IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-05-03

Tak|workbtw, scale2x and 2xsai are unnecessary, as the hardware scaling does its own interpolation00:03
Tak|workso the tablet's xrandr implementation would be as good as the 2xsai theoretically00:04
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Pupnikyeah the dsp interpolation is pretty nice, i'd hate to lose it to point-scaling, if that's what resizing with xrandr would yield00:07
Pupniki have a hunch the dsp is doing bilinear00:08
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Pupniki'd try it out on exult, but including the Xsp libs breaks a lot of definitions in the exult code00:08
Pupnikstuff like the 'font' struct conflicts etc00:09
Tak|workfrom what I understood, xrandr on the tablet would make use of the dsp interpolation\00:10
Pupnikcool beans00:10
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unique311wow, for mplayer again00:23
unique311i can watch movies without having to encode00:23
unique311that kept me from watching stuff on my n80000:24
unique311but with mplayer i will be watching my podcast freely00:24
unique311hmm have to test that out...00:24
unique311hate the fact that the player that comes with maemo doesn't play video podcast when you dl them00:25
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Pupnikwhat is a podcast, technically00:28
Pupnikisn't it just media files stored on a server?00:28
unique311news you can use00:28
Pupnikso if i put a bunch of mp3 files on a server, i can call it a 'podcast'?00:29
unique311wiki podcast00:29
unique311should get the technical explanation..00:29
unique311i won't do television news...00:29
unique311so my substitute is podcast...00:30
Pupnik"a podcast is distinguished from other digital media formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically, "00:30
unique311all good news all the time00:30
Pupnikok i got it00:30
unique311thoughtfix should have a podcast...00:31
unique311podcast is a blog..00:31
Tak|workpodcast is like rss + media00:31
unique311i never thought of it that technical00:32
unique311i just like listening to my fav blogs00:32
Pupnikmy favorite radio show just has a page of mp3s00:33
Pupnikno need, what-so-ever for this apple marketing jazz hype, imo00:33
gla55automatic downloading of 50-100mb files has it's downsides too00:34
unique311on high speed you don't have to worry00:34
unique311just delete when done..00:35
unique311and choose the ones you want...00:35
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unique311you don't want to subscribe to 20 podcast on the n80000:35
unique311unless you have two 8GB card in there00:35
bill20r3does the regular feed reader handle podcasts, or is there some other app?00:36
unique311works nice..00:36
* bill20r3 makes a note.00:36
bill20r3it's in 'extras' ?00:36
unique311it has some podcast you can subscribe to already..00:36
unique311or you can go online on the n800 and subscribe, as you subscribe it will be added to the default app.00:37
* bill20r3 needs to flash00:39
unique311hd to last night...sucked really bad, until i realized i had a backup...00:39
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bill20r3I just need to go to the latest code00:39
bill20r3mine is one version stale.00:39
unique311bill20r3 the deafualt feed reader does handle podcast00:40
unique311going to try a video podcast and see if mplayer comes thru for me00:41
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unique311k, figured out the difference between the feed reader and gpodder...00:45
unique311i think00:45
unique311gpodder: you subscribe to the podcast and it dls automatically00:48
unique311when scheduled..00:48
bill20r3instead of just when you hit 'refresh'?00:49
unique311rss feed reader is strange...00:49
unique311ust strange00:49
unique311its in the name00:49
unique311its just an rss feed reader.00:50
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unique311but it gives links for you to dl or view00:50
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bill20r3it views the rss entry, with links to go to the web page.00:52
bill20r3so you can read the rss offline.00:52
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unique311offtopic, has anyone gotten bluetooth headset to play well with n80000:53
kakosFor anyone who owns a 770 and a N800: Is the N800 a worthy upgrade over the 770?  Why or why not?00:55
bill20r3I dont have a 770, but the n800 is double plus good.00:56
bill20r3I can only compare to the zaurus sl-5500, and it's *WAY* better00:57
Tak|workkakos: do you have a 770?00:57
unique311n800 is cool...00:57
kakosTak|work: I do have a 77000:57
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone00:57
kakosIt's working pretty well for me with a few minor annoyances.00:57
unique311gpodder dl a 39MB file at 430KB/s00:57
Tak|workwhat do you use it for, and what would you like to use it for that it can't do currently?00:57
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unique311can i answer that question too tak?00:58
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kakosData transfer rates to the memory card are a bit too slow for my tastes.  Some programs like PDF viewers run nearly unbearably slow.00:58
kakosThe camera would be nice, as would the extra SD slot.00:58
Tak|workprobably n800 would alleviate those issues00:58
kakosHow fast does Evince run on the N800?00:59
kakosOr does it run on the N800?00:59
bill20r3the camera isn't good for much.00:59
unique311i use mines for internet/internet/and more internet...00:59
