IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2008-05-29

qwerty12_N800finding the password ;)00:00
* qwerty12_N800 is the master of that task00:00
summatusmentisoh god, that sounds like so much work :)00:00
summatusmentisGAN8001: ^00:00
GAN8001It's not that bad00:00
GAN8001and it's a one-off deal00:00
GAN8001You only need to apply it once00:00
GAN8001and the results are amazing. ;)00:01
*** kxto has joined #maemo00:01
GAN8001qwerty12_N800, did you ever successfully get to 21-4?00:01
qwerty12_N800Yeah, reflashed00:01
skiburHere it is????? --->
qwerty12_N800I keep flashing to the first diablo repo I have archived as it has me favourite tool ftd00:02
GAN8001Wonder what caused the loop00:03
GAN8001skibur, that's after you get the password.00:03
puffandstufftoo confused ! is ubuntu mobile Open Source / Free ? does it comme with SDK ?00:03
GAN8001puffandstuff, it's free and opensource00:04
*** penguinbait has quit IRC00:04
GAN8001There's no cross compiling like for maemo, as it's just straight x8600:04
puffandstuffGAN8001,  many thanks00:04
qwerty12_N800If you build the diablo version of apt, you don't need the password.00:04
skiburo ok00:04
*** Mousey has joined #maemo00:04
* qwerty12_N800 built00:04
GAN8001puffandstuff, the reason I recommend that or Debian + Matchbox/Hildon is because all the important non-hardware-specfic parts of maemo are in them.00:05
puffandstuffGAN8001, yes00:05
skiburdon't have time to built00:05
* skibur moves on00:05
GAN8001Ubuntu Mobile is still gearing up, really.00:06
GAN8001Targeted at the MIDs.00:06
GAN8001puffandstuff, #ubuntu-mobile00:06
GAN8001skibur, it's mostly just bug fixes at the moment00:06
GAN8001Really better off waiting for the final. ;)00:06
crashanddiesame as with Diablo :P00:07
skiburlol just very curious :P00:07
BlafaselI'm interested in using ubuntu mobile on the eeePC. The screenshots were quite nice.00:07
*** kxto has quit IRC00:08
* qwerty12_N800 was really glad to "beta test", means i got some internal nokia progs00:08
GAN8001Hrm, I wanted to bug crashanddie about something but now I can't remember what. . . . :\00:08
qwerty12_N800plumbing problems?00:08
* qwerty12_N800 runs00:08
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo00:08
crashanddieGAN8001, hmm?00:09
GAN8001I don't remember. :P00:09
crashanddieWell you're bugging me anyhow now that you've said that00:09
crashanddieso I'd say...00:09
*** jeez_ has quit IRC00:09
crashanddieGAN8001, last thing we talked about was my ISP, FiOS, all that00:10
ReKlipzok, how to boot from sd card?00:11
* ricko73 wishes FiOS was available here00:11
GAN8001Yeah, it was something maemo-related.00:11
SaviqReKlipz: google00:11
ReKlipz:) am00:11
GAN8001Ship google your N81000:11
GAN8001They'll set it up for you. :P00:11
qwerty12_N800crashanddie, You get FiOS in France?00:11
crashanddieqwerty12_N800, sure00:11
*** captainigloo has quit IRC00:12
ricko73we can get 16M/2M cable internet (for US$75/mo)00:12
GAN8001ReKlipz ^00:12
qwerty12_N800crashanddie, Man, we don't afaik :( (btw, how long before you move here) :)00:12
crashanddieGAN8001, or maybe microb ?00:12
crashanddieqwerty12_N800, I should be moving begin august00:13
GAN8001Hrm, maybe00:13
GAN8001crashanddie, you were having trouble with the connecting bouncing?00:13
crashanddieGAN8001, well, the browser takes it time, yeah00:13
GAN8001Yeah, that was it.00:13
GAN8001I asked timeless about it, he thought it could be DNS, but didn't know offhand00:14
GAN8001I never actually got an answer00:14
GAN8001So I'm not sure why I thought I needed to talk to you. :P00:14
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo00:15
* GAN8001 may have been running over the people experiencing it in his head when he asked.00:15
qwerty12_N800My N800 does that when it's low on memory00:15
crashanddieqwerty12_N800, I'm currently planning a few trips to Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, London, see what I like most, and what I'll be able to afford00:15
qwerty12_N800crashanddie, Cool! (but you know London is King ;) :p)00:15
crashanddieYeah, but London is big, and expensive00:16
qwerty12_N800Btw, why not Manchester?00:16
crashanddieGunchester ? Nha00:16
crashanddieI mean, I'm just a junior dev, and I'd rather not get caught up in a city where 60% of my wage goes into a crappy flat00:16
qwerty12_N800Hehe, I feel at home in Manchester due to yorkshire roots but I <3 london00:17
summatusmentiswhere are Documents, Videos, etc. stored? what path?00:17
crashanddiesummatusmentis, /home/user/00:17
crashanddiesummatusmentis, /home/user/MyDocs00:17
GAN8001 /home/user/MyDocs/.documents etc more specifically00:17
crashanddiectrl + h ftw00:18
* GAN8001 wonders how LinuxTag is going.00:20
*** krau has quit IRC00:20
*** behdad has quit IRC00:20
*** vcgomes has quit IRC00:21
ReKlipzso, why can't i do things like sudo ifconfig as "user"?00:22
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC00:22
skiburqwerty lol  ---->  HOLY **** Program00:23
summatusmentiswhat do you guys use for IRC on the tablets?00:23
Johnny5ssh into a box and run irssi/bitchx/whatever else you want :)00:24
summatusmentisJohnny5: I'm considering it, but I need to setup krb5 auth for that first00:24
GAN800Console stuff is a pain on thr tablets.00:24
summatusmentiseven w/ the keyboard?00:24
GAN800xchat is much better suited.00:24
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo00:24
crashanddieGAN800, I just noticed something... You're General Antilles, right ?00:24
GAN800I have less experience with the N81000:25
GAN800Yeah, crashanddie00:25
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo00:25
summatusmentisI need to remap my keyboard too, I keep thinking the bottom left Fn key is a shift00:25
summatusmentisalso, I need to find a key to map tab too00:25
GAN800GeneralAntillesN800 is a little long00:25
summatusmentisI disagree00:25
*** playya__ is now known as playya00:25
summatusmentislong nicks ftw00:26
skibur qwerty lol  ---->
*** crashanddie is now known as howlongdonicksgo00:26
*** jpetersen has quit IRC00:26
Johnny5OpenSSH on the tablet can use keys.  Just use publickey auth00:26
*** howlongdonicksgo is now known as CrashandDie00:26
*** shackan has joined #maemo00:26
*** simon_ has quit IRC00:26
*** dougt has quit IRC00:27
* CrashandDie thinks his n810 battery is dying00:27
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo00:27
summatusmentisJohnny5: I know it can, but the place I'm ssh'ing into likes krb500:27
CrashandDieIt just went from 3hours left, to "OMG RED ALERT Please recharge" in about 10 minutes00:27
GAN800Did you reboot?00:28
summatusmentisI've got krb5 installed, just haven't done anything to it yet00:28
CrashandDiejust been testing out an app I wrote00:28
CrashandDieso either this app drains battery00:29
GAN800Well, 3 hours was probably at 165MHz00:29
GAN800Then it kicks up to 400MHz and boom.00:29
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC00:29
CrashandDieIt underclocks when idle ?00:29
GAN800It basically turns off when idle00:30
CrashandDieWell, this app is kinda memory intensive00:30
CrashandDieand CPU intensive00:30
GAN800ARM/OMAP powersaving is some crazy stuff.00:30
GAN800But it's variable00:30
CrashandDieXML validating/parsing/constructing ftw00:30
GAN800So battery usage is all over the map.00:30
CrashandDielike pretty much all the mobile devices out there00:31
GAN800Except worse.00:31
*** p| has quit IRC00:31
GAN800ceiling is a lot higher for us.00:31
CrashandDieWell, for any mobile device, I look upon the battery manager as something to warn me when it's going to die00:32
*** mazzen has joined #maemo00:32
CrashandDienot exactly "oh cool, I still have 3hours and 13 minutes left"00:32
GAN800Yeah, small lion level detection is a little hard00:32
GAN800voltage is so variable with load00:32
GAN800and Nokia's worse than most (their mobiles, too)00:33
CrashandDieI remember an old Nokia, when going into the hidden menu, you could see the current battery voltage output00:33
CrashandDiecurrent as in now, not electrical00:33
GAN800You can get the values from retu00:34
GAN800There's an app on nitapps.com00:34
GAN800For percentage anyway00:34
CrashandDieand when it was at something like 2.96v, you'd have 3 bars on your battery... at 2.86v, you'd have about 10 seconds to plug it in00:34
GAN800There's another one with more values.00:34
skiburI will continue with slackware on the N80000:35
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC00:35
NullM0demslack on n800?00:35
* NullM0dem wakes up00:35
skiburis just a side project for me00:36
NullM0demme too though i do not have much time for it00:36
skiburjust reading about embedded systems and slackware00:36
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo00:37
skiburwill It be done you ask? nah, but I'm learning on the way.  who knows, it just might come true. :)00:37
CrashandDieisn't slackware source-based ?00:37
NullM0demskibur: where were you reading about slack?00:38
NullM0demCrashandDie: yes slack is source based00:38
||cwCrashandDie: not any more so than anything else00:38
||cwslack has binary packages00:38
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo00:38
NullM0demtrue, alot of packages are precompiled00:38
||cwjust doens't have a lot of them00:38
CrashandDieImagine compiling Xorg on the NIT... \o/00:38
NullM0dembut just the basics00:38
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo00:38
NullM0demno way00:38
||cwwhy not, we used to compile everything on 486's00:39
NullM0demI wish directFB could be used, though i do not know enough about it00:39
CrashandDie"Why d'you get yourself a new Nokia ? Wasn't the other one like 2 months old ?" "Yeah, but it's still compiling OpenOffice"00:39
||cwremeber when a kernel compile would take a full day?00:39
*** tchan has quit IRC00:39
CrashandDie||cw, *shrug*00:39
CrashandDieand say I'm pissed cuz my app takes about 2 minutes to compile :(00:40
NullM0demLFS is fun00:40
*** tchan has joined #maemo00:40
GAN800You can, NullM0dem00:40
CrashandDie \o/00:41
GAN800Debian does it.00:41
qwerty12_N800Via fanoush tools iirc00:41
qwerty12_N800Took me *ages* to setup :/00:41
NullM0demGAN800: directfb? from ?00:41
qwerty12_N800But it means I can do it in maemo00:41
mazzeni'm running openssh server on my n810, but i cann't connect the device. i googled and noticed, that i'm not the only one who has this problem, but unfortunately i didn't find a solution. does anyone knows something about it?00:42
skiburNullM0dem --->
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo00:42
CrashandDiemazzen, can't connect isn't really an error message00:42
CrashandDiemazzen, I have no problem whatsoever with openssh server on the IT00:42
CrashandDiemazzen, can you run a port scanner, stuff like that ?00:42
mazzenCrashandDie: dude you are right, sry. i get "no route to host", when i try to connect the device from my computer00:43
*** greentux_ has quit IRC00:43
*** JussiP has quit IRC00:44
CrashandDie :D 1m57s :D00:44
summatusmentiswhat's the user username?00:45
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, user ?00:45
*** dougt has joined #maemo00:45
CrashandDiebtw, remember me, some time, to send a box of chocolates or a six pack to Niels, the Garage maintainer00:46
*** chenca has quit IRC00:46
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC00:47
summatusmentisCrashandDie: ok, then how do I ssh in as user?00:47
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, you can't, iirc00:47
ReKlipzwhich repo do i need for usbnet?00:48
GAN800Just, fwiw, he's X-Fade here, CrashandDie00:48
CrashandDieGAN800, good to know00:48
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, I never tried using a cert-based authentication on the user account, I only SSH into the root account of the NIT00:49
*** kkrusty has quit IRC00:49
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, but IIRC, you can't set a password on the user account, hence, no ssh login00:49
summatusmentisCrashandDie: do you know why you can't? is it because there's no password set?00:49
GAN800Keep an eye out for dneary (new docmaster), and andre and guenther (new bugmasters), too.00:50
CrashandDieX-Fade, you'll have to email me your home address so I can get you a present00:50
* andre___ looks up00:50
* GAN800 looks up.00:51
* GAN800 screams.00:51
CrashandDieGAN800, told you you should've taken care of those spiderwebs00:51
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC00:51
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc300:51
GAN800andre___, how's LinuxTag00:51
CrashandDieanyway, back to coding00:51
andre___i'm not there yet - tomorrow :)00:52
andre___just for one day00:52
andre___could convince my teacher today that i'm allowed to miss his lesson tomorrow ;-)00:52
ReKlipzwould someone mind explaining to me the partition structure of the n810?00:53
summatusmentisCrashandDie: you can set a passwd for user if you're root00:53
CrashandDiebtw, anyone in here use doxygen with graphviz/dot ?00:53
summatusmentiswill this break things?00:53
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, I dunno, wouldn't try it, considering the limited helpfulness00:53
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo00:53
summatusmentiserm.... already did :)00:53
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, logging in as user would require you to sudo gainroot to become root, logging in as root would require you to su user to become user... So real difference in the end00:54
CrashandDieso no real**00:54
*** luck^ has quit IRC00:55
*** atlas95 has quit IRC00:55
summatusmentisI do things via command line a decent amount, w/out needing root00:55
summatusmentisscp, etc.00:55
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, try cert based approach, tell me if it works00:55
*** puffandstuff has quit IRC00:56
*** puffandstuff has joined #maemo00:56
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC01:01
ReKlipzwhat is a FIASCO image?01:02
*** hfwilke has quit IRC01:02
GAN800The firmware image.01:04
CrashandDiethat's a fiasco image01:04
ReKlipzso..., it doesn't contain the kernel, or anything pertaining to the os really01:05
GAN800It contains everything01:06
GAN800kernel, NOLO, initfs, rootfs01:06
ReKlipzmmk, so, if, say, I wanted to put straight up debian on my n810, how would i go about that?01:07
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC01:07
ReKlipzputting the loader on an sd card, and the installing?01:07
*** mazzen has quit IRC01:07
GAN800untar the tar image onto a card.01:07
GAN800flash fanoush's initfs01:07
ReKlipzwell, im not actually going to do it, i just want to learn more about what the underlying parts are01:08
*** jukey has left #maemo01:08
*** beford has joined #maemo01:09
ReKlipzso, initfs, rootfs, are partitions on the internal 2GB mem?01:10
*** BabelO has quit IRC01:11
GAN800Forget the 2GB, it's just an SD card they soldered on. Everything is on the 256MB internal flash.01:12
ReKlipzso, it's on the 256mb internal flash01:12
ReKlipzwhat is NOLO?01:13
GAN800NOkia LOader01:13
ReKlipzmmk, and this is placed in at the beginning of the 256mb flash?01:13
ReKlipzwait, it seems X-Loader is first...01:14
GAN800pressumably, though I haven't bothered to confirm that.01:14
ReKlipzmmk, so, xloader, noloader, and the secondary loader are all bootloaders...01:15
ReKlipzor part of the booting stage01:15
ReKlipzthe initfs and rootfs reside on the 256mb internal flash as well01:15
ReKlipzas for what is actually on them, well, that will have to wait for another day (tomorrow, :p). I assume the initfs is essentially the equiv of grub on the MBR of an hdd01:16
CrashandDieReKlipz, erhm... There's initfs on hdds too :P01:17
CrashandDiescrap that01:18
*** denny has quit IRC01:18
*** felipec has quit IRC01:19
ReKlipzgotta run to class, hopefully i will have it figured out by tomorrow01:19
CrashandDieyeah, was confused for a while01:19
*** christefano has quit IRC01:21
*** vivia has joined #maemo01:27
viviaHello everyone... I am having SERIOUS issues with my N810 discount code - mainly the spanish online store is to blame, but I'm tired of calling them, any place on where I can get some help?01:28
*** MangoFusion_ has joined #maemo01:29
*** BabelO has joined #maemo01:29
summatusmentisCrashandDie: fwiw, running 'passwd user' as root allows you to set the user password, which you can then use to ssh into as user01:30
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC01:31
CrashandDiesummatusmentis, reboot ?01:31
summatusmentisyep, already did, nothing seems to be broken01:31
CrashandDiefair enough01:31
summatusmentisor rather, I haven't run into anything that is broken yet :)01:32
summatusmentisis the camera on the n810 used for anything?01:33
CrashandDieexcepted taking pictures and webcam ?01:34
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC01:34
summatusmentiswell, like, skype doesn't use it01:34
summatusmentisso what is the webcam compat w/?01:34
befordYou can use it with gizmo01:36
*** zap has quit IRC01:36
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC01:36
befordSIP + h.32301:36
summatusmentisgizmo is... another SIP app?01:37
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo01:37
befordgizmo is jabber I think01:37
Saviqit's based on xmpp, yes01:38
summatusmentisoh, so for things like Google talk, for instance01:39
*** lmoura has joined #maemo01:39
befordGoogle Talk is jabber too, but the current client doesn't support Video talk01:39
befordI read somewhere that Google will be probably releasing a new client with Video support01:40
summatusmentisbut could one use gizmo for Google Talk video?01:42
*** MangoFusion has quit IRC01:45
*** Relate has joined #maemo01:45
*** etrunko_lap has quit IRC01:48
*** jpuderer has quit IRC01:49
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo01:49
GAN8001Gizmo works Gizmo-to-Gizmo for tablet-to-PC01:50
GAN8001summatusmentis, it's an open alternative to Skype01:50
GAN8001Very nice01:50
GAN8001works with the built-in SIP client (no video, though)01:50
*** Kt_ has quit IRC01:51
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo01:53
Robot101gizmo uses xmpp for chat, and sip for calling01:53
Robot101its kinda weird01:53
*** vivijim has quit IRC01:54
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC01:54
*** tortoise_ has quit IRC01:55
GAN8001But nice, because you don't need to the stupid proprietary client.01:57
summatusmentisI guess that's true... I just installed the stupid proprietary client01:58
GAN8001I always recommend Gizmo over Skype if your contacts aren't already all using Skype.01:59
GAN8001Especially on the tablet, as you can use rtcomm02:00
summatusmentisI'm not really using any of it02:00
befordThe only way to do video is with the proprietary client I believe02:00
summatusmentisI've got one skype client, and it's my family(for when I'm at school, I'm at my parents house for the summer)02:00
infobotsummatusmentis meant: I've got one skype contact, and it's my family(for when I'm at school, I'm at my parents house for the summer)02:01
summatusmentisthe proprietary client doesn't do video either02:01
befordit does02:01
GAN8001To the Gizmo 4 beta02:01
GAN8001For Windows02:01
befordyou need to click on a button once the call was stablished02:01
GAN8001or to other tablets.02:01
Robot101thats a bit odd, I wonder what gizmo do which makes video not work with our SIP client02:01
fysahow is Gizmo over EDGE? ;)02:01
GAN8001I tested it ONCE, fysa02:02
GAN8001It actually worked OK02:02
*** setanta has quit IRC02:02
GAN8001But no idea if it'd actually pan out with real usage, as it was only a 20 second, connect and say hi test.02:02
GAN8001Robot101, if you could figure out Gizmo video with rtcomm that'd be amazing.02:03
*** beford has quit IRC02:05
viviaif anyone is interested in reading my n810 story and how i'm still trying to receive it, i just emailed it to maemo-developers , or you can also read it here:    any help would be more than welcome...02:06
*** etrunko has quit IRC02:06
GAN8001vivia, Quim may pick it up from developers02:06
GAN8001Keep in mind that most everybody is at LinuxTag this week, so don't expect a response until next week.02:06
viviaGAN8001: i've been trying since december/january or something... so a week seems like nothing02:07
NaviI would think they'd be watching the dev list02:07
viviai don't mind waiting, i just hope i can get some help here02:07
viviai ended up even losing money02:07
GAN8001vivia, it's what you get for living in a country with a crappy Nokia shop. :P02:07
viviawell, i was born here, still doing my phd here, nothing much i can do i guess. :)02:08
GAN8001You could always go trout-walloping at Nokia HQ02:08
*** kenne has quit IRC02:08
GAN8001I'm sure we could get enough people together to pay your expenses and more. :D02:09
summatusmentisbum deal, the openssh packages don't have GSSAPI options implemented02:09
viviaenough people together.. :) that's why i decided to send to maemo-developers... it's different to have one freaking customer yelling in greece, and it's different to have a whole team supporting :)02:09
viviaanyway, thanx... :) don't know whether you've read the story but i'm about to have a nervous breakdown after all this story02:10
GAN8001Your not the only one to have trouble with the discount codes02:11
viviaoh really?02:11
GAN8001but probably one of the few remaining stragglers. ;)02:11
