IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-06-30

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* pupnik has had 0% success getting other gamedevs to buy a 77000:09
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Dr_Nunimahhh ftp client = super useful00:14
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nate337can i get a little help installing a pptp client on my 770? for now i managed to flash the kernal to the zImage-su-18-200639-2gb-mmcplus52Mhz, i also downloaded a pptp comand line client but when i try to connect it says /usr/sbin/pppd: The remote system is required to authenticate itself00:20
nate337I dont know how to input a username or password00:20
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pupnikcan't help nate337, sorry00:22
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nate337anyone in here formiliar with gizmo?00:40
pupnik260 euro = about $312 dollars :( :( :(00:41
pupnikThanks europe!  USA = $130, Europe = $31200:41
nate337is it possible to actually dial out with my asterisk dialplan using the gizmo project?00:42
pupniknate337: maybe try forums00:43
nate337thanks. will do00:43
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KaylaKazeI'm starting to get annoyed. every pdf viewer is crashing on this00:46
Dr_Nunimis your pdf really big?00:47
KaylaKazeand now, Envince has completely locked it up00:48
KaylaKazeor had locked it... until it crashed00:48
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unique311my dekstop just died on me..01:10
unique311fucking zonealarm..01:10
unique311recomendations for a new firewall are welcomed...01:11
kakosI recommend ipf01:11
unique311kakos, this is windows xp man..01:12
unique311something on the lines01:12
kakosunique311: It was a subtle jab at your choice of OS01:14
unique311not sure why windows is so bad to people...01:14
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unique311been thru many of the linux flavors....a regular user would be completely lost in linux.01:15
unique311i can manage,  but xp is on my desktop for a reason....01:16
unique311Adobe CS3 last time i check is not made available to the linux world...01:16
unique311corel painter also01:16
unique311alot of apps i make use of ar enot available to linux.01:17
unique311that jab you took at my choice of OS's sucked kakos...01:17
kakosYeah, I know01:17
kakosMy mind is currently dominated by an overwhelming desire to buy an iPhone.  My "witty repertoire" process doesn't have the nice value to get cycles many cycles01:18
montesludon't do it01:18
unique311i can work with gimp....but i have favorites...and right now none of my favorites are Made for Linux01:18
unique311outdated before its release today..01:19
unique311not sure i would do it kakos01:19
kakosI know!01:19
kakosIt's such a flawed device01:19
kakosBut I want it01:19
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kakosThe Elder God Steve Jobs calls to me in my dreams from a strange city built on a foundation of non-Euclidean reality distortion fields.01:19
unique311steve jobs....saw this hackers document with him in it01:20
kakosIa!  Ia!  Jobs fhtagn!01:20
unique311as a youngster01:20
Dr_NunimPirates of Silicon Valley? :p01:21
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unique311linux is based on unix or is it vise versa?01:21
Dr_NunimDat was sum good movie.01:21
Dr_NunimYeah Linux is based on unix.01:21
unique311always wondered why he is not bill gates is..01:22
Dr_NunimAttacked for what?01:23
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unique311linux unlike unix is opensource, right?01:23
unique311bare with me trying to understand something..01:24
derfBSD, for example, is an open source Unix.01:24
Dr_NunimUnix < Linux01:24
derfUnix is fractured into lots of different flavors.01:24
Dr_NunimAt least in terms of easy of use.01:24
unique311so you come up with your own flavor of unix you can profit of it if you want...01:25
derfIncluding a custom proprietary flavor for every major vender that tried to sell hardware that ran it.01:25
Dr_NunimYou can come up with your own flavor of linux too and profit from it.01:25
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unique311but then people will hunt you down and try to kill you..01:26
derfWell, that or post mean blog entries about you.01:26
kakosDr_Nunim: You got it backwards.  Unix > Linux01:26
unique311now for the million dollar question..01:27
Dr_NunimUnix is very hard for me.01:27
unique311and i hope i don't get fuc@#$d for this..01:27
* kakos pre-emptively fucks unique311 01:27
unique311why is everyone mad at bill gates?01:27
Dr_NunimThey're jealous?01:27
derfunique311: Because he has a lot of money.01:28
Fatalare people mad at him?01:28
derfAnd they don't.01:28
Dr_NunimI wouldn't mind billions.01:28
kakosunique311: Lots of unsavoury business practices, I think is the big thing01:28
kakosunique311: Also, Windows has a reputation for being fairly subpar as far as software goes01:28
unique311all big  business lie01:28
Dr_NunimI don't think Microsoft is the real enemy, my ISP is.01:28
unique311thats how they make lots of money..01:28
Dr_Nunim$89 a month for DSL, it's robbery!01:28
unique311big corperations can't be truthful 100%01:28
derfunique311: Nothing to do with lying.01:28
unique311unsavoury business practices01:29
FatalI fear apple and google more than I fear microsoft01:29
unique311lies don't fall under that.01:29
derfMS invented things like charging vendors for Windows licenses based on the number of computers sold, not the number of computers sold with Windows.01:29
unique311i think google take the cake01:29
derf(so every computer sold included Windows)01:29
Dr_NunimGoogle is pretty evil.01:29
Dr_Nunimbut they don't act like it.01:29
kakosGoogle doesn't scare me.  Neither does Apple.01:29
unique311apple scares me...everyone i talk to own a macintosh..01:30
derfThey also have some fantastic accounting practices (all of which, as far as I'm aware, are perfectly legal)01:30
unique311and when i ask them why...01:30
unique311because its perty..01:30
kakosI own Apple computers01:30
Dr_NunimCan I have some shares?01:30
unique311people are buying macs based on looks..01:31
kakosWhy do I prefer them?  Because it is a Unix-based OS with a really nice GUI01:31
kakosIt's basically what Linux is trying to be.01:31
Dr_NunimI really like Mac monitors...01:31
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kakosunique311: Macs are nice because they are very usable, very efficient, very well-designed, and they look good on top of it.01:32
kakosI dislike the people who buy them for just the last part, but I won't deny that it is a part of why they are appealing to me01:32
unique311not sure i understand right now after asking, why bill gates is so hated?01:32
unique311kakos: people are buying macs because of looks...01:32
unique311and thats it.01:32
kakosunique311: He's viewed as a malevolent force whose unsavoury business practices tends to stifle innovation in the computer industry.01:33
derfkakos: Only SOME people want Linux to be Unix with a really nice GUI.01:33
kakosunique311: I know there are people who do so.  I dislike them.  I'm not one of them.01:33
unique311not good to dislike..01:33
Milhouse2Nothing wrong with eye candy01:33
unique311hatred follows.01:33
unique311a couple of steps behind.01:33
kakosAs long as the eye candy is supported by functionality.01:34
montesluWhen I can drop my t-mobile sim card into the iphone and write my own apps for it, I might consider one01:34
kakosAnd Apple is very good at providing things that have lots of eye candy but are also very functional01:34
Milhouse2kakos: Absolutely, which in the case of Apple it usually is01:34
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kakosmonteslu: Consciously, I agree.  But I still want an iPhone.  I like new gadgets too much to not want one01:35
montesluone hardware vendor, one software vendor, one wireless service provider... fuck that01:35
unique311danm, my desktop really died...01:35
unique311need to reinstall windows...01:35
Milhouse2monteslu: I don't think the SIM is accessible in the iPhone...01:35
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montesluits not01:36
montesluits completely locked down01:36
derfWanting an iPhone is okay. Paying $1220 for one for the first year is not.01:36
Milhouse2Also, the iPhone won't function on networks that don't have the back end server infrastructure01:36
dragornYou can't even replace the battery in an iphone :P01:36
pupnikThe FIC Neo1973 is a cooler phone.  Linux and 640x480.01:36
KaylaKazegrr I installed dropbear and I can connect to it from the 770 but not from another computer on the network, even though I can connect to the 770's web server01:36
Milhouse2So even if the SIM were replaceable, it's unlikely to work on any other network than AT&T right now01:36
montesluMilhouse2, and that makes it garbage01:36
Fatalpupnik: plus, it's welte supported! :)01:36
Milhouse2KaylaKaze: why dropbear - I've always used openssh01:37
kakosSo, anyone hear anything about the new firmware for the N800?  Any chance it will be out today?01:37
pupnikwelte Fatal?01:37
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Milhouse2menteslu: yep :)01:37
edtwhere can one generate valid routes for maemo mapper?01:37
KaylaKazeMilhouse2: 'cause it was on the list :-)01:37
Milhouse2monteslu: and the iPhone will be superceeded by a newer and better version on Monday (apparently) when the 3G European version is announced!01:37
kakosKaylaKaze: I'd highly recommend openssh over dropbear01:37
unique311firmware definitely not today..01:37
KaylaKazeI was jsut tryign to get to root fast so I can get SAMBA sharing working01:38
montesluIsn't openmoko about to be released as well?01:38
edtI get errors with the url they supply01:38
kakosmonteslu: July 20, I heard01:38
Fatalpupnik: harald01:38
rwhitbyjuly 901:38
kakosunique311: Definitely not today?  Why not?01:38
montesluopenmoko seems way more interesting to me01:38
montesluthough, they should've just used maemo01:38
edtEee 701 from asus looks interesting..01:39
unique311base on the fact that workday is done....01:39
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Milhouse2monteslu - if they manage the development and release process more transparently than Nokia I think OpenMoko will be way more interesting than Maemo.01:39
unique311unless nokia is overseas01:39
kakosWell... it's past midnight where Nokia is01:39
montesluMilhouse2, hopefully.01:40
unique311and holiday is here....for them01:40
pupniknice to see Milhouse2 again :)01:40
Milhouse2hello pupnik :)01:40
rwhitbyMilhouse2: openmoko svn commits appear in #openmoko - can't get more open than that :-)01:40
Fatalshame nokia are who they are, and all the suck that comes with it01:40
rwhitby(including commits for future yet-to-be-announced products)01:41
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Milhouse2rwhitby - indeed, and I bet they have no problems discussing future releases and release dates, unlike Nokia...01:41
rwhitbyfuture plans are always a problem01:41
montesluAnd hopefully they don't drop software releases for their products after only 1 year like Nokia did01:42
Fatalif they're 100% open you won't have the 770 issue there, someone can always correct bugs01:42
rwhitbyopenmoko have been caned by some people in the last few weeks by being late compared to earliest estimates of release dates01:42
Fatal!retort nokia01:42
pupnikFatal: chill01:42
Milhouse2Of course Nokia will blame the lack of communication on the corporate mentality blah blah blah... I hope they'll be happy hiding behind that crap when Maemo and Internet Tablets have no community left to communicate with01:42
* monteslu is still mad that I can't get a real IT 2007 on the 77001:42
FatalI don't care much about new features as such, I just want crashes to go away01:42
montesluI just want my 1 year old device to still be supported01:43
pupnikAFAIK, IT 2007 is largely open.  If you want to fix bugs, go ahead.01:43
Fatalpupnik: chill?01:43
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Milhouse2Fatal: no chance, Nokia are too busy working on new functionality they are unable to discuss with the likes of you and I! ;)01:43
Milhouse2pupnik: It's tricky fixing bugs in apps where the source code isn't available01:44
unique311busy working on new devices maybe01:44
Dr_NunimI wouldn't have bought mine if not for the community aps available.01:44
unique311not features01:44
montesluNokia could have spent another year on maemo before they went and released the 80001:44
montesluway to screw over the early adopters01:44
Milhouse2pupnik: I'd happily have a go at fixing trivial bugs in Media Player for instance, but it's closed source01:44
Fatalthe community is excellent, nokia however are not :/01:44
unique311agree complete with Fatal01:45
unique311guess the community is the open source part about the devices.01:46
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pupnikMediaplayer is like windows media player.  I don't care for the bundled apps.01:46
Fatalit's not like I'm going to throw my 770 out the window in a fit of rage over nokias idiocy, would just be nice to know that someday maybe just that bug in that closed driver could be fixed. but they took that away :)01:46
