IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-08-11

pupnikif it doesn't fold up, the portability is ruined00:00
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sparrfroogle says has that keyboard for $1200:14
sparrand theres a fye like 3 miles from my house00:15
sparrif they have it in stock, im going to get one00:15
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sparrdamn, no dice00:18
pupnikwhat i need is a simple game available in both regular linux .deb and gp2x version00:19
pupnikso i can run diffs and get an overview of the changes00:19
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sparrpupnik: good luck00:21
sparrevery port for the gp2x is different00:21
sparrthe simplest games have NO changes00:21
sparrsome stuff Just Works00:21
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sparrsome games are MASSIVELY changed, for new input devices, to use the 940 for math or gpu, etc etc00:22
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tsohmm, i didnt know there are proprietary driver issues with the 770. anyone care to enlighten me?00:22
pupnikwhat is your question00:23
tsoas in, what parts are we talking about, and have there been done anything to make open source replacements?00:24
pupniki think the wlan is closed00:24
pupnikalso dsp00:25
pupnikif i understand correctly, it's due to restrictions by the chipset mfgrs00:26
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sparrhows that for a bluetooth kb?00:26
tsoso no compleatly community based os if need be?00:26
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erstazisp3000, is this a mockup as well?00:28
sparrno, thats a real device00:29
erstazithat looks confusing to the normal eye00:29
erstaziyou would have to get use to it00:29
sparr$70 from a few different places00:29
erstazithats not bad for bt00:30
sparrTHAT keyboard with usb would be perfect for what i want to do00:30
sparrbut its bt  :(00:30
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erstaziI am not opposed to that keyboard00:33
erstazibut to someone you just hand it to, they would look at it like we were nuts00:33
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tsonow thats a interesting keyboard. i would say its up there with frogpad :)00:35
erstaziits less expensive than the frogpad00:36
tsohmm, interesting00:36
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tsoholy! i just found a local webshop that has that keyboard, and for a laughabley low price! i need to place a order :D00:39
tsohere is the makers own list of web shops00:40
unique311pretty nice app00:40
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unique311someone with python knowledge take a look at that link00:41
tsohmm, if i double the price i get a full size qwerty...00:41
erstazitso, what price?00:43
tso290 nok for the small one, 499 for the larger. thats nice. as i have seen prices in the 1000 range. and thats as much as i payed for the 770 including shipment00:45
tsohmm, i see that freedom also have a folder that when folded is about the same size as the freedom mini. but sadly thats not available from the local webshop00:46
sparrunique311: uhm, doesnt seem complicated.00:47
unique311except for the need of gtk2.1000:47
unique311i tried to compile it..failed00:47
unique311replace the need for 2.10 with 2.6.1000:48
unique311still failed..00:48
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unique3116+ files in the source00:49
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unique311dependencies pynotify and twisted00:50
unique311installed those without issue.00:50
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saaibHow do i add more streams to the audio player? It does not accepts ram, .pls extensions01:10
erstazisaaib, use slimserver01:12
erstazithen it streams in mp3 format01:12
erstaziyou use slimserver on your host computer (with the music) and it streams to your tablet01:12
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_Monkeyslimserver is an application that powers the Squeezebox, Transporter and SLIMP3 network music players and is great software to stream my music to any software MP3 player. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and more!
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saaiberstazi, if I would setup a server on my station would be either ffserver or icecast/shoutcast... but I already have that, now, I plan to use my tablet in other networks where my station is not reachable so I would prefeer to configure direct access to the source streamming01:17
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erstazisaaib, ah01:17
saaibdoes this means that there is no way to add URLs of ram or pls files?01:18
erstazisaaib, it excepts m3u I think01:18
erstaziram is realplayer right?01:18
saaiberstazi, that sucs... correct, ram is real audio01:19
erstazisaaib, do you have a website or server?01:19
erstaziah that won't work01:19
* erstazi not thinking01:19
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saaiberstazi, yes, I could setup a proxy streamming server internet wide reachable.. but i don't want that either01:20
erstaziI was going to say change the playlists over to the m3u format or whatever it is including the code01:20
sparrsaaib: im sure Real would be happy to let you play real audio files on your 770, for a small fee of $1000001:20
erstazisparr, haha01:20
erstazisaaib, you should just broadcast your slimserver haha01:20
erstaziopen a port up for it01:20
saaibI think read somewhere that the 770 already reproduced realaudio files01:20
erstazisaaib, I saw that also01:20
erstazisaaib, give me an example .ram01:21
saaibAnyhow... who here has googletalk?01:21
sparri think you are confused between .ram streams and .ram files01:22
saaibAnd another thing... is there a ticket client that can show up nasdaq symbols?01:22
sparrreal and microsoft (.asf) both do that ambiguously01:22
infobotsaaib meant: And another thing... is there a ticker client that can show up nasdaq symbols?01:22
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erstazisaaib, <stringvalue>file:///var/tmp/listen.pls</stringvalue>01:28
erstaziI think it does pls01:28
erstaziand m3u01:28
saaibheh.. I logged into their shoutcast web site and copied the direct stream url01:29
erstazi/home/user/MyDocs/.sounds/favourites.m3u is where my favourites.m3u is located (the applet player on the desktop)01:29
erstazidid it work?01:29
erstaziI have played shoutcast before on my 770 (OS2006)01:29
saaibyeah.. its working now01:30
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saaiberstazi,  do you have a googletalk account so I can try the mic?01:37
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DaniellionOhhh how did you get google talk working/?01:46
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erstazisaaib, I have an account but I cannot listen, working right now01:53
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sparrwhat are the odds that i get a $1500 tablet PC for $100 the week after i spent $150 on a 770?  :)01:55
||cw2say what?01:56
* ||cw2 wants a $1500 tablet for $10001:56
erstazisparr, what tablet is that?01:57
sparri might get it super cheap due to mislabelling in an auction01:58
sparr<fingers crossed>01:58
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||cw2how much time left01:58
sparrdays.  normally id expect to get bid way up01:58
sparrbut they advertised it as a monitor01:58
||cw2it'll get sniped I bet01:59
sparrits in a dock...  to a casual observer it could be a 12" LCD01:59
sparron a more serious note...01:59
sparri just set up a google talk account on my 77001:59
sparrtried to connect to it01:59
sparrnow every time i do 'select connection' for wifi, reboot02:00
sparrany advice?02:01
erstaziI have had that happen before02:02
erstaziI just rebooted02:02
sparrtrying that now02:02
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erstazido you have a full charge? I know that sounds funny. but just had to ask02:02
aoirthoirhowdy peeps!02:02
erstazihello aoirthoir02:03
aoirthoirerstazi, sup sup.02:03
sparrbattery icon is half full02:03
erstaziaoirthoir, did you get your nokia 770 yet?02:03
sparrguess i can plug it in02:03
aoirthoirerstazi, no, they didnt send it, if I had known that I would not have ordered next day shipping.02:03
erstazithats sad02:03
aoirthoiroh well:)02:03
erstazidid you go through
aoirthoirIt did say on the site that it might be 1 to 10 days or something.02:03
sparrreboot seems to have fixed it02:04
erstaziah, I did the free shipping and it arrived in 3 days02:04
erstazisparr, crazy isn't it?02:04
sparrjust gotta pretend its running windows02:04
erstaziit only happened to me once02:04
erstaziand honestly, I think it was when I set up googletalk02:04
erstaziso talk about odd02:04
erstaziI don't imagine anything was involved with each other02:05
||cw2i always do the cheap chipping from the big places, it's rare that it doesn't come from the Memphis UPS hub, in STL i usualy get it overnight02:05
erstaziunless something is wrong with the kernel02:05
aoirthoirthis is the second time ive done that, so i am going to have to stop doing overnight.02:05
erstaziyeah UPS, you know how they roll02:06
erstazithey are too busy having all the housewives stare at htem02:06
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erstaziaoirthoir, I have been filling the bot with responses02:08
erstazifor instance:02:08
_Monkeyhmmm... xterm is the enhanced version of osso-xterm from maemo-hackers. It adds font and color selection support, URL opening through context menu, and a sidebar with additional keys such as Ctrl+letters.
erstaziaoirthoir, when you get the 770, is your friend (:02:08
erstazisparr, that m1400 looks nice, I use to snag listings that were never right all the time02:09
aoirthoirerstazi, what bot?02:09
erstaziaoirthoir, _Monkey02:09
_Monkeyerstazi: huh?02:09
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo02:10
aoirthoiroh the bot in this room02:10
erstazi_Monkey, you are a dumb monkey, but you still get a banana02:10
_Monkey...but _monkey is the best programmer in the whole freenode IRC right now...02:10
ArtemisprimeIs java possible  on the 770?02:10
erstazi_Monkey, botsnack02:10
_Monkeythanks erstazi :)02:10
erstaziArtemisprime, at the moment, no02:10
erstaziArtemisprime, hold  asec02:11
ArtemisprimeHello erstazi02:11
ArtemisprimeThis is glizitch02:11
ArtemisprimeIm on the 770 now02:11
milhousehmm... itt forum down again?02:11
*** tso has quit IRC02:11
ArtemisprimeHell milhouse02:11
milhouseoh no it's up - just very slow02:12
aoirthoirerstazi, tektonic is great02:12
ArtemisprimeIm on pidgin thanks  to your help milhouse02:12
aoirthoirits got client side backup that backs up directly from your username02:13
milhouseartemisprime - excellent :)02:13
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FerrariDGood afternoon !02:13
ArtemisprimeThis is glizitch02:13
erstaziArtemisprime, last I knew, java isn't ported02:14
erstazihi FerrariD02:14
FerrariDHi! :)02:14
erstaziaoirthoir, yes, its a nice service overall02:14
erstaziArtemisprime, I am checking though02:14
ArtemisprimeNo hotmail then02:14
FerrariDI have a question, and before I annoy you with it, I'd like to ask if I'm in the right place::: I'd like to install linux on a nokia phone (model?) and make it send pictures back via eMail. Can I get help here?02:15
erstaziArtemisprime, You could run the02:15
erstaziBlackdown J2ME for ARM.02:15
FerrariDOr would you guys have another link/forum or a general direction where I could go? :)02:15
FerrariDThanks a lot, btw! =]02:16
erstaziFerrariD, I am not sure about a nokia phone but this is for nokia tablets mostly, an open source community02:16
ArtemisprimeIll do it02:16
erstaziFerrariD, let me check something02:16
ArtemisprimeD u have a link?02:16
erstaziArtemisprime, working on that, I am going to add it to _Monkey02:17
ArtemisprimeK thanx02:17
ArtemisprimeJava ?02:18