GAN8001Everybody had a lot of trouble initially02:11
viviaand probably the only one to lose money on top of that :)02:11
GAN8001Then it was mostly just the Canadians02:12
GAN8001then it was some odd others02:12
GAN8001now mostly everybody seems to be good.02:12
viviaspain too, i was told that a guy had problems where neither code worked02:12
*** red-zack has quit IRC02:12
summatusmentiswhat does the discount code get you?02:12
*** andrunko has quit IRC02:12
viviasummatusmentis: i've already used 3 discount codes in vain and the 4th one is a petty 5%...02:13
GAN8001summatusmentis, it's a developer/contributor discount02:13
GAN8001$160 USD N810 initially.02:13
viviaoh sorry, misunderstood the "get you" part02:13
summatusmentisGAN8001: omg, that's an awesome deal02:13
GAN8001Yeah, they did it for the 770 and N800, too02:14
viviai guess i'll end up paying the full price after all02:14
*** christefano has joined #maemo02:14
GAN8001and hopefully for the N900.02:14
viviabut hell, i at least want the money i spent02:14
GAN8001So time to get developing/contributing, summatusmentis. ;)02:14
*** skibur has quit IRC02:14
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC02:14
summatusmentisI'm contributig to openafs this summer02:15
viviasummatusmentis: maybe you can apply next year too :)02:15
summatusmentiswell, maybe :)02:16
viviaOT: it's 2am here and I"m so frustrated I can't sleep. And I can't even count sheep, because I'm working on a stupid asp+m$sql project about... sheep... and they stress me out even more02:16
summatusmentismy summer of code will be done at the end of summer :) then I'll maybe be able to focus my time elsewhere02:16
sp3000you could count some other animals02:17
sp3000bugs maybe?02:17
vivialol, that's another way to stress a developer - counting bugs :)02:17
viviai can also count (live) mosquitos but that's not quite relaxing either :p02:17
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC02:18
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC02:19
*** cmarcelo has quit IRC02:24
*** svu_ has quit IRC02:25
n800mhey i'm stuck in zelda02:25
GAN8001Kill the bad guys.02:25
*** legind has joined #maemo02:26
summatusmentisoh, zelda, wrong platform02:26
n800mthe gba emulator is pretty good on the n80002:26
n800mon some games02:26
n800mabout half are too slow02:26
*** k-s has quit IRC02:26
GAN8001summatusmentis, out of interest, how often do you have to explain where the Command key is?02:27
*** MangoFusion_ has quit IRC02:27
summatusmentisnot often, I don't help people that often :)02:27
GAN8001Ha, OK.02:27
summatusmentisand usually when I do, I tell them "apple q" or some such thing02:28
GAN8001I help people A LOT, and I don't want to think about how many times I've explain its location.02:28
viviacould be worse... looking for the any key02:28
*** vcgomes has quit IRC02:28
viviaor taking "any key" too literally and pressing caps lock02:28
summatusmentisdoes caps lcok not register02:29
viviausually not, though i guess you could make it ...02:29
n800mthe function key02:30
n800mmy favorite02:30
NaviI mapped my caps to control and control to tab02:30
Navicontrol to tab02:30
NaviGOD DAMN02:30
Navicontrol to caps lock02:30
* GAN8001 pats Navi on the back.02:30
GAN8001Breath . . . type it SLOWLY02:30
NaviSo whenever someone's over at my house and tries to hit control, they go "wtf?"02:30
GAN8001I tried to do that for a while02:30
GAN8001but my muscle memory doesn't want to change.02:31
NaviI like it02:31
summatusmentiswhy would you do that?02:31
GAN8001Caps is closer02:31
summatusmentisI guess easier access02:31
NaviCaps is easier to hit than control02:31
viviaGAN8001: do you have a laptop? THAT's an example of muscle memory nto wanting to change..02:31
GAN8001Less contortionism02:31
Naviand you accidentally hit it a lot AND SOUND LIKE YOU'RE PISSED OFF02:31
GAN8001Screw laptops02:32
summatusmentismine would light up all the time02:32
GAN8001They're the worst things in the world02:32
summatusmentisoh really? <3 my macbook02:32
* GAN8001 has a big, loud, hot, dual G502:32
GAN8001and a bunch of NITs. ;)02:32
NaviLike twenty of them.02:32
n800mpfft there's no zelda chan on freenode02:32
NaviFreenode isn't much of a gaming network02:32
viviaNavi: how about accidentaly hitting control and ending up giving a command?02:32
viviaNavi: i guess that's worse than typing in caps :)02:32
GAN8001Zelda isn't really "on topic" for Freenode.02:33
summatusmentismy theory was originally to buy a Z, and use that instead, but this NIT might be finally what I'm looking for in th at regard02:33
summatusmentisthe Z never did what I wanted02:33
summatusmentisor not well enough02:33
GAN8001Lot of ex-Z owners about.02:33
n800mthere's one on efnet!02:33
summatusmentisthey were awesome machines, for their time02:33
viviaefnet?.... is that still alive? :)02:33
summatusmentisnow, they're big and out-dated02:33
GAN8001n800m, Freenode is really for free and opensource projects02:33
NaviEFNet is still around02:34
NaviLotta channels on there02:34
NaviI'm a Rizon guy myself02:34
n800myeah been on efnet since 98 i think02:34
viviayikes, that must have been the first irc network i remember02:34
vivia94-95 ...02:34
NaviBut half of my autojoin channels are on Freenode02:34
n800myeah it's old02:34
summatusmentisI don't have any autojoin channels setup anymore, since I switched to irssi+screen02:35
viviai'm only idling around on #amsn for support... and  maybe 1-2 more channels occasionally02:35
viviasummatusmentis: <3 irssi+screen02:35
summatusmentisGAN8001: are you on leopard? check out Visor+SIMBL02:36
GAN8001It's broken02:36
GAN8001I have to activate it twice to get it to focus02:36
NaviI like weechat+screen02:36
summatusmentisGAN8001: what's broken?02:36
CrashandDieDon't you love it how the day before you have to give in your project, you want to add a few modifications that basically brick the whole app...02:36
GAN8001I open it, but it doesn't have focus02:36
GAN8001so text goes into lalaland instead of the terminal.02:37
CrashandDieAnd then your teacher/boss comes around, seeing how everything goes "Well, it worked a few minutes ago, hang on"02:37
NaviCrashandDie, that's why you either make backups or have revision control02:37
summatusmentisworking fine here02:37
summatusmentisand loving it!02:37
GAN8001The way to do it is with irssi-proxy and xchat. :P02:37
CrashandDieNavi, working with git here, but still... It's frustrating02:37
*** christefano has quit IRC02:37
NaviI've had svn set up for a while. Should switch to git02:37
NaviMuch too lazy though02:37
viviahardware projects can be more fun02:37
viviai once handed it out a few days before it was examined so they could keep it, it worked perfectly02:38
NaviNo revision control for hardware projects :(02:38
CrashandDievivia, it's part hardware, that's the dangerous part :P02:38
CrashandDieCamera + free DV tape == Hardware proof of concept revision control02:38
*** trbs has quit IRC02:38
viviaduring the examination, must have been bad grounding at the lab, but one of the two main ICs just decided to stop working02:39
CrashandDieheh... Don't you love when that happens...02:39
summatusmentisI should make sure my n810 always gets the same address on our home router02:39
viviafortunately the team next to us had incidentally decided to use the same IC so we borrowed theirs and it worked02:39
CrashandDieAlso, notice how the probability of shit happening to you [or the project] tends to 1 proportionally with the importance of the exam02:40
*** jpetersen has quit IRC02:40
*** andre___ is now known as andre|afk02:41
n800mi think efnet is about 99% idling02:41
CrashandDieHardware revision control would be awesome though... I want to live in the Matrix... git checkout HEAD^1... "C'MON GUYS, WE GOT NEW CAPACITORS"02:41
NaviCrashandDie, indeed it would...02:41
CrashandDieI remember a couple years back, I was passing my electronics degree02:42
GAN8001VR baby!02:42
*** christefano has joined #maemo02:42
CrashandDieWe had a stupid project, and maybe two days before the exam02:42
*** svu_ has joined #maemo02:42
CrashandDieWe go into the classroom, with our cards at the ready, for the final inspection before the exam... Teacher tells us to go on a workbench02:43
CrashandDieI get to my workbench, some idiot kicks me away, I was just about to hit the switch... I take my card, go to the next bench... The guy plus in his card, flips the switch02:43
CrashandDie48V drilling through a 5V card02:44
CrashandDieI see a little bit of smoke rising up from the remains, as I see all hope leaving his eyes02:44
*** jegp has left #maemo02:44
viviai once abandoned a project about serially connecting a 6502 (yeah they were still used until a few years ago) to the PC02:45
viviafor some odd reason, as soon as i connected the 6502's signal ground to the PC's signal ground, the voltage on the 6502 IC would drop to 2.5V02:46
CrashandDieanyone know where this comes from: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gtk - gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport: assertion `GTK_BIN (bin->child)->child == NULL' failed ? Trying to add a Table to a ScrolledWindow02:46
CrashandDie(I'm using the C++ GTK wrappers)02:47
*** t_s_o has quit IRC02:49
*** sp3000 has quit IRC02:50
*** befr0d has joined #maemo02:51
n800mmicroB is base on firefox, correct?02:51
GAN8001It's mozilla-based02:52
n800mright right02:52
*** behdad has joined #maemo02:52
CrashandDieGAN800, wouldn't have an idea ?02:52
n800mooh there's a divx plugin02:53
GAN8001I fail at GTK, CrashandDie. ;)02:53
n800mfail, crash, die02:54
CrashandDieGAN800, so that's your weak point ? GTK? :P02:54
CrashandDieMhuwhahahaha, finally found it02:54
GAN8001One of many, yes. :P02:54
CrashandDieGAN800, you do a good job at hiding them then :P02:54
GAN8001When you have enough . . . :D02:55
CrashandDieI asked on #c++ @ gimpnet about half an hour ago... No one dared moving, no join, no leave... Nobody dares answering my question...02:56
GAN8001You just gotta go through and highlight everybody individually.02:57
Navior highlight everyone at the same time02:58
NaviThey'll really appreciate that02:58
*** juergbi has quit IRC02:58
GAN8001A kickban or an answer . . . either way, you'll have closure.02:58
CrashandDiewell... They're usually quite helpful02:59
CrashandDiejust... Not at 2AM I guess02:59
*** Sargun has quit IRC02:59
NaviIt's not 2AM in the states :P03:00
CrashandDiegod damn it, I have about... 16 hours left before turning in this project, and I still have to write the doc and the paper03:00
CrashandDie"If at first you don't succeed, cheat !"03:04
CrashandDierewriting the code, brb03:04
viviai'm off... good night everyone :)03:05
GAN8001Doesn't Ari just always reveal himself to be disturbingly disconnected from reality?03:08
NaviI like Reggie's comment03:15
Navi"I just got the new Asus eeePC (900) with Linux Xandros and I was surprised at how everything was set-up, all the most common apps are there, categorized into tabs. Any end-user won't feel that it is Linux underneath at all."03:15
NaviFeel Linux?03:15
n800myes, it smells03:15
n800mlike sea salt03:16
CrashandDiefound the answer :D03:16
NaviSquishy keyboard03:17
fysamaybe it's small enough to add a hinge to and attach to N800 ;)03:18
NaviThe fingers in the picture don't even fit on the home keys :|03:18
n800mduct tap03:18
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo03:18
NaviDuct tape solves all03:19
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC03:19
n800myeah it doesn't look very practical03:19
n800mthe foldable one makes more sense03:19
fysaduct tape keyboard around your arm.03:19
fysatype with other arm03:19
n800mand a hotkey for scotty03:20
NaviToo bad the Logic 3 for the PSP was canceled years ago03:20
*** benh has quit IRC03:20
Navicould have stolen that and stuck it on an N80003:20
NaviUnless it ended up being an IR keyboard03:21
CrashandDieI have no problems typing on the n810 keyboard03:22
*** wolfspirit has joined #maemo03:23
NaviI bet you don't03:24
wolfspiritok having some trouble with my n800.. I got a gsat bluetooth gps receiver and the n800 picks it up fine but just sits on "searching03:24
wolfspirit" for a gps location.. any ideas?  sorry about hitting enter prematurely03:24
GAN800Go outside?03:28
wolfspiritam outside03:29
wolfspiritit picked it up once the first time but maemo mapper locked up on me so I reset the nokia and now nothing...03:29
*** T0b0tras has joined #maemo03:30
*** BTobotras has quit IRC03:33
*** uzzed has joined #maemo03:33
CrashandDiewolfspirit, if it picked it up once, there's nothing indicating the IT isn't working as it should. Question your GPS Receiver03:34
*** benh has joined #maemo03:35
*** dholbert has quit IRC03:40
summatusmentisdoes anyone have penguinbait's .deb for booting from sd03:42
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC03:44
*** Tobotras has quit IRC03:45
*** LinuxCode has joined #maemo03:45
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo03:45
*** Mousey has quit IRC03:45
summatusmentisis there a way to get the file manager to show / instead of ~ ?03:47
*** LinuxCode has quit IRC03:47
GAN8001Symlink, summatusmentis.03:47
GAN8001But it'll break metalayer-crawler03:48
GAN8001I'd just switch to emelfm203:48
summatusmentisnot in extras?03:49
GAN800Google it, don't remember.03:49
summatusmentis:-/ this whole "packages being all over the place" is sort of annoying :)03:49
GAN800You don't even know. ;)03:50
GAN800It's something that's improving lately.03:50
GAN8001But it's been a big issue with maemo for a while now.03:50
summatusmentisyeah, I could see that03:51
GAN8001We just had to shoot down another attempt to make YET ANOTHER place for packages last week. <_<03:51
summatusmentismake another one, and shut down all the others, that's fine03:51
GAN8001X-Fade has been doing some majorly badass work on Extras(-devel)/Garage/Downloads, though, and things are starting to look up.03:52
fysaa repository proxy would be nice.03:52
GAN8001The work now is mostly just shaming developers into shutting down their stupid repos and pushing their stuff to Extras(-devel)03:52
GAN8001fysa, :shudder:03:53
summatusmentisI don't like this maemo downloads thing either03:53
GAN8001I can't imagine how package and version conflicts would be resolved with a setup like that.03:53
GAN8001summatusmentis, don't bother with it03:53
GAN8001There's no need03:53
summatusmentisI want it all in the package manager03:53
GAN8001That's for the retarded consumer-users03:53
summatusmentisthat's wher emelfm2 is!03:53
GAN8001The important stuff is all in Extras.03:53
GAN8001Well, there are a few odds and ends . . .03:54
*** harry has joined #maemo03:54
summatusmentisand it doesn't work with afs03:55
* fysa mark all as read03:56
*** NullM0dem has quit IRC03:56
* unixSnob_ just got ssh installed03:57
unixSnob_I normally use the "root" command to get root03:58
befr0d if i have two terminals and i try to fullscreen one of them, it always 'fullscreen' the same term03:58
GAN8001Somebody needs to poke the FBReader devs into shutting down their repo.03:58
unixSnob_what do folks do to get root via ssh?  do you login as root, then change the password?03:58
befr0dssh server installer asked me for a new root paasw03:59
GAN8001Just use 'root'03:59
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo03:59
GAN8001There's no benefit to 'ssh root@localhost'03:59
summatusmentisno, actually set a password, if you're gonna be on a network...03:59
GAN8001Well, yes, set a password04:00
summatusmentisand make it a good password04:00
GAN8001But there's no point to using ssh to get root access locally when you have easyroot installed.04:00
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC04:00
summatusmentisthat's true04:00
fysaa good password like 'unbreakable'04:00
*** gopi has joined #maemo04:00
summatusmentismaybe with some numbers and symbols thrown in there04:01
unixSnob_tried root:root and it didn't take it04:02
unixSnob_what's the default "user" password?04:02
unixSnob_it's probably better if I login as user, and then get root04:02
unixSnob_nice.. passwd worked.. I thought it was going to ask for the old pw first, which would not have worked04:02
summatusmentisunixSnob_: I have no idea what the default user password is, but I just changed it today04:03
summatusmentisoh, that's even better04:03
summatusmentisI didn't know passwd was going to04:03
*** wolfspirit has left #maemo04:03
*** texel has joined #maemo04:03
*** pdz- has quit IRC04:04
*** dolske has joined #maemo04:05
unixSnob_I also changed it for the user acct.  So now I can ssh in as a user, and only get root if necessary04:05
summatusmentisyeah, that's what I did, as far as I can tell, it doesn't break anything, but I suppose it's possible04:06
GAN8001By default, the user doesn't have a password.04:06
*** pdz has joined #maemo04:06
summatusmentisbut you can't just hit enter if you ssh in04:06
GAN8001In older releases setting a user password could cause issues04:07
*** ydossow has joined #maemo04:07
GAN8001seems to not be a problem anymore.04:07
unixSnob_well, it's nice to have zero security in the beginning, but eventually I need to lock things down04:07
unixSnob_So I'm glad to at least have non-default passwords now04:07
summatusmentiswoot! irssi+screen on n810!!04:10
unixSnob_is screen the tool that lets you unmount and remount CLI sessions?04:11
unixSnob_what's irssi?04:11
GAN8001lol. . . .04:11
summatusmentisunixSnob_: yes, and an irc client04:11
unixSnob_cool.. I'll have to get that going too04:11
unixSnob_I heard rtorrent works with screen.. so hopefully rtorrent will work on maemo04:12
summatusmentisits nice if youve got an ssh account on a server04:12
summatusmentisno apostrophe on the keyboard? that is gonna bug me04:14
summatusmentisoh wait... i thought it was a comma04:15
*** legind has quit IRC04:15
unixSnob_Suppose you ssh into a server, and the session breaks because you drive through a tunnel, for example.. will screen automatically unmount for you so you can recover?04:15
GAN8001That's the entire purpose of screen more or less, yes.04:16
GAN8001It's also useful for local sessions04:16
summatusmentisyep! :-)04:16
GAN8001so closing the xterm window doesn't nuke your session.04:16
grapejust do screen -R or something to get it back04:16
summatusmentisI use -drr, but yeah04:17
unixSnob_I've used screen like 10 years ago.. and it was not so much for accidental network breaks, but just so I could logoff and go home w/ stuff running04:17
grapeyeah, that one ;-)04:17
*** BabelO has quit IRC04:17
unixSnob_But vry cool that it's smart to handle network breaks04:17
Johnny5Use the command 'screen -DR'04:17
Johnny5That will disconnect any sessions connected to the screen session, and reconnect you to it.04:18
Johnny5(In case the old session is hung, for example)04:18
*** pdz- has joined #maemo04:18
summatusmentisoh, that's even cooler, didn't know that04:19
Johnny5Even cooler, you can add a session name to it ('screen -DR irc').  That way, you can disconnect and reconnect to multiple screen sessions (for when you're working on something complex, and need 10 windows for one thing and 10 for another, and want to keep them separate for example)04:21
Johnny5The session-name thing is more useful when you're sharing a screen, though (useful for teaching new people stuff - think a VNC session with multiple users)04:23
summatusmentisinteresting... :)04:23
*** pdz has quit IRC04:24
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo04:24
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo04:26
* unixSnob_ noticed xterm does not allow foreground color changes04:26
GAN800yes it does.04:27
GAN800You're just not paying attention.04:27
unixSnob_Is there a resource file that can be used to force color changes?04:27
GAN800No, there's a settings dialog. . . .04:27
summatusmentisit's under the font thing... hidden04:28
unixSnob_it's interesting that fg color would not be right next to bg color.  Where's fg color hiding?04:28
*** nycllama has joined #maemo04:29
unixSnob_ah, font04:29
GAN800logically enough, under TEXT settings.04:29
summatusmentisit's under the font setting, where you set size and stuff04:29
summatusmentisthat doesn't make sense... it would make more sense for it to be next to background color04:30
GAN800File a bug04:30
summatusmentismeh... i don't care enough :)04:31
unixSnob_GAN800, did you say it can't be done using a resource file (eg. .Xresource or whatever)?04:32
summatusmentisI'm sure it can... just have no idea where it is04:32
summatusmentis_I_ don't04:33
GAN800It _could_ (gconf), but why not use the perfectly accessible settings dialog? :/04:33
unixSnob_np.. I don't need it now.. I was just curious04:33
unixSnob_GAN800, if I get enough time to configure everything, it's much more organized to do it all in the resource file04:34
unixSnob_Resource files will enable you to configure things that aren't even configurable by the apps guis in some cases04:34
*** ab has quit IRC04:35
GAN800Font color isn't one of them. ;)04:36
unixSnob_on workstations i'll even use the xresource file to alter behaviors, like disable buttons.. not sure if i'll find that useful on the nit yet04:36
summatusmentisis there a calendar program that will sync with google cal?04:36