FatalI care more about the drivers01:47
Fatalbut oh well01:47
Fataltime for sleep, toodles01:47
pupnikCU Fatal. I agree btw01:47
suihkulokkiFatal: what driver?01:47
pupnikIt's reasonable to expect bugfixes in driver and core OS01:47
pupnikBut if a bundled app isn't perfect, just use an opensource alternative.01:48
Dr_NunimI'm not sure which is worse, clawsmail or the bundled one.01:48
pupnikDr_Nunim: you want me to port pine?01:49
Dr_Nunimisn't there already a port?01:49
Dr_NunimNo, I was hoping for something decent gui based.01:49
Milhouse2Pine was ported to OS200601:50
ericzdoes the 770 come with a preinstalled/default email client?01:50
ericz(preferably that supports ssl/tls?)01:51
Milhouse2The email situation on the Internet Tablets is criminal, as is the RSS app. Nokia should forget about adding new functionality while the existing functionality is so lamentable01:51
Dr_NunimSSL I think.01:51
Milhouse2ericz: Yes, but you'll hate it01:51
ericzreally? why?01:51
Milhouse2It's crap01:51
Dr_NunimNeither of the two available clients are very good.01:51
KaylaKazedammit! opera crashes every time I try to make a bookmark01:51
ericzwould it be any better to check gmail just by going to ?01:52
Dr_NunimMany people do.01:52
* sp3000 declares it bad vibes day01:52
Milhouse2sp3000: yeah, definately :)01:52
suihkulokkijust a whining day like every other01:53
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ericzi'd really prefer ssl email :( especially on a random open wifi network01:53
KaylaKazeI am SOOO pissed about this pice of crap!01:53
Milhouse2suihkilokki: Maybe there's a message in there somewhere? ;)01:53
pupnikIt depends on what you compare it to.  Considering the quality of the apps microsoft bundled with - say - windows 98..... :)01:53
Dr_NunimIf the onboard doesn't support it then claws does.01:53
sp3000ericz: ssl works fine iirc01:54
Dr_Nunimbtw, is the n800 mail client any better?01:54
Milhouse2Same as 770 :(01:54
KaylaKazenow why the fuck would Opera crash everytime I try to save a bookmark!? it makes no sense01:54
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* sp3000 blames bad vibes day01:55
Milhouse2No real change between OS 2006 and OS 2007 as far as the major apps are concerned, cosmetic tweaks mostly, and in the case of Media Player on OS 2007 it's less usable than it was on OS 200601:55
Milhouse2KaylaKaze - bookmarks corrupted?01:55
Dr_NunimI haven't taken the plunge to 2007 yet, I will eventually.01:55
KaylaKazeMilhouse2: the bookmarks already there work fine01:56
Dr_Nunimplus I thought it had some sort of new browsing engine?01:56
KaylaKazeand I've only had it a couple hours01:56
Dr_Nunimas well as better flash support01:56
ericzi'm guessing the n770 version of opera doesn't do the "Speed Dial" start page like on desktop version? :P01:56
Milhouse2RSS App has more bugs on OS 2007 than it did on OS 2006 - and it's a pretty simple app... which is disturbing.01:56
Dr_NunimNope, thats an opera 9 goodie.01:56
Milhouse2I think it's Opera 8.5 in OS 2007 for N800 - 8.1 in OS 2006. No change of Opera version in OS 2007 HE on 770, same as OS 2006 (ie. no bug fixes etc.)01:58
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suihkulokkiMilhouse2: my impression is that the whiners complain about the bundled propiertary software, but they don't actually bother to write anything better themselfs..01:58
Milhouse2suihkulokki - while that may be true, it's not unreasonable for people to expect better quality software than Nokia currently ship01:59
suihkulokkiMilhouse2: then they say if Nokia would open source (insert pet piece of code) the community would fix it (never mind the fact that almost nobody contributed to current free code parts)01:59
pupnikexactly, suihkulokki02:00
suihkulokkiMilhouse2: I agree some parts are horrible..02:01
Milhouse2As far as the built-in apps are concerned, I get the impression that Nokia seem unwilling to accept some bugs are even bugs in the first place02:03
unique311not sure about the write anything better themselves part of that comment suihkulokki02:03
Milhouse2Why waste time working on a patch only to have it rejected by Nokia because it doesn't fit in with their unannounced and therefore secret future plans?02:04
Milhouse2Have a look at some of the RSS bugs I've filed... nightmare.02:04
KaylaKazewow! I've had this 3 hours and already it seems like it'll have to be flashed to original settings]02:04
Milhouse2KaylaKaze: :(02:05
Milhouse2KaylaKaze: out of interest, what's the current shipping version - still 3.2007.10-1?02:05
KaylaKazeI don't know. this is a 77002:05
unique311if you a developer with the skills then, more power to you....but what about the everyday user that expects nokia to be putting out software, they want to use.02:06
Milhouse2oh right, sorry... should be 3.2006.49-2 in that case02:06
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KaylaKazenone of my background is showing up now02:06
*** felipec has quit IRC02:08
*** dolske has joined #maemo02:09
KaylaKazehow do you reboot this thing?02:09
Milhouse2Pull out the battery02:09
Milhouse2Holding down the Power Button for a few seconds may also work, but pulling the battery is the ultimate reset :)02:10
Dr_NunimYeah 3.2006.49-2 is shipping.02:10
KaylaKaze that's what my home screen looks like02:11
Milhouse2Dr Nunim - thanks... I know when the N800 was first released they shipped a slightly newer version to that which could be downloaded (2.2006.51-7 on device, 2.2006.51-6 for download). Can't remember the reason for the change - something minor.02:11
Milhouse2KaylaKaze - try changing the theme02:12
Milhouse2Or reboot02:12
KaylaKazeI tried changing the theme. It errored and said "Can't load file" or something to that extent02:13
KaylaKazeand I don't know how to reboot it02:13
Milhouse2See above02:13
KaylaKazewell, I turned it off and back on, but that didn't help02:13
*** edt has left #maemo02:14
Milhouse2Try removing the battery, just to make sure02:14
KaylaKazejust did02:14
Milhouse2Guess a reflash might be needed :(02:14
*** sxpert_ has joined #maemo02:15
KaylaKazewell, I'm waitingfor it to start up02:15
KaylaKazethough it looks like it might not be02:15
KaylaKazethere it goes02:15
*** sxpert_ is now known as sx\02:15
*** sx\ is now known as sx|lappy02:15
Milhouse2KaylaKaze: Any better?02:16
KaylaKazeyeah, but it was hooked to my pc and apparently went into update mode02:16
KaylaKazeand bookmarks are working noe02:18
*** bilboed has quit IRC02:18
*** Vudentz has quit IRC02:19
Dr_NunimNow where did my Opera scroll bars run off to...02:20
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo02:24
pupnikif the site is small, the scrollbars don't show up.  if it's not, try hitting the minimize button (top left) twice02:25
pupniko good, that bot is gone02:25
KaylaKazedoh! somehow Opera turned off it's javascript02:26
sp3000hmm, where'd my planet subscribe go02:27
* sp3000 guesstimates something along lines of something moving and greader not liking02:28
* sp3000 scratches head02:28
sp3000or maybe I didn't have it there02:28
Dr_NunimKayla, Opera>Tools>Settings02:28
sp3000no wonder it's been quiet :)02:28
*** vivijim has left #maemo02:28
KaylaKazeit'd be nice if this opera had a javascript console so I coudl see why the page isn't working right on it02:29
* sp3000 subscribes to the atom and gets shown markup by greadr02:30
sp3000...which isn't really feasible with atom because the content type is supposedly, uh, known02:30
* sp3000 cries02:31
sp3000oh nm it's some obsolete version from the nineties02:31
ericzKaylaKaze, so what am i going to have problems with when i get my n770? :P i see mine's in maryland02:32
KaylaKazeDr_Nunim: yeah, I knew where it was, I just don't know how it got turned off and that explained why my page wasn't working at all02:32
Milhouse2There has been mention in the past on ITT that Javascript may get turned off for no reason at all02:33
KaylaKazeericz: well, I can't get my desktop to ssh into it... I can't get the book readers to not crash...  for some reason my DND character sheet page isn't working right in some of the calculation...02:34
Milhouse2It's never happened to me, and I don't think a bug has been raised for it, not that it would help02:34
ericzcan't ssh why? :/ that's like my first thing-to-do.02:34
KaylaKazeand now I jsut got a message saying it can't install samba02:34
Dr_NunimMy opera problem:
KaylaKazeit just says "connection refused"02:34
Dr_NunimI tried the zooming out but nothing.02:34
KaylaKazeI can ssh into itself but that doesn't help when you have to type stuff02:35
ericzssh to self is easiest way to get root, right?02:36
Dr_NunimI just used gainroot02:37
KaylaKazewell, ssh from something else would be nice. Though it'd be nicer not to have to root in the first place02:37
*** rhys has joined #maemo02:38
Milhouse2kaylakaze: can you ping it?02:38
ericzyou can ssh to it from elsewhere, right?02:38
Dr_NunimSo anyone have some thoughts on where my scroll bars went?02:38
KaylaKazewow! this Discovery channel video it comes with is only 2.6 M and 46 seconds long02:38
Milhouse2Dr Nunim - have you got optimized view enabled?02:38
KaylaKazeMilhouse2: I haven't tried pinging it, but I can connect to the web server on it02:38
Milhouse2what web server?02:39
Milhouse2or you mean you can access the internet from your 77002:39
KaylaKazeI installed nginx on it and I'm able to connect to it from my pc02:39
sp3000Dr_Nunim: yeah it's a bitt odd that you have page parts for scrollbar graphics I guess02:39
Milhouse2establish if you have basic connectivity first02:40
sp3000do the scrollbars work though?02:40
Dr_NunimYeah they work fine.02:40
Milhouse2maybe the web server has screwed things up02:40
Dr_NunimThey're just invisible.02:40
sp3000have you *cough* rebooted?02:40
Milhouse2Dr Nunim - is it theme related? or as sp3000 suggests... reboot :(02:40
Dr_NunimThat was the first thing I tried.02:40
Dr_NunimDefault theme.02:40
sp3000did you have charger connected at the time?02:41
Dr_NunimDid hard reboot.02:41
Dr_Nunimaka removed the battery.02:41
Dr_NunimWhat does optimize view do by the way02:41
sp3000it lays out the page differently02:41
Dr_NunimI don't notice a difference.02:41
sp3000it tries to squash it02:41
Milhouse2less horizontal scrolling02:42
sp3000to view width02:42
Milhouse2sometimes works, sometimes doesn't :)02:42
sp3000works better or worse, depending on page02:42
Milhouse2wish it were a per-site setting but...02:42
sp3000I usually have it on02:42
KaylaKazedo I have to use xterm to run prgrams that don't show up in the menu?02:42
rhysdepends on the page02:42
sp3000KaylaKaze: I think there's an applet or somethinsomething for running arbitrary programs guifully, somewhere02:42
sp3000, too02:43
Milhouse2yes - or consider one of the status bar apps which may include the ability to run shell programs (one of the screenshot apps I think)02:43
sp3000Dr_Nunim: I guess switching the theme around might02:43
Dr_NunimJust rebooted again02:43
Dr_Nunimif that doesn't work I'll try installing a new theme and then uninstalling it.02:43
KaylaKazeI saw a file manager in the repository02:43
Dr_NunimThen flash time.02:43
Milhouse2There's a simple app launcher application which may support shell programs02:44
Dr_NunimNope rebooting didn't help :(02:45
Dr_NunimTime to install theme.02:45
Dr_NunimWell, would switching to another default theme work?02:45
KaylaKazefound the run app02:46
Dr_NunimYay, scroll bars now to get the default one's working..02:46
KaylaKazebut it won't install. I'll try that one02:46
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC02:47
Dr_NunimSucess :)02:48
*** GvzEvxre has joined #maemo02:48
Dr_NunimI am back to the scrolling world.02:48
*** ajturner has quit IRC02:50
*** abock has quit IRC02:50
pupniki saw the top mahjong scores on the ITT forums... you guys scare me02:50
KaylaKazeI installed the simplae app launcher... now I have to figure out how to run it :-/02:51
*** unique311 has quit IRC02:51
*** GvzEvxre is now known as TimRikerOLD02:53
*** TimRikerOLD is now known as TimRikerOLS02:53
Milhouse2Anyone want an iPhone? :)
Milhouse2eBay flooded...02:54
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo02:54
Molagiwhat the hell02:54
Milhouse2$15K for an iPhone? hehe02:54
Molaginice profit for someone02:54
Dr_NunimHell, I should have waited outside the apple store while browsing on my 770, sold the iphone and took the profits to buy an n80002:55
Milhouse2Suspect they won't see any of that02:55
Dr_NunimOnly problem is you have to sign a 2 year contract to get one.02:55
Dr_NunimThus I'd be stuck with cingular for another 2 years.02:55
Dr_NunimAnd do iphones use sim cards?02:55
*** hein has joined #maemo02:55
Milhouse2Yes, internal and not accessible/replaceable02:55
Milhouse2iPhones won't work on any other network - not even the iPod functionality02:56
Dr_NunimSo how are you supposed to sell them?02:56
Milhouse2And unless these iPhones are being sold with the activation code they'll be paperweights02:56
Dr_NunimWouldn't they be programmed to your account?02:56
Milhouse2You'd have thought so02:56
Dr_NunimHe says "Upon purchase we will email you the code that you need for activation via iTunes.02:57
Dr_NunimI suppose thats the code.02:57
