IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-11-10

|Rok, should i get any binaries with this?00:00
|Rxephyr is running fine but all the menu are empty except for the hello world in control panel?00:00
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kaltsiI think that's it.. you need to fill it with apps00:00
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* |R wonders how to pop the thumb keyboard with a mouse :P00:02
czr|R, the vdso thingy fixed it?00:02
czr|R, you need to click on an text input field.00:03
czrunless VKB is missing for 4.0 SDK proper release like it was in the beta.00:03
|Rczr : yeah for scratchbox part... but i had to figure out that make-kpkg (for redoing the nvidia module) was incompatible with paravirtualisation in .config :)00:03
|Rczr : if i click on a text input in get the keyboard, but the stylus one00:03
|Rczr : (not that important mind you, just wondering ;)00:03
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czrah. hmm. don't remember.00:04
|Rah, still a red pill hehe00:04
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tko|R: you can configure IM so that select key always pops up the fullscreen keyboard. not sure if it's possible with mouse. maybe with middle-button00:05
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* |R needs an xterm ;)00:08
czrosso-xterm thingy00:08
|Rit's not in apt-cache search, i guess i should get the bora one?00:09
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|Roh wait, i need x86 binaries ?00:09
czryes. don't use the ARMEL for anything else but building software00:10
czr(there are known issues with it currently)00:10
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kaltsiosso-xterm is on the device by default00:10
czrkaltsi, it is? IT2008, right?00:11
* czr yays00:11
Atariiwhich version?00:11
|Rgeekness for the people!00:11
|Rbut it doesn't come with the SDK it seems00:12
|Rfind / -name *xterm only returns termcaps etc00:12
czrapt-cache search xterm00:12
|Ronly finds ncurses-base00:12
kaltsiit's based on maemo hackers version00:12
|Rso everyone will get an xterm in their menu?00:12
kaltsiR it's not in the sdk repository because it's on the device already00:12
czrkaltsi, err. there's no xterm with the sdk?00:13
|Rkaltsi : ok si if i want to use it in the SDK..?00:13
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suihkulokkiI thought this was supposed to be a more mainstream (as opposed to geek) device than the previous edition :)00:13
czrthat's plain silly.00:13
kaltsiyep no xterm there.. do file an enhancement request and it will probably be there :)00:14
|Rargh :P00:14
* |R wonders why the SDK isn't setuped like the real thing .. 00:14
kaltsithe bugzilla is nothing to phear about..00:14
czr|R, because it's not a device emulator?00:15
czrit's an SDK?00:15
|Ruhm, ok, i'm new to all this ;)00:15
czrOTOH, it would be very nice if it even would contain some of the stuff on the device. but it doesn't.00:15
kaltsithere are all kinds of funny/frustrating legal reasons why a lot of the things can't be in the sdk00:16
czrI wonder how android will deal with this issue though.00:17
|Ruhm actually it seems that i'm running arm binaries00:21
czrwhat's the prompt like?00:21
kaltsiR if you have the ARMEL target then yes.. change to i386 :)00:22
|Ruh urhm! :P00:23
* |R is in sb-menu which he heard of somewhere ... :P00:23
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|Rahh here you go :)00:23
tkoczr: I'm expecting normal cross-compilation00:24
tkowhen you don't have tons of random autohell things to build, cross-compilation the normal way probably just work00:25
czrtko, I'm more interested in whether there will be an SDK targetted at 3rd party directly, or just some kind of framework for people to possibly build SDKs.00:25
* czr nods00:25
czrbut I guess we'll all see soon.00:25
suihkulokkitko: android apps are java methinks -> no crosscompiling probs :P00:25
tkoI'm waiting until Monday00:26
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|Ruhm, trying to configure & make ;)00:32
|Rbut configure says i don't have VTE :| (wth?)00:32
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kaltsiyou'd need libvte4-dev or something00:34
|Rthese are needed in my system or in scratchbox?00:35
kaltsidepends if you're trying to compile it in scratchbox?00:35
kaltsiin that case it needs to be there :)00:36
|Rok :)00:36
|RI'm starting to get it ;)00:36
kaltsiin chinook all the sdk stuff is not compilable yet.. that's a requirement candidate for the next sdk release00:36
|Rwhat do you mean?00:37
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kaltsiI mean that you can use the sdk to develop your own software just fine, but you can't recompile all the programs in the sdk with the packages that come with the sdk00:37
|Roh, as in, the basic library have to be installed by hand etc...?00:38
kaltsihmm I didn't get that.. :)00:39
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|Ri mean, i don't understand... if you can compile your own stuff, what is the difference with the sdk stuff ? (unless it's a proprietary binary?)00:41
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kaltsiit's hard to say when I don't have a concrete example of something but it goes somehow like this: SDK provides a package X which depends on libY.. package libY is in the SDK so that you can install and run X, but package libY-dev is not in SDK, so you cannot recompile X00:41
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|Roh ok00:41
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio00:41
|Rbut i could add libY-dev by hand00:41
kaltsiBUT the sources to libY are with the SDK so you can recompile libY and het libY-dev and add that yourself.. yes00:41
|Rok, good00:42
* |R is going to have to finish this sunday evening/monday... running away for the weekend00:42
kaltsihav fun :)00:42
|RWell thanks for all your help (everyone!) :)00:42
|Ryou too :)00:42
czr|R, welcome to the club.00:43
czrnow you'll understand much more of the ironical things on this channel ;-)00:43
czror maybe not yet. but soon.00:43
czr|R, did you sub to the mailing list yet?00:43
czrsubscribe to it00:43
czra lot of the new software is announced there.00:44
|Rok :)00:44
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FMzHrmm... can't find Xterm in the application list... =/00:59
* czr hibernaes ->00:59
FMzAny ideas why there aren't any terminals installable?01:01
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playyais the maemo file manager closed source?01:07
p|is possible to use php with a webserver on n800 ?01:07
danielsp|: no01:08
daniels(by which i mean, yes.)01:08
playyahildon fm01:08
playyai remember01:08
tkoplayya: the app is, but the bulk of the code is in hildon-fm anyway01:09
playyais there a function/method to get the list of file in vfs?01:10
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Jiten the comment at the end cracked me up :)01:38
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p|:-O  :
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rhykinwhen is os2008 suppose to release?02:37
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astro76mid November, when the i810 is available for sale02:39
tko"real soon now" ?02:39
Luria15th is the most likely date i've heard, fwiw02:40
rhykini hope they improve EAS-TLS support :(02:41
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astro76I'm wondering if it will support dynamic WEP02:43
rhykinthat took awhile..02:45
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db48xI need a stylus that will light up and beep when I press a button on my n80003:01
*** dshep has joined #maemo03:01
l7I need a stylus that will make pancakes03:05
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ds3shouldn't be too hard to make a lightup stylus ;)03:09
rhykinis there a way to specify a ca certificate03:11
rhykinmaybe in a config file?03:12
rhykini can choose a user certificate with the gui, but i dont know where it stores the configuratio information for the cartificates/wireless setups03:12
*** pdz-_ has joined #maemo03:13
rhykincan anyone enlighten me? :)03:14
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shackanrhykin: you can import certificates from the control panel03:15
rhykinshackan: right03:15
*** pdz has joined #maemo03:16
rhykinshackan: however, when I'm trying to connect to a EAP-TLS wireless network, i would need to let the configuration know what CA certificate to use03:16
rhykinshackan: it allows me to choose the user certificate (in the gui) but not the ca certificate03:16
shackanrhykin: I've got the same problem with PEAP authentication :(03:16
rhykinheh, damn03:16
rhykinthere's no configuration that maemo sets up when you create a wireless configuration?03:17
shackanyes, of course03:17
shackanI remember reading a backup and finding out it's stored in some gconf keys03:18
*** TimRiker has quit IRC03:18
shackanmaybe you can install gconf editor and see for yourself (that's just what I remember tough, not really sure about it)03:19
* db48x swears a bit at his n80003:21
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rhykinshackan: heh, now i have to find a way to install it03:23 was just revamped wasnt it03:24
Luriaif revamped means really slow, then yeah :-)03:24
Luriaplus lots of broken tcp connects, certainly.03:25
rhykinis there any way to get programs to install on the sd card03:27
rhykinand not the internal memory?03:28
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rhykinalso, does becomeroot work for the n800's?03:39
rhykinsince its os'06?03:39
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ds3has there been any progress with the 770/800 GPL wifi driver using the freemac stuff since  Apr 2006?04:12
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NeoStriderhello folks04:25
*** hircus has joined #maemo04:27
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|Ranyone has any estimate on the discount availability?04:35
|R(and the shipping speed afterward...)04:35
|R(anyone else applied, got it, but is not in a listed country and is going to ship it to a friend? ;)04:36
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ds3hmmm I seem to be stumping everyone today :(04:41
|Ri wish there was one, but i can't help on the matter :(04:43
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Solariondid the device discount code mailer program have difficulties?  I got a weird HTML page sent as text/plain05:14
pofesinwhen i try and download files, it claims im low on memory... no matter where i try and save the file.05:17
pofesinn800 btw05:17
pofesinany ideas?05:17
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|RSolarion /clear05:25
|RSolarion : here it is fine05:25
|Rbut many people seem to complain about this :)05:25
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rhykini see chinook has been officially released06:25
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nelsonSolarion: yes, I got  the weird HTML followed by plain text also.07:29
*** Astro has joined #maemo07:30
|ROn gmail it came out fine (is anyone having this problem with gmail?)07:30
