IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-05-24

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Okkotrevarthan: I get "NO WINDOWS: -!- Irssi: Invalid charset: CP1252"00:11
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mk8Hi to all ...00:13
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trevarthanOkko: you got an n800 with that latest firmware?00:57
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unique311trevarthan video of your accomplishments01:11
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trevarthanthere is no way to get scrollback history using irssi-proxy, is there?01:20
trevarthanSo I'm basically without history from the time I leave one terminal and go to another...01:20
trevarthanunique311: you want a video of what exactly?01:22
unique311irssi running on the 770or80001:24
trevarthanwhy? you don't believe me?01:25
trevarthanI'm not sure how I would go about doing that.01:25
trevarthanI could take a screenshot.01:26
trevarthanno video camera, other than my n800 though.01:26
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unique311i believe..01:39
unique311a video is always a plus..01:39
unique311place it on the youtube..01:39
unique311and people who are hardcore fans of irsii, it might be a motivation to get an N80001:40
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Negenanyone alive??02:36
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Negenany .net programmers here?03:22
bipolarNegen: best just ask the question :)03:23
Negenim about to f03:24
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Negenlaaunch a site for security apps on the n800 looking for another .net dev03:25
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Negenany bt keyboards work with the n800?03:38
Negenive tried two of my logis.... no discovery03:39
Negenany suggestions?03:39
Robot101we've used thinkoutside keyboards, and also a frogpad, with no problems03:39
Robot101did you make them discoverable?03:40
Negenwhat bout mice03:40
Robot101anything that implements the bluetooth HID keyboard profile should work03:40
Robot101mice I don't think so, there's no pointer :D03:40
Negenof course even used btscanner to assure correct addy03:41
Robot101eh? you're not using the UI?03:41
Negeni did but after discovery and no input used it03:42
Negenmay be the kb03:42
Negeni know shit bout bt though03:43
Negenahh got it now... brb03:47
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neostriderhello folks04:11
neostriderany crazy man to test the new version of my game?04:11
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Negenit is the kb robot... they require proprietary drivers04:36
Negenis there any way to get active x ctrls to work on the 800?04:40
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Negenim trying to use tvlinks04:40
Negenany help for an 800 noob?04:42
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nelsonMay I request that somebody attempt a GTalk call to ?07:28
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nelsonMay I request that somebody WHO IS AWAKE attempt a GTalk call to ?07:35
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unique311_nelson is it that important...07:53
unique311_not sure if a symbian emulator would be possible on n800/77007:54
nelsonproblem solved on my correspondants' end.  Firewall issues.07:55
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tigertwhy does planet maemo have display: block for images?09:27
tigertthis forces them out of the bubbles it seems09:27
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zuhtigert: I thought you were the one doing it ;)09:59
tigertnot currently10:04
tigertbusy with other things now10:04
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Okkotrevarthan: Yes, N800 with the latest firmware and mostly default settings.10:14
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mk8Hi to all ...10:17
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zbowling|n800i'm itching to try the video on n800... anyone want to try it?10:23
zbowling|n800need more friends with it10:25
zuhzbowling|n800: You could try to seduce a friend who has a windows PC & webcam with the invitation thing10:28
zbowling|n800does that work on gtalk for win? i don't use windows10:29
c0ffeethere's a binary on the nokia site10:29
c0ffeethe invitation will point the user to that site10:30
zbowling|n800ahh that thing ;-)10:30
zbowling|n800i'm guess it doesn't work on linux or mac?10:31
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keesjzbowling|n800: there is no binary for linux :(10:38
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keesjand the whole thing is pretty beta10:39
keesjthere is no real registration and it looks like anybody can steal other's nicks10:40
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keesjat least that is how I understand it is more designed to ad-hoc communication you chose a nick and post to the website10:41
keesjthe trouble is that is does not mix well with the other features (like knowing when somebody is online).10:42
keesjn800->n800 communication is ok10:42
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keesjthat is if one of the parties use the headphone :p10:43
keesjdoes the gtalk support video?10:45
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JaffaMorning, all10:49
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dnearyI am looking for the Sofia SIP Telepathy connection manager pre-built for the N800 - anyone know where I might find it?10:54
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dnearyThe wiki and are in pain10:56
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AD-N770good morning11:14
unique311_../../../../arm-none-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: doze/dozea.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 3)11:16
unique311_doze/dozea.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format11:16
unique311_collect2: ld returned 1 exit status11:16
unique311_make: *** [dega] Error 111:16
unique311_wtf does that mean11:17
unique311_btw, i got a working msx emu.....11:17
unique311_not sure how the controls are going to handle...11:17
unique311_but its working11:18
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Okkois there a sip client for N800?11:26
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pyhimysOkko: gizmo?11:32
Okkooh, it is available for N800. thanks.11:33
Okkocan I configure any sip account to the software or is it binded to gizmo accounts?11:34
dnearyOkko: I was just thinking the same thing :)11:34
dnearyIsn't the Telepathy SIP connection manager available as a binary somewhere?11:35
Okkoaccording to gizmo's screenshots there's "[x] login to second account" which implies it always logins to gizmo11:35
pyhimysInstall it and try? :)11:36
pyhimysIt had some stability issues.11:36
OkkoI don't have my N800 with me atm11:36
pyhimysDon't know if they're fixed now.11:37
dnearypyhimys: Do you have a lead on the SPI connection manager for Telepathy?11:40
X-Fade_Gizmo works ok for me.11:41
X-Fade_The only problem it has is that is doesn't automatically reconnect after I have lost the wireless network for a time..11:42
OkkoI guess Ekiga hasn't been packaged for N800 yet11:42
Okkofound compile instructions though11:42
OkkoAnd MiniSIP may be coming..