Milhouse2There is a $175 option to get out of the AT&T contract... it's possible these are such phones but whether they can be re-registered is another matter02:57
Milhouse2Dr Nunim - yes02:57
pupnikisn't there an #iphone channel for this?02:57
pupnikoh, there is02:57
Molagiits always nice to talk shit about iphone02:57
Milhouse2Just having a laugh at the suckers on eBay wanting (or trying to sell) an iPhone :)02:58
Dr_Nunim3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display02:58
Dr_Nunim480-by-320-pixel resolution at 160 dpi02:58
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC02:58
Dr_NunimJunk :o02:58
Molagii think people over #iphone wouldnt like our discussions02:58
Milhouse2Awesome - that's like such high resolution, Apple are so innovative... nobody else can match that rez!02:58
Milhouse2Molagi - could be fun for a while... ;)02:59
Milhouse2I think I'll join up and lurk02:59
Molagihehe i can already smell the flames02:59
Milhouse2Damn, only 5 people??!02:59
Milhouse2And one of them was Dr Nunim!02:59
Dr_NunimI would never be caught in the iphone chan.03:00
Dr_NunimI don't secretly love apple!03:00
Milhouse2I have proof! :)03:00
Molagii wanna see videos of people karate chopping iphones to pieces03:00
Dr_NunimWhat I don't understand is that they had a YouTube commercial for the iphone yet the browser doesn't display flash..03:00
Milhouse2Molagi - I'm surprised such a video hasn't appeared of someone trashing an iPhone.. they did it to all of the new consoles03:01
Molagikarate chop would look cool though03:01
Molagilike breaking those boards03:02
Molagibut just with an iphone03:02
*** joruss has joined #maemo03:02
Dr_NunimNot as dramatic to smash an iphone.03:02
Dr_NunimPeople didn't camp out for day(s) to get them.03:02
Milhouse2Sure it would be - in front of all the queueing fan bois03:02
pupnikFix Neo1973.  Open source, better resolution.  And you can easily port your happy-fun-apps to it03:02
pupnikMight be possible to run maemo on it too03:03
Milhouse2I think I might have to get me one of them thar Neo1973s when they become available, probably one of the Phase 2 units at the end of this year (or there abouts)03:03
pupnikAny word on pricing?03:03
Dr_NunimWhy does it look so ugly?03:03
pupnikDesigned in Asia03:03
Milhouse2I thought the silver/black one looked ok, don't care much for the orange or green colour scheme though!03:04
Milhouse2price - I'm sure it will be competitive03:04
pupnikI think it's decent.03:04
pupnikI like the little loop for a string/chain.03:04
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo03:04
Dr_NunimYeah but it's qwertyless.03:05
*** joruss has quit IRC03:06
*** kakos has quit IRC03:08
Milhouse2not too sure about the loop - seems to increase the size of the device without adding any real value03:08
Milhouse2hopefully the hardware will get a make over before final release - i have to admit the Apple iPhone is pretty good looking, the Neo1973 could be made to look similar03:09
pupnikYep, they'd be smart to emulate iphone more closely - piggyback on the style.03:10
pupnikThat's what asian corps do anyway, with just about any product (cars, appliances)03:10
*** Sho_ has quit IRC03:11
*** hein is now known as Sho_03:11
Milhouse2$350 is the target price for the Neo197303:12
*** rev has joined #maemo03:12
Milhouse2screen is only 480x640 - shame :(03:12
Milhouse2indeed, "only"03:12
Milhouse2that res is crap for surfing03:13
Dr_NunimWe've only got 800x480.03:13
*** sp3000 has quit IRC03:13
Milhouse2would never go back to my VGA iPaq03:13
pupnikwhat is the iphone res?03:13
Milhouse2the extra pixels make all the difference03:13
Milhouse2less than the Neo!03:13
Dr_NunimiPhone res is TV I think.03:13
pupnik480x320 iirc03:13
Dr_NunimThe ability to change directions is kind of neat.03:14
pupnikso the neo costs less, is open source and has 2x the res.  Iphone may win on style, but not on hardware, afaict03:14
Milhouse2pupnik - yes, it's 320x480, eeeeeek!03:14
Milhouse2plus the neo has GPS03:15
Milhouse2the neo isn't likely to replace my internet tablet unless they can match the 800x480 resolution03:15
pupnikSame here03:15
Milhouse2can't see why FIC can't increase the screen resolution - 640x480 will look pretty lame coming into 200803:16
pupnikan 800x480 screen would make it the size of the 77003:16
pupnikor larger03:16
Dr_NunimIt's only a bit bigger then my smartphone.03:16
Milhouse2look at the pictures - plenty of plastic available03:16
Dr_NunimAnd not nearly as thick.03:16
pupniki dunno man, 640x480 is damn good for a phone.03:17
Milhouse2but horrible for surfing03:17
pupnikbetter than 160x16003:17
Milhouse2though not as horrible as 480x320 it has to be said :)03:17
Milhouse2i think 800x480 is the sweet spot where you can view sites without monkeying around with "optimized view" and that crap03:18
pupnikyou're right about that03:18
Dr_Nunim800x600 would have been nice03:18
*** behdad has quit IRC03:18
pupnikA lot of users have trouble reading the 770 screen.  Can't make 800x480 much smaller03:18
Milhouse2I think slightly wider than 800 would be perfect - not so bothered about the vertical scrolling03:19
Dr_NunimThat'd be fine but then add a scroll wheel.03:21
*** Milhouse2 has quit IRC03:22
*** milhouse has joined #maemo03:22
milhousehmmm what did i miss? :)03:22
pupnik02:20 < Dr_Nunim> That'd be fine but then add a scroll wheel.03:23
*** milhouse has quit IRC03:23
*** milhouse has joined #maemo03:24
*** kakos has joined #maemo03:25
* pupnik duct-tapes milhouse to the channel03:25
milhouseyay, i got my nickname back!03:25
milhousefor some reason i couldn't log in with it the other week but now i can03:26
Dr_Nunimhrm that was bad03:28
Dr_Nunimit crashed on me03:28
pupnikopera isn't 100% robust on wonky websites03:28
milhouseor even non-wonky sites... ;)03:29
Dr_NunimI meant the 770 itself ;p03:29
pupniki think i've had about 8 crashes in as many months03:30
pupnikbut as always ymmv03:30
*** KevinVerma has left #maemo03:30
pupniki'm still lmaoing at the japanese game show with the girls and the big iguana03:31
*** pdz- has joined #maemo03:32
*** adoyle has quit IRC03:33
milhouseI have to say that the OpenMoko wiki beats the pants off the new Maemo "wiki" for looks and readability03:34
KaylaKazeminimo won't work :-(03:34
milhousejust reading about the hardware now...
KaylaKazeoh! there it is. just takes a really long time to start.03:35
KaylaKazeand then it crashed :-(03:35
Dr_Nunimsounds like firefox :)03:36
*** Niacin has joined #maemo03:36
KaylaKazeI neve have problems with ff03:36
Niacindo you need > 64mb flash card to install os2007 on 770?03:37
milhouseno card is needed, but swap is always useful03:37
*** pdz has quit IRC03:37
milhouseyou can choose the size of swap up to 128mb03:37
KaylaKazeI closed everything else and it works... but own't connect to anything03:38
Niacinhmm even with everything uninstalled03:38
Niacini still have < 78mb03:38
Niacinso how does one do the install?03:39
Niacin./dev/mtdblock4          123.5M     62.9M     60.6M  51% /03:40
pupnikIT2007 is the Hacker edition03:40
pupnikif you have some experience with debian packages and the command line, you might like it03:40
pupnikOtherwise you're going to end up with a lot of broken apps03:40
Niacinsounds like fun03:40
milhousein terms of "installing OS2007 HE on 770" - just flash it like you would OS 200603:41
KaylaKazeoh, that's why. for some reason my connection disconected03:41
Niacinyeah but how do i flash it if i have no space on the device ;)03:41
pupnikIt installs a whole new root fs03:41
milhouseit doesn't install to flash card03:41
Niacini only have a 64mb flash card03:41
milhouseyou replace your existing OS installation on the internal memory - it will wipe all existing data03:42
Niacinand the .bin file is 78mb03:42
Dr_NunimOoh... 128mb swap....03:42
Dr_NunimI don't understand why that wasn't part of 2006.03:42
pupnikNiacin, it doesn't install to flash card03:42
Niacinso how does one actually flash it... if the userland has < 78mb free03:42
Niacinpupnik: i understand this... i'm not trying to install it on the flash...03:42
milhouseit wipes the internal memory03:42
Niacini got that like 3 times already03:43
milhouseyou have 128Mb internal memory on the deive03:43
Niacinyes but mine out of the box seems to have < 70mb free03:43
Niacinso no space for the image03:43
Dr_NunimWell some is being taken up by the os..03:43
Niacinsoooooo again how does one flash it if i have no where to put it ;)03:43
milhousethe image doesn't go on the device03:43
milhousejust try it03:43
milhouseyou don't copy the image to the device03:44
Niacinarr its a usb flash?03:44
milhouseyou use the flasher which loads the image over what is already there03:44
KaylaKazeat least my D&D page works in minimo, though the recalculations are slow03:44
Niacinthis makes more sense03:44
Dr_Nunimminimo does ajax better?03:44
milhousecan't do it any worse03:45
Dr_Nunimit could not do it all :p03:45
milhousetrue :) i think it does ajax - haven't tried it to be honest. I like minimo, but the UI still needs more work before it replaces opera (it's not far off)03:45
KaylaKazeth recalculations aren't exaclty fast on my pc either03:46
KaylaKazenow I just need to figure out how to serve it from the local web browser, php, and sql so I don't use battery power using the wifi03:47
rhyswhat kind of usb port does the n800 have?03:47
milhousea semi functional one03:48
milhousemini USB03:48
*** behdad has joined #maemo03:48
rhysit a usb slave ? you plug it into a computer to let the flash / sd cards act as a drive?03:48
milhouseyes, it will appear as a mass storage device in windows etc.03:49
KaylaKazeI wonder if it'd be better if I set it up so that when a change is made, php does calculations and sends back the results instead of doing the calculations in javascript03:49
rhysive heard something about changing it to a USB host. does it work? can you use a flash drive with it? do flash drives fall under the 100mA limit?03:49
rhysusb keyboards?03:50
milhousewhen doing client side processing you should always consider that the client may not be the fastest computer in the world so if you can do the calculation server side you should03:50
milhouserhys: i think it's being worked on but needs changes in the kernel03:50
milhouserhys: worked on by the community, not nokia03:51
Dr_NunimWhere'd you get minimo from?03:51
rhysmilhouse, so not a viable solution as of yet?03:51
KaylaKazeI think03:51
KaylaKazemaybe not03:51
Dr_Nunimchecked there.03:51
milhouserhys: not yet, but maybe one day...03:51
*** mat__ has joined #maemo03:52
*** mat has quit IRC03:54
*** mat__ is now known as mat03:54
milhouseWow, that iPhone auction is now up to $18K! I think someone is having a laugh...03:55
rhyswhen..the n800 is better03:56
KaylaKazeminimo doesn't semm to have bookmarks03:56
milhouseKaylaKaze: Bookmarks are a little bit "broken" in the latest minimo03:56
milhouseI believe the author is aware03:57
milhousehaha, that iPhone auction is increasing by about $500 every 30 seconds!03:58
milhousenow up to $19,10003:58
milhouse15 hours to go!03:58
milhouseshould hit a million quite easily03:58
milhousedamn, stopped increasing now03:59
*** TimRikerOLS has quit IRC04:00
KaylaKazenow I need to get maeo mapper set to download maps...04:03
pupnikyou have gps cellfone?:04:03
Dr_NunimWell, minimo displays google nicer04:06
Dr_NunimOpera has a habit of making text boxes disappear.04:06
*** ab has joined #maemo04:07
KaylaKazeand opera turned off my javascript again...04:08
Dr_Nunimwow, meebo works on minimo!04:09
Dr_Nunimseems to choke the cpu though04:09
Dr_Nunimwould probably work much better on an n80004:10
pupnikah never saw meebo before - interesting04:11
KaylaKazewell, as long as I have a wifi connection, I can use google maps, but I'd like to get a repository for my city local for maemo mapper...04:11
rhysKaylaKaze, doesnt it cache them?04:14
Dr_NunimMinimo isn't bad.04:20
milhouse$32,100 for an iPhone now! LOL04:20
Dr_NunimNot perfect but it has different strenghts then opera.04:20
milhouse$35,100 now04:20
milhousebid frenzy going on04:20
Molagiis someone really gonna pay that price?04:20
pupniki have a library of ramen04:20
milhousedoubt it!04:20
pupnikyeah, 8 cases, different brands / flavors04:22
milhousenice, always handy if you get peckish in the middle of a good read04:22
pupnikyeah, this local russian shop that just opened buys them.  I told the guy "I'll buy every new brand/flavor you get in here"04:23
Niacinso when i go to flash the 770... do i need to put it into a certian mode?04:23
Niacinor do i just plug it in and ./flash04:23
milhouseplug in the USB cable, hold down the home key and power on the 77004:23
milhouseit should go into "Flasher" mode04:24
pupnikplug in, start flasher, turn on (on linux)04:24
pupniki started the flasher before turning it on iirc04:24
milhousei think if you hold down the Home key it puts it into flasher mode whereby it will wait for you to start the flasher04:24
milhouseotherwise it will probably work as you describe04:24
pupnikyeah read instructions before flashing04:25
KaylaKazeyay! got samba access!04:25
pupnikhow did you mount from the 770 KaylaKaze ?04:25
*** Pio has quit IRC04:26
Dr_NunimI like the japanese import noodles.04:26
