IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-07-05

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dick-richardsonis there an apt-get autoremove option?00:27
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dick-richardsonmore accurately, is there a way to add it?00:31
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Dr_NunimAnyone else having issues with the maemo repo?00:43
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KaylaKazecomic viewer all done! yay!01:39
KaylaKazeit sucks with pdfs though 'cause it has to use ghost script externally01:40
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Dr_NunimGood, now fix the missing files in repo issue.01:45
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ttuttleericz: Enjoying your 770?02:05
Niacinanyone know how to tie a IAP to a script?02:05
Niacinthe stuff on maemo dont work ;\02:05
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ttuttleHey, does anyone here know much about Hacker 2007?  Can I safely run "apt-get upgrade" on it and install all updates, or will that mess it up by pulling in packages from real 2007 that are incompatible with the 770?02:10
milhouseI would put money on it messing up02:12
ttuttlemilhouse: Oh.02:12
rhysso. i love the n800. i was running 7-8 apps at once, and it was doing wonderfully02:13
||cwI would say there's a change, but I wouldn't put money on it.  I think the main difference is in the kernel02:13
rhysquestion though. should i move it to booting off the internal card?02:13
||cwrhys: yeah, it's amazing what 128M ram will do02:13
milhousei wouldn't actually expect apt-get to complete without some sort of error, most likely dependency related02:13
||cwalways puzzled my why the 770 only has 6402:13
rhysmake it an uncompressed there a boot time increase? how big should the internal card be? i have a 512 and 2gb02:14
rhys||cw, what do you mean?02:14
milhouse||cw: 256Mb in the N800 :)02:14
rhysnvm. your comment was to my first.02:14
||cwmilhouse: of ram? hm, missed that02:15
milhouse||cw: yes 256Mb RAM, 128Mb flash in N800, half of each in the 77002:15
ttuttlemilhouse: Wait, the 770 has 128 MB RAM and 64 MB flash?  I thought it was the other way around.02:15
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||cwmilhouse: other way,02:16
||cwMemory and Storage02:16
||cw    * RAM 128 MB02:16
||cw    * Flash 256MB02:16
rhysmilhouse, other way around02:16
milhouseyou sure?02:16
ttuttlemilhouse: free on my N770 says 62224 kB.02:16
ttuttlemilhouse: (total)02:16
milhousedamn you're right - 128Mb RAM in my n800. sorry chaps02:17
milhouseso what he said :)02:17
rhysanyone boot off the internal card?02:17
milhouseonly when trying sardine02:17
ttuttlemilhouse: Sardine's for the N770, right?  How well does it work?  What's it do?02:18
milhouse(which seems pretty broken right now - failed to upgrade today)02:18
milhouseit used to be for the 770, but probably just the n800 now (OS 2007)02:18
ttuttlemilhouse: Really?02:18
rhysmilhouse, is there any speed increase to having the whole os on the internal card?02:18
ttuttlemilhouse: <-- is this out of date?02:19
milhousettuttle: not really... i was sure the N800 had 256MB RAM until recently! ;)02:19
ttuttlemilhouse: What about Herring?02:19
milhousehard to say if it's out of date but "probably"02:19
ttuttlemilhouse: Basically is there anything newer/better than Hacker 2007 for me to run on my 770?02:20
milhousenot sure about Herring either... there's so little accurate/up to date info about either - none of the documentation has been updated in months02:20
ttuttlemilhouse: /me cries02:20
milhouseI tried Sardine on N800 today and it crapped out installing one of the libraries (lib-thumbnail or something)02:20
ttuttlemilhouse: It's like those jokes about how you buy something and it's already obsolete and unsupported.  Except it's true.02:20
ttuttlemilhouse: Is there a way to back up the entire device, internal flash and all?02:21
milhousettuttle: only by copying to mmc/sd02:21
ttuttlemilhouse: Could I tar up the entire root filesystem?02:21
ttuttlemilhouse: Or could I install Sardine on the MMC card?02:21
milhouseprobably, but what would you do with it?02:21
milhousesardine on mmc is what i do02:22
ttuttlemilhouse: Okay.  What's it like?  And where do I get it?02:22
milhousewhen it works, it's not very usable - quite often the desktop is screwed up. i only try upgrading every now and again out of curiosity, hopfeul that i'll see something insanely great. no luck so far!02:23
ttuttlemilhouse: Where do I get it?02:23
milhouseYou can follow these instructions02:23
eugeneassuming you installed a package with make install within the n800 itself, does reflashing it remove everything with a default root tree?02:23
ttuttlemilhouse: Will the 64MB card Nokia included be big enough?02:24
milhousenote that the repository in step 1.5 at the end is wrong... should be "deb sardine main non-free"02:24
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milhousettuttle: no, you'll need at least 128MB, possibly more02:25
ttuttlemilhouse: What's in it that's so big?02:25
milhousewell your 64MB internal flash memory is compressed so will expand to more than 64Mb on an non-compressed filesystem such as ext202:25
milhouseplus you'll need some working space02:26
ttuttlemilhouse: What if I use JFFS2 on the flash too?02:26
ttuttlemilhouse: I mean on the MMC?02:26
milhouseit might work02:26
milhouseprobably easier to get a bigger card :)02:26
ttuttlemilhouse: Yeah but I don't have one.02:26
eugenettuttle: you will live with it when you can't even eject the card out :)02:27
milhouseeugene: your question about make, the answer is "yes"02:28
ttuttleeugene: Er, why wouldn't I be able to eject it?02:28
eugenemilhouse: ah.02:28
eugenettuttle: referring to my own experience with n800 external sd slot. maybe my nails aren't long enough :)02:28
eugenemilhouse: with this? /flasher-3.0 -u -F RX-34_2007SE_3.2007.10-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin02:29
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milhousethat just unpacks the image into your current directory on your PC02:29
milhousethat won't reflash the device02:30
eugenemilhouse: what if i want to reflash the device?02:31
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milhousetry flasher-3.0 -f -R -F RX-34_2007SE_3.2007.10-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin02:37
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eugenemilhouse: only this may be a silly question. what's the diff if it does the same thing?02:39
infobot_eugene meant: milhouse: ok this may be a silly question. what's the diff if it does the same thing?02:39
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milhouseit doesn't02:39
milhousedo the same thing02:39
eugeneprobably the same effect, but what's the diff?02:39
milhousethe -u option unpacks the FIASCO image (which contains multiple seperate filesystems) to your local directory where you can then, if you choose, flash individual filesystems on to the device02:40
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eugeneah, ok. i got it.02:41
milhousewhile the -f option does actually flash the FIASCO image (-F) or individual filesystems (-k, -x, -r, -n) on to the device02:41
milhouseif you just want to replace the kernel on your device, you can extract the kernel filesystem from the image using the -u option then flash the kernel on to the device using -x <name of kernel file>02:42
milhouseactually -f -x <kernel file>02:42
milhousemost likely you would replace the kernel with a community version with fast MMC support (770) or SDHC (n800)02:43
eugene./flasher-3.0 -f -k zImage02:43
eugenenod. i did this yesterday.02:43
milhouseand maybe -r to automatically reboot it, but that's possibly a personal preference :)02:43
eugenenod nod :)02:43
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cncthis problem isnt fixing itself =\02:43
eugenei probably try to install the app manually, and then reflash it to get back the default factory reset02:44
eugenewhat that means is that i have to install the gcc and g++ as well :/02:44
milhouseyes, that what reflashing - factory reset :)02:44
cncanyone else having trouble with wifi? mine keeps going blind until you restart the tab02:44
milhouses/reflashing/reflashing is/02:44
infobot_milhouse meant: yes, that what reflashing is - factory reset :)02:44
milhousecnc: solid as a rock here (Linksys WRT54GS v2 + Sveasoft firmware)02:45
milhouseand N80002:45
milhouseand 770 :)02:45
cncmy 770 usually finds 5-10 ap`s02:45
cncbut randomly it decides to go blind and wont find anything till you reboot it02:46
milhouseYou should file a bug02:46
cnci dont know anything about linux or debugging02:46
milhouseSign up at and create an account then file a bug (see this one for reference:
milhouseif you can provide as much detail as possible (your router make and firmware) then Nokia will hopefully investigate (even going so far as buying that make of router)02:48
eugenemilhouse: luckily routers are cheaper than 16-gb numa machines02:48
milhousedepends - i've seen routers costing over 100K :)02:49
cncdont think its my router02:50
cnccant connect to my router tho02:50
milhousenot saying it is, but Nokia need to reproduce the problem in order to fix the N800 (if it is the n800)02:50
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cncit just connects and does a local link IP02:51
cncwhen im 5 feet away from it02:51
cncits a 77002:51
milhousehave you got any mac address filtering?02:51
cncnope, i tried it completely disabling all security02:51
cncwith wep, wpa02:51
cncall variations02:51
milhousewhat make/model/firmware is it?02:51
milhouseof the router02:52
cnclemme check02:52
milhouseis it an 11n job?02:52
milhouseare you running the latest firmware?02:52
milhouseon the router02:52
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cncuh, doubt it02:53
cnci havent touched the router in years02:53
milhouseyou might want to update it02:53
cncSMC 2804WBR02:53
cncHardware Version:  0102:54
cncSerial Num:   A32202022402:54
milhousethats the first thing to try really02:54
eugenei havent seen instructions for this but is it possible to view and type chinese?02:54
cnci think its the 770 though, i had the router off and my 770 wifi went blind02:55
milhouseview yes, type not so sure02:55
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cnci just recieved it yesterday and i had to reset it 4x now02:55
cncso im thinking it may be a hardware fault02:55
eugenemilhouse: any idea where i can download the fonts?02:56
milhousecnc - well, check if it works with any other routers if you get the chance (public library?) but if it's specific to your router and you're running the latest router firmware then a bug report is probably the best way to progress resolution02:56
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cncyeah the wifi runs great from a neighbor02:56
cncbut i dont feel like leeching from neighbors02:56
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cncand it wont connect to another neighbor router that my old ipaq had no trouble with (local link thing)02:57
eugenebrb, reinstalling laptop.02:57
milhousecan you swap your 770 quite easily ?02:58
cncbut either way it shouldnt be going blind when there are 5-10 AP`s around02:58
milhouseis this with your SMC on or off?02:58
cncoff and on02:58
cncand i bouhgt it from buy.com02:58
cnchavent checked their return policies02:59
cncnokia support is off today02:59
milhousethere was someone on the ITT forum who said his device (I think it was a N800) went "blind" and he fixed it by replacing the battery... i've no idea why that would work though02:59
cncmine requires a restart to fix it02:59 would be your best bet if you've just bought it02:59
ttuttleBlind to wifi?  Oh, you can fix that with xterm.  Just kill and restart wlancond.02:59
milhouseyeah, i think he actually replaced the battery with another but like i say, i've no idea why that should work02:59
cncttuttle: is this a common thing?03:00
cnchaving to restart it every 2 hours or so03:00
milhousedefinately not common03:01
milhousewhat version are you running by the way?03:01
milhousefirmware on the 770?03:01
cncthe 770 is 2006, 49-2 if i remember correctly03:01
cnclemme check03:01
cncyep, 2006.49-203:02
ttuttlecnc: Not quite that often.03:02
milhousek that is the latest 770 firmware - 49-2 didn't fix much but it did fix some wifi related reboots03:02
cncok, probably a hardware thing then03:03
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milhousepossibly, if you can get a replacement then do so otherwise try bugzilla03:04
cncDue to manufacturers' policies, cannot accept returns on this item for any reason. The manufacturer will handle all exchanges and replacements.03:04
cncim going to end up with a refurb03:05
milhousein that case you might as well kick off a bugzilla entry and see if nokia can fix it in software (which helps everyone else) or ship it back to nokia03:06
cncyeah, but i cant provide any technical details03:06
cncthe wifi just goes blind until restart03:07
cnccompletely random im guessing03:07
milhousecnc - sure you can, start with the description of the problem and the hardware details (your 770 and firmware level, your router and firmware level) then see what Nokia come back with. They may ask you to run some commands on a command line (xterm etc.) and paste back the results03:08
milhousethey don't bite either :)03:08
cncdo you need root for xterm?03:09
milhouseit's a dialog so they'll ask you to supply any info they need and if you don't know how they'll explain03:09
milhousexterm: yes03:09
milhouseinstall either "becomeroot" or put your device into R&D mode03:09
cncdang, i was hoping to skip those tutorials03:09
cncback to the drawing board =x03:09
milhousebecomeroot is probably easiest - should be listed in the application manager03:09
ericz_ssh  is easy way to get root03:10
milhouseyou need root to install ssh :)03:10
ericz_no, the dropbear package on works, install tht03:11
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milhousesome people seem to have trouble with dropbear while open ssh is a lot less troublesome03:12
ericz_dropbear was fine for me :)03:12
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rhyswhat is dropbear?03:13
milhousedropbear is a version of ssh designed for devices with small amounts of memory03:14
milhouseit's a bit smaller than the open ssh package, but the 770/N800 have enough memory to run the full fat version03:14
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rhysI want the n800 to boot off the internal SD card whenever its there, but off the flash when it cant find it03:18
rhysthe "boot menu" doesnt seem to be what i want03:19
rwhitbyyou should be able to code that test in the script03:23
milhouserhys: bootmenu should do that for you03:23
milhousei think you can set the default boot device, by default it's internal flash but you should be able to set mmc103:23
milhousesearch the ITT forum for details03:23
milhouseit's been discussed in the past03:23
rhysmilhouse, arent they named mmc0 and mmc2?03:24
rhysmilhouse, ok then..03:24
milhouseer, probably - yes you're right03:24
rwhitbynot on my n80003:24
rwhitbymmc1 and mmc203:24
rhysoh. kk then03:24
rwhitbythe device names are 0 and 1, the mount points are 1 and 203:24
milhouseerr, what rwhitby says - don't listen to me03:24
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Dr_NunimGot a link for that default boot device info?03:27
