IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-09-16

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* Pio just wrote his own script to import gpx waypoints into maemo mapper poi db00:17
Pioi'll post it to internettablettalk once i clean it up a little00:18
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Piopython, so unlike other progs out there, it should run fine on maemo00:18
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Pionow i have every mine in LA, ventura and kern county in my POI db >:)00:20
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TPC[23:17:49]  * Pio just wrote his own script to import gpx waypoints into maemo mapper poi db00:35
TPCmind giving me a link to it when you posted it?00:36
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wyrenew n800 user here / looking for starting point to fix a problem / after installing several updates my n800 no longer makes sounds correctly, useing the fm radio i get a hint in the form of this error 'audio output switching failed'00:40
wyre[when head phones are not in that is] -00:42
TPCPio, where did you get the pysqlite2 module? its not in any repos I have on it00:43
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Piohrm yeah actually i dont know if theres a pysqlite for maemo00:43
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Pioi havent run this on maemo yet00:43
Pio hmm00:44
TPCmissing install00:44
TPCah well, I'll just run it on my computer then00:45
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TPCFailed parsing input file:  not well-formed (invalid token): line 35239, column 9800:50
TPCoh well, I'll just remove that particular location00:50
lmouraPio, there's sqlite3 in the default pymaemo install00:51
TPCsqlite3 and sqlite2 are incompatible, aren't they?00:51
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wyrewell - a second restart did the trick [via remote ssh even] after the power button stopped responding...  odd.00:58
TPCPio, hm.. it does not seem to work01:00
Pioany error messages?01:00
TPCPio, lots of data gets added to the poi file, but when I start mmaemo mapper they just don't show up01:00
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TPCI'm thinking that maybe it was because the category I added them to didn't exist, gonna try again with an exisiting category01:01
Pioyou let it add them .. yeah01:01
TPCbut I'm just guessing here01:01
Pioi was just going to ask about the categories01:01
Pioby default it just adds to category 11 ("Other")01:01
Piobut it'll use any old number you give it01:01
Pio..yeah and its a number, not a strnig01:01
Pioi was thinking about adding support for calling categories by name, and creating new categories, etc01:02
Piothis is a real rough draft :)01:02
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Piobut for now, im going to go out biking.. thats what i wrote this for, anyway, to get waypoints into maemo-mapper for my bike ride :)01:02
TPCok :)01:03
TPCI'm trying to make it load the nearest 1000 geocaches into my poi01:04
wyrecaches, cool, get data from
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TPCyeah, using a cli app called geotoad01:07
wyrenice tool that one01:07
wyreit's ruby ... there an interpreter for maemo [am new, hope i asked _that_ right]01:08
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TPCno idea, I'm quite new also01:09
TPCanyway, it seems to have worked, all nearby geocaches show up on the map :)01:10
TPCThanks Pio01:10
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toni_hi, n770 stopped booting.01:15
toni_i reflashed it with new HE 2007 edition, still no boot. reflashed it with latest 2006, still no boot. no errors on reflash though.01:16
toni_anyone has any ideas what to do?01:16
TPCPio, if I were to run the script again with most of the locations being the same, and some new  / changed, would it create a copy of the old ones, ignore them, or update them?01:17
tsohow far does the boot go? any graphics at all? how about when you insert the charger?01:17
toni_screen with NOKIA blue letter show, but it doesn't go further.01:17
TPCPio, I'm gonna head to sleep, so if you answer please mention my nick in all the lines, so it will show up in my away log01:17
toni_with inserted charger.01:17