KaylaKazepupnik: smb browser04:27
pupnikthe ones i have are all vietnamese or korean.  the japanese 'nissin' brand is kinda pricey.04:27
KaylaKazesucky program interface though04:27
pupniksorry s/vietnamese/thai04:27
pupnikaha KaylaKaze i was trying to mount from command line04:27
Niacinflasher mode have a usb symbol in top right?04:27
Niacinand stick on the nokia screen?04:27
milhousethat means it's waiting for you to run the flasher utility04:28
ericzanybody have any experience setting up a vpn daemon on a home linux box to tunnel into from their 770?04:28
NiacinFound image xloader (length 13824)04:30
NiacinFound image secondary (length 86912)04:30
NiacinInvalid data block subblock count (3)04:30
Niacini get that when i run flasher04:30
milhousewhat OS are you flashing? and which flasher are you using?04:31
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC04:32
Niacin2007 hacker and using latest flasher from nokia04:32
milhouseHurrah - $60,100 for an iPhone now!!!!04:32
milhouseflasher 3?04:32
milhouseyou might want to try flasher-2 with 77004:32
Niacinarr ok04:32
milhousewhat size is your bin?04:33
milhousein bytes04:33
milhousemine is 82,150,887 bytes04:33
Niacinarr that looks like it worked04:34
Niacinits flashing now04:34
milhouseit's working with flasher-2?04:35
milhouseok cool - i always wondered if flasher-3 was backwards compatible with the 770, obviously not04:35
ericzanybody used the 770 with a vpn?04:36
Niacinmilhouse did yours reboot automaticly?04:37
milhouseyes, but only because i told it to04:39
milhousei normally flash with "./flasher -F <bin> -R -f"04:39
KaylaKazepdf files are slow to render :-(04:40
pupnikPDF is bloaty by design04:41
pupniklike so many things, it gets fat and ugly with age04:42
KaylaKazewell, ocr'd docs with images hidden aren't too bad...04:44
Dr_NunimI hate PDF04:44
Dr_Nunimeven on my dual core a 2 megabit pdf can bring the cpu to a hault for a few seconds.04:44
Dr_NunimHorrible software and such.04:45
KaylaKazeyeah, but that's the format they scan RPG books as well as in which popsci puts out digital editions04:45
KaylaKazeand cbr files aren't working :-(04:45
*** rhys has quit IRC04:45
Dr_NunimI used to get popsci04:45
Dr_NunimI get wired now, for some reason they send them to me for free and I don't argue.04:46
KaylaKazeI was getting CGW for free for quite a while04:46
pupnikthere's a cbr viewer for nokias iirc04:47
Niacinhehe when my 2007 dims... the screen flickers like crazy04:47
*** matt_c has joined #maemo04:47
KaylaKazeI think if I can get a 2GB card, it'll act better... maybe04:47
pupnikNiacin: i saw something like this.  if you tap the screen-brightness control at the top, do you see screen brightness going up and down quickly?04:48
pupniklooks like a bug.  i'll have to file one04:49
pupnikcan you see the actual brightness bar going up and down?04:50
pupniki couldn't turn it off when that happened04:52
pupnikcan you power down?04:52
Niacinsec installin stuff04:52
Dr_NunimJust saw the commercial on TV.04:54
pupnikmost of us won't click on random URLs.  Give a title or description please.04:54
Dr_NunimIt's tatermitts!04:54
Dr_NunimPotato peeling gloves.04:54
*** jacques has joined #maemo04:56
Niacinthe 770 have some sort of serial interface? jtag?04:57
milhousenext to the battery04:57
Niacinjtag or serial?04:57
milhouseserial i think04:57
Niacinso no LVTTL to RS232 level translater built in?04:58
Niacini still have a cable laying around from my msntv hack04:59
*** gcarrier has quit IRC05:10
*** gcarrier has joined #maemo05:10
*** Feuervogel has joined #maemo05:13
*** matt_c has quit IRC05:16
Niacinis there some sort of built in wget05:20
Niacinon the 770?05:20
Niacinlike a cmd line url grabber05:20
*** ab has quit IRC05:20
milhousenot built in, but wget is available05:21
Niacineven in ipkg?05:21
Niacineh dpkg05:21
pupnikthere's a deb somewhere05:21
pupniknice milhouse05:22
pupniki'm imposing a personal moratorium on googling for other people in chat05:22
milhousehaha, fine by me :)05:22
*** sorbix has joined #maemo05:24
sorbixoooh i like the sound of that 2007 om the 770 linlk05:25
Dr_Nunimjust install weget05:25
sorbixdoes OS 2007 fix flash issues?05:25
Dr_Nunimgah too late05:25
pupnik2007 slicker in some ways.  the virtual keyboard more responsive.  the click sound much more elegant (it's like tapping a screwdriver on crystal glass, instead of wood)05:26
milhousesorbix - depends on what issues. same flash as on OS 2006, but some flash issues might be OS related and fixed in OS 200705:26
sorbixoh OK, from what I read, flash in 2007 is a newer version?05:26
milhouseit is on N800 but not 77005:27
sorbixi just got the 770 and am in the process of trying to fix flash05:27
milhouseflash is licenced to the device so Nokia have to ship the old Flash on 770 no matter what OS is used05:27
sorbixyea, i was disappointed to hear that 2007 was only for 80005:27
sorbixso theres no way to update it myself?05:27
milhouseOS 2007 HE works well on 77005:27
milhouseno - the OS isn't entirely open source05:28
sorbixso what happens if everyone starts using the new GPL?  does that mean new gpl 3 software cant be on the tablets?05:29
*** gcarrier has quit IRC05:29
*** gcarrier has joined #maemo05:29
sorbixman i was really hoping to play tower defense on my 770 :)05:30
pupniksomeone ported it?05:30
sorbixerr, the new flash-based TD games05:31
pupniksorbix, where's tower defense?  too many hits for "tower defense"05:31
Dr_NunimPlay it in flash?05:32
pupniki did some early flash development and i think it stinks05:32
sorbixwell, thats the problem.  all the new flash games use the latest flash version i guess05:32
Niacinhow do i get libxau0 ?05:32
KaylaKazeI need something like nautilus for maemo05:34
sorbixman the 770 is so close to being awesome05:37
sorbixjust falls short with shitty flash and java support05:37
pupnikisn't the screen dreamy, sorbix?05:37
Dr_Nunim ?05:37
pupniklike when that nokia logo comes up, i can't see any pixels along the diagonal05:38
sorbixits the most satisfying gadget to hold05:38
Dr_NunimEh, java is silly.05:39
Dr_NunimFlash I could see though.05:39
sorbixgoogle apps need it05:39
sorbixlike the calendar05:39
sorbixfor some reason it doesnt work well as it is05:39
sorbixi mean, its there its just buggy05:39
*** ttuttle has joined #maemo05:40
ttuttleericz: Mine's getting here tomorrow!05:40
ericzttuttle, mine says it left maryland about an hour ago05:40
ttuttleericz: Yay.  Where are you?05:41
ericzif the dude floors it, maybe it'll come tomorrow, but expected delivery is still tuesday05:41
ttuttleericz: Mine's expected tomorrow.05:41
ericzvirginia, but the most south east part of VA you can get05:41
ericzno fair!05:41
ttuttleericz: Meh.  I ordered earlier.  My brother's is expected Monday or Tuesday, 'cause he ordered later.05:41
Dr_NunimI got mine Today :)05:41
ttuttleDr_Nunim: pffft.05:42
Dr_NunimWasn't expected until tomorrow.05:42
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Cool.05:42
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Is it awesome?05:42
Dr_NunimAnd with the terrible FedEx tracking site I didn't know what was going on.05:42
ericzi mean, there's no reason, if they just left maryland, for it to not be delivered tomorrow other than laziness, but it should *definently* be here monday05:42
Dr_NunimYes, yes it is.05:42
Dr_Nunimonce I get my 1gb card on monday it'll be more awesome.05:42
ericzi was getting concerned, forums have a ton of comments about "white screen"05:42
ttuttleericz: Oh noes.05:43
brlancerericz: why should they deliver it earlier than they need to? better to save the space on the truck for people paying extra for one or two day shipping05:43
ttuttleericz: Is it a big problem, or just a lot of people talking about it?05:43
Dr_Nunimthe WSOD?05:43
Dr_NunimI thought that was flash fixable.05:43
ericzi mean, it's only 4 hours from where they just left from, and to here..05:43
ttuttlebrlancer: If there's extra space, or they'd have to run an extra truck to get it there within the promised period.05:43
ericz4 hours shouldn't take 4 days05:43
ttuttleericz: WSOD?05:43
brlancerttuttle: agreed--but it's in their interest to meet all agreed upon service levels05:44 had a few people mention that had "WSOD" (i guess thats what you'd call it?)05:44
brlancerand so the 5-7 day shipping sits on a loading dock while overnight stuff gets put in front05:44
Dr_NunimEh, I was happy with my fedex05:45
Dr_Nunim1 day early aint bad.05:45
Dr_NunimUPS has a better tracking system though.05:45
Dr_NunimI always know where my package is05:45
ericzso my thing gets to the local fedex eadquarters tomrrow, or late tonight, and sits their until tuesday.. i mine as well go over there [30min drive] and ask for it05:45
Dr_NunimFedEx it said it was in texas until yesterday.05:45
brlancerDr_Nunim: mine was a day early also (showed up after 5p last night)05:45
Dr_NunimYou can call and see if you can pick it up.05:45
Dr_NunimMine was here by the time I woke up, 10:30.05:46
KaylaKazeyay! I can run my 770 over vnc05:46
pupnikKaylaKaze: synergy is awesome on the 770 too05:46
pupnikmine sits below my desktop monitor and i use my mouse and keyboard with it05:46
ericzi'd rather run my pc over vnc from the 770 :P but with xfce on linux and dual monitors, i don't think i can05:47
KaylaKazeI'm guessing that's a remote viewer?05:47
pupnikno it lets you share keyboard + mouse + cutandpaste between multiple machines05:47
brlancersynergy is a virtual kvm05:47
KaylaKazeI haven't seen that listed...05:47
pupnikthe cutandpaste is awesome -- hilight a url in chat and paste it on another machine05:47
brlancerit's damn awesome, especially with stunnel to encrypt the traffic05:47
milhousewow, $51,000,100 for the iPhone on ebay now ($51million)!05:49
sorbixhas anyone gotten google calendar to work on the 770?05:49
Dr_Nunimso fake.05:49
ericziPhone's like $500, right?05:49
Dr_NunimI think its 600 or 80005:49
milhousecorrection, $52m - just jumped $1m05:50
milhouse$66m now05:50
ericzholy shit05:50
Dr_Nunimgonna get pulled soon.05:50
milhouseFree shipping though05:50
ericzoooh free shipping!05:50
ericzim sold.05:50
milhousei know - bargain!05:51
ericzno payments until '08!05:51
milhouse$76m now!!!!05:51
Dr_NunimGoogle calendar use ajax?05:51
ericzthe seller has 100% feedback too.05:51
sorbixyea something like that05:51
sorbixit just doesnt render right05:52
sorbixgmail works fine though05:52
Dr_NunimI had 100% until some asshole didn't like a usps delay05:52
Dr_NunimWhat part doesn't work?05:52
ericzi wonder if there's a cap on how much can actually be bid05:52
milhousei was just wondering if this could turn out to be the most expensive auction in ebay history05:53
ericzit'll get taken down, im sure05:53
milhousesomething else has probably topped it though05:53
KaylaKazeit says synegy is incompatible05:53
sorbixDr_Nunim: it only renders the top left google logo and a couple links but there st is nada05:53
Dr_NunimSorbix, try in minimo.05:54
Dr_NunimSeems to be working fineish..05:54
Dr_NunimWell working.05:54
ericzhrm, to place a big over 15k, you have to provide a valid credit card or complete the id verify process (whch costs $5) that sucks05:55
sorbixminimo only has windows and cab installers it seems05:56
sorbixone sec...05:56
brlancerericz: it's not hard to get a valid credit card number05:57
KaylaKazethat synergy deb says it's incompatible05:57
Dr_NunimGoogle Calendar05:59
sorbixare you sure minimo works with 2006?  it says i need the x11 packages06:00
Dr_NunimYou need the dependencys.06:01
Dr_Nunimbut it's working fine.06:01
Dr_Nunimuse the repositories listed.06:01
KaylaKazepupnik: no06:01
*** Feuervogel has quit IRC06:02
pupnikthere's a dpkg command to show the OS version a package wants06:03
pupnikyou can also try dpkg -i <packagename>06:03
milhouseAnd it's been removed :(06:08
Dr_NunimTold you :(06:09
pupnikI should put Germany up for auction.06:11
pupnikoh nevermind, we're already sold-out06:11
KaylaKazeI can't dpkg... when I try, it pw prompts me. I put in rootme but it says incorrect06:12
pupnikgoogle nokia+"how do I become root"06:13
pupniki think it's sudo gainroot or summat06:13
KaylaKazeI know how to gain root06:13
milhousesudo gainroot06:13
KaylaKazebut I'm not able to do it06:13
milhousebut you need to have installed the becomeroot package or have your device in R&D mode (I use the latter method)06:14
KaylaKazessh is giving me errors. I'm installing a text editor to try to fix the ssh problem06:14
KaylaKazessh says that the key isn't authorized or soemthing06:14
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo06:15
pupnikyou can delete your ~/.ssh/ keys to clear them out06:16
sorbixman setting up minimo is complicated06:16
KaylaKazeI think somethign has changed my root pw06:18
KaylaKazesorbix, then you're not doing it right06:19
milhouseshould be rootme by default06:19
KaylaKazemilhouse: I know06:19
KaylaKazebut it's not working. It was earlier06:19
sorbixim trying to add the repositories but the package lists arent refereshing right06:20
KaylaKazeI just clicked on a deb link06:20
KaylaKazeoh, no I didn't06:21
KaylaKazeI used this repository
sorbixno i got that added but it says i need the x11-common packages06:22
