IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-05-14

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Sandman_So OS2007 _does_ run on the 77003:36
Sandman_why is everyone always afk here? :)03:39
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unique311because its a developer channel...everyone is developing.....heh04:31
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bandiguys,is anyone ever try to build firefox on sbox?08:01
bandii got this error when build it : [/home/bandi/minimo-build/dist/lib/libsoftokn3.chk] Error 24508:03
zuhI think that's a qemu error code for "not emulated instruction" or something like that. You get that for example building an ARMv6 binary and trying to run it with qemu.08:06
sandmanHow to mount an ext3 in Maemo?08:10
kulvein the device? Or in the SDK?08:10
sandmanIn the device.08:10
kulveI think the Maemo is the SDK ;) Just load the proper modules from /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/.../...08:11
sandmanI tried08:11
sandmanBut it fails08:11
sandmanmodprobe and insmod both fail when insmod ext3 or modprobe ext208:11
sandmanext3, rathe08:11
kulvesee dmesg08:11
sandmanrEven after I chroot /mnt/initfs08:11
kulveyou are missing some modules before ext308:12
sandmanWell how do I generate a modules.dep?08:12
sandmanRun depmod?08:13
bandizuh: sorry im out a bit, how to get out this problem ?08:14
bandiany idea?08:14
kulvesandman: just install the two missing modules08:15
kulvebandi: sbrsh08:15
bandikulve : ok ill try it out, thnx08:16
sandmanHow to install the missing modules?08:16
sandmanI tried08:17
sandmanKeeps saying "insmod: cannot insert './ext3.ko': Unknown symbol in module (-1): No such file or directory08:18
sandmanJust got it08:20
bandikulve: using sbrsh means that the real device should be online isnt?08:20
kulvebandi: yep08:21
kulvesandman: insmod the two missing modules first08:21
kulveand see the dmesg command for hints about the modules to install08:21
zuhbandi: If you are not looking for a permanent solution, maybe disabling that check from the build would work...08:21
bandizuh : okay, ill check it out first,ill be back again ;)08:22
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bandizuh : i think i cant disable that :(, is there anothere solution other than using sbrsh and disable the option?08:48
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zuhApart from fixing qemu (if possible), I can't think of any...09:02
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invainI have one question .  I need  your help.... Please.... Why  I consider maemo  when I want to try  open phone platform?09:07
kulvegood question. There are no phones using maemo (atm). And afaik, there are no(?) open platforms for existing phones.09:10
bandizuh : thnx for the info, perhaps ill try to find some patch on mozilla regarding this problem09:11
bandiif there exist :(09:11
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roopethere's openmoko...09:23
kulveroope: that's why I said "existing". Afaik, you can't buy any phone now that can be used with openmoko09:26
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invainIf I want to by  neo  series about openmok.09:42
invainby --> buy09:42
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AD-N770good morning11:53
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floriangood morning11:57
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maemo_I tried to get usbnet working with n800. when I tried to modprobel g_ether on pc  its failing, says no such device ! any one faced this issue ?12:09
keesjwhat an original nick :p, no. I did not try usbnet yet. it's high on my todo list12:11
keesjmaemo what documenatation did you follow?12:11
kulveI think the module is "usbnet" on pc, not g_ether12:11
kulveand you probably need to set up the n800 end first12:12
maemo_the document is here
maemo_it says g_ether needs to be modprobed12:13
gla55one would think it needs to be done on the maemo device?12:15
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kulvePart I -- Nokia 770/n800 USB Network Environment Configuration12:15
kulvePart II -- Host Platform USB Network Configuration12:15
kulvecheck which one you are reading..12:16
gla55ah on the host too12:16
kulveand the dummyIAP stuff doesn't work in n80012:16
JaffaMorning, all12:22
keesjGoede Mogge!12:23
keesjHow can I create .deb files for kernel modules?12:23
jku_Haven't done that myself, but there should be no magic to it... examples can be found in debian or ubuntu source repos.12:36
jku_filesystems at least (e.g. squash and fuse I believe)12:36
jku_actually I just remembered a bit of magic: take a look at module-assistant12:38
keesjjku_ thanks .12:41
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Guardianhello maemo14:11
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Daefhi there14:55
Daefanybody here with some knowledge about flashing the n80014:56
kulveyeah, quite many I would guess..14:57
Daefi flashed my n800 and now it boots until about two thirds of the progress bar and then reboots - and so on, and so on ....14:58
* Daef excuses himself for his bad english14:58
kulveofficial image?14:58
Daefi took the official bin - unpacked it with the flash tool - mounted the rootimage.jffs2 local14:59