toni_i enabled r&D mode but it only shows few info bits, like kernel version on the top of blue NOKIA logo.01:18
tsonot a good sign. sad really that nokia didnt provide a way to turn off those graphics somehow (that i know of)01:18
toni_the crazy thing is, i bought another n770, as a present for a friend. he arrive today, and both nokias are not booting. mental.01:19
toni_i used mine for couple of months without problems.01:19
erstazitoni_: you should be under warranty01:19
erstaziboth both even01:19
toni_yes i know. but it's still a pain. i'll be without it for who knows how long.01:20
lle2toni_: just as a last resort, try flashing twice with the same release01:20
lle2reset by removing the battery in between01:20
toni_and it worked fine this morning.01:20
toni_lle2, thanks, will try that now.01:20
sp3000if you see a black cat crossing your path while flashing, ...01:21
toni_both nokias show signs that they are charging, battery full, and a blue NOKIA logo. no more than that.01:21
lle2don't leave the charger connected, it affects the bootup01:22
lle2also if still doesn't work, try enabling rd mode and disabling lifeguard resets01:23
toni_lle2, without the charger, i couldn't even see the blue NOKIA logo. pressing power button does nothing without a charge. with the charger plugged in, blue NOKIA logo shows, stays for 10-15 sec, then goes to white screen, and then to black screen with a small icon shhowing that it is charging.01:24
toni_trying reboot with flasher tool does the same thing, no further than logo.01:24
lle2well, if you can see the charging icon it boots pretty far, could be that you simply have a dead battery and/or charger01:25
lle2would be pretty unlikely though, for two devices01:26
toni_lle2, it show that it is fully charged now. also, i have two chargers, and two nokias and both have the same symptpm i desribed above.01:26
toni_i tried swapping chargers too.01:26
toni_i need a priest, that's how it feels when two devices refuse to work in a same day like these.01:27
toni_devil is in my house.01:27
toni_however, BBC match of the day football stream didn't work today. and half of the basketball euro championship streaming was broken too today. a bad day.01:28
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fer__Toni, Hi, do you have a url for that stream?01:28
lle2no, it's just two n770s, they like to be the only tablet in the house01:28
toni_fer__, it's on BBC website, look under sport, match of the day, for UK only though, unless you can proxy client somehow.01:30
erstazitoni_: if they performed an exorcism then it would be perfect01:30
toni_ok, flashing twice, with battery taken out inbetwen for few secs, didn't work.01:31
toni_on black cat though.01:31
toni_i'll now try flashing the other one.01:32
cypherbioshow long does it take to reflash the device?01:32
toni_yes, under 1 min.01:33
lle2I can't entirely understand what the hacker edition could do to the device that would break it so that flashing twice with the original wouldn't fix it01:33
toni_with no errors reported. root device is flash, as it should be, since i took the card out.01:33
fer__Toni, thanks.01:33
lle2unless it screws up the cal area01:34
fer__Toni, I'm not in the Uk.. so, guess I won't be able to get it..01:34
toni_fer__, i don't think so.01:35
toni_fer__, get an account on uknova.01:35
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DeformativeIs there a tar gui utility?02:26
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disqthere's guiTAR but it's not for maemo yet. i'll try to port it sometime, uses the old gtk (1.2) and all02:27
DeformativeWell, let me know if you do it, because I might end up writing one from scratch and I don't want to be doing the same work.02:28
disqi have to update it anyways, haven't touched it for 8 years.02:29
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wyreis there a decent online/offline PIM ...02:31
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wyrebeen asked before i see... [sigh]02:33
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wyreGPE seems to be the main such app...02:46
TPCpersonally I use vi and a text file ;P02:47
TPCworks for the few todo items and dates I have to keep track off02:48
wyresyncronised with shell scripts?  or just shell into one location to track....02:50