milhousecheck the MMC threads03:28
milhousewhere they discuss booting etc.03:28
cnck, put in a bugzilla03:34
ericzttuttle, am enjoying it :P finally got telnet.03:34
milhousecnc - good man, that way it will help everyone03:34
cncno clue what half the terms they asked were, but hopefully someone competant with linux will have solved the problem hehe03:34
milhousethe Alias box is for internal Nokia bug tracking, should have left it blank but that's OK :)03:36
cncwhoops, thought they wanted my name there03:37
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ttuttleericz: nice03:51
ericzis there a way to add more than just AccuRadio HitKast to the home radio applet?03:51
ericzttuttle, you're running hacker 2007, right? any major coolness that would make me go nuts?03:52
ttuttleericz: Yeah, it's got some UI improvements, it's a little faster.03:52
ericzah, did you get a 2gb card?03:53
ttuttleericz: You can do OBEX PUSH, and you can make it Bluetooth-visible.03:53
ttuttleericz: Not yet.03:53
ericzi don't have anything bluetooth anyway :/03:53
ttuttleericz: There's other stuff too, I forget.03:53
ttuttleericz: Oh, the browser has newer Flash.03:53
ericzare dialogs for things still like 6-7 deep in the menu, just to remove a connection?03:54
goatanyone using openvpn in here?03:54
ttuttleericz: What things?03:54
ericzthe dialog to remove a wifi connection, it's like..03:54
ericz6 or 7 menus/dialogs/clicks deep03:55
ttuttleericz: Applications > Tools > Control Panel > Connectivity > Connections > (pick connection) > Delete > Delete (confirm).  8 clicks.03:56
ericzMenu > Tools > Connection Manager > Tools > Connectivity Manager > Connections > Delete, ya03:56
ttuttleericz: The Connection Manager seems redundant.03:57
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*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:01
rwhitbyericz: it's clear that Nokia didn't have the '3 clicks maximum to every operation' person that Palm had ...04:02
ericzi guess not :/04:02
ttuttlerwhitby: That's a cool idea.04:04
*** matt_c has quit IRC04:04
ericzyou've got to be able to add radio stations to the home radio applet, right?04:05
rwhitbyttuttle: there was a senior person at Palm who mandated that for the PalmOS interface.04:05
ericzi'll edit some file in ssh, i don't mind.. i need more than AccuRadio HitKast04:05
rwhitbyyou can add them in the Media Player, but can't change them without editing the file directly.04:06
ericzi've got a 770, will be similar?04:06
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC04:07
ericzthat folder's not on 77004:08
*** rhys has quit IRC04:08
Dr_NunimThe n800 has infrared right?04:10
JussiP No.04:10
*** rhys has joined #maemo04:19
rhyswhy 4 partitions to the internal carD?04:19
milhousewhy do you ask?04:21
milhouseif you're discussing dual booting, two is probably the minimu m04:21
milhouses/minimu m/minimum/04:21
infobot_milhouse meant: if you're discussing dual booting, two is probably the minimum04:21
milhousethe first being FAT and the second ext2 or ext304:21
rhysfooking bots.04:21
milhousei like infobot, just a shame you can't teach it04:22
rhyswhy the 4 though?04:22
milhousewe use IRC at work, and you can train the channel bots (they're called _monkey rather than infobot_)04:22
milhousei think that was the authors preference04:23
milhouseas i say, the minimum you need is 2 - the first partition should be fat so that you can mount it in windows, and the second partition is where you copy your OS04:23
milhouseany partitions after that don't matter04:23
milhouseso on a 2GB card, I'd create 1.5GB FAT and 512MB ext04:24
infobot_milhouse meant: testicles04:24
rhyswhy create the FAT at all?04:24
milhouseso you can mount it in windows04:24
milhouseshould you want to transfer data etc04:25
rhysi dont use windows though..04:25
milhousealso i think bootmenu is coded by default to boot from partition 204:25
rhysoh. ill make sure to remember that.04:26
rhysi have a 4gb external card04:26
milhousei think the tablet may only mount p1 as vfat so if you create p1 using another filesystem the first parition may not auto mount - just a hunch though04:26
milhousefine, use whatever ratios you are comfortable with - you only need about 256MB max for the parition you boot from04:27
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo04:27
rhysdo the apps go on the vfat?04:27
milhouseno, they go on the partition you have booted from04:27
milhouseso if you boot from internal flash they are installed on internal flash... if you boot from external mmc partition 2, thats where they are installed04:28
rhyshm. so from a 2gb card, 1.5vfat partition 1, 512mbext2 partition 2.04:28
milhouseyou could create a 1GB second partition giving you tons of room to install apps, but my experience is that filesystem will corrupt itself long before you fill it! ;)04:28
milhouseyeah 1.5/.5 should work fine04:29
*** febb has quit IRC04:29
milhouseneeds a trailing /04:32
infobot_ttuttle meant: foo04:32
infobot_ttuttle meant: s/$_/$_04:32
infobot_ttuttle meant: \104:32
ttuttlehmm, well written.04:32
ttuttles/ / /g04:32
ericzyou keep missing that trailing /04:34
infobot_ttuttle meant: foo04:35
ttuttleericz: Gimme a sec.04:35
ttuttleinfobot_: s/foo is foo04:35
ttuttleinfobot_: what is s/foo?04:35
ttuttleI'm trying to get it to replace its own text.04:35
ttuttleinfobot_: say foo04:35
ttuttle!say foo04:36
ttuttleinfobot_ say foo04:36
milhousefactoids: iPhone is overrated04:36
ttuttledoes it do anything in the channel?04:37
ttuttlefoo is bar04:37
ttuttlewhat is foo?04:37
milhousejust string replacement by the looks of it04:37
milhouseshame... infobot looks like the monkey bot we have at work, but it's not configured to learn anything here04:37
milhousethere's a Unix/Linux support channel with monkey and it answers half of the support questions :)04:38
ttuttleArgh, it's set up so that it can't spit out phrases verbatim.04:38
milhouseinfobot_ status04:39
ttuttleToo bad I can't have a nick with a / in it.04:39
milhouseinfobot_, status04:39
infobot_ttuttle meant: footest04:40
ttuttleasdf s/test/foo/04:40
milhousemight need to get my own Monkey on here...04:41
*** rhys has quit IRC04:42
milhouseit's the same as infobot but it's what we call them at work04:42
*** chrissturm has quit IRC04:42
*** intarwebz has quit IRC04:42
ttuttleHmm, it ignores regexen in privmsgs.04:44
*** spect has quit IRC04:47
milhousethis seems to be blootbot not infobot04:47
cncthere a tutorial on how to get rid of a left side icon?04:48
cncdont see any options for those, i want to get rid of that little chat/email icon04:49
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*** cnc has quit IRC05:04
*** ttuttle has quit IRC05:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo05:09
*** pdz- has quit IRC05:11
milhouseiPhone is <REPLY>overrated05:11
Fataliphone is probably a nice toy and most likely a decent phone, what I don't get is the ~ZOMG!ZOMG~ hype ~ZOMG!ZOMG~05:13
gla55_well imagine if you had a crappy razr or something05:13
gla55_and that was all you knew about phones05:14
gla55_or mobile devices05:14
milhouseiPhone is known as the Jesus Phone05:14
gla55_then someone showed that you could actually browse "real" internet with a device on palm of your hand05:14
gla55_like, imagine being way out of the loop, OR a total apple wacko05:14
gla55_that one video on myphonerocks was funny05:15
*** guru3_ has joined #maemo05:18
Fatalhahahah, "i'm waiting for my boss" oh god, that's plain fucking awful :D05:20
*** guru3 has quit IRC05:22
*** neurocyt1 has joined #maemo05:24
*** neurocyte has quit IRC05:40
*** neurocyt1 is now known as neurocyte05:40
*** Yamazaki-kun has quit IRC05:49
eugeneso quiet now :)06:01
*** Niacin has quit IRC06:12
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC06:13
*** dolske has quit IRC06:15
*** dolske has joined #maemo06:38
*** tank17 has quit IRC07:09
eugeneany idea where's the .ko files stored by default07:11
eugeneah ok i found it07:12
*** tank17 has joined #maemo07:16
*** bergie has joined #maemo07:17
dragorneugene: be very very very careful messing with your initfs, if thats what you're doing07:20
eugenedragorn: is it not recoverable/reflashable if i mess it up?07:21
dragorneugene: generally you won't be able to replace or rm/replace a module on initfs.  Depending what you break, you'll throw the device into a reboot loop until you reflash the initfs07:21
dragornit's fixable, just warning you you're going to break things :07:21
eugenegee, thanks for the tip in advanced!07:21
eugenebtw, if i have a custom module, where should i dump it to and get it automatically modprobe into the kernel?07:21
dragornsee, i had this great idea I'd build the garage wifi modules and put them in the initfs07:21
eugeneah. then what happened07:22
dragornand promptly trashed my system until I unpacked a firmware and reflashed initfs07:22
eugenenod nod07:22
dragornsince I had stuff I didn't have backed up in the user partition07:22
dragornyou can load a module from anywhere07:22
dragorninsmod /path/to/foo.ko07:22
eugeneis there a "standard" way of getting it loaded?07:22
eugenelike modprobe.conf etc07:22
dragornnot that I know of, but I haven't looked into the maemo boot scripts07:22
dragornyou might have enough room in initfs to put 1 line to call another script07:23
dragornthough I think much of initfs happens inside a different root07:23
* eugene feels like scping everything from / to the hdd07:23
eugenehold on.07:23
eugenegarage wifi modules?07:23
eugeneWLAN cx3110x driver?07:24
eugeneso you were replacing the lkm in initfs and it didn't work for u?07:24
dragornoh no it didn't :P07:24
eugeneit worked for me when i do it manually07:24
dragornthe initfs jffs is very full07:24
eugenenod nod07:24
eugene2.0M      2.0M      4.0k 100% /mnt/initfs07:24
eugenei wish there's more place in there07:24
dragornit would work if you extracted it from the firmware flash file, and recreated it on a pc replacing that file07:24
dragornbut there isn't enough space in the initfs to replace files anymore07:25
eugenei guess u got to dump it else where like your sdcard07:25
eugeneand insmod it manually or with a script07:25
dragornyou can replace it inline w/ rmmon, insmod, and a chroot to initfs to re-run the config code07:25
eugenebtw, what kind of sh is it that is found in scratchbox?07:26
eugenei haveproblems with it not being able to find binaries in a known path07:26
dragornthat's a path issue, doesn't really matter what shell07:26
eugenei will look at that in awhile.07:27
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
eugenedragorn: what are you doing with your n800 nowadays :)07:27
eugenei think the ability to reflash your n800 is a great life saver and at the same time gives you the opportunity to play with things07:27
dragornwatching it sit on my desk until I have time to figure out how to rewrite my cairo code to handle the backleveled libs07:28
eugenenod nod07:28
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
eugenedragorn: i haven't got the change to learn to program gui stuff yet. i should07:30
dragorni dislike gui programming07:39
dragornit's annoying07:39
eugene3nod nod07:41
eugenegee did you manage to get nfs mount working ?07:46
eugenei can't seem to install nfs-common:07:48
eugeneThe following packages have unmet dependencies: nfs-common: Depends: adduser but it is not installable07:48
dick-richardsonis there a way to add autoremove to the version of apt-get in the n800?07:52
eugenedick-richardson: you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list or use application manager to add a new repository07:53
dick-richardsonyes, but how do you remove dependencies that were installed when you've removed the software that required it?07:53
*** Vudentz has quit IRC07:53
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC07:53
*** klausade has quit IRC07:53
*** timeless has quit IRC07:53
*** `0660 has quit IRC07:53
*** Pierre has quit IRC07:53
*** bmidgley has quit IRC07:53
*** wumpus has quit IRC07:53
eugeneargh... nfs mount hung n80007:54
eugenedick-richardson: not sure if there is deborphan there07:55
dragornnever tried nfs07:57
eugenethere it goes again07:58
eugeneoh i know why it hung now. silly me :)07:58
*** ChannelZ has joined #maemo07:59
ChannelZWhat is the 'path of least resistance' on getting developer tools running for Maemo 2.2 (for Nokia 770)?  The instructions/tutorial at have broken links and missing or wrong information08:00
eugeneInterrupt hmm08:02
eugenedragorn: nfs worked... but i'm using my custom kernel zImage08:03
eugeneit just takes a long time to mount though08:03
*** dick-richardson has left #maemo08:03
eugeneah portmap is not running08:03
*** `0660 has joined #maemo08:04
*** tank1789 has joined #maemo08:04
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo08:08
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo08:08
*** klausade has joined #maemo08:08
*** timeless has joined #maemo08:08
*** wumpus has joined #maemo08:08
*** Pierre has joined #maemo08:08
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo08:08
Dr_NunimSeriously whats up with the maemo repository.08:11
*** megabyte405 has quit IRC08:12
*** zwnj has joined #maemo08:13
KaylaKazeChannelZ: I've got it installed fine and it STILL doesn't work08:13
ChannelZHmm.  how so?08:14
ChannelZ(not that I can help :)08:14
*** tank1789 has left #maemo08:14
ChannelZ is just wrong;  There's missing text (you have to look at the page source to see critical things which are in wierd HTML comments, not sure what is going on there) but the links to certain packages are dead, instructions don't match what actually occurs, etc.  it's frustrating08:15
ChannelZI'm only trying to compile some dinky CLI apps08:16
*** tank17 has quit IRC08:16
KaylaKazeOne easy thing you can do is install the bora version. It has 2 scripts in the archive that pretty much autoinstall the whole thing08:17
KaylaKazethen you download the 2.2 files and scratchbox almost does all the work when you tell it to set up a new environment08:18
*** twogood has joined #maemo08:19
Dr_NunimWhoever fixed the repository will get a cookie.08:20
ChannelZWell I've gotten as far as getting scratchbox installed and I think working, and the i386 stuff of the maemo junk.08:21
eugenei wish ls has colours :)08:22
ChannelZWhere things get confusing is how to build a binary for the device it's self, and this QEMU stuff08:23
KaylaKazeI didn't mess with qenu08:23
eugenegee. there's no make deb?08:23
ChannelZIs it not a requirement?08:23
KaylaKazeI don't know. the 386 part never worked ebough for me ro bother with it08:24
KaylaKazeI don't think it's needed. Laika doesb't say anything about needing it08:24
ChannelZwell this tutorial says you either need to use it, or to use the actual device to cross-compile.. but then doesn't explain any of that or what any of it means.08:25
*** koen has joined #maemo08:26
KaylaKazewell, if that's true, the devs are morons. There's no real reason you need the actual CPU or an emulator to compile except for imcompetence of the initial developers.08:26
*** koen|train has joined #maemo08:29
ChannelZI dunno, I just am having a hard time mostly due to lack of frame of reference, I think.  I'm new to this stuff and it seems like the information I've found so far leaves out so much stuff, possibly because it assumes you know other things already.08:30