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:30
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unique311friday night...well saturday morning in a couple of firm upgrade.07:49 week it is then.07:49
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_matthias_woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo N810 accepted!09:34
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JaffaMorning, all10:13
Jaffa_matthias_: cool, congrats10:13
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kulveany words about the camera quality in n810 compared to n800?10:48
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slackhi there!11:43
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p|Buongiorno | Morning !12:00
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo12:02
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slackhello :)12:05
sciboyHi. =D12:09
JaffaBTW, is it possible to upgrade a Chinook beta SDK to the final version?12:21
*** doublec has joined #maemo12:23
czrjaffa, the little birds have told me that this shouldn't be attempted.12:24
czrhaven't tried it myself though.12:25
JaffaBah. Well that's just annoying.12:25
czrI blame it on the little birds.12:25
p|any way to use PAN connection with latest OS200712:25
p|(since it doesn't have bnep.ko module :-\)12:27
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:29
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*** guardian has joined #maemo12:32
maddlerwhois p|12:35
maddlerwhops :D12:35
maddlermonring everyone! :D12:35
Jaffa'lo maddler12:35
maddlerbuongiorno p|! ;)12:35
*** guardian_ has quit IRC12:37
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo12:39
JaffaMrs Jaffa says I've got to order a new memory card for my N810 today :)12:39
p|ciao maddler :)12:40
maddlerJaffa: lol! :D12:46
maddlerp|: :)12:46
maddlerJaffa: at this point I don't know how many memory cards I have...12:46
maddlerJaffa: I guess some 10... or so...12:46
maddlerphone... n800... nds... n810...12:47
* Jaffa is trying to work out the cheapest, largest Mini or Micro SD card12:47
JaffaProbably 4GB or 8GB12:47
maddlerSandDisk 4GB SDHC ~50E here...12:47
maddlershop after the corner... :D12:48
maddlerbut if you wish I could ship it to you...12:48
maddlernot a problem...12:48
JaffaI've found ones about 30ukp - so about 50eur12:48
maddlerI'm considering to buy one for my MP3 player as well...12:49
Jaffa looks quite like a bargain12:49
*** tux2 has joined #maemo12:55
*** murrayc has joined #maemo12:55
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tux2maemo planet12:56
*** ol_schoola_ has quit IRC12:58
tux2I want to write about news maemo planet but I do not know how to do? I'm Italian developer & blogger maemo, register from time on maemo.org12:58
tux2help me12:58
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo12:59
*** ol_schoola_ has joined #maemo13:00
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC13:00
kulvetux2: If I understood you correctly, set up a blog for you and ask some maemo poeple to add your blog to planet.maemo.org13:00
*** henno has joined #maemo13:03
*** greygusb has quit IRC13:08
tux2ok kulve13:10
tux2kulve i'have a blog13:10
onionthank you nokia13:11
tux2How do I write news on maemo planet13:12
kulvetux2: just write maemo stuff to your blog and then ask somebody (maemo-user/devel list?) to add your blog there13:12
tux2to link my blog to planet13:12
Jaffaemail: planet@maemo.org13:13
tux2yes I memeo-user/devel13:13
kulvei.e. you don't write to, they pull/whatever your blog to there13:13
*** Crying_EM0_Soul has joined #maemo13:14
tux2ah Now I understand13:14
Crying_EM0_Soulz 'vj13:14
Crying_EM0_Soul ÿ ýìî13:14
JaffaRight, one SanDisk MicroSD 6GB card ordered, + MiniSD adapter + 1 x 1GB MiniSD Sandisk card13:23
*** ertwroc has joined #maemo13:29
*** Astro has joined #maemo13:32
ertwrocHi, after some work of my app maemo killed it (i got "killed" msg, and app was stopped). Someone know what's going on?13:32
p|ciao tux213:33
kulveertwroc: it took too much memory?13:33
kulveertwroc: or does it always die like 10 secs after starting it?13:33
*** Crying_EM0_Soul has quit IRC13:33
ertwrockulve: May it is problem with memory - it is java app. Is any way to do something with it?13:35
kulveI don't know a thing about java, sorry.13:37
*** Astro has quit IRC13:37
ertwrockulve: I runned it and was killed after more than 2 min13:37
kulveertwroc: check with e.g. "top"  if it's taking a lot of memory13:37
zerojayJava does it's own garbage collection...13:37
zerojay|R: Ouais, j'etait accepte pour un coupon. J'ai un ami au Etats-Unis qui va commander mon N810 et va l'envoyer a moi ici.13:39
p|tux2: italian developer so ?13:39
ertwrocI runned it with top - cacao (java vm) took 45% of memory and for some time top stop refreshing13:42
tux2ora però voglio impegnarmi a scrivere la versione italiana della wiki page13:44
tux2dato che ci sono quelle in francese spagnola etc..13:44
kulveertwroc: hmm.. it would be more usefull to know how much there was free memory (not in cache). And actually I think "dmesg" should list all OOM-killed apps13:45
kulvetux2: let's keep this english-only channel..13:45
onionhmm, git would nice to have in the SDK13:45
tux2excuse me13:45
*** _Monkey has quit IRC13:45
p|tux2: good idea :)13:46
kulveonion: git version
tux2There is no documentation in Italian13:46
tux2for the italian maemo user13:46
tux2because I decided to expand the wiki page13:47
kaltsionion: the maemo3-tools devkit offers git13:47
onionkulve: oh, ok.. great13:47
tux2p|:I decided to expand the wiki page13:48
tux2p|:you are a developer13:48
p|tux2: unfortunately no :(13:49
p|but i hope to learn ruby+gtk2+maemo :)13:49
tux2p|:ah ok you are a maemo user13:50
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo13:50
ertwrocfree was less than 1500K and dmesg say that app was killed because "out of memory" was :|13:50
p|yes tux213:51
kulveertwroc: you try to reduce the memory used by your app, if it's possible. If not, then you have troubles..13:51
ertwrocis possible to use patrition on mmc as swap?13:52
p|tux2: even i've installed the OS2007 SDK and have ported an app :)13:52
onionertwroc: yes13:52
*** doublec has quit IRC13:52
kulveertwroc: actually it's just a file, not a whole partition13:52
kulveand I think it's recommended to have at least a bit of it always in linux..13:52
kulveI have the maximum (128M) on the internal card13:53
p|(a _VERY_ little paa, inadyn, a commandline dyndns client)13:53
ertwrockulwe: so how big is now swap?13:53
infobotp| meant: (a _VERY_ little program, inadyn, a commandline dyndns client)13:53
kulveertwroc: I didn't quite understand your question. By default there is no swap, but it can be enabled from the control-panel13:55
p|infobot: lol13:55
infobotlol is probably stands for Laughs Out Loud. It is grammatically incorrect to use LOL in the first person; use 'heh' or 'haha' instead. If you want to use LOL, do '/me lol' instead.13:55
ertwrockulve: so I don't have to do it by hand?13:56
tux2p|:I'm a developer java but the support of java in maemo and nokia internet tablet is primitive13:56
kulveertwroc: no, it's a supported feature in it200713:56
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo13:56
tux2p|:I develop in c# and I study the python language13:57
ertwrockulve: thanks13:57
p|tux2: i know a bit python and ruby13:57
p|but not the GUI side...13:57
p|nor the maemo13:58
p|hope it isn't too much difficult :)13:59
tux2p|:I hope in the future to be able to write Java applications for maemo13:59
p|for now i'm playing with web server,php on my n800 :)13:59
tux2p|:apache :-)14:00
p|tux2: take a look here and
p|tux2: no, nginx14:00
p|(warning i'm temporary using a gprs connection so be patient :)14:00
tux2p|:dokuwiki on your n80014:02
p|and also tiddlywiki14:03
p|(on first link)14:03
tux2the first link don't14:04
*** VimSi has quit IRC14:04
*** VimSi has joined #maemo14:04
tux2is Wrong14:04
czrcan you please type longer sentences.14:04
*** _Monkey has quit IRC14:05
*** ertwroc has left #maemo14:05
p|tux2: first link have about 300k to download14:05
p|it is a single html+javascript file14:05
tux2p|: Now works14:05
p|at 2-3k/sec..14:05
p|hope you do not becom too old to see it ;-)14:06
infobotp| meant: hope you do not become too old to see it ;-)14:06
p|i need the bnep.ko kernel module to use an H3G HSDPA connection...14:07
p|but for now no luck :(14:07
tux2p|:beautiful and very fast14:08
tux2I did not know tiddlywiki14:08
p|also i have found it this days14:09
p|is a self-contained html file14:10
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo14:10
tux2p|Now you have to leave .. I go to cook! We students must go it alone14:10
tux2bye bye14:11
p|cu !14:11
tux2It has been a pleasure to speak with you soon14:11
tux2bye bye maemo Irc Planet14:11
*** tux2 has left #maemo14:12
*** alterego has joined #maemo14:14
* alterego wonders what happened to libreadline.14:17
czrhey alterego14:17
alteregoGood afternoon :)14:17
alteregoDid you apply to the device program czr ?14:18
czralterego, nope.14:18
alteregoPlan on getting an N810?14:19
czrdon't know. need to test one first.14:19
czrand it kind of depends on one job application that has been re-activated. if I get the job, then no. if I won't, then probably.14:19
alteregoI got accepted yesterday. Pretty chuffed :)14:19
czryay :-). how much is the discount?14:20
alterego99EUR when it's released14:20
czrah. so the same as last time.14:20
alteregoSo ~70 GBP I'd imagine.14:20
alteregoDo you know where libreadline went? :)14:21
alteregoI shouldn't have to compile it myself ..14:21
czrmaybe it was dropped because it is GPL. /me shrugs14:21
czrhonestly I have no idea :-) ask on ml?14:21
alteregoWell, it's not really important.14:22
alteregoJust means the console interactive ruby shell won't have those features.14:22
czrI'd imagine python to have the same issue though.14:23
czryou should probably ask on the ml though.14:23
alteregoOkay, will do.14:23
czrmaybe it was supposed to be included, but.. someone forgot :-)14:23
p|someone can send to me the module bnep.ko of pre-38.2 OS2007 version ?14:23
alteregoWell, the library is installed. Just no dev package.14:23
alteregoOr dbg package.14:24
kaltsithe sources are there.. you can compile that14:24
czrkaltsi, but it doesn't make sense to provide a library without the -dev and -dbg versions. does it?14:24
*** L0c-|Mobile| has joined #maemo14:24
alteregoShould I still request those packages on the mailing list?14:25
kaltsiczr well yes and no :)14:25
* czr shrugs14:25
kaltsithe logic goes somehow like this: libreadline is not really a part of maemo platform.. it's something that you might want to use in your own program and then you can make it available for yourself14:26
*** aloisio has joined #maemo14:27
czrright. why is it supplied to begin with then?14:27
czrthe so version I mean.14:27
alteregoSo it's in a similar vein to having to install the ncurses dev package?14:27
kaltsiit's there because the runtime lib is needed by some development tool, in this case gdb14:27
alteregoWill it be in OS2008?14:28