FerrariDThanks erztazi! I've been reading the page, but I'm kind of amiss. Sorry to post in the tablet forum. Would you have any idea where I could get this programming job done?02:19
FerrariD*erstazi (sorry for the typo =\ )02:19
erstaziFerrariD, not sure, I don't have a nokia phone (: its ok, we all make mistakes with typing, you should see my programming sometimes02:20
FerrariDMy programming skills extend to "=SUM(xx:yy)" in Excel LoL02:21
FerrariDOk, but thank you very much02:21
FerrariDI'm going to see if I ask around somewhere else.02:21
FerrariDThanks a million ! :)02:21
*** FerrariD has left #maemo02:22
ArtemisprimeWhat do i l ?02:23
ArtemisprimeOn the ftp ?02:24
erstaziArtemisprime, select debian02:25
erstaziand sarge02:25
erstazifor dists02:25
erstaziand you have to compile the source02:26
erstaziI would make a package for you but its non-free02:26
erstaziclosed source02:26
ArtemisprimeI dont have a compiler02:27
*** vivijim has joined #maemo02:27
erstaziArtemisprime, hold a sec, let me try something02:28
ArtemisprimeThis doesnt make sense02:29
*** lsobral has quit IRC02:29
ArtemisprimeOnly 2k02:29
erstaziArtemisprime, I dont know if its that right02:31
Artemisprime<What do u mean ?02:31
ArtemisprimeI doesnt seem to be ported o armel02:32
ArtemisprimeRight ?02:32
erstaziArtemisprime, at the time, no, but scratchbox developers are not jumping on porting it... its non-free and its very resource hungry02:34
*** Daniellion has quit IRC02:34
ArtemisprimeI see it02:35
ArtemisprimeI wish i could pste the link02:35
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC02:36
ArtemisprimeGoogle blacdown j2e for arm02:36
erstaziArtemisprime, go to then go to Wishlist > Development02:37
ArtemisprimeFirsrt link02:37
erstazimail archive?02:37
ArtemisprimeT seemser to exist02:38
*** zwnj has quit IRC02:40
ArtemisprimeDid u seee my link02:40
ArtemisprimeJava support  on pocketp02:41
*** kenne has quit IRC02:42
*** Fatal has joined #maemo02:42
ArtemisprimeIn ur link i can dl ?02:42
erstaziArtemisprime, attempting, I am cleaning some stuff up02:42
erstaziArtemisprime, you need to read this:
ArtemisprimeThey all point to the same mirrors02:43
ArtemisprimeYes i did02:43
Artemisprime<Its the same dead end02:45
erstaziArtemisprime, let me check something02:46
sparrthe built in chat/email stuff is annoying, imho02:55
sparranyone working on actually replacing them?02:55
sparrnot just installing other stuff, but actually fixing file associations and recovering the space wasted by them?02:55
ArtemisprimeSparr ; u mean googletalk and jabber02:55
sparrand the email client02:56
sparrwhich is pitiful02:56
Artemisprime Havent used any of it02:56
ArtemisprimeIt cant being deleted ?02:57
sparrit probably can02:58
sparrhence my question02:58
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ArtemisprimeErstazi  i gtg03:10
ArtemisprimeIll check in later03:11
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo03:11
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sparrawww crap03:25
sparri just removed libc603:25
sparrcan anyone tell me where apt-get lives ?03:25
sparrlike, the binary03:25
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo03:27
erstazisparr, 770 or n80003:27
erstaziOS2006 or 2007?03:27
*** Artemisprime has joined #maemo03:28
ArtemisprimeEr back ?03:28
DaniloCesarHi. Why sometimes my N800 network inferface go down without any reason? I think that is a power safe thing right? Can I disability this feature?03:29
onionsigh, still another 100km untiil sleep, but mapper works :)03:29
sparri am well and truly hosed03:30
onionno crashes03:30
sparri cant scp03:30
sparrerstazi: i mean on the unit03:30
sparris it /bin/apt-get?03:30
sparror /usr/bin03:30
sparror /sbin/?03:30
sparri think i just bricked my 770 :(03:31
DaniloCesarI'm connected with my N800 from my notebook over SSH, and than my connection goes down. Can I put my N800 to work every time, without this power-safe feature??03:31
erstaziDaniloCesar, there is something on about that03:33
ArtemisprimeErstazi ; any luckwith java ?03:33
erstaziArtemisprime, none03:33
DaniloCesarCan someone help me to keep my connection alive?03:33
sparrwell, crap03:33
erstaziDaniloCesar, ^^03:33
sparri cant run anything03:33
DaniloCesarerstazi, I'd had searched there before....03:34
erstaziDaniloCesar, hold a sec03:34
DaniloCesarI trying to do this with acmonitor, but that is not working03:34
erstaziDaniloCesar, ok, this is going to be difficult, I don't have OS2007 infront of me so I don't know the system03:37
erstazican you go to your control panel?03:37
erstaziis there a Connectivity? go to that03:38
DaniloCesarthere are two tabs there: "General" and "Idle Times"03:38
ArtemisprimeSoo no dice on java ?n03:38
sparri just lost my ssh session03:38
sparrthis is bad03:39
sparrwhats the procedure with a bricked 770?  can it be reflashed somehow?03:39
erstaziIdle times03:40
erstazisparr, yes03:40
erstazisparr, what OS do you have primarily?03:40
*** _sameo_ has joined #maemo03:40
sparrguess this is a good excuse to try the OS 2007 hacker edition  :)03:40
erstazisparr, what distro?03:40
_Monkeyrumour has it debian is footwear03:40
sparrwell, ubuntu03:40
sparrwell, kubuntu03:40
_Monkeykubuntu is on erstazi's wife's computer03:40
erstazisparr, haha, I have ubuntu03:41
sparr_Monkey: forget debian03:41
_Monkeysparr: I forgot debian03:41
erstazias you can see03:41
sparr_Monkey: forget kubuntu03:41
_Monkeysparr: I forgot kubuntu03:41
erstazisparr, let me see here03:41
DaniloCesarOK... there are 3 options there. "GPRS idle time", "WLAN idle time" and "Data call idle time". Both of then are "Unlimited"03:41
erstaziDaniloCesar, hold a sec03:42
erstaziDaniloCesar, ok, I saw it somewhere03:42
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo03:44
sparrok, here goes nothing03:44
sparr770 off03:44
sparrand it won't even try to turn on03:44
sparrno response to the power button03:45
sparrahh, there it goes, kinda slow03:45
sparrno progress bar.  THAT is what i expected03:45
erstazisparr, sometimes the boot is slow03:45
*** ab has quit IRC03:47
erstaziDaniloCesar, I know there is a way to keep connection alive03:48
sparrSuitable USB device not found, waiting03:48
sparrflasher doesnt seem to see the 77003:48
erstaziis it mounted?03:48
erstaziok DaniloCesar go back to the connection manager in tools (I think that is where it is) not in the control panel but tools03:49
erstazicrap it is in the control panel03:50
*** dolske has quit IRC03:50
erstaziDaniloCesar, do you see disconnect when cover on device?03:50
erstaziuncheck that, this is a far stretch but when you put the cover on, it puts it in standby03:50
DaniloCesarerstazi, No...03:51
*** sp3000 has quit IRC03:51
*** Artemisprime has left #maemo03:51
sparrwhen i connect the 770 via usb without the power cable, nothing happens03:51
sparrwhen i connect it with the power cable, i get 4 new usb device reports from syslog, then a 'disconnect' notice, then 4 lost device reports03:52
DaniloCesarwait... uncheck what?03:52
sparrditto when i power the device on with the usb cable connected03:52
sparrditto when i connect the usb cable with the device powered on03:53
sparrthis is getting more worrisome03:54
DaniloCesarerstazi, What do I need to uncheck?03:55
erstaziDaniloCesar, check this:
sparri missed the 'hold home down' step03:56
*** dolske has joined #maemo03:56
DaniloCesarerstazi, OK!03:56
sparrgo flasher!03:57
sparrgo flasher go03:57
sparrsee flasher03:57
sparrsee flasher go03:57
sparrgo flasher go03:57
*** sameo_ has quit IRC03:57
sparrhacker edition rootfs is 77 megs03:58
sparrgood news though...03:58
sparri can apply localepurge to a 'virgin' installation03:58
sparrsee how much space it saves03:58
Fataliirc unpurged /usr/share/locale was ~3MB03:59
Fatalbut I might have been high on something03:59
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC03:59
sparrwell, im running hacker edition03:59
sparrso lord knows what will be different03:59
erstazisparr, now you have to focus on maemo3 +04:00
*** jacques has joined #maemo04:00
Fatalsparr: as did I04:00
sparrim hoping 2007 has updated libraries04:00
erstazihi jacques04:00
erstazisparr, yeah I might myself go for it04:00
sparrwhich should mean less dpkg bullying to get things to install04:00
erstaziI hear its slower04:00
sparrok, new user prompts on the screen04:01
sparrtime to start fresh  :)04:01
sparris it just me or does the 770's UI not have any provision for changing the time zone?  it seems stuck on london(?)04:01
*** greentux has quit IRC04:02
Fatalit's in the menu04:02
erstazisparr, I always just tapped near by where I am at and it worked haha04:02
Fataland don't say 770 if you're talking about HE :)04:02
sparrim talking about 2006 now04:02
sparrdunno what 2007 has yet04:02
sparri dont mean home city04:03
Fatalsure, I don't recall the timezone/locale settings being any different between 2006/2007(HE)04:03
erstazisparr, that changes your timezone if you select home city04:03
sparrno, it doesnt04:03
erstazidoes for me04:04
Fatalyes it does04:04
sparrit changes the clock applet's stuff04:04
sparrit doesnt hit /etc/timezone, or affect the ACTUAL timezone04:04
sparrbug reports on the forums about time off by 5 hours on gpe calendar stuff is likely caused by this04:04
erstazithats what I have04:04
erstaziI am sure I can change that manually04:04
sparryeah.  thats a very high level setting04:04
sparrits in control panel / date time04:05
sparrdoesnt actually change anything other than the clock applet04:05
erstazisparr, you know why?04:05
erstaziI think its because they were promoting this device to business people who travel04:06
sparrbecause nokia doesnt have much experience with linux?  :)04:06
erstazihence needing to change the timezone a lot04:06
erstazisparr, you can always rewrite that and submit a fix (:04:06
sparrchanging Home City doesn't change the clock time04:06
sparrmy clock time is UTC...  and the only way ive seen to "fix" that is to edit /etc/timezone04:06
Fatal# date04:07
FatalSat Aug 11 03:04:54 CEST 200704:07
erstazi# date04:07
erstaziFri Aug 10 21:04:56 EDT 200704:07
sparrrub it in my face, i have to go reinstall sshd and xterm04:08
Fatalbut sure, /etc/timezone is a static value04:08
sparri have to reconfig my wireless04:08
erstaziI hate having to make keys for wifi04:09
erstaziit gets old04:09
sparrmy wpa key is antidisestablishmentarianism04:11
Fatal# ls -l /etc/localtime04:11
Fatallrwxrwxrwx    1 root     users          36 Aug  4 21:30 /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Stockholm04:11
sparromg, the hacker edition sources.list has more than two crappy repositories!!04:11
Fatalsomeone should fix gpecalendar to not use /etc/timezone04:11
Fatalor smack someone up the head for keeping /etc/timezone around if they don't update it04:12
sparrsomeone should fix maemo to update it04:12
sparri vote for the latter04:12
FatalI vote for removal04:12
Fataland as such, fixing gpe calendar aswell04:12
sparreither way04:19
sparrim gonna file a bug on it04:19
sparrwhen i get back.  afk.04:19
Fatalplus, /etc/timezone is only used by tzselect on debian, so it's probably just better to remove it instead of having it around and leading people on wild goosechases04:20
*** jacques_ has joined #maemo04:21
*** senuxis has joined #maemo04:22
saaibok, time to go home... see ya all04:23
*** jyro has joined #maemo04:34
*** jacques has quit IRC04:35
erstaziwho is the owner of _Monkey?04:36
*** tchan has quit IRC04:40
*** rhecky has joined #maemo04:41
*** garrett has quit IRC04:41
*** _sameo_ has quit IRC04:42
*** rhecky has left #maemo04:44
*** jyro has quit IRC04:50
*** senuxis has quit IRC04:57
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo04:59
*** anothy_x has left #maemo05:02
*** cktakahasi has joined #maemo05:04
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC05:05