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[31d1]wrong window - oh well you guys'll love it too03:00
Sulisand we dooooo!03:03
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DeformativeUgh, making debian packages sucks.03:05
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[31d1]thats why i only compile things i can just cp into ~/bin03:08
DeformativeGood idea.03:08
[31d1]Deformative: you need a copy of nvi or diff for 770 i got u dogg03:08
[31d1]nvi is really nice03:08
[31d1]better than crappy busybox vi03:08
[31d1]and not all big and wonky like vim03:09
DeformativeHeh, maybe after I splice up a keyboard.03:09
DeformativeI am going to try to get a cheep usb keyboard working in the usb port.03:09
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[31d1]you can afaik if you plug both things into a hub03:10
DeformativeYou can not just plug it into a hub.03:10
[31d1]oh :/03:11
DeformativeHubs are host/slave03:11
DeformativeSo you must modify the cable so that nokia is host side.03:11
[31d1]i'm happy just sshing in to do stuff, esp with a vi that redrawsthe screen right and has multiple undo03:11
[31d1]ah, interesting03:12
DeformativeThe purpose of a hub is because hubs supply power.03:12
DeformativeSince the nokia is an unpowered usb03:12
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[31d1]man i was driving all over nj today with my new gps and 770 trying not to crash like 'oo neat'03:14
DeformativeI was going to buy a BT keyboard, but the prices are outragous.03:14
DeformativeI should have bought a hub though.03:15
DeformativeWasn't thinking.03:15
DeformativeWhat folder is the path variable set on the nokia?03:15
[31d1]not to very much by default03:16
Deformative /etc/what?03:17
DeformativeFound it03:18
[31d1]i dunno i just set it in .profile to more stuff03:18
DeformativeWhere are the arrows on the key?03:18
[31d1]one of the first things i did was brick my 770 by saying echo bash > .profile03:19
[31d1]hardware keys are arrows03:19
DeformativeBut you recovered it, right?03:19
DeformativeNot a permanent brick.03:19
DeformativeI cannot find it on the on screen keyboard03:20
[31d1]yeah i had to reflash03:20
[31d1]Deformative: yeah use the hardware arrow keys03:20
DeformativeI am not sshed03:20
[31d1]yeah on the nokia03:20
[31d1]front top left area03:20
DeformativeAfter I get some more stuff working I am going to make a backup03:20
DeformativeOh, cool.03:20
DeformativeDidn't know those worked for that.03:21
[31d1]heh took me a few minutes to figure out myself so i wont lol at you03:21
[31d1]yeah i thought calling bash in .profile would be a slick way to set that as default03:22
[31d1]but it was just a slick way to prevent booting03:23
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DeformativeNeed to edit like /etc/passwd or whatever03:24
DeformativeFor user03:24
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[31d1]it was /etc/shells according to google - i didnt try to mess with that03:26
[31d1]i also subtly screwed things up for weeks till i figured it out by editing /etc/sudoers wrong03:26
[31d1]everything still worked except application manager wouldnt start03:27
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[31d1]cause i put 'user ALL = (ALL) ALL' at the bottom instead of at the top03:28
DeformativeHmm, well, I should get gdc working.03:28
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[31d1]what will that do?03:28
DeformativeD compiler03:28
[31d1](pardon my ignorance)03:28
DeformativeI will get gcc too03:29
DeformativeThen I will have an independent device03:29
[31d1]so if i stick gcc on there i wouldnt have to futz with scratchbox?03:29
DeformativeYou won't have the headers03:29
[31d1]i guess i might have to have a bunch of libs and stuff on there too03:29
DeformativeD doesn't need the headers though.03:30
DeformativeJust bindings.03:30
[31d1]i suck so hard at anything compiled03:30
DeformativeWhat languages do you know?03:30
[31d1]i kick anyones ass at awk tho03:30
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[31d1]i do tons of shell and awk at work so im real good with that stuff, and i play with perl, and unfortunately i know too much php to be able to not use it03:31
[31d1]and im reading a lisp book03:31
DeformativeI don't know any of those.03:31