unique311i would like to use it for drawing...00:59
Tak|workit does, but I haven't used it00:59
unique311and only drawing...a cheap cintiq sort of.00:59
kakosHave you used Xournal on the N800?01:00
unique311tired once but wasn't working01:00
unique311its a drwing app?01:00
Tak|workmy main uses are: xchat, opera, fceu in that order01:00
kakosSo, the one thing that really worries me is the lack of the hard cover like the 77001:00
kakosunique311: It can be used as a drawing app, yeah.01:00
Tak|workdo you have lots of scratches on your 770 cover?01:01
kakosA few and a dent01:01
Tak|workI carry my 770 in my pocket sans cover; no scratches so far01:01
Tak|workmy fiancee carries her n800 in her purse and backpack in the leatherish case01:01
kakosDoes it come with any sort of cover?  Like maybe a leather thing to flip over it?01:01
bill20r3the n800 has a fabric sleeve01:02
Tak|workit comes with a thing like a large, soft glasses case01:02
unique311gonna bother the nokia devs to port mtpaint to the n800...i compile it but thats all i can do...i can't do all that hildon stuff to it..01:02
kakosAnd how does Opera perform?01:02
kakosHow is Flash for that matter?01:02
Tak|worksupposedly ~3fps for youtube video in-browser01:03
Tak|workalthough, also supposedly, mplayer will play a downloaded youtube flv without a problem01:03
JaffaTak|work: with the latest OS, Youtube is about 8fps01:03
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* Jaffa beds.01:03
Tak|workthanks Jaffa01:04
kakosThat's pretty bad01:04
Tak|workwell...flash is a horribly unsuitable medium for video01:04
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unique311question, i notice a bootmenu app on garage..01:04
kakosYeah, but god damned everyone seems to use it01:04
unique311does that mean i can install a distro on mmc and boot it..01:04
kakosHow does it run video, BTW?01:04
unique311danm small linux is supposed to boot from cards..01:05
unique311well there's a couple of distro's that can boot of cards...01:05
unique311is it possible to do so with this bootmenu app01:05
Pupniki just looked at a few flash video downloads, and it appears the codec they chose isn't so bad.  very small filesize01:05
kakosDoes the Opera on the N800 have any of the more advanced Opera features like gestures and stuff like that?01:06
Tak|workI doubt - I would think gestures would tend to interfere with the drag-based scrolling01:06
kakosHmm.  It appears as if Xournal does not work on the N80001:09
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kakosSo, I'm pretty happy with my 770 with a few minor annoyances.  Is it worthwhile to upgrade to the N800?01:14
Tak|workI guess it depends how important speedier apps, more card space, and the camera are to you01:15
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kakosHas anyone done any benchmarks on how much speedier the apps are?01:15
Pupnikthere is a gtk performance suite that one could run on both01:16
Pupnikbut the standard answer is 'depends on the app';01:16
kakosOn average, is the performance boost noticable?01:17
Pupniklooking at the numbers people are getting for reads from their high speed sd cards, i'm very jealous01:18
Pupnikon the 770 i'm getting like 1.2MB/s max off my kingston 2GB mmc and they're getting like 17 MB/s off some SD cards with newer kernels01:18
kakosI'm not looking for anything specific, just a general notion.  Something along the lines of "Oh, yeah.  It seems most apps are much snappier on the N800" or "I can barely notice"01:18
Pupnikkakos, do you have ssh or an xterm on your 770?01:19
Pupnikwant to compare read speeds from mmc?01:20
kakosWell, I know that I/O is much faster.  I'm more curious about CPU bound applications.01:20
Pupnikfrom what i've read it's significantly faster for those01:24
Veggenhaving two memory cards was a large boon to me.01:24
Pupnikitos2007 + dropbear is a PITA - tried connecting 5 times to wlan and still no ssh connection possible01:25
kakosTwo memory cards would let me use it as a storage place for my camera, which would be nice01:25
VeggenNow, I look at one card as an extensions to the internal storage, while the other card I replace depending on usage.01:25
Tak|workironically, I find it easier to swap out the "internal" card than the "external"01:27
kakosTak|work: Why's that?01:29
Tak|workwell, with the internal, I open the back cover, the card pushes loose, I take it out01:30
Tak|workthe external, I swing back the hinge, wedge my fingernail into the gap, open the door, wedge my fingernails into the tiny hole for the sd card, eventually manage to pry it out...01:31
Tak|workplus, if I'm using an old mmc card with the extender, ~30% of the time, I just get the extender out and have to fish for the mmc01:31
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maddlershackan: heya!01:43
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maddlershackan: what's up?01:45
shackanmaddler, i already registered the project on garage (before you ask, it's still empty :\)01:45
*** Rp2 has joined #maemo01:47
shackanmaddler, and the owner is selling this house, so we were all given our two months notice today :\01:47
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Pupnikogg sounds so much nicer than ogg-mp3 transcoded files at the same size :/01:54
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maddlershackan: which house?02:22
maddleroh... sorry... ok...02:22
maddlershackan: sounds no good at all... :(02:23
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Pupnik_would it be possible to save cycles by using a cheaper pathing algorithm for party members who follow avatar?03:21