*** tchan has joined #maemo05:06
*** dolske has quit IRC05:10
*** krau has quit IRC05:17
*** krau has joined #maemo05:17
*** mvhtest has joined #maemo05:19
*** cktakahasi has quit IRC05:24
*** jacques_ is now known as jacques05:43
*** krau has quit IRC05:47
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo05:50
*** zerojay has joined #maemo05:52
zerojayIt appears that I just hardlocked the latest microb browser.05:53
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo05:53
zerojayActually, the entire tablet.05:54
zerojayAnd the watchdog doesn't appear to be kicking in either. ;/05:54
mvhtestare you in r&d mode?05:55
zerojaywhoa.. very weird.05:56
mvhtesterstazi: Milhouse owns _monkey and he's busy getting his arse whipped in Battlefield 2142....05:56
zerojayThe screen dimmed all the way and when I hit the screen... suddenly I had my tablet back again. Weird.05:57
*** Sho_ has quit IRC06:03
*** pupnik has quit IRC06:05
Darksmurfcan the 770 do NTFS?06:13
mvhtestcan do samba06:14
zerojayThere's no reason why you couldn't compile the kernel module for NTFS.06:15
milhousewould you really want to format flash memory with ntfs?06:15
milhousecos i'm guessing you would be able to mount ntfs using samba06:16
zerojayThere's not much point in formatting anything NTFS for use with the tablet.06:16
DarksmurfI just got an external HD... figured I may want to try to use it w/ the 770 in the future. Wanted to make sure I didn't stick a bunch of stuff on an NTFS partition and then not able to access it06:16
milhousezerojay: that's what i thought... hence why samba should be enough06:16
zerojayYeah, better off just sticking with FAT32 then.06:16
zerojayIf you're on Windows, anyways.06:17
Darksmurfyeah, ext2 was the other thought06:17
milhousedarksmurf - you're kind of assuming the 770 is able to pysically connect to your drive...06:17
Darksmurfmilhouse host usb hack..why wouldn't it?06:17
milhousei guess... that works?06:17
zerojayI wouldn't even bother with that.06:17
DarksmurfI should mention I don't actually have a 770 yet, it should be in soon06:18
zerojayJust set up your drive on your PC and share it with Samba. So much less mess.06:18
zerojayI've got 2.5TB shared that way.06:18
zerojayStreaming to two Xboxes, PSP and N800.06:18
Darksmurfzerojay I've got plenty* of NAS, I'm looking for something mobile (not portable) *-> there is no such thing as plenty06:19
zerojayYeah, heh.. I still have something like 400GB free and I'm still considering buying another external USB 500GB drive.. only $125CDN.06:20
milhouseanyone here on OS 2006?06:21
milhousenever mind - going to flash my 770 back to os 2006 :)06:22
Darksmurfmilhouse are you using 2007 now?06:22
Darksmurfhas anyone tried to take a passive usb hub and add power to it?06:23
milhouse2007HE on 77006:24
Darksmurfthere has got to be a reason why it wouldn't work, but I have no idea what it is. I'd think it would be easier to do that than feed power from the output of a powered hub back into the 770.06:24
Darksmurfwhat do you not like about HE?06:25
*** shackan has quit IRC06:25
*** shackan has joined #maemo06:30
*** andrunko has joined #maemo06:32
milhousedarksmurg? nothing, i just need to test something in os 2006...06:32
*** Luria has joined #Maemo06:33
sparri am curious WHY you have to feed power back into the 770...  i cant think of any good reason for it to not work like any other unpowered usb host device06:33
Luriagah. post reflash hangover.06:37
*** alex-weej has quit IRC06:41
Darksmurfsparr what other unpowered usb host devices do you know of? I'm betting it was some Elect. Engineer's idea "Hey, the only time the USB chip needs power is when it's connected to the PC.. if it doesn't have power that can be a way to detect if we are connected to a PC." I can *almost* understand it. What I want to know is why it can't charge from USB.06:43
sparrDarksmurf: the gp2x has unpowered usb host.  works fine with any off-the-shelf powered hub06:43
zerojay - Anyone know if this works with the N800 also?06:43
sparrusb charging would be nice06:45
sparrpita for electronics though, have to step the 5V up to charging power (6-7V)06:45
||cw2i have a usb charger and I'm pretty sure there's no step up06:49
||cw2was a kit similar to this
*** Abulafia has joined #Maemo06:55
*** Luria has quit IRC06:55
*** NeoStrider has joined #maemo06:56
sparr||cw2: i think he means he wants to charge the 770 through its USB port06:57
NeoStriderhello folks06:57
||cw2i know, I'm just saying the voltage works as-is06:57
sparrwhoever can edit the wiki06:58
sparrthe old index page is a broken link06:58
Abulafiagrrr... a bug remains post flash...06:58
||cw2it's a little slower than the wall-wort, but not annoyingly so06:58
Abulafiaoh well, these are five hours i wont be getting back06:58
*** Abulafia is now known as Luria06:58
sparr5 hours to flash?06:59
sparrtook me 30 minutes, and i had no idea how to do it06:59
Luriano, not to flash06:59
Luriato restore months of settings and apps06:59
Luriaand rebuild fonts, etc.06:59
_MonkeyFonts are already antialiased, so07:00
Luriahebrew support07:00
Lurianot a big deal07:00
zerojayI probably keep my N800 pretty vanilla compared to most of you.07:00
Luriacopy ms arial unicode, rebuild font cache07:00
Luriacovers support, but not input. input you have to modify system fonts07:01
zerojayNot because I'm a Linux n00b or don't know what I'm doing with apt-get.07:01
Luriabut because thats how you roll07:01
Luriavanilla chocolate07:01
zerojayMost of the defaults just suit me well, which usually isn't the case.07:01
sparr2007 automagically connects to my wifi07:02
sparrmost awesome feature ever07:02
sparrwell, for this hour at least07:02
Luriamy n800 automagically connects to my national provider, "linksys."07:02
zerojayRTCOMM means not needing to install Gizmo to use my SIP account.. the updates made to IM mean I don't need to bother with Pidgin as RTCOMM appears to have better support for stuff through Jabber than Pidgin has directly (honestly, have the Pidgin devs even heard of status messages?)07:03
Luriawhats the latest maemo abiword build07:03
Luriagaim was great. i hate the new net agnostic ui.07:04
zerojayMore integrated things are, the happier I am, I suppose.07:04
zerojayI haven't even looked at it yet except for screenshots.07:04
Luriayeah, wish the maemo im stack supported oscar/msn/yahoo07:04
zerojayThere's not much of a need.07:04
zerojayJust use a Jabber server.07:04
Luriaplease dont say gateways07:04
zerojayYep.. and with the RTCOMM beta, all the avatars and status messages show up perfectly.07:05
zerojayWhich was part of the reason I didn't want to use Jabber for it before.07:05
Luriaactually, for the life of me i couldnt make the home applet display without avatars07:06
Luriawhich renders it useless07:06
zerojayWhy's that?07:06
Luria'cause it eats half your screen07:06
zerojayPlenty useful for me, but I see your point.07:06
Luriasorry, like applets.07:07
*** zodman has joined #maemo07:07
Luriatoo terse: i like applets, and speed contactss uses too much space for me with my other needs.07:07
zodmanhi there07:07
_Monkeyhey, zodman07:07
zerojayI've got just two contacts showing in mine... the clock applet, internet search and RSS feed applets also on-screen.07:08
Luria_monkey, are you still eating bananas from strangers?07:08
_Monkeybugger all, i dunno, luria07:08
Luriaman youre so strung out you dont even remember whose banana's youre eating?07:08
Luria_Monkey, get on the wagon before youre an e! special.07:09
_MonkeyLuria: excuse me?07:09
zerojayUgh.. kill the bot.07:09
Luriaman i miss the /kick command07:10
zerojayIgnore works pretty well.07:10
Luriatrue, but it lacks the visceral joy.07:11
NeoStrideri actually like it07:11
zodmanim new here, yesterday buy my n800 tablet im happy!07:11
*** fsmw has joined #maemo07:12
zodmanim from mexico ..........07:12
Luriaim from nyc, and my n800 is buggy07:13
Luriaim from nyc, and my n800 is buggy07:14
_Monkeyi already had it that way, Luria.07:14
Luriawhats the latest n800 abiword?07:15
*** andrunko has quit IRC07:16
sparrany problem keeping mistral/gregale apt sources on bora?07:27
*** rkaway1 has quit IRC07:27
sparrput another way, can i install 2.x software on 3.0?  or 2006 software on 2007?  or 770 software on 800?  :)07:27
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo07:29
NeoStriderthis may look like a silly question: On a ARM CPU, multitasking OS , if Im allocating stuff staticly (stack), the addresses are consecutive,right?07:40
sparrno idea07:41
sparrim very annoyed with apt-get vs compressed filesystem07:41
sparri have 40MB free07:41
sparrapt-get wants to install "75MB" worth of files07:41
sparrtheres a good chance it will fit07:41
sparrbut if it doesnt, Bad Things(TM) happen07:42
sparrim gonna take a chance at 60MB07:44
*** zerojay has quit IRC07:49
*** zerojay has joined #maemo07:50
*** Luria has quit IRC07:53
*** jacques has quit IRC08:00
sparri am vexed08:02
*** threei has joined #maemo08:02
sparrhacker edition offers so many nice new features08:02
sparrbut so many negatives  :(08:03
threeiwhat negatives is that sparr08:03
threeii just flashed over to the hack version08:03
sparrwell, for one, so few people run it08:03
sparrso there is less support08:03
sparralso, its packages are less consistent, more package conflicts and such08:03
pupnik_if you try it please let me know if you get crashes with dosbox08:03
threeiso maybe better to go over to the latest rel ?08:03
threeii just got my nokia recently actually.08:03
sparri think im going to flash back to 2.208:04
sparr3.2006-49, that is08:04
sparrthe latest OS 200608:04
sparrso hard to decide08:04
threeiimma wait it out and see if i encounter the same issues08:04
milhousei've just update my sd/mmc cloning instructions in case you want to clone your os 2007he to mmc before you reflash with os 2006. :)08:04
pupnik_i went back too08:05
threeianyone tried hooking it up to a gps receiver yet?08:05
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik08:05
threeii'm planning to do that as well.08:05
sparrgonna watch the n93 commercial built into os 2007  :)08:06
sparrbefore i delete it08:07
sparrwell, gonna try08:07
sparrdoesnt seem to want to play08:07
sparrdeleted all the garbage in MyDocs08:09
sparrfreed up 20MB of space08:09
threeiyou get a new mmc card yet?08:10
sparrwont for a while08:10
sparrtil im sure im sticking with the 77008:10
pupnikthemes also take up space, but deleting them can screw up your device08:10
threeiyea not too picky with the themes myself.08:11
pupnikyou can install a lot of stuff though08:11
pupnikonly a few apps are really bloated08:11
sparri wish there was a better package manager08:12
*** jyro has joined #maemo08:12
sparri want dselect or aptitude or synaptic on my 77008:12
*** fsmw has quit IRC08:13
threeihow do i get all the catalogues without adding them in manually is it possible to do that?08:15
*** matt_c has joined #maemo08:20
*** Luria has joined #Maemo08:23
Luriayo ho ho08:24
Luriareinstalling sucks08:24
*** r0ff has joined #maemo08:25
Luriai can barely remember what i had which i promptly forget while slowly perusing packages with the package manager08:25
r0ffhow do i get all the packages to add08:25
Luriawhich is even slower with app manager08:26
Luriasigh. god knows. but if you have all the good repos, the app manager will make you wait to install them.08:26
*** erstazi has quit IRC08:27
r0ffthx anyway08:27
Luriaseriously... find the stuff you want, which will add most of the good repos08:27
Luriabefore i reflashed i had about 1508:27
r0ffwhich is better, hacker version or the newest nokia release?08:28
Luriahacker is unofficial 770 os2007 from nokia08:28
Luriaunless you have an 770, you want the current os200708:29
r0ffi have the 770.08:29
Luriathen you  want hacker08:30
sparrthreei: download someone else's sources.list08:30
sparrspeaking of which...08:30
sparrwhy doesnt the wiki have a sources.list list?08:30
Luriai dunno, its dumb08:30
Luriasomeone was making one in .install form in the channel the other night08:31