DeformativeI am very fluent at D, alright at java/c, and I know the very basics of scheme and erlang03:32
[31d1]i loves me some awk, but i end up using it for stuff that i should do in perl or something, but i get yelled at at work for writing perl03:32
DeformativeYou should try D. :)03:33
[31d1]yeah, D sounds pretty awesome from the little i've heard about it03:33
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[31d1]i started programming so i could one day write audio sequencing stuff and years later i am still baffled by most of that stuff03:38
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pupnikwe could use a simple multitrack song-idea-sketch app for the nokia03:46
pupnik8 bar blocks, recorded from mic03:46
pupnikfringe app though03:46
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DeformativeGdc is compiling.03:51
DeformativeHope it works03:51
DeformativeOne of the best things about D is that is compiles VERY fast.03:52
DeformativeSo that should be GREAT for a low power device.03:52
pupnikwhat fantastic app have you written under d?  url pls03:53
bearclaw_Why would you care? You rarely if not never compile stuffs while using the device on battery03:53
Deformativepupnik: I am part of yage3d.net03:54
pupniklets hope the next tablet has opengl support03:55
pupniki have a great game that needs optimization - 3d - all software03:56
DeformativeUgh damnit.03:56
DeformativeBuild error03:56
DeformativeIt's not that great.03:58
DeformativeI haven't had a longterm project yet.03:58
pupnikthis world is full of awesome things you can do03:59
pupnikopportunities all over03:59
DeformativeEverything has been done.03:59
pupniknot on the tablets!04:00
DeformativeThat's why I got one.04:00
pupnikif anyone here doesn't have something to do, let me know.04:00
pupniklots of heroes in this channel04:02
DeformativeI am porting gdc04:02
DeformativeThen I am going to make some stuff I need, followed by a top down rewrite of things I have but do not function properly04:02
pupnikthat's cool.  i don't understand your motivations at all.  but follow your muse etc04:02
pupniki don't understand the mono and python guys either04:04
pupnikbut they all enrich the platform04:04
pupnikdid you get scratchbox running?04:05
DeformativeI had to install ubuntu04:06
DeformativeBut yes.04:06
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[31d1]please write midi sequencer/editor for 770 in D, pls, thx in advance04:15
[31d1]s/in D, //04:16
infobot[31d1] meant: please write midi sequencer/editor for 770 pls, thx in advance04:16
bearclaw_nice feat04:17
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pupniktimidity is compiled, by me and somebody else04:18
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solmumahayay, ruby bindings seem to work fine for simple things at least04:19
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DeformativeIn scratchbox am I supposed to use glibc 2.5 or the one without a version number?05:12
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roundeyeany got a silc client working on a 770?07:29
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roundeyeanyone here?07:41
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roundeyethe maemo-gaim package claims to do slic but i cant not find the silc plugin anywhere08:03
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bedboii still had no luck with that damn thread stuff09:00
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roundeyeanyone here got a silc client working on a 770?12:06
roundeyeanyone here?12:14
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_MonkeyGuten Tag, sbaturzio!12:21
roundeyehello guys12:22
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_Monkeyhey, rcknight15:14
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svuFatal server error:15:25
svuCaught signal 11.  Server aborting15:25
svu0: /usr/bin/X(xf86SigHandler+0x94) [0x10093f14]15:25
svu1: [0x100344]15:25
svu2: /lib/ [0xf4ff138]15:25
svu3: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions// [0xe794814]15:25
svuoops wrong channel :)15:28
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latzkoA gtk question: how can I tell to a GtkToggleButton not to move its image when it toggled? rc property also welcome16:00