kaltsialterego, sorry what?14:28
czrok. so SDK is: packages part of maemo + packages not part of maemo, but required to do useful stuff in SDK14:28
kaltsiczr something lke that yes :)14:28
alteregoThe ncurses-dev package isn't installed by default in the SDK. You have to apt-get it.14:28
kaltsione of the future goals is to make the SDK compilable from sources and that means providing all the dev packages too, but that's not yet in place for chinook14:29
czrkaltsi, no wonder there is confusion though :-)14:29
czryeah, read smt about that too.14:29
alteregoIf libreadline isn't installed in the root image then there's no point in me persuing this :)14:29
czralterego, why would it be installed on the image?14:29
alteregoIt was in 200714:29
kaltsialterego those -dev pacakges should never be needed in the device14:29
czrah. ignore me then :-)14:29
alteregoNot the dev package. The so package.14:30
alteregoI just need the dev package to compile against.14:30
kaltsiyep yep.. well the device does not have anything installed that's not used by the applications that are there when it comes from the production line14:30
kaltsi(or shouldn't) :)14:31
alteregoI guess I'll have to wait and see until the release to see if it has readline ..14:31
czrwhat, not even random GNOME project GConf entries that are never used? how disappointing ;-)14:31
kaltsiI'll get me coat14:31
alteregoDoes your coat have readline?14:32
* czr offers a little used dracula-cape, which has readline support.14:32
alteregoHah :D14:32
czrthe dev package is in the left inner pocket.14:32
alteregoThinking about it.14:32
kaltsialterego about the readline, if your software needs it, then make the deb package depend on it and then it will be installed at the same time someone installs your pkg.. or am I missing some logic here?14:32
alteregokaltsi, I was about to say exactly that :)14:33
alteregoOf course the package is in the repository. ^_^14:33
alteregoSo the device will at least be able to obtain it.14:33
*** sciboy has quit IRC14:35
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo14:36
alteregoThink I'll start on Ruby 1.9 today14:38
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo14:40
alteregoAh, it has iconv14:40
*** thomasvm has joined #maemo14:44
*** k-s has joined #maemo14:46
*** Cord has quit IRC14:46
*** Cord has joined #maemo14:47
*** Cord has quit IRC14:47
*** Cord has joined #maemo14:48
*** rproenca has joined #maemo14:48
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo14:51
*** rproenca_ has joined #maemo14:52
*** straind has quit IRC14:56
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo14:57
alteregoczr, have you looked into compiling kernel modules in the maemo4 SDK?14:57
czralterego, not yet I haven't.14:58
czrI don't have a device to test on anyway.14:58
*** zengeist__ has quit IRC14:59
zerojayAnyone here have experience with installing phpbb?14:59
*** straind has joined #maemo15:00
*** shackan has joined #maemo15:02
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:02
*** thomasvm has left #maemo15:04
*** lardman has quit IRC15:04
*** Vudentz_AWAY is now known as Vudentz15:04
*** lardman has joined #maemo15:05
*** unique311 has joined #maemo15:06
*** krau|away has quit IRC15:06
unit42phpBB3, yep15:07
*** bueroman has joined #maemo15:07
*** Astro has joined #maemo15:07
zerojayunit42: I went through the install, and right before I'm supposed to login as admin for the first time, I get nothing but a blank page.15:08
zerojayApache spits out no errors.15:08
zerojayAny ideas?15:08
unit42Also a version 3?15:09
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC15:09
zerojayIt was 3, yeah.15:09
*** rproenca has quit IRC15:09
kaltsiis your apache configured to understand php?15:10
unit42I've had no problems... strange. Install process worked without errors?15:10
zerojayIf it wasn't, the install wouldn't work at all. :)15:10
*** p| has quit IRC15:10
zerojayWithout error.15:10
zerojayOh well.15:10
zerojayI'll try phpbb2.15:10
unit42Tried more than once?15:10
unit42Which RC?15:11
zerojayYes, several times.15:11
zerojayRC 7.15:11
unit42I'm one before the current...15:11
unit42RC 5 was that.15:12
unit42May you try that one too.15:12
zerojayAnd phpbb2 says "php doesn't support the database you selected", but it does.15:12
*** Astro has quit IRC15:12
unit42looks b0rked...15:12
unit42Wanna try RC5?15:13
zerojayWell, that's kind of a problem considering this is a brand new virtual server.15:13
*** simon_ has joined #maemo15:14
*** rproenca_ is now known as rproenca15:14
unit42Why is that a problem? RC too old?15:15
*** _pcfe_ has joined #maemo15:15
zerojayIt's a problem because if something's b0rked before I've even done anything to it, then it means the server wasn't set up properly.15:15
unit42Oh. Ok.15:16
unit42Did you checked the known bugs of phpBB3?15:17
*** zengeist__ has joined #maemo15:17
zerojayI used to work QA.15:17
*** pleemans has joined #maemo15:17
unit42Ok. So you're found a new one as it seems...15:17
infobotunit42 meant: Ok. So you've found a new one as it seems...15:17
unit42Which php version do you use? Which mysql?15:19
unit42or what database15:19
*** chelli has joined #maemo15:19
*** lardman_ has quit IRC15:19
unit42I've a MySQL 5.0.32 and a php 4.4.4 ...15:20
unit42...and a apache
zerojayMySQL 5.0.22, Apache 2.2.3, php 5.1.615:22
unit42Hmm. So the real difference is php 5...15:27
*** krau|away has joined #maemo15:29
unit42Did you install it directly on the virtual server via shell (unpacking)?15:30
zerojayIt was installed by the hosting provider.15:31
unit42Ok. Then he should know what does... oehm... dunno.15:31
*** red-zack has joined #maemo15:31
unit42I've found a post where the config.php had a wrong database config.15:33
unit42Do you have direct access to the files? Or just to the admin frontend?15:33
unit42You should check the username password of the mysql in the config.15:34
zerojayIt's correct.15:34
unit42Then I've no clue...15:34
zerojayThanks anyways.15:34
* alterego contemplates making a documentation browser.15:35
*** rproenca has quit IRC15:36
zerojayYes, but would anyone ever read it?15:52
*** L0c-|Mobile| has quit IRC15:54
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:55
alteregoMost of my software is developed for me.15:57
alteregoSo I'd use it ;)15:57
alteregoFor instance, ruby-maemo was developed for me.15:57
czrself-building documentation browser16:05
czri.e., you use the browser to view the documentation for the documentation browser16:05
*** L0cutus has joined #maemo16:09
*** kenne has joined #maemo16:11
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo16:14
*** |tbb2 has quit IRC16:15
*** aloisio has quit IRC16:20
*** NickDe has quit IRC16:24
*** NickDe has joined #maemo16:24
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo16:26
*** xadap has joined #maemo16:28
xadaphi :)16:28
xadapI got my n770 :D16:28
*** red-zack has quit IRC16:28
xadapto get the last version of the operating system, shall I follow these instructions?
alteregoCheck to see if the latest version is already installed first.16:29
xadapi don't think it's already installed because I bought it second-hand16:30
xadapbut anyway, how do I do that?16:30
xadapi've got fakeroot and the terminal installed16:30
alteregoBuying it second hand makes it more likely to have the lates tversion :P16:31
xadapmy seller didn't love geek and useful things, but you're right, I should check it before :p16:31
xadap"uname -a" in the terminal, maybe?16:32
alteregoControl Panel -> About Product16:32
xadapthat should be added at the wiki16:33
xadapit isn't there16:33
xadapthanks :)16:33
alteregoWell, maybe you should add it :P16:33
xadaplet me finish flashing the nokia and I'll find out how to do it ;)16:34
xadap2006 edition16:34
alteregoWell, 2006 is the latest OS release for the 77016:35
alterego(official release)16:35
xadapdoesn't the 2007OS work?16:35
alteregoYou need a special OS2007 HE for the 77016:36
alteregoIt's not supported and you need to install seatbelt to stop it crashing all the time.16:36
*** pleemans has quit IRC16:37
xadapthe special version crashes too?16:37
alteregoIt crashes because the 770 doesn't really have enough memory to run it.16:38
alteregoIt's not really that big an issue though. seatbelt appearantly fixes the problem well16:39
xadapcan't I use virtual memory?16:39
xadapthen if I install OS2007 and seatbelt, and then I extend the virtual memory, it should work more or less properly, right?16:40
alteregoIt should work properly without virtual memory and OS2007 + seatbelt/16:40
xadapthen I'm installing it :p16:41
alteregoFlashing the device is easy and doesn't take much time. If you're unhappy with it you can always revert back.16:41
xadapthat's good news16:41
kaltsiheh I thought that seatbelt was a joke, but that's a real project :)16:42
xadapso did I lol16:42
xadapalter ego, I figure you meant the OS2007 Hacker Edition16:43
xadapamb I wrong?16:43
alteregoOS2007 HE16:44
xadapthat thing?16:44
*** VimSi has quit IRC16:45
alteregoI guess so.16:45
*** VimS has joined #maemo16:48
alteregoxadap, so, what do you plan on doing with your new tablet?16:51
xadapabout flashing or about general usage?16:52
alteregoGeneral usage16:52
alteregoAre you a programmer? Do you plan on writing softwrae?16:53
zerojayI know one thing.. I'm going to be doing a lot more chatting on it.16:53
xadapahaha, i'm studying computer sciences16:53
xadapI can code a little with C++ and PHP, besides html and css16:53
xadapso in some months I think I could program myself something for the nokia16:54
alteregozerojay, do you mean with the N810? ;)16:54
zerojayWhat was the bug with power save on routers?16:54
alteregoxadap, you should check out ruby-maemo. It's awesome.16:54
alteregozerojay, did you get accepted?16:54
zerojayNevermind, found it.16:54
zerojayalterego: Yep.16:54
xadapbut i bought it mainly to read the news in the morning and to translate some textes i work on while i'm on the metro16:54
alteregoMe too :)16:54
xadapi'll do it, alterego :)16:54
zerojayGreat news. :)16:54
Mikhowhy are ruby users always so enthustiastic about it?16:55
alteregoMikho, try it and see :P16:55
Mikhotried it, saw but was unimpressed16:55
alteregoHow long did you try it for?16:55
Mikhofirst of all, it took something like 10 seconds to get my app starte3d16:56
Mikhothen, it would fail loading maybe 40-50% of the time16:56
zerojayRuby's an interpretive language.16:56
alteregoMikho, Ruby or ruby-maemo?16:56
Mikhotried because my friend hyped it16:57
Mikhoruby on rails16:57
zerojayRuby on rails has nothing to do with this.16:57
xadapi've been told ruby on rails is a good tool for webdesign16:57
alteregoOh, you're complaining about ruby because of a web development framework?16:57
*** Astro has joined #maemo16:58
xadapi'm not complaining about ruby :p16:58
Mikhoit's just hard to accept everything's perfect about ruby16:58
alteregoxadap, it is. I quite enjoy using it.16:58
alteregoWho said it was perfect? They're obviously lying ;)16:58
xadaptoo many people report good news from ruby, it may be time to check it out for me haha16:58