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dnearyOkko: Isn't there a SIP connection manager?11:50
dnearyIn which case SIP should Just work with the VoIP client already on the N80011:51
Okkodneary: already installed?11:51
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Okkoin the firmware?11:51
dnearyI'm looking to get it installed - I know it exists11:52
dnearyBut I don't yet have it11:52
|tbb|okko for what is it good for?11:52
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Okko|tbb|: a SIP client?11:53
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thomasvswhat is enprocess and why should I let it take 100% cpu ?12:19
koenthat's the Evil Nokia Process12:23
bilboedyeah, if you don't have a nokia phone it is run periodically12:23
bilboedand then the nokia resellers can tell you "oh, yeah but it consumes less battery with a nokia phone" :)12:23
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Robot101keesj: ok if one of the parties use the headphone? the N800 has echo cancellation, provided they're not in the same room then it doesn't create feedback.12:28
Robot101keesj: gtalk itself doesn't support video, the N800 has implemented some newer standards12:29
thomasvsso no one really knows what it is ? :)12:31
Robot101it's the Jingle XEPs on
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Robot101I made them work, and then fed back all of the changes to make the XEPs match my implementation :)12:31
MithrandirRobot101: sensible approach. :-P12:32
Robot101first implementer's priviledge :D12:32
keesjto be honest I have only seen google talk voice work under windows  nerver under linux(other then the 770 and n800 of course)12:37
Robot101it works for me12:37
Robot101but then again I write the software that runs on the 770 and N800 :)12:37
Robot101I do need headphones though, my laptop doesn't have echo cancellation12:37
Robot101we're seeing some linux client projects that look reasonably good now12:37
keesjreally ?12:38
Robot101we've been working on Empathy in the GNOME SVN, based off Gossip, componentized but no voice yet, the Novell guys are working in C12:38
Robot101C# on Banter, also in GNOME SVN12:38
Robot101a person-centric thing12:38
Robot101and INdT have been working on Colligo, which is a pretty traditional client built on top of Telepathy & tapioca-glib12:39
keesjlet's try gossip :p12:40
keesjlol gossip requires loudmouth ,12:42
Robot101unless you --enable-telepathy12:43
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unique311_happy joy joy12:49
unique311_kegs emu...12:49
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X-FadeDoes anyone know how I can detect with gstreamer in C that I try to use a non-existing/not available device as v4l2 source?13:09
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fer2anyone knows how to do video/voip calls between a n800 or a 770 and a Macbook?15:32
fer2what programs should I use?15:33
timelessyou're greedy :)15:34
inzfer, install linux on yer macbook and use tapioca ;)15:35
timelessi think you can use parallels w/ windows :)15:35
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fer2timeless, thanks15:39
timelessi presume you can find windows for your mac :)15:39
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plaesis there a perl package?15:49
dpbperl is included by default afaik15:52
timelessit is most definitely not included by default15:53
plaesah.. it's in extras15:53
timelessit is theoretically possible to addit15:53
dpb_it's not? I thought apt/dpkg kinda depends on it.. o_O15:53
timelessoddly enough nokia has managed w/o it15:53
timelessdebian lists it as an essential or something15:54
timelessso it's assumed to be there, but enough things (or at least the things nokia ships) don't require it15:54
dpb_k, i'll try to remember that in the future :)15:55
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plaesrepository hell...15:57
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:57
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timelessif you have fewer than 20 repositories, you haven't reached hell15:58
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inzdpb, IIRC 770 shipped with perl, N800 no longer does16:18
plaesyup it was in one of extras and now it's called perl-base16:18
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_guardiancould the n800 screen report multitouch press events ?16:45
*** _guardian is now known as guardian16:45
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||cwguardian: I think multitouch requires a special digitzer16:48
guardiani'm clueless about what's going on the hardware side16:49
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trevarthanwhat's up folks?17:34
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tkoMDK: --enable-xan ... wtf? :)19:05
