p3 the other day02:14
zakkmwell yesterday.02:15
lardmanssvb: but the encoder state X is ok as 16bit?02:15
zakkmhas a 10gb harddrive but i could network share as much space as you want with it02:15
ssvblardman: doing saturation will distort sound, sb_sample_f are expected not to always fit 16-bit and if you cut them off, you will get worse audio quality02:15
ssvblardman: X are perfectly fine as 16 bit02:15
lardmanyep, fine02:15
StsN800zakkm, mm - we kinda hope to get needs covered by, - but we will prolly need people testing/playing with mer/x8602:16
zakkmsome other purpose then? other than mer? i just thought that was the big project now so i mentioned it02:16
zakkmid love to test mer xd02:16
StsN800soon people will be able to:P02:17
*** gentooer has joined #maemo02:18
StsN800mer x86 on tv out;)02:19
ssvblardman: I also remember that there must be some trick used to utilize dual multiplier02:20
ssvblardman: like all the operands in DARAM02:20
lardmanyeah, but on different pages preferably02:21
zakkmStsN800: is mer more minimalistic than maemo?02:21
zakkmin the ram usage sense?02:21
born2wonderstsN800, i can do some basic testing for mer x8602:21
*** redcomet1 has quit IRC02:21
StsN800zakkm, i think maemo is more minimalistic02:22
StsN800born2wonder, hehe, alright. will keep in mind02:22
zakkmstsN800: did you try nitdroid on the n800?02:22
*** zap has quit IRC02:22
StsN800zakkm, helped a bit with advice, other than02:23
*** redcomet1 has joined #maemo02:23
lardmanssvb: so the tables do repeat, so there's scope for dual MAC02:23
StsN800that im not terribly interested02:23
* GAN8001 doesn't get the appeal.02:24
johnxStsN800, mind if I disconnect the zaurus?02:24
GAN8001Though, admittedly, I don't get the appeal of a lot of things. :P02:24
StsN800johnx, go ahead02:24
zakkmam i suppose to chmod +x flasher-3.0?02:24
ssvblardman: spru376 has some guidelines about 'Efficient Use of MAC hardware'02:24
GAN8001zakkm, if you're planning on executing it. . . .02:24
zakkmi just keep screwing up nitdroid install.. so i thought that was to blame -.-02:25
StsN800johnx, fucky short->int conversions happen on 770 too02:25
lardmanssvb: yeah, I'm reading the bit about if branching atm02:25
zakkmodd i know but i cant figure out what i keep doing wrong02:25
lardmanssvb: I'll have a look at arranging the coefficients to enable some dual mac tomorrow02:26
StsN800GAN800, it puts the result in previous memory cell and puts garbage in the next 3..02:26
lardmanbed now though, night all02:26
*** lardman has quit IRC02:26
StsN800so, fucky is a good term:p02:27
*** gentooer has quit IRC02:27
*** born2wonder has quit IRC02:27
*** born2wonder has joined #maemo02:28
*** Kl0r has joined #maemo02:28
StsN800johnx, now that i've given your zaurus new purpose, will you fix tslib&omapfb? ;)02:28
*** gentooer has joined #maemo02:29
*** alextreme has joined #maemo02:30
*** lele has quit IRC02:31
born2wonderlong live the zaurus ;-)02:34
*** lele has joined #maemo02:34
*** hannesw has quit IRC02:35
*** CiroipN810 has quit IRC02:35
zakkmhow much is the zaurus?02:36
born2wonderdepends on model and source02:37
zakkmone that would be decent02:37
born2wonderi got a c1000 that  cost about 400 a while back02:37
zakkmlike that one02:37
born2wonderi would recommend the 3100 or 3200 as they have an extra internal microdrive than can be replaced with a CF card02:39
*** redcomet has quit IRC02:39
born2wonderthen u'll have the sd and external compact flash available for wifi/storage/dualboot expansions02:40
StsN800bbl sleep02:41
dick-richardsonis there any reason to run in red-pill mode?02:41
*** simboss has quit IRC02:42
born2wonderwas needed for root but not needed anymore for the avg end user AFAIK, not sure though02:42
born2wonderregarding red pill mode02:42
dick-richardsonthat's what I've kinda seen...I got root, etc. w/o it02:42
dick-richardsonssu updates don't require it, do they?02:43
born2wondernever enabled it myself as i went for debian as soon as i got my nit02:43
born2wonderno they dont02:43
born2wonderdeblet to be exact02:43
*** redcomet has joined #maemo02:44
born2wonderapt-get on mobile devices is just awesome02:44
dick-richardsonyes...makes more sense than these app stores that keep coming Palm, Android, iPhone, etc.02:45
dick-richardsonof course, it doesn't have a real business model for pay-for software...but you can sell .deb's I guess02:45
born2wondernot tryin to start a flame war but i sold my 16g iphone to my sister so as to buy the n810 .debian based devices are way more interesting to me than a few good games02:48
zakkmanyone how how to fix the reboot loop on nitdroid?02:48
Vulcanisis deblet fastish now?02:49
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC02:50
born2wonderi run deblet with nit-env-gnome and my own customizations. it exceeded my expectations in speed and useability02:50
born2wondermaybe ive just been using debian on my zaurus for too long ;-)02:51
born2wonderin gnome, a few tweaks such as replacing nautilus with pcmanfm can help greatly. also some customizations to make it more touch friendly are very easy to adjust for noobs02:53
dick-richardsonhow do you set up a socks proxy on a connection?02:54
born2wondergoogle is ur best friend there02:54
dick-richardsongot a search going as well02:54
dick-richardsonI've been using squid...wasn't sure if there was something (other than ssh) to run on the server02:55
born2wonderi am sure some1 more knowledgable than me has explained it thoroughly02:55
born2wondernot much experience in that  field02:56
*** gentooer has quit IRC02:58
born2wonderquestion; will mer include the debian auto-complete bash scripts ?03:00
*** redcomet1 has quit IRC03:00
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo03:00
*** cyrus__ has quit IRC03:00
zakkmwhy cant i pm ppl on itt forum?03:01
LinuxCodeyou are barred03:01
zakkmnot allowed?03:01
LinuxCodewill maemo get flash 10 ?03:01
LinuxCodeor was that in todays update ?03:01
LinuxCodezakkm, i was pulling your leg mate03:02
LinuxCodedont kknow03:02
zakkmLinuxCode: you try nitdroid?03:02
zakkmfor some reason it works for everyone but me -.-03:02
LinuxCodeno sir03:02
born2wonderzakkm , try to start fresh with diablo and a formatted card in the instructions, where r u getting stuck. i didnt install niitdroid but tried it on my zaurus in its early days03:03
born2wonderandroid that is..03:04
zakkmim not getting stuck03:04
zakkmi followed it fine.. its just not working lol03:04
zakkmi get the robot for like few min.. it reboots.. robot03:04
zakkmit doesnt get past bootsplash.03:04
*** harry has joined #maemo03:04
GAN8001LinuxCode, ha.03:05
GAN8001Maybe for Fremantle. . . .03:05
zakkmborn2wonder: its the older diablo.. and i formatted my card just recently in gparted03:05
*** harry is now known as Guest1373103:05
born2wonderi think u have to update to the latest diablo but not sure for n800, did u try with latest diablo03:06
zakkmno but i dont see how that will help? cause i install the nitdroid kernel.. and use a new SD card.03:06
zakkmi dont see how maemo gets affected/involved?03:06
zakkmbut people had it working fine, before the new recent update.03:07
born2wonderoh ok, let me do some quick searching03:07
zakkmborn2wonder: thank you03:08
*** Guest13731 is now known as kcome03:12
zakkmill be back in a few minutes03:12
*** zakkm has quit IRC03:13
*** benh has quit IRC03:13
*** TokyoDan has joined #maemo03:14
*** Pyrhos has quit IRC03:15
*** zakkm has joined #maemo03:16
born2wonderr u sure u flashed ur kernel with R&D mode enabled using linux. that seems to cause the reboot loop issue. check the nitdroid topic on itt , the last couple of pages for the commands03:17
zakkmyes sorry, hhad to boot into mac03:17
zakkmyes i did.. and that causes a different reboot loop03:17
zakkmthat, android boots.. but it reboots after 5 min or so03:17
zakkmthis .. android doesnt fully boot at all03:17
born2wonderumm, did u try using a different card just for good measure03:18
zakkmi did check the topic..  i read every single page.. tried it in the past but theres been a new update in the nitdroid project that adds good n800 support03:18
zakkmand since then.. many ppl supposely got it working on the n80003:18
zakkmso i thought id try again. but no luck03:18
zakkmive tried 2 4gb's sdhc's03:18
born2wondermaybe ur rootfs is corrupt03:19
zakkmi extracted it twice03:19
born2wondercheck if there is a md5 for it or just redoownload it03:19
zakkmand did all sorts03:19
zakkmi did03:19
zakkm3 times downloaded03:19
zakkmon a knoppix livecd03:20
zakkmand one time on mac osx03:20
born2wonderok, let me check smth03:20
*** florian has quit IRC03:22
born2wonderdid u try penguinbait and qwerty's android03:23
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC03:25