KaylaKazethe log for app manager says about the synergy package "Package must have "Section: user/FOO" to be considered compatible"06:24
KaylaKazeis there a way to fix that?06:24
KaylaKazesorbix: I must have installed something else before hand that had them or had a repository that had them06:24
pupnikKaylaKaze: oh good grief.  That's a known error.  keesj what's up with that?06:29
pupnikHe's probably sleeping like a sane european.06:29
pupnikKaylaKaze: yeah i can't remember offhand06:29
pupnikOk, in the pkg source, it requires one change the debian/control file, line "Section: libs" to "Section: user/libs"06:31
*** dolske has quit IRC06:31
pupnikKaylaKaze: see if you get the error running (as root) dpkg -i thesynergypakage.deb06:33
*** saerdnaer2 has joined #maemo06:36
KaylaKazepupnik: I can't get root access. rootme isn't working06:36
pupnikcan you ssh to the device?06:37
KaylaKazeonly locally on itself06:38
milhousehow have you tried to get root so far? have you tried ssh -l root <ip>?06:38
KaylaKazewait, I got it06:38
KaylaKazethe 770 spontaneously changed it's ip on me so I was trying to ssh to it's old one06:39
KaylaKazeI was able to ssh into it as root from my desktop (though I still can't get root on it locally)06:39
*** alex-weej has quit IRC06:39
milhousehow are you trying to get root locally? what method(s)?06:40
milhousesudo su - root?06:40
milhouseor sudo gainroot?06:40
milhouseor ssh -l root localhost?06:40
KaylaKazeand sudo su06:40
KaylaKazeand ssh06:40
KaylaKazeokay, I think this installed synergy06:40
milhouse"sudo su - root" should work assuming the password is rootme and you haven't disabled root login06:40
KaylaKazewell, I'll try later. I'm much happier doing it through ssh on my pc06:41
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC06:41
KaylaKazehmm.. synergys is telling me no configuration file available and I have no idea where one would be06:43
pupnikput the synergy server on your pc, client on the nokia06:45
KaylaKazeoh... I thought it was the other way around06:46
KaylaKazeI thought I wanted to control the nokia from my dekstop06:46
pupnikthe server should be on the machine with the controlling keyboard and mouse06:46
pupnikit helps to read the manual06:47
KaylaKazewhat manual06:47
KaylaKazeand there's nothign on maemo to read with06:48
pupnikgoogle synergy server howto06:48
pupnikmaybe add synergy.conf to the search06:49
KaylaKazewell, I've got them synergy connected06:50
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC06:50
pupnikreally?  hows it working for you06:51
pupnikany issues?06:51
KaylaKazeI haven't figured out how to use it yet06:52
KaylaKazemy server window on my desktop shows it's connected... but that's about it06:52
pupnikto what side of your monitor is the nokia set up?06:54
pupnikin synergy.conf?06:54
KaylaKazeI have no idea. I'm still reading the docs06:55
pupnikthen you clearly do not have them connected via synergy06:55
KaylaKazewell, I had a window on my PC saying that it was connected06:56
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo06:57
KaylaKazeor maybe it's refusing connection...06:57
KaylaKazethere we go07:00
KaylaKazestill can't figure out what it's supposed to be doing though07:01
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC07:02
pupnikto what side of your monitor is the nokia set up?07:04
pupnikok when you move your mouse pointer to the left edge of the pc screen, does it stay there, or disappear?07:05
KaylaKazestay there07:05
pupnikok then it's not connecting07:05
pupnikit will disappear from your pc screen if it's set up right and connected07:05
KaylaKazeokay, now it's working07:05
KaylaKazewell, it did for a second07:06
milhouseHere's the next iPhone auction heading for a takedown - up to $1m already
milhouseactually, that's the opening bid!07:07
pupnikKaylaKaze: the thing that's not yet implemented in synergy client for maemo is 'cursor showing'.  It will not show the X cursor.  You have to do that manually.07:09
milhouseoff to catch some zzzz's - night all07:10
KaylaKazeright now, something's using all my nokia's cpu power07:10
pupnikthere's a default cursor that's transparent on the nokia07:10
*** Yamazaki-kun has quit IRC07:10
pupniknite milhouse07:10
KaylaKazepretty much completely locked up07:10
pupnikso what i did was copy in a curser bitmap07:10
pupnikthe sad thing is i didn't find any description in a web search for how to do this07:11
pupnikit's somewhere in my notes07:11
KaylaKazelooks like I might have to pull the battery again07:12
pupnikyou can type 'reboot' from a root shell also iirc07:13
KaylaKazeit's too locked up to even run reboot07:16
pupniki wonder what that could be07:16
KaylaKazeit's working... just REALLY slowly07:17
*** ttuttle_ has joined #maemo07:26
*** ttuttle has quit IRC07:26
*** rkaway2 has quit IRC07:27
*** rkaway2 has joined #maemo07:29
Dr_Nunim2007 feels a lot like 2006.07:35
Dr_NunimIt's layed out a little nicer though.07:35
Dr_NunimWifi settings are a little easier.07:37
*** unique311 has joined #maemo07:59
*** twogood has joined #maemo08:04
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo08:11
*** soleblaze has quit IRC08:17
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo08:17
*** pupnik has quit IRC08:23
*** unique311 has quit IRC08:31
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo08:32
*** TimRiker is now known as TimRikerOLS08:55
*** rwhitby-n800 has joined #maemo09:09
*** jacques has quit IRC09:31
*** edistar has quit IRC09:41
*** koen has joined #maemo09:59
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC10:27
*** koen has quit IRC10:40
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo10:54
*** molkko has joined #maemo10:55
*** TimRikerOLS has quit IRC10:56
*** TimRikerOLS has joined #maemo10:56
*** TimRikerOLS has quit IRC11:08
*** xan_ has quit IRC11:13
*** xan has joined #maemo11:26
*** koen has joined #maemo11:26
*** melmoth has joined #maemo11:27
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:29
*** koen has quit IRC11:37
*** zwnj has quit IRC11:39
*** zwnj has joined #maemo11:40
molkkoare installation instructions in some wiki where one can propose improvements to the instructions?11:41
molkkoit seems to me that chapter 3.2.2 5th line should be "$/scratchbox/login" not "scratchbox"  , right?11:41
pupnik_un moment11:42
molkkoyes wiki or yes error11:43
*** czheng1 has joined #maemo11:44
pupnik_try bora-feedback@maemo.org11:45
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik11:45
pupnik(i am not a nokia employee)11:45
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC11:46
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo11:50
*** djcb has joined #maemo11:55
*** pcfe has joined #maemo12:10
molkkoI can e.g. wget from scratchbox meaning networking works ok but apt-get update from scratchbox throws errors like "could not resolve ''". /etc/apt/sources.list is in order I suppose. how to debug?12:14
melmothmolkko known 'problem'12:15
melmothdouble check the following in the _host_ machine (not scratchbox)12:15
melmoth /etc/resolve.conf is ok12:15
oilcould someone explain to me what is this scratchbox?12:15
melmoth /etc/nsswitch.conf mention dns and NOT mdsn for the host resolving12:15
melmothscratchbox is a sort of chroot based 'emulator' as far as i underestand it12:16
molkkooil, see e.g.
melmothi meant /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf and /scratbchobx/etc/nsswitch.conf :)12:17
melmothof course, /etc/* should be ok as well, but you would not be there if it was not the case...12:18
oilmolkko: thanks. and that runs on 770/n800 or on windowns/linux PC ?12:18
*** tko has left #maemo12:18
pupnikon the PC12:19
oilok. thanks.12:19
pupnikit's a cross-compilation environment that can run native ARM software via the QEMU emulator12:19
oilmight be better that crashing the n800 once in a day :)12:19
pupnikso when you develop on PC, the environment looks like the nokia12:19
oilthanks for the info. I'm only doing some scripting and therefore putty and ssh are the tools for me12:20
oilbtw. how much work you need to do to for example compile crontab for maemo?12:21
*** koen has joined #maemo12:22
oilwould that take a day, week or some hours?12:22
pupnikif you have scratchbox set-up, you can apt-get source crontab and compile in a few minutes12:22
oilah. ok. then I could have a try with that12:22
*** konttori800 has joined #maemo12:23
pupnikit took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable enough with the environment and commands.  but i am a slow puppy.12:23
*** tko has joined #maemo12:25
*** vims0r has joined #maemo12:25
pupniksalut mon ami12:25
molkkoi am setting up it third or fourth time but still it does not go super smoothly. always at some stage things just start to deviate from what is in the instructions and then you find yourself googling help or chatting here12:26
melmothmolkko, the most annoying things that happened here was this name resolving thingy12:27
melmothotherwisen it went rather smoothly, twice (real machine, and then in a xen one to play on non debian based machine)12:27
*** VimSi has quit IRC12:27
*** djcb has quit IRC12:30
*** djcb has joined #maemo12:35
oilok. sources.list updated. but, which packages should I install? scratchbox-core? orhers?12:35
*** konttori has joined #maemo12:36
molkkooil, are you sure you are doing the right thing. I guess you should proceed according to this
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo12:39
zuhThere's a list of what to install in section 2.2 "Installing Scratchbox Apophis manually"12:40
konttoriYou know guys, I've been wondering if someone should make a utility to edit the opera ini and input ini. Sort of opera tuner. I think it would be great if it had the minimum font size, dpad direction actions, + and - button actions, iframe on/off toggle, maybe a few other. And preset buttons: Automatic performance tune, automatic general tune and default settings.12:41
konttoriSee discussion on ITT:
oilmolkko: I'll try to follow that12:41
konttoriAt least for me, the browsing experience is so much better now that I have minimum font size 14, disabled the scrollbars and configured dpad middle button to page down.12:42
`0660yes you should! :)12:44
*** slomo has joined #maemo12:44
*** guardian has quit IRC12:45
*** guardian has joined #maemo12:45
*** twogood has quit IRC12:47
*** twogood has joined #maemo12:49
konttoriI don't think I have the time to do it right now. Too many projects. I would need a project team to help me with those.12:53
`0660sorry, didn't notice you said someone :)13:00
`0660but i think that would be a really popular program and quite an easy one too13:01
*** molkko has quit IRC13:01
konttoriI agree.13:02
konttoriProbably would take less than 8 hours to make, test and package.13:02
konttoriProbably should be made in python as it's mostly just text operations on the opera.ini file13:02
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:04
*** tko has quit IRC13:08
*** tko has joined #maemo13:11
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo13:14
*** jpetersen has quit IRC13:32
pupnikkonttori: as a quick alternative, just post an alternate opera.ini to ITT forum and let people see your changes?13:32
konttoripupnik: But most of the people can't copy it anyway.13:32
konttoriAnd I think that a tuner is better than a opera ini replacer script.13:34
pupniksure :)  Ought to be in opera options anyway.13:34
pupnikHow do you scroll back up without scrollbar?  oh.. duhhh.  drag and pull, right/13:34
konttoripunik: agreed. It's so odd that even the minimin font size is not in the options13:39
konttoripunik: yeah, and I also configured dpad up to page up.13:39
konttorithe dpad is just so horrible that I can't use the dpad down to page down as I would just get cramps in my hand.13:40
konttoriIt's badly located and the press has to be made by the tip of the thumb instead of the middle of the thumb as with any proper dpad.13:40
pupnikyeah it's awful because the thumb accidentally can hit the enter button13:41
pupnikjust a few more millimeter size on the dpad, and a slightly smaller enter button13:41
pupnikand diagonals, and slightly less resistance13:41
rwhitbykonttori: can you pastebin your opera.ini here at least?13:43
konttori800well. i can try13:43
* rwhitby has never touched opera.ini, and would like to see the master's modifications :-)13:43
konttoriI'm no master. It's easy to modify it.13:45
konttoriBut to modify the key presses, you need to modify the input.ini. Want that too?13:46
pupnikThe force is strong with this one...13:46
konttorithe best browser change is the minimum font size to 14.13:47
* pupnik likes licetype usually, but will try your mod13:48
pupniki really like the no-scrollbar13:49
*** twogood has quit IRC13:49
konttorithe latter is input.ini13:49
*** _twogood_ has joined #maemo13:49
pupnikThank you Obi-Wan.13:49
konttoriprobably not the best ini, but something that helps me get by browsing news.13:49
konttoriI love the ability to press middle button to page down. So much easier to read articles as well as news sites.13:50
konttoriI think that nokia should have small acceleration in the finger scroll.13:50
konttorithe drag scroll I mean13:50
konttoriit could be twice the finger movement.13:51
konttorithat way user wouldn't have to move finger quite that much.13:51