Pupnik_usually they don't need to do anything except stay in relative position to avatar (movement via keys/dpad)03:21
Pupnik_occassionally they need to step left/right to avoid an object03:21
Pupnik_but that could be quite cheap to do03:22
Pupnik_oh crap wrong channel03:22
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* maddler dies!03:46
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sussmanhas anyone heard of spanish dictionary software for maemo?04:38
sussmanjust to quickly lookup words between english<->spanish?04:38
ferdon't think so...04:41
ferthere's a dictionary.. but I don't think it's bilingual04:41
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kakosDo you have to use the 3.0 flasher to flash the n800?05:16
* rev wonders why more tools don't use the OLPC's method of flashing05:18
revput it on an SD card, named a certain thing, and turn the thing on05:18
derfThat'd be particularly useless to those of us who don't have SD card readers.05:21
revderf: well, you do have a nokia device, yes?05:23
reva 770 or 80005:23
derfrev: I need to flash the device precisely when it's not working.05:23
revwhich are both SD card readers05:23
revfurthermore, there is no reason both mechanisms could be offered, derf05:23
derfNo, that is true.05:24
derfExcept for the developer time it would take to make two work instead of one.05:24
revit can't be all that hard, it's been done05:24
revjust saying05:24
revnot demanding it05:24
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*** jacques has joined #maemo05:44
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Pupnik_any n800 users want to test a new emu?05:50
*** Pupnik_ is now known as Pupnik05:50
Pupniki shouldn't be playing with this, but vice is pretty fun05:51
*** k-s[AWAY] is now known as k-s05:53
*** tank17 has quit IRC05:55
*** ajturner has quit IRC05:55
Pupnikvice = commodore emu05:56
Pupnikno sound or keyboard yet05:56
*** febb has quit IRC05:56
Pupnikit's pretty slow too, frodo seems about 3x faster05:56
*** lexiyntax has joined #maemo05:57
Pupnikand it has trouble reading from a directory containing a list of disk/tape images - always autoloads the first05:57
Pupnikand now it's breaking whenever loading an image with ?Device not present error05:58
*** tank17 has joined #maemo05:59
Pupniksound working - no keyboard map though06:20
sussmanthe stowaway sierra keyboard is awesome, I love it.06:21
*** kakos has quit IRC06:21
sussmanI'm takin it with me to central america, for sure.06:21
Pupnikhow is the build quality?06:21
sussmanit's like typing on a full thinkpad notebook06:22
sussmanfull-travel keys06:22
sussmanthe keyboard is bigger than the one on my macbook-pro, even06:22
Pupnikthe thinkoutside stowaway bt is made in china, and the case isn't machined very precisely06:26
Pupnikbut it works quite well06:26
sussmanthis is just an iteration of the same thing06:27
sussmanit adds a number row06:27
*** dolske has quit IRC06:28
Pupnikwhen i spend close to $150 usd for a keyboard, i expect it to have good build quality06:37
sussmanmine was $8506:41
*** sussman has quit IRC06:44
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zuhtigert: Your archives seem broken:
*** jserv2 has quit IRC08:25
*** phil|work is now known as philipl09:00
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*** mikemorrison has joined #maemo09:10
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*** konttori_ has joined #maemo09:25
tigerthow so?09:30
Knirchthat just don't load here09:34
*** shackan has quit IRC09:36
tigertthe whole site, or the particular page?09:39
tigertworks fine for me09:39
Knirchall* links09:39
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:39
tigertwtf, indeed09:39
tigertthe actual pages do work09:40
Knirch(well the list work, just not the full page views)09:40
tigertit looks like just archives/ doesnt exist by itself09:40
tigertwhich wouldnt make sense anyway09:40
tigert < so this shows nothing to you?09:41
tigertthat works okay here09:41
kulvecomes from your cache or something..09:42
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:42
*** djcb has quit IRC09:42
*** polpak_ is now known as polpak09:42
tigertdid ctrl-f509:42
kulvetry with a different browser to be sure..09:49
konttori_By the way, the pages work on my comp just well09:50
konttori_e.g. :
kulvethat url works here too09:52
kulvethe one mentioned by zuh does not09:52
Knirchyeah, the summary pages work fine09:54
Knirchthe full article view does not09:54
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo09:56
tigertall the urls work ok for me, except
tigertwhich wouldnt make sense anyway09:57
tigertyou have some strange proxy somewhere?09:57
sxperttigert, that one url gives a 40409:58
tigertsxpert: yeah it does09:58
Knirchtigert: see the paste, no proxy09:58
tigertas /archives/all doesnt probably wrok09:58
tigertKnirch: yeah, I have no idea09:58
tigertit works fine for me09:58
tigertKnirch: could be some idiot transparent proxy filter09:58
Knirchwe have no such things here :D09:59
tigertit could be anywhere in between09:59
kulvetigert: well, not all have some idiotic proxy09:59
KnirchI know, but nope09:59
kulveit's now tested from several locations09:59
tigertwell, for konttori it works fine09:59
tigertditto for me09:59
tigertso it does work09:59
*** greentux has quit IRC10:00
tigertits something on teh realms of Interweb10:00
kulvekonttori just tested wrong url10:00
Knirch08:51 < konttori_> e.g. :
Knirchnoone has said those does _not_ work10:00
tigertkonttori_: < does this work?10:00