* born2wonder is away: I'm busy03:31
LinuxCodenight all03:35
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC03:39
*** kimitake_______5 has quit IRC03:41
*** Sargun has quit IRC03:44
*** chmac has quit IRC03:47
*** benh has joined #maemo03:48
*** TokyoDan has left #maemo03:49
*** kimitake has joined #maemo03:52
*** Luria has joined #maemo03:52
*** melmoth has quit IRC04:05
*** gentooer has joined #maemo04:13
zakkmburn2wonder: sorry, and no i havent04:13
zakkmborn2wonder: its not quite the same though04:13
born2wonderwell i c but seems like there is a diablo kernel for n800 for it, might be worth a try as its a very simple solution, 3 debs or so04:16
born2wonderat the end of the posts for that android topic, it seems that u have to have latest diablo for it.04:20
*** datachaos has quit IRC04:20
*** housetier has quit IRC04:22
born2wonderfurthermore did u confirm with pycage or others onn the forum who got the droid on their n800 about method and versions of files/os04:23
zakkmborn2wonder: i cant pm on the forum04:25
zakkmi made the last post though04:25
zakkmborn2wonder: thats for like really olddddd android.. and it doesnt have touchscreen or anything worthwhile04:26
born2wonderi c, but i thought qwerty got touchscreen working but manybe not for n800 for04:31
born2wonderdid u use the latest kernel and userspace  , 3days ago04:33
born2wonderand add --enable-rd-mode04:33
born2wonderto flasher04:33
zakkmborn2wonder: yes04:35
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:35
*** zakkm has quit IRC04:36
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:37
*** dick-richardson has left #maemo04:37
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:38
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s04:39
*** zakkm has joined #maemo04:40
disco_stuhi zakkm04:41
zakkmburn2wonder: sorry, had to logout04:41
born2wondersomeone mentioned something about disabling double frame buffering so userspace doesnt crash, might be already fixed though04:43
born2wondertry redoing the whole thing starting by redownloading ur kernel04:44
born2wonderi know its tedious but it seems to work for everybody.04:45
disco_stuzakkm, did you get the latest ssu?04:45
zakkmshould i of?04:45
*** inherited has quit IRC04:45
zakkmredownloading my kernel?04:46
zakkmborn2wonder: i just tried it several times today04:46
disco_stuzakkm, get the last ssu, speed improvements are huge04:47
zakkmi heard it wasnt significant04:47
*** inherited has joined #maemo04:47
disco_stuyes, X server optimizations04:47
zakkmreally? sweet04:48
zakkmmaybe i should then04:48
zakkmin % .. how good you think?04:48
disco_stuyou will lose rotation support for now, and you´ll have to set bootmenu again04:48
born2wonderi will install android soon and then might be able better to help u04:49
zakkmdisco_stu: should i reflash.. or just update04:49
disco_studont know.. but is really nice04:49
zakkmborn2wonder: you have n800 ?04:49
disco_stujust update fron app. manager04:49
infobotdisco_stu meant: just update from app. manager04:50
zakkmok thanks :)04:50
zakkm19mb only ;o04:51
disco_stuyeah :)04:52
zakkmi have 120kb/s internet.. so thats gonna take awhile ;p04:52
born2wonderno n81004:54
born2wonderi would reflash to start fresh since ur facing unique problems04:54
born2wonderbut as mentioned , update  is though manager04:55
zakkmyeah im doing update04:55
disco_stuwow. zakkm why do you have such an slow connection? live away from town?04:56
zakkm... i live in Toronto , Canada04:56
zakkm1/4-1/5 of canada lives in the same city ;p04:56
zakkmjust have no money.. so buy cheap internet04:56
zakkmi dont download that much04:56
disco_stui live in an small town of argentina and i have 2mb symmetric04:57
disco_stufor a few dollars04:57
zakkm120kbyte/s .. not kbit04:58
disco_stuits ok then04:58
zakkmits okay04:59
zakkmi used to have 1mbyte/s .. and it didnt help too much04:59
*** kimitake has quit IRC05:00
born2wondervery cheap internet providor in canada is acanac.ca05:00
zakkmthats pretty cheap05:01
born2wonderless than 20 bucks including tazes plue 6mbps and 100 gb og online storage with unlimited bandwidth05:01
disco_stustatic public ip?05:02
born2wonderideal if u want to overcome the throttling done by bell by ssh tunneling ur torrents throught that05:02
born2wonderstatic ips are 30 bucks05:02
born2wonderthere is a catch05:03
zakkmthe residental adsl?05:03
born2wonderu have to pay for the whole year upfront05:03
zakkmoh cant do that05:03
zakkmim with rogers05:03
zakkmim only 17.. my parents pay the bills ;p05:03
disco_stuzakkm, you keep stealing wifi to the neighbour?05:04
zakkmused to, they kept wifi off for ages now05:04
born2wonderwell 234 for a whole years unlimited internet  is worth it , plus the fringe benefits mentioned05:04
*** milhouse has quit IRC05:05
* disco_stu thinks born2wonder works for acanac05:05
born2wonderbe carefull as i some ppl leave their wifi open so as to gain info on connected users using sniffing tools and such05:06
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]05:06
disco_stuyeah i do that05:06
zakkmits okay05:06
zakkmthey arent that smart around here ;p05:07
disco_stuhave two wlans and i dump all the traffic from one05:07
zakkmsome also connect to open wifis05:08
zakkmto sniff them ;p05:08
disco_stui do that too05:08
*** Kl0r has quit IRC05:08
zakkmwhat you use?05:08
disco_stumostly tcpdump05:09
born2wonderwell that gives u their plain passwords such as pop3, telnet,rdp (assuming no ssh tunneling) but mitm attacks for ssl sites are to be watched for05:09
disco_stubut ettercap too05:09
disco_stuppl im going to study for a while. see you tomorrow05:10
born2wonderettercap is the easiest with amazing filters and options05:10
zakkmwanna teach me how to use ettercap? :)05:11
disco_stuzakkm, install it05:11
born2wonderdont sniff networks u dont own though, u never know whose on the other side, plus its illegal05:11
disco_stuits very intuitive05:11
zakkmi did ages ago, its deleted now05:11
zakkmi didnt get it too much05:11
disco_stuwell i can show you how to use05:12
born2wondera google search will give u  what u need05:12
disco_stubut maybe tomorrow, im leaving now05:12
born2wondergoogle ettercap tutorial05:12
disco_stubye bye05:12
*** jacques has joined #maemo05:13
born2wonderbut u have to understand that this might bottleneck the  network as traffic is directed through u when creating ssl-certs on the fly with ettercap, an admin can detect this and act accordingly05:14
zakkmact accordingly?05:14
born2wonderso its not an experimentation tool to try at school or the likes,05:15
zakkmmy school isnt smart enough ;p05:15
born2wonderwell , admins can ban macaddresses  or certain accounts05:16
zakkmbut untraceable to you?05:16
born2wonderwell u have been warned and this is highly illegal05:16
zakkmim aware of its legality05:16
born2wonderwell for a mac address, a simple macchanger -m device name will set ur device to a random man, also ur hostname can  be seen05:17
zakkmyou can easily change your mac address?05:18
zakkmcool :)05:18
zakkmi found ettercap for nokia.. several weeks ago05:18
born2wonderthe plain passwords work fine on it, but had problems with forwarding packets on it when using iptables to route the data using the ettercap conf05:20
zakkmplain passwords?05:20
born2wonderdidnt try it again on maemo05:20
zakkmwhy are they ever used lol05:20
born2wondersince some  protocols still use them like ftp rdp pop3 ,05:21
born2wonderif u are interested in this kind of thing u should go the backtrack3 forums and start reading... .... alot of guides and info05:22
born2wonderbut i have friends who got caught in university doing a mitm arp poisining attack. most schools allow u on their network only after some sort of authorization that will be able to distinguish u , by username for example05:24
zakkmi remember backtrace05:24
zakkmnever used it though05:24
zakkmmy school just has password'd but everyone knows it05:25
born2wonderin that case, that part isnot a problem but still, u should have complete understanding of what ur doing before u use these tools05:26
born2wonderand i advise u against tryin it at school. a home test will be much more fruitful as u can tweak it and check its working properly ..05:28
zakkmoh ill test at home first of course05:28
*** gentooer has quit IRC05:30
born2wonderdont say i didnt warn u05:30
* born2wonder is away: I'm busy05:32
*** spencer_ has joined #maemo05:34
*** matt_c has quit IRC05:38
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:38
redcometanyone online who has gotten sbrsh working between scratchbox and 810?05:48
*** pcfe` has joined #maemo05:52
*** twilightNoir has joined #MAemo05:56
*** oilinki has quit IRC05:57
redcometnevermind, problem was with sanbox setting05:57