Mikhowell, it's true I might have lacked the skills to use it effectively16:59
Mikhobut it wasn't exactly *fun* and *easy*16:59
alteregoWell, my first endeavour into Ruby a year ago wasn't rails.16:59
Mikhoalright at most16:59
alteregoI learned the language. I've only really been using rails for about 5 months.17:00
alteregoIt is when you grasp the principles. Which is why it's good to have an understanding of the language.17:00
Mikhowell, I didn't get to use ruby that much. I was mostly struggling with the ruby on rails web content17:00
alteregoThat's a hello world maemo application in Ruby.17:00
MikhoI might have continued using it if the computers at my university had ruby installed17:01
xadapalterego, desktop aplication or ruby on rails for the web?17:02
alteregoxadap, desktop. I said maemo.17:02
alteregoIt's for the tablet.17:02
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo17:02
alteregoIt's a hello world application that runs on the Nokia tablets ..17:03
*** Astro has quit IRC17:03
xadapi haven't worked with gtk yet17:03
xadaponly command line :p17:03
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo17:03
alteregoruby -e "puts 'Hello, world!'"17:03
xadapnokia os2007HE downloaded17:04
*** lardman has quit IRC17:04
xadapnow i suppose I need a flasher, is it?17:04
xadapi've seen 2 versions, v2 and v317:04
alteregoYou'll probably want the latest.17:04
*** lardman has joined #maemo17:05
xadapthe wiki says:17:06
xadap  ./flasher-2.0 -F SU-18_2006SE_3.2006.49-2_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R17:06
xadapdoes it change anything else but the ./flasher-3.0 part in the string?17:07
*** Astro has joined #maemo17:08
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:08
xadaphi :)17:09
*** cypherbios has quit IRC17:09
*** murrayc has quit IRC17:11
alteregoxadap, nope.17:12
*** Astro has quit IRC17:13
*** Astro has joined #maemo17:13
xadapflashing :)17:13
*** ol_schoola_ has quit IRC17:16
*** Astro has quit IRC17:18
xadaphoho that's amazing!17:20
alteregoIt is quite fun flashing the devices.17:21
L0cutusi'm unable to activate the bluetooth :-\17:21
alteregoL0cutus, from where? The control panel?17:21
L0cutusi've tryed to activate it from control panel without success17:21
alteregoAre you in flight mode?17:22
L0cutusno, booted fromm mmc17:22
L0cutuswifi is on and connected17:22
alteregohave you tried hciconfig?17:22
L0cutusonly bt is 'dead'17:22
L0cutuswait i'll try17:22
alteregoI don't bother using the control panel to enable bluetooth.17:23
alteregoI have a little command in my mem/cpu graph applet.17:23
*** krau|away is now known as krau17:23
L0cutusalso mine17:24
L0cutusalso hciconfig doesn't work17:24
alteregoOh no.17:24
L0cutus"sudo hciconfig hci0 up"17:24
alteregoThat's not good :/17:24
L0cutusit stay there17:24
L0cutusalso a friend of mine yesterday had that problem17:24
alteregoAny dmesg errors>17:25
L0cutusnot for now17:25
L0cutusit is freezed on cmdline17:25
alteregoIf I were to guess I'd say it's to do with the firmware injection.17:25
alteregoIn my past experience that has generally been the source of all problems ;)17:26
alteregoMaybe copy the firmware from a working rootfs to your MMC rootfs.17:26
L0cutusi must reboot on classic flash ?17:26
alteregoNo, you should be able to do it from your current boot.17:26
L0cutusi'm not very 'pratical' on this thing :(17:27
alteregoWell, you're practical enough to get it to boot off of a memory card which isn't exactly a novice task ;)17:28
alteregoEven with the somewhat vague instructions on the wiki.17:28
L0cutusthere is a wiki that is pretty noob-proof :)17:29
L0cutus(to boot from mmc)17:29
alteregoI've seen noobs try and fail.17:30
alteregoI remember having to improvise a few times whilst I was doing it too.17:30
L0cutusgood old internal flash boot :)17:32
L0cutusbt is working17:32
L0cutusso it is mmc boot problem17:32
* timelyx looks around17:33
alteregoIs this a 770 or 800 by-the-way?17:33
alteregoThought as much.17:33
zoranL0cutus, maybe init file looks at the wrong place17:33
L0cutusi haven't touch anything17:34
L0cutusit worked until 5min ago17:34
zoranah, you moved it to mmc17:34
L0cutusafter reboot, puff, no bt17:34
zoranstart it by the hand17:34
alteregoHe tried that, doesn't work.17:35
L0cutusit lockup hciconfig17:35
zoranshutdown -h now ?17:36
zoranit should put down all parts in order17:36
*** bedboi has joined #maemo17:36
bedboihi there.17:36
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC17:36
L0cutuszoran: i'll try to reboot now from mmc...17:37
timelyx_Monkey forget download17:37
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot download17:37
timelyx_Monkey download is <reply>17:37
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.17:37
*** red-zack has joined #maemo17:38
*** lopz has joined #maemo17:38
timelyxalterego: you should have suggested the n810 to markust :!17:39
timelyxit should be out by xmas :)17:39
alteregotimelyx, yeah. That should have occured to me.17:40
alteregoThough, the N810 is pretty expensive IMO17:40
*** fsmw has joined #maemo17:42
timelyx_Monkey forget yeah, wtf17:42
_Monkeytimelyx, I didn't have anything matching yeah, where17:42
timelyx_Monkey yeah, wtf is <reply>17:43
_Monkeytimelyx: i don't know17:43
xadapi'll leave in some minuts17:43
xadapthere's a hacklab in barcelona :)17:43
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:43
xadapbut before, alterego please17:43
xadapwhat's that seatbealt thing?17:43
xadapcan i get it from the repositories?17:44
_MonkeyGarage is, like, or some where you may park your car17:44
L0cutusnow bt is back working :-O17:44
alteregoL0cutus, congrats ;)17:44
zoran_Monkey overgrows my intelligence17:44
_Monkeyzoran: huh?17:44
alteregoWhat was the fix?17:44
L0cutusalterego: dunno17:44
alteregoJust a reboot I guess.17:45
xadapthen I get the seatbealt from garage or it was realted to bt ? :p17:45
alteregoThat's a point. It may have needed a cold start ..17:45
L0cutusi've tryed shutdown -h now17:45
zoranyou lost some parts of puzzle17:45
zoranso reboot made it from the start17:45
alteregoProbably because of the moved location of the firmware maybe ..17:45
alteregoOr some other resource.17:46
L0cutusalterego: i'm not switched today to mmc boot17:46
L0cutusit's a couple of days nw17:46
alteregoSorry, I don't get you?17:46
zerojay|R: Oui, je suis la.17:46
L0cutusbut i think uptime on nxxx are not similar to pc ones :D17:47
zoranfs is the strenght of unix17:48
alteregoYeah, my tablet has been up longer than my server ^_^17:48
zoranis there any sign of instability?17:49
alteregoNot really.17:49
L0cutusi think next time i do a shutdown -h now and not a reboot...17:49
zoranno diff17:49
alteregoJust turn it off and make sure it's not plugged in.17:49
L0cutusthis time it have do the diff :)17:49
L0cutussometimes it happens also on pc17:50
zorangood friend of mine wants me to help to install freebsd on his flash drive17:50
zoranI just cannot resist to say to him it has no point17:51
alteregoI was thinking of installing Linux on an SD card to allow my N800 to act as a boot device.17:51
zoraninteresting would be to have netbsd on device17:52
alteregoIt'd be handy, can store restoration tools and stoof.17:52
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:53
* alterego is in your compootor infectin' yer linuz.17:53
alteregoI think I might still be drunk.17:53
zoranimagine no stack execution17:54
*** guardian has quit IRC17:54
alteregoI'd be interested in installing gnome on the device.17:54
*** dhr has joined #maemo17:54
alteregoLike that guy that got KDE on it.17:54
zoranchannel would curse you17:55
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo17:55
alteregoWell, I suppose I just want gnome terminal ;)17:55
zoranI thought twice and really found true that matchbox was good for this issue17:55
xadapnow that i've installed OS2007HE, how do I know what's the name of my OS?17:56
xadapi used to have "mistral"17:56
alteregoxadap, it's bora17:56
xadapthank you a lot!17:56
xadapi'm leaving now17:56
alteregoGood bye.17:56
alteregoHave fun.17:56
alteregoCome back soon.17:56
* alterego gives xadap a smoochkiss.17:56
xadapif there's someone else from barcelona, in c/verdi 28 there's a talk about gnu projects or something like that :)17:56
zoranalterego, is there any change on server last 10 days?17:56
xadapi will :)17:56
alteregozoran, what kind of change?17:57
xadapit's been really cool flashing so fast with your help :)17:57
xadapsee you soon ;)(17:57
*** xadap has quit IRC17:57
zoranI cannot get files from that17:57
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:57
zoranwrror message is "authorization request failure"17:57
alteregoWhich files? application downloads?17:57
zoranand app manager update17:57
alteregoIt's been buggy for ages. Breaks occasionally.17:57
zorannow it is over for me17:58
alteregoTry again in an hour or so.17:58
zoranno, not for 10 days17:58
zoranand also from another box from another provider17:58
zoranbut works manualy from remote box17:58
alteregoI think they do it intentionally to make us all have breaks ;)17:58
* alterego checks.17:58
zoranit broke my device17:58
zoranlast sentence was wrong in deed17:59
zoranjsut broke the nature of it17:59
*** Astro has joined #maemo18:03
*** fab has joined #maemo18:04
Andy80could someone explain me how is the N810 expandible? I don't understand this: Up to 2GB internal memory - Support for compatible miniSD and microSD memory cards, Supports cards up to 8GB. (SD cards over 2GB must be SDHC compatible.)18:05
zerojayIt's all right there.18:05
Andy80does it mean that I can install, for example a 2Gb card or a 8Gb?18:05
Andy80or does it have two expansion slot?18:05
zerojayIt has only one slot.18:06
zerojayThe other one is taken  up by a permanent 2GB internal.18:06
Andy80ah ok :)18:06
zerojayUsed for maps.18:06
alteregoAndy80, the "Up to 2G internal" means that you have up to 2G internal storage for files. Which the system uses as well. Otherwise it supports a single Mini or Micro SD card which can be up to 8G18:06
* alterego checks prices of Mini/Micro SD cards.18:07
Andy80ahhhh... so the memory is divided in this way: 128 DDR Ram, 256 Flash, 2 Gb internal memory... right? Plus... I've one slot to install another 2-8 Gb MiniSD... right?18:07
alteregoAndy80, yes, exactly like that :)18:07
Andy80thanks :)18:07
Andy80it's a very big thing!18:07
alteregoThere is no lower limit on the mini/micro SD though18:07
alteregoYou could install a 64M one for example18:08
alterego(the only one I have)18:08
Andy80at the moment I've a N770 and it had not an internal memory like that :)18:08
zoranit's good18:08
*** Astro has quit IRC18:08
alteregoWell, if storage is your main concern. The N800 is the best for that,18:08
Andy802 Gb bundled it's a lot :)18:08
alteregoWith two full size SD or MMC slots.18:08
alteregoGiving a maximum of 16G storage capacity.18:09
Andy80no... for me N810 is more than enough :)18:09
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo18:10
Andy80are all the 2 Gb taken by maps?18:10
alteregoDepends how many maps/size you install.18:11
Andy80is it possible to install only the maps you need, I suppose... Italy in my case18:11