sparrwell, when the wiki starts working again...08:31
Luriait works?08:31
sparrhalf the pages are broken links08:32
sparrdue to the damn "refactoring"08:32
Luriahave you had login problems of late?08:33
sparryes, but they are fixed now08:33
Luriaoh goodie08:33
Luriait took me a day to just linkify one word this past week08:34
Luriawhatever. glad to hear its fixed. tho i still have this odd thing with itt... i keep getting lockout notices on my account. even though i never use it and have never posted.08:36
Luriawell, i, for one, think that it's odd.08:39
sparri was afraid the hacker edition OS was far larger than 200608:42
sparrwas for nought...  all those huge instruction manual PDFs and other media were to blame08:42
Luriafortunately, its a removable package08:43
*** matt_c has quit IRC08:43
Luriaf'ing a... where is that openvpn n800 package08:43
pupnikin your personal debs collection, eventually08:44
Luriayeah, somehow i forgot to keep that one08:44
* Luria is a dolt08:44
* NeoStrider is leaving08:45
NeoStridergoodnight fellows08:46
sparrLuria: the removable package doesnt point the right place for the docs08:46
pupnikwhen maemo-hackers went down i got real obsessive about collecting the packages i need08:46
sparrsomething about the install moves them08:46
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC08:46
Luriayou know, a pc based deb manager might be nice08:46
Luriai should set up one of my machines to suck down debs08:46
*** aoirthoir has quit IRC08:47
Luriahuh did have gconf-editor in one of the main repos... is that new?08:49
Luria(for n800)08:49
*** aoirthoir has joined #maemo08:51
Luriawow a lot of indep projects are now in the main repo08:51
pupnikyeah that deserves some applause08:51
Luriai was thinking id have to hunt down wordpy08:52
*** user_ has joined #maemo08:54
*** user_ is now known as Rocketman08:56
Rocketmanhello all08:57
RocketmanWhat is everyone up to this evening?08:59
RocketmanI am sick in bed, but got my n800 to keep me company09:00
pupniksorry to hear it09:01
* pupnik is *cough* testing... epsxe09:01
Rocketmanwhat is that?09:01
pupnikplaystation 1 emulator (no, not on the tablet)09:02
RocketmanThere is quite a compotent programmer that comments a lot on the Itt forums about emulators09:03
RocketmanIt is unfortunate that the only thing he seems to want to do is play olde games09:04
pupnikwhat would be more useful to work on?09:05
Rocketmanthink his nick is arnims or something like that09:05
pupnikthat's me btw09:05
RocketmanI can think of a couple dozen things09:05
Rocketmanno jk?09:06
pupnikyeah the site is pupnik.de09:06
RocketmanI would like to see a better graphical shell to mplayer09:06
RocketmanA good word processor09:07
unique311<Rocketman> think his nick is arnims or something like that09:07
unique311<pupnik> that's me btw09:07
unique311<Rocketman> I can think of a couple dozen things09:07
unique311<Rocketman> rly?09:07
unique311<Rocketman> no jk?09:07
Rocketmanvarious 3rd party utils to let end users more easily interact with power management09:08
Rocketmana bookmark sync app for desktops09:09
Rocketmana 3rd party system backup util09:09
pupnikgood ideas09:10
Rocketmanpim type functions with syncing09:10
pupnikhave you looked at gpe?09:10
Rocketmanlots of boring meat and potatoes that really flesh out a platform09:10
Rocketmanyeah, I know gpe09:10
RocketmanI could care less about pim myself, but I know a lot of people want it09:11
sparrgpe seems like a good pim solution to me09:11
RocketmanI would love to be able to do tts with fbreader09:12
pupniktext to speech?09:13
Rocketmanread book normally while stationary then switch to tts mode while walking, biking, etc09:13
pupnikneat idea - the flite voice might get tiresome though09:13
Rocketmansorry about the abreviations09:14
pupnikyou're typing on the screen keyboard?09:14
Rocketmancan't use BT keyboard in bed09:14
pupnikwow you're pretty fast09:14
Rocketmanold school palm user09:14
RocketmanWith the carpal tunnel to prove it09:15
sparrwe have flite for TTS09:15
sparrdunno if you could make it work with fbreader09:15
pupnikyou saw unique311's new version of POSE?09:15
Rocketmanyeah, would be a question of glueing the two together09:16
Rocketmanno, url?09:16
RocketmanI would also like to see a combined applet for fm and web radio, to better preserve desktop space09:18
Rocketmanah, palm os emu09:20
RocketmanI bought my first palm before they were palm09:21
Rocketmanwas a US Robotics Pilot 5000 connected organizee09:22
RocketmanI still get a kick out of that09:22
Rocketmanas if the killer app for portable computing was going to be todo:09:23
Rocketmanwouldn't mind good inking either09:23
trevarthanWhat do you guys think of this?
RocketmanNokia's version on the n800 is pretty attrocious09:24
RocketmanThis the new momentum based scrlling?09:25
trevarthanwell, yeah. it's kagu. It's just a new theme I made for it. wondering what everyone thinks about it.09:25
Rocketmansaw something about that on the maemo planet aggrg8tr09:25
_Monkeykagu is
trevarthanthere you go. you can see the old theme there.09:26
RocketmanI tried it out with my a2dp headset09:26
trevarthanoh yeah. did it work?09:26
Rocketmanbtw, stay away from Blueant X509:26
sparrgonna try to run wesnoth on my 77009:26
sparrif it works, gonna be SO slow09:27
Rocketmantheir firmwarw upgrade procedure bricked mine09:27
trevarthanI'm so freakin' tired...09:27
pupniki just realized that kagu and other players are optimized for finger-based controlling09:27
Rocketmanand the headstrap is one size fits none09:27
trevarthanpupnik: yeah09:27
pupniki like the theme09:28
Rocketmannon-adjustable and far too small for average adult head09:28
trevarthanthat's one of the design goals. I think the whole tablet OS should be that way. Thanks.09:28
unique311trevarthan, i like that color..09:28
trevarthan:) I'm gonna get yelled at on ITT. I know I am. They'll hate it.09:29
trevarthanThey hate everything. :)09:29
Rocketmaneveryone is a critic :)09:29
unique311the dice?09:29
pupnikrandom song i bet09:29
trevarthanshuffle mode09:29
trevarthandisq implemented it a few days ago.09:29
unique311so whats with the OK09:30
pupnikicons like back, ffwd, rrv and pause have fairly low contrast - might do better with a light button surrounding09:30
*** guardian has joined #maemo09:30
trevarthanunique311: it's gone. :)09:30
Rocketmangoing to try bt keyboard09:31
pupnik0 K free? :)09:31
* pupnik ducks09:31
Rocketmanwrists starting to hurt from too much pen input09:31
trevarthanyou aiming that thing at me, pupnik? :)09:31
Rocketmanthis su-8w is a biotch to use as it doesnt lock open09:32
* pupnik is feeling punny09:33
Rocketmananyone have the stowaway with the dedicated number row?09:33
trevarthanyeah, I do.09:33
Rocketmanlike it?09:33
_Monkeylike it is for LiLo ;)09:33
*** unique311_ has joined #maemo09:33
trevarthanRocketman: it's ok. The biggest gripe I have is that the Fn key doesn't work. Surprisingly, that doesn't really stop you from doing things09:34
unique311_class TextEntrySprite(pygame.sprite.Sprite, WidgetAndContainer):09:34
unique311_def __init__(self, evManager, labelText, container=None, Xper=.02, Yper=.02, widCount=10):09:34
unique311_WidgetAndContainer.__init__(self, evManager, container)09:34
trevarthanBut it's really F'ing annoying.09:34
unique311_error i'm getting pointing to the lines..09:34
Rocketmanfninf annoying :009:34
trevarthanRocketman: it's better than the pen, but not as good as a real kb.09:35
unique311_    class TextEntrySprite(pygame.sprite.Sprite, WidgetAndContainer):09:35
unique311_TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases09:35
unique311_    Cannot create a consistent method resolution09:35
unique311_order (MRO) for bases Sprite, WidgetAndContainer09:35
Rocketmanprobably Nokia could write a better keymap09:35
trevarthanunique311: what's that from?09:35
trevarthandoesn't look like kagu...09:35
Rocketmanbut dont´want to undercut their own product09:35
_Monkeywell, python is at!09:36
unique311_its not kagu09:36
unique311_mediaz another interesting application i want to compile and see if it werks09:36
Rocketmanwhat I want is something like a BT version of a twiddler09:36
Rocketmanone handed chording keyboard09:36
Rocketmanbut not like a frogpad09:37
trevarthanRocketman: the Thinkoutside would be awesome if the damn Fn key worked. :)09:37
trevarthanI blame the keyboard for that, not nokia09:37
trevarthanwhy they implemented Fn in software is beyond me.09:37
Rocketmansomething I could squeeze and manipulate in one hand with the n800 in the other09:37
trevarthanlet me know if you find something like that. sounds good to me too.09:38
trevarthanyou can always use synergy.09:38
Rocketmanlets start a company :)09:38
trevarthanAnd there's always SSH. That's what I use most of the time.09:38
Rocketmancause believe me I have looked09:39
Rocketmanthe point is high speed text entry while mobile09:39
trevarthan:) the time might be right. tablets are on the verge of reaching the masses.09:39
lnx^sorry i'm a little off-topic, but i have an n800 and i'm living in a college that does _not_ have wifi but only ethernet holes in the walls. and they strictly disallow any installation of a "router of any kind (excluding those that 'do no wireless, no routing, no NAT and no DHCP')". is there any way i could (without breaking the rules) use the n800 to access the internet for free in my room? bluetooth perhaps?09:39
Rocketmanor in a position where using a conventional keyboard is difficult09:39
trevarthanlnx^: ummmm.... not really, no.09:40
lnx^there's no such thing as a bluetooth-ethernet dongle? :-P09:40
sparrlnx^: get a usb ethernet adapter, apply the published usb power hack to it, and enable usb host mode on your 77009:41
trevarthanlnx^: no. there are bluetooth serial dongles though. You could use one of those with a dialup modem.09:41
unique311lnx^, find the nearest windows, aim the n800 towards it, and pray for a signal09:41
Rocketmanif you got  completely transparent bridging ap, set it to non us frequencies and turned beaconing off, would be mighty hard to detect09:41
trevarthansparr: he's got an n800, not a 770.09:41
sparrtrevarthan: should still work, no?09:42
trevarthansparr: no. n800 doesn't have host mode currently.09:42
sparrlnx^: find yourself a wifi<->ethernet bridge, with no router09:42
sparrlnx^: or...  hook your PC up to the ethernet, and share the connection over a wifi card in the PC, set up an Ad Hoc connection to the 80009:43
*** aoirthoir has quit IRC09:43
lnx^sparr: i'm afraid that goes under the college's vague 'wireless equipment'09:43
lnx^(the wifi<->ethernet bridge)09:44
Rocketmanthe question is whether you can mask it well enough that they wouldnt notice09:44
pupnikcan you do bluetooth to the pc?09:45
Rocketmanput the ap on non-us frequencies, turn beaconing off, etc09:45
Rocketmanmighty hard to detect unless you go by the nick dragorn09:46
lnx^yeah, but unfortunately cleaners and other staff have (almost unlimited) access to the rooms, and the punishment is quite severe (£100 first offence) if one gets caught having 'illegal equipment' in one's room09:46
Rocketmanrun the ap at very low power levels09:46
Rocketmantake off the ethernet wall plate, get yourself a very small router and mount it in the wall09:47
lnx^pupnik: i guess bluetooth to the pc is the last option, though i only have a laptop which probably won't be permanently in the room anyway09:47
sparrlnx^: change universities.09:47
_Monkeysparr: that doesn't look right09:47
*** _Monkey has quit IRC09:47
lnx^sparr: hehe09:47
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo09:48
sparr_Monkey: shut up09:48
_Monkeysparr: i'm not following you...09:48
Rocketmansomeone feed monkey a malformed bananna?09:48
*** ccharles has quit IRC09:48
sparrlnx^: im not joking.  why are you going to a school like that?09:48
trevarthanunique311: BTW, I used your PSD files for that theme I just posted. I can't thank you enough for spending time on that. disq and I have both been using it a lot.09:49