*** pcfe has quit IRC06:00
*** b-man has joined #maemo06:02
*** twilightNoir has left #MAemo06:06
*** Grackle has joined #maemo06:12
*** twilightNoir has joined #MAemo06:14
*** TrueJournals has joined #maemo06:17
*** b-man has quit IRC06:22
*** born2wonder has quit IRC06:30
*** kimitake has joined #maemo06:36
*** TrueJournals has quit IRC07:00
*** datachaos has joined #maemo07:00
*** spencer_ has quit IRC07:07
*** datachaos has quit IRC07:09
*** tulkastaldo has quit IRC07:09
*** Grackle has quit IRC07:09
*** Grackle has joined #maemo07:13
twilightNoirQuick question07:13
twilightNoirIs there an irssi for OS 2008?07:14
`0660there is ssh+screen07:16
`0660in the other hand, none of the current terminals let you open hyperlinks without frustration07:17
zakkmthere is irssi07:19
zakkmjust apt-get it07:19
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC07:21
*** ciroip has quit IRC07:23
*** Sargun has joined #maemo07:33
*** zakkm has quit IRC07:38
*** pupnik has quit IRC07:39
*** spencer_ has joined #maemo07:40
*** jacques has quit IRC07:42
spencer_can someoone help me?? in sb2, i can't seem to use configure script... the perl is always saying missing XML::parser but libxml* are all installed.07:43
*** pupnik has joined #maemo07:46
*** oilinki has joined #maemo07:49
*** TokyoDan has joined #maemo07:49
*** ralann has joined #maemo07:50
*** ralann has quit IRC07:52
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC08:01
*** fourhundredtwo has joined #maemo08:02
*** fourhundredtwo has left #maemo08:02
tchanXML::Parser is a perl CPAN module. It has nothing to do with libxml libraries.08:05
tchanYou need to figure out how to get your perl to install a CPAN module08:05
*** twilightNoir has left #MAemo08:12
*** benh has quit IRC08:23
*** geaaru has joined #maemo08:24
*** |thunder has joined #maemo08:24
pupnikinstalling that stuff in sb was a pita08:29
*** CiroipN810 has joined #Maemo08:32
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo08:39
*** Grackle has quit IRC08:41
*** melmoth has joined #maemo08:47
*** juergbi has joined #maemo08:47
*** Grackle has joined #maemo08:49
*** pcfe` is now known as pcfe08:53
*** benh has joined #maemo09:03
*** vincenzo has joined #maemo09:03
vincenzoHello ;)09:04
*** spencer_ has quit IRC09:05
*** ciroip has joined #maemo09:06
*** benh has quit IRC09:08
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC09:11
*** melmoth has quit IRC09:13
*** click170 has quit IRC09:15
*** melmoth has joined #maemo09:16
*** benh has joined #maemo09:17
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:21
*** benh has quit IRC09:22
*** TokyoDan has quit IRC09:22
*** trickie has quit IRC09:23
*** trickie has joined #maemo09:23
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo09:24
*** benh has joined #maemo09:25
*** benh has quit IRC09:26
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo09:27
*** benh has joined #maemo09:29
*** ssvb has quit IRC09:31
*** tekojo has joined #maemo09:33
*** Wikier has joined #maemo09:34
*** Sargun has quit IRC09:49
*** Sargun has joined #maemo09:51
*** geaaru has quit IRC09:57
*** DamagE_425 has joined #maemo10:02
DamagE_425is this a new reality 2 have kde in my pocket device? o.O10:03
johnxeh, just think of it as a small laptop :P10:04
*** ttmrichter_ has joined #maemo10:04
DamagE_425and what about all that kul apps? they're ready 2 install?10:05
johnxall the kde apps? well, it's a little more complicated in some ways10:05
DamagE_425but i wanna install kde by myself and found only deb files which make all routines automatically10:06
*** geaaru has joined #maemo10:07
johnxno one's stopping you from installing it manually10:07
DamagE_425could u give me instructions?10:08
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC10:08
johnxsorry, I don't use KDE10:08
DamagE_425i see this site very usefull and "i'll be back!" ;)))10:08
johnxhave you checked one of the threads in the KDE section of ITT?10:08
DamagE_425ofcourse ))10:09
DamagE_425thanks for all bye bye!10:09
*** kimitake has quit IRC10:13
*** chelli has joined #maemo10:14
*** DamagE_425 has quit IRC10:14
*** ttmrichter has quit IRC10:21
*** rm_you has joined #maemo10:22
* rm_you sighs10:23
johnxhey rm_you :D10:24
rm_youback in WA10:24
rm_youhorrible day of travel tho10:24
johnxhow's the snow by your place?10:25
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo10:26
*** rm_you has quit IRC10:26
*** rm_you has joined #maemo10:27
*** Zic has joined #maemo10:28
*** rm_you has quit IRC10:29
*** rm_you has joined #maemo10:30
*** rm_you has joined #maemo10:30
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:32
*** ab has joined #maemo10:33
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo10:37
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC10:40
*** simboss has joined #maemo10:40
*** alextreme has quit IRC10:47
*** fab has joined #maemo10:48
*** jurop881 has left #maemo10:50
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo10:52
*** luogni has joined #maemo10:54
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:00
*** calvaris has joined #maemo11:02
*** herzi has joined #maemo11:02
*** fab has quit IRC11:08
*** fab has joined #maemo11:12
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo11:19
*** ciroip has quit IRC11:25
*** hellwolf-n810 has quit IRC11:35
*** hannesw has joined #maemo11:38
*** denny has joined #maemo11:39
* Stskeeps grrs at having a nightmare on getting late up, having to choose between a nokia tablet summit at his uni and research centre xmas lunch11:39
johnxthis is a sign you might be working on tablet stuff too much11:40
Stskeeps... and i actually woke up 3 hours later than supposed today11:40
johnxyou'll make it to the summit though right? we're all here waiting for you :D11:40
Stskeepsmeh, ok, i'll have to skip that class then :P11:40
Stskeepsand will make it to xmas lunch, first in 4 hours11:41
Stskeepsneed to further clean the house :P11:41
*** melmoth has quit IRC11:41
* johnx unbreaks -tslib11:41
Stskeepsb-man was finishing up the installer11:41
johnxwas feeling guility for letting it sit while I was out today11:42
Stskeepsi need to edit some packages so they don't rely on being installed from tablet to tablet11:42
Stskeepsso we can run imaging from a qemu lets say11:42
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:42
Stskeepsjohnx: did you see my comment on sapwood?11:45
johnxaround when was that?11:45
Stskeepslast night i guess11:45
Stskeepsthat r2d2rogers' problem but it exhibits differently11:45
johnxand a way to DoS it?11:46
Stskeepsyeah, found by accident11:46
RST38hmoo all11:46
johnxm00f RST38h11:46
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC11:46
johnxsorry that I pulled you into the pit of howling madness that is sapwood11:47
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:47
Stskeepswell the bug is really funny11:48
johnxany gtk X client can cause it, right?11:48
Stskeepswe got it to trigger with gradient11:48
Stskeepson his 770, any sapwood call will do it11:48
johnxhaha! a different terrifying bug11:48
*** yerga has quit IRC11:50
*** alextreme has joined #maemo11:50
Stskeepsok, due to the class not being in calendar, it seems like everyone else has booked something else today11:55
Stskeepsfair enough, i'm not going to feel guilty about not going11:55
*** frade has joined #maemo11:56
*** florian_ has joined #maemo11:59
johnxthere we go. should be able to build -tslib again. someone should revoke my license to edit source12:01
RST38hGentlemen, could somebody help me with a stupid question?12:03
*** kcome has quit IRC12:03
johnxonly if it's really stupid12:03
johnxI don't answer smart questions12:03
johnxand don't think you'll be able to trick me12:03
RST38hIn an OpenEmbedded Linux, what do I use to read hw buttons?12:03
RST38hIs there some generic device for that?12:04
johnxmaybe /dev/input/eventN12:04
*** krutt has joined #maemo12:04
johnxwhere N depends on your machine12:04
*** hellwolf has joined #maemo12:04
johnxtry /dev/input/by-path for hints12:05
RST38hWhatis it supposed to contain?12:05
johnxlinks to the event devices12:05
*** florian_ is now known as florian12:05
johnxroot@Zero:~# ls -l /dev/input/by-path/platform-corgi-ts-event-12:06
johnxlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Dec 17 18:11 /dev/input/by-path/platform-corgi-ts-event- -> ../event212:06
johnxon a zaurus12:06
Stskeepsmm, RST38h, know of any good way to reveal stack buffer overflows on gcc4/arm?12:06
RST38hjohnx: !12:06
RST38hSts: Electric Fence may work12:06
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:06
Stskeepsisn't that more of a malloc thing?12:07
RST38hit is12:07
RST38hWait, I think there is a really easy way12:07
Stskeeps"dont write crap code"? :>12:08