alteregoI don't know for sure. But I'd imagine so.18:11
alteregoI'd also imagine that when you buy the device it comes with the maps for your region.18:11
*** ol_schoola has left #maemo18:13
*** ol_schoola has joined #maemo18:13
* Jaffa isn't in a particularly salesman-like mood; so any suggestions on (since I'm selling one of my N800s) would be appreciated.18:15
zoranask for $1000 and get an agreement at $50018:15
L0cutushow about 2SD in RAID1 ? ;)18:16
*** ol_schoola has quit IRC18:17
*** leandroal has quit IRC18:17
alteregoRAID 1 and solid state memory devices wont make a difference.18:17
alteregoUnless I'm getting confused with RAID 0 ..18:18
zoransince mmc is seen as da0, it is free to say it is scsi device18:18
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:18
alteregoHmm .. YEs I think I am.18:18
*** lmoura has joined #maemo18:19
Andy80L0cutus: maybe you are talking about a "stripe" use, not a "mirror", is it right?18:20
L0cutusraid0 ? :)18:21
Andy80mmm.... no18:21
zoranhm, stripe on mmc18:21
Andy80I did think you wanted to have a single mount point for two SD :)18:21
Andy80with the N800 for example18:22
alteregoMy dad's fishing for my N800 when I get the N810 :/18:23
alteregoI think he expects me to just give it to him.18:24
zerojayI know three people at work trying to do the same.18:24
alteregoI lurv my N800 though :(18:24
alteregoSpent good money on it too ..18:24
zerojayMe too. I'm supposed to sell mine so that the N810 is essentially free.18:24
zerojayBut I don't really want to.18:24
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:24
*** Deformative has quit IRC18:25
alteregoMeh, you should make a profit.18:25
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo18:25
alteregoN800 is worth more than 99 EUR ;)18:25
*** fab has quit IRC18:26
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:26
Andy80I'm thinking if I should sell or not my N770...18:27
Andy80I could get no more than 100€ I think...18:27
alteregoPersonally I'd like them all.18:27
alteregoHave a collection ^_^18:27
alteregoNokia internet tablets. Gotta catch 'em all.18:28
Andy80well... using N770 was more than a frustration!18:28
alteregoNokimon even ..18:28
zerojayThe tablets are pretty much the only things we don't have at work from Nokia.18:28
Andy80too slow and browsing was the most instable thing to do :P18:28
zerojayMaybe a good 200 phones or so.18:28
alteregoSend me one!18:28
* alterego needs a new phone.18:28
zerojayWe need them for testing purposes. :)18:29
Andy80about phone, I feel good with my N73 :)18:29
alteregoI'm sure you wouldn't miss one ;P18:29
zerojayI could send you the 3650. Pretty sure no one would miss that. ;P18:29
alteregoI have an old POS18:29
Andy80I got it for only 149€ from 3 Italy18:29
alteregoOoo, old school.18:29
zerojayWe don't support it anymore.18:29
zerojayForget about running Java apps on it.18:30
alteregoI wasn't so in to the round keypad ..18:30
alteregoYeah, I know. The MIDP version is well low.18:30
alteregoi used to do a bit of coding on that Series 60 version18:30
zerojayThe JVM does zero garbage collection.18:30
zerojayLiterally, zero.18:30
alteregoDidn't know that.18:30
zerojaySo our games run for about 5 minutes or so.18:30
Andy80java.... what a good thing to talk about ;) why MIDP has not be implemented for Nokia tablets?18:30
zerojayThen you see the background disappear.18:30
zerojayAnd then the characters, piece by piece.18:31
zerojayAnd then it crashes.18:31
Andy80I know we can have more powerfull languages (Python for exmple) but it's a missing thing for sure...18:31
zerojay7650, same JVM.18:31
alteregoYeah, the 7650 and 3650 were almost identical.18:32
alterego.1 difference ^_^18:32
Andy80I had a 7650 :)18:32
zerojayGot in a few prereleases.. LG CU915.18:32
zerojayBasically the same as the CU920.. touch screen, etc..18:32
alteregoI think I will give my dad the N80018:32
zerojayAt least for my purposes.18:32
*** fab has joined #maemo18:32
alteregoOn the condition that if I brick or screw my N810 I get it back ^_^18:33
alteregoBasically, he wants to sell his 770 to a friend of his.18:33
zerojayJaffa: Anything new going on with mediaserv?18:33
alteregoAnd he thought that as I was getting an N810 from the device program. He'd pinch my N800 ..18:34
zorannice thing would bi microdrive in future nxxx18:35
zoranthat way nxxx culd be treated as real box18:36
alteregoI'm gonna buy a small full SD/MMC reader and see if I can get it to work un powered with the N81018:36
Andy80a nicer one would be wimax support... but it would be useless at least here in italy :(18:36
* zerojay looks at about 50 episodes of Law & Order sitting in his download folder and feels lazy about organizing them properly.18:36
alteregoThat's sort out my memory card issues.18:36
Andy80we'll have an half wimax :(18:36
zerojayFull wimax here in Canada.18:36
zoranAndy80, I read about new standard, that would replace it18:36
Andy80I mean... no "client mode", but only "bridge mode"18:37
Andy80for example to connect mountains with cities ecc.... and port ADSL in places where it's not present... that's all :(18:37
Andy80zerojay: lucky you :)18:37
Andy80zoran: already operative in canada?18:37
alteregoI can only find 4G mini's so far :/18:38
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC18:38
zoranno, future item, but something like 802.16 or os18:38
dockaneis there anybody using an offline version of wikipedia on his tablet? i am pretty dissatisfied with the sdict version (german or english)18:38
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo18:39
dockanebtw: got approx 8 gb free on one sdhc-card for wikipedia18:39
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo18:39
Andy80what are the differences from MiniSD and MiniSDHC ?18:40
alteregoFlippin' out of stock too ..18:40
alteregoSDHC is high capacity.18:40
zoranhm, nice dict is WordNet18:40
Jaffazerojay: I've registered and imported it into svn there. v0.05 will support 770-encode or tablet-encode (the former's new name), a "url" setting and maybe VDR18:40
alteregoI think there's some bus changes or something that allow machines to address more storage.18:41
zerojayJaffa: Awesome.18:41
* Jaffa is catching up on 770-encode patches and features to improve that and release v2.00 of it, before the next mediaserv since it's working reasonably well for me at the moment.18:41
*** fsmw has quit IRC18:42
alteregoAnyone know a good place to get miniSD cards?18:43
zerojayJaffa: Are you going to be using vcfg files?18:43
* Jaffa 's ordered a 6GB MicroSD card + MiniSD adapter + a 1GB MiniSD card from this morning.18:43
zerojayHow much was the 6GB micro?18:44
alteregoAre they cheap/reliable?18:44
alteregoHave you bought from them before?18:44
Jaffazerojay: yeah, I fixed a bug with the MIME types and so v0.05's icon at the top-left should actually now work with vcfg files18:44
Jaffaalterego: I have indeed. Not sure whether they ship outside the UK, but the 6GB MicroSD was 35ukp (incl. a USB card reader for it)18:44
zerojayOkay, cool. I just added automatic vcfg creation for my video center catalog.18:44
Jaffazerojay: cool18:44
alteregoJaffa, that's fine. I'm British ;)18:45
Jaffaalterego: perfect :)18:45
zerojayOnce you add the stream to the database, it generates the vcfg and updates the rss feed.18:45
* Jaffa bought the adapter and the other card cos it's free postage at 40 quid18:45
Jaffazerojay: very cool18:45
zerojayThe site isn't designed to look good.. just to work, but if you want to take a look..
zerojayLinks to mp3 versions of the video shows when available.. an mplayer icon for those that only play in Mplayer...18:47
JaffaSuggestion: put title tags on the icons or the links to indicate... that :)18:47
zerojayThey already have ALT.18:47
zerojayBut I guess I'll do that too.18:47
*** cmarcelo has joined #maemo18:47
*** aloisio has joined #maemo18:49
alteregoThe cheek, now he's trying to pinch the N810!18:50
alteregoGreat, now it's segfaulting ..18:52
*** pdz- has quit IRC18:56
*** pdz has joined #maemo18:56
*** l7 has joined #maemo18:59
*** aloisio has quit IRC19:01
*** aloisiojr has joined #maemo19:02
timelyxso other than quite a few hearts, 1 email, and one blog post, i haven't seen much of a response19:03
zerojayI think people are still reading it. lol19:03
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC19:03
alteregoReading what?19:03
alteregoYour Microbe post?19:03
alteregoThat was a freakin' essay :P19:04
alteregoI couldn't write anything after reading it I was exhausted ^_^19:04
zerojayHe does like being verbose.. but that's good considering most of Nokia acting very closed.19:04
timelyxit took 3 weeks to get it done19:04
timelyxand believe me, you don't want to see the source material19:04
*** theril has quit IRC19:05
alteregoExtremely good job. It was a very interesting and enlightening read.19:05
timelyxfwiw, the Editor's notes are in the original versions of the index.txt file19:06
zerojayI was talking about it with my coworkers and showed him the "don't ask me why it's a feature and not a bug" line.19:06
*** k-s has quit IRC19:06
zerojayVery popular.19:06
*** cypherbios_ has joined #maemo19:07
timelyxyou can use CV Log to get the older versions19:07
zerojayIs there still work going on to get the Webkit renderer in as well?19:07
timelyxi couldn't say :)19:08
*** cypherbios has quit IRC19:08
*** cypherbios_ has quit IRC19:08
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo19:08
alteregoWho cares. MicroBe rocks.19:09
* timelyx frowns19:09
*** pdz has quit IRC19:09
timelyxgoogling for microb is such a pain19:09
*** pdz has joined #maemo19:09
alteregoWhat are you looking for?19:10
*** jhassine_ has joined #maemo19:10
timelyxnews about microb at times :)19:11
*** unique311 has quit IRC19:11
alteregoWhat license are the maemo icons released as?19:11
alteregoI'm thinking of using them instead of the gnome icons on my maemo site ..19:12
timelyxwhich package are they in?19:12
*** fr01 has joined #maemo19:12
alteregoCan't remember.19:12
timelyxactually, i'd have to use vpn to get into the license stuff19:12
*** jhassine_ has quit IRC19:12
alteregoI'll find out hang on.19:12
timelyxyou've activated red pill, no?19:12
timelyxif so, w/ a lot of pain you could find out :)19:12
alteregoI activated it.19:13
alteregoThen I deactivated it.19:13
timelyxnice thing about cross referencing debian, some questions are trivial to answer :)19:15
alteregoDoes that mean I can rip them off then?19:15
alteregoYay :D19:15
tkotimelyx: ?? "Opening the VKB for a <textarea> will probably ignore autocapitalization mode and just use lowercase. (Editor's note: this seems to be rocket science, and the APIs involved don't seem to be particularly useful/workable.)"19:18
timelyxtko: oops, i thought i dropped all the editor's notes :(19:19
alteregoOkay .. Kinetic scrolling is awesome :)19:19
zerojayI hate it.19:20
timelyxtko: best thing to do is find the original bugs relating to the "fix"19:20
tkotimelyx: the release notes were kind of missing context...19:21
tkothat just caught my eye, can't recall similar things being mentioned before19:21
