IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2008-01-06

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ustunozgurpupnik_: me?00:03
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ustunozgurI'm using ssh.00:03
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Aniruddha_NLcan I ssh into the n800 without enabling the r&d_mode?00:07
Aniruddha_NLtht is ssh into n800 from my desktop00:07
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pupnik_i use the shell a lot, so i'm always using ssh/synergy/bluetooth keyboard00:08
ustunozgurAniruddha_NL: if you install openssh-server, yes.00:10
Aniruddha_NLustunozgur: I have it installed00:10
Aniruddha_NLBu I get stucka t the password screen00:11
Aniruddha_NLI have tried the default password00:11
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ustunozgurit asks a new password for me00:11
ustunozgurwhile installing00:11
ustunozgurthen you use that password you gave.00:11
ustunozgurif you just clicked OK, it might be blank00:12
Aniruddha_NLbut that password didn;t work00:12
Aniruddha_NLI can loging from my n88 locslly thouh00:12
Aniruddha_NLwith ssh root@localhost00:13
ustunozgurfrom your n800?00:13
Aniruddha_NLI am in!00:14
Aniruddha_NLI tried a different ip00:14
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Aniruddha_NLwhat is the default password for 'user'?00:15
Aniruddha_NLis it safe to change it?00:15
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pupnik_as root, type "passwd user" in shell00:17
pupnik_on os2006 i change it just fine00:18
Aniruddha_NLok that gives no problems with os00:19
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pupnik_gives me no problems, and i'm not aware of others with problems00:21
Aniruddha_NLah great!00:21
Aniruddha_NLthenj nI don't have to ssh as root anymore :D00:22
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kulveinz: what version of the xterm you provided? It's segfaulting every now and then and I could gdb it, if I had the sources00:52
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moontigerhi ... does anyone know if the scratchbox plugin for eclipse works or should i just use cmd line tools?00:56
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* lcuk has tummy ache01:13
* moontiger is watching the seahawks beat the redskins :)01:14
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* lcuk doesn't understand american football01:16
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sikor_sxekulve: around?01:56
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scibotGuess what! :D02:04
scibotI'm using my new apple wireless bluetooth keyboard on 2008/N800 to chat right now. :)02:05
lcukvery nice02:05
scibotFailed to pair the first couple of times but now it works like a beaut.02:05
lcukdo all the buttons work and are you wearing the customary steve jobs turtle neck?02:05
scibotHighly recommended.02:05
scibot... How did you know I was wearing a turtle-neck? o_O02:06
lcuki looked at them last night and its a nice board02:06
scibotI haven't tried all the keys out yet, so far so good.02:06
lcukbe careful with the buttons tho, if you press a certain combination a group of mac users will come round and have a party02:07
scibotBut I'm a linux hippy with a scruffy beard and no social life.02:07
lcukits ok you can mingle and show off and offer to link your board with their iphone ;)02:07
scibotEwwww, propriorety.02:08
* lcuk cackles quietly about no bluetooth02:08
guerbykewl sandisk microSDHC 8GB (with micro to mini adapter) is recognized by my N81002:08
pupnik_guerby could you run a test for speed?02:08
lcukguer, good to know02:08
guerbypupnik_, write speed 3.3 MB/s02:09
tank-manhow much was the microSDHC?02:09
scibotNow I can roleplay erotic situations on the toilet. :D02:09
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guerbyroot flash is 6.9 MB/s, internal flash is 2.1 MB/s, and kingston 1GB microSD is 4.3 MB/s02:10
guerbymeasured with:  time sh -c "dd if=/dev/zero of=toto bs=1M count=200;sync"02:10
pupnik_umm how did you test?02:10
scibotThe funky "you are using an external keyboard bar on the bottom is annoying me.02:10
pupnik_sync; time sh -c "dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/mmc1/testfile bs=1M count=100;sync"02:10
pupnik_use that to write speed test02:10
* scibot hunts down a way to disable it.02:10
pupnik_time dd if=/media/mmc1/testfile of=/dev/null bs=1M02:10
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pupnik_use that to read speed test02:10
pupnik_you need the sincs02:10
lcuksci, that bar at the bottom will be the same one which gives suggestions about words on the 81002:11
guerbypupnik_, I did \rm toto;sync before launching02:11
lcukyou can remove it02:11
scibotF6 maximises, F4 brings up the properties menu.02:11
sikor_sxeanyone around with knowledge of the hildon mime system?02:11
pupnik_guerby: is mmc1 the minisd card on the N810?02:11
sikor_sxei cannot get filemanager to open documents with my app02:11
guerbypupnik_, yes (mmc2 is internal flash, and for root flash I used /var/tmp and only 50GB)02:12
pupnik_  guerby could you post your card brand name and read/write speeds to this thread please?02:12
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scibotShit, can't disable it.02:12
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lcuksci - try unticking control panel/text input/languages/settings/"next word prediction"02:13
guerbypupnik_, pupnik for read I got really funny behaviour02:13
lcukthat bar used to come on when i use the internal kb (its in the right place for it on 810) and pissed me off02:13
guerbypupnik_, 5 MB/s then 10 MB/s then 5MB/s ... quite bizarre02:14
pupnik_hmm :/02:14
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scibotTesting... Bloody thing is still down there.02:15
dragornguerby: sounds like a sample issue rather than a data rate issue02:15
scibotOkay now it's gone.02:15
scibotHad to disable word complete.02:15
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lcukdidnt see the pair of them lol - just got rid of all02:17
scibotAnyway, this is much cooler now I can type comfortably.02:17
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lcukits gonna take some gettin used to with the 810 board02:18
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lcukgonna plug in an external when i am at home02:19
scibotGot the host cable for it?02:19
scibotOooh, this is really going to feed my IRC addiction, that's for sure.02:19
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lcuknot yet but theres other stuff happenin around which means i cant go ripping into the mystery boxes for bits02:19
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lcukif it doesnt look feasible at least i know i can whip out to the apple shop and get myself one02:21
scibotLike mwah.02:21
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* lcuk slaps scibot for gloatin :P02:21
scibotJust because I'm the apple sort of awesome.02:22
lcukright - you are a python coder?02:22
scibotOkay that's stretching it too far, it's a nice keyboard.02:22
lcuk(it was actually a serious question, i have editor open02:23
scibotNot really, I only do it on occasion, mostly for scripting02:23
guerbypupnik_, posted here:
*** packetlossmm has left #maemo02:24
pupnik_guerby thanks - ppl will appreciate it02:24
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scibotI'm pretty much studying game development now though, so I'll be getting into pygame soon02:25
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lcukam i right in thinking that i can get most of the code working as standard gtk (hence dev directly in windows) and just switch out a module of hildon specific stuff when i move it onto my n81002:25
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pupnik_i have compiled many straight gtk 2.0 apps for the tablets02:26
pupnik_but they will be missing features02:26
lcuki tried this but the gui looks wrong02:26
lcukhence needing to hildonize a few calls02:26
lcukcool - so i i am heading in the right direction02:27
lcukfeeling a bit better02:27
lcukhow do i get file manager to run .py files directly?  (i think its related to the mime question earlier)02:29
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maddler800New rtcomm rocks!02:41
guerbymaddler, in what respect? :)02:45
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unique311doesn't install on my device.02:45
unique311i like the gizmo hackk02:46
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maddler800Almost ever IM protocol is now available from default chat application!02:46
unique311able to make free calls and recieve them...can't beat that.02:46
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|Runique311 : hack?02:57
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unique311not really.02:58
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unique311well i guess you can call it that...03:01
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unique311if you set up grandcentral to forward calls to your gizmo number.03:02
unique311and set up the gizmo number in the default chat client.03:03
unique311what happens is, when you go to the grandcentral website and call any number from your contact list.  google actually calls the number you want to dial, and then i guess forwards the call to your gizmo number.03:04
*** astro76 has joined #maemo03:12
mardi__thought grandcentral new signups was closed :/03:13
unique311i'll send u an invite03:13
unique311have 5 left..03:13
unique311come and get em03:13
unique311pm me ur email addy03:14
Cptnodegardits good to be a geek :)03:16
Cptnodegard[02:15] <Cptnodegard> i03:16
Cptnodegard[02:15] <Cpt_DS> r03:16
Cptnodegard[02:15] <Cptn-N800> Extremely03:16
Cptnodegard[02:15] <CptLaptop> bored03:16
Cptnodegard[02:15] <CptnCell> !03:16
lcukc c c c c lag breaker03:16
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guerbyhmmm big design oops: there's no & key or symbol on N810 french kbd ...03:22
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dhdfooargh I missed lardman03:22
dhdfoostupid timezones :)03:22
dhdfoois it okay to update to reflect new paths to DSP stuff on the N800?03:23
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nwidgerhey, any around?03:50
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo03:50
unique311i'm around.03:51
unique311what you want suckkaaa.03:51
|Rcheckin' :)03:51
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo03:51
nwidgerso imtrying to update through the app manager03:51
nwidgerbut it says i cant because im missing libglade and makedev03:51
nwidgerthe package is rtcom-beta-os299803:52
nwidgerdo you know how to fix my problem?03:52
unique311i gave up on that one.03:53
shackannwidger: you enabled red pill mode ?03:53
unique311had alot of missing dependencies03:53
nwidgershackan: i have03:53
unique311because its trying to use the repository and not the repostory.03:53
nwidgershackan: should i disable it?03:53
shackanmm, strange, I installed it03:53
shackannwidger: I didn't03:53
unique311but everytime i remove the (i) it just adds new repos.03:54
nwidgerlemme try again03:54
nwidgerwhat exactly is red pill mode?03:54
unique311a mode that should not be abused03:56
nwidgerwhat is it though?03:56
nwidgeror what03:56
*** nwidger has quit IRC03:56
*** behdad has joined #maemo03:56
unique311a mode that allows you to install stuff that can screw your tablet up, i think.03:57
*** nwidger has joined #maemo03:57
nwidgerso what does enabling red pill mode do?03:57
*** Cptn-N800 has left #Maemo03:57
unique311consequences of doing so include, 1. reflashing 2. reflashing 3 reflashing.03:57
|Runique311 : so basically grandcentral allows you to add contacts and calls both ends instead of you having to call? and gizmo has free call-in ?03:58
|R(never used either...)03:58
unique311to install rtcomm, will allow rtcomm to install dependencies not available in blue pill mode.03:58
unique311not sure if gizmo has free calls in.03:58
unique311i tried dialing the gizmo number via home phone.03:59
*** Cptnodegard has quit IRC03:59
unique311and it won't go thru03:59
unique311but grandcentral allows this to happen.03:59
|Runique311 : but in the video you called by the webpage, and it rang your n800 and the other person...?03:59
unique311which is cool with me.03:59
astro76you can't call the sip number from a phone03:59
astro76but you can get a free 775 number from them03:59
unique311but you can also use the device browser03:59
|Ryes sure...04:00
astro76still need a credit card though04:00
nwidgerhow do you become root?04:00
lcukyou brush over your mail addy :( i can't quite grasp the numbers part04:00
unique311lcuk, you need my email address?04:00
* lcuk would like to try google prod04:00
* |R doesn't get something ;)04:00
astro76or you can get a free grandcentral number and set your gizmo sip number in there04:00
unique311send me a PM04:00
unique311lcuk i can send you an invite.04:00
lcukyer but no priv msg on this webchat04:01
astro76unfortunately no new grandcentral accounts until google googlizes them04:01
unique311you mind 257 having you email address?04:01
|Ranyway i'm in canada... i'm screwed04:01
lcukill try what i think it is now...04:01
astro76unique311: you guys could join an empty channel04:01
|Rlike #maemo-empty04:02
nwidgeranyone know where i can get libglade2?04:02
unique311lcuk, join maemo-empty04:02
nwidgeror makedev?04:02
unique311|R, it can still work.04:02
unique311don't you know anyone from the US, get an address and sign up for GC04:03
|Ruhm, not really :)04:03
|Rbut it's too much work considering i have dirt cheap sip at home :)04:03
|R1.1¢/minis close enougth to nothing.04:04
unique311searching for ways to make international calls right now for free..lol04:05
|Rhehe, keep us updated ;)04:05
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* lcuk_b grits teeth04:06
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rouexanyone know the milliamps rating for the BP-5L battery that comes with the N800? I'm looking to buy a replacement. thanks.05:26