*** greentux has joined #maemo12:08
RST38hFirst of all, add -fstack-check option12:09
*** eichi has joined #maemo12:10
RST38hAnd then read although I think the default method is just fine for you12:10
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo12:11
Stskeepsjohnx: .. admittedly the summit in my dream was quite interesting. it was nokia busting through with a way to make a complete pervasive computing environment .. while serving danish xmas food and alcohol \o/12:12
johnxis danish xmas food awesome?12:12
Stskeepsif done right, yeah12:13
Stskeepsthere's the professional "modern" xmas food, which sucks12:13
RST38hSts: Was the pervasive environment implemented through syringe shots of glowing multicolored liquids? =)12:13
johnx...or plastic cups full of koolaid?12:14
RST38hAs far as I know, koolaid *is* a glowing multicolored liquid12:14
johnxand a plastic cup is a lot like a syringe if you stab it into your arm hard enough12:14
StskeepsRST38h: no, it was actually in style with the world :P12:15
*** vincenzo has quit IRC12:15
johnxok, I think I unbroke tslib12:15
RST38hSts: Mm...with ugly gray laptops running Windows XP?12:15
RST38h[looking at the window] THEY TURNED ON THE LIGHT!12:16
johnxsince I already ran /import-new-packages, will I have to bump the version number to re-upload?12:16
RST38hNot for long though.12:16
Stskeepsjohnx: yeah12:16
*** beavis has quit IRC12:17
johnxjeez, that chinese n800-alike thing will run more than a pandora O_o12:20
Stskeeps.. we should port mer to it12:21
johnxwe should get one free to port mer to12:21
Stskeepsseriously though, if there was proper easy-to-make-images maemo like os'es.. that could do interesting things for the market12:21
johnxthough you're right. I'm running out of things that aren't a stones throw away from mer12:21
RST38hSts: It will go out of business before you port mer to it12:22
StskeepsRST38h: i mean, if it wasn't such a balant design ripoff, it would actually work out12:23
johnxthat's true of a lot of companies given today's economy :/12:23
johnxwell, the problem would be marketing and global distribution12:23
Stskeepsif they were a bit creative with form factor, they'd have a kickass competitor :P12:24
johnxas for how well it would do in the native Chinese market...I really can't tell you about market trends in China12:24
Stskeepsi suspect it could work decently at danish market12:25
johnxwith an off brand name and an off OS?12:26
johnxwould people really risk it?12:26
*** christefano has joined #maemo12:26
Stskeepsthat's a good question12:27
Stskeepsi think people should just avoid saying it's linux12:27
Stskeepsand people would just take it as some mobile OS12:27
johnxpeople accept that for a mobile phone, but with a tablet they're usually looking for something more flexible than a smartphone12:27
johnxand even with smartphones users are picky about OS12:28
Stskeepsthe problem with netbooks is that people expect to run their normal pc activities12:28
Stskeepswith a tablet its a tool12:28
Stskeepsor a media player12:29
Stskeepswith pleasant surprise when it can actually most of the same activities as a netbook would be able to12:29
johnxbut only a small group of people are even interested in tablets and I'd really describe them as power users for the most part currently12:29
* johnx crosses his fingers. tell me good news merbuilder...12:30
*** eichi has quit IRC12:30
Stskeepsthere's one thing i'd like to try once time is.. targeted community images12:30
Stskeeps"the chem students image"12:31
Stskeepsthere's a tool for drawing molecules, for instance12:31
*** bergie has joined #maemo12:31
Stskeepsomapfb built12:31
johnxyup, no changes except for a version bump12:31
johnxtslib should be fine12:31
Stskeepsk, so what was the issue, the -input-all/whatever stuff?12:32
johnxthe omapfb issue was that Provides: had a substitution for xserver-xorg-video-4 and that needs to be -5 now with xorg-core >= 1:7.4~5ubuntu612:34
Stskeepssilly packaging systems :P12:34
johnxyeah, and tracking unstable distros12:34
Meiz_n810xserver-xorg-core: Conflicts: xserver-xorg-input-2.112:35
StskeepsMeiz_n810: still buildin' probably12:35
Stskeepsi should really adjust merbuilder to use the sdk instead12:36
johnxluckily these are small12:36
Stskeepsyeah, but it is still faster on sdk :P12:37
johnxwell yeah12:37
Stskeepsexcept im not confident on how to do it cleanly cos of all the packages in sdk already12:38
Stskeepssince we can't "just" start from a buildd foundation12:39
johnxyeah, but I think we can have an understanding that we'll start with whatever the SDK has and if we need a clean buildd-like setup we'll do that as needed12:40
johnxor am I confused? :D12:40
Stskeepsyeah.. something like that12:41
Stskeepsalso i'm still pondering on the fact that i386 needs pbuilder+chroot or whatever, and armel needs scratchbox.. and with maemo it has both in scratchbox12:42
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo12:44
johnxso what's qwerty12 doing with hildon-desktop-env?12:45
Stskeepshe added h-i-m to it (
johnxok, so I can do some other changes without stepping on his toes?12:46
Stskeepsyeah, his changes were added12:46
Stskeepsso source+stuff is in repo now12:46
Stskeeps(i think)12:46
johnxif we're getting close to installable, I'd like to get the desktop startup stuff down solid12:47
RST38hSts: You have not held their device in your hands so you do not know12:47
RST38hSts: There is a LOT more than design that makes the product successful12:47
Stskeepslike, not requiring to be on AC power constantly :P12:47
Stskeepsjohnx: we should think about /home/user too.12:48
johnxso I'm thinking of having hildon-desktop-env -> /etc/alternatives/x-session-manager12:48
RST38hWith these Chinese guys, the biggest problem is that they don't and can't market12:48
johnxStskeeps, the $tablet_user thing didn't seem too bad12:49
Stskeeps$tablet_user? or /etc/tablet_user12:49
johnxsorry, the latter12:49
Stskeepsyeah.. im just worried about all the maemo apps relying on it being /home/user12:50
johnxhmm, that would be very dumb of them12:51
johnxare some of these apps confirmed to exist?12:51
Stskeepsone way could be a /etc/default_user that a package in maemo extras provides (with contents "user"), and for them to depend on12:51
Stskeepsnot sure tbh12:51
Stskeepsqwerty12 hinted there might be12:51
johnxtablet_user=$(cat /etc/tablet_user) ; ln -s /home/$tablet_user -> /home/user12:52
Stskeepsis username renames possible?12:53
Stskeepsshould be i guess12:54
Stskeepsjust need some way to boot up and ask for username :P12:54
johnxwould that be better as part of the install or part of the first-boot?12:55
johnxthough if we distribute images eventually there is no interactive "install"12:56
Stskeepsfirst-boot. our goal is images12:56
johnxyeah, just thought about that12:56
johnxeventually we'll need a classy "first-boot" wizard I suppose12:56
Stskeepsi'm sure we can whop something together with zenity and h-i-m12:56
johnxyeah, so that will just run :)12:57
johnxyeah, shouldn't be bad I suppose12:57
johnxthank god for zenity12:58
*** aantn has joined #maemo12:58
Stskeepsalso we should find some portable way of indicating what kind of hardware its being installed on.. i mean, people look at /proc/component_version atm13:00
johnxyeah, that's notably missing on non-tablets huh?13:00
johnxwhat about: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hardware:13:01
johnxminus the :13:02
johnxcould someone with a N810 or 770 tell me what this says on your device:13:02
johnxcat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hardware13:02
* florian looks up in gpe-conf13:03
florianjohnx: The 70 says: "Generic OMAP1510/1610/1710"13:03
johnxwell, that's less than good13:04
*** bergie has quit IRC13:04
johnxI have visions of a giant branching sh script13:04
Stskeepsor simply making a echo $TARGET_NAME > /etc.13:04
*** lele has quit IRC13:04
RST38hthat is Satan tempting you13:04
florianjohnx: The N800 is better: "Nokia N800"13:04
johnxyeah, that's all nice and agreeable13:05
johnxand my zaurus does the right thing13:05
*** christefano has quit IRC13:05
florianjohnx: Most devices do - luckily.13:07
*** lele has joined #maemo13:07
johnxangstrom goes from that IIRC13:08
johnxI've devled into their giant machine guessing script13:08
johnxas long as it gets updated bit by bit as new machines are supported it's probably not a problem13:08
*** yerga has joined #maemo13:09
Stskeepsmorning yerga13:10
Stskeepsjohnx: omapfb built on arm13:10
yergamorning Stskeeps13:10
johnxyou're right, that does take a bit of time13:11
Stskeepsglib took ~15 min on cross-compile13:11
Stskeepslike, what, 10 hours on not? :P13:11
johnxtakes 4 or so natively I think without docs13:12
johnxbut that's cheating of course :)13:12