*** ab has joined #maemo04:36
unixSnob_GAN800 fg color generally is configurable in the xresource file; and I know I've done it for xterm04:36
summatusmentisI srot of wish this keyboard were centered04:37
unixSnob_summatusmentis: are you on an n810?04:37
GAN800i.e., it's perfectly configurable in the GUI.04:37
summatusmentisunixSnob_: yep :) via screen04:38
*** T0b0tras has quit IRC04:39
unixSnob_GAN800 how do I change the colors for the OSD keyboard?04:39
unixSnob_that's probably something I could do in the resource file, but not the menu04:39
GAN800In the theme.04:40
summatusmentisthe dimming on this screen rules... I'm really glad I made this purchase :)04:41
unixSnob_interesting.. and good to know.. but the keyboard color change is linked to other changes04:41
unixSnob_(if i use the theme to change it)04:41
summatusmentisbear with me all, I'll be obsessimg for days04:42
GAN800summatusmentis, you might want to look at advanced-backlight for finner grain control.04:42
infobotGAN800 meant: summatusmentis, you might want to look at advanced-backlight for finer grain control.04:42
summatusmentisin the feeds GAN800 ?04:42
*** Crfrod has quit IRC04:43
unixSnob_I'll certainly look into that.. I find the lowest brightness to be too bright to look at when my eyes are in night vision mode04:43
GAN8001I've been poking rm_you to push it to Extras for months.04:44
unixSnob_Eg. I could not look at this screen while flying a cessna at night, because the lowest setting is bright enough to ruin night vision04:44
*** Dregs has quit IRC04:45
*** Dregs has joined #maemo04:48
unixSnob_anyone used nicotene?04:48
*** uzzed has quit IRC04:48
* n800m smoking04:49
summatusmentiscigarettes are gross...04:50
unixSnob_summatusmentis: try cigars.. much better04:51
unixSnob_that crap doesn't get in your lungs if you smoke em right04:51
summatusmentisthey need to just legalize... nvm04:52
unixSnob_have you tried cigars?  they taste good, and they're good for the brain04:52
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo04:52
summatusmentisgood for the brain how?04:53
n800mcigars smell bad tho04:53
unixSnob_summatusmentis: read last months Wired mag.  Personally I've noticed they make me more alert and focused04:54
unixSnob_but there's studies to back it04:54
*** Mark974 has joined #maemo04:54
unixSnob_and it's easy to be a very occasional smoker.  They're not addictive for me04:54
summatusmentishmm... how does that tobacco differ from other tobacco?04:54
unixSnob_summatusmentis: cigar tobacco is smoked differently.  You don't inhale it04:55
unixSnob_So the nicotene enters as a sublingual04:55
* freelikegnu is happy there is Iwan Ries in Chicago 04:55
freelikegnuvery good rolling tobacco04:55
summatusmentishmm... well, we'll see... I'd try it once...04:56
freelikegnu400g for about US$2004:56
n800myou're in chicago?04:56
n800mi used to go to that shop all the time04:56
n800mon wabash04:57
n800mnice folks04:57
freelikegnuaround the corner from where I work04:57
n800mI NKOW YOU04:57
freelikegnuchicago is like a small town :D04:58
n800mdowntown is04:58
n800mnot detroit-small, but still04:58
freelikegnumy kind of town04:58
* unixSnob_ hates when a package isn't simply available using apt-get (adv-backlight)04:58
n800mi always wondered about that sinatra song04:59
n800mwas it before the new york one or after04:59
* freelikegnu boots johnx's debian for the first time04:59
n800mand was it cause of guilt04:59
n800mor fear of al capone04:59
freelikegnuhmm have to run fsck it tells me04:59
summatusmentisfreelikegnu: let me know how it works04:59
freelikegnuso far ok04:59
unixSnob_what's an "IP Engineer"?05:00
freelikegnuhow to ctrl-d05:00
GAN8001unixSnob_, I've been working rm_you over to get it into Extras, but the poor guy's busy busy busy. :)05:00
johnxfreelikegnu, what happened?05:00
summatusmentisGAN800: can't you just do it?05:01
freelikegnusays I need to manually run fsck05:01
summatusmentisget access, and do it05:01
freelikegnuor control-d05:01
GAN8001Meh, he's the project admin.05:01
GAN8001I stuck it on Downloads. ;)05:02
summatusmentisalright... that makes sense05:02
johnxfreelikegnu, that sounds bad O_o05:02
unixSnob_i'll download the deb package.. just need to recall how to install it.. is it dpkg -i?05:02
johnxI would try untarring that again if I were you05:02
summatusmentisunixSnob_: ^05:02
johnxdid you untar it on the n8x0? or on a desktop?05:02
GAN8001johnx, same thing happened to me05:02
GAN8001I ran fsck05:02
GAN8001turned out fine.05:03
*** herzi has joined #maemo05:03
Naviexcept the reason was because I had to force poweroff on debian05:03
freelikegnuI mounted the partition on a linux desktop, opened a terminal and cd the partition then sudo tar -xvjpf05:03
johnxNavi and GAN8001 so it stopped you in the boot process and asked to run fsck manually or hit ctrl+D?05:04
GAN8001I plugged in a USB keyboard and did what it told me.05:05
freelikegnuI'll reboot and fsck05:05
*** milhouse has quit IRC05:05
freelikegnuoh usb kb will work right away?05:05
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo05:06
*** gopi has quit IRC05:08
*** zwnj has quit IRC05:10
unixSnob_can any dosbox users vouch for the performance of it?05:12
summatusmentiswhats the point? games?05:12
unixSnob_summatusmentis: development05:13
unixSnob_There is no Ada compiler for maemo05:13
unixSnob_But there are free x86 Ada compilers05:14
*** dolske has quit IRC05:14
summatusmentisnot to be rude, whats the point of Ada dev? :)05:14
summatusmentisnot to be rude, whats the point of Ada dev? :)05:14
johnxunixSnob_, is there something wrong with the GNU ada compiler?05:15
unixSnob_summatusmentis: I'm an Ada developer.05:15
unixSnob_johnx: AFAIK, it's not supporting the ARM processor05:15
summatusmentisunixSnob_: what is it used for?05:16
unixSnob_From what I heard in #ada, there is some backend gnat code for the ARM, but it doesn't work.. there are missing key pieces05:16
unixSnob_Eg. there is no runtime engine for the ARM, I think05:16
unixSnob_summatusmentis: Ada is the worlds most reliable language.  I use it to develop weapons systems05:16
unixSnob_Although I'm not going to make weapons w/ the NIT, I just like to be anal about quality05:17
summatusmentiseek.. weapons systems for who?05:17
GAN800DOSBox manages about 16MHz on a good day.05:17
unixSnob_I also know C++, but it's a dirty language that's easy to make mistakes in05:17
johnxI guess you're right on not available for ARM. Just tried to install "gnat" on debian/armel...05:18
unixSnob_summatusmentis: so far for the US, but soon I'll be working for the belgians05:18
*** Grackle_ has quit IRC05:18
*** Grackle has quit IRC05:18
*** herz1 has quit IRC05:18
*** Grackle_ has joined #maemo05:19
unixSnob_johnx: there is a commercial version of gnat for the ARM, but it's a different OS..05:19
summatusmentisunixSnob_: contractor?05:19
unixSnob_So gnat really still needs to be ported in order to work on the nit05:19
unixSnob_summatusmentis: yes, lately05:19
unixSnob_There's no real practical need.. I mean, no lives will depend on the correctness of NIT code.. but I just want to play around with it05:20
summatusmentisI see05:20
fysalive in DC?05:21
fysajust started contracting..  favorite part is riding the Metro. ;)05:22
*** Grackle has joined #maemo05:22
fysano weapons though.  just data quality.05:22
unixSnob_yeah, I'm looking forward to public transportation in europe05:22
unixSnob_my last gig was almost in DC05:22
unixSnob_pay was 75/hr.. but I suppose that's low for that area05:23
unixSnob_s/was/would have been/05:23
infobotunixSnob_ meant: pay would have been 75/hr.. but I suppose that's low for that area05:23
fysanot quite as clean/useful as Hong Kong subway, but best I've seen in the US so far..05:23
unixSnob_fysa: it's impressive enough that it exists in the US05:24
fysaexactly :)05:24
unixSnob_interesting that dosbox is 16MHz.. I mean, all these dos games are supported.  Are they playable?05:25
fysajust need a USB -> gameport adapter ;)05:27
* johnx remembers the game/midi port :)05:27
unixSnob_boooyaaa!  adv-backlight dims much more than the stock tool.. outstanding!05:27
GAN800Just need to figure out Nokia's container setup for their stock applet. . . .05:28
unixSnob_i'll be able to check my email at 2am w/out blowing my eyes out05:28
*** Sargun has joined #maemo05:29
*** befr0d has quit IRC05:30
* unixSnob_ wishes the n800 would have simply used a physical thumbwheel for the brightness05:30
summatusmentisoh, but blowing your eyes out is more fun!05:30
unixSnob_i've burned my retina enough times w/ this thing.. wake up at 3am to take an overseas call, and forget that it's on medium brightness05:31
GAN800Dedicated brightness whell? wasteful05:31
GAN800Rather have it for scroll.05:32
unixSnob_I got in the habit of facing it away from me, and lighting the walls first until my eyes adjust05:32
fysainstall 'motion' and keep the webcam popped out ;)05:32
GAN800Scroll wheel would be awesome.05:32
n800mso what emulator are there for maemo? is there an amiga one?05:32
unixSnob_n800m: there's garnetvm05:33
n800myeah, i know that one05:33
GAN800There are tons. see, Downloads/Extras and itT Gaming05:33
fysathere's an Amiga emu.05:33
n800mthere is?05:33
unixSnob_atari 2600?  I could use that one05:33
GAN800Stick a scroll wheel on the top right of the device.05:33
n800mthere's a lot os music software for atari/amiga/c6405:33
n800mmaybe it'll run in an emu05:34
fysacouple linux music apps that compile05:35
n800mi had PDa running but i can't use it without a keyboard05:35
*** slomo__ has joined #maemo05:35
n800mand a little tracker that couldn't make a peep so far05:35
*** acydlord has joined #maemo05:35
n800mi can't find the amiga one :/05:36
fysaI can't think of the name, starts with an H.05:36
fysaslightly complex for our screensize though05:37
unixSnob_nice!  there IS an atari 2600 emulator!05:37
n800momg that looks so sweet05:37
n800munixSnob link?05:38
n800mbtw -
n800mthose are all maemo?05:39
* n800m faints05:39
*** skibur has joined #maemo05:39
unixSnob_interesting.. so there's a PalmOS emulator (POSE), and a Garnet VM.  what's the diff?05:40
* unixSnob_ would like to see some iPhone ripoff tools.. like the photo viewer05:42
johnxunixSnob_, open source vs closed source?05:42
unixSnob_damn.. I never should have dumped King's Quest for the Apple 2 :(05:43
n800mhave you found the deb for the amiga emu?05:48
*** mat has quit IRC05:48
*** borism has quit IRC05:48
*** vililikku has quit IRC05:48
*** jumpula has quit IRC05:48
*** karbas has quit IRC05:48
*** onion has quit IRC05:48
*** liia has quit IRC05:48
*** Jaffa has quit IRC05:48
*** tlax has quit IRC05:48
*** kad has quit IRC05:48
*** skibur has quit IRC05:48
*** Dregs has quit IRC05:48
*** pdz- has quit IRC05:48
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC05:48
*** booiiing_ has quit IRC05:48
*** Garibaldi has quit IRC05:48
*** summatusmentis has quit IRC05:48
*** lool has quit IRC05:48
*** t0h has quit IRC05:48
*** anders_ has quit IRC05:48
*** rtp has quit IRC05:48
*** jones- has quit IRC05:48
*** gletelli has quit IRC05:48
*** corq-FL has quit IRC05:48
*** BugBlue has quit IRC05:48
*** ch4os has quit IRC05:48
*** Juhaz has quit IRC05:48
*** towo has quit IRC05:48
*** slomo_ has quit IRC05:48
*** t0h has joined #maemo05:51
*** Garibaldi has joined #maemo05:51
unixSnob_johnx: perhaps.. guess I'll have to try both05:51
johnxconsensus is that garnetvm is farther along05:51
johnxbut no one knows what the plan is for it05:52
johnxit's free for now but there's apparently an expiration date (?!)05:52
n800mi reaqlly wish the underscore key were on the first screen of the kb05:54
* unixSnob_ considers using the adv-backlight CLI to schedule a cronjob to dim to the lowest at 12am05:55
freelikegnuaw an orphaned inode05:56
*** skibur has joined #maemo05:57
*** Dregs has joined #maemo05:57
*** pdz- has joined #maemo05:57
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo05:57
*** mat has joined #maemo05:57
*** booiiing_ has joined #maemo05:57
*** borism has joined #maemo05:57
*** summatusmentis has joined #maemo05:57
*** lool has joined #maemo05:57
*** anders_ has joined #maemo05:57
*** vililikku has joined #maemo05:57
*** jumpula has joined #maemo05:57
*** karbas has joined #maemo05:57
*** rtp has joined #maemo05:57
*** gletelli has joined #maemo05:57
*** corq-FL has joined #maemo05:57
*** Juhaz has joined #maemo05:57
*** ch4os has joined #maemo05:57
*** BugBlue has joined #maemo05:57
*** towo has joined #maemo05:57
*** kad has joined #maemo05:57
*** onion has joined #maemo05:57
*** tlax has joined #maemo05:57
*** liia has joined #maemo05:57
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo05:57
*** anders_ has quit IRC05:57
n800mfysa, do you know if anyone compiled hydrogen yet?05:58
*** jones- has joined #maemo05:58
* freelikegnu reboots johnx debian :D05:58
freelikegnuthis is great, all of my other machines run xfce :D05:59
*** mrlanrat has joined #maemo05:59
*** mrlanrat has left #maemo05:59
*** luddite__ has joined #maemo05:59
* freelikegnu cheers the mouse05:59
freelikegnuooo gnome alsamixer!06:01
*** Kt_ has joined #maemo06:01
summatusmentisI need to figure out this booting from sd thing06:01
freelikegnujohnx have you tried cellwriter?06:01
Navicw is fun06:01
johnxlittle slow, but usable06:01
Navitotally not slow :P06:01
Naviminimize to the systray06:01
johnxit doesn't *run* slow06:02
johnxbut it's a slower input method for me than thumb typing06:02
Naviwhat's slow?06:02
Navioh, pfft06:02
johnxbut yeah, much fun :D06:02
freelikegnuit has a nice kb too06:02
NaviI need to get around to figuring out how to get matchbox-keyboard to launch from the bottom06:03
Naviand resizing the bottom too, rather than the top :|06:03
johnxcan't you use devilspie to specify geometry?06:03
luddite__hey, any chance anybody has a link to formatting/accessing sdhc cards, i may have bought some bum used hardware06:03
luddite__i'm using nokia810, (latest flash), and ubuntu 8.0206:04
johnxnothing special luddite__, you just format them like normal06:04
Navijohnx, it resizes my maximized windows.06:04
Naviit being matchbox-keyboard06:04
luddite__interesting, so sdhc cards don't require any additional packages/modules06:04
johnxluddite__, nope06:05
johnxNavi, I understand that, but you don't think forcing a certain geometry (aka location+size) will help?06:05
luddite__hmm, ok, i'll keep hacking it06:05
NaviNo :P06:05
*** anders_ has joined #maemo06:07
Navimaemo doesn't unmount the cards cleanly when turning off06:08
freelikegnuhmm is there a way to simulate rmb built in?06:08
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC06:09
*** TPC has quit IRC06:13
*** TPC has joined #maemo06:13
NaviWhoever's bright idea to only stick a brief description in the man page and have a separate file for the readme is a reduntard06:14
*** fang64 has joined #maemo06:18
*** luddite__ has quit IRC06:19
*** vcgomes has quit IRC06:21
freelikegnuhmm something rotated the touch input06:21
fang64How does that happen?06:22
johnxclick the bottom left corner of the screen06:22
Navixrandr plugin button without xrandr support06:22
freelikegnuah got it back thanks :D06:22
johnxnow, go out and flash a kernel with rotation support :)06:22
freelikegnuwow this is pretty sweet john06:22
NaviI'd probably use debian pda-style if battery didn't suck06:23
johnxhmm...standby mode should work I would assume06:23
johnxand the dvfs stuff should be working, just need to turn down the sreen backlight and make sure nothing wakes the CPU06:24
*** Anunakin has joined #maemo06:26
freelikegnuI see there is joydev compiled in this :D06:26
* Navi grabs lejoystik06:27
Navilols, remote X06:29 to design a "6ft viewable" GUI for the tablet06:30
* johnx wants to play duck hunt with a real "light zapper" :D06:30
freelikegnuyay wpa_supplicant!06:31
freelikegnuI love it!06:31
johnxwireless working for you?06:32
freelikegnuyes perfectly06:32
freelikegnuI'll try it on ttls-pap at work tomorrow06:33
Naviohmigawdit crashed+rebooted06:33
*** Tuco has joined #maemo06:34
freelikegnudebian is on a 4gb partition of a 16gb sdhc06:34
freelikegnuplenty of room06:34
Navi1GB here06:34
johnxfreelikegnu, should give you plenty of space to compile things :)06:34
Naviwoo, compilin' on teh N80006:34
freelikegnuis it painful to compile on the machine?06:35
freelikegnuI've been using scratchbox06:35
NaviBig stuff, sure06:35
freelikegnuIll compile the sixaxis stuff06:35
Naviteeny-tiny stuff, not so much06:35
johnxjust compiled the C parts of python-hildon and python-osso last night06:35
NaviThat's 'cuz you're crazy06:36
johnxthat was super quick06:36
freelikegnubt sixaxis works nice on my laptop, hope it will be ok on the n80006:36
johnxtook maybe ~30 minutes for both on a slower ARM machine06:36
*** rsalveti has quit IRC06:37
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo06:37
freelikegnuhah now I am ssh,screen, irc from the debian nokia06:40
freelikegnutoo cool06:40
NaviGTK doesn't like teh remote X06:41
freelikegnussh -x intelligon -lfrancisco -p992206:42
*** lmoura has quit IRC06:45
freelikegnuwell ssh -X woks fine06:47
Navidoes it?06:48
freelikegnuyeah I ran remotes thunar and vlc06:48
Navialways disconnects/change lan IP a few minutes after the initial connect06:49
*** texel has quit IRC06:50
Naviworked after the reboot06:50
*** puffandstuff has quit IRC06:50
Navijohnx, does user have a default password?06:51
johnxi'm pretty sure not06:51
johnxbut user is locked06:51
Navipretty sure?06:51
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo06:52
johnxi don't remember. what does the wiki say?06:52
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo06:52
freelikegnurootme is for root06:53
freelikegnulol synaptic is painful06:53
Navisynaptic blows :P06:54
freelikegnuapt-cache works well enough for me :D06:54
johnxaptitude wins06:54
johnxor at least fails to lose06:54
Naviaptitude gets part of my love06:54
freelikegnuusing xfce on n800 makes me think that apple is not so idiotic for making macs single button06:55
freelikegnuxfce is kind of weird w/o rmb for me06:55
* Navi uses a three button mouse with Macs06:55
freelikegnuyeah I prefer trackball with scroll button on mac at work06:56
johnxjust tap+hold...06:56
NaviScroll toggle buttons are teh win06:56
freelikegnuhmm is mouse disabled on n800 debian?06:57
NaviI think it was an Xomap thing06:57
johnxit's part of xomap06:57
johnxmaybe just give it another -mouse argument?06:57
freelikegnuI'll have to read up on that06:58
johnx-mouse /dev/touchscreen -mouse /dev/input/mice ?06:58
freelikegnuwell I did something dumb07:02
freelikegnuI ran Xomap with args and it said it was locked07:02
freelikegnuso I killall Xomap07:02
johnxpull out that usb keyboard or use ssh07:03
freelikegnuusing usb kb07:03
n800myou guys should topic this
johnxn800m, it is07:03
freelikegnuits actually ps/2 on usb adapter07:03
Navin800m, the log's already in the topic.07:04
n800moh yeah07:04
n800mi only see like half of it07:04
NaviI see even less07:05
*** Anunakin has left #maemo07:07
*** tjafk1 has joined #maemo07:09
n800muae isn't working07:10
n800mor i'm missing something07:10
freelikegnugah why dont folding bt kbs have a pointing device?!!?07:10
Naviwow, the LCD just faded out O_o07:11
Navifreelikegnu, because that old-age technology is too old!07:11
freelikegnuwhee sshfs!07:14
* freelikegnu is swimming in the debian ppol07:14
*** n800m has quit IRC07:14
freelikegnupool even07:14
johnxNavi, faded out in debian or OS2008?07:15
Navidid a shutdown07:20
*** TimRiker has quit IRC07:23
*** tjafk2 has quit IRC07:27
freelikegnufacebook ground me to a halt :o07:28
*** WorkingOnWise has joined #maemo07:29
*** infobot has quit IRC07:30
freelikegnuprinter spooler?!07:32
freelikegnuoh my07:32
* johnx heads off to work07:32
freelikegnucya john and thanks!07:32
*** infobot has joined #maemo07:32
Naviinfobot is totally back07:34
Naviinfobot, you rock07:34
infobotaw, gee, Navi07:34
*** Navi is now known as robotcop07:36
*** mysc has joined #maemo07:41
tank-manrobotcop lol07:44
robotcopInside joke on another channel07:45
tank-mansounds like a rippoff like michael mouse07:45
*** shackan has quit IRC07:45
tank-manaka mickey mouse07:45
*** robotcop is now known as Navi07:55
*** Tuco has quit IRC08:02
*** WorkingOnWise has quit IRC08:06
*** iomari has joined #maemo08:08
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC08:09
*** Zic has joined #maemo08:10
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC08:10
*** T0b0tras has joined #maemo08:18
freelikegnuoh man lots of upgraded packages08:19
* freelikegnu leaves his nit to chew on upgrades08:19
*** foka_ has quit IRC08:24
myscfree, what os?08:25
*** ydossow has quit IRC08:26
*** foka_ has joined #maemo08:26
*** Tobotras has quit IRC08:34
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo08:34
*** Tobotras has joined #maemo08:36
*** l7__ has quit IRC08:39
*** zwnj has joined #maemo08:49
*** dougt has quit IRC08:50
*** T0b0tras has quit IRC08:51
*** behdad has quit IRC08:52
*** vims0r has quit IRC08:53
*** foka_ has quit IRC08:53
*** foka_ has joined #maemo08:53
*** vims0r has joined #maemo08:55
*** Dar has joined #maemo09:07
*** foka_ has quit IRC09:09
*** foka_ has joined #maemo09:10
myscanyone awake?09:15
*** l7_ has quit IRC09:15
myscheh. i was wondering about security-related updates/patches. for example, there's a 0-day on the adobe flashplayer plugin09:16