ChannelZThis tutorial seems like is needed except that it appears to be largely incorrect - in spite of the fact that I'm using versions of things it's recommending.08:30
ChannelZI'm going to try installing a Debian box and using their prepackaged scratchbox packages and see if I can get further without banging my head against the wall.08:31
eugenen800 rebooted. kernel panic.08:33
*** koen has quit IRC08:33
Dr_NunimOoh, I love kernel panic.08:33
*** koen|train has quit IRC08:33
eugenei'm working on some stuff08:34
*** zwnj has quit IRC08:34
*** koen|train has joined #maemo08:34
eugeneany idea how to disable the white background picture when you boot up n800 and display verbose booting messages instead?08:36
KaylaKazeI've just decided to use AJAX and PHP of Python for any 770 coding I need to do08:36
infobot_KaylaKaze meant: I've just decided to use AJAX and PHP or Python for any 770 coding I need to do08:37
*** bergie has quit IRC08:37
ChannelZI am trying to get a little tool running to talk to my digital camera out the USB port08:37
eugeneis there a way to do a make install within n800 prompt?08:41
keesjyou can do a tar zxvf file or apt-get xxx08:43
eugeneguess i am going to install it into /usr/local, then tar cvjf it and tar xvjf it into the device08:44
*** zwnj has joined #maemo08:44
*** melmoth has joined #maemo08:45
keesjchannel do you have usb-host working?08:45
ChannelZwell I've used the flasher to turn it on, but I dunno if it's actually 'working' since so far I haven't been able to get the dev tools running to write any app to do anything with it :)08:51
*** jacques has quit IRC08:53
*** pleemans has joined #maemo08:56
*** pleemans_ has joined #maemo08:56
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:01
*** pleemans_ has quit IRC09:04
*** joshin has quit IRC09:05
*** ericz_ has quit IRC09:10
*** latzko has joined #maemo09:10
latzkoI am trying to show virtual keyboard just for test like this: but it doesn't show it. can you help what's wrong with that?09:12
latzkoactually I want to use vkb in SDL programs, that's the test for...09:14
* ChannelZ is still trying to get the dev tools working so no I can't help you sorry09:17
*** koen|train has quit IRC09:21
eugenefork(sh: /usr/local/libexec/systemtap/stp_check: not found09:21
eugene)  i wonder why it can't find. the PATH thing is quite screwed up i feel09:21
melmothhola eugene09:31
melmothlatzko, i doubt the virtual kb works with sdl :(09:31
eugenemelmoth: hi...09:31
eugenemelmoth: argh :/ :)09:31
* ChannelZ installs ubuntu on a spare computer09:32
ChannelZoops wrong win09:33
melmotheugene, if you cant fix it..Workaround it..what about puting stp_check in /usr/bin ? :)09:33
latzkomelmoth: I see....Now I am trying to bring it up in a simple gtk application but I can't succeed09:33
melmothin simple gtk application, well, the one i played came automagically as soon as a text entry widget is selected09:34
eugenemelmoth: apparently, it could be the system() call09:34
*** twogood has quit IRC09:34
melmothlatzko, i never try to make it appear outside of the automagical way..there may be a way though.09:35
*** ChannelZ has quit IRC09:35
latzkoYes, I found code snipplets, also in GtkEntry code09:36
latzko here is what I try09:36
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo09:37
*** phyre has quit IRC09:37
eugenesh -c /usr/local/libexec/systemtap/stp_check09:37
eugenesh: /usr/local/libexec/systemtap/stp_check: not found09:37
eugeneso it's the busybox crappy sh implementation09:37
eugenels /usr/local/libexec/systemtap/stp_check09:37
eugeneand the file is there.09:37
eugenemelmoth: i'm tired. it's your turn to think why :)09:37
latzko hildon_gtk_im_context_show must bring it up but somehow it does not09:38
melmothlatzko, just a bet...but what about setting a osso context ?09:38
melmothmay be the kb is 'asked' to come via an osso rpc call09:38
melmothwich may fail if there is no context09:39
melmothi m just guessing, this could be complete bollocks :)09:39
latzkogood point :) thanks09:40
melmothmelmoth@satellite:~$ /scratchbox/tools/bin/sh --help09:43
melmothGNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release-(i686-pc-linux-gnu)09:43
melmothits.... bash09:43
eugenemelmoth: scratchbox != n800 :)09:43
eugene/home/user # ls -l `which sh`09:43
eugenelrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            7 Jul  5 12:52 /bin/sh -> busybox09:43
melmothoh.. your stuff works in scratchbox and not on the n800 ?09:44
eugeneno... i test it directly on n800.... the environment in scratchbox is not entirely identical to n80009:44
*** jkyro has joined #maemo09:45
*** tank17 has joined #maemo09:52
eugenei fixed it09:57
melmothwhat was the problem ?09:57
eugeneso my script declared #!/bin/bash, and we all know that n800 uses busybox sh and not bash09:57
eugenedamn, why isn't the error obvious09:57
melmothit would be too easy !09:58
eugenesigh i hope it doesn't crash again. it's like the 6th time already09:58
eugenebut i am tired09:58
eugenesome progress though09:58
eugene/mnt/initfs/tmp/test/users/eteo/home/eteo/systemtap # staprun stap_bd86b4e8bc0470fbc2f687d6f217e625_144.ko09:58
eugeneERROR: module machine mismatch (armv6l vs armv5tel)09:58
eugeneERROR: module release mismatch (2.6.18-omap1 vs 2.6.18-4-686)09:59
eugene/mnt/initfs/tmp/test/users/eteo/home/eteo/systemtap # staprun stap_bd86b4e8bc0470fbc2f687d6f217e625_144.ko09:59
eugeneERROR: module machine mismatch (armv6l vs armv5tel)09:59
eugeneERROR: module release mismatch (2.6.18-omap1 vs 2.6.18-4-686)09:59
eugenewhoops, sorry for the multiple pasting09:59
*** Zenton_ is now known as Zenton10:02
*** milhouse has quit IRC10:06
*** djcb has quit IRC10:06
eugenegreat, wrote a quick hack to bypass that for now10:06
*** milhouse has joined #maemo10:07
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo10:07
*** povbot` has joined #maemo10:13
eugenestap -p4 -r 2.6.18-omap1 -e 'probe begin { printf("systemtap test\n") }'10:13
*** bilboed has joined #maemo10:17
latzkoosso init is noth enough...maybe d-bus also must setup10:18
*** coderanger has left #maemo10:25
*** mattmmatt has quit IRC10:26
*** mattmmatt has joined #maemo10:26
*** povbot has quit IRC10:27
*** rkaway has left #maemo10:28
*** rkaway has joined #maemo10:28
*** guru3_ is now known as guru310:28
*** guardian has joined #maemo10:31
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC10:31
eugenemelmoth: sigh10:36
eugeneoh ya i forgot10:40
eugenestrace for arm might not be the same one for x86 :(10:40
eugenei think.10:40
suihkulokkieugene: nice to see systemtap working :)10:43
eugenesuihkulokki: hehe. almost.10:44
eugenekprobes/jprobes/kretprobes is definitely working. systemtap requires some hacks to get it to work. but i'm facing a little problem finding the vmlinux :/10:45
suihkulokkifinding vmlinux?10:46
eugenewell, it needs the kernel-debuginfo. i have it after building my custom kernel, but systemtap doesn't seem to even want to search for it. i am not sure if strace is telling the truth.10:47
latzkohuh, I also initialized dbus but vkb does not come up...10:47
*** felipec has joined #maemo10:48
suihkulokkistrace is slightly buggy on arm eabi10:48
suihkulokkiI've seen reporting things like open(lmx.maemo/senigne-ktg/erahs/rsu/)10:52
eugenenot sure why it forked when in x86, it didn't10:52
*** dneary has joined #maemo10:55
*** gwak has joined #maemo10:57
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:58
*** twogood has joined #maemo11:02
*** Zenton has quit IRC11:05
guardianinz: thx for the tip, sshfs works just fine11:05
inzguardian, great11:06
*** mattmmatt has quit IRC11:08
latzkohm, vkb comes up on tablet but not in x86 target of sbox!11:15
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:23
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo11:31
JaffaMorning, all11:32
*** behdad has joined #maemo11:34
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo11:35
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo11:37
*** kkpaul_ has joined #maemo11:37
*** kkpaul_ is now known as kkpaul11:37
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo11:39
eugeneis there a package for the make command?11:40
eugeneoh well, pointless to have make if i don't have gcc and g++ and many lbraries11:45
*** jonnylamb has quit IRC11:48
*** pna has joined #maemo11:57
*** pna has quit IRC12:00
*** florian has joined #maemo12:04
*** zwnj has quit IRC12:14
*** majix has joined #maemo12:14
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo12:15
*** ian_brasil has joined #maemo12:19
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC12:24
janinot much of gtk experience here, so help appreciated. I have  gtk_dialog_new_with_buttons() call, i create a widget with it that has few buttons, in vbox i pack few labels and number edito..12:30
janiaah never mind ..12:31
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:36
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC12:42
*** pna has joined #maemo12:43
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo12:46
X-FadeHmm nice, NL gets street level maps for the whole country on openstreetmap, thanks to AND.
*** Free_maN has quit IRC12:52
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo12:53
MoRpHeUzX-Fade: NL ?12:53
X-FadeThe Netherlands12:54
X-FadeFree accurate streetlevel maps is a great thing ;)12:55
MoRpHeUzfor sure! =)12:57
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC12:59
*** chrissturm has joined #maemo13:02
*** zwnj has joined #maemo13:04
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC13:08
*** osphy has joined #maemo13:09
*** phyre has joined #maemo13:11
*** pna has quit IRC13:13
JaffaHmm, thread on ITT says "new firmware out" (haven't read it yet)13:14
JaffaOh, it's a "joke".13:15
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo13:20
lardmanhmm, why does the ITU charge for its information?13:25
lardmanAnyone have a pointer to a free description of G.729?13:25
* lardman tries the wikipedia links13:26
*** jkyro has quit IRC13:28
lardmanHmm, Speex it is13:40
*** madam has joined #maemo13:45
lardmanCan clients such as Skype select Speex as a codec to use, or are they stuck with on of the patented versions?13:45
madamhello all; i hope not everyone is having a lunch now...?13:45
lardmannope, though you're making me hungry talking about it ;)13:46
*** Zenton has joined #maemo13:46
rwhitbyheh, Skype, and user selection, in the same sentence.  Now *that's* funny.13:46
madami'm looking for the source of Media Player of N800. maybe you can help me13:46
GathajaI'm having some problems using shared libary. My program works fine in scratchbox but when I transfer it to the n800 it doesn't work right. It runs but it's like it doesn't do the library calls at all, like it skips them or something. Obviously something's wrong with dll but I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas?13:46
madami've read something about it being closed but i'm not sure13:46
robtaylormadam: closed13:47
madamrob: thanks for the confirmation13:47
*** joshin has joined #maemo13:47
robtaylormadam: any particular reason you wanted the source?13:48
melmothGathaja, compare the output of 'ldd yourbinary' on both environment ?13:48
lardmanrwhitby: I've never had any use for voip, I get free calls and cheap international too13:48
*** vidar has quit IRC13:48
rwhitbyvoip (Gizmo in particular, but any SIP client would do) has saved my company many dollars in the last few months.13:49
lardmanrwhitby: But I was looking in the wishlist at the codecs people wanted, g.729, and was trying to work out whether that was doable13:49
madamrob: just curious; i was unable to locae the source for many programs13:49
*** vidarino has joined #maemo13:49
madamrob: and i couldn't understand what's wrong13:49
lardmanmadam: A fair few of the apps are closed13:49
*** roope has quit IRC13:49
madamlardman: perhaps there's is list of there apps on somewhere the wiki?13:50
rwhitbylardman: and the n800 is much better than a desk phone :-)13:50
rwhitby(when running Gizmo)13:50
lardmanmadam: hmm, I don;t think so13:50
lardmanrwhitby: Yeah, I may find a use for it when there's more wifi in random places in the UK13:51
Gathajamelmoth: I'll try that13:51
rwhitbylardman: my usage at home and work justifies the cost of the n800 alone.13:52
* sbaturzio is away: time for lunch13:57
*** pcfe has joined #maemo13:58
madamme goes too; thanks for your help14:02
*** madam has quit IRC14:03
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:03
*** phyre has quit IRC14:04
*** matt_c has quit IRC14:17
GathajaI can't run ldd on the device. Says "ldd: not found" even though it is in /usr/bin and I tried to run it /usr/bin/ldd14:27
janiGathaja: seems the ldd in the device is borked ..14:32
*** konttori has joined #maemo14:32
janiits a shell script, first problem is that it tries to use #!/bin/bash as interpreter which is obviously missing since there's no bash but busybox in the dev ..14:33
*** mat|work has left #maemo14:33
janiits propably minor issue but too much work to do currently14:36
inzGathaja, /lib/ --list <binaryname>14:36
Gathajainz: thanks14:37
*** behdad has quit IRC14:44
*** luck^ has joined #maemo14:47
janiso it does work ?14:47
robtaylorluck^: hey, I've just nearly finished building python2.5 based of the current ubuntu packaging!14:49
robtaylorluck^: in fact, it just finished..14:49
luck^robtaylor, cool! any big issue?14:49
robtaylorluck^: nope, no big ones, hangon, i'll pastebin you the interdiff14:50
luck^robtaylor, ok!14:50
suihkulokkirobtaylor where did you pick up libffi4 ?14:51
robtaylorsuihkulokki: mm. i think i built that myself, but i also think the current pymaemo packages come with libffi14:51
luck^there is a libffi4 in
robtaylorthere, i knew it was somewhere :)14:52
suihkulokkiI had a look at it, it seemed very old, I'm suprised it really works on arm eabi14:53
luck^osvaldo was working with pymaemo before.. I think he applied some patches to work with eabi, etc14:54
robtaylorluck^: oh, hangon, i need to rebuild it from clean now14:54
*** jkyro has joined #maemo14:54
suihkulokkiluck^: did he submit them upstream?14:55
luck^suihkulokki, no.. I think he just did this pymaemo package14:55
luck^robtaylor, no problem.. I think this will solve #736.. its about an email asking for some debian compatibility14:56
chrissturmhow does maemo power management work? Is there a mode where the device is turned off, but wakes up like every 20 minutes to check mail?14:56
robtaylorluck^: rock. it'll solve a lot of my issues too14:56
luck^Ed Bartosh was proposing himself to use pycentral14:56
robtaylorluck^: already got that packaged14:56
luck^robtaylor, nice14:57
Gathajajani: --list worked nicely, if that's what you meant14:58
robtaylorthough i guess i'll need to revert a new changes once we have debian-style python2.514:58
*** Zenton has quit IRC14:59
*** Zenton has joined #maemo14:59
luck^robtaylor, I'll take a look15:00
*** ab has joined #maemo15:00
robtaylorluck^: i ws thinking,. it might be ncie to have all the packaging in git, with a branch where we can import the latestdebian packaging, and a branch to store maemo packging on15:00
konttoriukmp 1.4 and uktube 0.6 out15:00
robtaylorluck^: should help with staying up-to-date :)15:00
*** feig has quit IRC15:00
konttoritwo videos showing new features for both of them15:00
suihkulokkiluck^: we need someone to fix libffi4 in gcc-4.2 @ debian's armel port15:00
robtaylorkonttori: got any coherence support goig in ukmp yet?15:01