timelyxtko: i tried to remove all the editor's notes from the final release notes19:21
tkofailed :)19:22
timelyxsorry if i missed that one19:22
timelyxtko: the biggest release note i missed is this:19:22
tkoI'm still interested in where that's coming from19:22
timelyxAnyone trying to use the FKB on ITOS2008 with a Password field will find the results interesting19:23
timelyxnamely it happily encrypts your password with asterisks19:23
timelyxso unless you use your FKB to *create* your password, you'll never be able to use the FKB to log in19:23
timelyxwe found that friday after i published19:23
mgedminyou mean it not only shows asterisks, but also sends asterisks to the application?19:24
_Monkeywell, genius is the man who sees the simple things that were right on our faces...19:24
*** rubiks has joined #maemo19:25
timelyxfinger keyboard19:25
alteregoThe large VKB right?19:25
* alterego wants to buy the N810 now.19:25
alteregoWhy isn't it here yet :)19:25
zerojayYes, please.19:25
zerojayRight this second.19:25
zerojayI want teleportation delivery.19:26
* zerojay bangs desk with fist.19:26
alteregoThe notice made it sound like it'd be available to each country incrementally as the shipments arrive. Is this correct?19:26
zerojayAs it always was.19:26
zerojayI'd imagine that they're in the middle of flashing the final OS 2008 image to the tablets right now.19:27
timelyxtko: my browser doesn't know my password19:27
alteregoThey said they're shipping them.19:27
zerojayWho said?19:27
* alterego looks for the message.19:27
tkotimelyx: isn't that a good thing? if you're security conscious that is19:28
timelyxtko: it knows my old password19:28
*** cypherbios has quit IRC19:28
mgedminvkb word predictor knows a lot of my passwords :(19:28
tkotimelyx: well, you outsmarted your browser. good for you :-P19:28
timelyxno, that was the stupid password expiry policy19:28
timelyxwhich expired my password while i was on vacation19:29
alteregozerojay, the announcement about the full 4.0 SDK19:29
alteregoand the device "landing".19:29
zerojayI don't remember anything saying "we've shipped them off".19:29
alterego"The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is going through the distribution channels as we speak ... "19:29
alteregoWhich reminds me ..19:30
* mgedmin wonders if the promised OS2008 image for the N800 are in the distribution channels too19:30
alteregoHere I am playing around with ruby1.9 when I could be writing another library :)19:30
zerojayIt's the same image for both.19:30
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo19:31
zerojayOr should be as far as we've heard.19:31
mgedminah, but is it the same download location?19:31
rubiksthe default email client is not very good on the n80019:31
alteregoYes, hopefully I'll be able to flash my N800 before the N810 arrives ^_^19:31
mgedminand does the web page accept both n800 and n810 serials?19:31
alteregorubiks, yes. It's rubbish ;)19:31
zerojayI've been hearing the OS2008 flash image will be a week later than the N810 release.19:31
mgedminI see19:31
zerojayrubiks: Works for my needs.19:31
rubiksany good one out the19:31
mgedminthe EULA on the does not have OS200819:31
mgedmin does not accept my N800's serial19:32
zerojayYeah, OS2008 isn't released yet.. so.. neither of those should be a surprise.19:32
Fatalmeh, bad bad day :/19:32
*** Andy80 has quit IRC19:35
Fataloh well, shame nokia didn't mail those who didn't get accepted. guess it's time to give my 770 to someone with good soldering skills to fix it up again19:35
timelyxtko: does the 810 page let you in w/ a proto?19:35
timelyxoh brother19:36
tkodon't have a device at hand atm19:36
timelyxnote to self: serial is under battery. device is on. battery is important19:36
alteregoserial is in control panel -> about product19:37
timelyxheh, about product jumped to the MPL/NPL section :)19:37
alteregoIt's just the WLAN MAC address.19:37
*** mat has quit IRC19:37
alteregoThere's no need to bust open your device for it ^_^19:37
timelyxok, that page is protecting an EULA and an MD5SUMS file19:38
timelyxwhich oddly enough includes the sum for one image19:38
* timelyx puzzles19:38
timelyxso does that mean the image isn't a secret anymore? :)19:40
alteregoHah, probably.19:40
alteregoDoes it give you the image's filename?19:40
alteregoMaybe you can download it ;)19:40
alteregoSomething like:
timelyxit gives me the filename19:41
timelyxbecause that's how you checksum19:41
*** maddler has quit IRC19:41
*** klausade has quit IRC19:41
*** maddler has joined #maemo19:41
alteregoTry it!19:41
timelyxseems to work19:41
timelyxrocket science19:41
*** mat has joined #maemo19:42
zerojayIt works?19:43
zerojayThe image is downloadable?19:44
alteregoNew it ..19:44
timelyxactually, no19:44
alteregoOh well.19:44
timelyxit's a php error19:44
alteregoWorth a try ;)19:45
*** pdz has quit IRC19:46
timelyxtko: where would you report a bug about tabelts-dev?19:46
alteregoI'd imagine it's under the maemo umbrella.19:46
alteregoThey have SDK index there as well ..19:46 -> tablets -> support -> contact form -> something -> somehwere19:46
timelyxalterego: afaik it isn't under bugs.maemo19:47
tkobugzilla might work.. but dunno. it was a mess last time I asked19:47
timelyxtko: i could fille a bug against quim in misdirected:nokia19:47
timelyxand make him deal w/ it19:48
*** cypherbios_ has joined #maemo19:48
timelyxif i did that, i'd mark it OOPS so no one here could read it :) -- just in case you're curious19:48
timelyxoops, battery low19:48
timelyxcute sound19:48
*** cypherbios has quit IRC19:48
*** klausade has joined #maemo19:48
*** mat has joined #maemo19:48
*** cypherbios_ has quit IRC19:49
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo19:49
timelyxok, any good movies on today @finnkino?19:50
*** Vedmak has joined #maemo19:55
*** rubiks has quit IRC19:56
VedmakHi guys! I've installed perl with apt-get but I can't find path to perl processor, there's no /usr/binperl19:56
shackan[sbox-SDK_BETA_ARMEL: ~] > which perl19:56
alteregoVedmak, 'which perl'19:56
timelyxGEORGE: "I'm just saying. I'm just saying life is short. You know it's like cancer happens and surgery happens and you know, you got... rosebuds! You got 8.7 million rosebuds, Izzie! Now go spend some rosebuds, that's what I'm saying."19:57
zerojaytimelyx: I'd respond to that, but I'm not really allowed to do so.19:57
timelyxzerojay: which?19:58
_Monkeyor available for busybox19:58
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo19:58
timelyx_Monkey literal which19:58
_Monkeytimelyx: which =is= <reply> or available for busybox19:58
zerojaytimelyx: The Grey's stuff.19:58
timelyxcan anyone here justify _Monkey's answer? if not, it's dead.20:01
zerojayKill it.20:01
zerojayThe bot, not just the answer.20:01
timelyx_Monkey forget which20:01
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot which20:01
timelyx_Monkey which is <reply>20:01
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.20:01
*** l7 has quit IRC20:02
timelyxoh, it's an inheritance check20:02
timelyxarg, i missed some episodes20:02
zerojayMy wife's a huge fan.20:02
zerojayI'm not.20:02
Vedmakanyone already tried chinook on n800? Any significant differences?20:02
timelyxzerojay: i don't suppose you can dhl a complete set?20:02
* timelyx keeps missing things20:03
*** the_weanus has joined #maemo20:03
timelyxfedex if you prefer :)20:03
zerojayOh, the shipping company?20:03
zerojayI wouldn't mind sending you a few DVDs with them if I've got some cash left over when the Christmas stuff dies down.20:03
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:08
* timelyx sighs20:08
timelyxhow long was my article up before it got burried under n810 giveaways?20:08
zerojayHah.. it was on top for a day or so.20:09
timelyxok, good enough for me20:09
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo20:09
* timelyx chuckles20:11
* timelyx likes grey's, sorry zerojay :)20:11
zerojayNo biggie.20:12
disqooh tv talk. ah, greys, shitty show20:12
zerojaytime, join jaffa for a sec.20:13
*** Vedmak has left #maemo20:15
*** hexa has joined #maemo20:21
* alterego contemplates what to put in the next release.20:21
alteregoI'm thinking alarmd and proper hildon stock icon support.20:21
hexahi all , I'd like to work on rtcomm .. but I can't seem to find the source , could this be closed ? no link on ?20:22
alteregoHave you tried google?20:22
alteregoThey have everyting.20:22
hexaalterego, yeah found : wigh google but nothing there..20:24
timelyxhave you tried the cross reference?20:24
timelyxwell, they have a deb :)20:25
zerojayhexa: A little late for RTCOMM.. it was worked on as a separate beta for inclusion as part of OS2008.20:25
hexai'm more looking for the svn or something like that...20:25
zerojaySVN is chinook's SVN.20:25
timelyxchinook's svn?20:25
zerojayNot everything in RTCOMM's open source either.20:26
*** dockane has quit IRC20:26
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:26
hexazerojay, humm k .. looking for the chinook svn..20:27
*** Palintheus has quit IRC20:28
alteregoThe svn is the svn.20:29
alteregoIt's neither chinook nor bora.20:29
alteregoJust look in the maemo SVN repository.20:29
*** Palintheus has joined #maemo20:29
hexayeah I'm searching in it.. thx ;)20:29
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:29
timelyxalterego: which svn is this?20:30
hexa( i'm looking at : ).. no trace of rtcomm yet..20:31 I'd guess.20:31
*** smackpotato has joined #maemo20:31
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:31
hexa:( best I can find is only the svn with the .dev and th webpage hehe
hexaer.. .deb I mean20:33
timelyxyeah, i already found that :),
*** l7 has joined #maemo20:35
alteregoHeh, the SDK is pretty broken.20:35
timelyxhow so?20:36
*** playya has quit IRC20:36
alteregoI'm having to retrieve a _lot_ of source packages to build.20:36
alteregoBy a _lot_ 4 so far.20:36
zerojayI retrieve more than that on my daily Gentoo updates.20:37
alteregoServes you right for using gentoo.20:37
* alterego chuckles.20:37
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo20:37
zerojayIt's worth it.20:37
alteregoHow is gentoo with it?20:37
zerojayRunning a virtual server on Debian has just made me appreciate it so much more.20:38
alteregoHmm .. Can't even find this package >:(20:38
zerojayGentoo, that is.20:38
timelyxalterego: which package?20:38
_Monkeywhich package are they in?20:38
shackanalterego: welcome to the club20:38
zerojayNo downloading and installing a bunch of crap I never use..20:38
timelyx_Monkey forget \which package20:38
_Monkeytimelyx, I didn't have anything matching \which package20:38
timelyx_Monkey forget which package20:38
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot which package20:38
*** playya has joined #maemo20:38
timelyx_Monkey which package is <reply>20:39
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.20:39
alteregoI've had nothing but trouble with gentoo.20:39
alteregoMost of the time the installer breaks.20:39
zerojayThe GUI installer?20:39
zerojayIt's total crap.20:39
alteregoAnd all I hear are people complaining about dependency breakage.20:39