pupniknice idea13:51
rwhitbykonttori: thx13:51
*** gwak_ has joined #maemo14:16
*** Sho_ has quit IRC14:16
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:17
*** oil has quit IRC14:18
*** _twogood_ has quit IRC14:18
*** slomo_ has joined #maemo14:18
*** twogood has joined #maemo14:18
*** oil has joined #maemo14:19
pupnikI don't understand why the virtual keyboard doesn't generate normal X keyboard events.  It would be much more compatible with non-hildon apps if it did.14:19
*** koen has quit IRC14:21
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:25
*** __shawn has joined #maemo14:27
*** slomo has quit IRC14:31
*** konttori has quit IRC14:35
*** konttori has joined #maemo14:36
ttuttle_ericz: " On FedEx vehicle for delivery"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:36
ericzmine's in a nearby city14:36
ttuttle_ericz: cool14:37
ericz" At local FedEx facility   "14:37
ericzeither 4 hours.. or 4 days14:37
ericzestimated delivery is still july 3rd, but i could go pick up the package and drive back home in about 45 minutes total14:38
pupnikOk this is just about the funniest thing i've seen in ages.14:41
pupnikOriginally Posted by andymulhearn: "14:42
pupnikAnd you're advocacy includes being offensive the people on public forums does it?"14:42
pupnikthen i posted: "You're" is a contraction of "you are". "Your" indicates possession.14:43
pupnikThen andy mulhearn responds:14:43
pupnikAll I can say, is I hope your programming is better than your english because you're wrong.14:43
pupnikAnd the best part is he uses it correctly in the response.14:44
ericzhe did get "you're wrong" right, at least14:44
pupnikHe used it correctly three times in the last sentence which negates his last sentence.14:44
pupnikI better not respond to that :)14:45
pupnikheh "I'd better" :P14:45
pupnikIf you have to explain a joke, you kind-of ruin it.14:46
*** bilboed has quit IRC14:50
ericzttuttle_,  On FedEx vehicle for delivery14:53
ericzttuttle_, betchya i get mine first :P14:53
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:59
* ericz thinks ttuttle already has his, and isn't at PC because he's messing with it15:01
*** booiiing has joined #maemo15:02
*** zwnj has quit IRC15:03
*** zwnj has joined #maemo15:03
*** chrissturm has quit IRC15:04
ttuttle_ericz: :-b I'll race 'ya.15:05
ttuttle_ericz: No, not yet.15:05
ericzim betting i'll get mine by noon15:05
ericzive got a wml/wap page i made that search this tracking page so i can view it on my crappy ancient phone, i was checking it constantly last night15:06
ericzneed my tablet, so i can do stuff like that without needing to make a php script to convert stuff to wml!15:07
ericzi'm so lazy, i'm worrying about typing out my long wpa key..15:10
ericzmaybe if i put it on a web page to copy/paste.. and use some open wireless somewhere to get to the page15:11
*** bilboed has joined #maemo15:13
*** konttori has quit IRC15:30
MoRpHeUzanybody here from Oulu ?15:42
*** djcb has quit IRC15:52
*** zwnj has quit IRC15:53
zuhericz: Wouldn't that make the authentication key a bit worthless?-)15:53
ericzi mean, i'd take it down after copying it :p15:53
ericzi just don't want to type it out15:53
zuhSo rather than typing it in, you'll spend even more time on hackery to be able to copy paste :)15:54
ericzi really would15:54
zuhBtw, the browser has incredibly difficult selection method, so you'll likely tap more times on the screen trying to select the text than what it would take to write it...15:55
ericzmaybe i should just type it out, like normal people15:56
zuhI'd recommend it, at least over trying to double-tap-and-drag just right in the browser15:56
ericzin opera on the 770, is there a thing for a proxy in settings?16:01
zuhIt's a global setting, trough the swamp of connectivity dialogs16:02
ericzah, k16:03
ericzsounds like people seem to have trouble finding dialogs or configuring things? are the menus really unorganized?16:03
zuhI'm just overly negative when it comes to 4-level deep hierachies of dialogs :P16:04
ericzah. understandable16:05
ericznavigating via stylus only enhances the fun16:05
zuhoh, that part is ok, I like poking the screen.16:06
ericzi can see my screen being all dented in a year or two16:06
*** pna has joined #maemo16:06
ericzall dented only on the keys for my password, that'd be great16:06
pupnikmy 770 still looks great, and i'm very rough on hardware16:06
pupnikused a pen, lighter, fingernails as a stylus16:06
zuhMine has already lost some sensitivity... But I've given it to my <5 year olds to draw with so I guess I'm to blame ;)16:07
ericzi broke a stylus that came with some cheapy walmart pda ($10?) i got one time16:07
zuh(my N800 that is)16:07
ericzpushed too hard, stylus just snapped in half16:08
ericzi shoved it back in the hole too i think, the bottom half is still stuck in there16:09
`0660i'm glad the stylus breaks before the screen :)16:11
ericzn770 comes with an extra stylus, right?16:12
*** wumpus has joined #maemo16:14
`0660i'm not sure about that16:14
`0660at least n800 does16:14
*** ttuttle_ has quit IRC16:14
*** koen has joined #maemo16:15
*** djcb has joined #maemo16:18
*** konttori has joined #maemo16:19
pcfeericz: yes, the 770 comes with a spare stylus (at least mine did)16:24
ericzpcfe, ah, thanks16:24
*** pcfe has quit IRC16:25
*** ericz has quit IRC16:28
*** ericz has joined #maemo16:28
*** rkaway2 is now known as rambokid16:43
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo16:45
*** pna has quit IRC16:45
*** matt_c has joined #maemo16:47
Niacinmine didnt16:51
*** jacques has joined #maemo16:51
*** ChrisJTortoise has joined #maemo16:51
brlancerI lost my treo stylus for a while16:52
brlancera drink stirrer I grabbed at a bar was the perfect size16:52
*** zwnj has joined #maemo16:56
pupniknice - a little rough on the edges perhaps16:56
ericzcouldn't fedex, ya know, change Expected delivery date on the tracking page when it says it's on the truck for delivery?16:56
brlancerericz: they could but they have no incentive to16:58
ericzit's on the truck for delivery for 3 hours, and it still says i should expect delivery on july 3rd :P16:58
ericzoh well.16:58
ericzwould be too convenient for them to make sense, i guess16:58
brlancerericz: and what if they don't deliver it today?16:58
ericzit's on the truck17:00
ericzi doubt they drive around for days on end17:00
ericz4 days even..17:00
Niacinanyone got doom working on os.2007 hacker ?17:01
brlancerericz: they won't deliver it on sunday17:02
brlancerthey likely won't deliver it on saturday17:02
brlancerand if they set an expectation ("We're delivering it today!") and then don't do it, you'd get even more snippy than you are now17:03
brlancerit's about meeting or exceeding expectations17:03
brlancermaybe it's on a truck that's sitting around until monday17:03
brlancermaybe they don't like you17:03
brlancerbut unless you paid for them to deliver it today, chill out17:04
ericz:P i'm too impatient for online shopping17:04
Niacinya me too17:04
Niacini bought my 3 streets down for $24917:05
*** behdad has quit IRC17:05
Niacini think woot had it for like $12917:05
ericzyeah, 12917:05
Niacinbut i got it straight away :)17:05 sold it the next day for a little bit more than 129, but with google checkout as a new user, you'd have gotten $10 off, and it'd been cheaper17:06
ericzwonder if that would have shipped faster17:06
ericzprobably not.17:06
Niacinhas there been any other ports17:06
Niacinon the 770?17:06
Niacinlike *BSD17:06
*** koen has quit IRC17:08
brlancerNiacin: people still port things to BSD? ;)17:08
trevarthanhello. is there a ~/.bashrc equivalent in maemo?17:09
Niacinyou mean port BSD to things? ya17:09
Niacini'm more interested in Minix :>17:09
Niacini'm one of the developers17:10
trevarthannm, stupid question17:11
*** Sulis has joined #maemo17:12
Sho_trevarthan: Busybox' shell is called "ash", so you probably want to look up the docs for that17:12
trevarthanalready did. thanks17:12
*** adoyle has joined #maemo17:14
*** krau has quit IRC17:14
*** krau has joined #maemo17:15
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:25
*** alex-weej_ has joined #maemo17:36
*** alex-weej has quit IRC17:37
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo17:43
*** avs has joined #maemo17:44
*** vivijim has joined #maemo17:45
*** adoyle has quit IRC17:47
*** adoyle has joined #maemo17:50
*** pupnik has quit IRC17:54
*** cecil_ has joined #maemo17:57
*** cecil has quit IRC17:57
*** koen has joined #maemo17:59
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo18:02
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo18:03
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:08
konttoriHave you guys laready seen the first engadged videos on iphone?
*** Pinguozzz has joined #maemo18:10
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:12
Sho_konttori: well, at least flash 7 is better than no flash at all ;)18:12
konttoriTrue. otoh: flash is really not usable imho.18:13
Blacksitoxhello !18:16
BlacksitoxWhere can I download that actualization software? I don't want to connect it to internet from my PC. I just want to install it from my PC18:16
BlacksitoxIm used windows XP :\18:16
Dr_Nunimactualization software?18:16
`0660cool. i want one too :)18:17
Dr_Nunimwhat's actualization software?18:17
`0660i don't know but it sounds cool18:17
`0660and useful18:17
Dr_NunimAnd non existant?18:17
`0660also that :/18:17
gwak_anybody know the ident strings for the iphone browser? it would be great to see if this site renders on the n800
Dr_NunimProbably the same as safari18:18
Dr_NunimI would like them to have their own.18:18
Dr_NunimThat way I could make my website no iphones allowed.18:18
Dr_NunimAnd you can't modify it on the iphone muhaha18:19
gwak_nope, tried it with Safari on a mac18:19
Dr_NunimCourse no one goes to my website so it doesn't matter :)18:19
Dr_NunimThen you need to find someone with an iphone.18:19
*** jonty_ has quit IRC18:20
gwak_got it :"Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/1A542a Safari/419.3"  from
gwak_but i guess there is no way to adjust the agent string for Opera18:22
*** alex-weej_ has quit IRC18:24
`0660interesting that the cpu is like mac os x :)18:24
gwak_man OS-X is one hell of a OS and apparently CPU18:25
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC18:25
c0ffeei think that means that the os is called CPU18:26
c0ffeeand is like Mac OS X18:26
*** Pinguozzz has quit IRC18:27
`0660nice name for the os18:27
`0660what does that "U" mean?18:28
c0ffeethat's the encryption strength supported18:29
Niacini would buy one18:29
Niacinbut who wants to go on cingular ;\18:29
c0ffeeU means USA18:29
c0ffeeI international18:30
gwak_the OS-X enabled iPods sounds interesting18:30
gwak_grrr now i get past the first window from reader.mac.com18:31
gwak_but now it says "if youd like to view an RSS feed, just enter the feed URL directly into Safari's address bar'18:31
Dr_Nunimthat sounds like a pain18:32
gwak_i guess the address bar will append a variable onto the URL18:32
Dr_NunimI've got cingular.18:32
Dr_Nunimbut I can't get that $20/unlimited data plan because I have a smart phone.18:33
Dr_NunimWhich is bad.18:33
Dr_NunimNot even 3G.18:33
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo18:36
Sulisi'd love to have an unlimited data plan, would just make the n800 so much more useful18:37
* Dr_Nunim wonders if he can make a charger from ebay batteries.18:38
*** jga23 has joined #maemo18:43
*** alex-weej has quit IRC18:46
KaylaKazewhat size are wallpapers for maemo? every image I pick it says it doens't have enough memory to load18:47
zuh780x480 is the area I think18:49
zuherr, 72018:50
KaylaKazeis there a linux command that works like dir where it shows file sizes and directory sizes?18:51
KaylaKazels doesn't show me that info and it's --help isn't helpful18:51
zuhls -l18:52
Niacini have been trying to hook my 770 up to my company black berry18:52
Niacinso i can use the net; \18:52
jga23is there any way to dynamically determine if the user is using maemo vs a different os and load libraries accordingly?  I want to make an app that works both on windows and my n80018:55
KaylaKazeah, here we go. a "backgrounds" directory18:56
ericzmy poor 770 has been on a delivery truck for over 5 hours, i can just see it being fried in this hot weather :(18:58
KaylaKazeah... you have to make sure it's a png and not jpeg if you set a bg19:02
*** kakos has quit IRC19:04
KaylaKazeI enjoy mine much more now that I can ssh in19:07
Dr_Nunimeh, being able to ssh out is better.19:07
KaylaKazethough programs still crash all the time. may be a memory thing19:07
Dr_Nunimdid you setup swap?19:07
KaylaKazenot enough space19:07
Dr_Nunimwhy not?19:08
Dr_Nunimthats the first thing I did with my 64mb free memory card.19:08
KaylaKazebut I am now anyway, even though I'll lose what little space on my card I have19:08
Dr_Nunimeasy fix, empty the card :)19:08
KaylaKazeyeah, but then I don't have the files I need the extra memory to opem :-)19:09
KaylaKazeif I can get something like samba or nfs working though, it won't be as big a problem19:10
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:10
*** ttuttle has joined #maemo19:11
ttuttleericz: IT'S HERE!19:12
ttuttleericz: IT'S HERE!19:12