konttoriuktube 0.6 has support for streaming youtube and dailymotion videos.15:01
konttorirobtaylor: nope.15:01
konttoriFor some reason, it's been a bit hard for me to do it.15:01
konttorimostly probably because I don't have a upnp server on my osx15:02
konttoriand I've been unable to get coherences media server working correctly15:02
*** booiiing has quit IRC15:02
robtaylorkonttori: :(15:02
konttorianyway, dev has been really helpful, It's really just been my own problems getting python to work properly on my osx.15:02
luck^robtaylor, you can file a request in I'm not really used to git, but I heard only good comments about it15:03
konttoriI think coherence is a great lib and I REALLY would like to get it up and running for ukmp, just not luck so far.15:03
chrissturmkonttori: dunno if that helps, but theres a upnp av plugin for azureus 3.015:03
konttoriI'll try it! Thanks!15:04
konttoriyou mean vuze?15:04
konttorilooks wicked cool.15:04
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:05
konttoriis upnp plugin in there by default?15:05
luck^robtaylor, rigth now we're a bit busy, but its possible to put this task in our roadmap15:05
chrissturmkonttori: yes15:05
konttorigreat stuff15:05
robtaylorluck^: nice :)15:06
luck^suihkulokki, humm.. I remember we had some problem to find libffi4 source code15:06
saiamIs there any telepathy modules (except the standard ones) that are actually working with the standard N800 IM-software?15:06
konttoriis the new firmware out yet?15:06
*** lmoura_ is now known as lmoura15:06
robtaylorluck^: i just had another idea - maybe we can get the debain/ubuntu main (mattias klose) to accept some packages that build slightly differently if the distro is a maemo distro15:07
zeenixrobtaylor: you still have't embraced the truth that gupnp is going to ruthlessly crush coherence soon? :P15:07
robtaylorzeenix: when it works, i'll take a look ;)15:07
robtaylorzeenix: are you going to support file upload?15:08
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch15:08
robtaylorzeenix: btw. coherence also makes a great media server, so no need to fight..15:09
robtaylorits the only (FLOSS) one that supports transcoding and file uploads15:10
luck^robtaylor, cool.. would be great. In the future python will be an official package of maemo distro15:10
robtaylorluck^: so i heard :)15:10
zeenixrobtaylor: last time i tried to install the coherence media server, i got into a few problems and it seemed to be quite bloated too15:12
konttoriAnyway, I hope you guys could have a test of uktube 0.6 today if you are using uktube. I'm going away for a while tomorrow, so I can really do bugfixes well only on today.15:13
zeenixrobtaylor: what file upload btw?15:13
devzeenix: ImportResource, that's an UPnP ContentDirectory action15:15
zeenixah! we are still writing the framework15:16
latzkohi, I can bring virtual keyboard up from code on tablet with hildon_gtk_im_context_show () , but it does not work in sbox x86 target, so testing is a bit hard...Can you help me why? thanks15:16
zeenixonce there is a nice, small frameword written in C, we (and others) can then make nice control points and devices on it15:16
infobot_zeenix meant: once there is a nice, small framework written in C, we (and others) can then make nice control points and devices on it15:17
devzeenix: sure15:17
zeenixImportResource should be too hard to implement15:18
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:19
devbeing a C-programmer for 25years, made software for systems where 5 people shared a System-V with 512kB, I just don't get that "once there is a nice, small framework written in C"15:24
devbut anyway, if it would have been there 12months ago I would probably work with you on it :-)15:25
*** jkyro has quit IRC15:26
*** sp3000 is now known as tt15:28
luck^robtaylor, ok15:30
*** ttuttle has joined #maemo15:33
*** ttuttle has left #maemo15:33
*** tt is now known as sp300015:34
luck^robtaylor, we apply patches to reduce footprint too15:34
*** xnix has quit IRC15:37
luck^ deb bora main    seems to be down15:37
robtaylorluck^: what error are you getting?15:38
luck^Err bora/main Packages15:38
luck^  404 Not Found15:38
*** matt_c has quit IRC15:39
robtaylorluck^: :/
chrissturmluck^: its not bora/main but bora main15:39
*** matt_c has joined #maemo15:39
luck^chrissturm, thanks! :)15:40
robtaylormm. looks like i need to rebuild   python-central python-configobj python-docutils python-louie python-roman python-setuptools python-twisted-core python-twisted-web python-zopeinterface15:41
luck^robtaylor :)  ..hey.. and what is the "main" package to install?15:42
robtaylorluck^: python2.515:42
*** bergie has quit IRC15:42
*** edistar has quit IRC15:46
robtaylorluck^: yeah, size is slightly higher - 2867142 versus 204369815:46
robtaylorand of course, there's python2.5-minimal too15:47
luck^hummm.. we need to study this possibility15:48
robtaylorhmm, odd though15:48
*** felipec has quit IRC15:49
robtaylorhmm, odd though dpkg -L python2.5-minimal | xargs ls -ld | awk '{print $5}' | sum gives 1768915:49
robtaylordpkg -L python2.5 | xargs ls -ld | awk '{print $5}' | sum gives 5731115:49
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC15:50
robtaylorhmm, i think there's soemthing wrong here15:50
*** Vudentz has quit IRC15:51
robtayloroh, its just my shell foo15:52
*** kenneth has joined #maemo15:53
*** kenneth is now known as kenne15:53
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo15:56
robtaylorluck^: dpkg -L python2.5-minimal | xargs ls -ld | awk '{ sum+= $5 } END {print sum}' -> 359335615:57
robtaylordpkg -L python2.5 | xargs ls -ld | awk '{ sum+= $5 } END {print sum}' -> 854875415:57
*** felipec has joined #maemo15:58
robtaylorso we probably do need to chop some stuff off15:58
* sbaturzio is back (gone 02:00:32)15:58
luck^robtaylor, yeah... a lot of fat to burn15:58
robtaylorluck^: do you have a list of what you chopped before?15:59
*** tank17 has quit IRC15:59
luck^robtaylor, no.. just the patches inside pymaemo tree15:59
X-FadeHmmm did anyone try to use Sardine on N800 lately? Buggy doesn't even start to describe the experience for me. It is really not useable at the moment..16:03
robtaylorluck^: btw, this requires devian devkit 1.0.8 to build16:03
milhouseSardine didn't work for me yesterday... lib thumbnail package blowing up or something16:04
robtaylorluck^: If i can, i'd like to leave trimming to yiu guys and get pycentral etc back up to date16:04
X-Fademilhouse: Clicking on the Internet Icon restarts the desktop for me. A lot of icons are missing, menus don't work or sometimes work..16:05
milhouse_Monkey, Sardine is (very) unstable16:05
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:05
luck^robtaylor, its ok16:05
milhouse_Monkey, Sardine is also
_Monkeyokay, milhouse.16:05
_Monkeysomebody said Sardine was (very) unstable or
milhouseX-Fade - I couldn't even get Sardine to upgrade on my N80016:07
chrissturmwhat is sardine?16:07
_Monkeysardine is, like, (very) unstable or
X-Fademilhouse: Well, that did work for me 2 days ago. But I'm surprised that it is still so incredibly broken.16:08
chrissturmwho cares what it is as long as we can upgrade to it16:08
milhousex-fade: it's a common feature of sardine, i guess it's the nature of the beast16:09
*** etrunko has joined #maemo16:09
X-Fademilhouse: Well, unstable ok.. But display corruption out of the box, not working menus etc. That is a bit too much :)16:09
milhouseif you want something that works, you probably sould give herring a go16:10
milhousethe problem you saw the other day may have been transient (he says, hopefully)16:10
*** tank17 has joined #maemo16:10
*** xnix has joined #maemo16:11
milhouseinfobot guide?16:11
_Monkeywell, infobot guide is
infobot_guide is probably at
milhousehmmm... bot wrestling16:11
milhousetrain _Monkey well... :)16:12
milhousefirmware is 770 (
milhouse_Monkey, firmware is 770 (
_Monkeyi already had it that way, milhouse.16:14
milhouseooh, silly me16:14
_Monkeyi heard firmware was 770 (
milhousefirmware is also N800 (
_Monkeyokay, milhouse.16:14
milhousefirmware is also Flasher binaries (
_Monkeyokay, milhouse.16:15
_Monkeyrumour has it firmware is 770 ( or N800 ( or Flasher binaries (
*** osphy has quit IRC16:16
*** jonnylamb has joined #maemo16:16
milhouseITT is
_Monkeyitt is, like,
*** feig has joined #maemo16:16
milhousekarma for inz16:17
_Monkeyinz has neutral karma16:17
milhousekarma for inz16:17
_Monkeyinz has karma of 116:17
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo16:18
*** bilboed_ has joined #maemo16:23
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:24
*** Zword is now known as Zword_AFK16:24
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo16:25
*** N800-Freak has joined #maemo16:25
*** Zenton has quit IRC16:26
*** Zenton has joined #maemo16:28
*** majix has quit IRC16:28
* Jaffa yawns16:29
*** vivijim has joined #maemo16:32
*** Zenton is now known as Zenton_16:35
chrissturmdoes installing a new firmware reset the memory of the device? will I have to install all apps again?16:38
chrissturmdoes it clear the home directory too?16:39
milhouse_monkey, reflashing is <reply>will reset your devices memory to factory default16:39
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:39
janii think so.16:39
_Monkeywill reset _Monkey's devices memory to factory default16:40
milhouseforget reflashing16:40
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot reflashing16:40
milhouse_monkey, reflashing is <reply>will reset \your devices memory to factory default16:40
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:40
chrissturmso any time nokia puts out a new firmware i lose all my configs?16:40
_Monkeywill reset your devices memory to factory default16:40
milhouseyou can backup your data using the backup function16:41
milhousein the next firmware (hopefully) you will be able to "backup" installed applications too and reinstall them automatically post reflash16:41
janii think there was some talk about that in application manager ..16:41
milhouse_monkey, no reflashing is <reply>Reflashing will reset \your devices memory to factory default and wipe your home directory - use backup so that you can restore your data to the new firmware16:42
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:42
_Monkeywill reset your devices memory to factory default16:42
milhouseforget reflashing16:42
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot reflashing16:43
milhouse_monkey, reflashing is <reply>Reflashing will reset \your devices memory to factory default and wipe your home directory - use backup so that you can restore your data to the new firmware16:43
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:43
_MonkeyReflashing will reset your devices memory to factory default and wipe _Monkey's home directory - use backup so that you can restore _Monkey's data to the new firmware16:43
milhousearghhh... :)16:43
milhouseforget reflashing16:43
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot reflashing16:43
milhouse_monkey, reflashing is <reply>Reflashing will reset \your devices memory to factory default and wipe \your home directory - use backup so that you can restore \your data to the new firmware16:43
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:43
milhouseforget no reflashing16:43
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot no reflashing16:43
_MonkeyReflashing will reset your devices memory to factory default and wipe your home directory - use backup so that you can restore your data to the new firmware16:43
chrissturmthat was easy16:44
milhouseonce i got the hang of it...16:44
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:44
milhouse_monkey nice day is <reply>You betcha, $who.16:44
_MonkeyOK, milhouse.16:44
milhousenice day16:44
_MonkeyYou betcha, milhouse.16:44
chrissturmcan i load the n800 via the usb port?16:46
milhouseyou can mount the n800 as a mass storage device if that's what you mean16:46
milhouseyou can't charge via the USB port16:46
chrissturmthat would have been very nice.16:47
milhouseoh yes...16:48
gomiamI don't see it making much sense, anyway16:48
gomiamyou have your charger, don't you?16:48
milhouseyou can buy something called the CA-100 which kind of allows charging via USB - it's a USB to 2mm adapter16:48
chrissturmgomiam: carrying around the charger is no fun16:48
gomiamwell, it's not too bothering for me16:49
chrissturmi can have the n800 in my pocket, but not the charger16:49
chrissturmbut most people i visit have usb cables lying around16:49
milhousenot cheap :(16:49
gomiamI have a little bag where I carry the N800, its cables and chargers and even some mobile cables too16:49
gomiamI wouldn't carry the N800 in my pocket, anyway, I don't trust the felt cover.16:50
*** _Shurik_ has joined #maemo16:50
milhousegomiam: need that Nokia case!!!16:50
chrissturmi still dont get how the powermanagement works, it happens quite often that i have the n800 lying somewhere, and then ist empty16:51
chrissturmi thought "lock device and display" should suspend it16:51
X-Fadechrissturm: Is it connected to the network?16:51
X-FadeVoip or IM active?16:52
milhouselock device and display does _not_ suspend it (unlike the old 770)16:52
chrissturmhow can i suspend it then?16:52
chrissturmX-Fade: i have only claws running16:52
*** unique311 has joined #maemo16:52
milhouseflight mode would probably be the closes thing to suspend16:52
gomiammilhouse: yet it still goes a long way to save battery, if you have set the non-connected mode first16:52
milhousethere is a hidden suspend mode in the menu, but i think it got broken in the last firmware update16:53
gomiamI didn't know that :-)16:53
gla55_i just love 770's cover->sleep thing16:53
X-Fadechrissturm: it is probably constantly using wifi..16:53
milhousegla55_ - nokias biggest mistake with the n80016:53
chrissturmit would be great to have a mode where it only polls the wifi at intervals to check mail16:53
chrissturmand sleeps the rest of the time16:53
gomiamyup, wifi connection will do that (even more if it's on 100mW)16:53
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo16:53
X-Fadechrissturm: For voip and IM it needs the always on..16:54
gla55_milhouse: some slider button or something that would do the same thing as putting on the cover would have been nice16:54
gomiamchriss... that might be programmed into it. Say... some crontab-ed script...16:54
milhousejust a cover would be nice (Nokia - are you listening? where's the case??)16:54
chrissturmdo you guys think there will be a new IT in the next 12 months?16:55
milhousePower management profiles would also be good16:55
gla55_in next 12? sure16:55
chrissturmbut not in the next 6?16:55
milhousedefinately, and hopefully closer to the tail end of 12 monhts16:55
X-Fadechrissturm: We even know it's name :)16:56
milhousehopefully not16:56
gomiammm... if Skype support is going to be integrated16:56
gomiamI expect to have a new update quite soon.16:56
gomiamdon't know if it qualifies as being a new IT16:56
milhouseit's looking more like a seperate download16:56
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:56
milhousebut can still be integrated16:56
milhousejust not a part of the firmware itself (which is a good thing)16:57
X-Fadegomiam: My guess is that that will be a download. Just like Rhapsody is?16:57
gomiammilhouse: I don't know. What I have read about looks like it would require reflashing. I may be wrong.16:57