myscwhen/how/do? these things get addressed for os2008?09:16
tank-manask adobe?09:16
NaviIt's really a big meh to me09:16
mysctank, adobe will release an upgrade. my question is maemo-specific09:17
NaviSecurity through obscurity, the NITs being pretty obscure :P09:17
*** Vudentz_ has quit IRC09:17
NaviI don't know how the official devs react09:17
myscnavi, linux is linux, a root exploit will give you root when the proc is arm just as well as when the proc is intel09:17
*** Blom has joined #maemo09:18
myschrmm. would the upstream debian/armel work?09:19
NaviYes, but linux itself is obscure as well.  Furthermore, I'd actually have to have it connected, which I don't do unless I'm actually using it or at home09:19
tank-man"The entry at US-CERT says Adobe is saying it is fixed in the current 9.0.124 version dated 3/24/2008."09:20
*** jukey has joined #maemo09:20
NaviI'm much more worried about packet sniffers than people taking over09:20
myscthere's still confusion about this. either way, os2008 ships with
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:21
NaviDiablo's only seeing a minor update09:21
NaviYou could always try :P09:21
myscNavi, wpa2 is quite safe. while closed, no reports on breaking it without bruteforcing09:21
NaviWell, yeah, but my Uni's network is an open one.09:21
tank-manweb browser is run by the user anyways, not root09:22
myscif you have some secure endpoint you trust you can go vpn or even ssh tunnel route09:22
mysctank, that's why they're called root exploits. they allow unpriviliged code to run ring009:23
tank-mani see09:23
NaviI don't have a secure endpoint, sadly09:23
myscNavi, in general, how cross-compatible are things on mameo with the debian/arm packages (assuming no X libs)09:24
NaviI've never tried09:24
myscnavi, are you a developer?09:25
dragornin general they're fairly compatible, though just doing a dpkg-src and building it will make a package that the app-manager doesn't like, but dpkg cli in a terminal on maemo will handle ok09:28
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo09:28
dragornof course anything with binary components (ie, flash) would be highly platform dependent09:28
kulvedebian/arm is old, debian/armel is newer09:29
myschrmm, a quick look on the adobe site has no armel version.09:29
kulveyeah, adobe supports publicly very narrow set of environments09:29
myscor an arm version, for that matter. seems like they did a one-off for nokia or else it's not public09:30
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo09:30
NaviWell, like I said before, the Diablo one is slightly newer09:30
Naviso it'd be like a two-off09:30
myscis diablo pretty stable already?09:31
* Navi shrugs09:32
*** vik_ has joined #maemo09:32
myscdragorn/kulve, agreed, and thanks.09:32
NaviI only tried it for an hour or so09:32
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo09:37
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo09:42
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo09:43
*** benh has quit IRC09:45
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC09:47
*** fab has joined #maemo09:48
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC09:50
*** msanchez has joined #maemo09:51
timelymysc: linux is not linux09:55
timelylinux-arm is not binary compatible w/ linux-x8609:55
*** bergie has quit IRC09:56
timelymost exploits require per arch code and techniques, and the payoff for hacking tablets isn't worth it09:56
timelyfor that matter, linux-eabi is not compatible w/ linux-arm ...09:57
timelytank-man: what's the ceert url for that?09:57
*** Kt_ has quit IRC09:58
timely ?09:58
*** BabelO has joined #maemo09:59
*** simon_ has joined #maemo09:59
tank-man was the adobe plugin?!10:01
*** Sho_ has quit IRC10:01
tank-manon the tablets, i dont know10:01
timelytablets i know10:02
timelybut that thing says that in general on linux10:02
timelywhich is just wierd10:02
NaviPeople assume10:02
NaviIt's easier to overgeneralize everything10:02
NaviSo, how's life, timely?10:03
timelyi'm trying to figure out how to fly HEL => NGO10:04
timelyand i have like 15mins to do it :)10:04
Navitime machine10:04
timelyum... that flight path is *not* cheap10:04
*** fab has quit IRC10:07
*** jukey has quit IRC10:07
*** tbf has joined #maemo10:07
*** eocanha has joined #maemo10:09
timelyok, YVR <=> NGO is ~1500USD10:10
NaviWait, NGO?10:11
timelyit's better than HEL <=> NGO which is ~1900USD10:11
myscif the os-base is similar enough then an injection of root code will work and then it's only a matter of changing the code you're injecting to be arm code10:11
mysci accept that the relative obscurity is a defense though10:11
timelyyou're assuming there's even a root exploit  to be had10:12
timelythe flash exploit seems to be a normal arbitrary code exploit10:12
timelyi don't know of any local root exploits available for os200810:12
timelyalthough i suppose you /might/ be able to convince application manager to install something for you... but iirc that generally requires interaction which should really require way too much effort10:13
NaviFlights are so expensive now :(10:13
tbfNavi: well, rule of thumb: book as early as possible10:14
NaviOf course :P10:14
*** Blom has quit IRC10:15
timelyHEL <=> NRT is ~1350 USD10:15
timelytbf: fails miserably if you're trying to figure out who's coming/not for how long10:16
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo10:16
*** sergio_ has joined #maemo10:16
timely No flights were found between Vancouver, BC, Canada (YVR-All Airports) and Nykoping, Sweden (NYO-Skavsta) that matched your request.10:17
NaviAny reason in particular that you're flying to Japan?10:17
timelyi want to meet some people i know there and be a tourist10:17
*** red-zack has joined #maemo10:17
NaviWoo \o/10:17
*** guardian has quit IRC10:18
timelyok, YVR <=> NRT is <1300 USD10:18
timelywhich i guess is the winner10:18
timelyactually, i'd hope to at least visit thailand and a couple of other places10:18
NaviBurst into johnx's apartment and steal his tablet10:19
timelyis he there?10:19
NaviI forget where he lives in Japan10:19
timelyi'm not picky, i expect to travel to a couple of cities10:20
timelyLAX <=> NRT is < 1200 USD10:20
timely(these are all roundtrip fairs)10:20
*** Blom has joined #maemo10:20
timelybasically, i want to visit thailand, hong kong, maybe mainland china, japan, maybe LA or SFO/SJC and my anchors are YVR and HEL10:21
NaviLot of traveling there10:22
timelywell... i'll be around YVR for a week10:22
*** Khertan has joined #maemo10:23
tank-manwatch out for the tasers at YVR  :) i'm kidding10:25
*** Khertan is now known as Khertan_n810_die10:26
tank-mandidnt hear of that story a while back of a guy getting tasered at YVR ?10:26
timelywow. HEL <=> KIX is 900USD10:26
tank-mangoogle serach of "YVR taser" will show up stories of it10:27
timelyat that point, it's actually ok to do10:27
* Navi proceeds to look up the name of another airport10:27
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo10:27
timelyanyway, i give up.. time to find a travel agent to figure out the rest :)10:28
*** skibur has quit IRC10:32
*** bergie has joined #maemo10:32
*** calvaris has joined #maemo10:35
Khertan_n810_diethere is really helpfull people at the nokia care phone line ! i 'm surprised10:37
* qwerty12 N800 is pissing me off. my internal memory card is always "in use". lsof says nothing is using it.10:38
qwerty12No, this is happening all the time10:38
qwerty12Even from a clean reboot :/10:38
*** Free_maN has quit IRC10:39
NaviIt stopped doing it as much after I removed the media scanner10:39
qwerty12I'm just gonna swap the mmc's when I need them10:39
qwerty12Thanks, will do that10:39
qwerty12multimediad crashed when I removed the mmc manually10:39
qwerty12So I guess it's on that end somewhere10:39
*** forge_ has joined #maemo10:42
*** forge has quit IRC10:43
*** eichi has joined #maemo10:45
*** lovebug356 has joined #maemo10:45
*** Vudentz_ has joined #maemo10:49
*** krau has joined #maemo10:51
herwooddoes anyone happen to know any good tutorial from drag and drop -functionality?10:54
*** fab has joined #maemo10:54
*** T0b0tras has joined #maemo10:55
*** Tobotras has quit IRC10:55
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:57
*** huats has joined #maemo10:59
* qwerty12 notes that CONFIG_TIMER_STATS doesn't seem to agree with wifi11:00
*** eocanha has quit IRC11:00
*** eocanha has joined #maemo11:01
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:04
X-FadeHi all from LinuxTag11:10
NaviFun fun?11:10
qwerty12Hehe, Hi, Enjoying yourself?11:10
X-FadeHehe, the fun is only getting started :)11:11
*** L0cutus has quit IRC11:12
X-FadeOr track starts in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.11:13
X-FadeI hope we will keep proper connections, so I can keep you guys posted.11:13
Khertan_n810_dieqwerty12 > does your swap is active ?11:15
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo11:15
Khertan_n810_diewhat is the media-engine process ?11:16
NaviI'm really tired11:16
NaviGood night guys11:16
qwerty12Khertan_n810_die, Yes it is come think of it, but isn't meant to get deactivated? Thanks, I'll try turning it off.11:16
Khertan_n810_dieis it related to metalayer-crawler ?11:16
Khertan_n810_diegood night Navi ...11:16
qwerty12Navi, Good night11:16
qwerty12Khertan_n810_die, Thanks! Deactivating swap worked :)11:17
qwerty12But it's gonna be annoying to keep activating and disabling. osso-mmc-mount is meant to disable it automatically >.<11:17
* qwerty12 goes off to make DSP/CPU run at 133/40011:19
*** NetBlade has quit IRC11:20
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:21
qwerty12I shouldn't be changing the DEFAULT_OP from OP_1 right?11:26
*** christefano has quit IRC11:33
*** christefano has joined #maemo11:33
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo11:37
*** zap has joined #maemo11:38
*** vik_ has quit IRC11:38
*** pupnik810 has joined #maemo11:39
X-Fadepupnik810: Are you at LinuxTag too?11:40
pupnik810dev center11:42
keesjholding a n810?11:42
X-FadeRaise your hand, I'm there too.11:42
*** tbf has quit IRC11:43
*** tb1 has joined #maemo11:43
*** tb1 is now known as tbf11:43
keesjscannig X-Fade ....11:43
X-Fade2 guys at a table, one red shirt, me blue.11:44
*** nycllama has left #maemo11:46
*** yerga has joined #maemo11:53
keesjwasn't there supposed to be a booth for maemo?11:53
X-FadeThere was a display with the tablets yesterday, but we don't have that today.11:54
X-FadeEverybody will be at the track today, so nobody to man the booth.11:55
keesjthhere where a few at the OE camp11:55
keesjI will try to get the qemu full emulation working on my computer.11:57
keesjperhaps with mamona :P11:58
qwerty12keesj, <whisper> If you get maemo working, slip me config </whisper> :p11:58
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo12:04
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC12:06
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo12:06
*** sven-tek_ has joined #maemo12:07
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC12:08
*** guardian has quit IRC12:09
*** sven-tek_ has quit IRC12:09
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo12:12
*** X-Fade has quit IRC12:12
Khertan_n810_dieis there a way to clear memory on a tablet without usb cable ?12:13
*** TPC has quit IRC12:13
*** TPC has joined #maemo12:13
Khertan_n810_diethe n810 doesn't start12:13
Khertan_n810_diei don't want that all my ssh key et gpg private key be accessible ...12:14
Khertan_n810_dieas other password12:14
qwerty12You mean of the memory cards? You won't be able to do the built in 2gb, unless you have bootmenu installed :/12:14
qwerty12And even then, you need a usb cable >.<12:14
Khertan_n810_diememory card and internal (/home/user)12:14
qwerty12If your N810 won't boot, then you need at least ssh and a usb cable to do things like that.12:15
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:16
*** speilicke has joined #maemo12:16
speilickecan someone tell me where to find the default root password?12:17
qwerty12You don't need one unless you install openssh12:17
infobotfrom memory, easyroot is an easy way to get root access on OS2008 and can be found at http://nitapps.com12:17
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:17
speilickeI want to do stuff as root on a shell on the n810 and got stuck at password entry12:18
qwerty12Did you try the link above?12:19
johnxthere is a no root password12:19
johnxto get root install easyroot (above) or install openssh-server (which sets a root password as part of the install12:19
speilickejohnx: dunno but mine has one12:19
johnxerr...the root password is unmatchable12:19
johnxnot blank12:19
speilickenope /etc/passwd has some hash for root12:20
johnxare you on the latest OS2008?12:21
*** darren_ has joined #maemo12:21
qwerty12At the end of the day, we can't do anything with it. So you have to install easyroot or openssh which lets you change the password. You can edit sudoers afterwards to let you run any command with sudo.12:22
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo12:22
*** sven-tek has quit IRC12:22
speilickeok, easyroot worked12:22
darren_Hello, does anyone here have any idea about how the Internet Connectivity Daemon works more specifically in depth parts of the WLAN side?12:23
speilickeI wonder how secure a device can be if it's that easy to break root. Just before I thought, that I might give john the ripper a try ...12:23
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC12:24
johnxwell, dpkg has to run as root...otherwise you can't install anything...12:24
johnxit's the user's choice12:24
qwerty12Nokia don't mean to lock you out. Google RD mode.12:24
*** CrashandDie has quit IRC12:24
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo12:24
speilickejohnx: Don't tell me that, I know which tools need root. The questions is a) Why is a root-pwd secretly set and b) Can be broken easily by installing a stupid app from the web and type "root". This way enables me to break every N8*0 i get into my hands12:26
johnxif dpkg has root it's trivial to make a package that grants you root access too12:26
johnxand yes, generally once you have physical access to a machine it's easy to get root12:27
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo12:28
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo12:28
speilickejohnx: I wonder what expert designed such a system... I thought these times where over12:28
johnxit's called Unix12:28
*** Blom has quit IRC12:29
speilickeIt it's the case what you're telling me, nobody would sanely run a ssh server to let other users on a box12:29
* qwerty12 is reminded of meanwhile12:29
johnxuhm...if you let people *install apps onto the system* then you've already given away root12:30
johnxwhy try and be annoying about it?12:30
* wnd sighs, "no popcorn here"12:30
johnxanyways, the root password used to be "rootme" with a locked root account and no way to login remotely12:31
speilickejohnx: Sorry i just got a N810 into my hands to do some embedded dev on it, I didn't bought it. Maybe Nokia thought letting it as easy as can be for normal users but I've to shake my head...12:31
johnxI was under the impression they changed it to an umatchable password, but apparently not12:31
speilickeanyway, thanks for your help ;)12:32
johnxdidn't mean to snap at you :)12:32
speilickeme neither ;)12:32
qwerty12LMAO :
johnxspeilicke, the N8x0 software platform is closer to a desktop/laptop debian machine than a phone or true embedded system12:33
johnxqwerty12, ah, the art of trolling12:34
qwerty12hehe, the meanwhile thing?12:35
johnxnah, the audi thing12:35
*** darren_ has quit IRC12:35
* qwerty12 loves running DSP/CPU at 133/40012:35
*** mgedmin810 has joined #maemo12:35
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo12:36
mgedmin810hi, pupnik81012:36
*** lcuk has joined #maemo12:36
qwerty12lol, so did you all find each other at ltag?12:37
* mgedmin810 is standing outside the developer room in linuxtag12:37
mgedmin810with lcuk12:37
lcuknot yet12:37
lcukgood morning folks, im nervous as hell ...12:37
*** SammyJankis has joined #maemo12:37
johnxlcuk, you'll do fine. :)12:38
qwerty12morning, cheer up, hope your presentation goes well :)12:38
lcukso do i12:38
johnxjust take a deep breath and launch into it12:38
qwerty12Imagine the audience is wearing...12:39
qwerty12gold n800's with diamonds on their neck12:39
lcukpupnik810 where are you hiding12:39
mgedmin810why not n810"?12:39
qwerty12N800's more shinier :p12:39
mgedmin810er, that " was supposed to be a s12:39
*** playya has quit IRC12:41
mgedmin810where are all the other maemo people hiding?12:41
pupnik810lcuk were in the dev center12:41
pupnik810next to paris12:42
qwerty12fcuk, wlancond doesn't like debug being turned off in kernel12:42
pupnik810me blue shirt -keesj white t-shirt12:42
mgedmin810we went to get some coffee12:43
mgedmin810lcuk didn't recognise you12:43
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo12:44
*** CrashandDie has joined #maemo12:46
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC12:48
_berto_iÂÂÂ'm in the paris room12:49
JaffaAny news from LinuxTag yet?12:50
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC12:51
mgedmin810I saw kobo deluxe running on a n80012:53
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo12:53
qwerty12I think kobo deluxe was a pupnik port iirc12:53
*** speilicke has left #maemo12:53
* johnx pokes at the new garnetvm12:54
mgedmin810this one was done by an openembedded guy12:54
*** vik_ has joined #maemo12:55
mgedmin810lcuk was impressed12:56
mgedmin810and said that pupnik should see it12:57
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo12:58
BlafaselStill thinking about going to Berlin/Linuxtag tomorrow ;)13:01
*** playya has joined #maemo13:01
*** jeddy3 has joined #maemo13:05
*** fab has quit IRC13:05
*** darren_ has joined #maemo13:05
mgedmin810quim is talking now13:06
*** lcuk has quit IRC13:06
darren_Once again does anyone what applications are called etc with the internet connectivity daemon when it tries to connect to a network13:07
darren_specifically a wlan13:07
qwerty12If you want to run something once it's connected, look into dbus-scripts13:08
darren_qwerty12 was that in response to my question???13:10
darren_That really does not help13:10
qwerty12Fine then13:10
darren_I need to know these things specifically because I intend to rewrite the internet connectivity daemon13:11
darren_at least the wlan part13:11
qwerty12Ahh, I thought you just wanted to run something after connecting13:11
darren_No i intend to rewrite it in an attempt to close Maemo bug# 950 and make it use wpasupplicant for most of its wlan connections13:12
*** Blom has joined #maemo13:13
pupnik810goin out fer a smoke13:13
darren_Thats why I really need to know at least what programs and where the source code is for the wlan side of the ICD13:13
Jaffamgedmin810: I want to know what he was referring to when he said they'd all be busy at the end of September ;-)13:13
Khertan_n810_diea new garnet vm ?13:14
qwerty12darren_, I don't know if this will help any, so don't kill me :/ :
darren_I will look into it, thank you13:14
qwerty12Also, this is for 770 but info seems useful to me imho:
darren_I just finished fixing the damn EeePC 701 with its broken madwifi and wpasupplicant13:16
darren_and now that i have an N81013:16
darren_I have to fix that13:16
* qwerty12 has to fix my <unknown> software version. NOLO could do with some fixes >.<13:16
*** simon_ has quit IRC13:18
darren_Unfortunatly the WiFi networks at my uni/workplace are PEAP/MSCHAPv2 with wep and PEAP/MSCHAPv2 with WPA13:18
darren_Thank you qwerty12, it looks like the package you pointed to was exactly what I was looking for13:19
darren_or at least part of it13:19
*** inz has quit IRC13:26
*** lele has quit IRC13:26
*** glass has quit IRC13:26
*** sibbe has quit IRC13:26
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC13:26
*** zap has quit IRC13:26
*** eocanha has quit IRC13:26
*** Grackle_ has quit IRC13:26
*** Crfrodf has quit IRC13:26
*** Disconnect has quit IRC13:26
*** netx has quit IRC13:26
*** alextreme has quit IRC13:26
*** fr01 has quit IRC13:26
*** renato_ has quit IRC13:26
*** starkmjolk has quit IRC13:26
*** Dasajev has quit IRC13:26
*** Jiten has quit IRC13:26
*** Firehand has quit IRC13:26
*** fysa has quit IRC13:26
*** tentacle3376 has joined #maemo13:27
*** zap has joined #maemo13:27
*** eocanha has joined #maemo13:27
*** Grackle_ has joined #maemo13:27
*** Crfrodf has joined #maemo13:27
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo13:27
*** netx has joined #maemo13:27
*** alextreme has joined #maemo13:27
*** fr01 has joined #maemo13:27
*** renato_ has joined #maemo13:27
*** inz has joined #maemo13:27
*** starkmjolk has joined #maemo13:27
*** lele has joined #maemo13:27
*** Dasajev has joined #maemo13:27
*** Firehand has joined #maemo13:27
*** glass has joined #maemo13:27
*** fysa has joined #maemo13:27
*** Jiten has joined #maemo13:27
*** sibbe has joined #maemo13:27
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC13:27
*** foka_ has quit IRC13:31
*** alextreme has quit IRC13:31
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC13:32