MDKtko: --enable-lazy-coder-mode19:07
MDKdisables -Werror19:07
tkoMDK: I saw what it does, but the name of the option is unconventional19:08
MDKnot consolidated enough? ;)19:09
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*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo20:29
*** hendryx has quit IRC20:31
*** zwnj has quit IRC20:34
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo20:34
*** Negen has joined #maemo20:43
*** krau has quit IRC20:46
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo20:52
*** Guard][an is now known as guardian20:53
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo20:55
Negenanyway to run firefox on the 800?21:00
*** Disconnect has quit IRC21:01
partNegen: not as such, no. there is a port of minimo available, but it's not very stable21:02
*** MDK has quit IRC21:04
trevarthanI rebooted my n800 today, and now it won't boot up properly. The blue bar goes partway, then it reboots automatically and starts over. What can I do?21:04
partfirst make sure that the battery isn't empty21:06
Negentrev did u recently install RoR? i had a similar prob after21:06
*** matt_c has quit IRC21:08
*** dolske_ has quit IRC21:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:08
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo21:09
*** sxpert has quit IRC21:09
*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:10
*** MDK has joined #maemo21:14
Negenpart: you heard of any way to connect to a checkpoint vpn?21:16
trevarthanNegen: What is RoR?21:17
trevarthanRuby on Rails?21:17
*** krau has joined #maemo21:17
trevarthanpart: batt is not empty. Plugged into a power adapter and no change. Still does the same thing.21:17
trevarthanwhat now?21:17
Negenwhar have u recently installed21:18
parttrevarthan: if the battery is completely empty, it takes about 5 minutes to get enough charge to actually boot up21:18
trevarthanpart: it's not.21:18
trevarthanbesides, wouldn't it at least boot while plugged in?21:19
parttrevarthan: ok, the next step would be to turn off the automatic reboot. This can be done with the flasher21:19
parttrevarthan: no, it won't boot up until there's some charge in the battery21:19
trevarthanI'm pretty sure I checked the batt meter before rebooting and it was all green.21:19
trevarthanSo no, I doubt it's the battery.21:20
partNegen: if there is a free client for checkpoint, it shouldn't be a lot of effort to compile it for maemo21:20
Negenpart : i tried with no luck... but i have a webbased vpn but it requires an activex component21:21
trevarthanis there a way to disable automatic reboot using the windows flasher? Or do I have to use the linux one?21:22
parttrevarthan: no idea about the windows flasher, sorry21:22
Negentrevarthan: i dont think you can21:23
Negentrevarthan: if you connect the usb and  power holding home... do you ever get the usb icon?21:24
mgedmintrevarthan: do you have any idea what happened before it got into the reboot loop?21:25
mgedmine.g. did you install some software?21:25
mgedminor write/delete large amounts of data to the internal flash?21:25
trevarthandid I install some software? Uh... yeah. Do I know which one caused the problem? Not a clue.21:26
mgedminany desktop/statusbar plugins?21:26
trevarthannot recently21:26
mgedminno, these would cause a crash later21:26
Negentrevarthan: can you get the usb icon on boot by holding home?21:27
trevarthanhere's hoping the flasher works from vmware on a win32 host.21:27
mgedminrebooting in the middle of the blue bar... I've heard that somewhere...21:27
trevarthanwell, by plugging in usb anyway21:27
mgedminflash garbage collector might cause it by using all the cpu and triggering the watchdog reboot, IIRC21:28
*** fab_ has quit IRC21:28
*** florian has quit IRC21:28
*** vidarino has quit IRC21:28
trevarthanI'm just gonna turn off the lifeguard thing. seems like a useless thing anyway21:28
trevarthanwhat's it supposed to protect?21:28
mgedminthe fix, iirc, is to turn off lifeguard and let the gc collector finish its job21:28
Negeni had  a similar prob after installin a bad ror package. had to reflah to 2007 clean21:29
mgedminthere was also some other bug in some firmware where it would just keep rebooting if it failed to successfully up 10 times21:29
trevarthanyeah, I hope I don't have to reflash. It's taken about a week to get to this point.21:29
mgedminand the fix was to reflash a newer firmware21:29
trevarthanI've got the latest firmware.21:30
*** fab_ has joined #maemo21:32
*** florian has joined #maemo21:32
*** vidarino has joined #maemo21:32
*** ferulo has joined #maemo21:36
trevarthanError claiming USB interface: Operation not permitted21:39
trevarthanI bet that's because I'm running under vmware...21:39