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|Rrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4 minutes :P05:59
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ReverendThank you for responding E78C8EE4BA, I was wondering if there was a -voice that had occurred.06:02
*** alterego has quit IRC06:02
E78C8EE4BABAnot showing in xchat06:03
E78C8EE4BABAbtw, (n810 xchat)++06:04
ReverendAwesome E78, (I'm too lazy to type the whole thing) how hard was that to get in n810?06:10
* Reverend nods06:12
E78C8EE4BABAit's beta, but i've found no bugs06:12
ReverendMine's not nearly so cool, it's Colloquy on Mac os X ;)06:12
*** darx has quit IRC06:13
E78C8EE4BABAmy only problem now is figuring out how to bear children for my n81006:13
|Ranyone got pipepanic running on 2008? :P06:13
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC06:19
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*** scibot has joined #maemo06:35
scibotCrap, can't find the equivelant of the home key on this thing.06:36
scibotAny ideas? I know CTRL+Left jumps across by word.06:36
scibotI'm using an apple wireless keyboard and it doesn't have the right side with the numpad etc. on it06:37
scibotI need it to delete the whole line, which is something that until now I didn't realise how often I did.06:40
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC06:42
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo06:48
*** mankod is now known as _mankod06:50
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unique311HERe's A cOoL LiNkE06:51
unique311WtF WhY Is MY WrTtinG LoOkIng LiKE THiS.06:51
unique311iS THIs A JOkE.06:51
unique311that was strange06:52
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo06:52
unique311save the .swf to mmc, run them in the browser, and then bookmark them.06:53
unique311the handclock.swf is i think the best.06:54
*** blassey has joined #maemo06:55
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo06:57
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*** greatgazoo has joined #maemo07:11
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*** dolske has joined #maemo07:15
scibotHow do you map keys for a bluetooth keyboard? Want to set up a combo for home and end07:16
tank-manmaybe you can try with xmodmap07:19
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo07:21
*** greatgazoo has left #maemo07:23
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*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
*** |newbie| has quit IRC07:29
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*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo07:35
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*** jason__ has joined #maemo08:23
jason__quick question08:24
jason__I've compiled xv08:24
jason__but how can I double click on n810???08:24
jason__right click I meant08:24
jason__which is needed to display xv's menu08:24
jason__it's kinda annoying without08:24
keesjI don't think it is possible.08:25
keesjI qoulw be good to do like other programs , that pressing for a longer time pops up the menu. or do something in combo with a hardware key08:26
jason__bah not worth it08:26
jason__I was hoping that a key combination would work08:27
keesjme trying to be funny: you need to pres harder08:27
jason__i.e. shift + click08:27
jason__I found it08:27
keesjwhat works best are apps that are designed for the devices08:27
jason__kick ass08:28
*** jason__ has quit IRC08:28
Luriaanyone ever have their home screen applets just disappear?08:30
*** eber_ has joined #maemo08:30
unique311He foUND the answer, and didn't bother sharing.08:31
unique311that sucks08:31
Luriathe joys of oss08:32
unique311in and out.08:33
keesjhappy happy joy joy.08:33
Luriahmmm... whats up with the libillumination packages08:34
Luriathey all see to have updates, but not all of the libs seem to be installable?08:34
*** Spoon has joined #maemo08:34
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC08:37
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC08:38
keesjLuria: I dont know08:40
Luriakeesj, but you know what i'm talking about?08:41
Luriaargh. xchat's gone stupid. brb08:42
*** Luria has quit IRC08:42
keesjI know there have been problems with the repositories (and often a download fails) perhaps this is related08:42
*** Luria has joined #maemo08:42
*** d^_^B has joined #maemo08:45
d^_^Bhi guys08:45
d^_^Btell me please this is true:08:45
d^_^BThe N800 has an FM tuner, this was not included in the N81008:46
keesjthis is right08:46
*** E78C8EE4BABA has quit IRC08:46
*** cancerbero has joined #maemo08:47
*** Vulcanis has quit IRC08:48
* keesj is very happy with his new laptop . ready for serious development!08:48
d^_^Bn810 hasn't it :(08:49
*** moontiger_ has joined #maemo08:49
keesjperhaps it is hidden again :p08:49
d^_^Bummm so not sure08:50
moontiger_has anybody managed to get nicotine (or any other p2p client) running on the n810?08:50
Luriai use bittorrent08:51
Luriawhy would i use nicotine?08:51
moontiger_which torrent client do u use?08:52
Luriatransmission works pretty well08:52
moontiger_ahhhhhh yah08:52
moontiger_i got that08:52
Luriactorrent in a cli pinch08:52
moontiger_is there any way to make transmission the default handler for .torrent files in the browser?08:52
Luriaactually, transmission is a very good client08:52
moontiger_yes its nice and lightweight08:53
d^_^Btell me irc client is for n810?08:53
moontiger_yes ... xchat works fine on the n81008:53
Luriai should hopeso, seeing as im using it atm08:54
Luriamoontiger_, no idea, i suppose gconf would be the place to start looking08:55
moontiger_yah or i suppose i should write a script to do it huh? ;)08:55
Luriaits not such a big deal - i dont intentionally use bt all that often08:57
Lurianormally, its start a torrent via rdesktop, enjoy it when i get home.08:58
moontiger_yah good point ... and its no biggie to download the torrent file and then open it with transmission08:59
moontiger_i was being lazy really08:59
Luriai mean, the rare case is to grab an album or something on the go, but if im moving, well i probably cant do port forwarding or im not sticking around long enough to do a really large xfer09:01
Luriaso while its nice to have, its not something i do very often.09:01
Luriawhen i switch to a 3g tethering plan, id be wary about using it too, so that is out09:02
Luriai could route it through my home vpn, but that seems unwise.09:02
Luriaand slow, given my upstream.09:02
d^_^BI FOund THESE:09:03
d^_^BThe N810 has a built-in GPS, the N800 doesn't (just use a BT GPS instead)09:03
d^_^BThe N810 has a slide-out keyboard, the N800 doesn't (both can also use an external BT keyboard)09:03
d^_^BThe N810 has a transflective screen, the N800 doesn't. The N810 screen is much better in sunlight, and also a little brighter. But both screens are _excellent_. They both look superb under the same indoor conditions (although there's a bit more glare on the N810 screen - it's mirroring a bit more than the N800 screen).09:03
d^_^BThe N810 has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen illumination, the N800 doesn't (however the sensor is placed so that for some people it'll end up under your thumb..)09:03
d^_^BThe N800 has an FM tuner, this was not included in the N81009:04
d^_^BThe N810 has one mini-SD slot (compatible with micro SD/SDHC as well). The N800 has two full-size SD(HC) slots (compatible with everything in the SD/MMC family).09:04
d^_^BBoth units have 128MB of RAM and 256MB of internal flash storage09:04
d^_^BThe N810 has an additional 2GB internal flash area09:04
d^_^BThe limited-resolution camera on the N810 is fixed at the front, the one on the N800 pops out and can be turned around (front- or back-looking)09:04
d^_^BThe N810 has a micro-USB connector, the N800 uses mini-USB09:04
d^_^BBoth units use replacable Nokia phone batteries, although of different types09:04
d^_^BBoth units are otherwise exactly the same with respect to internal hardware, and software (CPU, DSP, operating system, connectors, stereo speakers, mic etc.)09:04
moontiger_ummmm i think the n810 has a slightly faster clock speed09:06
keesjwhat about battery live? and usb-host support?09:06
moontiger_batt life is good on the n81009:06
moontiger_usb host support no09:06
d^_^Bn810 is more better for in the sunlight09:06
keesjit2008 does freq scalling but that did not really improve my "off the power charger" time09:07
d^_^Bwell i heard battery life is very better than n80009:07
keesjmuch better that is :p09:07
keesjand what about the sound ?n810 setero stuff?09:08
keesjand the default package that comes with the n810 ? same stuff . I think I read there was a car mounter piece09:09
d^_^Bmore glare on the N810 screen :D09:09
moontiger_the car mount works good ... the internal gps is a bit slow getting a lock09:10
moontiger_i use an external gps with my fone and the n810 and it works great09:11
moontiger_i got the full wayfinder nav package and thats very good too09:11
d^_^Bwith this summarize i think n810 is much better than n80009:11
moontiger_i havent played with an n800 but from what ive read and seen i think the n810 is much better09:11
d^_^Bit is newer and fixed the problems on n80009:12
moontiger_im more impressed with it after 3 or 4 weeks using it than i thought i would be to be honest09:13
keesjmoontiger_: talking about n810 or wayfinder?09:21
moontiger_i have to go ... laterz09:21
moontiger_ummmmm the n81009:21
moontiger_but wayfinder is very good too09:21
moontiger_worth the $100 it costs09:21
moontiger_bye :)09:21
*** moontiger_ has quit IRC09:22
unique311bullshit man...09:26
unique311i found like one of the best mario world flash games and freaking only playable with an n81009:27
d^_^Bhi unique31109:29
d^_^Bhow are ya friend?09:29
d^_^Bi am We :D09:29
unique311don't you mean, internet buddie09:29
d^_^Bwell i have new interviews with C.Y.T. Luca Zeta And ItaloBrothers Soon09:30
d^_^BDo U Know Them?09:30
unique311you want me to watch something.09:30
unique311why not just ask.09:30
unique311all the how are ya friend is not needed.09:30
unique311link me09:31
d^_^Bnot ready now09:31
d^_^Bgreat italo stars09:31
unique311who are these people?09:31
*** _mankod has quit IRC09:31
unique311link me to the site anyways.09:31
*** _mankod has joined #maemo09:32
unique311i might want to create an account.09:32
d^_^BC.Y.T. Is Old Dance Scene Artist And The Owner Of Austrian Label www.arcrecords.at09:32
d^_^ is great italian dj producer09:33
unique311i started listening to dance.09:33
unique311great fan of benny benassi.09:33
unique311like the sound09:33
d^_^Bmy homepage:
d^_^Bsupporting the artists and the labels09:33
unique311now we friends..lol09:33
unique311so where is this interview taking place?09:34
d^_^Byou can see new italodance new info cd releases interviews everytime on my homepage09:35
unique311k, this is not live.09:35
unique311you should check out blogtv, and hold live interviews.09:35
d^_^Bwell they are not ready yet well goes for the nest week but u can read my past interviews09:36
d^_^Bin the down right site09:36 is not working09:36
d^_^Bnot working?09:37
unique311getting page error.09:37
unique311working now09:37
unique311so slow.09:37
Luriano one knows if you can hack a n810 screen into a n800?09:38
*** becksbier has joined #maemo09:38
d^_^Bor use www.italodancemp3.blogspot.com09:38
unique311dude, way too much linkage.09:38
unique311all of them seem not to be working for me.09:39
unique311guess its not meant to be.09:39
d^_^Blol why? srange here is ok09:39
unique311no www09:39
unique311you have to link without www09:40
d^_^ hehe u can find many domains on google09:40
unique311i got it.09:41
*** l7 has quit IRC09:41
d^_^Bi hate rap black hiphop musicccccccccccc09:45
*** Luria has quit IRC09:45
unique311hmmm,  i like rap black hiphop musiccccccccccccc09:45
unique311kinda like all sorts of music.09:46
unique311if it has a descent beat, i'll listen to it.09:46
d^_^Bthey killed many music genres anyway i never listen to trade music09:46
unique311d^_^B, do you like ' rap white hiphop musiccccccccccccc'09:46
d^_^Btotally i don't like black09:48
d^_^Bumm no for rap hiphop09:48
d^_^Bi only listen to italodance and sometimes to good eurodance and trance09:48
*** Luria has joined #maemo09:48
Fang64I must be on the other end of the spectrum then lol09:49
unique311wow, thats harsh d^_^B09:49
*** _mankod has quit IRC09:49
Fang64Death Metal, Industrial Metal, and Post Rock09:49
Luriaanyone here own an eee?09:49
*** _mankod has joined #maemo09:49
d^_^Bharsh why>?09:49
*** kbsingh_ has joined #maemo09:49
unique311guess i'm on you don't like list. considering i'm black..  lol09:50
Fang64I do listen to a bit of british hiphop, the headache I have with most mainstream rap is09:50
Fang64it's rapping about the same things09:50
d^_^Bare u black skin?09:50
Fang64there are a few that are descent09:50
unique311yes d^_^B09:50
Fang64The Roots, Mos Def, Jurrassic 509:50
*** kbsingh has quit IRC09:50
unique311very black skin09:50
d^_^Bbut we have many black artists on dance scene09:51
d^_^Blike eddy wata09:51
unique311i liike how you put that, "are u a black skin"09:51
d^_^Bpopular artist producer and dancer09:51
unique311so thats how they refer to it where you from d^_^B ?09:51
Fang64dunno what it is, never really liked trance09:51
d^_^Bor do u know floorfilla?09:51
unique311i just got into listening to dance.09:52
d^_^Bhehehe lol come what may friend09:52
d^_^Bwell i know the artists of mine09:52
d^_^Bi am always talkimg with them and know them very well09:52
d^_^Bthey are my friends09:53
d^_^Bbut do u know ur artists?09:53
unique311i know some.09:53
d^_^Bare they ur friends? near friends and have talk with them on chat forums emails..........09:53
d^_^Byes dance scene is great but listen PURE DANCE Scene no rap-dance no others.......09:54
d^_^B140 BPM09:54
unique311there's a rap dance scene?09:55
unique311wow, i didn't know this.09:55
d^_^Bthe pure dance music has a pretty lyrics but look at par lyrics lol09:55