*** foka_ has joined #maemo13:32
*** pupnik810 has quit IRC13:33
*** andre___ has joined #maemo13:34
*** alextreme has joined #maemo13:35
*** jitu3485 has joined #maemo13:36
*** jitu3485 is now known as jitu13:37
*** jitu is now known as jitu348513:38
jitu3485can someone please tell how panning /zooming of maps is done in maemo-mapper?13:39
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo13:39
*** mysc has quit IRC13:40
tank-manwith stylus and -/+ keys13:40
X-Fade_Quim is having his talk now.13:42
X-Fade_Fremantle will be the successor of Diablo, not Elephanta.13:42
*** pupnik810 has joined #maemo13:43
qwerty12Why from D > F?13:43
qwerty12I thought logic would have been D > E.13:43
X-Fade_More info about that later.13:43
X-Fade_After Fremantle there will be Harmattan.13:44
mgedmin810it's the Finnish alphabet :)13:44
pupnik810hmm is there power for laptop on the stage?13:44
X-Fade_pupnik810: yes.13:45
andre___oh, live writing from linuxtag :-)13:46
mgedmin810harmattan will have qt13:46
mgedmin810in addition to gtk, I hope13:46
X-Fade_Fremantle = Hildon + GTK+ evolved.13:46
X-Fade_Harmattan will have Qt integrated.13:46
mgedmin810the qt logo always reminds me of the soviet hammer and sickle13:47
*** simon_ has joined #maemo13:47
qwerty12Heh, I see what you mean13:47
darren_I found part of the icd in the package osso-ic, does anyone known where that source file is?13:47
mgedmin810I think it's closed13:48
* darren_ grumbles13:48
*** pdz- has quit IRC13:48
mgedmin810better check that13:48
*** rmoravcik has joined #maemo13:49
mgedmin810I'd love to be proved wrong13:49
darren_well it is not in
qwerty12The really really old for (for 2006 can be found here) :/ :
mgedmin810dists/.../Sources is safer to check13:50
mgedmin810sometimes the source package name starts with a different letter13:50
*** Anunakin has joined #maemo13:50
qwerty12Best I can find is this: - os2007 though13:50
darren_hmmm maybe me and nokia need to have a screaming match... maybe13:51
X-Fade_Jaffa's diagram is being used.13:51
qwerty12darren_, get a plane to linuxtag and disrupt nokia presentations :p13:51
X-Fade_The one on community involvement, control and openness.13:51
* darren_ ponders it13:52
* darren_ checks when and where next LinuxTag conference is13:52
andre___linuxtag is always at berlin at the end of may13:52
darren_hmmmm the credit card will cover it13:53
darren_unfortunately not quite13:54
darren_Nope to expensive13:55
*** Relate has quit IRC13:55
mgedmin810voice call to a tablet placed next to a microphone?13:56
X-Fade_There wil ba a 100 days community action plan. More info on that later..13:56
mgedmin810maemo summit on sep 19 in Berlin13:56
darren_now that I could make it too13:57
darren_There might be some language barrier problems13:57
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC13:58
*** vik_ has quit IRC13:58
*** foka_ has quit IRC13:59
JaffaX-Fade_: cool that my diagram's being used (unless it's being used to say "look how wrong Jaffa got it <chortle />"13:59
JaffaHmm, Sep 19th. I think I'm in Arnhem later that week, so Berlin might be doable (depending on who's invited)13:59
*** foka_ has joined #maemo14:00
mgedmin810q & a now14:00
keesjJaffa: your slide was presented14:00
JaffaWhat did "Gtk+ evolved" mean, BTW? Better/easier porting of existing apps without having to do the HildonProgram/Window/menu thing?14:01
Jaffakeesj: ace :)14:01
mgedmin810probably the usual integration of new upstream versions14:02
mgedmin810porters are complaining about gtk 2.10 in chinook14:03
andre___maybe. gtk 2.14 is expected for july14:05
zapkeesj: three guys only at LinuxTAG?14:05
mgedmin810surely more14:06
zapI see two sleeping guys on the shot :)14:06
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo14:07
BlafaselAre you guys (pupnik, lcuk, X-Fade) in Berlin tomorrow as well?14:09
* mgedmin810 will be14:09
* _berto_ too14:10
X-Fade_Blafasel: Only in the morning.14:10
Jaffakeesj: yay! fame :-)14:11
*** pupnik810 has quit IRC14:13
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo14:13
*** guardian has quit IRC14:15
*** playya_ has joined #maemo14:17
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo14:19
*** _berto_ has quit IRC14:23
*** speilicke has joined #maemo14:23
*** borism_ has joined #maemo14:23
*** harry has quit IRC14:24
*** Dregs has quit IRC14:24
*** ynyr_ is now known as Oniano14:26
*** SDuensin has quit IRC14:27
*** NetBlade has quit IRC14:27
*** harry has joined #maemo14:27
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo14:27
*** lcuk has joined #maemo14:27
*** borism has quit IRC14:27
lcukhello, i shit bricks literally, irc is simpler14:28
*** playya has quit IRC14:28
*** Hrw|tablet has joined #maemo14:29
*** Hrw|tablet has left #maemo14:29
*** speilicke has left #maemo14:30
*** |kki| has joined #maemo14:31
mgedmin810lcuk, where are you now?14:32
mgedmin810oh, I see you14:33
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:35
*** |kki| has quit IRC14:40
Jaffamgedmin810/lcuk/X-Fade: you writing this up for planet.m.o?14:43
Khertan_n810_dieN810 now in the hand of nokia ...14:43
Khertan_n810_diei hope nokia repair center will fix it fastly :)14:43
lcuksat with lardman hrw monis and a few others14:45
*** L0cutus has quit IRC14:46
Jaffamonis is nomis' evil twin?14:46
ccookehmm. Usning a bluetooth keyboard on my n810, I have a mild oddity...14:46
ccookeIt seems to be stuck in compose mode14:47
ccookeI can't type a ' or " normally (any time I press ', it'll add an accent to the *next* character I type)14:47
*** andre__1 has joined #maemo14:47
*** qwerty12-N800 has joined #maemo14:48
*** andre___ has quit IRC14:48
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC14:48
*** rm_you has joined #maemo14:48
rm_youI'm back! :)14:49
rm_youand... sleep time14:49
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:49
rm_youhow did (or, is?) linuxtag go?14:49
lcukits going ok14:49
rm_youstill a day or two left?14:49
qwerty12-N800lcuk, done your presentation? :)14:50
lcukyer - badly14:50
rm_youany videos up?14:50
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo14:52
mgedmin810no video cameras were there14:52
mgedmin810I suspect only audio was recorded14:52
mgedmin810ccooke: keymap issue14:53
mgedmin810dead_apostrophe mapped on that key, probably14:53
keesjlcuk: the presentation was fine14:54
*** jameyhicks has joined #maemo14:57
*** jeddy3_ has joined #maemo14:57
*** andre___ has joined #maemo14:57
*** andre__1 has quit IRC14:58
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:58
*** jeddy3 has quit IRC14:58
*** pdz has joined #maemo14:58
*** Mark974 has quit IRC14:59
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:08
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:10
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo15:16
*** kenne has joined #maemo15:18
*** etrunko_lap has joined #maemo15:19
*** pupnik810 has joined #maemo15:28
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC15:29
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo15:31
*** Khertan_n810_die is now known as Dead_K_n81015:31
*** lsobral has joined #maemo15:32
*** lsobral has quit IRC15:32
*** lsobral has joined #maemo15:35
*** lsobral has joined #maemo15:40
*** sjgadsby has quit IRC15:40
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo15:42
*** sjgadsby has left #maemo15:43
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo15:44
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo15:45
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:51
*** lcuk has joined #maemo15:51
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo15:52
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:55
*** trbs has joined #maemo15:58
*** _berto_ has quit IRC16:00
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo16:00
*** opendeep has joined #maemo16:04
*** vcgomes has joined #maemo16:07
*** ramo102 has quit IRC16:10
*** harry has quit IRC16:15
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:15
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo16:16
*** penguinbait has joined #maemo16:20
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo16:21
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo16:22
* mgedmin810 installs vagalume16:22
mgedmin810it could have a button to open signup page in the browser16:23
qwerty12-N800i prefer it over the canola plug-in, nice job _berto_16:23
*** jegp has joined #maemo16:23
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo16:24
_berto_thanks qwerty12-N800 :)16:24
_berto_mgedmin810: yes, we have an experimental patch for that16:24
_berto_and to go to the artist's page16:24
* mgedmin810 doesn't understand some of the icons16:25
mgedmin810sadly no tooltips on maemo...16:25
_berto_yes, I know16:25
_berto_hopefully we'll fix that16:26
_berto_just click on them, they're harmless16:26
_berto_and if not they'll show a confirmation dialog16:26
term-siganyone know any software for n810 where u can send pictures made on camera straight to flicker?16:26
johnxterm-sig, maemo-publishr16:27
term-sigtnx johnx.16:27
*** ramo102 has quit IRC16:27
johnxthough that still requires you to take pics in "camera" or "gps-camera" and then upload16:28
*** andrunko has joined #maemo16:28
*** ramo102 has joined #maemo16:28
*** andre___ has quit IRC16:28
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo16:28
*** andre___ has joined #maemo16:28
mgedmin810camera tends to make my nokia crash16:29
mgedmin810uses so much cpu the watchdog kills it16:29
mgedmin810no idea why16:29
mgedmin810and if not the watchdog, then I pull the battery16:29
* qwerty12-N800 wishes op_mode can be switched from sysfs16:30
mgedmin8105 minutes of completely nonresponsive tablet16:30
wndyou can always take comfort in the fact that the camera sucks anyway16:30
johnxI gave up on it a long time ago :/16:31
mgedmin810yeah, that too16:31
wndand for the record, I've observed exactly same behaviour16:31
johnxsame here16:31
johnxI worry that it might just be a sketchy driver :/16:31
*** k-s has joined #maemo16:31
*** zwnj has quit IRC16:32
johnxI mean: I wonder if the camera driver is to blame16:34
*** ]-[andful_of_not has joined #maemo16:35
unixSnobWhich of these emulators offers the best performance?  ATARI 2600 - Stella, Amiga - UAE, IBM PC - DOSBox, Commodore 64 - Frodo, PalmOS - POSE, Sega Genesis - DGen, SNES - Snes9x, Playstation 1 - PCSX, Nintendo DS - Desmume, Apple][- itApple16:35
mgedmin810well, video internet calls work fine16:36
*** ]-[andful_of_not is now known as handful_of_dudu16:36
mgedmin810perhaps the camera app polls too often16:36
glassunixSnob: wouldn't think that the simplest16:36
glasswould think16:36
unixSnobheh, I should have excluded palm from that list, since I know there is no Ada compiler for ARM16:36
*** SDuensin has joined #Maemo16:36
RST38hSo, gentlemen, how are things?16:36
glassno ada compiler for arm??16:36
johnxunixSnob, basilisk looks nice for mac os classic16:37
unixSnobglass: correct16:37
*** else58 has quit IRC16:37
RST38hunixSnob: Why do you need an Ada compiler again?16:37
unixSnobglass: there is a commercial one, but it's not ported to maemo16:37
unixSnobjohnx: thanks.. I'll look into it16:37
glassunixSnob: ah. i expected there to have been one because of where ada seems to usually(only) used with..16:37
unixSnobRST38h: That's the language for which I am the most proficient16:37
johnxthat's still the oddest thing to me...there's an ada compiler for every other architecture that debian supports it seems16:38
RST38hunixSnob: umgh16:38
RST38hYou want to use it on a tablet?16:38
*** jukey has joined #maemo16:38
unixSnobwell there is gnat for x86/linux, but not arm/linux.16:38
unixSnobAda has a very robust and complicated runtime system, so it's not at all simple to port to another processor16:39
unixSnobRST38h: the n800 is my target16:39
RST38hunixSnob: Why not use gnat?16:39
RST38hIf gcc crosscompiler exists, why not gnat?16:40
*** fang64 has quit IRC16:40
*** fang64 has joined #maemo16:40
unixSnobgnat cannot compile ada code for the arm processor16:40
*** jitu3485 has quit IRC16:41
johnxwhy not take this opportunity to expand your horizons and learn python?16:41
*** |kki| has joined #maemo16:42
glasswouldn't you need to do all kinds of hooks to c anyways16:42
glassdepending on what you want to do anyways16:42
unixSnobjohnx: I'm looking to increase proficiency in the language I know best.. I still have some things to learn about Ada.16:42
johnxfair enough16:42
RST38h> arm-rtems4.7 does build C, C++, and Ada on the gcc SVN head.  I have16:43
RST38h> done no testing beyond that.16:43
unixSnobI'd rather be a master of one trade than a jack of all trades16:43
* johnx follows the opposite path16:43
Dead_K_n810huhu olpc will run under windows now ? it s a joke ?16:43
glassnot being ok in something doesn't mean you couldn't be great in something16:43
unixSnobglass: yes, I know multilingual programming.. as an Adaist, I'm accustomed to interfacing with C libs16:43
glassi use whatever is available16:43
johnxDead_K_n810, nope, not a joke. Also, old news.16:44
Dead_K_n81010 days ago only ?16:44
unixSnobDead_K_n810: unfortunately it's real16:44
RST38h10 days is old16:44
unixSnobRST38h: ok, gnat will compile ada code for the arm processor, but it's missing the runtime library, so it cannot function16:44
RST38hwhy "unfortunately" though? The whole OLPC project is a sham anyway16:44
RST38hunix: Why can't you compile the aruntime library too?16:45
unixSnobThe runtime library is crucial16:45
unixSnobRST38h: there is no ada runtime library that builds for the arm16:45
*** lmoura has joined #maemo16:46
* RST38h is more interested to know what will happen to HP, DELL, etc when customers start switching to super-cheap underpowered Chinese subnotebooks16:46
Dead_K_n810RST38h > yes ... but as i read news on my n810 ... look at the nick16:46
RST38hAll of these (ASUS EE, etc) run Windows! =)16:46
johnxRST38h, hp and dell are in the game too16:46
unixSnobThis is a common complaint in #ada.. folks come in there looking for an ada compiler for arm16:46
*** |kki| has quit IRC16:46
RST38hjohnx: The only problem is that their overhead is higher so they won;t be able to compete at such low margins16:46
*** Zenton has quit IRC16:47
Dead_K_n810hp and dell will make mini notebook too ...16:47
johnxRST38h, well, it's the same as it's always been, just a different form factor / price point16:47
Dead_K_n810i more interested by how apple will don't make one16:47
RST38h$200..$400 is a seriously low price for a notebook16:47
*** rsalveti has quit IRC16:47
RST38hApple will not, they don't need to16:48
RST38hThey are not in a price war with anybody16:48
johnxthe next couple years of portable hardware should be pretty interesting :)16:48
Dead_K_n810from my point of view ... it s the problem16:48
*** |kki| has joined #maemo16:49
Dead_K_n810i ll like to see an nit like by apple without all this stupid apple limitations :)16:49
RST38hiPad? =)16:49
Dead_K_n810(no interpreted language on iPhone ... so no Python)16:49
RST38hin the Star Trek style? =)16:49
johnxipod touch16:49
Dead_K_n810ipod touch sucks ...16:49
Dead_K_n810no bt16:49
unixSnobDead_K_n810: that's not apples vision or strategy.. they want exclusive control over as many elements as possible16:50
Dead_K_n810yes i know16:50
Dead_K_n810it s a shame16:50
johnxso there's no way you'll get what you want from Apple16:50
unixSnobApple only gives in to openness when there's really compelling business needs to16:50
Dead_K_n810as their os, product and api is really good16:50
johnxDead_K_n810, looked at gnustep?16:50
Dead_K_n810i like obj-c16:50
*** _berto_ has quit IRC16:50
johnxgobjc is recently packaged for debian/armel16:51
unixSnobDead_K_n810: The real shame is that gnu and open source land must now compete w/ M$ for 3rd world users and developers16:51
unixSnobIs there a linux/x86 emulator for the NIT?16:52
Dead_K_n810unixSnob > i know gnustep ... but evolution of the framework is slow ...16:52
inzIn soviet russia you compete with 3rd world users for M$16:52
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo16:52
* unixSnob wonders if qemu runs on arm16:53
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo16:53
* johnx installs gnumail on his zaurus16:54
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo16:55
* qwerty12-N800 will take diablo's modest over that16:55
johnxI would too, but I'm running into weird problems with sapwood on armv5te16:55
* Dead_K_n810 can't launch PyneForMaemo ...16:55
unixSnobI have other reasons to choose Ada.. it's not just a matter of proficiency.  Ada is the best way to create a quality product.  It has more protective features than any other language16:56
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC16:56
Dead_K_n810unixSnob > hum ... try obj-c :)16:56
Dead_K_n810or prolog ...16:56
*** Sho_ has quit IRC16:56
unixSnobDead_K_n810: that's the opposite extreme16:56
unixSnobI would try it for amusement only16:57
RST38hAda is a language designed by a committee16:57
unixSnobthat's a myth16:58
RST38hAnd designed in such a complex way that no compiler was available for it for quite some time16:58
*** Dar has quit IRC16:58
RST38hNot designed by committee16:58
unixSnobRST38h: correct, the compiler is an order of magnitude more complex than a C compiler - glad I'm not writing the compiler!16:58
*** L0cutus has quit IRC16:59
unixSnobI don't know how it was designed.. I just recall reading in a wiki that the "committee" claim was a myth16:59
*** dhd has joined #maemo16:59
*** juergbi has joined #maemo16:59
dhdhi - is thread local storage broken on maemo or is there some trick to making it work?17:00
Dead_K_n810if i remember it was designed by the company CII Honeywell Bull17:00
*** bilboed-pi has joined #maemo17:00
unixSnobI suppose it wouldn't matter to me if Ada were the work of a committee.  I'm more concerned with the ends than the means17:00
*** jott has quit IRC17:01
*** jott has joined #maemo17:01
Dead_K_n810and mainly by Jean David Ichbiah17:01
Dead_K_n810it was designed by french ...  now i understand why it s so .... hum .. .nothing :)17:01
dhdconfigure reports that __thread works, but I get an assembler error message when I actually try to use it17:02
Dead_K_n810unixSnob > u should try goto++ :)17:02
unixSnobwhat's that?  is that a language?17:03
*** n800m has joined #maemo17:04
*** Zic_ has joined #maemo17:04
* dhd upgrades his scratchbox, maybe this will help17:04
Dead_K_n810unixSnob > yes it is :)17:04
Jaffamgedmin810: any more N810 interestingness?17:06
infobotJaffa meant: mgedmin810: any more LinuxTag interestingness?17:06
unixSnobSounds about as amusingly reliable as C17:06
keesjonly geeks here17:06
freelikegnulol xfce compositing is painful hehe17:07
*** vivijim has joined #maemo17:07
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo17:07
johnxfreelikegnu, heh...I haven't even tried it17:07
freelikegnuI was surprised it even worked17:07
*** rsalveti has quit IRC17:07
*** jeez_ has joined #maemo17:09
*** andre___ has quit IRC17:09
*** rsalveti_ is now known as rsalveti17:09
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo17:09
*** ustunozgur has joined #maemo17:10
*** greentux has joined #maemo17:10
dhdoh, okay, __thread works, it just triggers obscure compiler bugs17:10
keesjcheck the website. we only have 10 days left17:10
*** Zic has quit IRC17:11
*** Zic_ is now known as Zic17:11
mgedmin810Jaffa: not really17:15
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC17:15
mgedmin810saw the wimax edition in real life17:15
mgedmin810it has a hump on its back17:15
mgedmin810kinda like the n80017:15
mgedmin810but smaller17:15
mgedmin810and more rectangular17:16
johnxwere they demoing that actual wimax inet service?17:16
mgedmin810this was not a presentation17:17
johnxah, just a nokia guy who had a tablet?17:17
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo17:18
*** pupnik810 has quit IRC17:19
Jaffamgedmin810/X-Fade_/lcuk/keesj: any explanation of D -> F jump? Breaks my 'ord(E) == 5 == maemo 5.x' theory17:20
*** tmonjalo has joined #maemo17:23
mgedmin810qgil answered that, but I'm not sure I understood17:24
mgedmin810seems like they just felt like it17:24
mgedmin810and names don't really matter17:24
* mgedmin810 shrugs17:24
*** zap has quit IRC17:25
*** vik has joined #maemo17:26
Dead_K_n810gotogoto() Label1 2517:28
Dead_K_n810will sometime jump to Label1 (25%chance to jump)17:28
*** _berto_ has joined #maemo17:31
*** GAN800 has quit IRC17:31
* qwerty12-N800 thinks best langs are brain**** & lolcode17:31
*** GAN800 has joined #maemo17:32
X-Fade_Jaffa: That release was skipped and Fremantle was put forward.17:33
X-Fade_Keep in mind that codenames are just that. They don't have an actual meaning.17:33
johnxqwerty12-N800, malbolge sound better:
*** opendeep has quit IRC17:34
*** Blom has quit IRC17:35
*** leandroal has joined #maemo17:35
qwerty12-N800johnx, hehe it  does but you cant beat the name of brain**** :p17:35
johnxtrue enough17:36
Dead_K_n810DuckTwo is nice too :)17:36
Dead_K_n810TwoDucks :)17:36
*** Saviq has left #maemo17:36
GAN800Late welcome, sjgadsby. Glad to see you made it. ;)17:36
Dead_K_n810like it too !17:37
Dead_K_n810whitespace language with syntax hilight :
*** Saviq has joined #maemo17:38
JaffaX-Fade_: so is fremantle maemo 5 or 6? and is the expected leap in functionality what's made the name jump, or really was it just "we don't like the name elephanta and there's no other e-wind to choose from"?17:39