ttuttleericz: IT'S HERE!19:12
ttuttleericz: IT'S HERE!19:12
* ttuttle has an N770! It ROCKS!19:13
* ericz crys19:13
ericzno fair :P19:13
Dr_NunimOdd how I got mine all the way in south Florida a day early19:14
ttuttleDr_Nunim: South FL is closer to TX than MA.19:14
Dr_Nunimwhen people who lived closer to central still didn't get theirs yet.19:14
ericzmine's been on a truck for 5 hours19:14
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Oh.  Such is the chaos of FedEx.19:14
Dr_NunimMine was here by 10:3019:14
Dr_NunimYeah I like UPS19:14
KaylaKazeeven with a whole chunk of VM I still can't open comic books19:14
Dr_NunimFedEx tracking system is terrible.19:14
ericz7:44 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery19:15
ericzit's 12:15 damn :/19:15
Dr_NunimThey don't start delivering till about 9.19:16
Dr_NunimMy experience with FedEx saturday tells me it'll usually come later in the day.19:16
ericzand im at the far end of town, probably last on the route19:16
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Yeah, they gotta have their Krispy Kremes and double tall mocha lattes with lite whip.19:16
Dr_NunimSay 2-319:16
Dr_Nunimmmm Krispy Kreme.19:16
ericzat least im *supposedly* getting it today, rather than tuesday like it says19:17
Dr_NunimI don't get my memory card until Monday :(19:17
ericzi wish it took sd cards :P i have a bunch.19:18
Dr_NunimIf it took SD I could have ninja'd the one from my wii or from my DS until a new one cmae.19:19
ericzAH! im going crazy waiting for this thing19:20
ttuttleericz: It's totally worth the insanity.19:20
ttuttleericz: You're gonna love it.19:20
ericzeverytime i hear anything even remotely sounding like a large vehicle, i look out the window19:21
ericzor open the door19:21
ttuttleericz: Me too.19:21
*** Andy80 has quit IRC19:22
KaylaKazelooks like the only books I'll be able to read on my 770 are pure text19:22
*** lardman has joined #maemo19:23
KaylaKazeI was waiting all day yesterday for the fedex guy, then around 4, checked the tracking and it said the bastard had dropped it off at my rental office without coming by my appartment19:23
ericzsounds like what the pizza guys do at the low-income apartments nearby here19:24
KaylaKazewell, I wouldn't have even known had I not checked the tracking19:24
ericzthe office would've called you eventually :P19:25
ericzttuttle, so, does it fit in your pocket?19:27
ttuttleericz: Yes.19:28
ttuttleericz: it's a little long though.19:28
ttuttleericz: It's potentially cooler than the iPhone, and far cheaper.19:28
*** kakos has joined #maemo19:28
ericzmaybe woot will do the iphone tomorrow19:28
ttuttleericz: Yeah, I bet. </sarcasm>19:28
lardmanI see Jazelle is covered by a US patent:
ttuttlelardman: /me bitches about that.  Jazelle's cool though.19:29
lardmanUnfortunately, I can only find one of the figures for the patent, is this usual for the online sites?19:29
ttuttlelardman: FTW.19:30
ericztoo anxious to use bathroom, must.. guard.. door19:30
lardmanAssociated with Jazelle, is it possible to alter the exception vector for illegal instruction (i.e. alter memory at 0x04 or 0xfff0004) from a user program?19:30
lardmanttuttle: I'll have a look there19:31
suihkulokkiooh, public documentation on how jazelle works :)19:31
lardmannice :)19:32
ttuttleericz: Please... don't pee yourself before the FedEx guy shows up, it's not nice.19:32
ttuttleericz: Use a bottle if you have to :-b19:32
ericzhe'd sure have a story to tell if i came to the door soaked19:33
ericzor was dancing around while trying to sign my name19:33
ttuttleericz: lol19:33
ericzAAHH fedex has no idea what they're doing to me19:34
Dr_NunimFedex guy had a story to tell when he helped me unload around 80 boxes from his truck lol.19:34
ericzby the time i get it, ill have lost tons of brain function and have no knowledge of linux [much less hand eye coordination] left19:35
Dr_NunimI like using my office depot brand mechanical pencil as a stylus better then the built in one.19:36
Dr_Nunimor provided rather19:36
ericzi always thought a golf tee would be a perfect stylus19:36
ttuttleericz: lol19:36
ericzmaybe file the end down a bit though, so it's not too sharp19:36
Dr_NunimThey're not comfortable to hold.19:36
Dr_NunimTo skinny.19:36
ericzbut you could stand it up on your desk from the top19:36
lardmanAnyone know how/whether gdb is able to trap exceptions?19:36
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk19:37
ericzi'm definently going to be all jittery and look like i've just injected caffeine when i answer the door19:38
ericz:( if only it would come!!19:38
*** bilboed has quit IRC19:39
ttuttleericz: lol19:39
ttuttleericz: Did you hear something?!19:39
ericzi need motion detectors or something at the end of the street19:40
Dr_NunimI find 2007 to be a little faster then 2006 as well as have a little more refined interface.19:40
ericzwhen is woot going to sell motion detectors19:40
* zuh wishes this was some fancy IM group chat that would allow broadcasting sounds19:40
ttuttleericz: Yeah.19:40
ttuttlezuh: lol19:41
Dr_NunimWhat if they just leave it and don't ring the doorbell?19:41
ericzill hear.19:41
Dr_NunimThey've done that to me before.19:41
ericzthey're trucks aren't exactly silent19:41
Dr_Nunimyeah but I'll have tv on or such.19:41
zuhDelivery people are usually keen to have the delivery signed off so they can say "look here, it *was* delivered"19:42
ericzttuttle, did yours come charged?19:42
ttuttleDr_Nunim: They do that all the time.  One time they rang it and two seconds later I opened the door.19:42
Dr_NunimYeah they love to ring and run.19:42
ttuttleericz: About half.  It turned on, but I plugged it in a little while later anyway.19:43
Dr_NunimIt comes with a little charge.19:43
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Losers.19:43
Dr_NunimSince it's lithium ion.19:43
Dr_Nunimbut it recharges fairly fast.19:43
ericzUPS here, they ring, and by the time i get to the door, i see the back end of the truck heading down the street19:43
ttuttleericz: Yeah.19:43
Dr_NunimI like UPS better.19:44
Dr_Nunimbut the worst is DHL by far.19:44
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Yeah, they're lame.19:44
Dr_NunimI had an international certified packaged that required a signature.19:44
ttuttleDr_Nunim: I don't think I've ever used them.19:44
Dr_NunimThey clearly lost the package, then tried to tell me they left it in my mailbox(which is a felony) and then tried to trick my roomate into signing that she recieved it.19:45
Dr_NunimThen they wouldn't refund the full amount of my item and it was a huge hassle.19:45
ericzfedex trucks need gps so i can track *actual* where-a-bouts of my package!19:46
ttuttleericz: YES!19:46
ericzi want to go chase it down when it enters the neighborhood19:46
ttuttleericz: With a second-by-second countdown.19:46
ttuttleericz: lol19:46
ttuttleericz: They won't give it to you.19:46
KaylaKazethis pdf viewer isn't too bad for files that are mostly text with a few 2 color pictures19:47
Dr_NunimI saw a DHL guy go into a blockbuster once, he forgot the package in the truck because he was too busy on his cellphone.19:47
ericzequivalent to black box in a plane, gas mileage, how much gas left, average speed, odometer reading, background check/history of driver.19:47
ericzi want my package safe :P19:47
ericzonline live webcam of what's going down in both the back and front of truck..19:48
ttuttleAnyone here use Canola?19:52
ttuttleI'm looking for a good replacement for the stock Video Player.19:53
ericzi really need something to do to get mind off of fedex's slowness :/19:53
Dr_Nunimericz, pay for the rollout costs.19:53
Dr_NunimPlay a game?19:53
Dr_NunimCollect your needed materials?19:53
Dr_NunimMore research?19:53
ericzsit on the steps and wait?19:53
Dr_NunimGet a yoyo?19:54
ericzi have a broken one19:54
Dr_NunimMend it.19:54
ttuttleericz: Carve one out of your own despair?19:54
ttuttleericz: Howl at the moon?19:54
ericzit's not out :(19:55
Dr_NunimWell I'm going out for a bit.19:55
Dr_NunimI think I'll take my 770 with me for wireless access19:55
Dr_Nunimmmm wireless19:55
ttuttleDr_Nunim: Awesome!19:55
ericzrub it in my face more, please19:55
ttuttleDr_Nunim: (Don't be mean to ericz.)19:55
Dr_NunimIt's hard :p19:55
* ttuttle takes his 770 and wipes it on ericz's face, not before putting the cover on to protect the screen.19:55
* Dr_Nunim drives by ericz house and pirates his wifi.19:55
ttuttleDr_Nunim: lol19:55
ericzkk, ill tell you wpa when you come by19:56
Dr_NunimLike when I got my Wii some guy drove by with a ps3 and a wii on his roof.19:56
Dr_NunimWPA? :(19:56
Dr_NunimGet some wep please.19:56
ttuttleericz: You could paint a wardriving hobo sign on your house.19:56
ttuttleWPA is for crazy people and businesses.19:56
ericzim on the path to craziness19:56
ericzso it's appropriate19:56
Dr_NunimI can't use WPA19:56
ttuttleericz: ok19:56
Dr_NunimWEP, macfiltering, no dhcp and ssid broadcast off is the best I can do.19:57
Dr_NunimSilly NDS19:57
ericzi already have my router's admin page open so i can add my 770 to the mac filter and static dhcp page19:57
ericzhas been open since the thing's been on the truck19:58
*** ChrisJTortoise has quit IRC19:59
*** guardian_ has joined #maemo20:04
KaylaKazegrrr... I cna't get php on maemo to write to files20:07
ttuttleericz: lol20:08
ericzwatch it be destroyed from the probably 100 degree temperatures in the truck :P20:08
ttuttleericz: Nah, it won't be.20:11
ericzfell out of truck/got ran over20:11
KaylaKazeit says the folder is writable... so why not the file!?20:13
ericzreading wikipedia is really helping me relax, but everytime i look at the clock i get all tense and anxious20:16
KaylaKazeah! got it!20:17
KaylaKazenow to figure out how to get nginx to use php...20:17
*** guardian has quit IRC20:22
*** kerwood|afk has left #maemo20:25
*** soleblaze has quit IRC20:26
*** kerwood|afk has joined #maemo20:26
ttuttleericz: Oh, calm down.  It'll get there.20:26
ttuttleericz: My brother's got there earlier than FedEx said.  It said Monday, but this morning it said it was out for delivery.20:27
ericzbut i wanted it a week ago :P20:27
ericzmine says tuesday,but it's been out for delivery over 6 hours20:29
*** konttori800 has quit IRC20:29
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo20:30
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman20:31
*** soleblaze has quit IRC20:31
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo20:31
KaylaKazerow I need to figure out how to get nginx/php to run as root so I can do file access..20:33
*** jacques has quit IRC20:36
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC20:37
ericzgot it.20:43
*** melmoth has quit IRC20:43
KaylaKazeho do I assign permissions for a certain user?20:43
ericzscreen does look pretty crazy20:45
ttuttleericz: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20:46
ericzboy, does woot know how to advertise20:46
ericzright on the side of the box20:46
ttuttleericz: Yeah. lol20:46
ericzmine looks pixelated20:47
ericzlike i see tons of rainbow-ish dots20:47
ttuttleericz: Yeah, they're sorta sparkly.20:47
ttuttleericz: That's normal.20:47
ttuttleericz: (Sorry. :-b)20:47
ericzthe keys arent really identified20:48
ericztime to type wpa key20:49
ttuttleericz: You can flood ping it and the audio only skips occasionally.20:50
ericzuh ok20:50
ericzholy shit man20:51
ericztyping this wpa key20:51
ericzis going to take a whil20:51
ttuttleericz: Yeah.  Turn off Caps Lock.20:51
ericzi need it for some letters20:51
ericzi mean, its alphanumeric, caps/num everything20:51
ericz49 characters20:51
ttuttleericz: Oh.  Well that's dumb.20:51
ericzill be here for hours20:51
KaylaKazecan anyone tell me how to make user "www-data" able to have read/write access to all files (including make new ones) in "/var/www-data"? Or should I use "/home/www-data"?20:51
ericzdoes it really have to mask the characters20:53
ericzi lose my place.20:53
ttuttleericz: lol20:53
ttuttleericz: Mail it here, I'll enter it for you.20:53
ttuttleericz: OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20:55
KaylaKazeah! there we go. I chowned it to www-data20:55
ericzfucking, i typed it wrong20:56
ericzthis is bullshit~~@!#~!@$~!@20:56
ttuttleericz: lol20:56
KaylaKazeyou'll get used to the onscreen keyboard20:57
ttuttleericz: My brother thought his WiFi is broken until he finally listened to me the tenth time I told him to check the WEP key.20:57
KaylaKazeI should turn my WEP back on. I shut it down 'cause I was having trouble connecting20:57
ericzim about to kill all encryption20:57
*** Andy80_ has joined #maemo20:57
suihkulokkiericz: write the wpa key to textfile, and copy-paste it to the password dialog20:57
KaylaKaze(turned out I had locked down the router to only allow the 2 devices I already had)20:57
suihkulokkithat's what I use to workaround masking..20:58
ericznow it cant FIND my connection20:58
ttuttleericz: lol20:59
ttuttleericz: is your ESSID masked?  (please say no)20:59
ericzi typed the wpa key right actually20:59
ericzi killed mac filtering20:59
ericzand its working now20:59
KaylaKazeis there an ftp server for maemo?21:00
ericzugh i could murder dd-wrt devs21:02
ericzis there a quick/easy way to clear the text field21:02