konttori_nope, the latter gives blank page, but the former (Knirchs link) works10:01
tigertlemme see10:01
tigertI think I have some bonehead proxy here10:01
kulvetigert: specify "here"10:01
tigertthe big N10:02
kulvewell, same here10:02
tigertkulve: oh btw10:02
tigertI need to say hi to you10:02
roopeit's bone. and the lettering is something called Silian Rail.10:02
tigertnoticed you sit close to me :)10:02
tigertat least by the mailbox location10:02
kulvemailbox? what's that? :)10:03
JaffaMorning, all10:03
tigertnow you know10:06
kulveyeah :)10:07
tigerthi keesj10:07
*** Guardian has quit IRC10:08
svuwill netcore/n800 work with non-nokia gps receivers?10:12
*** bencer has joined #maemo10:14
*** konttori has joined #maemo10:15
Jaffasvu: I believe so, but I don't think you can buy the s/w alone, can you?10:15
tigertI dont think it cares which gps it is10:15
tigertas long as it talks nmea?10:15
tigertbut I think yea, it comes as a bundle10:16
tigertor maybe you can get it separately?10:16
svuIt means I'd have to fallback to amule :((10:16
* tigert checks10:16
keesjsvu: ain't that illegal?10:18
svukeesj, do you have better ideas? ;)10:19
tigertPlease note: Product includes no GPS or other hardware10:19
tigertso, you can get it separately10:19
tigertfrom the webstore10:19
tigertEurope 2007 Software for Nokia Internet Tablet10:19
svutigert, could you please give url?10:20 ?10:20
tigertseems to be what links to10:20
svuyes I see10:20
svu149... ghm, pricy anyway. ok thanks lads. at least that's relief10:21
keesjI guess there are  navigation solutions for about 200 euro that include the hardware10:22
svuI already have hardware:)10:23
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:29
*** konttori_ has quit IRC10:30
*** Disconnect has quit IRC10:30
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo10:30
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*** stanlly has quit IRC10:34
*** stanlly has joined #maemo10:34
*** garrett has quit IRC10:36
*** Zenton has quit IRC10:37
zuhtigert: I only noticed as that's the URL p.g.o throws you in...10:38
zuhAnd also, in the archive version, the image isn't shown...10:40
*** Guardian has joined #maemo10:40
*** maddler has quit IRC10:45
*** greentux has joined #maemo10:50
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo10:54
Tonisomeone wants to buy a GPS bluetooth module in Helsinki? I can sell one10:57
*** sbaturzioAtWork has joined #maemo10:58
*** Guardian has quit IRC10:59
*** Guardian has joined #maemo10:59
keesjOr in Amsterdam?11:02
*** abock has quit IRC11:06
*** abock has joined #maemo11:07
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*** gpd has joined #maemo11:37
gpdI want to change my gateway for wlan0 - is this possible from the gui on N800? or do I need to mess with /etc/network/interfaces?11:38
*** dneary has joined #maemo11:38
keesjgpd perhaps you can do that on the dhcp server side?11:40
gpdkeesj: agreed -- and just found it in advanced settings11:40
gpdthe dhcp is being done by a linksys router - not sure how to set it up - quicker now to just do this11:40
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo12:01
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*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo12:34
AD-N770good morning12:38
* Pupnik blinks blearily12:39
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:51
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*** jkyro_ is now known as jkyro14:06
|tbb|is there a svn(subversion) client available for bora14:13
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC14:15
mgedminsomeone talked about porting it a couple of days ago14:16
lardmanI've taken the plunge and ordered a BT keyboard. Are there keyboard shortcuts for switching task, opening the menus, etc.?14:22
|tbb|irclog says sussman would like 2 port it , but i dont see if he had done it14:23
*** sussman has joined #maemo14:29
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo14:32
|tbb|hehe sussman, just have talked from u14:33
|tbb|u where trying 2 port svn client14:34
sussmanhaven't set up scratchbox yet.14:35
|tbb|ah k, to bad14:36
keesjso did anybody try the qemu image?14:38
keesjI sometimes see my usb mem stick showing activity14:39
*** ajturner has joined #maemo14:39
*** ajturner has quit IRC14:40
*** ajturner has joined #maemo14:40
*** sussman has quit IRC14:42
*** ajturner has quit IRC14:44
*** ajturner has joined #maemo14:44
*** cecil has joined #maemo14:57
*** k-s has quit IRC15:01
*** garrett has joined #maemo15:07
|tbb|how do i remove/insering  mmc1 card correct so i can use it wo doing a reboot15:11
*** spect has joined #maemo15:14
mgedminopen the door, wait a bit for the card to be unmounted, then remove the card15:16
mgedminif the card is being used and cannot be unmounted, you'll get a message15:16
mgedminclose the door and don't touch the card then15:16
mgedminI imagine bad things would happen if you removed a card with a swap file on it while the swap file was being used15:16
|tbb|ah k,thx15:20
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:22
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:22
*** renatofilho has quit IRC15:27
*** koen has quit IRC15:29
*** qgil has joined #maemo15:30
*** shackan has quit IRC15:30
*** wasabi has joined #maemo15:38
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb15:40
*** abock has quit IRC15:42
*** abock has joined #maemo15:42
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC15:45
*** unique311 has quit IRC15:47
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:47