unique311i thought dance was a genre.  guess thats broken down into different types..09:55
d^_^B*rap lyrics09:55
unique311  is he considered rap dance?09:56
unique311  better video.09:57
d^_^BAngels Never Cry09:57
d^_^BAngels Never Cry09:57
*** _mankod has quit IRC09:58
d^_^BAngels Never Cry - CLOSE YOUR EYES09:58
d^_^Bone of my best song09:58
d^_^B[Whispered Voice]09:58
d^_^BClose Your Eyes09:58
d^_^BAngels Never Cry09:58
unique311no not in here....09:58
d^_^BWe are not alone09:58
d^_^B‘Cause of you there’s none09:58
d^_^BLeft to tell in words09:59
d^_^BCan’t you see me torn?09:59
d^_^BIf you play the dice09:59
unique311way off topics already.09:59
d^_^BWhere is our life?09:59
d^_^BOnly ask you why09:59
d^_^BYou’re still in my mind09:59
unique311d^_^B, stop09:59
d^_^BDo you know if it’s real?09:59
d^_^BI see that you are here09:59
d^_^BI’m the man you have damned09:59
d^_^BI’m the door you have slammed09:59
d^_^BYou never trust the night09:59
d^_^BYou can’t control the time09:59
d^_^BYou fight to get some more09:59
d^_^BBut should just trust in love09:59
d^_^BAnd when you close your eyes09:59
unique311k, i'm done. peace.09:59
*** Dr_Lohr has joined #maemo09:59
d^_^BWhy can’t I hold you tight?09:59
d^_^BIt’s something you can’t hide09:59
d^_^BIt’s you and I09:59
d^_^BAnd when it seems too late09:59
d^_^BFor your sweet dreams to save09:59
d^_^BYou will see me in your mind09:59
Fang64spam chat09:59
d^_^BI’m gonna make you mine09:59
d^_^BThen please don’t say goodbye09:59
d^_^BDon’t’ wanna see you cry09:59
Fang64that will be a ban09:59
d^_^BJust try to save this while09:59
d^_^BIt’s you and I09:59
unique311dude stop10:00
d^_^BIt’s in your sad smile10:00
d^_^BSome stars in your eyes10:00
d^_^BNothing to be told10:00
d^_^BYou forget my world10:00
Fang64wow, he's not very smart doing that10:00
d^_^BWhen you feel so lost10:00
d^_^BMemoirs full of ghosts10:00
d^_^BTrying to make you lie10:00
d^_^B‘Cause my love won’t die10:00
d^_^BI don’t know what you mean10:00
d^_^BYou are closed in my dreams10:00
d^_^BYou’re my love for all life10:00
d^_^BWhich lasts only a long night10:00
Fang64or did you cut and paste all the lyrics lol10:00
d^_^BYou never trust the night10:00
Fang64mirc won't quick10:00
d^_^BYou can’t control the time10:00
d^_^BYou fight to get some more10:00
d^_^BBut should just trust in love10:00
d^_^BAnd when you close your eyes10:00
d^_^BWhy can’t I hold you tight?10:00
d^_^BIt’s something you can’t hide10:00
d^_^BIt’s you and I10:00
d^_^BAnd when it seems too late10:00
d^_^BFor your sweet dreams to save10:00
d^_^BYou will see me in your mind10:00
d^_^BI’m gonna make you mine10:00
d^_^BThen please don’t say goodbye10:01
d^_^BDon’t’ wanna see you cry10:01
d^_^BJust try to save this while10:01
d^_^BIt’s you and I10:01
unique311can't kick him10:01
d^_^BClocks in everyone10:01
d^_^BMinutes one by one10:01
d^_^BWhen you feel so fine10:01
d^_^BYou must close your eyes10:01
d^_^BNever waist frail whiles10:01
d^_^BFrom your fears you hide10:01
unique311still going10:01
d^_^BKnow I am you’re man10:01
d^_^BTrust and seize my hand10:01
d^_^BI don’t know where we go10:01
d^_^BIn a dream that we saw10:01
d^_^BHand in hand we can fly10:01
d^_^BTo a land where you’re mine10:01
unique311oh yeah it is dance.10:01
*** mankod has joined #maemo10:01
d^_^Bsorry it was auto10:01
unique31110 minute songs10:01
d^_^Bvery sorry10:01
d^_^Bbut read it please then tell me ur opinion10:01
unique311dude never do that in here10:01
Fang64just out of curiousity what kind of rap do you listen to unique31110:01
*** hfwilke has quit IRC10:02
unique311doesn't i stated a little while ago.10:02
Fang64best to do private message X.x10:02
unique311if it has a good enough beat for me to move my head to.10:02
unique311i'll listen to it.10:02
Fang64just curious I find the lyrics annoying in alot of it10:03
unique311d^_^B, next time use or PM10:03
unique311thats every music genre10:03
unique311not only hip hop10:03
Fang64then again alot of people find what I listen to quite offensive lol10:03
Fang64then again not all death metal is reflected by Cannibal Corpse10:04
unique311sometimes i don't even listen to the tune for the lyrics10:04
Fang64or so on controversal death metal10:04
unique311actually thats most of the time.10:04
Fang64post rock is more fun because of that10:04
unique311the beat alone does it for me.10:04
Fang64no lyrics10:04
unique311k, with rock10:04
Fang64post rock can cross into industrial tecno a bit10:04
unique311i can listen to a guitar solo, or a drum solo and be happy.10:04
*** AlphaLux has joined #maemo10:04
Fang6464daysofstatic is a good example10:04
Fang64ever heard of Example?10:05
Fang64it's about the only rap I've been listening to lately10:05
Fang64check that out10:05
unique311thats another thing i don't understand.10:06
unique311hiphop is really hated, everyone knows this.10:06
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo10:07
Fang64he filmed it in Chernobyl and i think it shows rap can be constructive10:07
Fang64taking quite alot of risk10:07
Fang64The Streets is another rapper I like both in the british hip-hop/rap scene10:07
unique311take a look at the billboards tops of the year charts from the 60s to  now.10:07
Fang64well Mike Skinner lol10:07
unique311hiphop is all over the billboard charts now10:08
unique311if its not there alone, its mixed with another genre and called a remix. lol10:09
*** ch4os_ has joined #maemo10:09
Fang64you got a point10:09
Fang64rock and metal are trying to hold on though10:09
unique311rock and metal is not going anywhere.10:09
Fang64unless it's a sell out10:10
Fang64nickelback lol10:10
unique311mtv won't let that happen.10:10
Fang64*cough cough*10:10
Fang64well your real metal bands succeed over seas10:10
unique311that was a cool tune. by example.10:10
Fang64in sweden etc.10:10
Fang64he has a good album out10:10
Fang64quite impressive for a college student in fulham10:10
unique311hiphop over here in the states i think was heading that route.10:11
Fang64lol he used a pirated copy of Cubase to get started with his buddy rusher10:11
*** AlphaLux has quit IRC10:11
Fang64it tried too10:11
unique311but money is not in talking righteous.10:11
unique311contraversy sells records10:11
Fang64Dave Chapelle put on a show for those few who had some righteous language10:11
Fang64Bloc Party was awesome10:12
unique311ur mos defs10:12
*** AlphaLux has joined #maemo10:12
Luriacrap, modest is going nuts again10:12
Luriaanyone have modest installed?10:12
unique311mail client?10:12
unique311why not use the default.  ??10:12
Fang64Lupe Fiasco looks like he might be in that crowd, uhmm I haven't had any trouble10:12
Fang64from Modest10:13
Fang64I'm using it10:13
Luriacause of imap-idle10:13
Fang64what's it doing?10:13
Fang64oh your using imap don't have that setup10:13
Fang64still usng pop310:13
Luriai have this terrible bug where the mail notification goes nuts for 5 minutes10:13
Fang64accessing gmail?10:13
Luriaeven when not using the default client10:14
Luriano, dreamhost10:14
Luriait beeps on *every* message, read or unread10:14
Fang64I heard that modest doesn't update reads on mail or is that the default client I am confusing with10:14
Fang64at least on imap10:14
Fang64so it ends up leaving notifications10:14
Luriaonce every day or two10:14
Fang64dunno I would check into that10:16
Luriaso the nokia starts beeping like mad and becomes really slow10:16
Fang64it's either the default client that has the bug or the modest client10:16
Fang64it's listed as a known issue10:16
Fang64(the reason I'm not using imap on gmail yet)10:16
Luriabut pop blows :-)10:16
Fang64I know10:16
Luriaand is usually insecure10:16
Fang64pop does blow lol10:16
Fang64well gmail is secured10:17
*** booiiing has joined #maemo10:17
Fang64with ssl stack10:17
Fang64that's a minor improvement10:17
Luriacreditials or the whole session?10:17
*** Dr_Loh1 has joined #maemo10:18
Fang64the creditials10:18
Fang64I can see your point10:18
Luriaer yeah, sp10:19
Luriabut im on my tiny BT keyboard, so i'm entitled10:19
Fang64I don't have anything critical10:19
Fang64at least secure that I worry about10:20
*** trickie has joined #maemo10:20
Luriayeah, but i believe in security. plus there are dumb merchants that email private data.10:20
Fang64ah, I have a seperate email account I use for that on my main desktop10:20
Luriabad enough it's sent smtp, but do i have to collect all the data in one place for an attacker?10:21
Fang64my main email is used for one purpose10:21
Fang64my other email is used for purchases and important information10:22
Fang64PGP etc etc.10:22
Luriastill, not everyone has the benefit of such discrete separation10:22
Fang64I had this setup from the get go though10:23
Fang64I have a lack of faith in much of the email system in general10:23
Luriathat and the lack of an abiword build for chinook are my two problems10:23
Fang64uhm that could be a problem10:23
Fang64dual boot lol10:24
Luriai need to get around to rebuilding a x-compile machine10:24
Fang64that is a major headache10:24
Luriayeah, thats why it never gets done10:24
Luriathere is a headless p4r/1.4 debian box sitting on my network10:24
Luriadoing nothing but drawing power.10:25
Luriaotoh, it has great uptime.10:25
Fang64I used to run a few sparcstations headless10:25
Fang64till I sold them to a local ISP10:25
Fang64I got one sitting around doing nothing10:25
Luriacause when im home, i want to play games, and when im away, i dont feel like vpn/vnc on my n80010:26
Luriai have a sparc 5 pizza box too10:26
Fang64yup those things are fun10:26
Luriai inherited it from a buddy who left nj for vt10:26
Fang64mine were purchased from an Aircraft building company10:26
Fang64I got them at 50 bucks a pop10:26
Luriaits been on only to have solaris installed and then i havent used it10:26
Fang64ended up selling them to a local ISP10:27
Fang64who wanted them really badly10:27
Luriamostly because i dont have a long enough ethernet cable10:27
Fang64I was using them10:27
Luriaha - this box lived the reverse life10:27
Luriamy buddy moved into a loft in hoboken10:27
Luriait was a failed local isp10:27
Fang64wow what a coincidence lol10:28
Luriahe kept the machines, left and gave them to me10:28
Luriai got a nextslab, quadra, the first g3, and the sparc10:28
Fang64I never went the mac route so I can say I've only owned one mac10:29
Fang64and it was a intel mac10:29
Luriaoh and a netfinity server10:29
Fang64that was recent purchase though10:29
Luriai dislike macs10:29
Luriai have a few hacker friends who love them, and they have legit reasons10:29
Fang64I have a proliant server with 2 Pentium Pros in it somewhere10:30
Fang64packing around 8gb of ram10:30
Luriabut most mac users are dicks10:30
Fang64ah the only people I know who use the macs are for hackish reasons10:30
Fang64the rest I could uh ignore lol for sanity reasons10:30
Luriaactually, the netfinity is nice - its a dual p3, but i dont have the damn kvm cable10:30
Fang64my proliants are headless10:30
Fang64they have about 4 ethernet ports one seperate for a console connection ( the video comes through a webbrowser )10:31
Luriabut it makes a nice brushed steel table extension for the monitor and speakers for my ubuntu box10:31
Fang64I setup an oscar with them for fun10:31
Fang64one of them caught fire ( dunno how really )10:32
Fang64they were in a machineshop though lol10:32
Fang64probably had grease or something in them10:32
Fang64I would have cleaned them out but at the time10:32
Fang64I wanted to find a use for them10:32
Fang64that was a fail10:32
Luriaive only cause two computers to smoke in my life10:32
Fang64<-- only caused those used servers to catch fire10:32
Luriain 24 years of computing10:33
Fang64ah not that old yet10:33
Fang64I've had about 12~14 years with computers10:33
Luriaone was a compaq 4/66 running open10:33
Fang64I was put in front of one when I was a kid so I was a bit forced10:33
Luriame too10:33
Luriaonly i was in front of an apple II+10:34
Fang64started using them when I was 7~810:34
*** Dr_Lohr has quit IRC10:34
Luriaor an IIe, i dont recall offhand10:34
Fang64I started on a Commadore 64 lol10:34
Fang64learned basic10:34
Luriano logo? :-)10:35
Fang64moved up to a AT&T machine a 286 with a 120mb hard drive10:35
Fang64which was impressive to me at the time10:35
Fang64no it was a real Commadore 6410:35
Fang64it was a christmas gift to me10:35
Luriawow, my first x86 was a 286 hand me down with a double height 20mb drive10:36
Luriano, LOGO10:36
Fang64this one came from a auction10:36
Luriadamn, now i feel old10:36
Fang64didn't no much about it10:36
Fang64just loaded up dos10:36
Fang64and went with it10:36
Luriaa turtle, lisp like commands?10:36
Fang64blue AT&T logo lol10:36
Luriago wikipedia it10:36
Luriano, logo is a programming language10:37
*** chrisak has joined #maemo10:37
Fang64I definitely don't know what that is10:37
Luriaused to be very popular to teach to kids10:37
*** Sho_ has quit IRC10:37
Fang64I kind of stuck with basic till my brother talked me into learning Assembly10:37
Fang64never even heard of it10:37
d^_^BIs There someone From Dubai/UAE?10:38
Luriasorry, no one that rich here.10:38
Fang64uh not me10:38
Luriawe'd be in #oqo, not #maemo10:38
Luriaactually, if i take a job i'm considering, i may get an oqo10:40
*** kuriiri has joined #maemo10:40
Luriaor a flipstart10:40
*** AlphaLux has left #maemo10:41
Fang64never knew about LOGO10:42
trickiedoes anyone know if there is a maemo package of elfutils anywhere?10:42
Luriadunno, there's no real reason to teach it10:42
Luriajust teach kids python10:42
trickiei been trying to compile systemtap in the ARMEL target of scratchbox... and im having trouble getting elfutils to compile10:43
Fang64python isn't that hard to learn though at least coming from c++10:43
Fang64btw the assembly I know is about useless anyway10:43
melmothtrickie: i think there s already a "port" of systemtap for maemo10:43
Luriayes, c++ is the best10:43
Fang64it's for the TMS370 specifically ( mainly used for Direct TV)10:43