RST38hFremantle seems to follow Elephanta if you go by letter order17:39
X-Fade_Jaffa: Fremantle has just other goals than the skipped Elephanta.17:40
RST38hX-Fade: Wait, do you mean we are not getting Elephanta?17:40
JaffaX-Fade_: right, ok - that makes sense. So elephanta's been canned - but was a planned release with some planned deliverables - and fremantle has been brought forward - possibly with a reduction in scope.17:40
X-Fade_Fremantle will have QT4 support by using the community based QT4.17:40
X-Fade_the one from
Dead_K_n810Etesien - Wind coming from nord east of grece !17:41
johnxand a coffee maker?! tell me the coffee maker didn't get cut...17:41
qwerty12-N800Dead_K_n810, s/east/est ;p17:41
||cwjohnx: it did17:41
* johnx kries17:42
*** harry has joined #maemo17:42
X-Fade_Harmattan will have full QT4 support by Nokia.17:42
qwerty12-N800Will gtk be dropped?17:42
||cwsomething about not enough room for the grinder17:42
Dead_K_n810:) thx qwerty17:42
Dead_K_n810Ouch ! I hope GTK will still be here17:42
qwerty12-N800Heh, one of the little bits of french that i  do know :)17:43
Dead_K_n810and i hope that GTK and QT4 will not be too fat to enter in memory of the actual nit17:43
X-Fade_GTK+ and QT4 will live side by side.17:43
X-Fade_As far as I can see now.17:43
Dead_K_n810yes but / size isn't infinite :)17:44
X-Fade_Yeah, but it isn't going to run FULL KDE ;)17:44
Dead_K_n810X-Fade_ > I HOPE ! i ve choose the nit for gtk :)17:45
Dead_K_n810and their ui17:45
johnxgtk/hildon won't go away.17:45
X-Fade_Dead_K_n810: You won't be disappointed with the upcoming releases.17:45
johnxIt's backed by Ubuntu and *Intel* now, AFAICT17:45
freelikegnudebian wpa works on ttls-pap perfectly17:46
*** jameyhicks has quit IRC17:46
Dead_K_n810X-Fade_ > hum ... don't know ... because their is more better developper than me ... and they ll make my apps look ... worse :)17:46
*** simon_ has quit IRC17:46
RST38hIntel does not back iy17:47
freelikegnuI tried apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, but ran into errors17:47
Dead_K_n810adding qt beside gtk will bring more and more people to use the nit :)17:47
johnxRST38h, moblin?17:47
RST38hjohnx: in moblin intel makes use of hildon but does not actively support it17:48
Dead_K_n810X-Fade_ > does their is a plan to support n810 until 2012 ?17:48
johnxRST38h, but they have an *interest* in its continued existence is what I was trying to say17:48
RST38hkind of17:48
X-Fade_Dead_K_n810: They haven't even released the Wimax tablet yet. And that hardware is basically the same so..17:48
RST38hthey can branch or replace it any moment17:48
X-Fade_You get more product life for free.17:49
Dead_K_n810lol ... i was kidding ... but ... it s seems it s near17:49
johnxRST38h, yeah...but on their own site they tell you to use hildon to port your apps to moblin...17:49
Dead_K_n810pffff ... first day without my nit ... and i already count days...17:50
*** qwerty12-N800 has quit IRC17:51
Dead_K_n810someone have try mCalendar ?17:51
johnxit doesn't seem to find my subscribed ical calendars from google calendar17:51
johnxfor example I'm subscribed to a list of public holidays in google cal and mcalendar doesn't pull those down17:52
Dead_K_n810at this time it s sync only the default calendar ....17:52
johnxah, fair enough17:52
johnxI'll definitely be watching it :)17:52
Dead_K_n810it s mainly to be able to duplicate your default calendar to backup it :)17:53
Dead_K_n810so if there is a problem you have a backup :)17:53
*** calvaris has joined #maemo17:53
Dead_K_n810and what do you think about the gUi ?17:54
Dead_K_n810using large button to be able to use it with finger only ?17:54
freelikegnuwoot bt kb working17:54
johnxseems nice17:54
johnxI don't have anything actually scheduled in google calendar because up until now it was too slow to use on my mobile devices :P17:55
freelikegnuI had to pair via command line because gui is to big17:55
Dead_K_n810johnx > the first sync can be slow ...17:56
Dead_K_n810and timeout don't seems to be configurable in gdata17:57
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo17:57
johnxah, I didn't mean in mcalendar...I meant that before mcal, using gcal through a browser on my n8x0 took too much time17:57
Dead_K_n810Johnx > for me too ... mainly because i'm often offline ... :)17:58
Dead_K_n810 -> in python so it ll be easilly portable ...17:59
Dead_K_n810once my n810 come back ... i ll do that :)17:59
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC17:59
*** GAN8002 has joined #maemo18:01
GAN8002OK, Fremantle == OS2009 or OS2008.x?18:01
*** Gatestone has joined #maemo18:02
X-Fade_GAN8002: That is not know at the moment. I guess that also depends on when we see Diablo released.18:03
X-Fade_And they won't tell me that ;)18:03
*** NetBlade has quit IRC18:03
inzX-Fade, ask harder18:04
qwerty12Hold a gun18:04
GAN8002Hit them with a large stick and ask again.18:04
X-Fade_But there are for sure coming some really kick ass things in the future.18:04
johnxs/stick/frozen trout/g18:04
* GAN8002 needs specifics so he can update the gossip on the wikipedia article.18:05
johnxGAN8002, I have it confirmed: no coffee maker included :/18:05
mgedmin810or so we were assured18:05
* GAN8002 drinks tea, anyway.18:05
X-Fade_That is why it is called gossip right? Just guess and see if you are right :)18:05
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo18:05
*** jeddy3_ has quit IRC18:06
GAN8002X-Fade_, I need some ITOS versions to hang my web of lies around. :D18:06
*** bergie has quit IRC18:06
timelessjohnx: so i hear you're in .jp?18:06
johnxtimeless, it appears so :)18:06
X-Fade_GAN8002: Well, it looks like Diablo will be out this year. And I don't know anything about planning in the future, but you can see historical release schedules.18:07
timelessi'm considering visiting .jp and points around in july18:07
timelessalthough i'm running out of time and may abandon my efforts18:07
GAN8002I'm certainly HOPING Diablo will be out this year. :P18:07
qwerty12If not, beta works for me :p18:08
johnxtimeless, it's definitely worth it if you haven't been before18:08
johnxthough I hope you like heat and humidity O_o18:08
qwerty12I plan on going, my cousin moved over there :)18:08
johnxgreat. come at the same time as timeless and we can have a meetup at akihabara :D18:09
* qwerty12 googles akihabara :)18:09
qwerty12ooh nice, but alas., it will be years before I go :D18:10
johnxah, sad :/18:10
GAN8002X-Fade_, can I at least conclude that Elephanta has been dropped from the immediate timeline?18:10
X-Fade_GAN8002: It seems so. You could have know about fremantle already btw. You were slow ;)18:11
* GAN8002 starts poking X-Fade_ with a sharpened stick.18:11
GAN8002Take it back. :P18:11
qwerty12X-Fade_ isn't evidently in pain.18:12
X-Fade_Nah, the stick wasn't long enough.18:12
GAN8002Judging by the Qt plans, I'd be inclined to call Fremantle OS2008 and Harmattan OS200918:12
GAN8002but then you toss hardware releases and the dates for Qt mentioned in announcements in there and I dunno.18:13
johnxGAN8002, ever the optimist...18:13
*** TPC has quit IRC18:13
qwerty12But will the entire interface in Harmattan get replaced with QT?18:13
*** msanchez has quit IRC18:13
GAN8002No, qwerty12.18:13
GAN8002Read the slides. :P18:13
* johnx reads18:13
qwerty12Can't be bothered but seeing as you posted, thanks18:13
johnxno coffee maker...but roller coaster instead! I'm in!18:14
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC18:14
*** TPC has joined #maemo18:14
GAN8002OK, updated the CodeNames page on the wiki.18:14
*** sergio_ has quit IRC18:14
GAN8002You heard it here first, folks!18:14
*** greentux has quit IRC18:14
*** dneary has joined #maemo18:14
GAN8002If Quim doesn't give us all rollercoasters, I'm buying an iPhone!18:15
qwerty12Actually, I heard it from X-Fade_ in the mornign :p18:15
qwerty12an iPhone!?!?! :O18:15
GAN8002Yes, and I'm not jailbreaking it, either. :D18:15
*** msanchez has joined #maemo18:15
*** philipl has quit IRC18:16
Saviqyeah, right ;)18:16
qwerty12Hehe, I thought the Harmattan pic in the slide reminded me of a Mosque.18:16
qwerty12Yeah, well I'm not religious :P18:17
*** pupnik810 has joined #maemo18:17
GAN8002Neither am I, that's no excuse. :P18:17
*** philipl has joined #maemo18:18
*** |kki| has quit IRC18:19
n800mis pupnik around?18:19
GAN8002pupnik810 <- apparently18:20
qwerty12well, he just connected as pupnik810 :p18:20
X-Fade_He is sitting 4 seats away from me.18:20
GAN8002Throw things at him, X-Fade_!18:20
n800mare you at some conventions?18:20
*** philipl has quit IRC18:20
qwerty12LinuxTag where they spray paint walls with Linux and dere tags18:21
n800mwell he probably doesn't feel like doing any support then18:21
*** atlas95_ has joined #maemo18:21
n800mi thought linux tag was over18:21
qwerty12OVER!?! :O18:21
*** philipl has joined #maemo18:22
n800mi mean it's tag18:22
*** sjgadsby has left #maemo18:22
*** dougt has joined #maemo18:22
GAN8002It's not over! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!18:22
X-Fade_No lardman is talking now..18:22
n800mthought it was one day18:22
*** guenther has joined #maemo18:22
GAN8002Hi, guenther.18:22
guentherHi General. :)18:23
n800manyone got amiga - uae to work on n800?18:23
qwerty12Omg, "projects/haf/trunk/hildon-input-method/ChangeLog: use "en_US" as default language. (part fixes for NB#85987)"18:24
* GAN8002 kills a clone.18:24
* qwerty12 goes and cries18:24
*** GAN8002 has quit IRC18:24
_berto_dunno but zx spectrum emulator is slow, so imagine ...18:24
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:24
*** fr01 has quit IRC18:24
*** fr01 has joined #maemo18:25
*** Relate has joined #maemo18:26
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo18:26
n800mdesmume is slow too, correct?18:27
qwerty121000% yes18:28
johnxisn't it pretty slow on a fast desktop machine?18:28
* qwerty12 ubuntu is saying that new firefox-3.0 update is available. it better be more stable. it's a POS atm18:29
n800mAmiga Amstrad CPC Atari 2600 Atari 800 Atari Lynx Atari ST Colecovision Commodore 64 Game Boy MSX NDS NES/Famicom PC PSP  Sega SC-3000 SNES Vic-20 ZX Spectrum18:29
n800many of those work ok on maemo?18:29
*** unixSnob has quit IRC18:29
qwerty12MSX of the top of my head does thanks to RST38h18:29
n800mwith sound?18:30
qwerty12no idea18:30
* qwerty12 doesn't like the sound in old games anyway, i think it sucks. I just put on some of my RnB in canola meanwhile18:31
* johnx shakes his head18:31
n800mi don't really want it for games18:32
n800mfor sound apps18:32
n800meven tho zelda did eat up most of my day yesterday /18:32
forge_Imo old game sounds are Freaking Awesome!18:33
n800mmy dog likes them18:33
n800mhe was sniffing the tablet yesterday18:33
*** T0b0tras has quit IRC18:34
pupnik810i have 000s of old game tunes on nokia18:34
johnxpupnik810, buffer overflow?18:34
ProteousI ordered a n810 a couple of days ago18:34
Proteousit shipped today18:34
n800mis there a mod player?18:35
pupnik810mod, sid18:35
*** ramo102 has quit IRC18:35
Proteousused, but in good condition from amazon for $339 with a 30 day no question return policy18:35
*** ac7ss has joined #maemo18:35
*** T0b0tras has joined #maemo18:35
qwerty12Proteous, hope it works out well for you. a worthy upgrade from a 770 :/18:35
Proteouswe'll see18:35
GAN800dneary, how'd the wiki sprints go?18:36
dnearyGAN800: We didn't do it (yet?)18:36
GAN800Taking minutes?18:36
dnearyI'm hoping to get a few people together tomorrow morning, maybe18:36
dnearyMaybe later18:36
GAN800(if you do)18:36
dnearyWe've been in pretty cool presentations all day18:36
dnearyYeah, I've been the recorder :)18:37
*** leandroal has quit IRC18:37
*** calvaris has quit IRC18:37
dnearyDo you have any suggestions for things that Nokia should be doing which I can ask for you?18:38
dnearyAnyone from the maemo track here? ;)18:38
_berto_i'm in berlin till sunday morning18:38
Proteousput in better video hardware and some buttons, I want to game on my tablet18:38
n800mi want music apps, need qt18:39
dnearyn800m: The QT question's been asked 3 or 4 times today18:39
qwerty12Ask them to get A2DP support in Diablo. I think A2DP's one of the most voted bugs on bugzilla.18:39
*** Gatestone has quit IRC18:39
dnearyQT is already available for the table as a community-provided package18:39
dnearyIt will be integrated fully into the platform in the release after Fremantle (starts with H, I don't know what it's called exactly)18:40
dnearythat's it18:40
dnearyforgot the name18:40
qwerty12Hehe, I just scrolled up in X-Chat18:40
dnearyn800m: Of course, GTK+ will also be on Harmattan18:40
n800mthat's kind of a long way off isn't it18:41
Proteousnot if you consider the age of the earth18:41
dnearyn800m: Yes, I'm happy about that myself ;)18:41
n800mi guess it's good they have long term plans18:41
GAN800dneary, I'd like some clarification as to whether Fremantle corresponds to OS2008.x or OS2009.18:41
dnearyGAN800: I'll ask.18:41
ProteousOS2030 more like it18:42
dnearyGAN800: Although it's not related to the current discussion that's on right now18:42
GAN800Just for Proteous. :P Everybody else gets it tomorrow. :D18:42
* Proteous cries18:42
dnearyCurrent discussion is "what isn't open that we need, and why?"18:42
GAN800Why isn't browser-ui open.18:43
Proteouswe want webkit18:43
dnearyPower management, GL, wifi binary blob, various applications, ...18:43
n800mwhat about EP-TTLS18:43
dnearyGAN800: Isn't microb open?18:43
Proteousand NTP-LLESTD18:43
qwerty12Will the BB5 platform be used in the next tablet after WiMax?18:43
GAN800MicroB yes, tablet-browser-ui no18:43
gnuSnobdneary: most folks think flash is a critical must-have closed source app18:43
* gnuSnob would like to see flash replaced with gnash18:44
* qwerty12 wouldn't18:44
n800mdneary opened the floodgates18:44
GAN800Proteous, WebKit is in Extras.18:44
* Proteous wants silverlight support18:44
dnearygnuSnob: We gave Rob an N800 to get gnash available on OS200818:44
* Proteous is just kidding18:44
GAN800You just need to find a non-shitty gui.18:44
gnuSnobdneary: nice18:44
Proteousthat's the fun part18:44
n800mEAP-TTLS is sort of widely used in institutions18:44
gnuSnobflash is so lousy18:44
dnearygnuSnob: But Nokia have to ship Adobe Flash by default.18:44
dnearyFlash sites Must Work18:44
dnearyI'm not particularly happy about it either18:45
gnuSnobdneary: flash sites don't work though, because of all the version issues18:45
dnearyOK, hold on a second18:45
dnearyI'll ask a couple of questions18:45
gnuSnobEg. go to bbc news.  Most of the flash content is incompatible18:45
gnuSnobthe flash viewer is not compatible with old content, and new content is not compatible with old viewers.. it's amazing that flash survives18:46
GAN800gnuSnob, Flash is updated in Diablo.18:46
johnxGAN800, good catch there. I wasn't watching xchat...18:46
dnearyWhat's BB5?18:46
dnearyI'm trying to figure out the good question to ask live18:46
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC18:46
qwerty12You don't want to ask my question then :/18:46
dnearyMost of the questiopns should be asked on a mailing list, or in the brainstorm18:46
dnearyOr in the Questions for Nokia page18:46
dnearyRequests to open things need to be accompanied by justifications - "I need X to be open because I want to do Y"18:47
gnuSnobGAN800 - my version of maemo is just a couple months old at most.  why am I out of date w/ flash already?  Can I update just flash alone?18:47
qwerty12You can do, if you know diablo password18:47
dnearyqwerty12: What question would you ask, if you were here right now?18:47
qwerty12dneary, No idea18:48
dnearysee, I was trying to work out what to ask on your behalf here :)18:48
qwerty12My question would be along the lines of dsme, bme...18:48
GAN8001tablet-browser! :D18:48
gnuSnobdneary: are you working for nokia?18:48
dnearygnuSnob: No18:48
dnearyWell, kind of18:49
*** CrashandDie has quit IRC18:49
dnearyI'm contracting for them, but my role is to serve the community & make sure that the community has what it needs in terms of infrastructure & organisation for documentation18:49
johnxAlright, "Why isn't the whole tablet-browser stack open, when it seems that more eyes on the code would really help?"18:49
GAN8001Most of the platform stuff is being hit on, I'm sure.18:49
qwerty12Also will browserd be open?18:50
johnxmy secondary interest in tablet-browser is using it on other platforms that are hildon-based18:50
dnearyright now, it's "what does the community expect from Nokia, what should the community be doing that they're not?"18:50
n800msound apps18:50
*** vik_ has joined #maemo18:50
qwerty12From a feature point of view, OpenGL, PowerVR support and A2DP18:50
GAN8001Community expects strong infrastructure18:50
penguinbaitrepos that are always up18:50
penguinbaitno really18:50
*** harry has quit IRC18:50
qwerty12We can't port/compile OpenGL apps if we don't have any OpenGL support18:50
dnearypenguinbait: Or just one extras repos18:51
dnearyThat's been asked18:51
n800myeah what's with the duplicates18:51
*** kcome has joined #maemo18:51
dnearyqwerty12: I mean the VR documentation18:51
GAN8001An Extras repo that's always up.18:51
GAN8001and a tablets-dev that doesn't go down whenever you actually need it.18:51
dnearyIt's been asked (by Simon Pickering)18:51
qwerty12Ah, thanks18:51
penguinbaitits for emphasis18:51
dnearyGAN8001: So much work has been put into the mind-reading functionality to take down the server just at the moment you want it most...18:52 with upgrades18:52
GAN8001It's too slow right now.18:52
gnuSnobdneary: infrastructure-wise, an Ada compiler would be nice.  Personally I would be more motivated to develop maemo apps if I had a compiler18:52
*** Relate has quit IRC18:52
GAN8001dneary, I wondered what this giant bulge at the base of my skull was. . . .18:52
dnearygnuSnob: Have you tried porting one?18:52
GAN8001gnuSnob, Ada isn't "infrastructure"18:52
johnxgnuSnob, I think Ada is outside the maemo scope...18:53
GAN8001That's something you can take onto "community projects"18:53
infobotGAN8001 meant: That's something you can tack onto "community projects"18:53
gnuSnobdneary: no, it's a large effort to port that ada runtime18:53
gnuSnobGAN8001: "infrastructure" can imply compilers - depends on your viewpoint18:54
GAN8001and something that exactly ONE person that I know of would benefit from. ;)18:54
*** wms has joined #maemo18:54
GAN8001Not something I want Nokia investing valuable time on.18:54
dnearygnuSnob: I don't mean to be rude, but so far this is the first time anyone has ever asked me for an Ada compiler18:54
qwerty12Better to go on at the Ada guys to produce ARM compiler.18:55
GAN8001Putting together the servers and bandwidth to back up * and tablets-dev is top on my list for "infrastructure" stuff18:56
GAN8001the rest is just filler.18:56
qwerty12Ezi now :P18:56
dnearyRunning out of battery...18:57
n800msound apps!18:57
dnearyI will ask Niels about the infrastructure18:57
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo18:57
dnearyn800m: Like Vagalume?18:57
qwerty12sound apps are more of a community thing18:57
GAN8001n800m, that's squarely in the community court. ;)18:57
n800mmusic making18:57
dnearyn800m: There are lots of community-packaged sound apps18:57
n800mno there aren't18:58
dnearyAh! You want Jack, Rosegarden, things like that?18:58
*** fab has joined #maemo18:58
n800mi've been looking for awhile18:58
*** zwnj has joined #maemo18:58
n800mjack'd be great18:58
n800mi doubt that would happen tho18:58
*** vik__ has joined #maemo18:58
GAN8001n800m, community job.18:58
GAN8001That's not a Nokia job18:58
dnearyn800m: That's a classic niche application that isn't worth the time of Nokia (no business case), but that a community developer could do18:59
GAN8001and doesn't relate to infrastructure.18:59
dnearyYou could port the music-making app from Sugar, maybe18:59
qwerty12Doesn't even relate to the application side of what Nokia should do.18:59
dnearyI have to go!18:59
johnxdneary, thanks18:59
n800m:/ thanks18:59
qwerty12Steal a charger :p18:59
n800mgood luck18:59
dnearyBye guys - please throw your ideas in the brainstorming pages linked to here:
gnuSnobjohnx: why would a compiler be outside maemo's scope?19:00
gnuSnobdneary: you're not being rude at all.. I'm glad it's been brought to your attention19:00
gnuSnobqwerty12: well there is an arm compiler, it's just incomplete on maemo.  A commercial one has been completed for a different ARM platform19:00
n800mfinland had a great demo scene19:00
*** Savick has joined #maemo19:00
gnuSnobGAN8001: hang out in #ada.. every few days someone comes in there asking for gnat on arm, only to be told they're SOL19:00
GAN8001That's not Nokia's problem.19:00
GAN8001Ada is very clearly a niche product.19:00
*** dneary has quit IRC19:01
GAN8001and supporting it has zero appeal from a business standpoint from Nokia.19:01
*** cyndis has joined #maemo19:01
n800mhey you never know what des there are interested in19:01
n800mmost have a personal preference19:01
GAN8001n800m, I can tell you it's not an Ada compiler. ;)19:02
*** tentacle3376 has quit IRC19:02
n800mi'm still on the sound app page19:02
GAN8001Again, that's a community thing.19:02