ericzim an idiot, wondering why it wasnt making the click noise anymore, my hands over the speaker21:03
KaylaKazeyou should have been able to feel the click noise then21:03
ericzbleh, i cant sit here holding it21:06
ericzneed to use stands :P21:06
Dr_NunimYours get here yet?21:07
Dr_NunimWere you all shaky when they rang the door bell?21:08
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:08
Dr_Nunimlike GIMME MY PRECIOUS!!21:08
ericzthe girl didnt notice21:08
ericzhad ipod on, didnt care21:08
ericzdidnt even look at me really21:08
Dr_NunimWas she some hot sexy fedex girl?21:08
Dr_NunimI never had a female driver.21:08
Dr_NunimI always get this black guy who helps me carry stuff.21:09
ericzthis was a black girl21:09
ericzshe had two packages, and im like all confused, only one was for me..21:09
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC21:09
Dr_Nunimlies take them both21:09
ericzneighbors was other i guess21:10
Dr_NunimWere they both 770s?21:10
suihkulokkiUPS is better than fedex:
ericzups driver here is a woman, but she's got to be able to qualify for social security, and has to weigh more than all the packages she's ever carried combined21:12
trevarthanIs it possible to use Trac on maemo garage? ViewCVS or whatever it's using now sucks.21:12
trevarthanCan I install Trac and use it for my project on garage?21:12
ttuttleericz: lol21:13
ericzso how do i get gaim21:13
Dr_NunimI don't think I have had a female ups driver either.21:14
ericzim on aim via gizmo, but that's not good enough21:14
Dr_Nunimget pidgin21:15
trevarthanericz: use the application manager.21:15
Dr_NunimIt's superior!21:15
Dr_NunimI'm writing a list of must have along with install files for them for the new woot 770 owners21:15
*** kakos has quit IRC21:15
Dr_NunimMost people on woot can't seem to comprehend linux it seems.21:17
Dr_Nunimor simple directions.21:18
ericzi use linux :P but this is.. really new to me21:18
* Dr_Nunim is making the complete morons guide to 77021:20
Dr_Nunimand then I'll sell it as a book and make billions!21:20
Dr_Nunim <---- I really want of these but they cost more then the tablet :p21:20
Dr_Nunimperhaps theres a hong kong knockoff21:21
*** adoyle has quit IRC21:25
*** adoyle has joined #maemo21:25
ericzi suck at tihs21:27
*** rwhitby-away has joined #maemo21:27
ericzhow does the stand go on lol21:28
*** Free_maN has quit IRC21:31
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo21:32
Dr_NunimSeriously that was the most tricky part imo21:35
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo21:36
zuhThe 770 stand is really not designed for tapping in the upper corners :)21:36
Dr_Nunimit doesn't hold it very well21:37
Dr_Nunimat least now with the case on21:37
KaylaKazeanyone have experience mounting cifs shares?21:41
KaylaKazeI keep getting "bad file descriptor" when I try21:41
zuhYou can make it more robust by not using them in the crossed setup, but instead putting some cardboard or something in the slots so that it is more rectangular and supports the 770 better21:41
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo21:42
*** rwhitby-n800 has quit IRC21:44
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:45
KaylaKaze... apparently, even though I can install Samba, the kernal doesn't support them...21:47
Dr_NunimYou need to flash the kernel.21:47
ericzso how do i edit repositories to install gaim21:48
KaylaKazeI'd rather not. I'd rather get cifs to mount21:49
Dr_NunimInstall the ones on the pidgin site.21:49
Dr_NunimYou're going to have to flash the kernel anyway if you want faster memory card support.21:49
ericzi keeepp ttyppingg likkee tthhiss21:50
KaylaKazeI don't even know what I'd flash it with. I've never seen a file for flashing21:51
*** alex-weej has quit IRC21:51
KaylaKazeI've seen the program, but never the rom21:51
KaylaKazeor whatever you'd call it21:51
trevarthanme too. it's a flaw of the screen driver or the kb.21:51
ericzi just got a popuo.21:52
KaylaKazethat page makes no sense at all21:52
Dr_NunimWhat do you mean?21:52
Dr_NunimGet the kernel you want21:53
KaylaKazethere are no kernels, just patches21:53
KaylaKazeunless they're full kernels patched21:53
KaylaKazein which case they should say so21:53
ericzaahhh i want to install gaim :( what do i do21:53
Dr_NunimThe proper modules.21:54
KaylaKazeproper modules for what? speak english21:55
KaylaKazefucking linux21:55
KaylaKazebiggest overhyped POS operating system ever made21:55
Dr_Nunimdat would be vista21:56
ericzany OS sucks on a tablet :P21:56
ericzlinux rocks in like.. real life21:56
trevarthanyou guys suck. maemo is awesome.21:57
KaylaKazethere's still no smbfs support in the moduiles you told me to d/l21:57
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo21:58
KaylaKazedamn linux error messages don't even give you any info it just says "oh, there's an error. but you'll have to figure out what"21:58
ericzhaha, linux errors are extremely specific on everyday distributions21:59
KaylaKazemounting cifs keeps saying "nfs mount parameter: username=0". (same when I use user instead). The docs clearly say to do that so why the error?!?!22:00
Dr_NunimDid you install smbfs?22:01
KaylaKazenot the kernel whatever stuff22:01
KaylaKazebut the kernal's already got cifs22:02
* Dr_Nunim looks into it deeper.22:02
Dr_NunimI just use FTP, too lazy to setup samba :p22:02
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo22:03
ericzwhys the option for Protocol: in gaim accounts manager22:03
Dr_NunimDid you install them?22:03
ericzapparently not22:03
ericzwhere do i get those?!22:03
Dr_NunimWhy are you using gaim?22:03
Dr_NunimPidgin is newer!22:03
ericzwhere do i GET pidgin22:03
Dr_NunimI told you, the pidgin site has the distros!22:04
ericzi want an easy link22:04
KaylaKazenewer usually means crappier22:04
Dr_NunimIf you can't follow that, lord help you.22:04
ericzwhatever, i got the gaim oscar plugin :p22:06
KaylaKazenot a single document on the entire internet about "unknown nfs mount parameter"22:07
KaylaKazeoh! here's a good error message "mount: nfsmount failed: Success"22:08
zuhKaylaKaze: If you haven't, you'll need to install the real mount. The one originally there is the busybox version (which doesn't support nfs)22:10
zuhIIRC it was available from some repo, possibly from repository.maemo.org22:11
*** konttori has quit IRC22:13
KaylaKazewell, it acts like it's workign22:16
*** ChrisJTortoise has joined #maemo22:16
KaylaKazenor do I see any new mount22:18
KaylaKazewell, I've managed to get a new error messatge up : "Resource temporarily unavailable"22:21
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo22:23
KaylaKazeand the only info I can find on this error is some jackass saying "I updated with yum and that fixed it"22:25
*** KevinVerma has left #maemo22:26
Dr_Nunimyum = bad22:28
Dr_Nunimhonestly it's easier for me to compile from soruces then to use yum.22:28
KaylaKazewhat is
Dr_Nunima bad ip?22:31
KaylaKazethought it may be some linux ip to soemthing since I've seen it used on a few sites for mount22:32
mgedminit's a random, easy-to-remember IP from the local address range22:33
*** kakos has joined #maemo22:34
KaylaKazeI tried to connect to my other box's shares and that ones giving me permission denied (which I still think may be better than temporatily unavailable22:34
*** TimRiker has quit IRC22:34
Dr_Nunimsimple file sharing on?22:35
Dr_Nunimthat is the bane of windows filehsaring.22:35
*** kakos_ has joined #maemo22:36
KaylaKazeyay! got my auxilary box mounted!22:37
KaylaKazeno, I had problems with simple a long while ago22:37
KaylaKaze... file manager crashed while reading directory of the mounted drive  :-(22:38
*** rambokid is now known as rkaway22:38
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo22:39
Dr_Nunimdid you get smbfs?22:39
suihkulokkiKaylaKaze: so what was the missing bit to get it working?22:39
KaylaKazewell, part of it is for some reason my promary system is reporting as being temporarily unavailable22:39
KaylaKazefor my aux system, I just had to check and notice that the username on that system is different to my primary22:40
KaylaKazeso I just changed username and it mounted22:40
KaylaKazeactually though, I'd also like to mount a 770 directory in windows...22:40
KaylaKazewell, I guess if I use a directory on my aux shared on both my primary and nokia, then I guess it's almost as good22:48
*** kakos has quit IRC22:52
*** konttori has joined #maemo22:52
Dr_Nunimmount not found?22:56
Dr_Nunimwhats your mount command look like kayla?22:58
*** Xark has joined #maemo23:00
KaylaKazemount -t cifs // /home/user/MyDocs/aux_share -o username=kaylakaze,password=password,dom=HOME23:01
KaylaKazeI guess dom isnt' necessary though23:02
*** twogood has quit IRC23:03
Dr_Nunimah yay23:03
Dr_Nunimthat wiki entry needs more comments on lines23:04
*** blkhawk has joined #Maemo23:05
Dr_Nunimnetwork is unreachable hrm23:05
KaylaKazeI wonder if I can't connect to because I'm using that system to ssh into the 77023:05
blkhawkgot a question whats the exact size of the screen that can be used for a gtk app by default on the 770 and 800?23:06
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo23:06
Dr_Nunimwhy wont this damn thing connect23:06
KaylaKazeno to update my dnd character sheet php server files to use flat text isntead of mysql so I can use it on my nokia without a net connectiong23:06
Dr_Nunimits on the same net :o23:06
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo23:06
KaylaKazeblkhawk: there's a doc on maemo about app sizes under different conditions23:07
blkhawkah thanks23:07
blkhawki will try to track that down23:07
Dr_Nunimfailed: Network is unreachable23:08
ericzi installed dropbear-client, but it's not in menus23:08
ericzhow do i use it23:08
Dr_Nunimopen up xterm23:09
Dr_Nunimtype ssh23:09
ericzneed to get xterm then :/23:09
Dr_Nunimthe network is not unrechable!23:10
blkhawkwth are all these open sourse project start with Mo23:10
blkhawkMozilla Mono Maemo Moko23:10
blkhawkit gets annoing to keep em apart :P23:10
suihkulokkimaemo does not start with mo =)23:11
blkhawkheh - i knew that was coming23:11
blkhawki just googeled for moko instead of Maemo23:12
ericzwhere do i get xterm?23:12
KaylaKazeI wonder which would be more efficiant... sotring cell data in a file structure like /user/character/cellname.dat with the cell's data being in the file or using a single file that stores cellname, data pairs23:13
ericzoh i already have that repository thing on my 770, haha, i was looking for "xterm", like.. x..  near the bottom of the list23:13
*** slomo_ has quit IRC23:13
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo23:13
Dr_Nunimgah, why does it say unreachable!23:13
*** Xark has quit IRC23:14
ericzis there something like telnet?23:16
ericzi want to port knock.23:16
Dr_Nunimperhaps im going to uninstall xterm23:16
Dr_Nunimand reinstall it23:16
Dr_Nunimyeah theres telnet and ssh23:16
KaylaKazeknock is already ported23:16
ericzis it?23:16
ericzwhere can i get it?23:16
blkhawkwow - why is there so much crap in the Maemo gtk tutorial23:18
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo23:18
ericzso how do i make dropbear server run23:21
ericzoh, nvm, i guess it always runs.23:21
Dr_Nunimha suceess!23:24
Dr_NunimJust had to reinstall x-term23:25
Dr_Nunimsomething much have gone glitchy23:25
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:28
*** __shawn has quit IRC23:28
ericz\so what happens if dropbear server23:29
ericzstops working, heh23:29
ttuttleOh man, this thing ROCKS!23:32
ericzit does.23:32
ericzlooking for a knock client23:32
ttuttleericz: It's like 90% of a desktop for 10% of the price, running at 50% the speed.23:32
ttuttleericz: in other words, a perfect fit for 90% of computer usage.23:33
ericzscp'ing "AutoScan" to it :P23:34
KaylaKazeoooo! this php has built in sqlite support!23:37
ericzwhat about mysql?23:37
ericzroot is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.23:38
KaylaKazebut it shouldn't take much to convert my program from mysql to sqlite23:38
ttuttleericz: lol23:38
ericzi was under the impression root didnt NEED to be :P23:38
ttuttleericz: Why would root sudo anyway?23:38
ericzi don't know, habit23:39
ericzsweet, that went well23:40
ericzinstalling with dpkg -i from the terminal, i expected horrible results23:41
ericzill have to add root to the sudoers file23:41
ericzi need nano :P23:43
ericzoh my, the sudoers file is crowded23:43
*** ttuttle_ has joined #maemo23:44
ttuttle_hey i'm on my n770 in xchat!23:45
* ericz is getting xchat23:45
blkhawkhow nice for you ;)23:45
ericzgaim IRC sucks23:45
*** konttori has quit IRC23:46
ttuttle_ericz, it does23:47
*** ttuttle_ has quit IRC23:47
ericzmy 770 is never going to charge, i keep using it23:47
*** ttuttle_ has joined #maemo23:49
Dr_Nunimcharges while you use it23:49
ericzwhy is the browser like not doing anything23:50
ericzwhen i click links sometimes23:50
jga23anybody have a mencoder script to convert video for the n800?23:52
ttuttle_ How do you enable Bluetooth visibility?23:52
ttuttle_Anyone try the handwriting recognition yet?23:53
*** ericz has quit IRC23:58
*** Ericz has joined #Maemo23:58
Ericzon my 77023:58
*** Ericz is now known as ericz23:59
*** djcb has quit IRC23:59

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