Fang64I quit that mess after I discovered what I was doing was quite illegal lol10:44
Luriaim a bit ashamed i never learned assembly10:44
Luriamaybe ill take up arm programming10:44
Fang64well I was kind of talked into learning I think my brother knew what it could be used for10:44
trickiemelmoth, any pointers on where to look... i already have a kernel with kprobes built and flashed10:44
Fang64decrypting television feeds lol10:45
Fang64useless now since they don't even use that chip anymore lol10:45
melmothtrickie: that s the best link i found :-(10:45
Fang64although I like C++10:45
Luriaif anyone has a functioning dev box handy,  would you mind doing:
trickiemelmoth, yeah, i followed that to get a new kernel built... i have the latest kprobes for arm included10:46
trickiei just need to get systemtap compiled in scratchbox10:47
LuriaFang64, whats nice is, you can just code c and bother with classes if you want them10:47
*** shackan has quit IRC10:47
trickieoh well, maybe i just keep playing and see if i can get  a .deb for others as well10:47
melmothtrickie: i know nothing about system tap on maemo, i just know the guy who used to play with it :)10:47
trickiemelmoth, sure... its a bit of black art at the moment10:48
trickiei'll see what i can do... maybe write it all up on wiki page if i get somewhere10:48
trickieLuria, you need someone to test out that build?10:49
Luriai would appreciate someone doing that - ill risk the install :-)10:50
trickieill see what i can do... any particular location to get the source for libfribidi0 and libwv10:51
Lurianot offhand.10:52
Luriai just havent seen anyone make a deb from those instructions and i havent had the time or opportunity to build a dev box10:54
trickieokay, my debian packaging skills are a little rusty... haven't done it in a while10:54
*** mankod has quit IRC10:54
trickiedo people use any of the armel packages in debian sid?10:55
*** atlas_n810 has joined #maemo10:55
Luriaoutside of cli stuff, is that possible?10:55
trickieim not sure10:55
trickiebut would be handy if so...10:55
trickieim mainly intersted in libs...10:56
Luriaor a good way to find oneself in dependancy hell10:56
trickieyeah thats the prob i think10:56
atlas_n810What is the best client for my imap account?10:57
Luriayou know if there is any work on an angstrom "port" for the ITs10:57
Luriaatlas_n810, you missed it :-)10:57
Luriadepends what you want10:57
atlas_n810Modest and default client take long long time10:57
atlas_n810I must check with pop3?10:58
atlas_n810Is it faster?10:58
Luriamodest is great but buggy, default blows but works (for inbox only) and10:58
*** mankod has joined #maemo10:58
trickieLuria, whats angstrom?10:58
Luriathen there is clawsmail, which is great, but more of a desktop style app10:58
Luriaand must be running to give incoming notifications10:59
atlas_n810I have test it too10:59
Luriathose are the three gui options10:59
atlas_n810It is for dedktop :s10:59
trickiei saw there is an alpine port for maemo10:59
trickieif you like cli style mail apps11:00
atlas_n810I like cli but no on my tabletpc :(11:00
atlas_n810I have lot of mail but range by folder with imap11:01
Luriai used the predecessor of angstrom on my zaurus11:01
Luriaclaws mail is very fast11:01
Luriawell, much faster  than the others11:01
atlas_n810Yes,so modest must use the same technology i hope :p11:01
atlas_n810Ok thx for this luria11:02
trickiemodest uses tinymail11:02
atlas_n810Another thing,about msn..11:03
atlas_n810I don't want to use pidgin11:03
atlas_n810I use telepathy plugin11:03
Luriai havent tried it yet11:03
atlas_n810If someone speak to me this work11:03
Luriaoh cool11:03
Luriatrickie, take a look11:04
atlas_n810But for the moment (just for the moment i hope) we can't see who is online etc :(11:04
Luriano touchscreen is a bit of a deal breaker tho11:04
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo11:05
atlas95could you repast the link Luria please :D11:06
atlas95cli app ..11:06
Luriaangstrom isnt a cli app11:06
d^_^Bdivx xvid files can work on n810?11:06
Luriaits an embedded linux distro11:06
atlas95ho ok :D:11:07
Luriathere was another conversation going on :-)11:07
d^_^Bdivx xvid files can work on n810? yes?11:07
trickieLuria, yeah no touchscreen is no good11:07
Luriaxvids are ok, provided you encode them right11:07
Luriaand better with mplayer, typically11:08
*** mankod has quit IRC11:08
trickieid use that to convert them first11:08
d^_^Byes cos i read:11:08
Luriai like how they have a e17 wm version11:08
d^_^BHere's the same clip from the Google Video window shown above it. It's not perfectly smooth but the capacity is impressive nonetheless. There's still no native support for DivX or XviD, but Nokia is giving us a free download to take care of that: Video Converter. Expect a video demonstration of that application on this blog within a week.11:08
*** staulkor_ has joined #maemo11:09
d^_^Bor it is only for internet google videos11:09
atlas95tablet-encode don't work for me, i use a personnal ffmpg script11:09
d^_^Binfact if i put a divx movie then can it work on n810?11:10
atlas95if you use nautilus action I can send you a script11:10
Luriai use tablet encode, but i used to use virtualdub11:10
trickied^_^B, i have never used the nokia video converter, so i do not know11:10
atlas95beurk windows user :p11:11
Luriathe community one is great tho11:11
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:11
d^_^BSupported video formats: 3GP, AVI..............finally N810 can play Avi files or no?11:11
Luriabut if i want to do anything more than just adapt the bitrate, i go with virtualdub11:12
d^_^BAvi = Divx = Xvid11:12
Luria3gp never works11:12
AD-N770avi it's only  container11:12
Luriano, avi is a container, xvid is a mpeg4r codec11:12
AD-N770depends on the codec and the size of the video11:12
Luriaheh. favorite geek quibble.11:13
d^_^Btrickie my mean is not for the nokia video converter i said about this file on n81011:13
Lurianever say die! (or ogg)11:13
Luriasmokey time11:14
trickied^_^B, well tablet-encode has managed to re-encode everything i have thrown at it11:14
trickieand the result ran on my n80011:14
trickieLuria, agreed11:14
d^_^BMPEG-1, MPEG-4 codec are available in n81011:14
Luriawhy would you use mpeg1 on an IT?11:15
Luriathats like flac on earbuds11:15
atlas_n810Reencode it§11:15
atlas_n810For win space and speed the play11:16
d^_^Bor Good.Luck.Chuck.UNRATED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND11:16
atlas_n810Resize it11:16
d^_^B° ViDEO : 812 kbps xvid ÞÛ²Ý11:16
d^_^B°°° AUDiO : 146 kbps mp3 Þ²ÛÝ11:16
d^_^B°²² RESOLUTiON : 560x320 (1.750:1) ÞÛÛÝ11:16
atlas_n810And use mpg4 for video and mp3 for sound,15fps11:16
d^_^Bcan it work? or no without any video converter just put it on n81011:17
atlas_n810I reduce by 3 the size11:17
d^_^Bmy mean is native play and without any convert11:17
d^_^Bpossible or no?11:18
*** staulkor has quit IRC11:18
*** Cptnodegard has joined #maemo11:18
AD-N770try it11:19
d^_^Bwell do u have a new n810 yes?11:20
d^_^Btell me have u ever watched it?11:20
d^_^Bput a movie like Good.Luck.Chuck.UNRATED.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND and watch it?11:20
atlas_n810I encode All my video !11:21
d^_^Bmy mean is native and original play on n810 and without any tools or converter11:21
atlas_n810I have allready say you what i have watch11:21
d^_^Bencode with what?11:21
atlas_n810Encoded video encoded video11:21
atlas_n810With a personnal script undr linux11:21
d^_^Bi got it11:21
atlas_n810Understand guy?11:21
d^_^Bso i just need to put this script to n810?11:22
atlas_n810No on your linux distrib11:22
atlas_n810Use a windows converter if you use xp or vixta..11:22
AD-N770you have to use your desktop to transcode the videos before coping it to your IT11:22
d^_^Bso where?11:23
atlas_n810nokia provide a program,ask to windows user sry11:23
d^_^Byes understand now11:23
d^_^Banother video converter11:23
d^_^Bbut are u agree for ur videio quality?11:23
atlas_n810You  muqt have a desktop computer..11:23
d^_^Bcan it be high quality on ur n810?11:24
atlas_n810i go to breakfast,+11:24
d^_^Bwithout any problem11:24
d^_^Bok cya11:25
AD-N770what's high quality for you? bigger size? higher framerate?11:26
d^_^Bnono my mean the same size and quality on pc11:26
d^_^Bfor n81011:27
d^_^Boriginal file without any convert11:27
d^_^Bthese are lie:11:27
d^_^BSupported audio formats: AAC, MP3, WMA, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, RA (RealAudio), WAV11:27
d^_^BSupported video formats: 3GP, AVI, H.263, H.264, MP4, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV 7/8/9 (RealVideo)11:27
d^_^Blie lie lie????/11:27
AD-N770it's not a lie11:28
d^_^Bn810 can play AVI files or no?11:28
d^_^Bcos avi files = xvid = divx files11:28
AD-N770just you can't compare a desktop 3Ghz with an arm 400MHz11:28
d^_^BMPEG-4 is include on 810 too11:28
AD-N770and avi is just a container11:28
AD-N770mpeg4 is a video codec11:29
d^_^Bso can it play finally avil divx file or no?11:29
AD-N770if you mix concepts you won't understand it11:29
d^_^Bso tell me which are the best video converters for n810?11:30
AD-N770divx is mpeg4 so you can play it11:30
AD-N770but you can play a clip 720x400 at 30 fps11:30
AD-N770you can't11:30
AD-N770on the IT there's not enough cpu power to decode it11:31
*** rm_you has joined #maemo11:31
Luriaive done some 24fps xvids11:31
d^_^Boh yes11:31
Luriayou just have to watch the bitrate11:31
d^_^Bu right11:31
* rm_you drops in the middle of the conversation11:31
Luria600k is the practical limit11:32
d^_^Band the best video converter for n810??11:32
*** seraph1 has quit IRC11:32
rm_youif you use the 770-encode or tablet-encode script, i have found the following to be a very effective profile:11:32
Luriawhat platform?11:32
*** seraph1 has joined #maemo11:32
rm_you    n800    => { abitrate => 128, vbitrate => 1400, width => 400, height => 240, fps => 30 },11:33
rm_youthat's very high bitrate and fps, and with hardware pixel doubling, it looks BEAUTIFUL :)11:33
rm_youi hope that's on topic, as i really only caught the tail end of your conversation :P11:34
d^_^Bwidth => 400, height => 240?????11:34
d^_^Bbut full screen11:34
rm_you400x2 = 800, 240x2 = 48011:34
rm_youat that high bitrate and with the hardware pixel doubling, it seriously looks *awesome*11:34
d^_^Byes it's cool11:34
*** unique311_ has joined #maemo11:35
rm_youif you try to go above 400x240, it will exceed the bandwidth of the bus the graphics chip is on and it will slow way down11:35
Luriadepends. ive done higher resolutions, but at lower fps11:36
rm_youright, but the tradeoff isn't worth it11:36
rm_youyou have to drop to 20ish fps and significantly lower the bitrate to see comparable speeds11:36
rm_youi think i have a graph somewhere from my testing....11:37
Luriathough for tv your approach is best11:39
AD-N770one of the hardest clip that I played fine on my N800/IT2k8 is video/x-wmv, wmvversion=(int)3, framerate=(fraction)25/1, width=(int)320, height=(int)240, format=(fourcc)WMV3, pixel-aspect-ratio=(fraction)1/1, bitrate=(int)70770511:40
Luriaif you have a movie at 24...11:40
AD-N770and  audio/x-wma, wmaversion=(int)2, rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)2, bitrate=(int)48024, depth=(int)1611:40
rm_youwell, the best test is to do it yourself and se11:41
rm_youjust take that line, throw it into 770-encode, and run it on something11:41
Luria is handy11:41
rm_youand check out the result on your n80011:41
Luria(i know you guys know, but the question was asked)11:41
atlas_n810Beurkk java :X11:42
rm_youi'm all for experimentation, so if you think you have something better, PLEASE compare that line to yours, and send me your encoding scheme so i can try it out :P11:42
rm_youi've spent days trying to come up with the best settings11:42
Luriachrist, media player has gone nuts11:42
Luriais there a way for me to manually force a media rescan11:42
rm_youyou use media player for videos? >_>11:43
rm_youdoes that work?11:43
rm_youit always lags me to death <_<11:43
Luriano, for audio11:43
Luriamplayer for vids11:43
Luriaactually, the only video i have is the n810 promo, just to show people11:44
JaffaMorning, all11:44
rm_youmorning :)11:45
LuriaSo, no one has a way to force media player to scan?11:45
Luria"unable to complete operation" is all i get, along with a blank library11:45
rm_youcan you remove its settings/cache?11:46
Luriai dont know11:46
Luriaive never gotten into its innards and there isnt much in the way of menu options11:47
*** barisione has joined #maemo11:48
*** Luria has quit IRC11:51
JaffaDouble click on the file from within File Manager?11:51
*** unique311 has quit IRC11:52
*** dolske has quit IRC11:54
*** dolske has joined #maemo11:55
*** Luria has joined #maemo11:59
*** chrisak has left #maemo11:59
*** jmspeex has joined #maemo12:00
*** unique311_ has quit IRC12:04
*** blahdeblahN800 has joined #maemo12:08
*** blahdeblahN800 has left #maemo12:08
Cptnodegarddoes using BT use a lot of power, if there is no activity?12:11
ptmanBT is designed to be very low power12:13
Cptnodegardah, thx12:14
Cptnodegardi usually put the whole thing to offline mode when i dont use it12:14
Cptnodegard...which includes BT yes :D12:15
keesjhmm, i see12:16
keesjI have played with a palm tungsten during the holiday12:16
keesjI really loved the way it worked , not complicated things like offline modes etc. it just keeps running for a long week12:17
* Jaffa thinks his N810's battery life has increased suckiness since installing Modest12:17
keesjone button to lock/unlock , no "save file" dialogs. I must say...12:17
JaffaYeah, the Psions were similar (although they had save dialogues, you didn't usually need to use them)12:17
keesjI really missed irc :)12:17
*** Luria has quit IRC12:18
JaffaYeah, I hated PalmOS for its lack of multitasking; couldn't have an IRC window or SSH window open in the background whilst browsing the web. Was a deal-breaker for me.12:18
Cptnodegardpalms are toys compared to ITs12:18