Rocketmanthe it dptmnt should be showing you how to set up the wireless safely09:50
Rocketmannot just enforcing a draconian no use policy09:50
Rocketmanand what sort of crazy laws do they have that allow them to come into your dorm room at will?09:51
RocketmanIn the US, that would never fly09:51
bldewolflnx^, what do they consider illegal equipment, exactly?  Crowbars, lockpicks, bolt cutters, and wireless routers?09:51
unique311trevarthan, np.09:51
Rocketmandont forget rock albums09:52
unique311I didn't give up working on it.09:52
unique311colors are not coming to me.09:52
lnx^yeah, it's a really old-fashioned college. the building is wooden, so i guess they are afraid of the students' boxes starting fires, in addition to the security threats...09:52
Rocketmanif they had decent authentication on their network it wouldnt matter09:53
trevarthanunique311: I cheat. I pick a color I like, then use web tools to find the rest:
unique311trevarthan, the xci or  xpi file is for gimp...also broken down into individual parts.09:53
Rocketmanlot of big organizations run their taps wide open and implement security elsewhereeeeee09:53
trevarthanunique311: I think we standardized on the PSD.09:53
unique311i like that link..09:54
unique311that will come in handy..09:54
unique311maybe theirs an app version of that site..09:54
trevarthanI think adobe has one.09:54
trevarthanlots of 'em out there.09:54
trevarthanThe graphics goon at work put me on to that site. I'm not color blind, I just can't pick them out of my head, you know?09:55
_Monkeyhmmm... same is done iirc in word and excel09:55
unique311i know how to draw very well.09:55
trevarthanI hate you _Monkey.09:55
unique311but color wise i suck09:55
unique311except when it comes to graffiti09:55
lnx^trevarthan: you mentioned a bluetooth serial dongle - how'd that work? could i connect a serial-to-ethernet device to it perhaps?09:56
trevarthanlnx^: dunno if there are any serial to ethernet drivers for linux, but if there are, then yeah. The BT dongle looks like a normal serial port, I think.09:56
trevarthanthey ain't cheap tho. fair warning.09:56
*** philipl has quit IRC09:57
unique311does that link show?09:57
trevarthanlnx^: if you've got free cell service, you can always dial in through that.09:57
trevarthanassuming you have a BT enabled cell phone, that is.09:58
trevarthanyeah. nice work09:58
unique311colors are good?09:59
trevarthanwhat is it though?09:59
unique311was never too sure09:59
Rocketmanforget bed, too frustrating trying to type09:59
unique311its graffiti09:59
unique311on canvas09:59
trevarthanyeah, they're good09:59
Rocketmanand it wasnt like I was going to get much sleep while feverish09:59
trevarthanI can't read it. but that's ok. it looks cool.10:00
unique311i'm have an obsession with 3d10:01
trevarthanme too. it's called an xbox 36010:01
unique311show you 2 more links and thats it.10:01
unique311the wii has that beat10:02
unique311games are being push back on the 360 and ps310:03
trevarthanyeah, those are wicked cool man.10:03
trevarthanI've got gears and shadowrun, and Naruto is coming out this month, so I'm quite happy with the 360.10:04
trevarthanI just wish it would stop trying to double as my household oven.10:04
unique311use to be a big fan of game systems...not no more.10:04
trevarthanused to be a big fan of games on computers. same here.10:05
unique311i softmodded my xbox, placed an 80Gb hardrive in there...have lots of games..and hardly use it.10:05
trevarthanwell... I gotta get some sleep. gotta fix some more kagu bugs and make a release in the morning.10:05
*** molkko has joined #maemo10:06
lnx^trevarthan: unfortunately there's no free cell service like that in the UK, as far as I'm aware :-/10:07
lnx^Rocketman: is it possible to mount a small router behind an ethernet wall plate without needing a separate power cable?10:08
Rocketmanhmm, is there power nearby that you could tap into?10:10
Rocketmanyou could maybe use a power over ethernet injector and a poe compliant router10:10
Rocketmanbut that would be very bad if they were running anything else over those unused pairs10:11
Rocketmanso you would have to clip them10:11
Rocketmanwhich is all getting very complex10:11
lnx^so indeed10:11
RocketmanI think a better idea would be to plug in your computer directly and then mount a very small travelrouter on the backside of your computer off a second NIC10:12
Rocketmanand use internet connection sharing or similar to share the pc10:13
Rocketman connection to the wap10:13
RocketmanI recommend the dlink travel router as you  can power it via usb10:13
Rocketmanand it is tiny10:13
Rocketmanand inconspicuous10:13
lnx^or would it be simpler to set up internet connection sharing via a bluetooth dongle? i have a laptop so even a small router can be fairly hard to hide. what's the advantage of a small wifi router compared to using bluetooth?10:18
*** pleemans has joined #maemo10:18
Rocketmanfaster speeds, not to mention support for bluetooth pan mode isnt so hot on the n80010:19
Rocketmanthere are some wireless dongles that let you put them in infrastructe mode and share the connection10:20
RocketmanI think several from Zyxel do that10:20
*** W_I has joined #maemo10:21
*** W_I has joined #maemo10:22
lnx^but are they as easy to hide?10:27
Rocketmana usb wifi dongle capable of being put in ap mode in junction with internet connection sharing provided by your laptop would be the smallest option10:28
*** unique311_ has quit IRC10:35
lnx^if i put the dongle in ap mode, can i also then hide it well from others (as in, so that no one will be able to detect the network other than i)?10:36
*** Luria has quit IRC10:37
lnx^and i wonder if the zyxel works under linux as well, as that's the OS of my laptop10:48
*** Rocketman has quit IRC10:51
pupniki still haven't heard a legitimate reason for banning wifi10:56
lnx^< foxy> They think that you will leave it unsecured so they will be hacked. Or let unauthorised persons access the university network. They also like an easy life. Bear in mind that the proportion of computer illiterate students is high. They'd plug it in and do nothing else.10:58
lnx^hmm, zyxel uses something called the 'Zyxel utility' (only for windows) - wonder if that needs to be running all the time or if it's enough that i configure the dongle once in windows11:01
lnx^could the dongle itself know how to bridge the network in linux or does it need some program for that, i wonder11:01
bldewolfpupnik, insufficient resources to provide support so that it's done correctly?11:13
pupniki'd sooner suspect legal ramifications - a student running an open wlan makes it harder to track someone else doing something illegal11:20
roopeNokia runs an open wlan in New York Central Park. :)11:28
jumpulato boost the tablet sales?11:33
lnx^could i not use my laptop's intel wlan card through ipw2200 to set up an ad-hoc network and use wlan with n800 over that?11:35
lnx^or are there problems with adhoc?11:36
*** suma has quit IRC11:38
lnx^drains battery?11:44
zuhMore than regular networking, yes11:44
lnx^on both the n800 and the laptop?11:45
zuhAt least on the N800, but I guess it would be the same for the laptop11:47
bldewolflooks like there's software to make an ipw2200 run as an access point too11:47
bldewolfthat'd be pretty funny "whaaaaaat router?"11:47
zuhThat's a purely empirical observation though, I'm not sure if it is backed by some theory11:47
lnx^bldewolf: hehe11:48
lnx^bldewolf: unfortunately my card doesn't support AP, just ad-hoc, but that'd be funny11:49
bldewolfeh?  you said you have an ipw2200?11:49
lnx^yeah, but: root@tp:~# iwconfig eth1 mode Master11:50
lnx^Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument.11:50
bldewolfwell I googled and found this:
bldewolflooks like it might be dead though11:51
lnx^hmm, well i DO have an Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG11:52
bldewolfyeah, too bad that project's a year old :-/11:53
bldewolfas in, a year since the last release...11:53
bldewolfit would probably just be more painless to try out ad-hoc11:53
*** suma has joined #maemo11:54
unique311these screenshots old news?11:55
unique311wrong link11:55
*** chetan has joined #maemo11:57
*** dolske has joined #maemo12:00
oilunique311: looks very nice12:00
unique311~512MB SSD, ~512MB RAM (depending on model)12:01
unique311thats a turn off12:01
unique311770 or 800 doesn't come even close12:02
gla55_price is the question12:02
lnx^bldewolf: yeah, it looks completely dead :-/ i guess i'll have to go for ad-hoc. can i be connected to an AP with my wlan card and at the same time use the wlan card as an ad-hoc for the n800, or can i only connect the laptop to ethernet?12:03
gla55_usually, no.12:03
unique311gla55_, not sure what you mean?12:05
unique311price is the question12:05
unique311the screenshots are of the OS12:06
gla55_comparing memory sizes12:06
unique311n800 128MB of ram goes went for 400+ went it hit the shelves12:07
unique311an n800 with 512MB of ram would've been?12:08
pupnikthere's probably a good reason to not pack lots of ram on these12:15
pupnikpower consumption12:15
pupnikeither that, or there's no good reason, and people at nokia just want us to have very little ram12:16
gla55_power consumption and price, do they pack the ram on the same chip as other stuff?12:18
pupnikyes on the 770 at least the onboard flash and ram are on one package12:18
pupniksince the x86 devices draw more power anyway, more ram wouldn't draw proportionally as much power12:21
*** UKP has joined #maemo12:22
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:23
pupnikwhat's the power drain on those x86 mid devices?12:23
`0660wouldn't big ram encourage to move on a bigger applications which would in turn generate more load to the processor?12:25
`0660in the other hand at least then the user would have a choise between bigger applications and battery life :)12:27
pupnikthe side of an application loaded into ram doesn't determine the power drain12:27
`0660loading the application in the ram in the first place takes cycles :)12:28
gla55_an app that uses more ram would probably use more cpu as well12:28
gla55_if it does anything with that data12:28
`0660but i bet the price and the power consumptions of memory are the real reasons12:28
gla55_profitability of the device12:29
gla55_bean counters make nokia profitable..12:29
zuhMaybe "128MB should be enough for everyone" ;)12:30
gla55_well it's enough that it doesn't hinder the usability12:31
gla55_which can't be said of some of the memory size choices on some of the phones12:31
`0660think about the application we might have if there was 512MB of memory :)12:32
`0660they would probably be just bloat :)12:32
gla55_faster cpu would suit more for the stuff i'd think12:32
gla55_better emus12:32
* pupnik agrees with the bloat12:32
pupnikbut webpages are bloated and you can't get around that easily12:33
* pupnik is hoping for 256MB on the next one12:33
unique311come on12:33
pupnikthere's probably a good reason to not pack lots of ram on these12:34
unique311with virtual memory, the n800 does that already12:34
`0660yeah, though i believe the amount will be higher with the next device12:34
unique311should at least be 512 on the next one12:34
unique311theres no good reason...12:35
`0660if not for any other reason, it will be there because of competition12:35
unique311128 is plenty for the emailing and internet surfing12:35
unique311that average users will use the device for.12:36
pupnik"Most of all, high power consumption from power hungry. SDRAM memory is a critical problem for battery-operated. embedded systems."12:36
`0660it is, but not enough when you are in a review with another device with 512MB :)12:36 9326/29637/01349362.pdf?arnumber=134936212:36
gla55_it's enough memory if the average user doesn't notice it ending12:36