zerojayIn about 4 years, I've only had maybe two major problems.20:39
alteregoLinux is linux.20:40
*** _pcfe_ has quit IRC20:40
zerojayBoth of which when a glibc update came down.20:40
alteregoThe installer is what makes a distro good.20:40
zerojayThe installer is what makes a distro good for 20 minutes.20:40
alteregoInstaller and package management.20:40
zerojayPackage management is what makes it good.20:40
alteregoA distro is no good if it doesn't install :P20:40
alteregogentoo's package manager is broken.20:40
alteregoCase closed.20:41
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC20:41
zerojayYou just proved to me once again that people don't know what "broken" means.20:41
alteregoBroken means doesn't work.20:41
zerojayWell, it's been working for me for four years straight, so it's not broken. :)20:41
alteregoLike, I'll install X, oh, X needs Y and Z. I'll fall over on my face now.20:41
alteregoMaybe you've been lucky.20:42
zerojayThat' doesn't happen.20:42
alteregoSure it does.20:42
zerojayHappens in Debian all the time though.20:42
alteregoHappened to a friend the other day attempting to install KDE.20:42
zerojayX is in the repository... Y and Z are not.20:42
zerojayOkay.. and what happened?20:42
alteregoI've never had any problems with debian that haven't taken a couple of seconds and a google search to fix.20:42
alteregoHe couldn't install it.20:42
zerojayDebian's a nightmare.20:42
alteregoGave up and installed debian.20:42
alteregoOkay, I've had many problems with debian.20:43
zerojayHaving to hunt down dependencies on your own... oh, it's not compiled the way you need...20:43
alteregoBut only maemo SDK problems :)20:43
Fatalheck, if a distribution works for you, use it20:43
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc320:43
alteregoNever had that problem.20:43
zerojayAll the time here.20:43
alteregoIf I need something compiled in a specific way. I'll do it myself.20:43
Fatalyou guys while more than I do20:43
zerojayThat's exactly why I just stick with Gentoo.20:44
Monkulusmmmm... debian20:44
zerojayIf i'm going to have to compile it anyways...20:44
alteregoBecause you have to compile everything?20:44
*** Monkulus is now known as Luria20:44
alteregoIn a specific way?20:44
alteregoI don't have that time to waste.20:44
alteregoAnyhow, back to my problem ..20:44
zerojayI don't want the same features and packages installed that debian wants.20:44
alteregoWhere the hell is osso-systemui-dbus20:44
alteregoGentoo isn't a distro. It's a build system.20:45
disqyou say :P20:45
timelyxit in't20:46
timelyxif it existed, it'd be in the list20:46
* timelyx tries searching sardine20:47
*** eton has joined #maemo20:47
alteregoThanks timelyx yet again you're being a great help ;)20:47
timelyxno entries in the sardine i have20:47
timelyxnote: that search will generally work wonders20:47
timelyxit's by far one of my favorites20:48
alteregoYeah, it's nice :)20:48
* timelyx should add it into the suggestions set20:48
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:48
alteregoI'll see if I can compile the package without that dep >:/20:48
timelyxok, it's in the suggestions box :)20:50
alteregoIs it possible that osso-systemui-dbus is closed source?20:50
timelyxtrivial to check from work20:50
timelyxbut i don't want to pull my laptop out20:50
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:51
alteregoThat's okay.20:51
alteregoHopefully this'll work.20:51
*** dockane_ has quit IRC20:51
*** dockane has joined #maemo20:51
alteregoNope :/20:52
alteregoThis isn't good ..20:52
alteregoSo .. They publish the alarmd documentation. But they don't have the alarmd-dev package .. Typical.20:52
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo20:54
timelyxiirc you can file sdk bugs in bugs.maemo20:54
alteregoWould this count as a bug?20:54
alteregoI've not yet filed a bug. This'll be an experience.20:55
Luriameh. if you want good package management, use a bsd.20:56
timelyxLuria: fwiw, in my personal opinion, the jury's still out on real package updates20:57
*** the_weanus has quit IRC20:58
alterego"Development platform" or "System software"?20:58
alteregoI'm thinking system software ..20:58
Luriaspeaking of which, are we getting the promised "no more reflashing" with chinook?20:59
Luriano one seems to be mentioning that20:59
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:00
timelyxLuria: i think it's a safe bet gps won't work at the flagship :)21:01
alteregoThat would be cool.21:01
Luriaoh wow, i made that comment like 22 hours ago21:02
timelyxLuria: some part of the device isn't part of the normla file system21:02
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo21:02
Luriathats some lag21:02
timelyxso, some flashing would presumably be required21:02
timelyxLuria: the other comment was re an older comment of yours :)21:02
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo21:03
alteregoYes, kernel and boot image.21:03
Luriafine, as long as i dont i dont have to wipe the file system :-)21:03
Luriaoh well21:03
alteregoYeah, hopefully updates will be easier.21:03
alteregoAnd no intrusive.21:03
Luriayeah, im getting antsy... i backed up source.lst and did dpkg dpkg get-selections today21:05
alteregoGreat, in the process of filing a bug. I forgot my garage password and found another bug in the bug system :/21:05
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:05
alteregoIt must be my lucky day or something.21:05
Luriai cant believe i have to do that21:05
timelyxalterego: what bug?21:05
_Monkeyi guess bug is shitty21:05
timelyx_Monkey forget bug21:05
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot bug21:05
timelyx_Monkey bug is <reply>21:05
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.21:05
*** L0cutus has quit IRC21:05
alteregoActually it might not be a bug.21:06
*** hircus has quit IRC21:07
alteregoIt says login name in the recovery field but you have to enter your email.21:07
Luriaerr... why did i type dpkg twice? im nuts.21:07
alteregoThough, the email is the login so ..21:07
Luriai think i need food.21:07
alteregoYou think? :)21:08
timelyxalterego: it might not be an email address21:09
timelyxthat's correct for the average case21:09
alteregoIt is an email address.21:09
Luriamaybe i should bike to the villiage and get some jerk chicken sandwiches from the jamaican place... hmmm...21:09
alteregoI thought the bugzilla used the garage details. I was wrong, I don't have a bugzilla account.21:10
timelyxalterego: the product does not always use email addresses21:10
alteregoAh, right.21:10
l7hey, does anyone know if the IT2008 update will boost the n800's processor speed?21:11
alteregol7, appearantly so.21:11
timelyxnote that it's not really a simple boost21:11
timelyxspeed becomes dynamic21:12
timelyx400 is merely the top speed21:12
timelyxinstead of a fixed whichever21:12
Luriahuh? you mean there wasnt dynamic clocking before?21:12
l7hmm, does that mean increased battery life?21:13
l7less heat output, if that is even as issue?21:13
Luriait should, yeah21:14
l7so that means the n810 and n800 should become close to identical, aside from keyboard and gps21:14
Luriaor rather, the battery life it should have had in the first place :-)21:14
l7and SD slots vs miniSD21:14
Luriaand screen, camera, and sd21:14
l7ohh yeah, n810 has a brighter screen :\21:14
Luriaand usb port21:14
_Monkeyit has been said that usb port is not charger21:14
l7usb port?21:14
_Monkeyusb port is not charger21:14
l7does the n810 lack a usb port too?21:15
Luriasupposedly, n810 has a usbtogo working out of the box21:15
l7i guess n800 requires hacks for usbtogo then21:15
Luriaalso its micro usb instead of mini or whatever the jargon is21:15
Luriawhen it works21:15
l7ehh, micro usb?21:16
timelyxscreen is transflexive21:16
timelyxand tied to a light sensor21:16
l7all my other gadgets are mini-usb21:16
l7mp3 players and phones21:16
Luriaoops, mentioned the screen forgot the sensor.21:16
l7oh yeah21:16
l7do you have any problems reading your n800 outside?21:16
timelyxno, there's no sun here in helsinki most of the year21:17
l7have you found any work-arounds?21:17
timelyxi have lots of problems testing the n810 for that reason21:17
timelyxwalk in the shade :)21:17
l7hat with brim?21:17
Luriayeah, find a tree and boost the screen output to 10021:17
l7i wonder if the screen is a reason to consider the n810...21:17
timelyxl7: ask me in may :)21:18
Luriait is, but thats about it21:18
l7timelyx: why in may? :)21:18
timelyxthere should be sun in helsinki about then21:18
timelyxif i'm lucky21:18
l7man $250 for a screen upgrade...21:18
Luriado they have groundhogs day for the sun?21:18
timelyxthat's how i see it21:19
l7i guess the n810 will drop is price eventually21:19
Lurialike the sun comes up, and goes back in, its winter all over for 3 more months?21:19
l7i wonder if the n810 will be readable in the sun21:19
timelyxthat's the theory21:19
timelyxit's supposed to be21:19
timelyxbut like i said, i can't test21:19
Luriafrom youtube,  it looks good21:19
timelyxwhen it should be day, we have clouds21:20
l7must be depressing21:20
timelyxplus you're supposed to be at work during sun hours21:20
Lurianever understood how nokia, with 30% of the cell market could make an outdoor useless device... and then sell a gps navkit thats unreadable21:20
timelyxLuria: i don't understand nokia at all, that's simpler :)21:21
l7Luria: trial and error maybe...21:21
timelyx_error_ :)21:21
l7tablet form factor seems to be new for nokia21:22
timelyxbut it's more like _error_ and _trial_, then _new_error_21:22
Luriai still suspect/hope that the n810 will extend the support the n800 gets21:22
*** celesteh has quit IRC21:22
timelyxbut the software is getting better :)21:22
l7Luria: why wouldn't it, if they both run IT2008?21:22
Luriaah, what i mean is, i remember that users were promised at least 2 more major firmware updates after the skype release21:24
Luriawith a new n800 device, i expect it to be more than one more21:24
* timelyx shrugs21:24
timelyxi don't think anyone knows :)21:24
l7i heard a rumor about another OS release that would maintain IT2007 compatibility too21:24
Luriai guess21:24
l7n800 still seems like a better deal21:25
timelyxok, which of: lions for lambs, mr brooks, the heartbreak kid, the brave one, and easter promises is worth seeing?21:25
l7but i still can't decide21:25
timelyxkeep in mind that i don't have any interest in saw iv or anything else listed on
timelyxl7: buy the n800, play w/ it for a year21:26
timelyxthen consider whether you want to buy an n810 :)21:26
l7timelyx: hmm, i guess i will want to see if i can live w/o a sliding keyboard and screen that works outside21:26
Luriawhy not, superbad was cute.21:27
l7is the GPS really unusuable?21:27
timelyxi don't know anything about superbad21:27
timelyxwhat is it?21:27
Luriacoming of age comedy21:27
timelyxis it worth $15?21:27
timelyxthat's about the going rate here21:28
Luriano, a torrent maybe :-)21:28
Luriaoh in theater, maybe21:28
Luriadamn, thats as bad as nyc21:28
timelyxright, movie tickets21:28
Luriawell, google it21:28
timelyxwhat about shoot em up?21:29