Cptnodegardpalms are 2-3" cellphones12:19
*** JussiP has joined #maemo12:19
keesjeven cheking my gmail was very fast (special pages made for the palm I think) but it really is a one touch operation and withint 5 seconds i know if i have mail12:19
CptnodegardITT's are 4-5" computers12:19
atlas95I have in uninstall modest, and set gmail on the default client in pop ...12:19
atlas95I have do it :(12:19
atlas95I hope modest will be better :)12:19
keesjpop? why not imap?12:19
atlas95too too too long to response12:20
Cptnodegardkeesj, the gmail notifyer beats 5 seconds :p12:20
Jaffaosso-email sucks for IMAP12:20
atlas95osso-email is the default client?12:20
keesjI always hava mail so the gmail notifier it pretty useless12:20
Jaffaatlas95: yeah12:20
Cptnodegardthen its an issue of cleanup :)12:20
atlas95osso-email is good ok, but too long to reponse in imap yet, AND it doesn't support imap folder ..12:21
Cptnodegarddoes osso even support gmail?12:21
atlas95it is the must important thing in my mbox12:21
AD-N770soume one could try to install this( on a n810 and tell me if it works?12:21
atlas95AD-N770: what is this? for FM?12:21
AD-N770no, instrument tuner12:22
atlas95could you repost the link without ( ) please12:22
*** Luria has joined #maemo12:22
AD-N770same for
atlas95what is netthack?12:23
keesjCptnodegard: what do you mean by does osso even support gmail?12:23
AD-N770nethack game12:23
keesjHe one more "feeling" question12:23
AD-N770and rpg12:23
Cptnodegardkeesj: i read something on the forum, maybe just a confused person. but does gmail work on osso? mine wont connect12:23
keesjI have the feeling that the browser is very slow in connecting/gettin pages12:23
keesjdo others have this feeling (for example just getting take way to long IMHO12:24
Jaffakeesj: yes, I'd agree with that12:25
Luriaim feeling it right now12:25
Luriaand avoid nethack at all costs12:26
keesjmy network is messed up but I would like to try and install a proxy server (webscarab) and see what is really taking time)12:26
Lurianethack is the greatest time sinkhole since chess12:26
Luriaand elbereth wont save you from that12:27
*** jacques has joined #maemo12:27
Luriathat said, it is the best game on maemo12:27
atlas95AD-N770: nethack work12:28
atlas95but seem to be a chit game (for me :p)12:28
atlas95I try the tuner12:28
atlas95keesj: say me if you try webscarab12:30
atlas95I have the idea to test a proxy too12:31
atlas95keesj: ? maybe we can tweak with about:config, pipeling etc, like with firefox, no?12:32
*** pleemans has joined #maemo12:32
keesjatlas95: I can not a pressent time , my wifi network does not allow my machines to connect to eachother directly12:32
keesjatlas95: there also must be a simple javasscipt based tool to see what is taking the time12:32
atlas95tuner didn't run AD-N77012:34
atlas95i search why12:34
AD-N770atlas95: could you run it from an xterm?12:35
*** unique311 has joined #maemo12:35
atlas95i'm doing it12:35
atlas95too many error hmm12:35
atlas95seems to be gstreamer error12:36
atlas95i run this?12:36
atlas95i run it in ssh and paste error12:37
AD-N770ok, thanks12:37
atlas95rahh, I back, uubntu error12:38
*** atlas95 has left #maemo12:38
*** atlas95 has joined #maemo12:40
atlas95~ $ tuner12:40
atlas95tuner[7843]: GLIB CRITICAL ** GLib-GObject - g_object_set: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed12:40
atlas95tuner[7843]: GLIB CRITICAL ** GStreamer - gst_bin_add_many: assertion `GST_IS_ELEMENT (element_1)' failed12:40
atlas95tuner[7843]: GLIB CRITICAL ** GStreamer - gst_element_link_many: assertion `GST_IS_ELEMENT (element_1)' failed12:40
atlas95cant link elements12:40
atlas95AD-N770: ?12:40
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo12:40
*** zodman has quit IRC12:40
*** richieeee72 has quit IRC12:42
AD-N770atlas95: could you try apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-extra on the device and try it again?12:42
*** greentux has joined #maemo12:42
AD-N770I think that probably I have a dependency on it for audiotestsrc element12:42
atlas95with red pill?12:43
atlas95or blue pill AD-N770?12:43
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo12:43
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo12:43
AD-N770it's from maemo repository, with red pill I think12:43
atlas95installing ...12:45
atlas95enjoy :D12:45
atlas95this is working very well12:46
atlas95what instrument are you playing?12:46
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo12:46
atlas95when I sing near mu n81012:47
atlas95tuner say me the nearest note12:47
atlas95but don't show it on the keyboard12:47
atlas95do you understand what i want to say?12:47
AD-N770no, you can use the keyboard to produce tones12:48
atlas95yes, but I can see what sort of note i'm singing ?12:48
JaffaIf you do apt-get install as root, the red/blue pill mode doesn't make any difference. It's only a setting for the UI of the Application Manager12:48
atlas95ok Jaffa thx ;)12:49
AD-N770the led bar and the text message tell you the note and the keyboard is used to produce reference notes12:49
atlas95ok, :p but i'm note english and i don't play guitar :d12:50
atlas95i don't understand the text12:50
atlas95i think C0 is a note..12:50
AD-N770A= la12:51
AD-N7700 is the octave12:51
*** hendry has left #maemo12:51
AD-N770C= do12:51
inzAD, you should make a singstar version of your tuner ^^12:51
atlas95B = si ?12:51
atlas95la si do re mi fa sol la si do re mi fa sol la si :p12:52
atlas95a b c d e f g ?12:52
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo12:53
atlas95I go to show this to my mum, yesterday, she broke my head because I have buy this gadget 500€12:53
AD-N770do you know how I add the dependency on the debian files?12:53
atlas95like in debian no?12:54
AD-N770I've to add a dependency on my package to install gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-extra at same time that mine12:54
AD-N770I think that's something that have to be added on the control file to build my deb package12:55
inzAD, I don't know how you build your packages, but your control file (usually debian/control) should have Depends: gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-extra12:55
inzAD, and it should be where you define the _binary_ package12:55
AD-N770thanks inz, I add it now12:55
inzAD, do note that dependencies aren't istalled automatically if you install from file12:56
inzAD, only when installing from a repository12:57
*** zumbi has joined #maemo12:59
AD-N770inz: if it's installed from a file and the dependency isn't satisfied in the target system, do you know if there's any kind of warning message?12:59
inzAD, there's a failure message13:00
AD-N770ok, I prefer this13:01
Lurianew rule - one sokoban level per night13:02
Luriabrain is cooked13:03
*** JedEr has joined #maemo13:07
atlas_n810:( Toilet broke my wlan signal13:07
Luriayou have one of those microwave toilets?13:07
atlas_n810Yes lol13:08
atlas_n810I can chat during i ...13:08
*** greentux has quit IRC13:10
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC13:10
atlas_n810Is it possible to install tor on maemo?13:11
*** ssvb has joined #maemo13:16
*** red-zack has joined #maemo13:21
*** chelli has joined #maemo13:22
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo13:23
*** Fang64 has quit IRC13:24
keesjjuk , I think I found the reason...13:29
*** zumbi__ has joined #maemo13:30
*** zumbi has quit IRC13:34
Cptnodegardepic fail13:34
Cptnodegardtried to run a HDD off a aaa-usb battery pack13:34
*** jarlen_ has joined #maemo13:35
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:37
*** hircus has joined #maemo13:38
hircusAnybody knows what happened to Evince for OS2008?13:39
*** jarlen__ has joined #maemo13:40
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC13:41
Cptnodegard seems to be a cheap keyboard for n800... 28x16 CM isnt that big13:41
*** zumbi has joined #maemo13:51
*** JedEr has quit IRC13:52
*** jarlen_ has quit IRC13:54
*** thopiekar has joined #maemo13:55
*** greentux has joined #maemo13:56
*** sikor_sxe has joined #maemo13:56
*** p| has joined #maemo13:57
*** lcuk has joined #maemo13:58
*** Luria has quit IRC13:58
*** jarlen__ has quit IRC14:00
*** jarlen__ has joined #maemo14:00
*** atlas_n810 has quit IRC14:01
*** thopiekar has left #maemo14:03
*** zumbi__ has quit IRC14:03
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo14:04
keesjbug about slow loading, and how to use webscarab to test ..14:09
*** tbf has joined #maemo14:13
tbfis there some someware to create an encrypted vault?14:13
*** greentux has quit IRC14:14
*** zumbi has quit IRC14:16
*** zumbi has joined #maemo14:18
*** jarlen__ has quit IRC14:19
*** jarlen__ has joined #maemo14:23
*** atlas95 has quit IRC14:23
*** lcuk has quit IRC14:26
sikor_sxeanyone coded an application with mime-support yet14:27
*** jarlen_ has joined #maemo14:27
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC14:30
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:31
*** eber_it has joined #maemo14:33
*** eber_it has quit IRC14:34
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*** Bog[nl] has joined #maemo14:45
*** jarlen_ has quit IRC14:48
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC14:51
*** blahdeblahN801 has joined #maemo14:52
*** j0tt has joined #maemo14:56
*** rdorsch has quit IRC14:58
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo15:04
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*** svu has quit IRC15:15
*** svu_ has quit IRC15:15
*** svu_ has joined #maemo15:16
*** svu has joined #maemo15:16
*** zaphot_away has quit IRC15:17
*** zumbi has quit IRC15:20
Cptnodegardn800 with 128GB flash memory is theoretically possible15:20
Cptnodegardwith current consumer technologies15:20
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:21
blahdeblahN801Hi. I'm using GPE 2.8 on maemo and it crashes whenever i try to add category. Is this a known bug? I'm using OS2008 on an N800.15:21
Cptnodegardit closes when you press add?=15:21
Cptnodegardmine does to15:21
Cptnodegardyeah dunno whats causing it, dont need categories anyways15:22
blahdeblahN801I need them! :)15:23
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:24
Cptnodegardfile a bug report if there is something  like that15:24
sikor_sxekulve: around?15:24
blahdeblahN801I  should go look at their bug db15:25
*** shackan has joined #maemo15:30
*** doc|home has quit IRC15:35
*** jegp has joined #maemo15:42
*** doc|home has joined #maemo15:42
*** doc|work has joined #maemo15:46
*** unique311 has quit IRC15:48
*** djcb has joined #maemo15:50
*** cambba has joined #maemo15:52
*** Spacer has joined #maemo15:54
Spaceranyone know how to access the ambient light sensor?15:55
*** vims0r has joined #maemo15:56
*** alterego has joined #maemo15:57
alteregoWeird, flashing the latest OS2008 from Beta seems to have seriously increased my battery life.15:57
*** VimSi has quit IRC15:58
*** blkno1 has joined #maemo16:03
*** doc|home has quit IRC16:04
*** cambba_ has quit IRC16:06
*** captainigloo has joined #maemo16:08
*** oil has joined #maemo16:17
*** oil_ has quit IRC16:33
*** dhd|gone is now known as dhd16:36
*** E78C8EE4BABA has joined #maemo16:37
*** gopi has joined #maemo16:41
*** booiiing has joined #maemo16:41
DregzI'm about to flash my N800, with fanoush's latest, Can I run it as is, or are there any modules that are recommended?16:42
*** N800tableteer has joined #maemo16:42
*** blahdeblah has quit IRC16:42
*** blahdeblah has joined #maemo16:43
*** RP has quit IRC16:43
*** RP has joined #maemo16:43
N800tableteerHi all16:43
*** z72ka_maemo has joined #maemo16:43
DregzHas anyone flashed with fanoush's kernel?16:44
z72ka_maemoDregz, I... my n77016:44
N800tableteerAnyone change the browser id on this to be msie so I can connect to
z72ka_maemoDregz, for 52mhz mmc16:44
Dregzz72ka_maemo, did you go with any modules?16:45
z72ka_maemoDregz, yes, all modules works properly16:46
Dregzgreat , thanks16:46
kulvesikor_sxe: pong16:47
z72ka_maemoDregz, this kernel contains only some changes, I recommende it, system boost is good16:48
*** shackan has quit IRC16:48
sikor_sxekulve: i read your posts on ITT and on your blog regarding mime-type integration and i wonder wether the mime-support is completely broken in FM or if it's just the priority which is broken16:48
kulvemaybe just the priority? It didn't seem to have much of an effect..16:49
*** zumbi has joined #maemo16:49
kulvebut I didn't play with it really..16:49
sikor_sxei tried your mime testing tool from the bug-report however, and it does not seem to recognize my mime type there aswell :/16:50
Spacerkulve, you happen to know how to access the ambient light sensor?16:51
kulveSpacer: nope. I don't have n810 yet16:51
*** z72ka_maemo has left #maemo16:51
kulvesikor_sxe: you added an xml file including the mime type? And run the update-mime-data-or-something? And added some .desktop file containing that mime type? And run update-hildon-desktop-database-or-something?16:52
sikor_sxeand the FM does even cut the file ending for those files16:53
sikor_sxeit just claims there is no app to open it16:53
sikor_sxerartest.rar is shown as rartest16:53
sikor_sxe./hildon-mime-summon2 file:///home/user/rartest.rar says "Failed to launch hildon_mime_open_file: 0" tho16:56
sikor_sxei'm really puzzled here16:56
kulvedoes the xml file have the glob *.rar?16:56
sikor_sxe<glob pattern="*.rar"/>16:57
kulvedoes file-command on your desktop recognize that as rar?16:58
*** locutu1 has joined #Maemo16:59
sikor_sxeis file-command a stock app?16:59
kulve which file16:59
kulveyup, very stock16:59
sikor_sxei don't seem to have it installed17:01
sikor_sxethere's no /usr/bin/file or /usr/sbin/file17:01
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC17:02
kulvecomes in a "file" package in debian etch17:02
sikor_sxeit's installed in scratchbox however17:02
sikor_sxein scratchbox it recognizes it17:03
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo17:04
sikor_sxebut file doesn't depend on mime, right?17:04
*** locutu1 has quit IRC17:04
*** locutu1 has joined #Maemo17:04
kulvefile --mime17:05