gomiamand it actually would make much more sense16:57
chrissturmI am expecting more communication tools, not just skype, but what do i know...16:58
milhousegomiam: you'll need to reflash for the new firmware. i assume Skype won't work with the current firmware so in that sense you'll need to reflash to install skype.16:58
X-FadeSome extra codecs would be nice :) My N95 plays m4a and mp4, the N800 should do that too!16:59
*** vivijim has joined #maemo17:00
gla55_playing n95 high res videos would be nice17:00
unique311how do i use this bot17:01
unique311infobot_, where is Dr_Nunim17:01
X-Fadegla55_: But still the n800 has way better battery live than the n95. So linux powersaving isn't that bad after all ;)17:01
joshinAnyone know of an app that gives better control of the display on the N770?  I'd like to leave the display & backlight powered on when plugged into the wall.17:02
*** jkyro has joined #maemo17:02
gla55_X-Fade: n800 doesn't do as much17:02
chrissturmrotating the display would be great to have in a future firmware17:02
X-Fadegla55_: Well, idle at my desk both connected to wifi the N800 still beats it 3 times orso :)17:03
gla55_X-Fade: besides, n95 has a quite long standby time compared to 770 or n800 when they're "on"17:03
gomiamchrissturm: mmm... at least rotating it for PDf reading :-)17:03
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo17:03
k-s[WORK]konttori: hi dude17:03
pupnik  for the ppl in the USA17:03
chrissturmgomiam: but rotating does work with evince17:03
* pupnik hops17:03
konttorik-s: hi!17:03
unique311 update?17:04
gomiamoh, but I didn't want to install yet another PDF reader17:04
eugenehas anyone installed gcc, g++, make, etc in n800?17:04
gomiamthe bag I scavenged for my N800 and companion cables :-)17:05
gomiamquestion: is there a N800 stand-alone charger?17:06
eugenegomiam: this's what i got for my n800:
gomiamoops, I meant a N800 battery stand-alone charger17:06
gla55_gomiam: just use any 2mm nokia charger?17:06
k-s[WORK]konttori: did you see my evas demo?17:06
gla55_no idea17:06
eugenek-s[WORK]: that's yours? it's awesome17:06
gomiamthat way I can have two batteries and charge one while the other one is being used :-)17:07
k-s[WORK]eugene: :-)17:07
eugenek-s[WORK]: nice blog too17:07
k-s[WORK]eugene: we're pushing it for turbo graphics here :-)17:07
k-s[WORK]eugene: expect many great apps using it, both from here and friends17:07
gomiamnice casing, eugene17:07
eugenek-s[WORK]: looking forward to it!17:07
eugenegomiam: thanks17:07
milhouseinfobot guide?17:07
infobot_rumour has it, guide is at
_Monkeyhmmm... infobot guide is
gomiamI just keep the felt bag inside the blue bag.17:07
gomiamwell, I'll get back to studying17:08
gomiamno rest for the wicked and all that17:08
gla55_gomiam: haven't seen a nokia standalone battery charger in..  well.. 10 years?17:08
pupnikhi unique31117:08
milhouseUnique311 - train him well...17:08
unique311you need to check out the documentary American Blackout..17:08
gomiamgla55_: I had to ask, just in case :-D17:09
unique311republicans will do anything, and i mean anything17:09
unique311ron paul talks a good talk right now..17:09
gla55_gomiam: i sometimes use my extra s60 phones for charging up bl-5c's :p17:10
gwakunique311: its easy to talk like that when you have no money and are at the bottom of the poles ;-]17:10
unique311well thats also ture17:10
milhouseUKMP is a Media Player, available for download at
_Monkeyi heard ukmp was a Media Player, available for download at
* eugene blogs17:11
trevarthanhey konttori, did you ever get my ukmp-dev running?17:12
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:13
unique311sent you a PM pupnik17:16
gomiamUKMP has been a bit of a disappointment for me17:17
gomiamsome Youtube videos only played right the first time17:18
_Shurik_I don't like the extra step for UKMP17:18
gomiamsince I'm going to convert them to MPG or something like that, anyway, I don't care anymore.17:18
gomiam"extra step"?17:18
_Shurik_well, perhaps I just don't know how to tie it into opera to pull in video automatically17:19
_Shurik_but I had to paste URL into it17:19
gomiamah, you mean your needing to cut&paste the URLs17:19
gomiamwell, it isn't much of a hassle to me17:20
_Shurik_well it's okay when you know exactly what you want to see17:20
_Shurik_but if you're browsing - it gets annoying pretty fast17:20
gomiammight be17:20
_Shurik_the idea of youtube is virtually instant streaming :)17:20
gomiama case of misheard lyrics17:20
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:21
*** behdad has joined #maemo17:22
*** kakos has joined #maemo17:23
trevarthangomiam: I think you're confusing UK Tube with UKMP.17:23
gomiamtrue, true17:23
_Shurik_crap, I didn't catch that either17:23
_Shurik_I'm too hung over today17:24
gomiamman, it's Thursday17:24
gomiamyou should wait at least until tonight to get wasted :-D17:24
_Shurik_well yesterday was off17:24
_Shurik_and friend had bday17:25
gomiam (Yankovic at his worst best:-))17:27
_Shurik_I think today is going to be youtube day17:27
gomiamnah, I'll stop referring videos as of now17:28
_Shurik_since that's all my cpu can pull out today17:28
_Shurik_the one in my head17:28
gomiamah :-D17:28
_Shurik_yeah, alcohol is evil17:28
gomiamno, it's ethanol, mostly :-P17:28
_Shurik_right, the rest 60% is harmless :-D17:29
gomiamif you are bored, get there and watch some videos17:29
eugeneis this #maemo?17:30
gomiamyes, after this off-topic interlude, it is again17:30
_Shurik_non maemo related subjects prohibited?17:31
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo17:31
gomiamat least not encouraged, I guess17:31
konttoritrevarthan: Back!17:32
konttoriI just downloaded pysqlite today and haven't yet installed it.17:33
konttoriI'll try out the dev today17:33
gomiammmm... is there an Gnumeric-to-SQLite interface on the N800?17:33
gomiam(a GUI wouldn't hurt either)17:33
gomiamI don't want to install postgresql yet :-)17:34
_Shurik_is that what mapper 2.0 will use?17:34
konttorik-s[work]: what memo?17:34
eugenehehe... just wondering :)17:34
k-s[WORK]konttori: demo:
konttorigomian: what don't you like about ukmp/uktube?17:35
*** N800-Freak has left #maemo17:36
konttorik-s[work]: really nice stuff.. Do you have installer packages for maemo already?17:37
konttorihow big is the eva lib?17:37
*** _Monkey has quit IRC17:38
k-s[WORK]konttori: just for basic packages, demo you need to copy files yourself17:38
gomiamkonttori: it's not that I don't like it. It's just that some videos only played right the first time, and then lost video/audio synchronization.17:38
trevarthankonttori: you shouldn't have to install pysqlite. It comes with python 2.5. You just need python 2.5. That and mplayer are the only dependencies. I'll fix the mplayer dep in the near future for non-a2dpd playback, but a2dpd will need mplayer for a while.17:38
k-s[WORK]konttori: evas + edje (theme) and few other bits are under 3mb17:38
k-s[WORK]konttori: I think that it all, with python bindings are under 3mb17:38
konttoritrevarthan: but osx doesn't have it in python isntalls17:38
konttoriso, I was thinking of testing it first on desktop17:39
trevarthankonttori: run it on the tablet then.17:39
k-s[WORK]konttori: canola and other products will use it, so this size will be disolved :-)17:39
konttoriyeah. and 3 megs is ok anyway.17:39
k-s[WORK]konttori: test evas on desktop?17:40
trevarthankonttori: You mean python2.5 for osx doesn't come with sqlite3 compiled in?17:40
k-s[WORK]konttori: I'll try to package that stuff for ubuntu17:40
*** bueroman has joined #maemo17:40
trevarthankonttori: have you installed python from here?
trevarthanI'm concerned if sqlite3 doesn't come with python on osx. it comes with it on win32...17:41
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:42
chrissturmis there a scummvm 0.10 port for maemo. the scummvm site lists very exotic platforms, but not maemo17:43
*** noknok_ has joined #maemo17:45
noknok_i'm looking for recording camera stream! Anyone have made it before??17:47
gomiamrecording camera stream... through the N800 camera application?17:47
noknok_no, with my own17:47
noknok_but on a N80017:47
*** garrett has joined #maemo17:47
gomiamsomething like podcasting directly from the N800 then?17:48
eugenei think i read it in internetforums before17:48
eugeneabout video streaming to pc17:48
noknok_in fact, i want to send my video on a upnp renderer17:48
gomiamthat should be do-able... don't know how right now, though.17:49
noknok_i've tried with gstreamer but there is no encoder17:49
pupnikchrissturm: yes there is scummvm and it is excellent17:49
pupnikcheck garage.maemo.org17:49
gomiama crude option would be using FUSE and sshfs to write to a remote pipe17:49
noknok_and it can be compile on arm architecture??17:50
devnoknok_: there was a gstreamer pipeline mentioned a few days ago17:50
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman17:50
noknok_which pipeline??17:50
trevarthanthat scummvm thing looks cool. Is there an easy way to buy games for it cheaply?17:51
gomiamyou may want to check abandonware sites17:51
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo17:51
gomiamthat one might be useful17:52
chrissturmtrevarthan: there are some free games available for it, flight of the amazon queen and beneath a steel sky17:52
konttoritrevarthan: I have python 2.4. There is no pygame for python 2.517:52
konttoriand no, it doesn't come with 2.5 either.17:53
konttori.. I think.17:53
devnoknok_:, based on
trevarthankonttori: I'm positive sqlite comes with python 2.5.17:53
trevarthanI'll check on the pygame thing...17:54
konttoritrevarthan: great!17:54
noknok_dev : the page doesn't exist17:54
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo17:54
devand a 'l' to the end17:55
devseems to got lost on pasting17:55
konttoriquite a lot of work, but a really nice idea!17:56
konttorinot that I have even ever tested second life, but ... sounds great!17:56
devkonttori: for the 'normal' streaming one probably doesn't need everything there17:57
konttorigomian: sorry to hear that it looses sync. Are you able to play the same files in sync by using mplayer?17:58
konttoridev: true.17:58
nate12o6does anyone know what kins of radio streams are supported with the n770?17:58
devnoknok_: which MediaRenderer?17:59
noknok_just an Intel example renderer for testing17:59
noknok_but i'd prefere record the video before send it18:00
konttorinate: mp3 radio streams and .rm streams18:01
*** Free_maN has quit IRC18:01
*** X-Fade has quit IRC18:01
trevarthankonttori: yeah, doesn't look like pygame exists for OSX and python 2.5 as a package. You'd have to build it yourself. Somebody has to do it...18:01
konttoriyeah, and make the installer and.... I won't do it.18:01
trevarthankonttori: If you've got python2.5 on your tablet then you could just run it there though.18:02
nate12o6konttori: man that sux.  are there any tricks to get other stream formats?18:02
nate12o6for example the streams from
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo18:04
trevarthankonttori: I don't have a mac, or I'd help you out. :) Sorry man.18:04
chrissturmkonttori: you could try macports18:05
_Shurik_Hey guys, what do you think would be the best way to control winamp on the desktop via n800 (other then vnc or rdesktop)?18:06
JaffaWinAmp's got a remote control protocol IIRC. Nice little TCP Python app & GUI18:06
bstockpossibly design a web interface and run it on the desktop18:06
KaylaKazeor a web based app. there are plugins for that18:06
_Shurik_awsome, that's what I need18:07
_Shurik_oh nice, thank you!18:08
bstockit's old though, may not work for newer winamp versions18:08
_Shurik_now I will have a better way to select music while I'm floating in the pool18:08
_Shurik_well, it's a start though18:08
KaylaKazefor using while floating in the pool, if you're in line of sight to the player, I'd suggest just an IR remote so you don't get your n800 soaked18:10
_Shurik_I keep it in ziploc bag :)18:10
Dr_NunimHow many do you need?18:11
Dr_NunimGah wrong chan.18:11
dragornor pick up a 770 for 1/2 the cost so when you fry it you don't feel so bad18:12
*** slomo has joined #maemo18:12
_Shurik_well, I might stop doing that simply because IT's screen is not very sun friendly18:13
*** xan has joined #maemo18:14
bstocki saw 770's for sale for $14018:16
gla55_also at
dragornYeah, I picked up a second one, goal is to make it the frontend to a car pc18:19
dragorna lot cheaper than a lilliput touchscreen, and hopefully easier to install18:19
dragornjust have to get around to writing some gui code for it18:19
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo18:20
gla55_yeah for 140$ it's not bad a price for a programmable photoframe or newsframe or whatever either..18:20
dragornlittle small for a photo frame maybe, but not bad18:21
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo18:22
_Shurik_but I will not prabably get 770 though. I'd rather put that $140 to the side towards the new tablet :)18:25
JaffaYou mean an N800?18:26
_Shurik_no, n800 is what I have18:28
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo18:28
_Shurik_but I suppose something new will come out in a year or so18:28
pupnikI'm gonna gimp up an image of my dream N900 :P18:30
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:31
_Shurik_pupnik: go for it18:31
konttorichrissturm: macports doesn't list what's included.18:32
k-s[WORK]konttori:  --- evas, edje, ... packages for ubuntu18:32
Andy80I'm very very confused about wich package I need to develop with maemo.... what is the differences betweene these packages:,, ???18:32
konttorik-s[work]: great. I'll test them out on my vmware.18:33
pupnikAndy80: follow the scratchbox howto18:33
chrissturmkonttori: py25-sqlite3 is the package in macports18:33
konttoribut is pygame?18:34
*** Zword_AFK is now known as Zword18:34
Andy80pupnik: wich one? this ? I hope you don't call it an howto :S it has a lot of errors... it'unusable!18:34
chrissturmkonttori: py-game18:35
KaylaKazethe i386 is for when you make a program and test it on 38618:35
nate12o6does anyone know how i can get a .asf internet radio feed playing on my 770?18:36
KaylaKazethere should be a armel-rootstrap for targetting 77018:36
Andy80pupnik: I'm trying to re-write a correct howto in italian and english languages... few months ago I was able to setup a complete development environment but I forgot some things... and I need correct info to write a correct howto :)18:37
KaylaKazeI don't think the "binaries" part is necessary. I'm not sure. I don't think the rootfs ones are, at least18:37
robtaylorluck^: hey, i just built plain-vanilla python-xml straight from unmodified ubuntu source!18:38
pupnikGood job Andy80 .   I forgot what i used to set up the scratchbox root filesystem18:38
Andy80KaylaKaze: so this is enough?18:38
KaylaKazefor making programs to test on the SDK I think it is18:38
*** phyre has joined #maemo18:38
Andy80KaylaKaze: in union with this, offcourse
Andy80so I can build apps for n770 too18:39
KaylaKazeI'm not sure if the cross compiling stuff is needed18:39
KaylaKazeor those nokia binaries. I think those nokia binaries are recommended but not necessary18:39
Andy80KaylaKaze: note... I had those two url saved from the first time I installed it... they're not linked on the official howto :(18:40
*** adoyle has quit IRC18:40
*** adoyle has joined #maemo18:41
Andy80no excuse me... they're linked.... but only in the second part of howto... very confusing...18:41