Daefcopied everything onto a writable folder on my sys14:59
Daefdeleted /home/user/MyMedia/.videos/demovid.avi or sth. like to see if it works when successfull15:00
Daeftared everything15:00
Daefbuild an jffs2 again15:00
Daefand flashed15:00
kulvemy guess is that you missed something when you copied, tarred or jffs2'ed it15:01
Robot101Daef: how did you copy it?15:01
Robot101Daef: with cp -a?15:01
Robot101Daef: you need to be root and use cp -a so that it preserves the permissions and special files (like device nodes)15:01
Daefjff2 => writablefilesys:15:02
Daefsry... gotta look into .bash_history...15:03
Daefwhen mounted i used tar to pack everything into a local tar (tar cvfz /pathToMountedJffs2 and then tar xvzf /pathToTar)15:04
kulvejust do it again. Be root (and watch out what you are doing). Make sure use -a with cp (or the corresponding options). And make sure you use the right options with mkfs.jffs215:04
Daefi had been root while doing it15:04
Daefi used tar instead of cp15:04
Daefi used mkfs.jffs2 only indirect in a '' script i found on the w315:05
Daefi thought it should work ;)15:05
kulveyou probably should omit the verbose option to more easily spot the possible errors..15:05
Daefthe v in the tar opt??15:05
Daefi thought verbose means more output15:06
kulveit means15:06
kulvebut it's a lot.15:06
kulveso the errors are missed easily15:06
Daefahh... i understand15:06
Daefi'll try it in a few secs... hold on a min pls...15:06
kulveI think the tar command should work, so maybe your doesn't15:07
Daefcould also be...15:07
kulvebut the booting problems are real hard to debug15:07
Daef...the strange thing is that i get the nokia bootlogo and a progressbar15:07
kulveI haven't created a jffs2 image of my rootfs', just booted from mmc15:07
Daefso it is at least not completely f**ked up15:07
kulveI thinke the logo and progressbar might come from initfs, so before rootfs15:08
Daefwe developed a software which ran on a tablet pc--- ppl now want a smaller version - so we need to get completely get rid of the orig stuff (like media player, browser, ...) and build a minimal system onto the n800 (X-Server, SDL) and save as much space as possible for the png's, the sounds and the syntetic speech engine (acapella) on the dev15:10
Daefwhat is the best way to archieve this??15:10
kulvehack hack hack ;)15:10
Robot101Daef: make a build with OE or poky15:11
Daefshall we use the original image and get rid of everything??15:11
Daefwhat is OE or poky??15:11
florianDaef: www.openembedded.org15:11
zuhDaef: If the screen doesn't go white before it reboots, it's probable that it is the X that fails to start (it clears the screen when it starts up).15:11
Robot101Daef: embedded image build systems15:11
Robot101Daef: has support for the 77015:11
Daefwe need the 80015:12
kulveRobot101: does it include all the binary stuff for n800?15:12
kaatisDaef, maybe you could take the flash image as a staring point and just remove the packages (browser, mediaplayer, etc) you don't need?15:12
kulvei.e. close source15:12
kaatisand then repackage it15:12
Daefthat was my thought...15:13
kulveDaef: I think I would do what kaatis said (but I'm not familiar with OE nor poky)15:13
Daef...but when it's easyer with OE - i'll give it a try15:13
Daefwhere do i find OE-related ppl??15:13
Robot101kulve: no, wireless and DSP audio stuff will be broken15:15
Daefaudio is the main thing we need15:15
kulveRobot101: so I though. So it's not really an option for many cases..15:15
florianDaef: #oe...  but you should read some intro on the website before asking.15:15
Robot101kulve: you can transplant them in though15:15
Daefit's a software for ppl who are not able to speak after a surgery for example15:15
kulveDaef: what do you need to space for?15:16
kulvewouldn't an mmc do?15:16
florianbrb, food15:16
Robot101I think dspgateway might work, but you won't have any actual codecs other than playing out PCM audio15:16
Daefour synthetic speech engine produces PCM-out15:17
Daefbut we also need to play a few mp3's15:17
kulvethe device has two mmc slots' both supporting 2G officially and 4G unofficially..15:18
Daef@kulve: we want to bring as much as possible to the internal mmc wich gets shipped15:18
kulvemaybe you could compress the speech with speex e.g.?15:18
kulveif you store it somewhere, like I understood..15:19
Daefrobot101 told me that i wont get codec for dspgateway15:19
Robot101speex doesn't run on the DSP, you'd have to put it in software15:20
Robot101should work fine though15:20
kulvethe dsp codecs are closed source and that's one reason why they are not included in OE builds. Speex is just a C lib15:20
DaefSpeex does what exactly??15:20
Daefi'll try to flash the orig image and c if that works...15:20
gla55speex is a codec.. good for voice15:21
kulvecompresses speech15:21
gla55if i don't recall totally wrong skype for example uses speex?15:21
Daefty @ kulve - already found that one....15:21
gla55i might remember that wrong though15:21
kulvespeex support for n800:
Robot101gla55: they just use GIPS voip engine, so it can be anything supported by that15:22
Daefso ppl - speex seems interresting - gotta give it a look - now i'll get some pizza and try to flash the orig image of rootfs....15:23 ya later15:23
Daefty @ all15:23