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tkolatzko: GtkButton style property IIRC, child-offset something .. although you can't really affect the bitmaps used16:41
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*** Knirch is now known as Fatal16:45
*** Fatal is now known as Knirch16:46
latzkotko, thanks I will check16:46
latzkochild-displacement-x /y what I want :) tnx again16:51
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alteregoAnyone know what the soft poweroff function is in the power menu?17:49
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alteregoOh, instant on/off ..17:52
alteregoWeird ..17:52
tsopower plugged in?17:52
alteregoIs that menu option dangerous?17:53
tsonot sure what entry your refering to17:54
tsobut when the power is plugged in, the device to not fully turn off, it just shuts down the desktop iirc17:54
alteregoNo, when I press the power button. There are now two options. "Reboot" and "Soft power off".17:55
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alteregoThey are there because I edited a file in /etc/systemui17:55
alteregoI think the soft off has something to do with the 770's case cover.17:55
alteregoSo I don't think it does anything interesting on the N80017:55
alteregoI just thought the reboot function would be useful ;)17:56
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wasabiSo... been wahile since I've screwed with my nokia...18:00
wasabiThere a repository based distribution now, where updates are pushed without flashing?18:00
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_Monkeyrepositories is probably  and a searchable index at
tsoi think some updates can be done using repos, but i suspect it requires the app manager to be in red pill mode18:09
bearclaw_pand -c 00:80:37:2E:32:D818:12
bearclaw_Failed to open control socket: Protocol not supported18:12
bearclaw_what am I missing?18:12
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dick-richardsonHas anyone gotten webmin working?18:51
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*** tko has quit IRC19:06
dick-richardsonOr can someone point me in the direction of a good iptables gui frontend?19:11
*** tso has quit IRC19:12
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:12
*** keesj_ has joined #maemo19:12
*** keesj has quit IRC19:13
*** t][s][o is now known as tso19:13
*** booiiing has joined #maemo19:16
*** dick-richardson has left #maemo19:19
*** trevarthan has joined #maemo19:21
trevarthanIs it a bad thing to have only 9M free in / on a 770?19:21
TPCwell, depends on what you filled it with :P19:23
* dwmw2_gone ♥ mmpc on the N800 19:29
dwmw2_goneeven if it is a PITA to find libglade2 for it :)19:29
TPCah, MPD client19:31
dwmw2_goneI gave up on setting up my N800 when I first got it; too many things were missing from the EABI repositories and I was too lazy19:31
dwmw2_gonelooks a bit better now.19:31
* dwmw2_gone goes looking for pine19:32
TPCpersonally I just ssh in and run moc in screen :P19:32
TPCor wait, not in screen, moc has background mode19:32
TPCso it doesn't strictly require screen (but I use it anyway)19:32
TPCand pine? thats blasphemy, everyone knows that mutt is better19:33
* TPC runs19:33
dwmw2_goneno, really. with mouse-in-xterm enabled on a touch screen, pine really is a whole lot nicer to use than _any_ other mail client I've ever tried19:33
dwmw2_goneyou never need to use the keyboard, unless you actually want to compose a mail19:34
*** pleemans has quit IRC19:34
dwmw2_gonehm, that reminds me -- need gnome-ssh-askpass too19:35
*** bipolar has quit IRC19:35
*** bipolar has joined #maemo19:36
TPCis that something like ssh-agent?19:36
dwmw2_gonessh-askpass just pops up and asks for the password/passphrase19:36
dwmw2_gonessh uses it automatically if it has no controlling tty19:36
dwmw2_goneyou can see it in the first screenshot in the above link19:36
TPCsounds like ssh-askpass is a front end for ssh-agent then19:36
TPCsince thats what ssh-agent does19:37
dwmw2_gonessh-agent caches keys for you19:37
dwmw2_gonenot passwords/passphrases.19:37
TPCoh wait, now I see what you mean19:37
dwmw2_gonessh-askpass is for interacting with the user19:37
TPCyeah, I get it now19:37
TPCwhat app do you use that uses ssh without a controling tty?19:37
dwmw2_gonealthough not on the N800 :)19:38
dwmw2_gonepine, mutt, etc.19:38
dwmw2_gonessh $MAILSERVER exec imapd19:38