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo15:56
*** dpb has quit IRC15:59
*** dpb has joined #maemo15:59
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo16:00
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo16:00
*** dpb has quit IRC16:02
*** jpetersen has quit IRC16:03
*** cecil has quit IRC16:09
*** AndrewGearhart has joined #maemo16:10
*** cecil has joined #maemo16:10
*** sussman has joined #maemo16:31
*** trenka has joined #maemo16:32
*** vlamak has joined #maemo16:34
*** grint has joined #maemo16:36
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo16:46
*** Tak|work has joined #maemo16:55
*** grint has quit IRC17:09
sussmangot dvorak layout working via xkb map17:15
*** bergie has quit IRC17:18
*** dis has joined #maemo17:34
*** Disconnect has quit IRC17:35
*** dis is now known as Disconnect17:35
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC17:38
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo17:38
AndrewGearhartsussman: how'd you learn to type with dvorak?17:40
*** AndrewGearhart_ has joined #maemo17:42
*** AndrewGearhart has quit IRC17:42
*** Disconnect has quit IRC17:43
*** AndrewGearhart_ is now known as AndrewGearhart17:43
nelsonpractice, practice, practice.17:43
AndrewGearhartI wasn't sure if perhaps sussman had used an application to learn.17:43
sussmanwell, I was always a touch typist, from typing class in 8th grade17:44
sussmanto switch to dvorak, I just went cold turkey17:44
sussmanprinted the layout, taped it over my monitor, and didn't look down at my hands.17:44
sussmanit was... painful and frustrating for the first week17:44
sussmanthen it got fast.17:44
gpdfaster than before?17:45
sussmannaw, that's a myth17:45
sussmanit's just way more comfortable and efficient17:45
sussmanyour fingers barely move... 80% of all keystrokes are on the homerow.17:45
gla55i always wanted to try one-handed layouts17:45
sussmanit's not one-handed.  :-)17:45
gla55i know17:45
sussmanoh oh, yeah, there's a one-handed dvorak layout too, tho17:46
gla55which is what brought the thought up17:46
gpddoes anyone have a 'solution' to keeping an addressbook on tablet / linux / web?17:48
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:49
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC17:50
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo17:54
|tbb|anyone tried frogpad?18:01
*** bipolar has joined #maemo18:02
bipolarkkito: hiya!18:05
*** [vlamak] has joined #maemo18:05
*** |tbb| has quit IRC18:06
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo18:09
*** lardman has quit IRC18:11
*** lardman_ is now known as lardman18:15
*** bergie has left #maemo18:19
*** jamey has quit IRC18:19
*** vlamak has quit IRC18:19
kkitohello bipolar :)18:23
*** [vlamak] is now known as vlamak18:24
*** koen has joined #maemo18:27
*** kkito has quit IRC18:28
*** kkito has joined #maemo18:28
bipolarkkito: how was finland?18:29
kkitovery cold :P18:31
gla55cold phase18:31
* sussman is going to nicaragua soon, just in time for the Rains18:32
Tak|workhow wet is water? ;-)18:32
bipolarkkito: heh...18:33
kkitobipolar, nice city but there are no people on the streets! everyone is inside the bars drinking :P18:36
*** pleemans has quit IRC18:36
bipolarkkito: of cource! It's COLD!!!18:36
*** AndrewGearhart has quit IRC18:37
*** AndrewGearhart_ has joined #maemo18:38
*** AndrewGearhart_ is now known as AndrewGearhart18:38
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:39
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC18:42
*** dneary has quit IRC18:46
*** sussman_ has joined #maemo18:47
*** sussman has quit IRC18:47
*** sussman_ is now known as sussman18:48
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo18:52
*** |tbb| has quit IRC18:54
*** Rp2 has joined #maemo19:02
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo19:03
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo19:03
bipolarkkito: How has the QT work been going?19:03
kkitobipolar, i had no time, but i advanced a little, i expect that the next week i can expend some time to develop a little more...19:05
bipolarkkito: cool. Kontact is just about my only hope of using the n800 for real PIM work :)19:06
kkitobipolar, well, kde apps are usable on the n800 but it takes some time to run for the first time, and it consumes a lot of memory/cpu19:08
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:08
*** konttori has quit IRC19:09
*** phil|sleep is now known as phil|work19:10
bipolarkkito: yeah. I bet. I wouldn't mind it much though. Just having kontact for when I need it is great.19:12
bipolarAlthough, If KDE had support for the n800 hardware, I don't think I'd miss anything that maemo has.19:12
kkitoi use amarok everyday for my music manager/player... ;)19:13
kkitoon the n800 off course :)19:13
bipolargah! share! :D19:13
bipolaryou just love to tease, don't ya!19:13
*** J_P has joined #maemo19:18
J_Phi all19:18
*** Guardian has quit IRC19:18
J_Ppeople, I have a app here to test in pc but show this error :     import hildonImportError: No module named hildon19:19
J_Pare there ubuntu package of hildon ?19:19
mgedminI doubt it19:19
mgedminyou can test it inside scratchbox, though19:19
J_Phummm how I have a running scratchbox for test that ?19:20
mgedminI *think* apt-get install python2.5-gtk2-dev (from, which is configured by default in scratchbox) gives you the hildon module19:21
mgedminok, it doesn't19:21
mgedminbut apt-get install python2.5-hildon-dev does19:22
J_Pok, I will add that repos and test :-) thanks19:22
mgedminalso, you need to start python with python2.5 then19:23