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Mithrandiranybody know what's up with bugs.m.o?  I'm getting ECONNREFUSED.15:57
andreasnthere are some problems with the server box15:59
andreasnthe admin is taking it down, should be up again in a short while15:59
Mithrandirok, thanks.15:59
andreasnbugzilla is up again16:02
*** lsobral has joined #maemo16:04 certificate could not be verified16:09
pupnik_is that a known problem or just me?16:09
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keesjI have the same , I don't know if it's ca problem :p16:12
pupnik_you have attempted to establish a connection with, however the security certificate presented belongs to maemo.org16:13
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pupnik_also i still have "The username or password you entered is not valid." on and on maemo.org16:14
pupnik_but it works on garage16:14
keesjpupnik_: I think you need to find out who to kick and kick very hard16:16
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pupnik_It's not a problem until i finish my uqm release and want to move into extras or the application catalog16:17
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pupnik_And i'm over my self-set deadline for that, so i should get back to work16:18
pupnik_thanks for the advice re: packaging keesj16:18
*** pupnik_ is now known as Pupnik16:19
kulvedoes somebody know how to add application to the If not, then I'll create a bug about it..16:21
Pupnikah, it's not a bug if you don't know how to do it :)16:22
kulvethe documentation about the issue doesn't match with reality, as far as I can see..16:23
keesjkulve: it is juist very hard to find . let mee search..16:24
|tbb|is it possible, to explore my home network from n800 while im using usb networking? i just could ping the machine to which im physikaly (usbcable)connected16:25
keesjI think you have to loging / usb https and then use create ...16:25
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kulve|tbb|: I think the apps (connectivity framework) doesn't see you online, if you are using usbnet? ssh and apt-get work, but browser does not..16:26
kulvekeesj: I've read those..16:26
kulveI don't see "application" menu item anywhere..16:26
X-Fadekulve: Just log in, click on a category, see the 'page' item on the midgard menu..16:27
kulveX-Fade: "category"?16:27
X-Fadekulve: tag cloud..16:28
keesjpage and floder are empty for me on a category page16:28
X-FadeGo to the category in which you want your app.16:28
X-FadeOr just go here ;)
|tbb|to bad :(16:28
kulveX-Fade: doh!16:28
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kulvewell, the "2. Click on Applications in the main navigation section" point is wrong in the docs.. I never read further (at least not carefully enough..)16:29
kulveX-Fade: thanks :)16:29
X-Fadekulve: Yeah, the midgard menu on the application page should just have a link to that. But it hasn't..16:31
|tbb|i tried to install python runtme 2.5 but every time it says download fails, is there a directlink to the deb fil?16:32
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k-s[WORK]anyone has a kernel with oprofile enabled?16:43
k-s[WORK]just asking before I start to build my own :-)16:43
Pupnikk-s[WORK]: i've just been counting ticks manually before and after function calls.  there should be an oprofile wiki... very interesting stuff - please share your results16:44
k-s[WORK]Pupnik: you mean with kprobes?16:45
*** krau has joined #maemo16:45
Pupnikno i was just doing at app level with sdl ticks16:45
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage16:45
k-s[WORK]Pupnik: ah...16:46
k-s[WORK] :-)16:46
Pupnikk-s[WORK]: n800 i assume?16:46
k-s[WORK]Pupnik: what your sdl use so far?16:46
kulveah. finally kilikali and ogg-support is in :)16:46
k-s[WORK]Pupnik: yes, n80016:46
Pupnikk-s[WORK]: game ports16:46
Daefwieder da16:54
Daefback again16:54
Daefdoes anybody know what format the bootlogo in initfs/usr/share/images/logo-nokia is???16:55
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Pupnikaccording to maemo docs16:59
Daeftried to rename it to .png local and open it with gimp => failed... :(16:59
Pupnikit might be stripped of png headers16:59
Pupniki haven't been able to convert/use it with any tools either16:59
Daefpng's header:Hex: 89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0A 00 00 00 0D 49 48 44 5217:00
Daef ASCII: .PNG........IHDR17:00
Daefthe logo header:17:00
Daef0000000 01a0 0000 0048 0000 ffff ffff ffff ffff17:00
Daef0000010 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff bdff ffff17:00
PupnikNokia logo: png image 800x480 8 bit color deep File: qgn_indi_startup_nokia_logo17:01
Pupnik Nokia Hands logo: png image 800x480 8 bit color deep File: qgn_indi_nokia_hands.png17:01
PupnikThese images are located in: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/17:01
Pupnikaha different logo17:01
Daefi thought that only is for the 770'er17:01
Daefthe 800 got it in /usr/share/images/logo-nokia17:02
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Pupnikwell, why change the logo, give nokia credit where credit is due :P17:02
Daefnow i'll really get myself something eadible...17:03 ya later17:03
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trevarthanDoes anyone know where I can get something like this in a reetail store in the usa?