GAN8001and there are already community applications out there.19:02
n800mno there aren't19:02
*** Saviq_ has joined #maemo19:03
*** Savick has quit IRC19:03
n800mi mean i don't wanna be a jerk, i get it19:03
n800mbut still, there aren't19:03
johnxheh...also, you really don't want Nokia writing a sound app for you...19:03
n800mnot that it's anyone;s problem19:03
n800mheh true19:03
GAN8001n800m, if you really want a sound app, then get to work! :D19:03
GAN8001That's the beauty of open source.19:03
*** skibur has joined #maemo19:03
*** sergio has joined #maemo19:03
n800mi was waiting for that :)19:04
gnuSnobGAN8001: both #ada and comp.lang.ada have proven otherwise19:04
GAN8001If you _really_ think Nokia should bundle one, put up an enhancement request on bugzilla and see how many votes it gets. ;)19:04
gnuSnobgood idea19:04
GAN8001gnuSnob, from a consumer standpoint, having Ada support MAY sell about 6 tablets19:05
GAN800199.9999% of Nokia's consumer market could give two shits about an Ada compiler.19:05
johnxerrr...maybe. popcon on debian says 30019:05
johnxfor gnat19:05
GAN8001The return on investment for something like that is stupidly low.19:05
*** eichi_ has joined #maemo19:05
gnuSnobGAN8001: you're thinking only in terms of independant users.. not soldiers19:06
*** kcome has quit IRC19:06
glassthe contractors could just as well learn something that works on arm already19:06
gnuSnobSoldiers are using crappy handhelds running WM5/619:06
johnxgnuSnob, the US military would have to be waaaay dumber than I give them credit for to put n8x0s out in the field19:06
*** kcome has joined #maemo19:06
*** ChanServ has quit IRC19:06
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC19:06
glassjohnx: you'd be surprised what armies use "in field"19:06
*** vik has quit IRC19:06
GAN8001An N-series device is the LAST thing you ever want in combat. :\19:06
gnuSnobjohnx: compared to what?  what they're using now?19:06
johnxthis is a fragile consumer device in both software and hardware19:07
glassbut ada isn't really whats holding them ..19:07
*** Savi1 has joined #maemo19:07
gnuSnobjohnx: sure, they would need a ruggedized version.. that's not a big deal19:07
glassbut anyways, thats not nokias biz19:07
*** GAN8001 has quit IRC19:08
glassnokias biz is selling the soldiers the n810 or whatever for personal use19:08
*** rmoravcik has quit IRC19:08
*** GeneralAntilles_ has joined #maemo19:08
johnxgnuSnob, anyways, file an enhancement request. maybe you're right. only nokia knows for sure if it's a business they want to be in19:08
penguinbaitjust because it can be used to hack into chinese government, is only an added bonus19:08
n800mare you really interested in the business aspect of nokia tho?19:08
*** GeneralAntilles_ is now known as GAN800119:08
*** Mousey has joined #maemo19:08
gnuSnobjohnx: right.. nokia needs to have it on the table for consideration.  From there economics will prevail19:09
*** andre|afk has quit IRC19:09
*** skibur has quit IRC19:09
glassanyways, they'd probably say that some contractor could port a compiler/ or make it19:10
*** skibur has joined #maemo19:10
*** andre|afk has joined #maemo19:10
*** jpuderer has quit IRC19:10
gnuSnobglass: right.. they could simply outsource the effort to adacore19:10
glasswhich would make sense only if they'd have a shitload of ada code they would think would be useful on the maemo19:10
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo19:10
*** atlas95_ has quit IRC19:10
glass(they= whoever would use it)19:10
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo19:11
*** atlas95 has quit IRC19:11
qwerty12If the army did use something nokia, it would be this: Shit weighs 3kg and the Finnish Army did use one of these. talk rude to a finnish soldier and they'll smack you in the face with one of those19:11
glassqwerty12: yeah the messaging things sucked bigtime in the army.. at least those that regular soldiers were trained with19:12
qwerty12I think it's a good defence mechanism, if I saw a Finnish soldier with one of those in his hands and running towards me, I'd run off :D19:12
qwerty12and it would work as shield :p19:13
*** vik_ has quit IRC19:13
glassthe radios themselfs were big mofos too19:13
qwerty12I'm surprised the soldiers actually managed to move :/19:13
johnxI'd reach for an ibm model m and hope it holds up O_o19:13
freelikegnuitronix has a sweet little rugged:
*** [AD]Turbo has joined #maemo19:15
*** Salumu has joined #maemo19:15
glassqwerty12: add some tank mines (a 10kg) to carry and..19:16
glassqwerty12: i played myself into it-support19:16
glasswhilst there19:16
qwerty12Oh yeah, I just remembered going into army is compulsory in Finland for a while19:18
*** eichi has quit IRC19:18
*** guenther has quit IRC19:19
*** tmonjalo has left #maemo19:19
*** eocanha has quit IRC19:19
*** [AD]Turbo has quit IRC19:20
*** juke1 has joined #maemo19:21
*** pupnik810 has quit IRC19:21
*** rsalveti has quit IRC19:23
*** eocanha has joined #maemo19:24
*** Saviq has quit IRC19:26
*** Savi1 is now known as Saviq19:26
*** rsalveti has joined #maemo19:28
*** jukey has quit IRC19:29
*** _berto_ has quit IRC19:30
*** dougt has quit IRC19:31
*** Vudentz_ has quit IRC19:35
*** zap has joined #maemo19:36
*** texel has joined #maemo19:39
*** jegp has left #maemo19:44
*** setanta has quit IRC19:44
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC19:45
*** qwerty12 has joined #maemo19:45
*** WorkingOnWise has joined #maemo19:45
* Cymor is back (gone 37:48:26)19:46
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo19:47
*** tbf has quit IRC19:47
*** krau has quit IRC19:48
*** dougt has joined #maemo19:49
*** bilboed-pi has quit IRC19:49
*** setanta has joined #maemo19:50
*** juke1 has quit IRC19:51
*** mgedmin810 has quit IRC19:51
*** setanta has quit IRC19:53
*** dougt has quit IRC19:53
*** setanta has joined #maemo19:53
summatusmentispenguinbait: are you around?19:53
*** SammyJankis has quit IRC19:53
*** dougt has joined #maemo19:53
* Cymor is away: back to work19:54
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:55
*** Salumu has quit IRC19:55
*** l7 has joined #maemo19:55
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo19:58
*** b0unc3__ has quit IRC19:59
*** unixSnob_ has joined #maemo19:59
*** thopiekar has quit IRC20:00
summatusmentisso... how do people clone their flash to SD?20:04
JaffaDoh. Arnhem remembrance is 19th Sept and I need to be there for Mrs Jaffa20:04
johnxsummatusmentis, with rsync or tar20:04
*** tbf has joined #maemo20:05
*** behdad has joined #maemo20:06
*** booiiing__ has joined #maemo20:06
*** kcome has quit IRC20:08
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC20:08
summatusmentisjohnx: I see, is there a wiki page on it?20:08
penguinbait(  )o(  )20:08
qwerty12(                                      )OO(                                      )20:08
johnxsummatusmentis, I'm sure...but I don't remember right now20:08
johnxgoogle clone root sd n80020:09
*** pH5 has joined #maemo20:09
penguinbaitjust use the deb or tarball, its nice and fast20:09
summatusmentiswill do20:09
*** guenther has joined #maemo20:09
summatusmentispenguinbait: the deb does't work20:10
*** fab has quit IRC20:10
penguinbaittarball I put out yesterday, if you want to have ext3 or multiple boot from SD on the same card20:10
penguinbaitonly two per card right now20:11
summatusmentisI download the 4.8MB of it, and application installer tells me it's corrupted20:11
*** jegp has joined #maemo20:11
summatusmentisI'll look at the tarball20:11
summatusmentisI really just want to try KDE :)20:11
penguinbaittry again?20:11
summatusmentisI've tried downloading the .deb like 4 times20:11
*** KwisatzHaderach has joined #maemo20:12
penguinbaitI have been having problems with my comcast account, its been down all morning, its back up now20:12
*** qwerty12 has quit IRC20:12
penguinbaitwhich deb? I will verify its good?  install-tools.deb or install-tools-N810e.deb??20:13
timelessdid you check application log?20:14
penguinbaitits says not installable, then the application log wont tell you anything20:14
*** dholbert has joined #maemo20:14
KwisatzHaderachhi, how do I install ssh on a n810? my /etc/apt/sources.list file is empty20:16
penguinbaitI am downloading it right now, just a sec20:16
johnxKwisatzHaderach, repository info is kept under: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list20:16
NaviIt doesn't use sources.list20:17
johnxKwisatzHaderach, but click here for openssh:
*** Anunakin has quit IRC20:17
*** fr01 has quit IRC20:17
penguinbaitBoth are working fine summatusmentis20:18
*** krau has joined #maemo20:18
NaviAPT is too slow for autoremove20:18
infobotNavi meant: APT is too old for autoremove20:18
*** booiiing_ has quit IRC20:19
*** dougt has joined #maemo20:19
*** eocanha has quit IRC20:20
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo20:21
summatusmentispenguinbait: that's really weird, I tried installing with the applcation manager, and with apt on the command line20:24
summatusmentisor rather, dpkg on the command line20:24
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:24
*** vik__ has quit IRC20:26
*** Anunakin has joined #maemo20:26
johnxI can run the sapwood "gradient" demo on debian/armel armv5 and armv6, with different results20:28
johnxyeah...It's awesome20:28
GAN8001Somebody needs to put up a wiki article for sapwood.20:29
JaffaSomeone who understands it ;-)20:29's not that interesting except when it doesn't work20:29
summatusmentisyeah, penguinbait, dpkg is telling me it's not a debian format archive20:29
johnxsummatusmentis / penguinbait, sounds like a job for md5sum!20:30
GAN8001Jaffa, that someone definitely isn't me. :D20:30
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo20:30
*** SAGE-- has joined #maemo20:30
* GAN8001 still needs to figure out what's going on with the Linux WikiProject so I can get a taskgroup going.20:30
*** tb1 has joined #maemo20:31
summatusmentisjohnx: it would, if I could find md5 for the n810 :)20:31
johnxthat would help :P20:31
SAGE--just copy it over from sdk20:31
summatusmentisSAGE--: that assumes I have the sdk :)20:32
Jaffasummatusmentis: what OS version? Could be you're using an older version of dpkg20:32
* summatusmentis == newb20:32
*** rsalveti has quit IRC20:32
*** SAGE-- is now known as penguinb820:32
*** ChanServ has joined #maemo20:32
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ20:32
summatusmentisJaffa: my n810 doesn't know... I upgraded according to GAN800120:33
GAN8001Old NOLO20:33
summatusmentislol, yeah, that :)20:33
GAN8001Speaking of which, you should probably go ahead and flash NOLO and initfs20:33
*** unixSnob_ has quit IRC20:34
summatusmentiswill that screw things up?20:34
summatusmentislike, will it return to factory defautls?20:34
*** sjgadsby has joined #maemo20:34
*** |penguinbait| has joined #maemo20:34
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo20:35
penguinb8factory defaults = screwed up ??20:35
summatusmentisnot screwed up, just removing everything I've gt20:35
* penguinb8 slaps penguinbait around a bit with a large trout20:36
nikosapiAnybody know how to get an account working with the OS 2008 sip client?20:36
summatusmentisGAN8001: what benefit does flashing NOLO and initfs do?20:37
GAN8001Sorry, screwing around with NickServ20:37
GAN8001No, summatusmentis.20:37
summatusmentisget me*20:37
GAN8001You've got an old version of NOLO20:37
GAN8001and the initfs you have is for N80020:37
GAN8001The only settings are on initfs and that's only if you've flashed fanoush's initfs20:38
*** lovebug356 has quit IRC20:38
GAN8001I'd still recommend flashing the N810 initfs and reflashing fanoush's if you've done that.20:38
summatusmentishavn't done fousnh's20:38
GAN8001All of the user stuff otherwise is on rootfs20:38
*** huats has quit IRC20:38
GAN8001So, grab the N810 firmware and do ./flasher-2.0 -F <FIASCO> --flash-only=initfs20:39
GAN8001and then:20:39
GAN8001./flasher-2.0 -F <FIASCO> --flash-only=nolo -R20:39
summatusmentisoh, god, I forgot it was so big, it'll be a while :)20:39
nikosapiMaybe this is a better question: Does anyone know of a free sip provider that works well with OS 2008? :)20:43!20:44
GAN8001Free as in speech. ;)20:44
*** jegp has left #maemo20:44
*** sergio has quit IRC20:44
nikosapiperfect, thanks!20:45
GAN8001nikosapi, I've been using it with rtcomm and GrandCentral for about 6 months now.20:45
GAN8001With 3 tablets20:45
GAN8001Works great.20:45
*** denny has joined #maemo20:45
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo20:46
gnuSnobi've been using sipphone/gizmoproject.. rtcomm won't install for me20:46
*** penguinbait has quit IRC20:46
GAN8001rtcomm is bundled.20:46
*** nn800n has joined #maemo20:46
summatusmentispenguinb8: ./md5sum: line 1: syntax error: "(" unexpected20:47
*** rsalveti_ has quit IRC20:47
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo20:47
*** qwerty12-N800 has joined #maemo20:47
*** qwerty12_N800 has quit IRC20:47
gnuSnobmust be a recent change.. my version of chinook doesn't have rtcomm20:47
qwerty12-N800it has it ;)20:48
qwerty12-N800just not beta20:48
*** tbf has quit IRC20:48
gnuSnobqwerty12-N800: what do you mean?20:48
GAN8001It ships with rtcomm20:48
gnuSnobrtcomm isn't in the menu, and it's not available on the CLI20:48
GAN8001The whole chat/sip/im framework is rtcomm20:48
GAN8001Neither is MicroB20:49
qwerty12-N800rtcomm comes with itos by default, the beta adds more services20:49
*** AStorm has joined #maemo20:49
GAN8001But it ships with microb, too. :\20:49
gnuSnobI've got several links to launch microb.. none for rtcomm20:49
GAN8001No you don't20:49
*** eichi_ has quit IRC20:49
GAN8001You have several "links" to launch tablet-browser20:49
*** dholbert has quit IRC20:50
GAN8001If you claim those "links" are launching MicroB, then Contacts, Internet Call, and Chat all launch rtcomm, too.20:50
gnuSnobthe default browser uses microb20:50
AStormuses, not is20:50
*** nn800n has quit IRC20:50
*** nn800n has joined #maemo20:50
johnxgnuSnob, rtcomm is the name of the included sip client aka "internet call" or somesuch20:51
gnuSnobi have "Internet call"20:51
qwerty12-N800it's the im framework in general20:51
GAN8001john, communications framework, more accurately. :P20:51
* gnuSnob wishes these apps would have real names20:51
johnxthey do20:51
gnuSnob(that is, pronouns)20:51
*** L0cutus has quit IRC20:52
johnxthere's a project name (rtcomm) that encompasses several discreet apps (internet call, contacts, IM)20:52
gnuSnob"internet call" is not a real name -- not unique enough to be useful.  Try googling for it.. all kinds of crap comes up (and rightly so)20:53
AStormtry Nokia internet call ;>20:53
GAN8001gnuSnob, it's a mobile platform20:54
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo20:54
GAN8001What's your address book called on your S60 phone?20:54
GAN8001Or your Palm?20:54
t_s_ohmm, does the agps only work with the internal gps of the N810, or will it work with a external gps on a N800?20:54
qwerty12-N800nice analogy20:54
GAN8001Internal of N810, t_s_o.20:54
GAN8001t_s_o, good external Bluetooth GPSes wouldn't really benefit from it.20:55
gnuSnobnah, it's the 10 million smokers can't be wrong argument20:55
kulvet_s_o: I don't know if there's any means to provide the assistant data to the external GPSes..20:55
AStormgnuSnob: well, they can't20:55
*** crashanddie has quit IRC20:55
gnuSnobjust because they screwed it up on other platforms doesn't mean it's smart to do it on the nit20:55
GAN8001The "A" is for shitty cellular GPS's that don't have decent antennas or chipsets. ;)20:55
AStormthey just aren't qualified to say if smoking is healthy20:55
*** nab has joined #maemo20:56
johnxso, gnuSnob what would you name it so that newbs would know what it was before clicking on it?20:56
GAN8001gnuSnob, or people without a clue should sit down and be quiet. ;)20:56
AStormand statistics say that they're less healthy than non-smokers20:56
AStorm(as a whole)20:56
|penguinbait|Sorry summ, I put up the wrong one20:56
|penguinbait|try again20:56
|penguinbait|its working now20:56
kulveGAN8001: nope, even the good ones benefits from the A. Of course the difference is much bigger with the lousy ones20:56
gnuSnobGAN8001: w/out a clue?  you just used propaganda to support a meritless idea20:57
AStormwell, it's not enough to be useful for good GPS recvs.20:57
*** n800m has quit IRC20:57
*** tich has joined #maemo20:57
AStormand not available in Europe anyway ;P20:57
*** yerga has quit IRC20:57
qwerty12-N800;) - reminds me of a pirate with a eyepatch and going arrrr20:58
AStormyarrr mateys!20:59
*** jnettlet has quit IRC20:59
*** n800m has joined #maemo21:00
*** fab has joined #maemo21:01
*** dholbert has joined #maemo21:02
*** Zic has quit IRC21:02
* johnx sleeps, will deal with sapwood tomorrow21:05
GAN8001'night, johnx.21:06
*** l7_ has joined #maemo21:07
*** jegp has joined #maemo21:09
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC21:12
*** t_s_o has quit IRC21:16
*** tich has quit IRC21:16
*** Sho_ has quit IRC21:17
*** GAN8002 has joined #maemo21:17
*** tnoleto has joined #maemo21:17
GAN8002Somebody with a handy 770 want to dump the version numbers from for me?21:18
*** tnoleto has left #maemo21:18
*** ustunozgur has quit IRC21:18
GAN8002Mine are elsewhere and I don't have a WLAN MAC handy.21:18
*** qwerty12-N800 has quit IRC21:20
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:20
*** qwerty12_N800 has joined #maemo21:20
*** nn800n has quit IRC21:20
GAN8002Anyone? ;_;21:22
n800mn800 here21:22
nikosapin10 here :(21:22
*** sven-tek has joined #maemo21:22
*** n800m has quit IRC21:23
*** n800m has joined #maemo21:23
GAN8002Well, you N810 owners can make yourselves useful by dumping the version list from the agreement page here: :P21:23
*** l7 has quit IRC21:23
*** disq has joined #maemo21:23
disqagps-ui rocks!21:23
* GAN8002 is putting together a release history chart for wikipedia21:24
GAN8002disq, stick a comment to that effect in the GPS bug?21:24
*** skibur has quit IRC21:26
n800mwhat's this for anyway21:26
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo21:27
GAN8002Which, agps?21:27
n800mno the software athetification page21:27
GAN8002If you're updating on Linux or OS X21:27
disqGAN8002: in the gps bug? in bugzilla?21:28
disqwell since they're working on the problem and it clearly works, why state it again21:28
AStormGAN800: what does the version list contain?21:28
AStormlist of all packages?21:28
qwerty12_N800^ disq21:28
GAN8002List of ITOS releases and their versions.21:29
AStormdoes it check osso-software-version?21:30
GAN8002disq, no real reason, I just figure it might hearten those 70 odd voters that things are looking to improve. ;)21:30
GAN8002AStorm, does what check?21:30
AStormthe version list or something21:30
GAN8002It's in the agreement on that page.21:30
AStormmy GPS is ok in speed if used often21:30
AStormGAN800: it's not some version check21:31
GAN8002It's just a plaintext list of the ITOS releases for that device.21:31
AStormit's MAC check21:31
AStormyes, I downloaded the former newest21:31
GAN8002The MAC check is just to (legally) confirm you have the device21:31
AStormunless there's been a release of diablo, I have one21:31
GAN8002To fulfill licensing requirements21:31
nikosapiI'm using the 1.2007.42-19 version of OS 2008 (third-to-last release), is it worth upgrading to the latest version?21:32
AStormGAN800: yes, I do have the device. So why would I want to enter the MAC in the box? ;P21:32
GAN8002100% yes, nikosapi21:32
AStormnikosapi: if it works fine, no21:32
GAN8002There have been BIG improvements since then.21:32
AStormGAN8002: no21:32
GAN8002AStorm, I'm not really sure what your point is here.21:32
AStormall attainable by software update in application manager21:32
AStormso no need to flash21:32
* GAN8002 goes back to working on the release history tablet.21:32
AStormeverything except the kernel image21:32
*** surki has joined #maemo21:32
GAN8002Not MicroB, not the system stuff.21:32
AStorm(which has some minor fixes)21:33
nikosapioh, well that's good21:33
AStormGAN8002: ah, right, microb21:33
AStormbut it didn't get any important updates21:33
AStormmaybe some minor fixes I didn't notice21:33
GAN8002Nothing Nokia is upgradeable through Application manager yet21:33
GAN8002Just "Map"21:33
AStormand Map is not Nokia ;P21:33
GAN8002nikosapi, yes, upgrade your device21:33
nikosapido you know where I can get a ChangeLog?21:33
GAN8002It's contracted.21:33
*** christefano has quit IRC21:34
GAN8002nikosapi, release changelogs are usually either non-existent or non-helpful.21:34
nikosapiheh, nice21:35
GAN800250-2/51-3 is a fairly meaningful bugfix upgrade over 42-1921:35
*** surki has left #maemo21:35
nikosapiI guess I'll backup and upgrade then21:35
|penguinbait|My wife is still runnnig 42-19 and never has any issues21:36
*** Dregs has joined #maemo21:36
*** k-s has quit IRC21:36
|penguinbait|Of course, myspace on the web, and battlegeweled are all she ever uses :)21:36
GAN8002Skype wont install on 42-1921:36
|penguinbait|oh and Dead Radio21:37
GAN8002That will be reason enough for most people.21:37
nikosapipfff, who uses skype?21:37
|penguinbait|we use gtalk video messaging, so I would not have noticed21:37
GAN8002Not I, nikosapi, not I.21:37