unique311not sure, but i don't think the average user spends time on irc..12:37
unique311or knows of irc12:37
pupnikMemory systems are dominant energy consumers, and thus many energy reduction techniques12:40
pupnikfor memory buses and devices have been proposed.12:40
pupnikdamn hilight12:40
pupnik devices have been proposed. For practical energy reduction practices, we12:40
pupnikhave to take into account the interaction between a processor and cache memories together with12:40
pupnikthe text i hilighted is not in the paste buffer12:40
unique311so less ram better battery time.12:42
unique311i'm happy right now with my N800...12:45
unique311its the hildon part of it I could care less for12:45
unique311after finding playing with mypaint and rgbpaint yesterday.  I'm very happy with my N800.12:48
unique311guess everybody is looking for something on the internet tablet.12:49
pupnikwhen you think about the huge batteries that laptops need - and they only run a couple of hours...12:50
unique311that sucks12:51
unique311my thinkpad is down to about 3 1/212:51
pupnikthe tablets yield a good performance/power ratio12:51
unique311fujitsu is on 2+12:51
unique311prices for the IT battery is fair?12:52
pupnik i should pick up a spare12:57
*** spect has joined #maemo13:16
*** slomo has joined #maemo13:17
*** zwnj has joined #maemo13:23
*** konttori has joined #maemo13:25
*** melmoth has joined #maemo13:33
*** UKP has quit IRC13:46
*** konttori has quit IRC13:58
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:06
*** kerwood|afk has quit IRC14:11
*** kerwood|afk has joined #maemo14:18
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*** alterego has joined #maemo14:39
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC14:39
*** RobHu has quit IRC14:41
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC14:42
*** goloo has joined #maemo14:44
onionoh, great, now my 770 won't boot anymore :(15:00
onionI hope a reflash will fix it15:00
*** jerrell_ has joined #maemo15:09
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:17
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:19
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:41
trevarthanunique311: well, it looks like at least one person hates the new theme already. :)15:48
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo15:49
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo15:50
rwhitbyanyone know what would case the application manager (osso-application-installer) hang with an empty white window.  I've made sure that apt-get update and apt-get upgrade are both clean.15:50
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC15:50
infobotrwhitby meant: anyone know what would cause the application manager (osso-application-installer) hang with an empty white window.  I've made sure that apt-get update and apt-get upgrade are both clean.15:51
*** chetan has quit IRC15:51
*** oil has quit IRC15:55
*** kevinverma has joined #maemo15:58
*** kevinverma has quit IRC16:01
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo16:01
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*** inz has joined #maemo16:46
alteregoIt'd be nice if maemo browser had view source ..16:46
*** inz is now known as help16:46
*** help has quit IRC16:48
sp3000view-source is not a registered protocol. oh well.16:48
*** erstazi has joined #maemo16:49
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JaffaMorning, all17:31
pupniksphexish behavior17:31
* Jaffa wonders if Bugzilla is the right place for a bug. Probably not, TBH.17:31
JaffaAny better suggestions?17:31
*** help has quit IRC17:33
*** inz has joined #maemo17:36
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*** r0ff has quit IRC17:37
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*** HerrFuxx has joined #maemo17:59
*** inz has joined #maemo18:01
onionah.. flashing helped18:01
*** inz is now known as help18:01
onionand my last backup is over 2 months old.. sigh18:01
threeihow big of an mmc card you holding onion?18:02
*** help has quit IRC18:03
onionthreei: 1 gig18:03
*** threei is now known as three18:03
*** three is now known as three-18:03
three-ah cool18:03
three-just pickedup a 770.. feels nice18:03
onionwhy do you ask ?18:03
three-i'm wondering how much i should probably expand to.. ill probably get a 2gig card not sure how much those are.18:04
onioni'm planning on getting a 2gig for my other 77018:04
*** inz has joined #maemo18:06
*** inz is now known as help18:06
*** help has quit IRC18:08
*** HerrFux has joined #maemo18:10
*** inz has joined #maemo18:11
pupnik2gig is very nice for putting the OS on the card18:12
pupnikmy 2G card has 3 versions of the OS so i can muck about and restore easily18:13
*** HerrFux has left #maemo18:16
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo18:18
onionstrange, it feels musch faster after reflashing18:18
*** Ratgnok has joined #maemo18:20
*** Ratgnok is now known as Spouize18:20
megabyte405onion: you might have had apps that were running all the time, indexing, etc, so that could be part of it18:24
megabyte405onion: and I do think there are a few speed improvements, battery life (n800) is way better18:24
*** senuxis has joined #maemo18:26
senuxisany cbr/cbz reader for n800?18:27
*** cypherbios has joined #maemo18:32
*** nomis has quit IRC18:33
*** fsmw has joined #maemo18:34
pupniksenuxis: is it correct that cbz are .zip files which need to be uncompressed fully before viewing, and that cbr (rar) can be partially uncompressed?  (seems that way using 'comix' on my linux box)18:34
*** bedboi has joined #maemo18:35
senuxisyou can uncompress cbz files18:36
senuxisi don't know about cbr18:36
senuxisi uncompressed cbz on my n80018:36
*** nomis has joined #maemo18:36
senuxisi use comix too, i want it to be ported to maemo18:36
*** andrunko has joined #maemo18:37
pupnikyou've searched for it?18:37
senuxiswhat do you mean?18:38
pupniksearched to see if someone has already ported it?18:38
senuxisyes, but i've found no thing18:39
senuxisi've requested a port at the developer's sourceforge forum18:39
*** rlifchitz_ has quit IRC18:39
pupniklooking at it now... the package has some brain-damaged build scripts18:41
senuxisi think that some one tried to compile it and it failed18:42
pupnikoh blech, python18:42
*** rlifchitz has joined #maemo18:43
megabyte405pupnik: why is python blech?  It doesn't need to be compiled unless it also has C modules18:43
*** Pinguozz has joined #maemo18:44
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo18:44
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC18:44
senuxisevince doesn18:46
senuxisevince doesn't work for me18:46
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC18:47
derfPython is blech because it requires 5+MB of interpreter and libraries on an embedded device instead of what would usally be about 20KB of compiled C code.18:49
derfOh, and it runs dog slow to boot.18:49
pupnikif it's true that a) comix book archives are simply rars/zips, then i think they would not provide quick thumbnails or indexed decompression of individual files which would mean b) the viewer has to decompress the whole archive when opening and c) it would be painfully slow on the tablets18:58
pupniki might be wrong about that18:59
pupnikbut since you *can* unrar / unzip cbr and cbz so it's not really an interesting project to me19:00
*** megabyte405 has joined #maemo19:03
senuxispupnik: have you checked this link, ?19:04
senuxispupnik: it suggests that evince works with cbz/cbr files; can you confirm that?19:04
senuxissenuxis: it doesn19:05
senuxisit doesn't work for me19:05
pupnikmaybe you could write the author of 'quiver' or another image viewer for the tablet to see if he/she is interested in adding cbr/cbz support - shouldn't be too hard (but it will probably be very slow)19:05
*** HerrFuxx has quit IRC19:06
pupniki just ran out of space on my desktop pc using comix19:07
senuxispupnik: that wouldn't be needed if evince works with cbz/cbr, the problem is that it doesn't work for me, i'm wondering if it's a bug or i'm missing some libraries19:07
pupniktry it with a very small cbr/cbz19:08
pupnikmaybe you're running out of space19:08
*** HerrFuxx has joined #maemo19:08
pupnikzip up a few jpgs and name it as .cbz and try evince19:08
senuxispupnik: i'll try that later, i can't try it now because my n800's charging19:09
*** fsmw_ has joined #maemo19:11
senuxispupnik: i was wondering if it would be possible to make some kind of openoffice package for the n800 such as the microsoft office that can be found on windows mobile19:13
*** jyro has quit IRC19:13
*** fsmw_ has quit IRC19:13
*** fsmw_ has joined #maemo19:13
pupnikopenoffice is too big.  try abiword and for spreadsheet i think gnumeric is ported19:14
*** alterego has quit IRC19:14
*** philipl has joined #maemo19:15
senuxispupnik: gnumeric is ported but i can't find abiword19:15
senuxispupnik: a n800 version that is; there is a 770 version19:17
_Monkeywell, pupnik is here19:19
senuxispupnik: a thread on the ITT forum said that19:20
senuxismegabyte405 is working on a 2007OS build19:20
megabyte405ah yes, I am :)19:20
megabyte405actually, right now I'm doing the Google Summer of Code for a different AbiWord feature ("AbiCollab")19:21
megabyte405but I will get a build probably within a month or two19:21
senuxismegabyte405: okidoki19:21
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:22
megabyte405if you looka round, though, you can find the 770 build, which works with a few caveats19:22
megabyte405that I put also on itt19:22
megabyte405just add the repository19:22
megabyte405component: user19:22
megabyte405distro: mistral19:22
_Monkeymistral is probably version 2.0 of the firmware. latest firmware is 2.3 so it's newer, and you don't need mistral19:22
pupnik  404 Not Found19:22
pupnikmy bad19:23
megabyte405I had it on mine... the equivalent apt line is "deb mistral user"19:23
* pupnik makes a note to read what he's doing before pasting an error19:24
pupnikNice job megabyte405 -- all hildony and everything19:25
megabyte405that wasn't my doing19:26
megabyte405but I will relay the tahnks19:26
megabyte405INdT did a lot of it, as did some of the other Abi hackers19:26
megabyte405in fact, it's so hildony that it doesn't work perfectly going from 2.x to 3.x :)19:26
megabyte405oddly enough, if it were less hildony, it would work better, go figure.19:26
senuxismegabyte405: what is "AbiCollab"19:27
pupnikWorks great here.19:27
megabyte405Real-time live, remote collaboration on word processing documents19:27
megabyte405pupnik: just don't let the device fall asleep, or click to the right of the text, or it _will_ crash19:27
megabyte405basically, as many people as you'd like can work together on one document at the same time,19:27
megabyte405seamlessly, and even see each other's carets (insertion pointers), and I think also their selections19:28
megabyte405and of course, a change one place changes it everywhere19:28
pupnikok roger that crash :)19:28
megabyte405pupnik: I warned you :)19:28
megabyte405as long as you don't do those things, it's relatively stable19:28
*** BladeRunner has joined #maemo19:29
megabyte405but I know that the ABI (programming interface) changed for sleep-related stuff between 2.x and 3.x19:29
megabyte405so that's the cause of that crash19:29
megabyte405and I'm not sure about the margin one, but I suspect it's also related19:29
megabyte405since I don't think it does that on 77019:29
pupnik770 here - crashed it with click to right of text (different size fonts active in document)19:30
senuxisis there any thing else exciting being developed for maemo?19:30
BladeRunnersomebody knows how to user gtk_text_buffer_insert to insert ISO-8859-1 ?19:30
megabyte405pupnik: really?  Oh, that is not good19:30
*** fsmw has quit IRC19:30
megabyte405could you file a bug on that?19:30
megabyte405(os 2006?)19:30
pupnikyes 2006 49 latest19:31
megabyte405The build, when it comes, will probably actually be a development release...19:32