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VReHmm, account made to works only with garage and not with the wiki.. wiki doesn't let me log in17:14
*** jayarama has joined #maemo17:15
X-FadeVRe: Just wait 30 mins ;)17:19
X-FadeIt syncs about every half hour..17:19
X-FadeIt is a known bug and they are working on it. (Which you probably also can't see without account)17:20
VReX-Fade: It has been already 2h..17:21
X-FadeVRe: Well, then bug 1152 is the place for you too :)17:22
X-FadeDo you have a bugzilla account?17:22
VReYeah, if I can remember it :)17:23
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trevarthanHas anyone noticed that audio is sporadic in Pidgin?17:41
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trevarthanDoes the n800 have a vibrate function?18:08
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trevarthanDoes the n800 support a2dp?19:13
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bill20r3what's the 'p' stand for?19:19
`0660no :/19:20
`0660a2dp = Advanced Audio Distribution Profile19:20
`0660so it's profile19:21
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sandmanIs there a way to install debootstrap in maemo?19:31
|tbb|does the n800 provide the protocol?19:32
||cwI don't think the n800 provides any "host" bt profiles at all, you'd have to install something to provide it19:32
*** dolske has joined #maemo19:35
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:35
*** TimRiker has joined #maemo19:37
trevarthanSo no stereo bluetooth headsets for the n800? No a2dp...19:38
|tbb|sad but true19:42
||cwa2dp is more than just sterio headsets19:43
*** _guardian has quit IRC19:45
*** mproctor has joined #maemo19:47
*** ferulo has joined #maemo19:50
*** etrunko has joined #maemo19:52
mgedminyou can send files via OBEX PUSH to the n80019:55
*** andreasn_ is now known as andreasn19:55
mgedminI don't know it that constitues a "bt host profile"19:55
*** unique311 has joined #maemo19:57
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:59
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*** mproctor has left #maemo20:01
||cwmgedmin: wihtout installing anything extra?20:07
mgedmina feature of OS200720:08
*** ssvb has quit IRC20:09
||cwah, there's a profile list here
*** zwn1 has quit IRC20:11
*** zwnj has joined #maemo20:11
*** lmoura has joined #maemo20:16
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*** unique311_ has joined #maemo20:23
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keesjhmm . the nokia chat is a bit weird20:45
keesjthere is no real registration20:46
keesjno passwords. pretty much ad-hoc I think20:46
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo20:47
*** florian has quit IRC20:49
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*** Guard][an has joined #maemo20:53
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*** jayarama has quit IRC22:02
revanyone know where i could get a bit of FTP/HTTP space? i need to transfer some files to my nokia N800, and my usual spot (university webspace) is down. it could even be a temporary thing (day or two). i'd need to be able to ftp to it (from my mac at home) and download from it from my N800 where I am now. maybe 20 MB tops of space needed.22:03
revalso, it woldn't matter how un-private the space was, i don't need my own username/pass, if it was just some shared bucket that'd be fine too.22:03
*** tank17 has joined #maemo22:04
Pupnikfor e.g.22:04
Pupnikthis is not an endorsement, just a result from a google search22:05
* rev looks22:05
revthe problem with most of the things i've looked for like that22:05
revis that they aren't really useful22:05
revthey have various problems for this situation22:05
Pupnikftp is a problem22:05
revi don't need ftp, it just is the easiest thing for bulk file downloading22:06
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:06
revsftp would be just dandy22:06
revbut downloading individual files is hell22:06
revand uploading them via a web interface is hell22:06
Pupnikzip/tar them then... this one allows ftp
k-s[WORK]wtf... is there no binutils dev packages for maemo?22:07
revthe zip thing was mostly whining on my part, that isn't the biggest problem22:07