mgedminplain python appears to be 2.319:23
J_PDebian repositories for maemo SDKs  can be used in ubuntu normaly ?19:23
J_P       maemo 3.1 'bora' repository19:24
J_P              deb bora free non-free19:24
J_P       deb-src bora free non-free19:24
*** Refefer has joined #maemo19:25
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC19:27
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo19:28
*** RealNitro has quit IRC19:33
*** _follower_ has quit IRC19:33
*** greentux has quit IRC19:35
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:36
Refeferhey guys, anyone know how to get libglade onto a Nokia N800?19:37
*** kkito has quit IRC19:38
*** greentux has joined #maemo19:38
*** kkito has joined #maemo19:41
*** Phoenigore has quit IRC19:42
*** Phoenigore has joined #maemo19:42
*** dneary has joined #maemo19:43
*** florian has quit IRC19:46
*** florian has joined #maemo19:46
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo19:50
mgedminJ_P: I wouldn't19:51
*** garrett has quit IRC19:54
*** djcb has joined #maemo19:57
*** Guardian has joined #maemo20:06
*** maddler has joined #maemo20:12
*** vlamak is now known as gwern_20:13
*** dneary has quit IRC20:14
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:17
*** gwern_ is now known as vlamak20:19
*** vlamak has left #maemo20:20
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo20:21
*** sbaturzioAtWork has quit IRC20:22
*** _follower_ has quit IRC20:23
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC20:27
*** Rp2 has quit IRC20:40
*** jserv2 has joined #maemo20:41
*** Rp2 has joined #maemo20:42
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:45
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo20:51
*** shackan has quit IRC20:56
*** saispo has left #maemo20:58
etrunkoRefefer: you need the following repository:20:59
etrunkodeb bora free non-free21:00
*** Pio has quit IRC21:01
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:01
*** florian has quit IRC21:04
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:09
*** maba has joined #maemo21:10
*** jacques has quit IRC21:14
*** unique311 has joined #maemo21:18
unique311k, camera app don't have video mode..21:22
unique311i reflashed the day before yesterday...21:22
unique311help me howard..21:22
unique311do i update via apllication manager...?21:22
unique311or ssite?21:22
unique311i tried app manager no updates avail.21:22
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC21:31
Pupnikmaybe it's in a nonstandard repository?21:32
unique311i'm guessing...21:33
*** aCiDBaSe has quit IRC21:33
unique311but i updated last time..after the 3.1  and got the video21:33
unique311not sure where this thing is located..but i want VIDEO21:33
Pupnikwhy did it work before, and not now??21:34
unique311not sure..21:36
unique311i have the camera app...21:37
unique311but it just takes pics..21:37
unique311before the reflash i had an option for pics, and vids21:37
unique311i refreshed app updates..21:37
bill20r3you could record video?21:38
mabathere is a version that takes video21:38
maba2.7 or something I believe21:38
mabathe one in the repo is 2.1 if I remember correctly21:39
mabadon't know where to get the updated version tho.. :)21:39
unique311can't find 2.721:40
unique311i'm on 2.121:40
unique311i did the upgrade last time and had the video feature..21:40
unique311but cant find it online..21:40
mabalookey lookey, there it is21:40
unique311maba you rock21:41
mabagoogle is your friend :)21:41
sussmangoogle is my friend too!21:41
mabagoogle's everyones friend21:41
unique311i did21:41
unique311but searched for Maemo camera app update..21:41
*** andrunko has quit IRC21:42
mabacamera 2.7 +n800 did the trick for me21:42
*** lsobral has quit IRC21:42
unique311and got these non helpfull links21:42
*** k-s[WORK] has quit IRC21:42
*** Vudentz has quit IRC21:42
mabaand well, the garage should be the obvious place to look for apps anyway :)21:42
unique311only think i don't like is the fact that mplayer cant play the videos you record from it..21:43
unique311don't think the default player is able to play the movies also..21:43
Pupnikheh oops21:43
unique311the camera built in app is the only one i think plays the videos..21:44
*** lmoura has quit IRC21:44
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:44
unique311i did a search for camera on the search field on
unique311you would think that would help21:45
maba2 different sites21:45
*** koen has quit IRC21:46
mababut yes, the search field on should seek in the application catalog and garage too21:46
unique311thanks for the help man..21:47
mabaI wonder why there's no source for the camera app21:47
unique311u thinking of doing improvements21:47
bipolarmaba: maybe the camera app is one of the closed source ones?21:48
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC21:48
mabashouldn't be too hard to write a new app using gstreamer, maybe even one that creates watchable video :)21:48
*** Disconnect has quit IRC21:48
Pupnikmy garage login still doesn't work on or maemo.org21:48
mababut I barely ever use the camera on the n800 so I don't know if I'm motivated enough to do it..21:49
mabamaybe some day :)21:49
unique311i use it on the subway....21:49
bipolarmaba: to me the camera output is too sucky to be very useful. maybe it's the app though :P21:49
unique311i like to catch the individuals who get on the train, acting foolish...21:50
unique311the drunk people...21:50
unique311the people preaching21:50
unique311MTA rocks21:50
mabathe camera is not one of the best, but you could apply filters to improve the image quality..21:51