Stskeepsmy idea that binary-level emulation would accelerate that process a bit was right though :P13:13
* johnx needs to eat real food instead of cookies13:13
johnxI ate all the cookies in the house :/13:14
jumpulai'm all out :(13:14
*** zap has joined #maemo13:14
johnxcraps :/13:19
*** AStorm has joined #maemo13:19
johnxseems that ubuntu guys still haven't rebuilt most of their x packages yet13:19
johnxhey AStorm13:20
AStormehh, stupid SSU broke ukeyboard13:20
AStormmore exactly, all its added layours13:21
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo13:25
*** caio1982 has joined #maemo13:25
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman13:34
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:34
*** benh has quit IRC13:35
*** krau has joined #maemo13:37
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC13:37
*** tekojo has quit IRC13:40
AStormwhy oh why won't Nokia adopt ukeyboard and all the nice mods..13:40
AStormStskeeps, mer will have all that, right?13:41
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s13:41
Stskeepsdoes it integrate into h-i-m or?13:41
mgedminwhat layouts were added in the SSU?13:41
Stskeeps(.. what is it? :P)13:42
AStormmgedmin, none13:43
AStormStskeeps,it does not, it's a control panel applet13:43
mgedminI misparsed your statement as "stupid SSU (more exactly,all its added layouts) broke ukeyboard"13:43
Stskeepsso it adds h-i-m layouts or?13:43
AStormreplaces standard one13:43
AStormhim doesn't care about layouts13:44
AStormit can change them, yes13:44
AStormbut what's more important, can change X layout13:44
Stskeepswell if we can make it work with the vkb example, sure :P13:44
AStormand allows picking your own new layouts13:44
AStorm= less broken13:45
AStormI guess X update moved the basic layout somewhere13:45
Stskeepsthis is awesome13:47
AStormnew browser is a tiny bit faster (of the SSU)13:47
AStormand flash isn't horrible anymore13:48
AStormStskeeps, I guess it will fail at my handwriting13:48
AStormas epitext does13:49
Stskeepsguess numbers and such are easier13:49
AStorm(about 33% probability of failure)13:49
Stskeeps.. true, there are some confusing ones13:49
AStormit mistakes 8 with 9 and 4 with 713:49
AStormand rarely 3 and 913:50
AStormit's just, meh13:50
AStormnot good enough13:50
AStormthat's why I'm writing a replacement13:51
*** krau has quit IRC13:51
AStormthe most annoing bug is that you can only have 256 samples13:52
AStormand can't add your own symbols and dictionaries13:52
*** baaba has quit IRC13:52
*** baaba has joined #maemo13:53
*** eichi has joined #maemo13:55
RST38hIs this calculator in Extras? =)13:57
AStormnice job though with the sqrt symbol13:58
RST38halas it probably does not derive or integrate13:59
RST38h'cause SlideRule does ;)13:59
AStormmaybe it can do a discrete sum and permutation?13:59
RST38hprolly not13:59
RST38hBut this would be cool as an input engine to Qalculate13:59
AStormor a mode of epitext14:00
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:00
*** Schnouki has joined #maemo14:07
*** ijon_ has quit IRC14:08
AStormlet's see if I can singlehandedly beat a team of developers from Beijing :P14:09
*** CiroipN810 has quit IRC14:10
*** ijon_ has joined #maemo14:11
*** yigal has quit IRC14:14
*** calvaris_ has joined #maemo14:15 really needs .deb mime type fixed14:17
*** calvaris has quit IRC14:18
Stskeepsjohnx: tslib built too14:21
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo14:22
Stskeepslo  qwerty1214:23
qwerty12hey Stskeeps14:23
AStormmeh, their calculator can't read *14:25
AStormok, it fails worse than epitext on its own :P14:26
Stskeeps* or x?14:27
Stskeepsor the dot in the middle14:27
AStorm* as in star14:28
AStormalso, it frequently misreads numbers as powers14:28
*** fab has quit IRC14:29
AStormmisreads dots too (multiplication vs comma)14:32
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:32
*** AStorm has quit IRC14:33
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo14:34
*** gomiam has joined #maemo14:34
Meiz_n810tslib and omapfb installable?14:34
*** AStorm has joined #maemo14:35
*** murrayc has joined #maemo14:36
*** inherited is now known as eric_uni14:39
*** eric_uni is now known as inherited14:39
qwerty12~curse update applet14:39
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, update applet !14:39
StskeepsMeiz_n810: .. maybe. we fixed them but im not sure ubuntu compiled all their new x packages14:40
johnxyeah, x-x-i-evdev is still providing 2.114:41
infobotjohnx meant: yeah, x-x-i-evdev is still providing x-x-i-2.114:41
Stskeepsdo we need that or does it mess up install?14:42
johnxit gets depended on by xorg-core14:42
johnxI don't think we can get Xorg installed without some of the X modules that are still 2.114:42
johnxall they have to do is rebuild, but depending on their backlog...I don't even want to think about it14:43
StsN800if it takes too long we'll compile on our own14:46
johnxwe may be going through a lot of packages14:46
*** chenca has joined #maemo14:47
StsN800nah. xserver-xorg is pretty separated14:47
johnxwell, there's bound to be more that need rebuilding14:48
johnxactually, guess not14:49
johnxjust evdev...14:49
*** housetier has joined #maemo14:50
*** ignacius has joined #maemo14:55
johnxif we provide the same package name-version at a higher priority, then pull ours when ubuntu releases the fix upgrades should work ... I think14:56
StsN800we already do pinning14:57
johnxright, exactly14:57
*** Wikier has quit IRC14:58
lardman~lart Windows for needing reboots14:59
* infobot keeps mailing Windows free America Online CDs until he drowns for needing reboots14:59
*** lardman has quit IRC14:59
* Stskeeps will leave for xmas lunch in 10 mins or so15:05
Stskeepsi work at pervasive healthcare research centre.. xmas lunch dresscode is coming as a disease15:05
Stskeepsi've gone for measles as i'm horridly uninspired, but i suspect whiteboard marker and skin isn't such a good thing15:06
Stskeepsgood thing there'll be a doctor at the lunch15:06
johnxyou need a sharpie marker, whiteboard marker will come off inside a couple hours :P15:06
Stskeeps <- isnt this the one in question?15:07
*** aantn has quit IRC15:07
Stskeepsso it isn't in packages, or just providing -2.1 still?15:08
Stskeeps(.. reading #u-a15:08
*** Sho_ has quit IRC15:10
*** StsN800 has quit IRC15:11
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:11
*** t0h has quit IRC15:12
* johnx starts a build and goes to buy dinner...and maybe a beer15:12
*** t0h has joined #maemo15:12
Stskeepsi got two good things today, brilliant xmas food, cheap booze, and gf coming home \o/15:12
johnxsame here15:14
*** Sho_ has quit IRC15:17
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:18
*** housetier has quit IRC15:20
*** guardian has quit IRC15:25
*** Meiz_n810 has quit IRC15:27
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo15:30
*** mk500 has quit IRC15:38
*** etrunko has quit IRC15:43
*** BugBlue has quit IRC15:46
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:47
*** AStorm has quit IRC15:49
*** flavioribeiro has joined #maemo15:51
*** croppa has quit IRC15:52
*** AStorm has joined #maemo15:52
*** croppa has joined #maemo15:52
*** AStorm has quit IRC15:54
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:54
*** StsN800 has quit IRC15:55
*** serrano has quit IRC15:56
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo16:03
*** thopiekar has left #maemo16:05
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:07
*** guardian has joined #maemo16:08
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo16:10
*** Meiz_n810 has joined #maemo16:10
*** redcomet1 has joined #maemo16:15
*** pupnik has quit IRC16:16
*** jpuderer has quit IRC16:19
*** borism__ has joined #maemo16:19
*** lardman has joined #maemo16:20
*** borism___ has joined #maemo16:24
*** borism_ has quit IRC16:26
*** eichi has quit IRC16:28
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC16:29
*** frade has quit IRC16:29
*** borism__ has quit IRC16:30
*** harry has joined #maemo16:32
*** harry is now known as Guest1839216:33
*** redcomet has quit IRC16:33
*** Guest18392 is now known as kcome16:38
*** frade has joined #maemo16:41
*** zakkm has joined #maemo16:45
*** guardian has quit IRC16:49
*** redcomet1 has quit IRC16:49
*** redcomet has joined #maemo16:49
*** zakkm has quit IRC16:51
*** fab__ has joined #maemo16:52
*** guardian has joined #maemo16:54
*** tchan has quit IRC16:55
*** tchan has joined #maemo16:56
olican i make a gtalk video call from n800 to PC?17:06
*** edt has quit IRC17:17
*** edt has joined #maemo17:17
GAN8001oli, with a client that implements Jingle17:17
GAN8001There are some, though that list doesn't include Google's own client.17:17