revbut i do often have problems getting files from those free hosting services to my nokia or my CE phone22:07
revfor various reasons22:07
*** andreasn_ has joined #maemo22:08
*** andreasn has quit IRC22:08
mubelackerrev: i use differernt email accounts to send file between n770/800, Symbian (9510i), ipaq and palm 20 megs should be no problem22:13
*** m-vo has joined #maemo22:14
revmubelacker: i've tried gmail to do that, but gmail rejects any .exe files, be them renamed, zipped, gziped, i think i even tried bzip2ing them22:14
*** polpak has joined #maemo22:16
mmillerrev: Why not setup a webserver on your MAC?22:16
revmmiller: that is what i used to do, but i recently switched from cable to DSL- as far as I've been able to tell, here in DSLland (qwest at least) they block ALL ports22:16
keesjrev sure22:17
revmmiller: not just port 80, which cable blocked, but 445, 8800, 8000, 8823, 8443, and a few others i've tried for various services22:17
mmillerrev: Do you have wireless on your MAC?22:18
revmmiller: yeah22:18
mmillerrev: why not setup a ad-hoc network between your N800 and Notebook?22:18
* rev just tried DCCing no dice22:18
revmmiller: i'm in not physically at my mac22:18
*** _|Nix|_ has joined #maemo22:18
revmmiller: on the phone with my wife, who is at home22:19
reva friend hooked me up22:21
revthanks for the ideas all22:21
mubelackerrev: with your gmail account you can open a free website on
revmubelacker: how do you transfer files to it? annoying single-file web interface?22:22
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo22:25
*** greentux_ has quit IRC22:27
*** maemo__ has joined #maemo22:31
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo22:31
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo22:32
mubelackerrev: there is a web interface22:33
mubelackerrev: with webcreator and 100 MB22:34
*** mat has joined #maemo22:35
revmubelacker: but uploading files or just creating a page:?22:36
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC22:37
mubelackeruploading files is possible22:37
*** NickDe has quit IRC22:40
*** NickDe has joined #maemo22:41
*** Vudentz has quit IRC22:48
*** fab has joined #maemo22:48
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*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:49
*** mat has quit IRC22:50
*** mat__ has joined #maemo22:50
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo22:50
trevarthanIMO, the n800 needs vibrate and possibly a message waiting indicator to be a useful IM client or VoIP phone.22:52
*** mat__ is now known as mat22:52
*** felipec has joined #maemo23:00
*** hendryx_ has joined #maemo23:02
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*** hendryx has quit IRC23:19
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:32
*** mubelacker has quit IRC23:32
mmillerAnyone know if the N800 supports SDHC cards?23:36
b0unc3mmiller: yes, with the right kernel...23:37
mmillerDo you know of normal SD cards are made larger than 2 GB?23:37
gla55some are, but they're non-standard23:37
b0unc3yes, I have a 4gb sd card23:37
mmillerAhh ok23:38
mmillerI wanted to use a 4GB SDHC card with the current 2007 OS release.23:38
mmillerIt does not work at all..23:38
mmillerSo I'm now thinking I'm going to have to buy two 2 GB cards to get 4 GB.23:38
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo23:39
bill20r3afair there's a patched kernel that supports 4g cards.23:39
mmillerI e-mailed nokia and I have yet to hear from the,.23:39
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC23:40
mmillerI did get a e-mail from nokia asking for me to fill out a "Nokia Customer Satisfaction Survey"23:42
mmillerIt's funny I get a request to fill out a survey when no one has e-mailed me an answer to my question.23:43
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:44
*** koen has quit IRC23:45
*** andreasn_ has quit IRC23:46
*** andreasn_ has joined #maemo23:46
*** konttori_ has quit IRC23:50
*** unique311 has joined #maemo23:53
unique311anybody usb host mode with n800?23:54
*** pdz has quit IRC23:54
unique311i have the pieces...wjust want to save 100 dollars...if i can get that working i don't have to buy a bluetooth keyboard...23:55

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