mabaI wonder how much effort it would take to port something like camorama..21:51
unique311the lighting on the train is real nice...21:51
unique311especially on the new trains...21:51
Pupnik(unique311 is right - public transportation in new york sounds like entertainment)21:52
unique311so quality is ok..21:52
mabayeah, in good lightning it's not that bad21:52
unique311pluto is not a planet..21:53
unique311didn't they find like 4 more planets..21:53
unique311and excluded pluto as one..21:53
unique311so pluto is a moon?21:53
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo21:54
unique311Pupnik i like that site...21:54
Pupnikno, just some flyby rock that got caught in sun's gravitational field, iirc21:54
unique311and they confused it for a planet for how long21:55
unique311we went to the moon and they still thought it was a planet..21:55
unique311not cool21:55
Pupnikit's a matter of definition21:55
Pupnik"Flight attendant: Please take out the safety cards in your seat's back pocket and pretend to follow along."21:56
unique311you know what, i hear stuff like that all the time...21:57
unique311i need to register to that site..21:58
unique311and add21:58
unique311they need a video section21:58
unique311still mad about the pluto thing...maybe i can sue the Department of Education for feeding me false information...21:59
unique31120 some odd years I believed pluto was a planet..22:01
*** AD-N770_ has joined #maemo22:04
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:04
Pupnika rose by another name22:04
*** AD-N770_ has quit IRC22:04
*** AD-N770_ has joined #maemo22:04
*** djcb has quit IRC22:05
*** AD-N770_ has quit IRC22:05
*** ArthurDentN770 has joined #maemo22:05
Juhazunique311, it was. they just redefined the term. pluto didn't change, the word did.22:08
unique311Pluto 1930-2006 Kuiper belt Dwarf planet Officially accepted by IAU for this period.22:09
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo22:09
unique311Pluto        1930-2006             Kuiper belt              Dwarf planet                Officially accepted by IAU for this period.22:09
unique311wtf is a dwarf planet...22:09
*** kpel has joined #maemo22:10
kpelhi all22:10
unique311a handicapable planet?22:10
gla55unique: hasnt cleared it's surroundings or something22:10
unique311looking at the wiki...22:10
unique3114 were removed in 186422:11
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:12
Pupnikhokay, back to sdl 10122:19
*** Rp2 has quit IRC22:20
*** rev has quit IRC22:22
*** Rp2 has joined #maemo22:24
*** Zword_AFK is now known as Zword22:25
*** konttori has joined #maemo22:25
*** Refefer has quit IRC22:27
*** kabtoffe_ has joined #maemo22:31
*** konttori_ has quit IRC22:34
*** kabtoffe_ has quit IRC22:37
*** fer has joined #maemo22:37
*** fer has quit IRC22:40
*** fer has joined #maemo22:40
*** RealNitro has joined #maemo22:40
*** fer has quit IRC22:41
*** fer has joined #maemo22:42
*** fer has joined #maemo22:45
sussmanwhen building apps in scratchbox for the n800, should I install the scratchbox arm-glibc toolchain, or the arm-ulibc toolchain?22:50
sussmanwhich is the norm?22:50
*** k-s[WORK] has joined #maemo22:59
*** krau has joined #maemo22:59
*** etrunko has joined #maemo22:59
*** lsobral has joined #maemo23:00
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #maemo23:00
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo23:00
bipolarhow well could I expect debian source packages to build in scratchbox?23:02
Pupnikonce again, i look at a problem (fast 16bpp SDL alpha / keycolor) and find Siarhei's footprints23:02
Pupnikbipolar, depends on whether the dependencies are available23:02
bipolarPupnik: so there is nothing special I should have to do, right?23:03
Pupniknope just buildpackage23:03
bipolarcool. thanks.23:03
Pupnikapt-get source foo, dpkg-buildpackage etc23:03
bipolarI'm going to try to build kde from the debian packages23:03
Pupnikcheck internettablettalk forums for that23:04
bipolarthe current builds are from source tgz23:04
Pupnikfor that23:04
bipolaryeah. no packages. :)23:04
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo23:04
bipolarjust dump of a 250MB tgz23:04
bipolarwhich is fine for testing, but poor for anything else.23:04
Pupnikhave fun23:05
bipolaryeah. I hope so. I've never used scratchbox before23:05
*** nhdezoito_adrian has left #maemo23:06
*** koen has joined #maemo23:06
sussmanI just added the scratchbox repository to my sources.list, and did an apt-get update23:10
sussmanbut 'apt-get install scratchbox-core' can't find the package23:10
Pupnik *** 1.0.7 023:11
Pupnik        500 .23:11
*** Sulis has joined #maemo23:12
Pupnikdeb ./23:12
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone23:12
sussman'apt-get update' didn't complain or fuss.23:12
sussmanwhat's the missing link here?23:13
Pupnikwhat does apt-cache search scratchbox show?23:13
*** florian has joined #maemo23:14
*** lmoura has joined #maemo23:15
konttorissvb: Great idea about filling the black parts with black and send fullscreen video to buffer23:19
Pupnikhe not here23:19
konttorioh. well, it's a great idea anyway.23:21
Pupnikfor ukmp?23:22
*** koen has quit IRC23:22
konttorinope, for mplayer23:23
konttoriukmp blits whole screen all the time. and I seriously don't know if ssvb s idea applies to sdl apps directly23:23
Pupnikit is not clear to me what idea you refer-to23:24
bipolarman.... if Debian had an offical armel port this would be a heck of a lot easier23:24