megabyte4052.4.x works with some patches on Hildon, but I am new to the pseudo-maintainer role of the Hildon port, so I don't have those patches19:32
megabyte4052.5.x (which will become 2.6.x) has a lot of improvements/refactoring with regard to embedded platforms, and so it should really rock19:32
megabyte405and, be a lot easier for me to get going (as well as supporting AbiCollab)19:32
megabyte405which means you could collaborate on your 770/n800 with someone on a linux pc or a windows pc, easy19:33
pupnikwhat component do i file it under megabyte405 ?19:36
*** BladeRunner has left #maemo19:36
pupnikEditing-Text Boxes?19:37
senuxisis there any thing else exciting being developed for maemo?19:39
pupnikyes, see
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:40
megabyte405pupnik: probably frontend-gtk19:40
megabyte405we can change it later :)19:40
pupnikthanks megabyte40519:40
megabyte405np, thank you for filing the bug!19:40
megabyte405and testing on 770 - since I only have an n80019:40
pupnikcan i launch it from xterm with strace?19:42
pupnikoh cripes i don't have strace19:43
*** bedboi has quit IRC19:43
senuxispupnik: does gqview support archived images?19:45
nelsondang.  Anybody else had their n800 get really really slow?19:45
pupnikwhat is an archived image?19:45
nelsonAnd a reflash doesn't rescue you?19:45
senuxispupnik: zipped, rared... files19:45
tsohmm, not 2 min after i turned my 770 on it reboots... interesting.19:47
tsosomething tells me those nokia drivers are anything but reliable...19:47
megabyte405tso: did you do something time consuming?19:48
megabyte405it has a watchdog timer that restarts if it thinks it crashed or hung19:48
tsonot really. i just browsed the main menu...19:48
tsohmm, i have seen this "reboot" before. it shows the nokia for the longest of time...19:49
tsoso there is something that it has problems shutting down i think...19:49
nelsontso: the 770 kernel has a bug in it which causes large files to take a long time to be accessed.19:49
nelsontso: the watchdog says "I didn't fire!" and you get rebooted.19:49
pupnikwoot, Chris made a new version of Gfrotz with resizable fonts (Infocom and Interactive fiction game interpreter)19:50
nelsontso: if it keeps rebooting, the only cure is a reflash.19:50
tsosomething i did not 2 days ago...19:50
tsohmm, i have no idea what the device is doing, but it keeps flashing the nokia logo...19:51
nelsontso: does it ever get to the home page?19:51
nelsonEven a little?19:52
*** NeoStrider has joined #maemo19:52
tsoi havnt even seen the loading bar. so im not sure if its shutting down or booting up...19:52
NeoStriderhello folks19:52
pupnikhi NeoStrider19:53
_Monkeyi think infocom is the best known developer of text adventures, playable with gfrotz at  The console version is available at
NeoStriderpupnik:  can you show me your smw packages again...I may have found the solution to the menu puzzle19:53
tsono apparent response on the power switch so im pulling the battery on this thing. typical that just when i have it set up this kinda stuff happens.19:53
nelsonfrig.  I leave for India this evening, and my n800 is dead.  WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!19:54
_Monkeysmw is Super Mario War at
tsonice collection pupnik, ill have to take a closer look. after i get my 770 back into shape :(19:55
tsohmm, there is hope. i see a loading bar :)19:55
tsobingo, i got my desktop back :D19:56
NeoStridergot it19:56
NeoStriderthe package is not correct19:56
tsohmm, could be that i forced that timer to trigger because i browsed the menu by the drag and hold method rather then click click click :P19:56
NeoStriderwhen you compare it with angstron package, you see angstron get more stuff into /use19:56
NeoStriderthe .desktop and the .service files are not even included into the package19:57
NeoStriderthis, you can set by hand, i guess19:58
pupnikok thanks19:58
NeoStriderhope I didnt say anything obvious19:59
pupnikno, i think my local copy is missing the .service file20:01
NeoStriderI remeber hacking a anstron service file for smw, but I guess it want included in the package20:02
*** svu has joined #maemo20:03
pupnikNeoStrider: what fps do you play smw at?20:07
*** mmiller has joined #maemo20:08
onionpupnik: is that large file bug documented somewhere ? (define large ?)20:09
*** zodman has quit IRC20:10
zuhNeoStrider: it's Ångström, not angstron ;P20:11
pupnikI don't know if it's a bug.  I don't use evince or comic book archives.20:11
*** Fatal has quit IRC20:12
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:16
*** Fatal has joined #maemo20:23
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:23
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:30
*** molkko_ has joined #maemo20:31
NeoStriderzuh, actually is AngsTRON20:38
NeoStriderpupnik: fluent...20:38
NeoStridermaybe around 15-20 fps20:38
NeoStridereven with the swirl efect20:38
zuhNeoStrider: ah, sorry. I thought you were talking about the distro, but apparently not... :)20:39
NeoStriderI was lunching...gotta go20:39
NeoStriderno no20:39
_Monkeyangstron is probably
*** senuxis has quit IRC20:39
NeoStridermy game20:39
*** HerrFuxx has quit IRC20:40
NeoStridergotta go20:40
NeoStridercya guys20:40
*** NeoStrider has quit IRC20:40
*** andrunko has quit IRC20:41
*** senuxis has joined #maemo20:41
*** zwnj has quit IRC20:44
*** setite has joined #maemo20:44
*** svu has joined #maemo20:44
*** HerrFuxx has joined #maemo20:45
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo20:51
*** erstazi has quit IRC20:54
*** cypherbios has quit IRC20:54
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:57
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:01
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:03
*** guardian has quit IRC21:05
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC21:09
ajturnerwhat's the recommended ssh now - Dropbear or OpenSSH?21:12
*** internet-noor-ca has joined #maemo21:16
internet-noor-cahello boys21:16
internet-noor-cayesterday evinig i have take from the assistance nokia my nokia tablet 77021:17
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo21:17
internet-noor-cawhen i gone to use the shell there was not anymore, all was removed21:17
senuxishello internet-noor-ca21:18
pupnikinternet-noor-ca: perhaps they re-flashed the operating system to factory default21:18
internet-noor-catoo the modality R&D, so i can't use with sudo gainroot i have not anymore previleges21:19
internet-noor-caat home i have not connection adsl so i do not know how to solve the problem21:19
internet-noor-cai must to flash21:19
senuxisinternet-noor-ca: backup and reflash your device?21:19
*** fsmw_ has quit IRC21:20
internet-noor-cai can't flash, at home i have not adsl21:20
pupniki guess the assistance (service) reflashed it,21:20
_Monkeyi guess becomeroot is is easily obtained from [770/OS2006] or [770/OS2007HE and N800/OS2007] or for a more long winded method
senuxisyou don't need adsl to reflash21:21
senuxiswhich OS do you use?21:21
*** GeNOc|DE has joined #maemo21:21
pupnikMi dispiace, ma non parlo l'italiano.21:22
megabyte405ajturner: if you want more features, SCP/SFTP, etc, OpenSSH21:24
megabyte405I used Dropbear but felt crippled by it.21:24
ajturnermegabyte405: thx21:24
ajturnergood advice21:24
megabyte405so now I switched21:24
GeNOc|DEhi guys21:24
megabyte405you do need to be in red pill mode to install openssh21:24
megabyte405and make sure to remove dropbear first21:24
pupnikwhy red pill mode?  doesn't root access suffice?21:25
internet-noor-cawhat is the difference from mistral and bora ?21:25
GeNOc|DEanyone know of using the n770 to crack wep keys? know u can do it with a laptop etc but wondered if there was a way21:25
senuxisi wonder about that too21:25
pupnikinternet-noor-ca: basically, mistral is for 770 and bora is for n80021:26
*** ajturner has quit IRC21:27
*** ajturner has joined #maemo21:27
*** tso has quit IRC21:27
*** tso has joined #maemo21:28
GeNOc|DEim sure the question has been asked before, just cant seem to find any info on it21:28
internet-noor-cawhich packages i must download from this
||cw2internet-noor-ca: they are code names for versions, like debian's sarge, sid21:30
pupnikinternet-noor-ca: what program do you want to install?21:31
senuxisinternet-noor-ca: what are you trying to do?21:31
internet-noor-careflash the nokia, nokia has removed the R&D21:32
senuxisinternet-noor-ca: what is the R&D?21:32
*** HerrFuxx has quit IRC21:35
trevarthanI think someone should do a poll on ITT with OSSO Media Player VS Canola VS UKMP VS Kagu. I'd like to see how it's divied up. In particular, I wonder how many followers Canola has vs OSSO Media Player.21:38
internet-noor-ca--enable-rd-mode              Enable R&amp;D mode on the device you can read on
trevarthanAre there any other music players available for maemo that I've missed? I doubt mplayer counts21:40
internet-noor-cavorbis ogg21:40
internet-noor-cait has too support for streaming21:40
*** fbffff has joined #maemo21:41
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:42
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo21:42
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC21:42
*** senuxis has quit IRC21:42
*** senuxis has joined #maemo21:44
internet-noor-cain italy we have the first problems about wi-fi with the law
senuxiskagu's cool21:46
senuxissimple & effective21:46
internet-noor-cai have never had, but there is too the jail for people who use connections of others people doing aircracking or only surfing21:46
internet-noor-cawithout having any password21:46
*** HerrFuxx has joined #maemo21:48
pupniksame in germany21:48
internet-noor-cai have just reply that is no correct put in jail people only because have used connections of others people that have leaved port 80 and 21 opened it is as to leave the port of home and the doors opened and saying to a lawyer that anyone have done visit in my home21:48
internet-noor-cayou are in germany ?21:49
internet-noor-cai am in roma21:49
internet-noor-cazip 0015121:49
internet-noor-ca00393475092119 ninuxpdb@gmail.com21:49
pupnikthis chat channel is logged21:50
zakxplease include your mobile phone PIN and credit card numbers21:50
pupnikin germany they even now try to make open WLANs illegal21:51
internet-noor-cai have just reply saying that i have not pin, i have removed21:51
internet-noor-cawe have wlan21:51
internet-noor-calook the http://wiki.ninux.org21:51
internet-noor-cain germany there is the http://freifunk.de21:51
internet-noor-caand in these days my friends are to the http://www.ccc.de21:52
pupnikyes they are good.   i will look into the open wlan.  if it is allowed i will set up an open network here too.21:53
internet-noor-cafor the credit card, i have not credit card, i got only postpay and at the moment there are 0 euros21:53
*** HerrFuxx has quit IRC21:54
internet-noor-cafor the english version of look
internet-noor-cathe http of the is so if you desire you can see all our jobs about wlan22:00
internet-noor-cayou can download too from the book Wireless Networks in the Developing World in *.pdf22:01
*** shackan has quit IRC22:02
pupnikthank you for the link to freifunk internet-noor-ca22:02
internet-noor-casalve shackan22:02
internet-noor-caif you are in germany you can go to the ccc tomorrow is the last day22:03
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:04
pupnikto get software from you must add the "repository" into the 'application manager'22:04
pupnikunder tools->application manager22:04
pupniki can not go there, but i like the CCC :)22:05
internet-noor-caChaos Communication Camp 200722:05
internet-noor-caThe International Hacker Open Air Gathering22:05
internet-noor-ca8|9|10|11|12th August 200722:05
internet-noor-caFinowfurt near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe)22:05
pupnikthen click application manager menu:  tools->application catalog22:05
pupnikit is too expensive22:05