sikor_sxe../rartest.rar: application/x-rar17:06
kulveso, it seems to be a valid file..17:06
sikor_sxeyeah, i can open it with my app17:07
kulvethen I think you have some mistake while updating the mime stuff to maemo..17:07
kulvegrep rar /usr/share/mime/globs17:08
kulvedoes that say something on the device?17:08
kulvelike this:17:08
kulveNokia-N800-50-2:~# grep mp3 /usr/share/mime/globs17:08
sikor_sxe(on the device)17:08
sikor_sxeand i guess it kind of got the mime type right, since FM displays it without file-ending17:09
sikor_sxethe .desktop file could be wrong17:09
*** zumbi__ has joined #maemo17:09
kulvegrep Mime /usr/share/applications/hildon/your-app-here.desktop17:09
sikor_sxehowever the icons and stuff get displayed correctly17:10
kulveis there more than one mime on the MimeType list? Just wondering if the ; is too much..17:12
sikor_sxei could try this17:12
sikor_sxeMimeType always seems to be terminated with a ;17:14
*** zumbi has quit IRC17:14
kulvenot in our app, kilikali..17:14
kulvebut maybe it's ok then17:14
kulveand you've run this:17:15
kulve   update-desktop-database /usr/share/applications17:15
*** jukey has joined #maemo17:16
sikor_sxein postinst, yes17:16
sikor_sxeand it gets processed, i checked this yet (put a touch /home/user/postinst.test in it)17:17
kulvejust run it by hand and try the mime-summon again17:19
kulvehmm.. I wonder if the mime callback in the app affects this too..17:19
kulvei.e. your app gets the file through dbus after launched..17:20
sikor_sxei did not implement this callback thingie17:20
sikor_sxeand i totally ignored dbus so far17:21
kulveI think I never got that working and did the listening directly with dbus17:22
sikor_sxeyeah i read this too, i don't get it however17:22
sikor_sxewhat does a callback function in my app have to do with FM recognizing a file and *starting* my app for it17:23
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC17:24
kulveyeah, I think you are right about that.. It should at least open your app before starting to wonder about dbus stuff..17:24
*** Dr_Loh1 has left #maemo17:25
sikor_sxeyeah, that's why i ignored dbus so far, since you open an archive-program when you need it, and you rarely leave it open in the background17:25
sikor_sxewhere dbus would step in17:25
*** NetBlade has quit IRC17:25
sikor_sxethen again, maybe i'm just wrong about dbus17:26
*** E78C8EE4BABA has quit IRC17:27
zuhD-Bus can activate your app when needed, the program doesn't need to be opened...17:28
sikor_sxei see17:29
sikor_sxeand i guess that's the mechanism FM uses17:30
sikor_sxethat would explain why my app doesn't even show up on the "select application" list17:31
* sikor_sxe reads up on dbus, thanks alot kulve & zuh17:32
kulvethere's something about it17:33
*** shackan has joined #maemo17:34
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:38
tbfcan i use any bluetooth gps receiver with a N800?17:48
zoranthe answer is yes17:49
*** Dregz has quit IRC17:49
*** zwn1 has joined #maemo17:49
*** Spacer has quit IRC17:50
*** Dregz has joined #maemo17:51
PalintheusI would stay away from navman since the pin is 'navman' and you can't use letters on the N800 to pair bluetooth devices17:52
*** johnx has joined #maemo17:56
*** mankod has joined #maemo17:57
alteregoWell, you can ;)17:59
alteregoBut not using the key pairing facility maemo provides.17:59
* Palintheus nods18:00
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away18:01
tbfPalintheus: ok18:05
*** Dr_Lohr has joined #maemo18:06
*** zumbi has joined #maemo18:11
*** zwnj has quit IRC18:12
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:13
alteregoDamn tablets-dev is offline.18:15
*** mankod has quit IRC18:15
johnxalterego, I can reach it18:16
alteregoNow where am I supposed to get the N810 image :(18:16
alteregoInteresting ..18:16
johnxI think? Am I missing something?18:16
alteregoI'm getting "The service is temporarily unavailable"18:16
alteregoOh, well. Your link works.18:17
alteregoMust just be the index page then.18:17
alteregoVideo _for_ N810? What do you mean?18:19
d^_^BJust For Watch The n81018:20
d^_^Bno youtube please18:20
alteregoWhat are you talking about?18:21
d^_^Blol come what may18:21
d^_^Ba video for show how audio/video can works on n810?18:22
alteregoYou want a video _of_ the N810? Or a video to play _on_ the N810?18:22
alteregoJust download any old video.18:22
alteregomencode a dvd ..18:22
d^_^Ba video _of_ the N81018:23
*** Tuco1 has joined #maemo18:23
d^_^Bshow how it works18:23
d^_^Band specially for audio/video18:23
d^_^Bi said NO YOUTUBE18:23
alteregoThere is no video I know of that demonstrates that.18:23
d^_^Ba normal upload file18:23
alteregoWhy don't you just download that file.18:24
*** zumbi__ has quit IRC18:24
d^_^Bummm wait please18:24
alteregoAnyhow, it's not youtube ..18:24
d^_^Byes tnx18:25
d^_^Band is it for multimedia too?18:25
wndWouldn't it be easier just to watch it and see if it's what you're looking for?18:26
d^_^Byes thank u guys18:26
alteregownd, no. It's easier to be spoon fed.18:26
alteregoOr breast fed, but I don't have breasts.18:26
wndgaining weight /could/ help with that18:27
d^_^Bwhere is part 2 3...18:27
*** penguinbait has quit IRC18:27
d^_^BPART 2?18:28
Palintheuslook around on the page..the link is there....18:29
d^_^Byes yes18:29
*** dhd is now known as dhd|gone18:32
alteregod^_^B, part two is there.18:32
alteregoIs probably a better location.18:32
*** Tuco has quit IRC18:34
* alterego wonders when his N810 will arrive.18:35
*** kst has quit IRC18:36
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:36
*** rdorsch has joined #maemo18:37
alteregoThe n810 stylus looks cheap :(18:37
alteregoI like the N800 stylus. :/18:37
*** kst has joined #maemo18:39
*** NickDe has quit IRC18:40
*** mankod has joined #maemo18:40
*** NickDe has joined #maemo18:41
*** jukey has left #maemo18:41
tbfalterego: tell nokia, that they have to do a Montblanc edition of their devices :-D18:42
*** NickDe has quit IRC18:42
johnxI never got to use an N800 stylus. I got my N800 in a compusa open-box deal18:43
*** macbook has joined #maemo18:43
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC18:44
*** johnx has quit IRC18:53
*** thopieka1 has joined #maemo18:54
*** Blain has joined #maemo18:55
*** Segnale007 has quit IRC18:56
*** macbook is now known as Segnale00718:57
*** lcuk has joined #maemo18:59
*** jga23_ has joined #maemo18:59
* lcuk pokes his python19:00
Cptnodegarddoes any of you consider yourself close to experts on lithium ion batteries? :)19:00
alteregoI know a little, I wouldn't say I'm an expert though.19:00
lcukonly thing i know about batteries is if they start to smoke: run - fast19:01
Cptnodegardi read the batteryuniversity article, and composed a thread on our forum about it (for music players). if you have the time, can you read through it and see i havent gotten anything seriousely wrong?
* lcuk wonders what kind of battery he has in his 81019:04
* lcuk didnt bother to check and now doesnt want to take the back off again (its so flimsy) :S19:05
lcuki know the lipo that my helicopter has enjoys a good workout - fully charged to drained cycles are better than part19:06
lcukand it needs taking off after its recharged19:06
lcukbut i didnt think it mattered for nokias/phones in general19:07
lcuklipo charger = direct onto battery, phones/pdas/810 etc = charging circuit19:07
* lcuk thinks he is right cos cpts article says so19:08
*** fab_away has joined #maemo19:08
Cptnodegardhere's the full one i read before i posted mine:
*** thopieka1 has left #maemo19:10
alteregolcuk, it's a BP-4L Lithium Ion battery19:13
*** Blain has quit IRC19:13
*** jga23 has quit IRC19:14
alteregoCptnodegard, looks pretty good information wise to me.19:15
Cptnodegardthx :)19:17
lcukcpt, the only thing i would say (apart from it looks great) is that I personally still recommend people charge their new devices first.  if for no other reason than it gives them a chance to sit down (even if for only 5 minutes) and actually read the instructions and prevent any user errors from occuring19:18
Cptnodegardthats actually a good point19:18
Cptnodegardill put that in19:18
lcukit might be fine from a hardware side, but very important thing to do19:18
*** bedboi has joined #maemo19:19
bedboihi there.19:19
lcukhi bed19:20
Cptnodegardindee,d put it in :)19:20
lcukthat smiley you used looks like the sticker ive got covering my ambient light sensor19:21
* lcuk hates the ambient sensor19:22
*** harbaum has joined #maemo19:22
*** blkno_1 has joined #maemo19:22
*** blkno1 has quit IRC19:23
* lcuk goes back to python19:23
*** unverbraucht has joined #maemo19:23
*** p| has quit IRC19:25
*** kuzew_ is now known as kuzew19:26
*** ken has joined #maemo19:28
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:29
*** mardi_ has left #maemo19:30
*** jga23_ has quit IRC19:33
*** jga23 has joined #maemo19:37
*** jga23_ has joined #maemo19:52
*** blkno_1 has quit IRC19:53
*** n6hgg_ has joined #maemo19:56
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo19:57
*** felipec has joined #maemo19:57
*** jga23__ has joined #maemo19:58
*** omar has joined #maemo20:01
omaranyone know any good repositories with nmap for 0s2008 on n800 ?20:02
timelyxask gronmayer (see topic)20:02
*** jga23___ has joined #maemo20:07
*** jga23 has quit IRC20:09
*** jga23_ has quit IRC20:16
omaranyone have kismet running in os2008 for n800?20:16
*** JussiP has quit IRC20:18
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo20:18
*** jga23__ has quit IRC20:19
*** chakku has joined #maemo20:20
*** magicrobotmonkey has joined #maemo20:22
* lcuk wishes python wasn't so difficult to code on the 810 (no tab key)20:24
magicrobotmonkeyi cant get maemo-mapper to use my internal gps20:24
magicrobotmonkeydo i have to manually start gpsd?20:24
lcukinternal as in 810?20:25
*** shackan has quit IRC20:25
lcuki ended up runnin map which inits it all properly then mmapper will use it20:25
alteregomagicrobotmonkey, as the author of maemo mapper does not have an N810, it doesn't currently support it. You'll have to be patient.20:25
*** jj- has quit IRC20:26
magicrobotmonkeyis there any software to log a gps route?20:26
*** shackan has joined #maemo20:27
lcukthere is a section in the wiki about 2007, but from what i gather most '07 code wont work in 0820:28
* lcuk doesn't know of the complexities with getting 07 stuff working in 0820:28
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC20:29
*** frade has joined #maemo20:29
lcukmagic, heres the wiki
lcukif it works for 08 or can be adapted to do so let us know :)20:30
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:31
doc|workI got an 8gb SD card the other day, it was a dud so now I have to RMA it which may take weeks  :(20:33
magicrobotmonkeyyea im thinking about writing up a quick script to log a route20:33
*** trickie has quit IRC20:34
omarare there any ports of xboard or other chess games?20:37
pupnik_there's a default chess game20:38
*** p| has joined #maemo20:38
omarother than that one20:38
omari cant stand the theme20:39
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:39
pupnik_don't know sorry20:39
pupnik_agree, alternate icons would be nice20:39
omaris kagu any good? or should i just stick with canola220:40
sikor_sxei got mime-open to work finally20:41
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo20:42
kulvesikor_sxe: what was the problem?20:44
sikor_sxedifferent stuff20:44
sikor_sxei had to implement the osso-callbacks in my app20:45
sikor_sxeand add Osso-Service=org.maemo.xarchiver to the .desktop file20:46
sikor_sxethen i had didn't know about the .service file20:46
sikor_sxewell, i got it so far now, that when i click on a rar file in FM xarchiver opens20:46
*** shackan has quit IRC20:47
sikor_sxemissing are the icons for the rar files in FM and that xarchiver doesn't just get started but also opens the rar file20:47
sikor_sxexarchiver testrar.rar would do that, but i guess the sophisticated dbus calling system needs something different20:48
*** hfwilke has joined #maemo20:51
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo20:51
dick-richardsoni'm having a hell of a time installing the IM update20:51
*** mankod has quit IRC20:51
*** mankod has joined #maemo20:52
* lcuk tries to sell noisey kids on ebay20:52
*** Disconnect has quit IRC20:53
*** jga23___ has quit IRC20:53
*** tomspu has joined #maemo20:56
tomspuGot a nice N800 for christm. but I can't get e-mail working right20:56
tomspuit downloads the messages into the inbox, but takes about 2 hours to complete (3000+ messages)20:57
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo20:57
tomspudoesn't download the sent messages nor can I send any e-mails20:58
*** disq has quit IRC20:58
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo20:58
*** disq has joined #maemo20:58
*** mardi_ has joined #maemo20:58
*** jga23 has joined #maemo20:59
*** d^_^B has quit IRC20:59
*** mankod has quit IRC21:01
*** jj- has joined #maemo21:03
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo21:04
*** jga23 has quit IRC21:06
*** mankod has joined #maemo21:06
sikor_sxetomspu: pop3 or imap?21:09
omar chess for n800, for anyone who cares21:09
*** jga23 has joined #maemo21:10
jegpanyone knows of a astronomy program for N800 ?21:10
*** MikeL has joined #maemo21:11
*** PAPPP has joined #maemo21:13
*** trevarthan has quit IRC21:13
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo21:13
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo21:14
Cptnodegardjegp: no, but thats actually an interesting idea!21:17
jegpyeah, I know... N800 is perfect for astronomy viewers21:17
alteregoIsn't there something like, "Google Space"?21:17
*** kbsingh_ is now known as kbsingh21:18
Cptnodegardwouldnt put it past them21:18
alteregoWell, there is Mars and the Moon ;)21:18
alteregoAn Orrery would be far more useful. Especially if you like Satelite spotting :)21:18
dick-richardsonThe installer for the rtcomm beta is complaining about libglade2-0 and makedev, both of which are installed21:19