trevarthanmaybe it's because I'm not root21:40
Negentrevarthan: you may have to wipe the unit using nokias tool21:40
trevarthanit's not a tumor.21:41
Negenthat became my option when i had the problem21:43
trevarthanis it booting into some sort of safe mode now? The windows don't show up with gui widgets....21:44
Negennever heaard orr seen that21:45
keesjthe white screen of death?21:45
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo21:46
keesjThat was not supposed to be funny , such a thing exists in maemo lang21:46
trevarthanyeah. the code dialog has buttons, but they aren't graphical.21:46
trevarthanIt keeps booting with a wrench at the bottom of the screen....21:46
*** behdad has quit IRC21:47
keesjyou will have to make a photo for me21:47
keesjwhat are non graphical buttons , is that ascii or something?21:47
trevarthanno, they just don't look like buttons. only the text on them show up21:48
Negenkeesj: sry bout that.. trevarthan: is there too much personal data to try reflashing  the system in win?21:50
tkoMDK: what happened to the lock code dialog in hildon-1 ?21:50
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:50
trevarthankeesj: it's telling me the kernel version as it boots. Ring a bell?21:51
mgedminr&d mode is on21:52
MDKtko: is there?21:52
trevarthanhow do I turn it off?21:52
MDKtko: at least, was there when I looked last time ;)21:52
mgedminwith a flasher21:53
trevarthanyeah. how do you think it got turned on in the first place. :)21:53
tkoMDK: umm.. it is there now.. either you added it today or I'm blind21:53
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:53
MDKno, I didn't add it today ;)21:54
MDKit's called hildon-code-dialog21:54
trevarthanI've got it booted into R&D mode, but I get no GUI. Just a blank white screen. If I knew the IP, then I could ssh in and have a look around, but I don't know the IP as it's on a different net...21:58
*** monteslu has quit IRC22:00
*** Negen has quit IRC22:01
||cwtrevarthan: is it still plugged into usb?22:04
*** ferulo has quit IRC22:05
trevarthanI'm f'd, right? I just need to flash it now? Does anyone realize how much that sucks?22:08
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:09
zuhThat's one of the reasons why I have the bootmenu and a backup system in the internal flash, I can safely tinker with the system on the sd and recover it through the system on the flash22:14
trevarthanyeah. If it's going to be this easy to completely destroy weeks worth of work then Nokia ***really*** needs a way to backup the image to the desktop.22:16
trevarthanI'm *not* happy at all.22:16
zuhI guess they warn you about it in the dialogs in app-manager ;)22:18
trevarthandoes the backup program save your installed applications? No. So it isn't really a backup, is it?22:19
keesjtrevarthan: apparently there are solutions like what zuh is using, so I guess that if you want to be unhappy , you could start with being unhapy about the way you developed. I don't want to make you angry but I thing you are being a little unfair22:19
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:19
trevarthanand let's face it. The n800 is useless without 3rd party software, so I'm not satisfied with a "don't install 3rd party software" answer.22:19
trevarthanshow me a link to the solution zuh is using. I didn't even know it existed until he mentioned it.22:20
keesjit's in the wiki, there are different pages about how to boot easely from mmc22:21
trevarthanI don't think I'm being unfair at all. I'm bloody furious. I'll get over it. I'll redo all my hard work. I'm just very unhappy right now.22:21
zuhBut note that this is even less supported than 3rd party sw :P22:21
* guardian now playing Lofofora - Buvez du cul22:22
*** amitk has quit IRC22:23
guardiansorry for that22:23
trevarthanis zsh known to screw things up?22:25
trevarthanzsh is the only thing I installed that didn't install properly. It never has on my n800.22:26
trevarthanIs there any way to do a serial console over USB or something?22:27
trevarthanI mean, something is jacking up the boot process. If I could just get a shell then I could fix it.22:27
Disconnectthere is a serial port if you feel like soldering a connector to it22:27
trevarthanno... I don't.22:28
Disconnectbut if you want to solder, its prolly easier to grab the jtag port instead22:28
trevarthanI know how to solder, but I don't feel like completely bricking a $400 tool....22:30
trevarthandoes the serial console boot by default?22:30
trevarthanor do you need a custom kernel anyway?22:30
zuhYou can enable it with the flasher tool22:33
trevarthanthat's tempting. But then I'd have a goofy serial port on my n800 all the time. Not practical.22:35
trevarthan/lastlog zuh22:35
zuhI guess you could make some kind of connector pins and just fix it in place with tape or something...22:36