konttorianyway, the latest version of ukmp if so fast in blitting that I don't have to worry about it at all23:24
sussmanPupnik: apt-cache search shows nothing either.  I think the scratchbox apt repository is just broken or something.  :-/23:24
Pupnikwhich bug?23:24
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC23:25
konttoriHe just modified mplayer to blit full screen video when video would be cropped. Thus he blits more than needed, but it's faster that way23:25
ferthis blit problem only happens in the n800?23:26
feror in the 770 to?23:26
Pupnikyou mean he detects black borders within the encoded video, with some kind of threshold algorithm?23:26
Pupnikthen auto-crops and expands the displayed video?23:27
*** twogood has joined #maemo23:27
Pupniki can't log into bugzilla - login is broken23:27
*** Raekkeri_ has quit IRC23:29
*** Hyperion2010 has joined #maemo23:29
fersorry to ask again, but what's the problem with the n800?23:29
ferI was planning on buying one...23:30
Hyperion2010I just got mine yeasterdya23:30
konttoriPupnik: No, just the opposite. He checks the video rez. If it cannot be scaled to fill the whole screen, he adds black borders to the screen so that the resulting image can be scaled to fill the whole screen23:30
fercan't it display fast moving video?23:30
konttorifer: No real problems. Just optimization for blitting speed in mplayer23:30
konttorifer: it sure can. no probs.23:30
Hyperion2010question: I read the howto flash your kernel guide23:30
Hyperion2010but is there a way23:31
konttoriJust that with that optimization, blitting speed will be even better23:31
ferkonttori, thanks. I read about some video issues with the n800 versions of canola...23:31
Hyperion2010I can jsut drop the updated kernel into the boot sector?23:31
Hyperion2010like normal linux23:31
ferkonttori, but it this noticeable? I mean, can I watch a movie with mplayer without noticing display problems?23:32
konttorifer: yeah. no probs.23:32
konttoriespecially if you have converted the video to a more optimized size beforehand23:33
ferI have a 770...23:33
ferit it woth the upgrade?23:33
Hyperion2010there arent as many programs for th n800 yet23:33
konttoriSo-so. Depends on how much you'd like to get two sd slots.23:33
Hyperion2010might be worth waiting because the price will also probably come down23:33
konttoriI don't think the price will come down.23:33
konttoriDidn't come down on 770, won't for n800.23:34
konttoriscreen is much better on n800.23:34
konttoriAnd the processor is much faster23:34
ferthe battery on my 770 seems to be fading away...23:35
ferso, I might as well sell it, and buy the 800...23:35
ferhow long does the battery last in the n800? (with screen+internet on)23:36
Pupnikdepends on screen brightness23:36
shackaniWhat ?23:37
Pupniki routinely get 5+ hours of internet use on the 770 with low brightness23:37
*** Disconnect has quit IRC23:37
fermy 770 never lasted >2,5hrs of continuous usage...23:37
unique311customized google home23:37
ferwhat's the worst case scenario for the n800? 2hrs? 3hrs?23:38
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:38
Tak|workditto @ pupnik23:38
Tak|workactually I've probably had closer to 12 hours23:38
shackanI don't remember getting less than two hours23:39
gla55depends on what internet you use too23:39
gla55bt or wifi23:39
Pupnikmine was wifi, running xchat + opera constantly, on 2nd-lowest brightness. 5-7 hours usually23:40
shackanI've been streaming audio in the kitchen via wifi for hours, with one level of battery23:40
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo23:41
Tak|workyeah, xchat + opera for me too23:41
Tak|worklowest brightness, ~6hours/day for a few days23:41
gla55bt gets better23:41
sussmanooh, streaming auido23:44
ferPupnik, you have a 770 or n800?23:44
Pupniknice that the replacement batteries are cheap too23:45
ferPupnik, humm.. strange.. like I said, when online, my 770 never goes over 2...sometimes 2,5hrs...23:45
ferPupnik, cheap?!? last time I checked these were 60 or 70eur...23:45
Pupnikwhat brightness level, and are you looking at flash sites?23:45
KevinVermahello guys, maybe its just me - but did someone else noticed opera on n800 complaining of changed ssl certs ?23:45
KevinVermait happens quiet off an on23:45
Pupnikfer, other brands go for about 15 euro23:46
gla55particular wifi environment might cause more powe usage too23:46
ferPupnik, brightness about 1/2... or less. and no flash sites...23:46
Pupniksounds like a bad battery23:46
ferthe only time it lasted about 4hrs, was on the very first time I used it23:46
Pupnikyes what gla55 said23:47
ferok. thanks for that info.23:47
Pupnikbut the backlight is probably the biggest power drain23:47
gla55non brand batteries are 11.90e here..23:47
sussmanPupnik: when building apps in scratchbox for the n800, should I install the scratchbox arm-glibc toolchain, or the arm-ulibc toolchain?23:47
*** AndrewGearhart has quit IRC23:48
Pupnikcs2005q3.2-glibc-arm here23:49
Pupniki hope that's right :)  follow the howto for your version of scratchbox23:50
feranyone knows a good brand/model for an "alternative/cheap" BP-5L compatible battery (770)23:51
Tak|workoh, and I have my wifi set to 10mW23:51
gla55dunno.. they have some under msblue brand here23:51
gla55rated less than original23:52
*** myren_ has quit IRC23:54
*** myren_ has joined #maemo23:55
Pupnikoriginal nokia bp-5l 36 euro in germany23:56
Pupnikaah the 1500mah one is more like 4223:57
gla5536-57 or so in finland, the original23:59
Pupnikheh 'max cell' "1700mah" bp-5l 1,95 euro on ebay.de23:59

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