Lurialooked like dreck. i would do eastern promises over that any day21:30
* timelyx crosses off the brave one21:30
timelyxok, eastern promises sounds like it21:30
l7movies are $15 in finland?21:30
timelyx10 EUR21:30
timelyxtry the exchange21:30
l7too bad about the dollar dropping21:31
l7i hope it doesn't affect nokia hardware prices too badly :\21:31
timelyxit isn't, nokia's already stupid about them :)21:32
Luriacheaper to buy from ti, maybe :-)21:32
l7what's ti?21:32
timelyxchip vendor21:32
l7texas instruments?21:32
l7oh yeah21:32
l7i guess it balances out21:32
timelyxbut seriously, until the dollar hits some other price point companies will probably keep their 1=1 match21:33
timelyxi don't know if that's 2$=1EUR or 3$=1EUR or something else21:33
Luriaits not the prices that would annoy me... thats the same here. the fact that the movies are 3-6 months old21:33
db48xdoes anyone here know what maemo-summoner does, exactly?21:33
timelyxbut atm it's just too dangerous to let prices float21:33
Luria2/1 would do it21:33
timelyxdb48x: it's an evil preload hack21:33
db48xwell, I know it's evil21:33
timelyxor rather launcher does21:33
timelyxsummoner iirc is the "less" evil cousin21:34
timelyxiirc launcher basically forks a copy of a binary that has most of gnome loaded21:34
db48xit seems that when I use maemo-summoner the summoned app doesn't recieve it's command line arguments21:34
Luriait brings forth a daedroth lord too21:34
timelyxand then listens to some sort of message passer21:34
timelyxdlopens the victim "app", and then calls a main()-like entry point21:34
alteregoThere's no product for alarmd what do I do?21:34
timelyxalterego: file your bug against the sdk team21:35
timelyxthis isn't a bug in alarmd, it's in the sdk21:35
db48xtimeless: weird21:35
timelyxi believe summoner basically skips the fork and just does the other parts21:35
timelyxdb48x: you know nscp's attempts at preload, no?21:35
db48xtimelyx: why is that neccessary?21:35
timelyxwhich? the fork?21:35
db48xoh, this is preloading gtk libs, rather than the app21:35 *sucks* :)21:35
timelyxoh, and so does a lot of other stuff underneath (and above) it :)21:36
alteregoWhat about priority?21:36
alteregoIt's pretty important to me ..21:36
timelyxleave that alone for now21:36
*** l7 has quit IRC21:36
tkomaemo-launcher just saves memory and startup time21:36
tkomaemo-summoner just helps debugging21:37
kulveand arguments get passed through the launcher at least21:37
tkomaemo-launcher requires the application to be dynamically loadable module which executable generally aren't, so instead they need to be converted to shared libraries. But then you can't run shared libraries from command line so you need maemo-summoner21:38
*** l7 has joined #maemo21:38
*** tchan has quit IRC21:42
*** maddler has quit IRC21:43
*** NickDe has quit IRC21:43
*** Luria has quit IRC21:43
*** derf has quit IRC21:43
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alteregoBug submitted.21:45
* alterego looks for something else to do.21:45
alteregoI'll do abook instead ..21:46
alteregoHmm .. Doesn't exist.21:48
alteregoOld lib. Must have been from bora.21:48
timelyxuse the xref to pick victims21:48
* acydlord is a happy geek today21:49
timelyxit only has things from chinook :)21:49
acydlordi got confirmation on my developers discount yesterday21:49
alteregoI'll do cst instead.21:49
bedboiis there a 3.x -> 4.x guide?21:49
alteregoacydlord, congrats :)21:49
timelyxcst must die someday21:50
alteregoIt's new :P21:50
alteregoWhat would you suggest I do?21:50
timelyxdon't expect me to have a clue what's in chinook :)21:51
timelyxi build xrefs so i don't have to look unless someone asks21:51
timelyxand then, i usually only look to guide people through using the xref so they won't ask next time21:52
alteregoDo you think it's worth doing rtcomm bindings?21:52
alteregoActually, I know someone who'd need those. Esp, libaccounts21:53
alteregoI can't find that either.21:54
* alterego uses your tool.21:54
alteregoIt's not there.21:55
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:56
alteregoDid they actually bother putting any of this stuff in ..21:56
alteregoUnless rtcomm is external.21:56
* alterego slaps head.21:56
db48xI guess I have to get this arm compiler working to debug this21:58
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:58
*** Luria has quit IRC21:59
*** fsmw has joined #maemo22:00
*** Luria has joined #maemo22:00
* db48x laments vmware22:02
_|Nix|_Is there a place where the valid syntax for hildon-desktop .desktop files is documented?22:02
* timelyx chuckles22:02
_|Nix|_In particular, I'm interested to know if/how it supports localized Name= entries22:02
alteregoThe installation document for 4.0 has got quite a few errors in it.22:04
alteregoFirstly, sudo where it should be fakeroot, secondly the nokia-binaries installer should be run _outside_ of scratchbox, where the example shows the SDK prompt ..22:04
* alterego dispairs22:05
_|Nix|_Can you edit the page? *shrug*22:05
alteregoIt's a text document.22:05
timelyxalterego: file bugs :)22:05
Luriadid they ever document the vkb system22:06
alteregoWould you say this is a development platform issue or a documentation issue?22:06
_|Nix|_Hmmm ... the image-viewer.desktop file uses logical IDs for Name= and Comment= ... I wonder which setting tells hildon-desktop the translation domain they're coming from ...22:06
Luriaoh wait, i think i found it22:06
Lurianever mind22:06
kaltsibedboi alterego file it under development platform, that'll get it to the right guys22:07
alteregodefault is _|Nix|_ that goes for basically everything in maemo22:07
kaltsioops, minus bedboi22:07
alteregokaltsi, thanks :)22:07
_|Nix|_alterego: Wha ... ? I'm talking about the translation domain ...22:07
Luriano guess not22:07
alteregoHmm, I thought you meant service.22:08
_|Nix|_I've traced the image viewer logical ID to osso-imageviewer.mo22:09
_|Nix|_However, osso-imageviewer is not listed anywhere in the .desktop file ...22:09
* DRoBeR is away: show(er) time22:11
timelyxhave you considered reading:
_|Nix|_UTSL, eh?22:12
timelyxok, who wants to file a bug on libhildondesktop? :)22:12
timelyxalterego? :)22:12
alteregoI don't like filing bugs :P22:13
timelyxyou think because i've filed more than anyone else in that i do?22:13
alteregoObviously :P22:14
alteregoI think I know why it's not changing your karma timelyx22:15
alteregoAre you using different email addresses for bugs and your maemo profile?22:15
timelyxi don't think so22:16
* timelyx has no idea where such a bug would belong, that's left as an exercise22:16
alteregoWell, if you are it might be that the karma calculation software is having a hard time finding you ;)22:16
timelyx                                                         "plugin that cant'be destroyed",22:16
timelyxalterego: != bugs.maemo.org22:16
timelyxand i don't care about karma22:16
alteregoAs they appear to be two completely unrelated systems. There must be some way it knows who you are.22:16
alteregoJust pointing out why it might not be working :P22:17
*** eXeonical_ has joined #maemo22:25
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:26
*** krau has joined #maemo22:27
*** Astro has joined #maemo22:29
kaltsibedboi about converting apps from 3.2 -> 4.0 there's a document about API changes:
kaltsialso the doc about writing new apps was updated:
*** Astro has quit IRC22:34
*** eXeonical has quit IRC22:39
*** cypherbios has quit IRC22:39
*** Astro has joined #maemo22:39
timelyxAxel (Password Swordfish) was translated as Alex22:41
timelyxthey didn't translate Torvalds ...22:41
timelyxshould Linus be translated Lisun in English?22:42
*** Astro has quit IRC22:44
db48xtimelyx: heh22:48
zerojaytimelyx: What are you reading?22:50
timelyxfinnish subtitles for password swordfish22:51
*** db48x has quit IRC22:53
kaltsithose subtitle translators must have some inside prank competition of who can get most faults through22:54
_|Nix|_Thanks for thie idea, timelyx ... I found "X-Text-Domain=...", but that only works with Chinook-and-later hildon-desktop ... I guess Gregale and Bora users will not benefit from localized .desktop files :o(22:59
*** erstazi has quit IRC23:01
*** erstazi has joined #maemo23:01
*** bueroman has quit IRC23:02
*** renatofilho_ has quit IRC23:03
timelyxkaltsi: from reviewing bug reports for itos2008, i think the finns are pretty clear against most western translations23:04
timelyxtheir only competition would be the russians23:04
timelyxfor people who object: *i* filed the bug about finnish, and it was shipped w/ 200823:05
timelyxoh, and i don't speak Finnish23:05
timelyxand for people who object to that, i enrolled in a class last week :)23:05
tkotimelyx: umm, you're saying finns are against having stuff translated?23:06
timelyxtko: yes23:06
timelyxas are the russians23:06
timelyxthey don't bother filing bugs23:06
timelyxbut, no, that's not really what i'm saying :)23:06
kaltsihmm I was talking about movie translations.. :)23:07
timelyxtko: and no, i didn't actually say that23:07
timelyxi said that the translators are in favor of piss poor translations23:07
timelyxand seem to do a good job of getting their's published23:07
_|Nix|_What ?!23:07
tkoI generally ignore movie translations anywa23:07
*** xadap has joined #maemo23:10
tkoswordfish is humorous on other levels as well, translations is the least of its problems :)23:10
tkoreminds me of "this is unix! I know this!"23:11
* timelyx chuckles23:12
timelyxit was irix, right?23:12
_|Nix|_Woah! On 770, the translation domain for all applications was that of maemo-af-desktop?23:12
*** db48x has joined #maemo23:12
timelyx_|Nix|_: i'm way too lazy to ask my computer at work23:13
timelyxwhy ask things at >11pm on a saturday night?23:13
* _|Nix|_ is looking at the code on stage: menu_item = gtk_image_menu_item_new_with_label(_(application_name));23:13
_|Nix|_Trying to get localized menu entries for Pidginon < Chinook.23:14
tkoIIRC hildon-desktop is one of the better documented sources. it doesn't mention such thing in the docs?23:14
_|Nix|_hildon-desktop did not exist in N770, AFAIK.23:14
tkowell, true, it's been rewritten twice since23:15
_|Nix|_tko: I found X-Text-Domain=<text-domain> for Chinook, but it doesn't work for Bora ...23:15
timelyxonly twice? not bad :)23:15
disqtimeless: ballmer peak.23:15
timelyxdisq: eh?23:15
disqreason to ask things at >11pm on a saturday night23:15
timelyxi don't drink23:16
timelyxand i try to avoid ssh'ing to work on weekends23:16
_|Nix|_Yep ... sure enough ... ... wow ...23:17
_|Nix|_Hmmm, but also
_|Nix|_Still ...23:17
timelyxright, the app version is for its app title23:19
timelyxthe other is for the task navigator item23:19
*** Vudentz has quit IRC23:19
timelyxthey translated Axel correctly later23:20
timelyxwhen they declared him dead :)23:21
alteregoAny resources on libhildondesktop for creating applets?23:21
* tko didn't even notice23:21
*** bergie has quit IRC23:24
*** slomo has quit IRC23:24
alteregoOkay, might be on to something now :)23:24
*** amr has quit IRC23:25
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