zuhhw-hackery is fun ;)22:36
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo22:39
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:39
trevarthanwell, I guess I'm just going to flash it and lose my work. I didn't have anything terribly important on there. Just some notes and a frick-load of applications that I'll have to painfully reinstall.22:39
*** matt_c_ has quit IRC22:41
trevarthanI think what would help in the future is if you could backup over the USB or network somehow and if you could backup applications somehow. Or at least make a list of applications installed that allows you to reinstall all with a single click or something.22:41
*** matt_c has joined #maemo22:41
trevarthanSome sort of safe mode boot option would be nice too.22:42
*** tchan has quit IRC22:42
trevarthanor a usb serial console.22:42
zbowling|n800qemu needs true omap support22:42
*** tchan has joined #maemo22:43
*** Sulis has joined #maemo22:44
trevarthanif you could download the internal flash via USB and mount it under linux, that would be useful too.22:44
trevarthanThen you could backup a bricked device, even if you couldn't figure out what's wrong with it.22:45
zbowling|n800you should be able to...22:45
*** amitk has joined #maemo22:46
zbowling|n800if it's not bricked ;-P22:46
trevarthanhow do I do that then?22:46
trevarthanthat would save me a headache, I think.22:46
zbowling|n800you could to flash...22:47
trevarthanI'm confused. Those last two sentences didn't make any sense to me.22:48
zbowling|n800you could boot to flash22:49
||cwpretty sure one the flasher options is to make a backup22:51
*** Hyperion|n800 has joined #maemo22:53
*** obi has quit IRC22:53
trevarthan||cw: hmmm... don't see it. Does it show up in -h?22:55
||cwno idea, I just recall it.. vaugely22:55
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo22:57
roopedo not want22:58
zyxulnagahas anyone used a GPS device with the n800 ?22:59
zyxulnagaI am trying to find a list with supported hw gps devices that work with the n80023:00
*** zbowling|n800 has quit IRC23:01
||cwzyxulnaga: all bt gps's should work23:04
||cwI do recomend the Hollox for casual use though, killer battery life23:05
||cwI have the GPSlim 236, starts pretty fast and has an external antenna connector too23:05
*** jwb_gone has quit IRC23:08
*** dieguito has quit IRC23:09
sbaturziouhm...was looking for forwarding a X application from the N800 to my PC thru an ssh connection.23:10
zyxulnaga||cw: thanks23:10
sbaturziowell...the $ ssh -X ... is not enough23:10
zyxulnaga||cw: do they interface through gpsd ?23:10
sbaturzioand even changing the /etc/ssh/sshd_config  doesn't work23:10
sbaturziosomeone was more lucky than me? ;-)23:11
zyxulnagaoh  yeah its gpsd nice23:12
||cwzyxulnaga: bt gps's are all serial profiles23:15
zyxulnagaso they should all work?23:17
*** twogood has quit IRC23:17
||cwsome are better than others though, I'd stick with a SiRF chipset23:17
*** Hyperion|n800 has quit IRC23:18
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo23:19
*** tchan has quit IRC23:23
*** obi has joined #maemo23:23
guardiananyone ever compared SDL performance to using straight X or using gdk image directly in the correct pixel format ?23:26
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:28
*** maddlah has quit IRC23:29
*** maddler has joined #maemo23:29
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo23:29
*** florian__ has joined #maemo23:29
zyxulnagaone more thing, has anyone tried connecting the n800 to a projector?23:34
*** florian__ is now known as florian_kc23:35
*** Sulis has quit IRC23:35
*** Sulis has joined #maemo23:38
*** obi has quit IRC23:41
*** obi has joined #maemo23:41
*** adoyle_away is now known as adoyle23:44
*** negen has joined #maemo23:45
negenHas anyone successfully used bluetooth DUN via a treo700w?23:46
*** unique311 has joined #maemo23:49
*** amitk has quit IRC23:49
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:49
zyxulnagaI guess someone can use a ssh into a linux machine thats connected to a projector share the display and do it23:49
*** zbowling|n800 has joined #maemo23:53
zbowling|n800i'm creating a pretty offline page downloader23:54
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo23:54
zbowling|n800was using wget and cron jobs.. bumped it up to daemon, with connection detection and libcurl23:56
*** florian has quit IRC23:57
zbowling|n800even generates an html indexer page with a list of all the downloaded sites, with links to thier entry pages the date of last update23:57
*** florian has joined #maemo23:58
*** negen has quit IRC23:58
zbowling|n800but that is probably going to go in favor of a gtk fronted23:59

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