Cptnodegardas long as i dont have to see uranus im happy :d (sorry had to)21:19
alteregoI name all my network nodes after planets. But no, none of them are called Uranus ;)21:20
Cptnodegardyou already have a node called that21:20
alteregoI have, Europa, Jupiter, Neptune and Proteus.21:20
alteregoHah, yeah.21:20
Cptnodegardplanets AND MOONS then :p21:20
*** bmidgley|away is now known as bmidgley21:20
alteregoOnly my friends use that hostname ;)21:20
alteregoYes, I started using moons when I'd used all the cool planet names.21:21
Cptnodegardwonder whats on im afraid to look21:21
alteregoPluto and Uranus were a no-no.21:21
alteregoMars didn't really have much appeal either.21:21
alteregoAnd Saturn was an old machine.21:21
alteregoProteus is my N810 :)21:22
Cptnodegardmine's Nokia N80021:22
Cptnodegardim very imaginative21:22
alteregoMy N800 is Neptune21:22
Cptnodegardwhy, you drowned it? :d21:22
alteregoLuckily not, despite how long it spends with me in the bath.21:23
Cptnodegardmy home computer is Xanadu, only one with fake name i think21:23
sibbe :)21:23
Cptnodegardstargate <321:23
Cptnodegardnewest atlantis episode was the best thing ever21:23
alteregoOh, SG-1. How I miss it.21:23
alteregoI've not watched it yet. Shuddup :P21:23
Cptnodegardi want to marry that episode and have baby webisodes with it21:24
lcukhow do i get my nit visible on my windows network?21:24
* lcuk is ashamed21:24
alteregolcuk, how do you mean visible?21:24
lcukshowing up in net neighbourhood21:25
alteregoCan ye not ping'th it?21:25
lcukso i can direct copy etc21:25
lcuki can ping it21:25
lcukits 81021:25
alteregoUse OpenSSH and pscp21:25
alteregoOr psftp21:25
alteregopsftp would be better.21:25
Cptnodegardpsftp makes it accessible through ftp client yes?21:25
alteregoNo, it's an FTP _like_ client that uses the SSH protocol.21:25
alteregoIt has nice drag and drop/explorer features.21:26
alteregoscp is just command line.21:26
Cptnodegardi meant accessing the IT with a computer based ftp client21:26
Cptnodegardi did that with my nintendo DS once21:26
Cptnodegardi dont really hate USB cables enough to bother though xD21:26
alteregoYou'd need to install an FTP daemon to do that, which isn't advised as it's pretty insecure :P21:26
lcukso theres no simple way to access shared net drive like i can do in reverse21:26
alteregoI use sshfs personally.21:26
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo21:27
fysaand SFTP21:27
lcuk(can see windows shares from 810 file manager21:27
alteregolcuk, psftp is simple.21:27
lcukok ill give it a try :)21:27
alteregolcuk, that's because your computers are advetising those files to the world. The N810 doesn't have samba installed.21:27
alteregoI'm not even sure anyone has package samba ..21:28
fysayeah, don't think so yet21:28
Cptnodegardi tried streaming a 3gp video off my cell with BT today, im still getting used to having something that is capable of doign such "magic" tricks21:28
fysayou can nfs21:28
lcukding! so its samba that i need21:28
alteregosshfs is just far cooler :P21:28
fysaI nfs mount my media server on boot..21:28
fysayou wish, lcuk21:28
fysabut you don't receive21:28
lcuklol i want it all21:28
* lcuk will get it21:28
alteregolcuk, if you _really_ want to do that, yes. But I would not advise it. If you're a linux newb building it and installing it on the device is going to be tricky. Then you need to configure it and make sure it's secure. Or not running when you're out of the house.21:29
fysathe easiest way to get access is psftp21:29
lcuki only use it with this single connection21:29
fysaanything else is going to require hackery21:29
alteregoYes, psftp is the way to go if you're on windows ..21:29
fysaWebDAV may be a viable solution..21:29
lcukthe outside world is secured (hw fw) and i just need to get a few bits of code sent over21:30
fysaif we had more memory.21:30
* fysa is bugged by the amount of memory wasted in an idling maemo setup21:30
fysa20MB free with 'nothing' running21:30
fysahildon is a hog21:31
lcukfysa, just thank god its not vista, or you would have no flash mem either ;)21:31
Cptnodegardfysa, ram or onboard memory?21:31
fysaon-board flash is passable21:31
Cptnodegardconfigure the internal memory cardto work as ram21:32
fysaI have swap on..  which is fine21:32
fysabut swap is basically usable as a buffer against applications crashing21:32
Cptnodegardstil new to this thing so havent figured everythign out21:33
fysaif you really get into it, everything (browser especially) crawls21:33
Cptnodegardhavent installed any app to see ram usage21:33
fysaI know we could squeeze another 20MB out of the system somewhere..21:33
Cptnodegardwhats using all the memory? doesnt it have 128 ram?21:33
fysalet's see if my device is awake..21:34
Cptnodegardwhats the process info ap called?21:34
fysaps (with args)21:34
fysaor top21:34
fysathere is a tasktray icon you can install to see memory/CPU usage and dump process list21:34
Cptnodegardhmm what repository is it in?21:35
fysaI don't remember, I got them from the maemo repository .. repository.21:36
fysaone sec21:36
lcukits called "load-applet"21:36
fysawhat is that site -- maybe justdave21:37
* lcuk doesn't know where it comes from tho21:37
Cptnodegardonly top i could find was htop21:37
Cptnodegardfor os200821:37
fysaapt-cache showpkg21:37
Cptnodegardload-applet is process info?21:37
lcukshows cpu/mem/lists processes allows screenshots21:38
*** Robot101 has quit IRC21:38
fysaNokia-N800-44-4:~# ps aux | grep browser21:38
fysa 1369 user     131724 SW  /usr/bin/browser21:38
Cptnodegardfound it21:38
*** robster has quit IRC21:38
fysabrowser using 101% of memory is not fun21:39
lcuki see firefox is runnin as normal then ;)21:39
fysano kidding21:39
*** qos has joined #maemo21:39
Cptnodegardi have way more than 20MB free when not runnning anything21:40
fysado a couple of things.21:40
fysause it for a day, then quit those apps21:40
*** Dr_Lohr has left #maemo21:40
Cptnodegardis there any way to make the tray wider?21:40
fysayou will get some daemons that spawn21:40
lcukive got 2mb free21:41
fysaand they don't always close themselves peacefully for me21:41
* lcuk vanquishes fysa's deamons21:41
fysa1365 user      63500 SW  /usr/bin/osso_rss_feed_reader21:42
fysathat is also horrible21:42
*** Cptn-N800 has joined #Maemo21:42
lcukmaemo-lancher is runnin 79% of mem at 100mb!21:42
* lcuk doesn't even know what it does21:42
fysayeah, maemo-launcher is the other21:42
*** Cptn-N800 has quit IRC21:42
*** jnettlet has joined #maemo21:43
Cptnodegardwtf is maemo launcher?21:43
fysamaemo-launcher is a tool to decrease the start-up time of GTK+ and thus gtkmm and maemomm applications. It runs as a daemon and initializes as much as possible before your application begins to start. When a new application is started it is forked from the deamon process, so its starts faster because the initialization is already complete.21:44
fysathat is the problem.21:44
lcukits only a problem if it leaks21:44
Cptnodegardwhy in gods name would anyone install that thing if it auses all the ram? o021:44
fysaas soon as the system dips into swap, maemo-launcher should consider flushing itself21:44
lcuki dont mind things runnin if they help21:45
lcukhowever, mediaplayer-eng is stuck in memory and i barely play things with it21:45
fysabasically, maemo-launcher is for devices with slow filesystems21:45
fysabut if maemo-launcher can't get out of firefox's way, it's directly causing a condition it was designed to prevent21:46
Cptnodegardi use the internal web browser21:46
Cptnodegardfind nothing wrong with it21:46
fysathat's firefox21:46
Cptnodegardthen again i have a psp :p21:46
lcuki so as well - minimo = firefox for mobiles21:46
*** srwalter has joined #maemo21:46
Cptnodegardah i see21:46
*** tomspu has quit IRC21:46
fysawe should be able to disable maemo launcher and run things normally if this is all it does.21:47
fysaI will play around with it on/off21:47
Cptnodegarduninstall it :p21:47
*** killfill has joined #maemo21:47
fysaI'll just kill it ;)21:47
lcukim not uninstalling things, but killing them lol21:48
skwhat's the easiest ssh server to install on the n770?21:48
fysaopenssh from the repo21:48
fysathen set root password somehow (there are guides)21:48
skcan i do it via the package manager on the device?21:48
srwalterWas "osso_uri_open" removed in Chinook?21:48
alteregofysa, it prompts.21:48
skyeah i set the root pw alreadty21:48
fysa10 unique results all showing instructions on ssh for the 770 :)21:49
skim looking ..21:50
lcukbet nokia are surprised the 770 lasted so long21:50
Cptnodegardthey need to market all the IT's more21:50
lcuki dont think they can - ppl expect slick21:50
fysathey need the community to grow and develop more killer apps first21:51
Cptnodegardpeople are stupid21:51
lcukthis nit is cool - i have linux in my pocket - but its no i*****21:51
skword, and even if they did, how much would that increase sales..what's the ROI/21:51
fysaI was *this* close to getting one for my mother for christmas.21:51
skword, niche is cool21:51
Cptnodegardunless theres a retarded looking paper clip in the bottom of the screen telling them what to do, people run away :D21:51
fysabut it's not quite there yet.21:51
skeven windows users loath mr clip21:51
lcukno - ppl bought computers before without that - spectrums c64s amigas etc21:52
lcukbut what they had was a clear route as to what was available and how to use it21:52
fysaUI brings all of this complexity that you don't need21:52
Cptnodegardi keep finding myself in the position of telling people what i got for christmas, when i say i got money and bouth a n800 internet tablett, people go ?.?21:52
fysabecause you have to present a user with every possible option simultaneously21:52
fysawhen you typed commands in, you only knew the commands you needed to know21:52
fysaso you could get anyone to pop a floppy into a C64 and type LOAD "*",8,121:53
Cptnodegardit's are too advanced for most people to grasp the concept21:53
Cptnodegardworld is funy that way21:53
lcukfor now it is - but its getting easier21:53
Cptnodegardthey need to stop teaching crap in school and start teaching people useful stuff21:54
fysaApple's interfaces are good at removing excess options/choices21:54
Cptnodegardim studying economics, and 95% of the class are too stupid to use the basic functions in excel21:54
lcukbut useful is a bit of WP, some spreadsheets, how to IM and stuff21:54
fysaLinux is the worst of all.  every possible feature and option is presented.21:54
lcuk7 times over21:55
fysaKDE itself has thousands of configuration options21:55
lcuk(and in no way complaining)21:55
skwhen i copy a file to the n770 via us21:55
skwhere does it go in the local FS?21:55
fysait can take you 30 minutes to find/change a setting in the old KDE file manager21:55
*** Disconnect_ has joined #maemo21:55
Cptnodegardwhere you put it, sk21:55
skwhen i access it via usb21:55
fysabut this will all change eventually.21:55
ski onlt have access to one folder21:55
*** Disconnect_ has quit IRC21:56
skI can't move up the tree/dir21:56
Cptnodegard770 different from 800/810 then21:56
fysaI think you have to put the device into a different mode or something?21:56
skreally ..?21:56
ski can see files21:56
*** greentux has joined #maemo21:56
Cptnodegardwhat OS?21:56
*** srwalter has quit IRC21:56
sklike /btscanner /kismet $RECYCLE.BIN21:56
fysawhich files?21:56
ski just don't know where those are locally21:57
Cptnodegarddoesnt it support 2008?21:57
ski believe the n770 does21:57
lcukput into /media/mmc2 i think21:57
lcukor mmc121:57
ski looked there21:57
skboth places21:57
lcukor somewhere21:57
fysayou check /home/user?21:57
Cptnodegardyou shoudl check if it supports newer OSes21:57
ski believe so, isn't that my cwd when i invoke xterm?21:57
lcukask clippy ;)21:57
skoh lemme see21:57
fysafind . | grep btscanner21:57
*** Spoon has quit IRC21:58
fysacd / first21:58
*** trevarthan has quit IRC21:59
skits looking now22:00
lcuki miss the drive noise when a search is occuring22:00
lcuki can tell where its upto and which drive its on22:00
skso you think i should upgrade to 2008?22:02
skfor the n77022:02
fysaat least 200722:02
fysacheck apps first before 2008 though22:02
fysamake sure the ports you need for day-to-day use are up on os2008..  some were slow coming22:02
skno, i dont use this thing for day to day22:02
*** vims0r has quit IRC22:02
skim attempt to dev on it22:02
fysayeah, I bluetooth keyboard/ssh to dev server (drupal/php/python/java) and get 'real work' done22:03
lcukday-2-day for a dev is libraries22:03
*** vims0r has joined #maemo22:03
fysabluetooth keyboard seems a little laggy for me, but it's mostly usable22:03
fysaI'd love to see an N800 with built-in 3M mini projector that was just released22:04
ski plan on using scratchbox22:04
ski got it setup and compiled some c22:04
lcukas long as all keystrokes are done in the correct order, whats a bit of lag between devices ;)22:04
dick-richardsonI'd love to see working repos :(22:04
ski'll proably switch to python22:04
*** qos has quit IRC22:04
fysaI could get more use if the tiny screen could be shown at 30-40"22:04
lcukfysa - i got x11vnc and view on big monitor22:04
fysayeah, exactly lcuk.  it still works, and I still feel missed keys before I see them22:05
ski can't find the damn files22:05
fysaN800 with that would be killer.22:06
fysathen you do this:22:06
fysaremove the IR filter on the webcam22:06
fysapoint webcam at projected image22:07
tank-mansk, find them from the filemanager?22:07
fysausing LED pen, you can have interactive touchscreen on the wall22:07
fysawith the same touch hildon interface22:07
sktank-man: I tried that22:07
lcukuse a wiimote and led pen as source22:07
tank-manfysa, someone did that with led pen+wiimote for the pc22:07
fysayeah, you could do it with wiimote too22:08
fysabut if the device had a removable (flip switch/hit button) IR filter on the internal webcam..22:08
fysayou wouldn't need it.22:08