*** ciroip has joined #maemo17:18
*** frade has quit IRC17:18
*** zakkm has joined #maemo17:22
*** qgil has joined #maemo17:23
lardmanhey qgil17:24
lardmanhow are you?17:24
lardmanin Deutschland?17:25
GAN8001lol, Beta Labs doesn't know the difference between the N800 and N810. :P
qgilhi lardman: yes17:26
lardmanGAN8001: well they probably deal mainly with symbian anyway17:26
qgilGAN8001 where is the confusion?17:27
GAN8001qgil, he calls the N810 an "N800" twice. ;)17:27
qgilah, the video17:28
GAN8001I wish the platform HWR worked that well. . . .17:28
qgilthe pages and videos are done by the own developer teams afaik17:28
qgilthe beta labs people do know us17:28
zakkmyou guys know where i could find extra stylus's?17:29
qgilactually they are in the same building in Helsinki  :)17:29
zakkmmy n800 one got lost17:29
*** Belagern has joined #maemo17:29
lardmanzakkm: I thought a couple came in the box?17:29
GAN8001zakkm, unless you can beg for one at one of the flagship stores. . .17:29
qgilbtw anyone familiar with ?17:29
zakkmthey probably did, but i got it used.. and he gave me 2.. and i somehow lost both17:29
qgiland/or the developer(s)17:29
lardmanno, sorry17:30
qgilor any other remarkable feed reader for Maemo?17:30
zakkmbuiltin :)17:30
qgilI'm a bit puzzled about the comments on that page.....17:30
qgilso enthusiastic17:30
qgilhave you ever heard of anybody interested in improving the official RSS Feed Reader (open source) or putting time developing one?17:31
zakkmIs the new Kernel really important?17:32
GAN8001Lot of duplicate rating.17:32
zakkmcause i tried nitdroid again, failed.. and only had the 36-5 kernel.. so i reflashed the nokia with that kernel17:32
lardmanqgil: I guess it's one of those "would be nice, but have other things to do first" sorts of things17:32
GAN8001zakkm, some xv and fb improvements.17:32
zakkmoh okay17:33
GAN8001zakkm, nitdroid probably isn't really worth the effort.17:33
zakkmso i should download the bin and flash?17:33
zakkmit failed again, after some persons help on the forum17:33
zakkmnow its a quicker rebot loop -.-17:33
*** zap has quit IRC17:33
GAN8001qgil, qwerty12 and Navi have some small patches for the applet, but I've never really seen anybody interested in really developing for it.17:33
lardmanmore publicity about its openness might help?17:34
qwerty12GAN8001, It's really Navi's work, I just applied his chinook stuff to the diablo version :)17:34
qgildo you think it's because of feed readers themselves are not interesting nowadays or because it would be too much work or...?17:34
lardmanprobably that it's not that interesting17:35
GAN8001The feed reader seems to be important enough to a lot of people to complain frequently about it.17:35
GAN8001But I doubt improving it would be very much fun.17:35
GAN8001Seems like a long way to go to get the official client up to snuff.17:35
lardmanif I had some complaint (that I could remember, I think I did once upon a time complain about it for some reason) I'd submit a patch17:35
lardmanyeah, depends on what the source looks like I suppose17:36
JaffaMorning, all17:36
qgilon the other hand... are there amazing fed readers out there17:36
* GAN8001 doesn't use RSS.17:37
* zakkm thinks rss should come through email at a certain interval ..17:37
* lardman doesn't use it much either17:37
lardmanthough it could be quite useful17:38
GAN8001I'm usually just frustrated that it's not the web interface.17:38
lardmanthe way it was on the 770 - small headlines, etc17:38
qgilI would be happy pushing some "incentives" for either move the Diablo reader for a next level in Fremantle, or support a 100% community project challenging the official one17:38
* qwerty12 just uses it to read the BBC news17:38
qgilmy case is similar17:38
* Jaffa uses the in-built reader for a few feeds (BBC, Techmeme, p.m.o & Facebook friends feed)17:38
qgilwhat I think though is whether feed readrs would be more used if they would address better the problems17:38
zakkmdoes ssh server work well on nokia?17:39
lardmanbring on hw accel and scrolling will be fine17:39
olizakkm: yep17:39
JaffaIt's not very good for many of them like p.m.o & Techmeme as I never remember to look at items "saved for later" when I've got a n/w connection.17:39
olii've got a problem with adding a SIP account on my n80017:39
JaffaRX-51 with HSPA could help there17:39
GAN8001qgil, I think a good feed reader will make a lot of people happy.17:39
zakkmdoes the deb in application manager automatically set up ssh server?17:39
olii enter login, password and proxy adress, but it says it can't connect17:39
qgilGAN8001 this is my feeling too, but I'm unsure where to start17:40
lardmana page like the PIM one, asking what features people would like?17:41
qgilthe thing is that, in this case, a team could take over almost completely17:41
qgilsince the app is as free as the application manager17:42
GAN8001For open development, I kinda get the feeling that the dev community is stretched a little thin to start driving Nokia applications forward.17:42
qgilbut less critical, so to say17:42
zakkm... i enter password in sshing to my nokia17:42
qgillixe the osso-xterm, but for a different audience.  :)17:42
zakkmbut it says permission denied17:42
lardmanGAN8001: it just needs one person who's really interested to start pushing it I suppose17:42
GAN8001zakkm, connection refused or are you just entering the wrong password?17:43
qgilthis is why I was asking about this
zakkmim entering the right password.. and no connection refused17:43
zakkmzak@'s password:17:43
zakkmPermission denied (publickey,password).17:43
*** cmvo_ is now known as cmvo17:44
qgilwell, it's in extras so the guy has done some homework17:44
qgilI'll try it over the weekend17:44
qgilanyway, have to go - see you!17:44
GAN8001I think getting some wheels moving on h-a-m's open development and seeing the beta SDK will help get people interested in these open projects.17:44
qgilGAN8001 - agreed, hopefully will play a role as well17:45
*** qgil has left #maemo17:45
olizakkm: try ssh root@ on nokia and tell does it work17:45
fnordianslipi tend to use the iphone version of google reader  in the browser, which looks nice.  a standalone reader that worked similarly would be cool, i think -
zakkmoli: im reinstalling openssh on nokia.. but ill try that, thanks :)17:46
fnordianslipits a bit like netnewswire, which i like on the Mac17:46
zakkmi have a mac :)17:46
zakkmheyyy oli: it worked :D thank youu17:47
fnordianslipi have two, but i have more linux boxes17:47
zakkmyour probably older too ;p17:48
olihm, would anyone help me with setting up a SIP account on my n800?17:48
zakkmoli: what sip ?17:48
zakkmuhh onesec17:49
oliit works on a PC client17:49
zakkmthere was a guide i followeed to setup sipphone on mine17:49
olibut nokia can't even connect to the server17:49
*** r2d2rogers has quit IRC17:49
zakkmyeah you gotta mess with server pages17:49
zakkmstep 3b: ...17:50
*** AStorm has joined #maemo17:50
*** rmoravcik has left #maemo17:51
zakkmdont laugh please but would ssh -X or something work ..? to see nokia's screen on my mac?17:52
olizakkm: try installing x11vnc17:53
oliit's a vnc server17:53
zakkmnokia can be the server though. or just client?17:53
oliand client too17:54
zakkmoh sweet :)17:54
zakkmssh'ing nokia helps so much :D17:55
*** mk500 has joined #maemo17:56
zakkmzune theme :)17:57
zakkmsorry , i love to skin17:57
zakkmwould that work well on mac ?17:57
*** calvaris has joined #maemo17:57
GAN8001Chicken of the VNC17:57
zakkmso i install x11vnc on nokia.. and chicken of the vnc on my mac?17:58
*** hannesw has quit IRC18:01
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:01
lcukwhat a day from hell18:01
zakkmlcuk: what happened18:01
AStormlcuk, hehe18:01
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo18:01
lcuk5am this morning eldest screamed that jake was having a fit18:01
lcuk:( its the worst thing ive ever seen18:02
zakkm"unknown rectangle encoding 2097156 -> exiting ........... <--- vncing the nokia error ?18:02
dnearylcuk: One of your kids? How old is Jake?18:02
*** calvaris_ has quit IRC18:03
lcukhes 6 1/2, outside the normal "expected" range for femitile(sp?) fits18:03
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:05
zakkmsh-3.2# ./flasher.macosx -f -F RX-34_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin --flash-only=kernel -R18:07
zakkmInvalid FIASCO subblock count (2)18:07
zakkmany ideas?18:07
AStormwhat fits? :P18:07
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:08
AStormbroken download?18:08
zakkmit finished fine18:08
zakkmnever had a broken download on my mac before?18:08
zakkmdont want to reboot into linux :(18:09
AStormbroken flasher then18:11
zakkm./flasher.macosx -F RX-34_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin --flash-only=kernel -R18:12