pupnikthen click 'new' and add deb mistral user22:05
pupnikthen you can get the packages from eko using the application manager22:06
pupnikafk saving the world22:06
*** internet-noor-ca has left #maemo22:07
*** internet-noor-ca has joined #maemo22:07
internet-noor-caChaos Communication Camp 2007 The International Hacker Open Air Gathering 8|9|10|11|12th August 200722:08
internet-noor-caFinowfurt near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe)22:08
internet-noor-cawhy you can't go to the ccc ?22:09
pupnikmoney / euros22:10
*** vivijim has quit IRC22:10
internet-noor-cayou don't need money22:11
internet-noor-cayou can do the autostop22:11
pupnikthis is also true22:12
internet-noor-caok next time is from 4 years22:12
pupnikthat is a long time to wait :(22:14
internet-noor-calisten me, now i must to go, but if you want to subscribe to the mailing list of you must send a mail to wireless-ml-subscribe@ninux.org22:14
pupnikok i will look at ninux22:14
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC22:15
internet-noor-cawhen you desire to delete from the mailing list only wireless-ml-unscribe@ninux.org22:15
*** londo__ has joined #maemo22:15
pupnikok - nice to meet you internet-noor-ca22:16
internet-noor-caah, for the off topic write in the body and in the object off topic and then what you desire to say us22:16
*** londo has quit IRC22:16
internet-noor-cai have take all your http's and i have sent to my e-mail so when i can use the wi-fi i connect, i download hoping to turn back to becomeroot r&d22:18
internet-noor-caah, when i write on the xterm sudo gainroot i receive as reply :22:19
internet-noor-caEnable RD mode if you want to break your de22:20
pupniki did 1) install dropbear ssh  2) ssh to root@nokiatablet (password 'rootme') 3) apt-get install becomeroot   then sudo gainroot worked (iirc)22:20
pupnikRD mode is not needed22:20
internet-noor-cai want it22:21
internet-noor-cait was so first22:21
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:21
internet-noor-cawhy there is not a version of openssh.armel ?22:22
internet-noor-cawhy i must compile ?22:22
pupnikthere is but i do n;t know the URL22:22
*** senuxis has quit IRC22:22
internet-noor-cahow to remove flash, the notepad, games, reader of pdf, video, audio, mpeg.....22:23
*** spect has quit IRC22:23
internet-noor-cai want only support for theora, vorbis ogg, gnash, emacs, a port of gcc, gdb....22:24
*** alex-weej has quit IRC22:24
*** internet-noor-ca has left #maemo22:25
*** internet-noor-ca has joined #maemo22:25
internet-noor-cai got the kernel Linux Nokia770-49 #1 PREEMPT Wedn22:25
internet-noor-cais the last one for nokia 770 or not ?22:26
pupnikuname -a22:27
pupnikLinux Nokia770-49 #1 PREEMPT22:27
internet-noor-caanyone have seen the http://openmoko.com22:29
internet-noor-cabye bye ericsson, nokia, samsung, lg....22:30
ajturnerhas anyone played with carman?22:31
internet-noor-ca 450$$ USA22:31
Fatalare you going to paste every page they have?22:33
ajturnerinternet-noor-ca must be a harvest-bot22:34
internet-noor-cano i am not a bot22:34
ajturnerjust what a bot WOULD say22:35
tsoyou know the world is mad when a person have his fingers modified to be able to better use the iphone...22:36
_Monkeyiphone is, like, a flashy interface made to suck money out of people on outdated technology and walled gardens22:36
Fatalthat's just insane, and I still want to see pictures on how his thumbs look now22:36
internet-noor-camore better openmoko neo197322:36
Fatal_Monkey: good thing you have your placebo freedom :)22:37
_MonkeyFatal: huh?22:37
Fataloh, bot22:37
Fatalwhoever set the description got their placebo freedom then :D22:37
internet-noor-caand then is not free software, it is not GNU/linux embedded, i refuse to use a phone that has not GNU/linux22:37
Fatalinternet-noor-ca: so it's been motorola for you the last couple of years?22:38
internet-noor-cai forgot to say you that i am associated member of fsf.org22:38
Fatalah good, I like it when fanatics earmark themselves :)22:39
internet-noor-caon my computers there is only GNU/linux i use GNU/linux GNU/HURD, GNU/KFreeBSD22:39
nelsonhas anybody seen their N800 slow down to the point of unusability?22:41
internet-noor-cai got the t-shirt thar Richard Matthew Stallman rms22:41
melmothmouahahah gnu/freebsd this one was funny :))22:41
internet-noor-cagiven me when he came in Italy the last 8 June 2007 to the ARA PACIS22:41
internet-noor-caand i stay to dinner with him till 1.30 a.m.22:42
Fatalok, who put a fsf trolling markov bot on the channel?22:42
unique311doesn't look that bad22:43
Fatalthat's not his thumb, and not his hand for all that matters :)22:43
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo22:43
nelsonAt least he doesn't chime in with "But it's GNU/Linux" when somebody says that the ITT series runs Linux.22:43
internet-noor-ca is better and is free software22:43
Fatalinternet-noor-ca: than maemo?22:43
Fatalinternet-noor-ca: than hurd?22:44
Fatalinternet-noor-ca: than RMS?22:44
unique311are you sure22:44
internet-noor-camy friends prefeer to buy openmoko than iphone22:44
*** ajturner has left #maemo22:44
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:45
*** ajturner has left #maemo22:45
unique311 maybe thats its22:45
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:45
unique311why do the thumb22:45
unique311wouldn't a better choice be the index22:45
*** guardian has quit IRC22:46
*** guardian_ is now known as guardian22:46
Fatalare you just going to keep on pasting neo links? wouldn't it be better if you went to #openmoko and talked with them instead?22:48
internet-noor-caFIC's approach in sponsoring the OpenMoko project resembles that taken by Nokia, which finances a "Maemo" software development community for its 770 Internet Tablet. Moss-Pultz acknowledges, "I have to give mad props to Nokia. I just think it's a shame [the 770] is not a phone.22:49
pupnik~join us now and share the software... you'll be free hacker, you'll bee free-e-e-e-e~22:49
Fatalwhy-cooperation-with-rms-is-impossible.mp3 <322:49
internet-noor-cafunny i know the rms's song22:49
Fatalnelson: aye22:49
nelsonfunny you would.22:49
internet-noor-cawho changed in *mp3 it is native *.ogg22:50
Fatalogg wasn't out when it was recorded, but nice trolling22:50
nelsoninternet-noor-ca: gee, my copy is an mp322:50
pupniki'd like a fat opera lady singing that song22:51
internet-noor-caexcuse me it is no *.ogg but *.au22:51
*** _Monkey has quit IRC22:51
pupnikbacked by a death-metal band wailing on guitars22:51
pupnikyep sun audio22:51
trevarthanwow. this internet-noor-ca guy is annoying.22:51
||cw2internet-noor-ca: you have seen this right?
Fataltrevarthan: he's kind of amusing22:51
trevarthananyone have op status? kick 'em22:51
pupniklanguage barrier22:51
pupniklets see how smart you sound trying to speak italian22:52
internet-noor-cayou can download from my
internet-noor-caso you got text and song in *.au22:53
trevarthanpupnik: are you saying that the incessant moko links are due to a language barrier?22:53
Fatalpupnik: I doubt anyone is making fun of the language barrier, there's not a requirement to use fancy language to come off as smart22:54
Fatalor communicable22:54
pupnik21:40 <infobot>  us now and share the software... you'll be free hacker, you'll bee free-e-e-e-e~ is not a  valid channel name.22:54
pupnikdidn't realize that irssi parsed ~join as /join22:55
internet-noor-cai leaved you my if you desire, you can download text, images, song22:56
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo22:56
pupniki think i have seen this page before22:57
*** zwnj has quit IRC22:57
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:58
nelsonanybody seen their N800 run REALLY SLOWLY, and then finally the watchdog reboots?23:02
trevarthannelson: sounds like you ran out of ram.23:02
trevarthanhappens to me all the time during kagu development.23:02
nelsonno, I've seen that before.23:02
trevarthanor maybe you ran out of CPU.23:02
nelsonthis occurs every time, and I even reflashed.23:03
trevarthanhigh continuous CPU seems to trigger the watchdog too.23:03
nelsonthe backlight will light up when I touch the screen, but its otherwise unresponsive.23:03
nelsonIt goes online and I can ping it just fine.23:04
nelsonbut the user interface is totally hosed.23:04
trevarthanhow do you get it out of that state?23:04
nelsonIt's like something is looping in the default software.23:04
nelsontrevarthan: good question!  It's hosed.23:04
trevarthanah. try pulling the battery.23:04
nelsonreboot won't fix it, neither has reflashing fixed it.23:04
nelsonI've tried that.23:05
nelsonI'll try leaving it pulled for a while.23:05
trevarthanyou're screwed then.23:05
trevarthanwarranty time?23:05
nelsontrouble is that I'm leaving for India in an hour.23:05
*** internet-noor-ca has left #maemo23:05
nelsonI'll just have to suffer with my 77023:05
ajturnernelson: did you recently update something? sounds like the problem I had when I installed dropbear awhile ago23:06
ajturnerthere was a bug where I had to touch the screen randomly for several mins to build up the random23:06
nelsonajturner: hmmmm.....   I reflashed.23:06
*** internet-noor-ca has joined #maemo23:06
nelsonajturner: but I've also let it sit for an hour or so ... with network traffic.23:06
*** internet-noor-ca is now known as mary23:07
nelsonthat should provide enough randomness.23:07
ajturnernelson: it was a bug that I "think" has been fixed too - though not sure23:07
*** philipl has quit IRC23:07
nelsonI've reflashed to the latest n greatest.23:07
nelsonhowever, I'll give your suggestion a try.23:07
nelsonotherwise, I need to get packing.23:07
ajturneryou have an hour to kill ;)23:07
*** threeuNF has joined #maemo23:07
*** mary has quit IRC23:09
*** UKP has quit IRC23:15
*** pdz has quit IRC23:15
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:17
*** philipl has joined #maemo23:23
*** three- has quit IRC23:24
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo23:27
*** erstazi has joined #maemo23:27
sparrive got 2007 HE on my 770.  when i turn it on, it makes the 'turning off' beep, flashes a white screen, THEN goes through the turning on process...  whats up with that?23:31
erstazisparr, I am not sure, I think pupnik would know about that, he dual boots OS2006 and OS2007HE23:32
*** UKP has joined #Maemo23:33
erstazihi UKP23:33
UKPfinally got xchat 2.8.4 working on n80023:34
erstazinice huh? I use Xchat on my tablet23:34
UKPits small, but works23:34
erstaziI like to use irssi but I do not think there is any ports for OS2006 and its not a priority for me to port23:34
orakledo you guys know of any msn-compatible IM apps for maemo where I can use the stylus directly23:35
oraklei.e. not text recognition23:35
UKPirssi = command line23:35
oraklejust drawing what i want to say23:35
erstaziUKP, yes23:35
erstaziUKP, I use Linux primarily for everything, hence why I went with this tablet23:35
sparrok, i will wait and ask him23:36
erstazisparr, I thought of getting OS2007HE dualboot but I just need to get small stuff done right now23:37
sparrvnc 770>pc = awesome23:37
erstaziI might need help with testing a port for pocketsphinx23:37
erstazisparr, yes23:37
UKPi use osx, but the n800 is useful for using when watching tv23:37
sparrso far i am liking 2007 HE in general, for features and stuff23:37
erstazisparr, slower than OS2006?23:38
sparrbarely.  slower to boot for sure, but for general usage im not noticing a slowdown23:38
sparrmaybe 1 second longer to launch opera23:38
sparrbut im finding more and more new features and bug fixes and such that i love23:39
pupniksparr - i don't recall ever seeing that23:41
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:42
erstazihi pdz23:51
erstazihi pdz-23:51
*** pdz has quit IRC23:52
*** juco2 has joined #maemo23:55
erstazihi juco223:56
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC23:56

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