dwmw2_goneno need for running a separate imap dæmon and allowing password auth.19:38
dwmw2_goneand ssh can compress, too :)19:38
TPCwell, personally I would rather use ssh-agent and let it store my passphrase for a key, and just enter it once whenever I reboot the N80019:39
TPCI think I'm gonna try to set that up19:39
dwmw2_goneyeah, I prefer to have both19:39
TPChm.. I wonder what init script is best to start ssh-agent from19:41
dwmw2_gonewas just poking19:41
dwmw2_goneneeds to be in the X session startup, I think19:41
TPCprobably the one that starts the window manager, but since I've only had my N800 I don't know which one that is19:42
*** twobithacker has joined #maemo19:42
dwmw2_goneYou could start it in /etc/X11/Xsession.d but you need its environment variables to be exported.19:43
*** dwmw2_N800 has quit IRC19:45
dwmw2_goneheh. It didn't like me stopping the X server :)19:45
suihkulokkidwmw2_gone: the env variables session stuff are set in various scripts in /etc/osso-af-init19:46
suihkulokkiwarning: you might end up blind looking at them19:46
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC19:47
*** sx|lappy has joined #maemo19:47
dwmw2_gonecool, so a script in there which just does eval `ssh-agent` should work19:49
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:50
*** bipolar has quit IRC19:50
TPCotherwise it seems like .profile in the user home dir gets evaluated during boot19:54
TPCfound this on the wiki:19:54
TPCif [ ! -d /tmp/ssh-sockets ]; then mkdir /tmp/ssh-sockets eval `/var/lib/install/bin/ssh-agent`19:54
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo19:54
suihkulokkidid you go blind?19:56
roope   ...19:56
TPCwell, the path is wrong for ssh-agent19:56
TPCmust be an old example19:56
dwmw2_gonenah, I'm just amused at having my own instructions quoted back at me :)19:57
* dwmw2_gone tries doing it that way 19:57
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo19:59
TPCso you wrote that on the wiki? hehe20:00
dwmw2_goneI see there's a version of pine there too :)20:01
dwmw2_gonebut it's also oabi20:01
dwmw2_goneer, I think I broke it20:02
dwmw2_goneafter adding that to .profile, it no longer starts :)20:02
dwmw2_goneor maybe it's because I added a 'dwmw2' user with the same uid as 'user'20:02
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo20:03
TPCwell, the ssh thing worked for me, so its probably the other thing20:03
dwmw2_gonepants. I'm sure that used to work20:03
dwmw2_gonenow it just seems to reboot when it should be starting the UI, after the progress bar gets to 90%20:04
dwmw2_goneis there a way to fix that other than a complete reinstall?20:04
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC20:05
TPCwhile true; do ssh user@pdahost rm .profile; done20:05
TPCif you are really quick, since it starts the ssh server before it starts the UI20:05
TPCoh wait, its not the profile20:05
TPCI must be tired or something :20:06
dwmw2_gonesuppose I could grab the current filesystem with 0xFFFF, put /etc/passwd back how it was, then reflash20:06
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo20:06
TPChm.. it didn't work20:07
TPCit starts ssh-agent fine, but the environment doesn't get exported20:08
*** zewey has quit IRC20:08
dwmw2_goneit was definitely doing:20:08
dwmw2_gone eval `ssh-agent`20:08
dwmw2_gone ?20:08
dwmw2_goneah, I can boot with root on mmc20:08
TPCor wait, I'm stupid20:10
TPClet me reboot again20:10
TPCI justed lowercase 'ssh' when grepping for the environment variables, but it should obviously be uppercase20:11
dwmw2_gonegr, I have to rebuild the jffs2 kernel module for little-endian support20:11
dwmw2_gonewhat bloody stupid person made jffs2 host-endian on the medium?20:11
TPChm.. turns out that I was right, it doesn't export the environment20:13
TPCI should probably switch to a better file system for my flash memory too, I FAT32 at the moment, not the best one to use20:14
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:17
TPCthere we go, I got it working20:20
TPCI made it write the environment to a file, which I then read from .profile every time20:20
TPCworks for me at least since I only use ssh from xterm20:20
TPCbut probably wouldn't work with no controlling tty20:20
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo20:21