zakkmdoes that sound right?18:12
*** Sargun has quit IRC18:13
*** madhav has joined #maemo18:17
*** zaaakkkkk has joined #Maemo18:18
*** geaaru has quit IRC18:20
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo18:20
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:22
*** zaaakkkkk has quit IRC18:23
*** bergie has quit IRC18:23
*** b-man has joined #maemo18:24
*** trickie has quit IRC18:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:27
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:29
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:29
*** greentux has quit IRC18:30
*** bilboed has joined #maemo18:30
*** Sho_ has quit IRC18:30
*** _johny has quit IRC18:30
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC18:36
AStormhello again18:37
*** ab has quit IRC18:37
AStormdo you know of a nice transparent "tunnel" that can autostart an ssh session?18:38
*** setanta has joined #maemo18:38
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo18:38
AStormand use that for tunneling18:38
AStormso that I don't have to manually restart the session18:38
AStorminstead just connect to the port and the tunnel will start18:39
oliany SIP account doesnt work :|18:39
GAN8001zakkm, restart x11vnc18:42
GAN8001lcuk, :(18:42
zakkmGAN8001: i did18:42
zakkmoli: follow that guide?18:42
AStormdo we have a xinetd build for maemo?18:43
AStormI need it for autostarting of ssh sessions18:43
*** born2wonder has joined #maemo18:44
olizakkm: i've followed, i've tried 2 sip providers and nothing18:46
* born2wonder is away: I'm busy18:46
AStormStskeeps, could you build a package?18:46
*** zakkm has quit IRC18:46
AStormborn2wonder, public away is evil, disable18:46
AStormoli, you're probably firewalled or natted18:46
AStormso, could some kind sould build me a xinetd deb?18:47
*** eichi has joined #maemo18:47
oliAStorm: net works, pinging the prov. domain too, and gtalk accounts works ok18:47
AStormthat's not enough18:47
*** eocanha has quit IRC18:48
AStormfor sip, you need two-way communication18:48
AStormesp. incoming connections18:48
AStormor a sip proxy :)18:48
GAN8001oli, did you configure STUN and everything?18:48
oliyeah, i set up the outbound proxy18:48 etc?18:49
* born2wonder is back (gone 00:03:22)18:49
AStormstun is not enough sometimes18:49
AStormit tries to bust the firewall18:49
born2wonder@Astorm , why18:49
GAN8001born2wonder, please don't do public aways in here. :)18:49
olimaybe I will take screenshots of configuration screen18:49
born2wonderok sure, just never really used irc ..18:50
GAN8001born2wonder, it basically amounts to spam. ;)18:50
GAN8001Unless you're really, really important, nobody really cares whether or not you're AFK. :P18:50
born2wondergood point18:51
*** calvaris has quit IRC18:52
AStormso I'm still short of xinetd18:52
AStormwho volunteers for a build?18:52
born2wonderby the way can the great debian scripts for auto completion in bash be added in mer?18:52
AStormborn2wonder, ask stskeeps18:53
*** murrayc has quit IRC18:53
*** zap has joined #maemo18:55
AStormno one with sb1 wanting to build me a xinetd package is around?18:58
qwerty12should have asked when I was still in Linux :P18:58
AStormI tried18:59
AStormhalf an hour ago18:59
*** blade_runner has joined #maemo19:00
*** t_s_o has quit IRC19:01
GAN8001qwerty12 is becoming remiss in his responsibilities. :P19:01
AStormok, so. Could *anyone* please build a package19:01
qwerty12What can I say? Being internationally known & locally respected does sometimes lead to problems :P :D19:02
AStormor submit xinetd deb to extras-devel?19:02
AStorm(or tell me how I can do that)19:02
* GAN800 wonders what's eating battery so quickly.19:03
AStormtop, use it19:03
AStormand enable ondemand/conservative sched19:04
AStormalso, wifi being active eats battery19:04
AStormalso, stupid SSU disables extras repo19:05
*** harryl has joined #maemo19:05
*** yerga has quit IRC19:06
olican any one check -> (screenshots related to my SIP problem ;)19:06
GAN800AStorm, it's been fixed.19:06
*** Dar_AFK has quit IRC19:07
AStormgan800, not in latest19:07
AStormit did disable that19:07
*** gentooer has joined #maemo19:07
GAN800AStorm, it'll take one release for the fix to take effect.19:07
GAN800But it's been fixed.19:07
GAN800oli, I thought you were using sipphone.19:08
AStormok, so build me that xinetd :)19:08
*** oyvind_ has joined #maemo19:08
GAN800AStorm, buy me a computer I can install the SDK on.19:08
oliGAN800: I'd thought that it could depend of provider so i checked sip2sip, but with the same result19:09
*** luogni has quit IRC19:09
AStormok, another idea19:09
AStormhow do I submit a package for extras-devel autobuilder?19:09
*** kimitake has joined #maemo19:09
infobotupload-extras is probably
qwerty12But you need an invite first19:10
AStormI don't have one19:10
AStormqwerty12, so, could you drop xinetd into it?19:10
AStorm(it has a debian package)19:10
oliGAN800: what do you think I should do?19:11
qwerty12astorm, hmm, dunno, I don't really like sending stuff to the autobuilder unless I've checked it creates no problems when I compile in sbox19:11
AStormwhat problems can xinetd create?19:11
qwerty12I can't do it anyway, I need to generate a changes file and I'm in windows :P19:12
AStormGAN800, then maybe you?19:12
*** kimitake has quit IRC19:13
GAN8001AStorm, I don't have a machine I can install the SDK on.19:13
*** kimitake has joined #maemo19:13
AStormyou don't need one19:13
AStormyou need submit rights to extras19:13
GAN8001I don't have a machine I can put together deb packages on.19:13
AStormthere is one already19:14
GAN8001Nor do I have upload permissions.19:14
oli... :P19:14
AStormguess I'm SOL19:14
*** melmoth has quit IRC19:15
AStormwhat about that "extras-assistant"?19:16
qwerty12You need a invite to use it19:16
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:16
qwerty12+ a changes file19:16
qwerty12which you get when you make a source package in scratchbox19:17
qwerty12it probably could be done by hand but too long19:17
pupnik_  angstrom on pandora, claws mail...19:18
AStormI also need someone to build me btrfs-unstable19:18
AStormand related tools :)19:19
AStormthat, or a way to set up sb1 w/o downloading hundreds of MB19:19
GAN8001pupnik_, seeing other mobile UIs, it's amazing how polished Maemo looks in comparison.19:20
GAN8001Will the Pandora have accelerometers?19:21
pupnik_iirc no19:21
pupnik_look at that ugly vkbd19:21
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:21
pupnik_XMMS! woot!19:22
pupnik_nice and fast19:22
*** kcome has quit IRC19:23
oliHelp, please ;)
GAN8001Take any of that awesome and multiply it by 100 and you've got RX-5119:23
GAN8001oli, it may not be autodetecting the STUN server.19:24
AStormor your firewall might actually be well designed19:25
oliSTUN doesn't depend on sip provider?19:25
AStormand unable to be tricked by STUN19:25
AStormit doesn't19:25
*** rm_you has quit IRC19:25
oyvind_I used the "Clone OS to SD Deb!! Boot from SD made EASY!!" from penguinbait post, when my OS was updated a couple days ago the bootloader disappeared, and it automatically boots to the original install.19:26
infoboti heard boot-sd is
olihm, (INTERNET) <adsl line> (MODEM) <usb cable> (PC) <wireless ad-hoc network> (N800)19:26
AStormyou need to reinstall the deb19:26
disco_stuno no19:26
disco_stureinstallin will reclone19:26
AStormthe PC19:26
AStormis doing some NAT19:27
disco_stuhe will loose the update19:27
AStormok, then19:27
AStormyou need to update initfs19:27
disco_stuyou need to go to /root/19:27
disco_stuand reflash with the fil in there19:28
disco_studont remember the name now19:28
*** born2wonder has quit IRC19:28
dnearylcuk: Is it epilepsy?19:29
disco_stu/root/install_tools i guess19:29
olibut even with no STUN i should login to server, shouldn't I ?19:29
AStormdneary, imo it's just a pissed off 6yo guy19:30
lcukthe doctors cannot say, hes a bit old for a febrile seizure (got spelling now) but not so far out that its not possible.  hes had a virus for a couple of weeks so was already zapped of energy19:30
oyvind_DoI need to reinstall bootloader or just activate the old one?19:30
AStormah, that19:31
AStormthese fits19:31
lcuksingular so far and hopefully19:31
AStormprobably still possible, but might be something more insidious19:32
*** rm_you| has joined #maemo19:32
AStormbtw, never use aspirin in children19:32
AStormjust a reminder19:33
lcukwe dont, paracetamol and kiddie ibuprofen as required19:34
*** eichi has quit IRC19:35
AStormlcuk, maybe you can build me that xinetd, if you're not busy I mean19:35
*** kimitake has quit IRC19:35
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at
GAN8001penguinbait's .deb's are so evil. :\19:36
AStormI want the guide19:36