rm_yousk: I know that in 2007/2008, what the USB is doing is turning the device into an SD card reader >_>22:08
fysayou can simulate motion tracking with a simple webcam and no hacks22:08
lcukwiimote has detection hardware which you would have to code up to use webcam22:08
fysabut it won't be as high dpi22:08
fysano, you don't usee motion detection for this lcuk22:08
skyou can't access the memory card when its plugged into USB22:08
*** ken_ has joined #maemo22:09
skthat's why i couldn't see the files22:09
fysayou only use the wii's CCD22:09
skweaksauce all over my face22:09
rm_yousk: so when you are presented with the top level of the drive, it is either /media/mmc1 or /media/mmc2 >_>22:09
fysa1024x768 120hz (or 60hz) CCD22:09
rm_youah lol22:09
fysaand you pick up reflected IR light22:09
rm_youyeah :P22:09
lcukyer i know you use the ccd - but if you use a webcam, you must code up the image scanning and detection, with wiimote, you just get points22:09
ski'm just trying to see if the c code im compiled and ran on scratchbox will actually run on the device22:10
skword thanks guys22:10
lcukthe image from the wiimote sensor is processed onboard the mote (as far as i know)22:10
fysano, you just need to remove the IR filter ;)22:10
fysasee: TrackIR homebrew22:10
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:11
fysathe key is to track IR light and not visible light22:12
fysaand provide a source, that's why you see dots for the wii22:12
fysait's giving you an image of the dots emitting from the sensor bar22:12
fysa(but processed)22:12
fysathe linux trackIR driver would do what you need.22:13
fysaTrackIR is just a $150 60fps webcam with the IR filter removed22:13
fysaanyway, enough dreaming..22:14
elbI think you guys are talking past each other22:14
rm_youis that better quality than the wiimote IR sensor?22:14
elbthe wii really does send coordinates, not images22:14
elbbut yes, you can do the same thing with images and filtering22:14
lcukbut like i said, using the webcam/driver you need linux to actually scan the data for the entire image and identify the points, using the wiimote you have built in support for 4 point sources identified on the mote itself22:14
fysamy point is that the wiimote is cool and I use it at home to control my Linux HTPC and love wiimote hacks22:14
fysabut if they're giving us a built-in mini-projector..22:15
fysaI'd like a built-in IR tracking for LED stylus usage also ;)22:15
*** gnuton has joined #maemo22:15
lcukwould nokia be fast enough to scan it all and be usable for other stuff?22:15
fysathe coolest would be to set the device up on its stand..22:15
elbthere *is* a secondary dsp, lcuk ;-)22:16
fysaand project the image right onto the desk22:16
fysaor have it sit on my coffee table shooting RSS at the wall22:16
lcukthere is also full powervr 3d hardware - having it there doesn't mean its usable22:16
elbthe DSP is usable22:16
* lcuk retracts his rant ;)22:16
skThe c code wouldn't run22:18
dick-richardsonis aptitude ever going to be part of maemo?22:18
alteregoDamnit, can't format my damn drive.22:18
skmissing an .so22:18
dick-richardsonor a recent version of apt-get that includes autoremove?22:19
*** barision1 has joined #maemo22:20
skno ldd?22:24
*** BugBlue has joined #maemo22:25
elbwelcome to the world of embedded platforms, sk ;-)22:26
ski want to go home22:26
sk= [22:26
skso can i get ld/ldconfig?22:26
* BugBlue wants to go in, but I have to wait 2 weeks until they sell the N810 here22:26
elbif any of the elf utils (objdump, elfdump, et al.) are available, you might be able to get linking information from them22:26
elbotherwise, there's always scratchbox :-)22:26
skit works on scratchbox22:26
ski cp the .c binary to the device22:27
skand it doesn't run22:27
BugBlueyou have to compile .c files22:27
skyeah I know22:28
rm_youyou're probably missing a dependency on the device22:28
ski compiled it in scratchbox and cp the binary to the device22:28
rm_youwhat does it say is missing?22:28
*** gnuton_ has joined #maemo22:28
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo22:29
skheh, opps22:30
BugBluecan someone tell me something about serial USB support on the N810?22:31
*** scibot has joined #maemo22:31
*** barisione has quit IRC22:31
rm_youhrm, time to start investigating alsa-lib22:31
*** barision1 is now known as barisione22:32
*** Wikier has joined #maemo22:32
scibotWhat's a good editor for python under chinook?22:32
lcuki use pygtkeditor - its the only one ive found22:33
rm_youvim? >_>22:33
*** jegp has quit IRC22:33
scibotrm_you, I'm use to gvim in particular.22:33
*** jga23_ has joined #maemo22:34
rm_youwell, if you're used to gvim, then you know the commands/keys for vim :P22:34
*** gnuton__ has joined #maemo22:34
rm_youunless you lean REALLY heavily on the GUI part :/22:34
scibotI do22:34
rm_youlearning to really use VI is a good thing in the long run22:34
rm_youso you may as well start22:34
*** ken has quit IRC22:35
scibotNo thanks, I rather get some code done22:35
lcukhas a "play" button ;)22:35
lcukshame i only use it to run python stuff22:35
* lcuk misses his tabkey22:36
lcukhow could nokia have left off such an important key22:36
rm_youscibot: well, it does have a decent learning curve, i admit :( though I code probably 50% faster in VI than any other editor now because of the power it gives me22:37
rm_youit just took me two years of practice to break even :P22:37
scibotI just don't have the patience for it right now.22:37
wndrm_you, are you really taking about vi and not vim?22:37
rm_youi use the term interchangably at this point, but really talking about vim22:37
wndin that case I fully agree with you22:38
*** Fenix-Dark has quit IRC22:40
rm_youi mean *really*, all you need to be able to do at first is keep good track of what mode you're in, and remember to hit ESC a lot and "i" to start typing :) and then it is basically notepad with syntax highlighting22:40
rm_youand you can pick stuff up from there22:40
rm_youoh, and :w to save, :q to quit, :wq to do both, and :q! to abort changes and quit22:41
keesjusing vi with the thumb keyboard is really a pain22:41
rm_youit isn't too bad... i've gotten used to it. though, the version of vim that is in maemo seems more like VI than VIM >_>22:41
wndthe three keys I use the most with vim must be "m", "`", and "A".22:42
*** gnuton has quit IRC22:42
scibotThanks lcuk, pygtkeditor will work well for now.22:43
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC22:43
rm_youhrm... i'm not even sure i know what "m" does >_>22:43
scibotOh and the keyboard lacks home/end/pgup/down keys, so I'll have to map some combos later.22:43
lcukmini 810 kb, or bluetooth one22:44
scibotApple BT22:44
lcuklights on now lol22:44
* lcuk thought it was the dogs bollards ;)22:45
scibotAs soon as I figure xmodmap out.22:45
lcukwill xmodmap work for the 810 hardware keys?22:45
* lcuk will change the D pad middle buton for tab in a haertbeat22:45
scibotI don't see why not22:45
lcukgah! i still cant type/spell at all and im on the big kb22:46
lcuki hope it doesnt map enter itself to something else22:46
scibotAnyway I'll be mapping the fn + arrows to home/end/pgup/pgdown22:47
*** Wikier has quit IRC22:48
*** chakku has quit IRC22:48
*** scibot has quit IRC22:48
*** jga23 has quit IRC22:48
*** Robot101 has joined #maemo22:48
*** gnuton_ has quit IRC22:50
*** v-v_ has joined #maemo22:50
*** blassey has quit IRC22:58
*** vims0r has quit IRC22:59
*** blassey has joined #maemo22:59
*** harbaum has left #maemo22:59
skanyone have an idea to fix that missing .so23:00
skwhen running a c binary im compiled in sb-arm and cp to the n77023:00
lcukis the framework set to os2006 or have you compiled it against one of the newer ones?23:03
skgreat question, i dont know.I followed the directions at
lcukthe 770 cannot handle os2008/chinook/4.0 yet can it?23:04
lcuki thought that the 770 was a casualty of upgrading, ie its supported in os2006, ninja support in 2007 but not yet in 0823:04
skI really don't know, this is all very new to me23:05
lcukwhich os have you got installed on the device itself23:05
sibbeoh crap.. /tmp tmpfs is only 512k23:05
skI've been reading a shit load23:05
sklcuk : 2006 I believe23:05
sibbeand it's created inside initfs...23:05
lcukits all new to me as well - i got an 810 (with os2008) and have had similar probs but mainly because the docs are geared towards os200723:05
sibbephew... "mount -o remount,size=1024K /tmp" worked23:06
lcukill fire up my vmware session and have a look23:06
skword, thanks23:06
*** v-v has quit IRC23:07
lcukon the desktop of the default install there are icons for binaries bora(2007) and chinook(2008) i think you will need to get the 2006 SDK installed and compile with that23:08
*** jeff1f has joined #maemo23:08
skoh lord23:08
ski thought I finally had the sdk setup23:08
lcukalternatively, you could just install python and try coding that way23:08
lcukwhat are you testing?23:09
skwe are doing some bluetooth dev23:09
skpython should be fine vs c23:09
lcukmay be the simplest approach - thats what i ended up doing23:09
skwould I still need to switch sdks?23:10
lcuklearning a new language (with a big support library) was easier than going through dependency hell23:10
skdo i even need the sdk for python dev/23:10
lcuki code in windows now and will tweak the hildon specifics later23:10
skwell, I can test the aps on xephyer i guess23:10
skdo i have to setup anything special on the n770 to run the python code?23:11
skmodules, libarries and what not/23:11
lcukpython+gtk apps work on nokia23:11
skyeah i get that23:11
lcukprobs just those 2^23:11
lcukthats all i needed23:11
lcukhope theres an install for python on your 770 tho..23:11
lcukperhaps someone with knowledge will stop lurking ;)23:11
elbthat reminds me that I need to spend some time with Python soon23:12
lcukevery man needs to spend more time with his snake23:12
lcukermmmm python i mean23:12
elbas I have zero desire to write a GUI application from scratch in C ;-)23:12
lcukwell you dont need to - gtk works23:12
elbdo people generally think PyGtk is good?23:12
lcukand with python, if you find its not great, you can make a gtk extension in c and use it from python23:13
lcukbest all round23:13
lcuki certainly do23:13
elbsure, I'm familiar with Gtk, C/Gtk, and scripting in general, I simply have never used Python23:13
lcuktheres plenty of source and examples and help around23:13
skyeah i think you can install python from the application manager23:13
elb(I'm a Pidgin developer, so I've had enough contact with Gtk to appreciate what it is and isn't in its native form)23:14
*** BugBlue has quit IRC23:14
lcukanother plus is being able to just run uncompiled23:14
skyeah, that's a huge +23:14
elb(which is why I have no desire to write a GUI app from scratch in C ;-))23:14
elbI personally missed the Python generation altogether, and skipped straight from Perl to Ruby, is all23:15
lcukive been stuck in vb for years now (jumped from C on my amiga to pc+vb)23:15
ski mostly write php lately23:16
* lcuk hates to admit the vb part23:16
sklittle perl and c23:16
skvb's cool for some stuff i guess23:16
*** BugBlue has joined #maemo23:16
* lcuk is even more ashamed that he likes it23:16
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo23:17
lcukive had 2 weeks now (off all xmas) to find a dev env i like and every single one has been better than .net23:17
lcuk(which my boss is trying to move us to)23:17
Cptnodegardstupid gmail :(23:17
Cptnodegardi want n800 to leave the messages online, and thunderbird to download them23:18
blast007lcuk: I'm quite fond the the Visual Studio environment23:18
blast007of the*23:18
lcuki have loads of niggly problems with it23:18
skyeah i couldn't get into vs dev, w/c# or23:19
lcukit slows me down too much23:20
*** playya has joined #maemo23:20
lcuksimple things like finishing code, clicking a tree element and having to wait while the ide decides i am allowed to view the designer for it23:21
*** Vulcanis has joined #maemo23:21
* lcuk is too quick23:21
lcukhow well does mono work on the nit?23:22
lcukanyone have experience23:22
ski tried to get mono working on a fedora box, .... didn't get to far23:23
lcuknokia internet tablet -  got used to typing that cos my 810 has no numbers by default23:23
skah word23:24
skdon't know23:24
skq: when i run /sbin/ldconfig on the n77023:24
ski get23:24
skcan't open configuration file /etc/ on such file or dir...23:24
skwhat the hell is that about23:24
skthat seems really bad23:24
lcuk(*) cool - i might get my old pda and use it as a fullscreen virt keyboard23:24
lcukdunno - whats google think about it23:28
sklooking ...23:30
*** becksbier has quit IRC23:31
*** BugBlauw has joined #maemo23:33
*** zodman has joined #maemo23:33
*** Bog[nl] has quit IRC23:33
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC23:33
*** trevarthan has quit IRC23:33
*** MikeL_ has joined #Maemo23:35
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo23:36
*** MikeL_ has quit IRC23:37
sp3000Cptnodegard: what's the problem23:38
*** MikeL has quit IRC23:38
*** zwn1 is now known as zwnj23:39
Cptnodegardno problem anymore :D23:39
Cptnodegardswitched thunderbird to IMAP, using pop on n80023:39
Cptnodegardthat way itll leave the messages alone23:40
sp3000another solution is the 'recent' pop view
*** mazzen has joined #maemo23:40
*** eber_ has quit IRC23:41
*** BugBlauw has quit IRC23:41
Cptnodegardah, well this works, but thx :D23:41
*** mankod has quit IRC23:42
*** mankod has joined #maemo23:43
*** cecil has quit IRC23:44
*** cecil has joined #maemo23:44
*** JussiP has joined #maemo23:44
* lcuk vanishes23:44
*** BugBlue has quit IRC23:45
*** tbf has quit IRC23:45
skim out guys, thanks for you help, bbl23:45
*** lcuk has quit IRC23:50
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo23:55
dick-richardsonhave the repos been fixed?23:55
*** BugBlue has joined #maemo23:55
dick-richardsonI'd like to flash my device, but won't do it unless those are up and running23:55

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