TPChm.. what else fun can you do with ssh20:25
TPCsshfs would be nice20:25
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC20:26
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC20:31
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo20:32
*** jkyro has quit IRC20:38
*** jkyro has joined #maemo20:38
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc320:39
Deformative /scratchbox/compilers/cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm/bin/sbox-arm-linux-ar: libgcc/./_udivsi3.o: No such file or directory20:39
DeformativeHas anyone ever had that build error?20:39
*** guaka has joined #maemo20:48
*** DRoBeR has joined #maemo20:48
DeformativeDRoBeR:  /scratchbox/compilers/cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm/bin/sbox-arm-linux-ar: libgcc/./_udivsi3.o: No such file or directory20:52
[31d1]file is missing20:53
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo20:53
* [31d1] just woke up and thinks that was really funny thing to say20:53
DRoBeRNope :S20:54
DRoBeRI'm still waiting for my N800 -_- I never tried Maemo or N770/80020:55
DRoBeR2 days left... -_-20:55
DeformativeWell, I am trying to outfit my 770 to make it my laptop replacement.20:55
DeformativeAll I need is a keyboard and compiler.20:56
DeformativeI think.20:56
DeformativeOh, and some more storage.20:56
DRoBeRmmm I can start downloading maemo tools, Don't I? :)20:57
DeformativeBut if I get usb working I will be able to use flash drives.21:00
DRoBeRMy laptop is an old IBM Thinkpad 760x... everything has more power than it..21:00
*** guaka has left #maemo21:02
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC21:04
*** zwnj has quit IRC21:05
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:08
*** TPC has quit IRC21:08
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:08
*** red-zack has quit IRC21:10
*** red-zack has joined #maemo21:11
alteregoIs it possible to backup the entire flash image so I can reinstate it later as-is ?21:12
*** TPC has joined #maemo21:14
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc321:18
*** craigoz has quit IRC21:19
bedboialterego: the best thinng is to put all things on the mmc21:21
bedboiand then dual boot21:21
bedboiand work on the mmc21:21
alteregoHmm ..21:21
bedboidoing dirty things and stuff21:21
alteregoYeah .. So it's not possible to create images from mtd devices?21:22
alterego~the mtd devices :)21:22
suihkulokkiwell.. not while they are mounted21:22
alteregoObviously, I was wondering if the flasher did that ..21:22
suihkulokkibut if you boot from mmc then you could just dd them (in theory)21:22
suihkulokkiflasher: no21:23
alteregoHm ..21:23
alteregoWell, basically I want to play with sardine21:23
alteregoIs it possible to install that onto an SD card?21:23
bedboiof course21:24
alteregoOh, well. That solves that problem then ;)21:24
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo21:28
*** Dasaev is now known as Dasajev21:32
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:35
*** phil|sleep is now known as phil|out21:45
*** slomo_ has quit IRC21:51
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC21:53
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC21:53
*** vivijim has joined #maemo22:01
pupnikbedboi, do you have the multiboot howto?22:04
DeformativeHas anyone here done the usb power hack?22:06
alteregoUSB power hack?22:09
alteregoYou mean powered HUB?22:10
DeformativeOr the injector.22:13
DeformativeEither one.22:13
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:15
*** fsmw has joined #maemo22:20
pupniksoldering iron22:21
*** hircus has joined #maemo22:24
* pupnik is building boost 22:24
pupnikbeen going for -- 6 hours now on an athlon 2800xp :/22:25
suihkulokkiimagine native compiling it22:27
hircussuihkulokki: imagine native-compiling KDE4! (it requires boost, I think)22:28
_Monkeyrepositories is  and a searchable index at
pupniklots of errors too :/22:30
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:31
DeformativeSo no one here has done the usb hack?22:34
DeformativeYou have?22:37
lle2I'm positive I'm not the only one22:37
* alterego thinks it's easier to partition the SD/MMC using the USB cable and a computer ..22:38
DeformativeDid you do the Soldered one or non?22:38
lle2uh, it was just a modification of a Targus usb hub22:39
DeformativeThis one?