AStormlcuk, xinetd19:36
GAN8001They make it easy initially, but just lead to a lot of trouble later on.19:36
AStormI want to use it to autostart ssh sessions19:37
AStormuhm, ssh tunnels19:37
lcukive not got scratchbox at the mo19:37
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:38
AStormbut you have the extras account19:38
AStormand could upload debian's deb for it19:38
dnearylcuk: All OK in the end?19:38
GAN8001AStorm is actually trying to get somebody to upload a virus. :P19:38
AStormah, no :>19:38
AStormxinetd, not some virus19:39
lcukthink so, his temp is up and down - somethings goin through him19:39
oyvind_I just reinstall the deb, dosent take ling to install my favorite programs, the script has worked great before the update19:39
AStormat least19:40
AStormfirst update your "old system" with the latest SSU19:40
*** vivijim has joined #maemo19:48
*** Sargun has joined #maemo19:48
*** kimitake has joined #maemo19:49
*** madhav has quit IRC19:51
*** madhav has joined #maemo19:51
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC19:58
AStorm... I really need that xinetd19:59
*** eichi has quit IRC19:59
*** florian has quit IRC20:01
lcukAStorm, i found it simplest to just use the vmware image20:01
AStormwhich is 4G20:01
AStormthank you very much20:01
AStormmy 64k would love it20:01
AStormand my disk would just be enamored20:02
lcukheh understood20:02
*** cyrus__ has joined #maemo20:03
cyrus__Does the N800 use a tsc2005 while the N810 use tsc230120:03
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:04
cyrus__can you tell me what, if any is the difference between those two drivers?20:04
cyrus__reason I ask is that the current android port out there for the n810 uses the tsc200520:04
AStormtry diffing them20:04
cyrus__I tried enavling the tsc2301 but it failed to initialize20:05
AStormor maybe I was wrong20:05
*** geaaru has joined #maemo20:07
AStormbest way is to check20:07
AStormcyrus__, if you have the nokia kernel and toolchain ready, could you build btrfs-unstable from gitand btrfs-progs-unstable from git too?20:07
AStormmaybe I should do it myself20:09
AStormwhere's the "build stuff in scratchbox" howto?20:09
*** _acyd_ has joined #maemo20:09
cyrus__AStorm - what is btrfs-unstable20:09
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:15
*** murrayc has joined #maemo20:15
*** acydlord has quit IRC20:15
AStormcyrus__, filesystem20:15
AStormunstable branch of btrfs20:15
*** krau has joined #maemo20:15
AStorm(git is at, ~mason one)20:15
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik20:16
AStormok, so how do I grab the fresh scratchbox env now?20:19
*** guerby has quit IRC20:26
*** fab__ has quit IRC20:26
*** GuySoft has quit IRC20:26
*** caio1982 has quit IRC20:26
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*** script has joined #maemo20:36's actually only xkcd that I'd like it for regularly anyway20:40
*** _berto_ has quit IRC20:40
dick-richardsonf-f-fail whale!20:40
*** eichi has joined #maemo20:40
AStormGAN800, ok, where's the scratchbox installation guide?20:40
*** yerga has joined #maemo20:40
*** dick-richardson has left #maemo20:41
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:41
AStormno help in sight I guess :(20:41
*** Pyrhos has joined #maemo20:41
AStormehh, it's huge20:41
*** denny has quit IRC20:41
AStormscratchbox itself is 46 MB20:41
AStormso, who will build me that xinetd quicker?20:41
AStormthe dl of it will take about 2h20:41
*** simboss has quit IRC20:42
*** ignacius has quit IRC20:43
*** Zic has quit IRC20:43
StskeepsGAN8001: with exception of being drunk and such, looks good regarding legal guys feedback \o/20:48
* Stskeeps returns to being social20:48
*** k-s is now known as k-s[AWAY]20:48
AStormStskeeps, build me xinetd, please oh please20:49
StskeepsAStorm: for mer? i think it's just apt-get install xinetd..20:49
Stskeepsand you dont want me near any code right now20:50
AStormfor diablo20:50
AStormor at least a binary tar.gz20:50
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo20:51
*** krau has quit IRC20:52
GAN8001Stskeeps, did they contact you directly?20:52
*** croppa has quit IRC20:53
*** croppa has joined #maemo20:53
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StskeepsGAN8001: should be on m-c22:13
GAN8001Ah, OK22:13
GAN8001I wasn't sure if it was that or something additional.22:13
*** b-man has joined #maemo22:15
*** madhav has quit IRC22:17
qwerty12_N800moo RST38h22:22
b-mani don't get it.22:22
b-mansooo, how is the weather out there qwerty12?22:26
b-manit's verry cold and there is ice everywhere here....22:27
qwerty12_N800hehe, cold as ever :D. i think this is supposed to be our coldest winter for a long time :D22:27
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:27
b-mansame here :D22:27
b-manwe were suppose to get a snowstorm but it all turned to ice...22:28
b-manbut school was canceld! :D22:29
qwerty12_N800hehe :D, but I got 2 weeks off today :P22:29
b-mansame here. :)22:29
qwerty12_N800hehe :)22:29
RST38hWINE thread on iTT is hilarious22:30
b-man@ qwerty12; what are you doing/getting for christmas?22:31
GAN8001WINE + ARM is always hilarious.22:31
qwerty12_N800b-man, nothing much :/22:31
b-mani'm getting a Dell studio 15. :D22:31
qwerty12_N800heh nice :D22:32
*** AStorm has quit IRC22:32
b-manI' thinking of whiping out windows and installing Ubuntu on it.22:33
*** woglinde has joined #maemo22:33
b-manor dual booting..22:33
Pavlovso lets say your n810 power cable is 2500 miles away22:40
Pavlovwhat is the fastest way to get something to charge it with?22:40
GAN8001Local cellular store?22:41
Pavlov(it doesn't charge over usb does it?)22:41
`0660that handwriting calculator is so cool22:41
GAN8001Most of the Nokia phones shipped use that plug.22:41
*** acydlord has joined #maemo22:41
GAN8001Radio Shack will have it for sure if you're in the States.22:42
Pavlovany idea what voltage/etc i need?22:44
pupniki've found car adapters that do not actually charge the device, just power it22:44
pupnikclaimed to be n800 compat22:44
pupnikso ymmv22:45
GAN8001The car adaptors are usually closer to 400mA22:45
GAN8001So it'll only charge if it's using very little power22:45
Pavlovjust powering it would be fine22:45
Pavlovbut charging would be nice22:45
Pavlovok, so 5.7v 890mA22:45
* Pavlov heads to radio shack22:45
||cwif you power it off it would charge it22:45
GAN8001Plus the adaptor22:46
*** krau has quit IRC22:47
*** Grackle has quit IRC22:53
*** krau has joined #maemo22:55
*** caio1982 has quit IRC22:58
*** _acyd_ has quit IRC22:58
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:59
*** _acyd_ has joined #maemo23:01
*** b-man has quit IRC23:05
*** b-man has joined #maemo23:05
*** AStorm has joined #maemo23:06
*** murrayc has quit IRC23:08
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:12
*** Grackle has joined #maemo23:15
*** acydlord has quit IRC23:18
Pavlovwoo i have the power23:22
Pavlovfound the igo thing23:22
*** setanta has quit IRC23:27
GAN8001Pavlov, congrats. :P23:27
*** yigal has joined #maemo23:28
RST38hGentlemen, does anyone know how I can disable blinki console cursor when I am using it as a frame buffer (fb0)?23:32
RST38hThe OS is OpenEmbedded23:34
AStormgoogle knows23:35
AStormand terminfo/curses/termcap too23:35
AStormyou have to toggle a terminal flag23:35
*** benh has joined #maemo23:36
RST38hCan't find it23:36
RST38hProly don't know the right magic words23:36
*** r2d2rogers has joined #maemo23:37
AStormhint: X/Open specification23:38
AStormfirst hit23:39
AStormyou are *really* lazy23:39
RST38hI am.23:39
AStormand my hint about terminfo was good too23:39
RST38hway too many things on my hands :(23:39
*** StsN800 has joined #maemo23:40
RST38hnaaah, tput did not do a thing23:42
*** Pio has quit IRC23:44
*** christefano has quit IRC23:44
AStormit should23:46
AStormit works in my console (linux)23:46
*** melmoth has joined #maemo23:46
AStormunless your terminfo database is broken23:46
AStormthen, complain to the distro author23:46
*** luck^ has quit IRC23:47
*** Pio has joined #maemo23:50
*** renato has quit IRC23:51
RST38hAStorm: Not possible.23:51
AStormmaybe terminal doesn't support it, but that's very unlikely23:52
woglindebusbox problem?23:55
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:56
woglindeintressting in both mapages23:57
woglindecivis and cnorm is not described23:57
AStormbecause it's just setting a feature23:58
AStormit is mentioned in man terminfo here23:58
AStormfull name is cursor_invisible23:58
AStormtcap codes are civis=vi and cnorm=ve23:59
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:59
RST38hAStorm: It is OpenEmbedded. God knows how their terminal is implemented.23:59

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