KaylaKazeI know. I read it18:42
KaylaKazebut in tablets-dev, there are some decent install.txt files18:42
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo18:42
*** noknok_ has quit IRC18:45
*** feig has quit IRC18:46
*** oil has joined #maemo18:47
*** latzko has quit IRC18:47
Andy80KaylaKaze: I finish the italian howto, and I'll test it. You can view it here: but it's in italian language. I'll translate it to english as soon as possible.18:50
nate12o6has anyone had there on screen keyboard go blank on them?  it has all the icons to the left and right but i can write or type in the middle.18:51
JaffaI've heard of it before, but never seen it.18:52
*** Piega` has joined #maemo18:56
*** Free_maN has quit IRC18:56
nate12o6man it really sux.  i cant rix it18:57
*** Piega` has quit IRC18:57
_Shurik_hm, weird18:57
_Shurik_can you switch to handwriting and then back?18:58
nate12o6there both blank18:58
_Shurik_what the heck did you do?18:58
nate12o6it just started coming up blank18:58
_Shurik_sounds like reflash to me18:59
*** Andy80 has quit IRC19:08
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:08
*** mk8 has joined #maemo19:10
mk8Hi to all19:10
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo19:12
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC19:13
_Shurik_why do I have to work today...19:15
*** bilboed_ has quit IRC19:15
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo19:22
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:23
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo19:27
*** feig has joined #maemo19:27
nate12o6anyone have any luck streaming asf?19:30
*** kakos has quit IRC19:32
*** spect has joined #maemo19:33
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:33
pupniknate12o6: maybe mplayer can do it19:34
luck^robtaylor.. sorry.. lunch time and I forgot to change nickname19:34
luck^robtaylor, ubuntu python packages look very useful to maemo19:35
*** mmiller has joined #maemo19:36
*** gwak has quit IRC19:39
*** kakos has joined #maemo19:44
*** chrissturm has quit IRC19:45
robtaylorluck^: hmm, got any tricks to make scratchbox stop being clever and running its builtin python?19:48
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:49
luck^robtaylor, :)  well.. if you can't force the use of python2.5 explicitly another way is to rename the /scratchbox/tools/bin/python to python2.319:50
robtaylorluck^: ok.. I think i'll just have to do small changes to packages to force 2.519:51
luck^but you will get some problems when you try to run move, ls, etc if you rename python19:52
luck^I did this way to compile kiwi packages19:52
luck^robtaylor, its better to force python2.5 usage instead python19:53
luck^this another workaround is just for emergencies19:53
*** dneary has quit IRC19:55
robtaylorluck^: here's looking forward to sbox2 ;)19:55
luck^robtaylor, for sure! ;)19:55
*** oil_ has joined #maemo19:56
unique311konttori, you have a deb for you mediaplayer for ubuntu20:06
*** abock has quit IRC20:09
* konttori is back20:11
*** oil has quit IRC20:11
konttoriunique: for ubuntu as in desktop?20:13
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC20:16
*** hrhr has joined #maemo20:17
hrhrhi, can anybody help me with writes that my version of scratchbox is old and I need 1.0.7 but I have just installed 1.0.720:19
hrhrauuu.....anybody here?20:20
hrhrвот уроды....а еще говорят русские маемо делают...20:20
*** brlancer has joined #maemo20:21
*** guardian has quit IRC20:21
*** sabotage_home has joined #maemo20:22
unique311konttori, yes20:22
_Shurik_what was that? UTF-8?20:22
_Shurik_I can only see cp125120:23
konttoriunique311: the same install should work, but audio playback needs a few small changes there.20:23
konttori(as your system probably does not had dsp for audio playback)20:23
hrhr_Shurik_: privet from Rostov-na-Donu20:24
hrhr_Shurik_: can you help me with maemo?20:24
konttoriI just updated ukmp to 1.4 beta 2. Fixes problems playing avi files.20:25
_Shurik_privet, unfortunatelly no as I haven't done any coding myself yet... But there are lots of people here who can. Just wait!20:26
*** Nunim has joined #maemo20:26
*** thoughtfix has joined #maemo20:27
hrhr_Shuric_: have you a n800?20:27
* thoughtfix is twitching over firmware - eagerness20:27
_Shurik_hrhr: yes20:28
hrhrwhere you bought it?20:28
_Shurik_no, I20:28
_Shurik_I live in the states20:28
_Shurik_n800 not available in Russia?20:29
hrhrofficial nokia in Russia can't ship n800 to Rostov only Moscow20:29
hrhrhow mutch it cost in US?20:30
_Shurik_I payed 380 for it I think20:30
_Shurik_but then I got 8gig SD memory for it and a gps unit20:31, 15000 rub ~ 550$20:31
hrhrwithout sd and gps20:31
_Shurik_yeah... always much more expensive20:32
_Shurik_let's dig an underground tunnel so we can wheel-barrel those things in for cheap20:32
*** florian has quit IRC20:35
hrhr_Shuric_: are ships in to Russia?20:37
_Shurik_probably not...20:37
_Shurik_but still some people get them somehow20:37
hrhrmay be you know any US company which ships n800 to Russia?20:38
hrhr380$ n800 and 100$ shipping I think20:38
_Shurik_you should probably see what you can order from europe instead20:39
_Shurik_shipping might be cheaper20:39
_Shurik_what are you getting n800 for? Business or pleasure?20:39
hrhrfor me only20:39
hrhrI like gadgets20:40
_Shurik_personal bathroom assistant20:40
_Shurik_I'll be back, gotta get some lunch20:40
*** Dr_Nunim has quit IRC20:41
abhrhr: might make sense to ask someone travelling to Moscow from Rostov to buy it at Nokia shop20:41
hrhrab: I think about it, but nowbody....shipping on bus 100rub, but I haven't man in moscow for buying20:42
*** javamaniac has quit IRC20:43
hrhrhow mutch n800 in germany?20:44
*** Xenon3DN has joined #maemo20:44
ab399EUR, may be a bit less20:45
Xenon3DNk-s[WORK] -- you awake?20:45
hrhrab: why 380$ in US and 399EUR in europe?...20:46
abhrhr: nokia set up same price at the opening: $399 and 399EUR20:46
abthis is Nokia's way to do things, it was the same with 77020:46
*** behdad has quit IRC20:47
hrhrand 15000rub20:47
hrhrsame as zauruses20:47
*** behdad has joined #maemo20:49
hrhrab: are you Russian?20:49
abhrhr: kind of.20:49
*** behdad has quit IRC20:50
hrhrand what part of you is Russian?=)20:50
abhrhr: 100% if you speak on blood, 0% of passport20:51
hrhrit's true that Russians created n770-800 project?20:52
abthere are many nationalities involved, some of them are of Slavic family, including Russian20:53
hrhras I think=)20:54
hrhras I listen problem with sdhc is solved on n800?20:55
abI hope the patch will be in next firmware20:57
milhousesdhc problem? you mean not supported by firmware?20:57
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: sorry, I was away20:57
milhouseallegedly sdhc is in the next firmware20:57
hrhrin official firmware from nokia?20:57
milhousehrhr: allegedly, yes20:58
hrhrwhat things I need to look at first when I'll by n800?20:58
milhousethe next as yet unreleased firmware20:58
milhousedepends... what interests you?20:59
hrhrany diagnostic menu like in zauruses?20:59
*** jobi has joined #maemo20:59
milhouseah... you'll probably want to get root so install becomeroot or put the device in R&D mode20:59
thoughtfixI am reloading the firmware repository every 4 hours or so.20:59
thoughtfix<-- addict20:59
milhousethen install xterm and ssh (open ssh or dropbear)20:59
milhousekarma thoughtfix21:00
_Monkeythoughtfix has karma of 121:00
thoughtfixEveryone expects me to drop a Skype review and videos on day 121:00
thoughtfixI must not disappoint21:00
sp3000thoughtfix, maybe we need a bot for that :P21:00
milhousei want a full review before the end of the day!21:01
milhousewith youtube videos21:01
thoughtfixIf I wake up any given morning and there's a new firmware21:01
sp3000(the release watching, not the review)21:01
thoughtfixChances are I'm calling in "sick" to my day job21:01
thoughtfixThe best thing Nokia could do for me is release it at 7 PM Arizona time.21:02
milhouseskype packages seem to be leaking out... most odd21:02
thoughtfixBut that's 5 AM Helsinki time21:02
milhouseshould we give you a wake up call?21:02
thoughtfixYes please21:02
milhousei only half-jest... ;)21:03
thoughtfixCan you imagine21:04
thoughtfix3 AM Arizona time21:04
thoughtfixmy phone rings ...21:04
thoughtfix"New firmware"21:04
milhouse"Get on it!"21:04
thoughtfix"WHOA! Got it! Okay!"21:04
thoughtfixSimultaneous downloading and espresso brewing21:04
milhousei have to admire the dedication :)21:05
thoughtfixOne day I hope to make a living off writing21:05
milhousedo you feel pangs of guilt if you haven't blogged for a while?21:05
thoughtfixDude ... Let me tell you ... I have a woman in my life now and it's a battle.21:05
milhouseargh... nightmare - they demand so much of your attention!!21:06
thoughtfixAnd yes, I do.21:06
milhouse(don't tell her that though - bad things might happen)21:06
thoughtfixYeah. I can't blog with her around, that's certain.21:06
thoughtfixEspecially not videos.21:06
milhousewell we do appreciate your efforts21:07
milhousei hope you get a job blogging or something similar... did you see Stefan from RingNokia got a job blogging full time?21:07
thoughtfix:) I do appriciate the great device21:07
thoughtfixRight... That's good for him.21:07
milhouseyou may be flooded with devices next year... so many devices, so little blogging time...21:08
*** ab has left #maemo21:08
thoughtfixActually I am kind of wary of the Origami UMPCs now. One very specific reason stands out:
milhousei was thinking more of the Intel MIDs... the Origamis are way overrated - devices looking for a problem21:09
milhouseMaybe Microsoft have thrown in the towel21:09
*** brlancer has left #maemo21:09
milhouseAdd Origami to the list along with Bob etc.21:10
thoughtfixI want to know more about the Intel MID, but Intel's marketing department is not very responsive to "small" bloggers21:10
milhousemaybe they're short of hardware at this stage?21:10
milhousei thought they were targetting mid 2008 for launch21:11
milhouse45nm CPU etc.21:11
Andy80hi again21:12
Andy80I've finished translating my howto that explain how to install the Maemo SDK 2.2 on Linux, to develop N770 applications. You can find it here:
Andy80feel free to copy, modify it ecc.... it should be 100% working. I've tested it on my own machine.21:13
Andy80I've to go now, see ya later :)21:14
hrhrAndy80: can yo help me with 3.1 ?21:14
hrhrmaemo sdk21:14
thoughtfixI think I'll use my ultramobilegeek branding to cover Intel MIDs. I don't want to pollute tabletblog with too may non-maemo devices.21:14
milhousei'm sure there'll be some cross over but also two quite different strategies as well21:14
milhouseso probably wise21:14
milhousei think umpcs will morph into MIDs so ultramobile geek probably covers that "side" of things21:15
thoughtfixRight... and since tabletblog is about 250 posts that are ALL about Nokia tablets, accessories, editorials, and related technology, I'll keep unrelated devices off.21:15
milhousekeep the riff raff out21:16
thoughtfixand tabletblog has nearly 3x the subscriber base according to feedburner.21:16
thoughtfixThough both have had boosts lately.21:16
etrunkoyou seen skype is almos available??21:17
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo21:17
etrunkothere are some missing dependencies21:17
milhouseinteresting that it's in bora - that means it doesn't need new firmware21:17
unique311was going to mention the same21:18
thoughtfixMost people assume that the firmware will include Skype or that they will happen at the same time. I think this will be the case too as there will likely be improvements to how the tablets handle audio21:18
unique311thats a good thing21:18
etrunkomilhouse: also notice there is an empty chinook directory there21:19
unique311install skype without the need to update firmware would be nice.21:19
milhousei don't think we're getting chinook any time soon are we? that's maemo 4.0 isn't it?21:19
etrunkothoughtfix: i think there will be a firmware upgrade along with skype21:20
milhousei'm happy for Skype to be a seperate download though I had kind of assumed it might be tied into the new firmware release21:20
etrunkomilhouse: who knows...21:20
Xenon3DNk-s[WORK]: And then _I_ was at lunch. You still around?21:20
thoughtfixI've never seen a reason to NOT upgrade firmware on the tablets, though. Unlike borking DUN on my Motorola Q, the Tablet firmware upgrades have never broken any functionality to my knowledge.21:20
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: yep21:20
*** ericz_ has joined #maemo21:21
k-s[WORK]what 4gb sd are you using?21:21
milhousethoughtfix: timezone locals :)21:21
milhousethoughtfix: that firmware, can't remember which one, where Nokia managed to ship it with only the Helsinki timezone file!21:21
Xenon3DNKaylaKaze and I both tried getting Canola to work with files. We can get it to work with files locally on the MMC card, but despite adding the share to the Canola Config media library list, it never seems to find the files.21:21
etrunkothoughtfix: that's because upgrade as it is done right now is suboptimal... It should be upgradable as any other linux distro21:22
thoughtfixThat was fixed quick though, wasn't it?21:22
milhousethoughtfix: not by Nokia21:22
thoughtfixetrunko: I am sure it CAN be upgraded to any distro if someone bothers coding the bootstraps/rootstraps21:22
milhouseI think someone in the community came up with a download timezone tar but Nokia didn't fix it21:22
milhouseuntil the next release several months later21:22
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: from Xterm, ls /my/mount/point list files?21:23
etrunkothoughtfix: that's nokia job21:23
Xenon3DN... Let me get the device fired up.21:23
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: it's weird if not, because I use regular unix opendir() readdir() ...21:23
Xenon3DNIs there anywhere that I can browse Canola's data files directly, to see for myself where it is looking and what it is searching?21:24
milhouseetrunko - I think Nokia are working on ensuring that the application manager can update the OS as well to the point where reflashing is no longer the norm. there's a bug that was marked as fixed which now allows application to be restored following a backup/reflash which will be nice21:24
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: try to trigger rescan, (i think that's the name)21:25
etrunkomilhouse: that's really nice.21:25
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: it should register these in ~/.canola/canola.db21:25
Xenon3DNIs that human-readable?21:25
andrunkoXenon3DN: sqlite21:27
*** kkpaul has quit IRC21:29
nate12o6has anyone got pptp working on there n770?21:29
*** jkyro has quit IRC21:29
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: sqlite3 ~/.canola/canola.db21:31
_Shurik_Hmmm, Xenon... I'd like to have that ported to n800 :) (the game, Xenon 2)21:31
_Shurik_good 'ol game21:33
thoughtfixetrunko: I don't think it's Nokia's job to deliver alternate Linux distributions on the tablet. The tablet is a consumer electronics device and Nokia's responsibility is just to make sure it works properly and they're going above and beyond by offering development tools.21:36
*** djcb has joined #maemo21:36
etrunkothoughtfix: i'm not talking about alternate distros21:36
thoughtfixWhat were you referring to then?21:36
etrunkomy feeling is the tablet system should be upgradable like any other linux distro21:36