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:41
lle2looked like this one:
lle2but of course it may have changed quite a bit22:43
pupnikspeaking of soldering.  cute lady with soldering iron22:43
DeformativeWell, I am going to try this,  so I am trying to get as much info as possible22:44
DeformativeDid you use a battery powered or plugged in hub/22:44
DeformativeDid said hub provide upstream power?22:44
lle2it's a powered hub22:45
DeformativePowered hubs do not always provide upstream unless I am mistaken.22:46
lle2this one doesn't22:46
DeformativeAlso, battery or wall outlet?22:46
lle2if I understood what you mean by upstream22:46
DeformativeWell then, how did you get the nokia working?  From what I understand it needs power flowing into it.22:47
DeformativeOh, I guess you can take power from one of the outlets.22:47
* lle2 is confused22:47
DeformativeCan you draw an example of what you did?22:48
lle2I think they are floating somewhere in the interweb22:48
DeformativeI have read several.22:49
lle2somebody at nokia came up with the procedure and then everybody just copied, me included22:49
DeformativeBut they are all different.22:49
*** vivijim has quit IRC22:51
*** geaaru has joined #maemo22:53
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC22:58
alteregoI can't install tar, it'll remove half of my system :/23:00
*** pleemans has joined #maemo23:01
pupniklazy problem report insufficient for assistance23:03
*** geekflip has joined #maemo23:04
*** booiiing has quit IRC23:07
*** DRoBeR has quit IRC23:08
*** jacques has quit IRC23:09
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:09
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:10
dwmw2_goneok, pine works nicely now23:10
* dwmw2_gone tries to remember how he persuaded xterm on the N770 to interpret the middle of the rocker switch as _enter_, not bring up the virtual keyboard23:11
*** ch4os_ has quit IRC23:14
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo23:15
pupnikif you remember, please post here23:15
*** geekflip has quit IRC23:16
*** geekflip has joined #maemo23:16
alteregoYou can do it with the input settings.23:17
alteregoBut that's global.23:17
alteregoYou just disable the thumb keypad.23:17
alteregoAnyhow ... rsync isn't installed on my device ..23:18
alteregoHow am I supposed to copy meh rootfs !23:18
pupnikboot to another partition23:18
*** Hyperion2010 has joined #maemo23:19
pupnikor use the rootfs duplication howto23:19
alteregoWhich uses rsync ..23:19
Hyperion2010anyone know if the latest firmware has fixed issues with SD card bricking?23:19
mvhtestthe latest firmware causes "bricking"...23:20
Hyperion2010also, does anyone know if java for mobile phones has been ported yet?23:21
*** canyouscore has joined #maemo23:22
dwmw2_gonealterego: disabling the thumb keypad doesn't suffice.23:22
dwmw2_gonethat disabled the thumb keypad, perhaps unsurprisingly, but the keyboard does still come up23:22
dwmw2_goneI worked it out -- to make the middle rocker button map to enter, I have to attach the bluetooth keyboard :)23:23
dwmw2_gonewhich is kind of suboptimal :)23:23
dwmw2_gonethe virtual keyboard also pops up every time I tap on the screen in xterm23:23
alteregoYou can use xset23:23
*** canyouscore has quit IRC23:25
pupnikbuilding boost with g++-3.4 and gcc-3.4 is not working...23:25
*** canyouscore has joined #maemo23:26
DeformativeHas anyone here built gcc in scratchbox?23:26
pupniknot i23:27
*** canyouscore has quit IRC23:29
dwmw2_gonehm, xset doesn't seem to be in the bt plugin any more23:30
*** canyouscore has joined #maemo23:32
*** eichi has quit IRC23:39
dwmw2_goneok, xmodmap work23:39
dwmw2_gonestill pops up when I tap on the screen, but I suppose it has to come up _some_ time :)23:40
pupnikI would have preferred a dedicated vkbd button, that just brings up a generic xkbd23:40
*** fsmw has quit IRC23:41
*** Pio has quit IRC23:43
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:43
*** geekflip has left #maemo23:45
*** hircus has quit IRC23:50
*** DRoBeR has joined #maemo23:52
*** melmoth_ has joined #maemo23:52
*** toni_ has joined #maemo23:52
DRoBeREm, I'm following and when I try to install the maemo-explicit package it leaves this message "E: Package pkg-config has no installation candidate23:54
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:56
*** Ivan_Chelubee1 has quit IRC23:56
DeformativeWhat is the differences between the compilers for scratchbox?23:57

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