GAN8002But the point still stands, 42-19 is old and 50-2/51-3 has a lot of bugfixes.21:37
AStormGAN8002: well, skype works badly anyway21:38
penguinb8not disagreeing with you21:38
AStormtoo unoptimized audio codecs21:38
penguinb8just stating 42-19 works good, if you dont need an upgrade21:38
AStormthus it drops connection on even mild CPU usage21:38
n800manyone know if i can recover my bookmarks from firefox without starting it up?21:39
AStormyes, from older versions easily21:39
penguinb8is firefox useable?  last I tried I pegged my cpu for 5 minutes?21:39
n800myeah i had 3, went back to 2 and now it's screwed21:39
AStormin new ones, with some sqlite db client21:39
*** CptE51 has joined #maemo21:40
AStormn800m: sure, new Firefox keeps stuff in sqlite dbs21:40
AStormpenguinb8: it is21:40
AStormI mean, 3.x21:40
AStormrecent one, a major bug in plugins has been squashed (really old one, present in 2.x too)21:40
*** CptE51 has quit IRC21:41
*** simboss has joined #maemo21:43
||cwpenguinb8: what cpu?  FF3 is better....21:43
*** SammyJankis has joined #maemo21:43
||cwer, ..21:43
*** jukey has joined #maemo21:45
AStormpenguinb8: there's fx3 for n810? where?21:45
AStormI know there's tablet-browser21:45
GAN8002Minefield maemo21:45
GAN8002Fennec, too21:45
GAN8002Google for 'em21:45
*** msanchez has quit IRC21:48
*** n800m has quit IRC21:48
*** Gatestone has joined #maemo21:52
*** mrglinux has joined #maemo21:52
nikosapiflashing in progress...21:52
*** n800m has joined #maemo21:53
penguinb8<---- closes eyes21:53
penguinb8<----- hates flashers21:53
GAN8002You should really like SSU, then.21:53
* qwerty12_N800 really likes it. i've only had 1 failure and that's only because of my mods21:54
nikosapicool, it offers to restore your data :)21:54
AStormwhich usually works21:55
penguinb8sometimes :)21:56
* GAN8002 is constitutionally incapable of remembering Harmattan21:58
JaffaIndeed. A little obscure. "hurricane" might've been better :)21:59
qwerty12_N800It's a batty name anyway :/21:59
*** JackCrow has joined #maemo21:59
GAN8002Chinook and Diablo I can at least associate with other things21:59
JaffaHelicopter & devil, for example.21:59
AStormScirocco? ;P22:00
AStormwith a car? ;P22:00
qwerty12_N800According to my about, I'm running 666 (literally ;))22:00
* Jaffa does like the look of the new Scirocco. Roll on September.22:00
RST38hqwertry: AGPS app finally out?22:01
qwerty12_N800i posted screenie22:01
GAN8002Somebody here got a 770 they can use to login to
penguinb8I lost my old paperwork with my number, sorry22:01
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo22:02
penguinb80019 something :)22:02
* Jaffa has it here, hang on22:02
*** sven-tek has quit IRC22:02
Cptnodegardcan you use usb ethernet adapters with the tablets usb host?22:02
GAN8002I just need a dump from the version list in the agreement22:02
*** JackCrow has left #maemo22:03
GAN8002Thanks, Jaffa!22:03
||cwGAN800: i would, but I cna't find the _22:03
qwerty12_N800Cptnodegard, get a realtek one and search on itt  for usblan22:03
||cwah there it is22:04
RST38hqwerty: Hurrah!22:04
qwerty12_N800others can be used but then you need to compile the modules22:04
*** Gatestone has quit IRC22:04
qwerty12_N800RST38h, It's working brilliantly from what i've read22:05
*** guardian has joined #maemo22:05
Cptnodegardthx qwerty12_N800 :=)22:05
*** JackCrow_ has joined #maemo22:05
*** |penguinbait| has quit IRC22:06
RST38hqwerty: Can I just use it on OS2008 or does it require a new kernel?22:06
qwerty12_N800RST38h, in theory you can22:07
* RST38h is itching to try it22:07
qwerty12_N800you would need  new gpsd and the agps-gui deps22:07
*** jpuderer has quit IRC22:07
*** mrglinux has quit IRC22:08
*** JackCrow_ has quit IRC22:08
JaffaRST38h: ditto. But I'm not trashing everything to install diablo22:08
RST38hJaffa: I wonder whether this thing is localized enough to try it separately22:09
GAN8002Back up your current install to SD, then flash a clean chinook onto the internal and upgrade from there.22:09
*** Navi_ has joined #maemo22:09
*** Gatestone has joined #maemo22:09
JaffaRST38h: indeed, I was wondering same. Don't want to break the GPS before I go to France next week - or before I need it over the weekend - so probably won't. If diablo's not out by end of June, I'll probably do it then22:10
qwerty12_N800if you have a linux comp, you can  put a  clean diablo or22:10
*** jpuderer has joined #maemo22:10
qwerty12_N800chinook straight onto a mmc ;)22:10
* RST38h has no clean MMC =)22:11
RST38hThe only one I have (8GB) is the primary data storage22:11
GAN8002Dates are mostly wrong22:11
*** mrglinux has joined #maemo22:11
GAN8002missing the OS2006 beta release22:11
GAN8002and the notes suck22:11
GAN8002But it's a start22:12
JaffaGAN8002: I could get image dates from the 770 download page22:12
GAN8002I was going to see about thoughtfix's timeline22:12
GAN8002Just cause I can use that as an easy citation22:12
JaffaGAN8002: Ah, no dates on the file listing.22:12
*** gnuSnob has quit IRC22:13
qwerty12_N800Has anyone noticed that the HIM gets stuck sometimes with browser open?22:14
qwerty12_N800in diablo22:15
inzVille Valo gets stuck?22:15
GAN8002It's that demon you invited into your device, qwerty12_N800. :P22:15
*** wms has quit IRC22:15
*** gnuSnob has joined #maemo22:16
simbossguys, quick question, anyone here succeded to install pluthon on the n800?22:16
qwerty12_N800I did a long time back22:16
qwerty12_N800but now they've changed the packages22:16
simbossI am  dying on it :-(22:17
simbosswhere should I post questions about it?22:17
simbossI have got one unmet dependency (mount-full) which is killing me22:17
*** practisevoodoo has joined #maemo22:18
mrglinuxhi can i find nokia n810 in china for buy ??  i cant find it in dubai :-(22:19
*** GAN8002 has quit IRC22:19
penguinb8qwerty, how do I get my 15year old to start programming?  I know I first must convince him that computers do more that display porn22:20
*** Navi has quit IRC22:21
inzpenguin, but isn't that a lie?22:21
onionpenguinb8: or is just for games22:21
practisevoodoogive him programming assignments and then give him porn when he completes them22:21
qwerty12_N800Lol, tell him to write a program to crack porn sites :p22:21
penguinb8give him a prono game, he would be in heaven22:21
handful_of_dudupenguinb8: does he likes games? :) there's quite quite basic things you could teach him... and then, if he get's excited about..22:22
handful_of_duduyou don't need to worry too much anymore :)22:22
GAN8001Bash scripting maybe, penguinb8?22:23
penguinb8qwerty, is that how you started out?  cracking porn sites :)22:23
nikosapipenguinb8: if he's into math, a fun yet simple exercise is to calculate Pi22:23
*** lsobral has quit IRC22:24
penguinb8your not listening, he's into lesbian porn22:24
penguinb8not sure Bash scripting will help :)22:24
onionpenguinb8: does he know anything about coding?22:24
GAN8001Incentive matters22:24
qwerty12_N800penguinb8, nah, I  was into phone modding  so I used to mess around with ida and a hex editor and then with my n800 I just like to run more progs on here :)22:24
inzMmh, first coding experiments brings back memories...22:24
inzBasic :x22:25
penguinb8ah basic22:25
GAN8001Get him a PS3 if he learns a language.22:25
onionbasic on vic-20..22:25
* Jaffa looks at the current state of 100 days & 2010 agenda and is not surprised at - what I'd guess - Reggie pushing ITTSS and users wanting things like "multi-touch screen"22:25
* qwerty12_N800 coded a program time ago to get into cmd22:25
penguinb8I used to save my programs on a tape player22:25
penguinb8fun to listen to22:25
penguinb8I had a TI22:25
GAN8001Reggie's a little pathetic with that whole itTSS thing. . . .22:25
JaffaGAN8001: aye22:26
AStormpenguinb8: not just you, I also used to do that22:26
* qwerty12_N800 listens to TI22:26
AStormwith C6422:26
penguinb8My first computer experience was an XT with 10MB hard disk and 2400baud hayes modem22:26
GAN8001First it was the stunned disbelief, then it was the pity party, then the subversion of useful work.22:26
AStormpenguinb8: oh, a modem!22:26
AStormI had to wait till 1995 to get one ;P22:27
AStormor was it 199322:27
gnuSnobpenguinb8: a hard drive?  you started out easy! :P22:27
AStormyeah, 199322:27
GAN8001Jaffa, give me a link to the wiki pages, I'm stumbling all over my retarded self trying to find the linkgs right now.22:27
penguinb8I used to dial UofM and dial out from there anywhere in the world at 1200baud22:27
JaffaGAN8001: hang on, half way through an edit...22:27
AStormpenguinb8: you got INTERNETS!22:27
gnuSnobI had to punch holes in floppies just to eek out a couple kb22:27
GAN8001Front page of itT22:27
AStormoh, wait, no, it was CompuServe back then ;P22:27
GAN8001Retard-mode idle!22:27
AStormgnuSnob: wtf?22:28
AStormthese were for write protection afaicr22:28
qwerty12_N800sighhh, you old timers :p22:28
AStormI mean, the cutouts22:28
GAN8001Hehe, yeah, Jaffa:
gnuSnob3.5 floppies would become usable has "high density" disks if they had an extra hole added22:28
GAN8001Why are these idiots making hardware requests in the _MAEMO.ORG_ agenda22:29
AStormgnuSnob: ah, these22:29
AStormthat hack usually wouldn't work22:29
AStormyou'd have to format the disk physically then too22:29
penguinb8you mean 5.2522:30
gnuSnobyeah, reformat.. it worked for a couple years22:30
gnuSnobno, 3.522:30
gnuSnobthe plastic ones22:30
JaffaGAN8001: and
gnuSnobwell, same thing w/ the 5.25 disks, actually22:30
penguinb8when then 1.4MB floppies came out I was so happy22:30
*** felipec has joined #maemo22:30
*** penguinb8 has quit IRC22:31
gnuSnobthe theory was that the media in the double density disks came off the same assembly line22:31
AStormgnuSnob: which is untrue22:31
qwerty12_N800by the time i had to use removable storage, we had usb flash drives ;)22:31
gnuSnobwell, it worked, but I agree, there's a quality difference22:31
AStormDD disks ended up being more expensive anyway ;P22:31
gnuSnob~5 years later my DD disks that were "hacked" to HD started to get bad blocks22:32
AStorm5 years? it's hard to get a good enough CD-R to last that long ;P22:32
AStormthey're all crud nowadays22:33
AStormit's hard to grab Tyan Ind. disks, which were great22:33
gnuSnobAStorm: sounds like you were getting ripped.. micro center sold floppies in bulks of like 300 disks, and the dd ones were cheaper (hence the reason they could sell the punchers)22:33
RST38hGAN: Reggie should finally fix that goddamned stylesheet at the iTT frontpage22:34
AStormwhy would I need 300 disks?22:34
* Jaffa structures 2010_Agenda a bit better.22:34
RST38hAnd only THEN does he get a moral right to talk about software section =)22:34
* GAN8001 sighs in relief.22:34
GAN8001So much better, Jaffa.22:34
*** Navi_ is now known as Navi22:34
GAN8001No wonder it was a mess.22:34
*** hernan43 has left #maemo22:35
*** jeez_ has quit IRC22:37
gnuSnobwhat's the best way to kill and start the window manager?22:37
gnuSnob/usr/bin/matchbox-window-manager -theme default -use_ <= is that the process?22:37
JaffaYes, that's the WM.22:37
JaffaKilling it will trigger an auto-reboot tho22:37
JaffagnuSnob: so if you're going to kill it, disable the "lifeguard reset" using the command line Linux/OS X flasher or 0xfff22:38
AStormJaffa: no, it won't22:38
AStormit will restart the WM22:38
AStormjust kill -HUP it22:38
*** ChanServ has quit IRC22:38
gnuSnobhmm.. looks like astorm is right22:38
GAN8001Jaffa, any ideas where we should push the discussion for this brainstorming?22:38
qwerty12_N800dsmetool reboots the n80022:38
GAN8001The mediawiki talk pages?22:38
AStormqwerty12_N800: or not, depending on options22:38
AStormit can just restart the app22:39
AStormand it does so with matchbox22:39
*** k-s has joined #maemo22:39
gnuSnobit killed it and brought it back up.. but it didn't give me the statusbar clock I just installed22:39
qwerty12_N800I need to read the --help again22:39
gnuSnobmaybe I need to enable that somehow22:39
AStormgnuSnob: yes, in Control Panel/Panels22:39
qwerty12_N800gnuSnob, when killed, all 3rd party plug-ins are disabled22:40
AStormwhich is horrible22:40
gnuSnobso killing that thing wasn't graceful?22:40
qwerty12_N800sending sigterm doesn't disable them tho22:40
gnuSnobDo I need to reboot to do it right then22:40
gnuSnobah, should have used -HUP then22:40
*** ChanServ has joined #maemo22:41
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ22:41
*** onion has quit IRC22:44
*** henrique has joined #maemo22:45
sjgadsbyI'm amused by the discussion page for 100Days.22:45
GAN8001People need to learn how to use talk pages22:46
AStormno, they won't22:46
AStormotherwise, there's be no wikipedia as we know it ;)22:46
AStorm*there'd22:46 is so unbelievably slow22:46
GAN8001It's good that that guy didn't login so we can't make fun of his stupidity, sjgadsby. ;)22:47
*** WorkingOnWise has quit IRC22:48
*** j0tt has joined #maemo22:49
*** jott has quit IRC22:49
*** j0tt is now known as jott22:49
gnuSnobIt turns out that the reason I couldn't see the statusbar clock was that the USB keyboard icon covers it22:51
gnuSnoberr.. actually, pushes it into an overflow statusbar22:51
*** Vudentz_ has joined #maemo22:52
AStormwho needs an icon for that?22:53
AStormbtw, statusbar clock takes two icons22:53
gnuSnobgood point.. removing it now22:53
gnuSnobalso removed brightness and sound - since adv-backlight serves both w/ one icon22:55
AStormyep, that applet is pure gold22:55
AStormit could use an enlargement (no pun intended) of mute and -/+ buttons22:56
gnuSnobyeah, installed it yesterday.. already saved me from one retina burning22:56
NaviOnly the large statusbar clock does22:56
AStormheh, if only we'd get a sunlight response daemon with it22:56
Navithe small one is just one icon22:56
JaffaGAN8001: talk pages could be best way really22:56
AStormone more configurable than the default22:57
gnuSnobAStorm: guess that would only help n810 users22:57
JaffaOh FFS, more end-user crap in 2010_Agenda.22:57
AStormno, why?22:57
gnuSnobn800 doesn't have a lightmeter22:57
AStormn800 also has a sensor22:57
gnuSnobhmm.. where is it?22:57
AStormlet's see22:57
qwerty12_N800n800 doesn't22:58
AStormno problem then22:58
qwerty12_N800it has temp sensor22:58
Johnny5The light sensor was a "feature" of the n81022:58
AStormI'd still love adv.brightness with light sensor support22:58
GAN8001Why did Reggie link it on the frontpage of itT?22:58
AStormJohnny5: yeah, it's nice usually22:58
AStormbut the relation between light level and brightness is not configurable22:59
Johnny5Which makes it useless IMO22:59
AStormno, it is useful22:59
qwerty12_N800GAN8001, Agreed. it just invites n00bs.22:59
GAN8001Somebody needs to put a boilerplate at the top to help focus things.22:59
GAN8001"This page is for brainstorming related to ONLY"23:00
* Jaffa will do.23:00
sjgadsbyWhat, you want people to read now?23:00
GAN8001I don't have my arsenal of wikipedia templates to throw around on the maemo wiki. :D23:00
* Johnny5 wonders what this "literacy" thing people keep talking about is... ;)23:01
GAN8001sjgadsby, I'm an optimist. :P23:01
GAN8001An optometrist, too, you should probably do something about that eye, qwerty12_N800. :P23:02
*** Anunakin has quit IRC23:02
AStormit was a smiley with a red-eye23:03
JaffaWarnings added. Would be good to add in some kind of box like often seen at the top of Wikipedia articles23:03
GAN8001I'll try to pull a template, Jaffa.23:03
*** onion has joined #maemo23:04
JaffaGAN8001: ta23:04
*** Gatestone has quit IRC23:05
GAN8001So slooooow23:05
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo23:06
*** Gatestone has joined #maemo23:06
qwerty12_N800should take more time to read23:06
NaviI only changed three lines :P23:07
*** Saviq has left #maemo23:07
qwerty12_N800I ain't gonna waste time trying to find out the lines by myself :p23:08
NaviThey're at the top :P23:09
qwerty12_N800I'll apply it to the diablo ver tomorrow.23:09
NaviThe chunk of #defines and such23:09
qwerty12_N800I'm talking 'bout specifics23:09
Navieverything those defines changes are scattered throughout the program23:09
Navireally nasty stuff23:10
GAN8001All of wikipedia's templates are composed of giant webs of other templates.23:10
*** PhosphoricX has joined #maemo23:10
sjgadsbyWaiting to see if meanwhile/Umptious shows up on the maemo wiki.23:11
*** Gatestone has quit IRC23:11
PhosphoricXI'd like to share a TTime (or equivilent XX:XX:XX) value between S60 and Maemo over bluetooth. How would you suggest that I encode/decode the data?23:12
*** simon_ has joined #maemo23:12
GAN8001Jaffa, they're sorta better23:12
GAN8001You can change the CSS style if you want.23:12
JaffaSo slooow23:12
qwerty12_N800sjgadsby, If he does, give him a middle finger from me :p23:12
JaffaGAN8001: that's better. Might be tempted to lose some of the bold on it now.23:13
GAN8001One sec23:14
* Jaffa tweaks23:14
JaffaHow's that?23:14
JaffaLightened the yellow a tad, too.23:14
GAN8001I got two more tweaks23:15
GAN8001One sec23:15
*** n800m has quit IRC23:15
sjgadsbyWould the "Software applications..." yellow box be better right in the "End-user software wish list"?23:15
*** Mike11 has joined #maemo23:16
*** fab has quit IRC23:16
*** Saviq has joined #maemo23:16
GAN8001OK, there.23:16
GAN8001"Define types of applications that will be useful on the Internet Tablet" . . . ha23:17
AStormI think real command line utils would be useful23:19
AStormthat is, to hell with busybox, we want coreutils!23:19
qwerty12_N800busybox gone23:19
GAN8001That's not a issue23:19
*** practisevoodoo has quit IRC23:19
GAN8001There's a bug on bugzilla23:19
qwerty12_N800don't forget procps too23:20
qwerty12_N800bbox top sucks ...23:20
GAN8001Jaffa, if you want to keep tabs on things, just add the pages to your watchlist23:21
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo23:22
JaffaGAN8001: already done :-)23:24
GAN8001Figured you might've, but just wanted to make sure you were aware of it. ;)23:24
JaffaGAN8001: I quite fancy having a wikipedia-esque warning triangle and then combining the two boxes into two paragraphs in one box23:25
GAN8001Sounds good to me23:25
GAN8001Can't find the image off-hand, though.23:26
GAN8001OK, it's more or less ready for the image, anyway.23:27
*** |penguinbait| has joined #maemo23:27
Jaffasjgadsby: nice23:28
* Jaffa uploads23:28
GAN8001I like this, too: :D23:28
*** dforsyth has quit IRC23:28
*** henrique has quit IRC23:31
qwerty12_N800nice. but where's the chains23:33
*** dforsyth has joined #maemo23:33
GAN8001That one's perfect, |penguinbait|.23:33
GAN8001"Quite truthfully, we really don't want your retarded input. Please kindly GTFO kthxbai"23:33
*** henrique has joined #maemo23:34
*** dforsyth has quit IRC23:34
JaffaYay, got the effect I want :-)23:34
*** dforsyth has joined #maemo23:34
*** yerga has joined #maemo23:35
|penguinbait|GAN, did I upset you?23:36
GAN8001lol, sjgadsby and his damn grammar cleanups. :P23:36
*** dforsyth has quit IRC23:36
GAN8001No, |penguinbait|, no sarcasm.23:36
GAN8001I was running with the joke. :D23:36
qwerty12_N800GAN8001, you love it really :p23:36
*** dforsyth has joined #maemo23:36
sjgadsbyStop me, before I correct comma usage again!23:36
qwerty12_N800oh noez!23:36
Jaffasjgadsby: eww, one missing from the second paragraph23:37
|penguinbait|my wife does not want my retarded input either, but thats life23:37
qwerty12_N800sjgadsby. making it easier for the people at nokia to read the stuff.23:37
GAN8001sjgadsby is like some horrible little fairy that follows everywhere you edit and makes you feel like a stupid 3rd grader. He's like some horrible grammar-Navi! :P23:37
GAN8001Hey, commas don't go there!23:38
GAN8001|penguinbait|, forget my stupidity from the repository issue. :)23:38
GAN8001I was just being pissy for no good reason and you got caught up in the collateral damage. :)23:39
*** mrglinux has quit IRC23:39
JaffaGrammar fixed.23:40
|penguinbait|I would have responded sooner, but I had to go look up "GTFO kthxba"23:40
|penguinbait|seriously can't we type in full all of our insults :)23:41
|penguinbait|no commas needed23:41
GAN8001The retarded chan/AOL speak is part of the effect. ;)23:41
Navistfu I iz leet23:42
NaviDun hates on mah23:42
*** sjgadsby has quit IRC23:43
GAN8001I feel like I'm on dialup again. . . .23:43
|penguinbait|etsley eakspey igpey atinley23:43
*** Sargun has quit IRC23:44
*** SDuensin has quit IRC23:45
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC23:45
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo23:45
Saviq"high-tech machines" erm... have they ever heard of google?23:46
Mike11can anyone advise how to install web browser in Xepher?23:48
* Jaffa beds.23:48
GAN8001'night, Jaffa.23:49
*** yerga has quit IRC23:50
summatusmentisso, if I wanted to write a .desktop file to run kinit and aklog, in order to authenticate against kerberos5, who would I go about doing it?23:55
*** shackan has joined #maemo23:55
NaviI'd steal a desktop file and use it as a template23:56
|penguinbait|right click and create new shortcut23:56
|penguinbait|ah, in KDE anyway23:56
summatusmentisNavi: where are tehy located?23:57
Navior something like that23:57
|penguinbait|looks right23:57
*** t_s_o has quit IRC23:57
*** onion has quit IRC23:59
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo23:59

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