thoughtfixPeople have already been rolling their own custom kernels and modules... It's just not as easy on an embedded device as it is on a desktop.21:37
etrunkoyes, but for the whole majority it wouldn't be a problem21:38
*** guardian has joined #maemo21:39
guardiananyone knows what is this scratchbox-devkit-maemo3 i can see in apt ?21:39
Xenon3DNk-s[WORK]: Restesting everything now to make sure I have correct, current info for you.21:39
guardiani launched the scratchbox install script foudn on but it did not install it21:39
guardianand also, gives 404 :((((21:39
*** X-Fade_ is now known as X-Fade21:40
etrunkoguardian: try
etrunkonow we also have 3.221:41
etrunkobora is pointing to 3.2 which is not working yet21:41
hrhretrunko: are you deal with 3.1?21:42
etrunkohrhr: 3.1 is the latest (known) stable21:42
* thoughtfix is the latest known unstable.21:43
hrhrI'v problem with installing it...with scratchbox 1.0.7...inst script say that I have old version of scratchbox21:44
hrhrbut I just install 1.0.721:44
*** dolske has quit IRC21:44
*** mk8 has quit IRC21:45
k-s[WORK]which 4gb sd do you use? I've bought one sandisk SD-HC, but no luck :-(21:45
Xenon3DNk-s[WORK]: Verified still unable to see MP3s in Canola. Am able to ls them from xterm. Checking the sql database now...21:45
*** nokipup has joined #maemo21:46
k-s[WORK]scsi 2:0:0:0: Direct-Access     SanDisk  SDDR-113         1.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 021:46
nokipupi love irssi on the nokia21:46
k-s[WORK](on my PC)21:46
X-Fadek-s[WORK]: Did you install the patched kenel?21:46
k-s[WORK]X-Fade: no... where I can find it?21:46
milhousek-s: I own Transcend SDHC Class 2 (4GB and 8GB) cards which have no problems; I've got a 4GB SDHC Class 2 SanDisk card and it's much slower than the Transcends - the SanDisk cards don't support high speed mode so I would tend to avoid San Disk if at all possible (though it should work)21:47
k-s[WORK]milhouse: any patch required to use it?21:47
milhousePatch SDHC Kernel is at
X-FadeAh duh ;)21:48
milhouseyou link has more meat on it but they should both point to the same download location :)21:48
milhousePatch SDHC Kernel?21:48
_Monkeyit has been said that Patch SDHC Kernel is at
milhouseforget Patch SDHC Kernel21:49
_Monkeymilhouse: I forgot patch sdhc kernel21:49
milhousePatched SDHC Kernel is at
guardianinstalling 3.1 with the scripts does not work that much21:49
guardianit complains devkit-debian is not installed21:50
guardianbut it is21:50
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:50
guardiani installed scratchbox with the scripts on maemo.org21:50
guardianand it's all fucked up :)21:50
thoughtfix16GB SDHC. Heh.21:50
guardiananyway ...21:50
guardianis there an announcement about 3.2 ?21:50
*** _Shurik_ has left #maemo21:50
milhouse16GB SDHC, not far off I should imagine21:51
*** Xenon3DN has quit IRC21:51
hrhrguardian: and how you set up SDK?21:52
guardiansdk setup fails21:52
guardianthe script complains about devkit-debian21:52
guardianprolly version mismatch21:52
milhouseguardian - i think Nokia tend to release the SDKs a week or two after the firmware... or maybe that's the source code for the firmware...21:52
milhouse3.2 would correspond to the unreleased firmware, wouldn't it?21:53
*** Xenon3DN has joined #maemo21:53
Xenon3DNSorry, crashed pidgin. :(21:53
hrhrI have devkit-debian21:54
hrhrhere problem?21:54
Xenon3DNk-s[WORK]: Is sqlite3 part of an optional package? I'm not finding it from xterm.21:54
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: yes, an extra package21:54
nokipupHow can bora mplayer be flagged to not install on IT200721:54
unique3113.500 dollars...21:55
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo21:55
*** felipec has quit IRC21:55
milhouse"a bit expensive"21:55
nokipupThe 770 needs the mistral mplayer21:55
unique311a bit expensive21:55
melmothnokipup, by putting it in the proper repository ?21:55
unique311can buy a descent notebook...21:56
melmothand by having user not using repository not fitted for they device :)21:56
unique311and a desktop at that21:56
unique311and maybe a umpc21:56
guardiani've got no luck21:56
guardianneed to reinstall my box21:56
guardianand it happens in the middle of 3.2 release it seems21:57
guardiani hope it won't last too long21:57
guardianbut i'm afraid i'll have to wait until tomorrow or more21:57
milhousei could hire someone to follow me around and swap the two 8GB memory cards in my N800 when required and I'd still have some spare change.21:57
Xenon3DNI'm not able to reach which is the sqlite3 maemo homepage. Anyone know the repository details to install it?21:57
guardianmilhouse: ???21:58
guardiannevermind got it21:59
milhouseguardian: sorry, i don't know the answer :(21:59
guardianmilhouse: no i wondered about your last sentence, about hiring someone :)21:59
guardianthen i read backlog21:59
milhouseoh right... :)21:59
Xenon3DNLooks like has a 3.2.7 copy from Feb 27. Is that new enough?22:00
milhousethe link above is for a 16GB SDHC card costing £1800 / $3500!!22:00
milhousequote "it's a bit expensive"22:00
Nunimmmm 16gb22:01
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo22:06
*** KaylaKaze has quit IRC22:07
guardiani'm still unsure about having the same nickname "bora" for different software releases: 3.0 3.1 3.222:08
_MonkeyThere's enough money here to buy 5000 cans of Noodle-Roni! "These are DARK TIMES for all mankind's HIGHEST VALUES!" "These are DARK TIMES for FREEDOM and PROSPERITY!" "These are GREAT TIMES to put your money on BAD GUY to kick the CRAP out of MEGATON MAN!"22:08
milhouseScirocco was 3.0 wasn't it? Bora was 3.1.... should have something else for 3.2 reallyt22:08
milhouseand Gregale is something else entirely22:09
hrhrhave the n800 a2dp profile for playing stereo throught bluetooth?22:09
milhousenot supported22:09
hrhrhow about bluez-alsa?22:09
guardianbora was 3.022:10
guardianat first22:10
guardianthen 3.122:10
guardianscirroro was 2.1 then gregale 2.222:10
milhousebluez-alsa: i think someone is working on getting something working along those lines, but nokia do not officially support a2dp22:10
milhouseguardian: thanks... i find it all very confusing :)22:10
unique311they got it at 350022:11
guardianit is :)22:11
milhouseI'll take 2!22:11
unique311next year...99 dollars22:11
unique311forget next year..22:11
unique311by december22:11
milhouseyeah, it will depreciate faster than my car!22:12
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: I'm bit out of time to help you with that22:12
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: lsobral__ should try to help you22:12
Xenon3DNOk, I'll keep watching for Isobral.22:12
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: but you can play by disable canola-applet (so canola-conf is not automatically restarted)22:13
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: then you use export CANOLA_DEBUG=122:13
k-s[WORK]Xenon3DN: then canola-conf -v -v -v  to start debug22:13
Xenon3DNWill try that.22:13
k-s[WORK]andrunko: what's the other environment variables we have?22:13
*** Xenon3DN has left #maemo22:14
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC22:14
milhouseThe Boys from Brazil aren't busy coding - a firmware release must be imminent!!! ;)22:14
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:15
andrunkoCANOLA_DEBUG=1 CANOLA_DEBUG_CNLTYPES="*" canola-conf -v -v -v22:15
milhouseSo who is going to win the Copa America?22:16
andrunkoBrazil of course :P22:17
milhouseHa, but you're biased :)22:17
milhouseThey seem to be struggling a bit22:17
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:18
milhouseDo you guys know what this Alex Pato guy is like?22:19
trevarthanhrhr: I've got a2dp working on my n800.22:20
andrunkomilhouse: :D22:20
nokipupa2dp is what22:20
trevarthanstereo bluetooth22:20
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo22:20
milhouseandrunko: my team (Chelsea) are looking to sign him - he's mean to be better than Ronaldo and Ronalihno, which doesn't sound too bad! :)22:21
infobot_milhouse meant: andrunko: my team (Chelsea) are looking to sign him - he's meant to be better than Ronaldo and Ronalihno, which doesn't sound too bad! :)22:21
*** booiiing has joined #maemo22:21
thoughtfixI don't want to be at this job anymore.22:21
thoughtfixCan someone give me a new one? ;)22:21
andrunkomilhouse: i don't know about him22:22
trevarthanhrhr: A2DP howto:
andrunkomilhouse: but if he is as good as ronaldinho he should be good22:22
milhouseandrunko: he's meant to be a bit of a wonder kid - time will tell. :)22:23
trevarthanI've got a frontend GUI for mplayer that supports switching between normal audio and a2dp audio with the tap of a button too. It's based on ukmp.22:23
trevarthanI haven't released a .deb yet as it's still under heavy development, but I've been using it on a daily basis for about a week now.22:24
nokipupi would give the guy who ports dillo to gtk2 and maemo a big cheeseburger22:24
nokipupnice trevarthan22:24
milhousetrevarthan - how does it affect battery life?22:24
trevarthanmilhouse: It definitely uses more CPU than DSP-only playback, but as long as you leave the screen off it doesn't hurt it too much.22:25
*** ajturner has quit IRC22:26
thoughtfixOh "Dillo!" You said dillo. I thought you were being naughty22:26
trevarthanI usually leave my n800 plugged in on my desk anyway. When I walk around I unplug it and lock it and place it in my pocket. So battery life is never an issue for me.22:26
milhousei'd use it on the way into work, but could plug the n800 into power when i get there22:26
milhouseobviously the less power consumed the better... :)22:27
milhousei'm surprised the iPhone doesn't have A2DP... wonder if that's a Unix/Linux thing?22:27
trevarthanmilhouse: I don't know what country you live in, but Walmart in the USA carries phone chargers for a standard car jack for like 8 USD. They're super cheap.22:27
thoughtfixI built a pocket fission reactor for my N800. It worked until the government took it away saying something about permits and stuff.22:28
milhouseUK, and I commute :(22:28
trevarthanah. public transportation?22:28
*** outtolunc has joined #maemo22:28
milhousetrains mostly (overground and underground) with the occasional bus22:28
milhousein London22:28
trevarthanI bet it would be ok so long as you left the screen off most of the time. I think you could get at least 2 hours out of it. I've never tried to get more than that.22:29
thoughtfixIf you're that tight on power, you can get any adapter that'd otherwise work on an N80 phone and use it on the 770 or N800, including USB adapters and a portable USB battery22:29
milhouseshould be, as it would be in my pocket almost the entire journey22:29
trevarthanmilhouse: Let me know if you want the frontend GUI. It's GPL python code, so you can just download a tar.gz and run it from an xterm until I make an installer. Requires mplayer and python 2.5. Those are the only dependencies on maemo.22:30
hrhr23:23 < andrunko> milhouse: but if he is as good as ronaldinho he should be good22:30
hrhr23:24 < milhouse> andrunko: he's meant to be a bit of a wonder kid - time will tell. :)22:30
milhousei think the N800 should be able to do almost any activity for at least 2-3 hours on a single charge, as that should cover most regular commutes22:31
milhouseany less than that and something needs to change (the software and/or hardware)22:31
milhousetrevarthan - if you send me a link i'll give it a go, i've got a Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset here22:32
milhouseoh i see -
trevarthanok. gimme a sec to tar it up., yes.22:32
nokipupi get over 7 on the 77022:33
trevarthanmilhouse: go ahead and download mplayer and the bluez debs from that link first. You'll need those to run a2dp.22:33
nokipupanyone know of a lightweight browser alternative for the tablets22:34
trevarthanthe mplayer I package is slightly different from the one on It has the software mp3 codec and alsa compiled in. Otherwise it's identical.22:34
milhouseok i'll uninstall my current mplayer22:35
nokipupwhy use the software mp3 codec...22:35
*** jpt9 has joined #maemo22:38
jpt9does anyone know if there's a build of links for OS 2007?22:38
trevarthannokipup: you have to use software mp3 because you need to decode the mp3 and send it to alsa so the a2dpd process can encode it as SBC and send it over a2dp protocol to the headset.22:39
jpt9i upgraded my 770 to 2007HE, and the version on maemo ( doesn't work.22:39
*** javamaniac has quit IRC22:39
milhousetrevarthan - can't install the SBC deb, says... Package must have "Section:user/FOO" to be considered compatible.22:39
nokipupjpt9 use the os2006 version22:39
jpt9i don't think it works.22:40
milhousethis is on N800 with 3.2007.10-1, SDHC kernel22:40
jpt9i'll try it now, just in case.22:40
*** hrhr has left #maemo22:40
jpt9i'm not running OS 2006.22:40
nokipupi know22:40
nokipupman, opera crashes on garage.maemo.org22:41
trevarthanmilhouse: I'm running 3.2007.10-7, SDHC kernel.22:41
trevarthanyeah. Perhaps you can install it as root using dpkg -i?22:41
milhousesorry typo on my part - my firmware is 3.2007.10-722:41
milhousei'll give it a try22:41
jpt9nokipup: it just says "Unable to install.  Application package is incompatible with current software."22:42
nokipupjpt9 can you paste a link for OS2006 links debian package?  i can not use opera here22:42
nokipupill grab it with wget22:43
milhousetrevarthan - that worked... how strange. ok, on to Plugz...22:43
jpt9it's a .install file, not a .deb.22:43
MoRpHeUzhmm...too late and no new firmware yet..=/22:43
nokipupdont use the install file.  download the deb and install with dpkg -i22:43
trevarthanmilhouse: yeah, sorry about that. I have no idea why it did that. It worked for me. I'll look into it later when I roll release debs.22:44
milhousesbc, plugz and mplayer now installed :)22:44
trevarthanalright. do you have python2.5?22:45
milhouseno, i'll get that now22:45
trevarthanOK. Good luck. I'm not sure where I got mine from. It either came bundled with something or I installed it from the maemo page. Can't remember.22:46
milhouseinstalling python2.5-runtime now...22:47
trevarthanHere's the ukmp code:
trevarthanTo use it, type in an xterm: `tar -xvzf ukmp-dev-20070705.tar.gz; cd ukmp.dist; ./; ./`22:48 scans your ID3 tags, just like ukmp's normal scanner. It stores them in a sqlite3 database. Then ./ is the actual mplayer frontend GUI.22:49
nokipupukmp looks good22:50
milhousei just tried the "hcitool scan" command as root and it says "Device is not available: No such device" - is the command correct?22:50
trevarthanshould be. This is on an n800?22:51
trevarthanIs your bluetooth turned on?22:51
jpt9the .deb installed perfectly fine.22:51
jpt9using the app manager!22:51
milhouseyes, n80022:51
*** KaylaKaze has joined #maemo22:51
jpt9(yes, i know it's linux-powred and all, but I prefer to use the app manager if possible)22:51
milhousetrevartan: no... ;)22:52
milhousei'll switch it on now... thought it would come on automagically doh22:52
trevarthanI'll have to mention that on the wiki.22:52
nokipupnice jpt922:53
nokipupjpt9 you don22:54
nokipupjpt9: can you give me url please22:54
nokipupi dont know why opera is being so nasty right now22:55
nokipupoh theres another console webbrowser that can do graphics ... forgot the name22:55
jpt9and once you get that...22:55
jpt9i noticed that the guy who ported links mentioned that several of the apps were simply ones from the app catalog put in his own repository for easy access.22:56
trevarthanmilhouse: BTW, there are a few tips and tricks to use once you get my version of ukmp working with A2DP. Let me know when/if you've got it working and I'll give you all my tuning advice. I need to write those down too....22:56
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:56
milhousetrying to detect my headphones at the moment... not having much luck :(22:58
nokipupthanks jpt922:59
*** rev has joined #maemo22:59
*** Lounis has joined #maemo22:59
jpt9no problem.22:59
jpt9anything else you need while i'm here? :-)22:59
nokipupheh no with links i am happy22:59
* jpt9 wants elinks now :-)22:59
gla55_wrong channel22:59
jpt9how hard is it to compile apps for a 770?23:00
jpt9i have an iBook G4 with OS X
nokipuppretty darn easy23:00
revhey, quick question- do you file N800/770 bugs at maemo's bugzilla? or is there something specific to the device?23:00
trevarthanmilhouse: you've got the headset in pairing mode?23:00
Lounishi I have a problem when using media converter to convert films for my N800, I try with a lot of different video but I have the same problem: the sound is horrible23:00
Lounisdo you know this problem?23:01
jpt9or rather, cross-compile them, in my case...23:01
jpt9(unless it's possible to compile on the n770 itself, which is probably a bad idea :-) )23:01
nokipupyou can get a vmware image with scratchbox installed23:01
nokipupits LOTS of fun jpt923:02
jpt9except my ibook, being an ibook, is powerpc.23:02
jpt9are you being sarcastic?23:02
nokipup  my fun projects23:02
jpt9i will be getting an awesome new thinkpad for college, which I'll probably dual boot windows and linux on.23:02
milhousetrevarthan - do i need to follow the instructions on your web page, downloading .a2dprc etc?23:02
trevarthanyou should get it working with mplayer first, the way I describe it there. Then, once that is working the ukmp thing should work automatically.23:03
jpt9any downloads of these apps?23:03
revanyone? where to file N800 bugs?23:04
revor, maybe someone knows of this already, thoguh i can't find it in bugzilla23:05
*** felipec has joined #maemo23:05
jpt9nokipup: are these apps downloadable somewhere?23:05
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo23:05
milhousetrevarthan - i'm a bit confused about the "rswitch" change, where is lp?23:05
revsometimes, but not always, when i lock the keys/screen with Power -> Dpad Center i can't bring it back out of keylock mode. the power button is recognized as being hit, but none of the buttons along the left of the screen are recognized, and none of them even bring up the box that says "Press [Power] and [] to unlock"23:06
revthis is only sometimes, usually it's fine.23:06
nokipupjpt9: there are download links for some.  what interests you?23:06
trevarthanmilhouse: edit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf. The "lp" setting is in there. It should make sense when you see the file.23:06
jpt9dosbox, frodo, and POSE.23:07
trevarthanmilhouse: you'll need to be root to edit that file, I think.23:07
jpt9how stable are they?23:07
milhousegot it23:07
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:07
nokipupthey all work fine for me.  pose is on  dosbox and frodo dont have a deb package yet .. just download and untar them23:07
jpt9what happens if I untar them onto a memory card?23:08
jpt9can i run them off of it?23:08
milhousetrevarthan: i'm about to reboot, do i need to insert the mac address of my bluetooth headphones anywhere?23:08
jpt9and how well does dosbox work?23:09
nokipupjpt9: the executeables need to be on root filesystem, other fileas can be on memory card23:09
gla55_enough to play sopwith?23:09
nokipupdosbox is about as fast as an ibm xt23:09
gla55_thats enough to play sopwith23:09
jpt9where are the download links?23:10
trevarthanmilhouse: yeah, you should have put it in ~/.a2dprc23:10
nokipupone moment23:10
guardianwas 3.2 announced on the dev mailing list ?23:10
milhouseah right - do i need to pair the n800 with the headset as well?23:10
trevarthanmilhouse: yes.23:10
milhousek, done that... now to edit .a2dprc and reboot23:10
trevarthanmilhouse: I really need to number these steps. I'm making clarifications to the wiki as I talk to you.23:11
nokipupstupid cut and paste23:12
revhaha, sopwith23:12
milhousecoming up...23:13
nokipupi spend a few days with dosbox 7 but it has many problems23:13
*** ericz_ has quit IRC23:14
*** rhys has joined #maemo23:15
trevarthanmilhouse: refresh that web page. I've addressed all of your questions there, including the need to number the steps...23:17
milhousetrevarthan - can i use a2dp while also maintaining a wifi/ssh connection?23:17
ericzwhat's "Internet Connection Disabled" supposed to mean? :/23:17
trevarthanmilhouse: The answer is sometimes. If you experience skipping, try turning off your wifi radio. It causes problems sometimes.23:17
jpt9nokipup: it wants
nokipupoops let me find that23:18
trevarthanmilhouse: I have a Motorola s9 headset, and it can be quirky. It skips a lot when paired with my n800 and my motorola phone, for example. So I have to make sure it's only paired with one device at a time.23:19
trevarthanAlso, a2dpd + mplayer uses more CPU than the normal way, so make sure you aren't running the meta-layer scanner, or canola-conf, or any other process that hogs 100% CPU while you're trying to listen to music. That'll cause skipping too.23:20
k-s[WORK]trevarthan: canola-conf sleeps while it's not scanning new media23:21
k-s[WORK]trevarthan: and it just scan for new media if you open/close the mmc lid23:21
milhousetrevarthan: mplayer says "File not found 'alsa:device=a2dpd2'"23:21
milhousemy bad, missed -a023:22
trevarthank-s[WORK]: it also scans at startup. He just rebooted, so I thought the warning appropriate.23:22
jpt9nokipup: it isn't there.23:23
nokipupok jpt9 i have to go down to the server - need about 10 minutes23:24
trevarthanmilhouse: got it working yet?23:25
milhouseno, having a few problems23:25
milhousemplayer doesn't seem to want to play it23:25
milhousejust rebooting23:25
milhouseit being an mp3 file23:25
trevarthanthe device, or mplayer?23:25
milhouseyeah, i had ther a2dpd daemon running in a ssh window over wifi and it seemed to get zombied23:26
rhyswhat repo is canola on?23:26
milhousewhen i knocked the wifi connection on the head23:26
k-s[WORK]rhys: our own, see
trevarthanyou can't kill a2dpd?23:26
rhyswhats a2dpd?23:27
thoughtfixI put Skype on my N800! Take a look at the top image on!23:27
* thoughtfix ducks to prevent being pelted by vegetables.23:27
trevarthanrhys: it's a daemon that transcodes PCM audio into SBC audio on the fly and sends it to a stereo bluetooth headset.23:27
MoRpHeUzthoughtfix: the firmware was finally released ?23:28
trevarthanmilhouse: zombie a2dpd is a common problem for me. Usually it happens after a couple of start/stop cycles though.23:28
*** Lounis has quit IRC23:28
thoughtfixMoRpHeUz: I photoshopped the Skype logo into my N800's face, hence ducking to prevent being pelted by vegetables23:28
MoRpHeUzthoughtfix: just saw that hehe23:28
MoRpHeUzthoughtfix: have I ever told that I hate you ? (for just 5s but I hated you hahahaha)23:29
milhousetrevarthan - a2dp seems to be looping with the message "avrcp_handle_message: AVRCP Receive failed"23:29
trevarthanmilhouse: check and make sure that your ~/.a2dprc is ok. You should have a line that looks like: address=00:0D:FD:15:52:1D23:31
trevarthanalso, make sure the headset and the n800 are paired properly. You should see the heaset when you click on the bluetooth icon in the taskbar.23:32
trevarthanSomething like "Disconnect Motorola s9"23:32
thoughtfixMorpheuz: It's not the first time I did a hoax:
thoughtfixI even put "hoax" in the video's tags and people still took it seriously.23:32
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo23:33
trevarthanmilhouse: If you're expecting a2dpd to stop or go into the background, it won't. You have to leave it running or run it like `a2dpd &` to force it into the background.23:34
trevarthansorry if that sounded condescending. I'm not sure what your level of proficiency is with linux...23:36
milhousetrevarthan - sorry for the delay, using the virtual keyboard in xterm is very tedious :)23:37
trevarthanindeed. that's why I wrote my version of ukmp. it's a pain in the rear.23:37
milhouseyeah i put a2dpd in the backgroun, i'd forgotten to uncomment the bt address (had done it, then stuffed up the edit and quit and forget to uncomment it)23:37
milhouseso now it's uncommented, and a2dpd appears to behaving a bit better23:37
milhousemplayer bombs23:38
trevarthanwhat does it say?23:38
milhousehang on, transcribing... :)23:38
MoRpHeUzthoughtfix: hahaha =)23:39
nate12o6is taking out the battery the only way to do a hard reset?23:39
pupnikjpt9: try..  though i don't remember why it's libsdlnet-dev23:40
milhousehere it comes...23:40
milhousealsa-lib: conf.c:1592:(snd_config_load1) _toplevel_:6:0:Unexpected end of file23:40
milhousealsa-lib: conf.c:2837:(snd_config_hook_load) /home/user/.asoundrc may be old or corrupted: consider to remove or fix it23:40
milhousealsa-lib: conf.c:2700:(snd_config_hooks_call) function snd_config_hook_load returned error: Invalid argument23:40
milhousealsa-lib: conf.c:3066:(snd_config_update_r) hooks failed, removing configuration23:40
milhousealsa-init: cannot read ALSA configuration: Invalid argument23:40
milhouseCould not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.23:40
milhouseoh... now i should double check .asoundrc... doh23:41
milhouse.asoundrc looks ok23:41
trevarthan:) what does it look like? I think I know already, but go ahead and paste it.23:41
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC23:41
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo23:42
jpt9it says "Unable to install.  Incompatible application package."23:42
jpt9(i'm running 2007HE)23:42
milhousedon't laugh23:43
milhousecat > ~/.asoundrc <<EOTXT23:43
milhousepcm.a2dpd2 {23:43
milhouse  type a2dpd23:43
milhouseI should have run that, right?23:43
*** guardian has quit IRC23:43
trevarthanno, that should have been pasted directly into the xterm. It's called a HEREDOC, and it makes a file that looks like this:23:43
milhouseso .asoundrc just needs to be23:43
trevarthanpcm.a2dpd2 {23:43
trevarthan  type a2dpd23:43
pupnikjpt9:  yeah there are a few packages i install with dpkg -i because of that23:44
milhouseyes, so do i have it correct or do i need the one above?23:44
*** feig has quit IRC23:44
milhouseie. just the pcm part?23:44
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:44
thoughtfixmilhouse: You saw my Jabra BT8010 review?23:45
trevarthanYou need the 3 line version instead of the 5 line version. The 5 line version creates the 3 line version automatically if you paste it into the shell window, but if you're editing the file by hand then you need to paste the 3 line version.23:45
milhousethoughtfix - not yet23:45
thoughtfixIt's about 3/4 down the page on ultramobilegeek.com23:45
milhousetrevarthan - let me cut it down to size23:45
milhousebefore my battery runs out :)23:45
trevarthanSorry. :) I'm entirely too clever for my own good. I shouldn't have tried to make it that easy.23:45
thoughtfixIt'd be sweeeeet with the N800, especially if the N800 eventually can switch between stereo headset and handsfree profiles.23:45
milhousei'll take a look but i already had a bt headset thingy - SE DS97023:46
trevarthanthoughtfix: have you been following our a2dp discussion? I think I could adapt my technique to support SCO audio (mono bt headsets)23:46
*** jpt9 has quit IRC23:46
milhousehere goes...23:47
thoughtfixtrevarthan: I've been writing about mostly consumer experience more than hacks lately - it gets more new users and readers23:47
*** cbrake has joined #maemo23:47
thoughtfixtrevarthan: I will get back into hacks after the new firmware and a couple editorials.23:47
milhousehow cool is that??23:47
milhousethat is very cool!!!23:47
k-s[WORK]deb bora free23:47
trevarthan:) glad it worked. Any skipping?23:47
cbrakedoes IT 2006 == Maemo 2.2?23:47
k-s[WORK]now I provide that demo23:47
milhousebit toppy but very good!23:47
milhousenot so far23:47
k-s[WORK]apt-get install python-efl-core-demo23:48
milhouseand i've got wifi, ssh and top running on a PC23:48
milhousea2dpd is consiming about... hmmm... 30% - 5% in what looks like 5 or 6 processes23:48
milhouseand mplayer about 20%23:49
trevarthanmilhouse: ok. now to tune it. Best thing you can do is bump up the bandwidth for better audio quality. edit ~/.a2dprc and change this line: sbcbitpool=5323:49
*** guardian has joined #maemo23:49
milhouseoh dear that was hurting my ears23:49
milhouseok, trying that change now23:49
trevarthanmilhouse: I think it defaults to 32, which is really tinny audio. set it to 53, stop mplayer, restart a2dpd, then start mplayer again. You won't regret it.23:49
*** saerdnaer2 is now known as saerdnaer23:50
milhousethat's not quite so harsh, but still lacking depth23:50
milhouseoh hang on, missed your last instruction - didn't restart a2dpd23:51
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:51
pupnikoh geez23:51
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:52
milhousethat's got a bit more depth to it, but still quite tinny23:52
milhousedefinate improvement23:52
milhousei had found a2dpd looping like crazy again which explains the 5 processes i saw earlier23:53
trevarthanWhat do you use those headphones with normally? Is the sound quality comparable?23:53
milhouseW950i - Walkman phone23:53
trevarthanI bought my s9 headset specifically for my n800, so I've got no reference. It's not as good as wired headphones, but it's good enough.23:53
milhouseit's good, don't get me wrong... it's probably a personal preference23:54
trevarthanmilhouse: oh, that's a sweet phone.23:54
trevarthanso it's better quality with the w950i?23:55
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:55
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC23:55
milhousei actually could get used to this - had the 'phones not quite jammed all the way into my ears and now i've pushed them all the way in the sound has improved23:55
milhousethe sound is pretty damned good fella!!23:55
milhouseright, where's this gui?23:55
trevarthanyou got python 2.5 installed?23:56
milhousecertainly the N800 has plenty of horsepower for this kind of thing23:56
milhouseat least music, not sure about video as well23:56
milhousegot that installed, running it now...23:57
pupnikthe 770 headphone jack is a bit noisy for my tastes23:57
*** jamey has joined #maemo23:57 takes a while. But you don't have to run it every time. Just when your music collection changes.23:57
milhousehey yeah, that all works23:58
trevarthanTap the bluetooth icon to switch on a2dp mode, then just select a song and off you go.23:58
milhousenever used the interface before so took me a few secs to work it out but i clicked a few random buttons and now i've got more music streaming over bt - nice23:58
milhousehow long till a deb? :)23:59
milhousei'd definately use my n800 in preference to the w950 if i had this23:59
trevarthanYeah, big work in progress. I've put two hard weeks of dev into it. I'll probably put two more in before it's done, but I hope to release a deb end of this week or mid next.23:59

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