IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-04-29

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neostriderhello folks!00:34
neostriderim getting a "operation failed" when installing stuff00:34
neostriderwhats happening?00:34
* Pupnik pictures bush standing on an aircraft carrier00:38
Pupnikneostrider: there is an installer log that shows you details00:39
kpelKevinVerma: 3g does allow multirab (i.e. voice + packet) concurrent calls00:39
kpelKevinVerma: which 3g phone haev you used that doesn't allow you to do both?00:40
neostridertoo late..reflashed ;-)00:40
MDKKevinVerma: we have serial port accessory that we internally use to develop00:40
MDKI wish we were selling it00:40
MDKit really helps00:41
kpel<osfameron> even in uk and italy data connections pause during voice call00:42
kpelnot true00:42 device is stuck into the green bar ,but the flasher reports success00:42
neostriderwhat to do?00:42
neostriderwell...flashing again...00:43
osfameronkpel: orange uk, italy tim, both on nokia 663000:43
osfameronother datapoints welcome, obviously00:44
kpelosfameron: that's very interesting. so you have your ps call going, and you start a voice call and your ps call drops?00:44
neostriderwoa...worked...but quite buggy00:45
Pupnikhmm, i found a gtk mp3 cutter00:46
kpelosfameron: there nothing in the 3gpp specifications that justifies such a behaviour.00:46
Pupnikmight be nice for trimming downloaded streams on the tablet00:46
osfameronkpel: yeah, that's wat happens00:47
osfameronabout  3 secs  into  voice call phone  beeps, and i get message data call paused or similar00:48
kpelosfameron: i strongly suggest you complain to your telco then. this shouldn't happen.00:48
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osfameronbeep and resumed message after00:48
kpelosfameron: and that happens in an area with good 3g reception, right?00:49
osfameronkpel: 2 telcos00:49
osfameronmight be the 6630's fault, dunno00:49
kpelosfameron: then it's worth the trouble to go to a nokia shop and ask for a software upgrade or a replacement00:50
osfameronkpel: er, i guess, yeah, good signal mainly00:50
osfameronok, i didn't realise it was  a bug00:50
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kpelosfameron: just did a couple of tests on my N9501:00
kpelosfameron: if a voice call is established first then the ps call goes through fine. if a ps call is started (e.g. web site loading) then a voice call cannot be started01:01
KevinVermakpel, thanks for clearing up abt 3g, i've used that with a pcmcia device, gprs on cellphone sofar01:01
kpeli suspect this is a network policy01:01
kpelneed to do some more tests though, very interesting stuf01:01
kpelKevinVerma: np01:01
KevinVermabut multiple chargers, batteries or  say simply carry too many devicies is waste and looks cyber punk01:02
KevinVermamdk, i know you got serial ports, i know some developers outside your gang hass those for n800  too01:03
kpelosfameron: the irony is that mobile phone and network infrastucture manufacturers test their products against each other to ensure that multirab works without problems :)01:03
KevinVermathey wanted me to get started on my own fun for testing their work too01:03
kpelMDK: you work for nokia?01:03
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KevinVermabut i gave up, i don't want to carry around a n800 with a serial port soildered on!01:04
MDKkpel: yes01:04
KevinVermayou guys could have been a bit open for ideas or feedback in first place01:05
KevinVermai worry i will have to scrap this device in future and reinvest 400usd01:06
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PupnikKevinVerma: what is it about maemo that you have problems with?01:10
KevinVermaPupnik, lots of :)01:13
Pupnikwhat are you using it for?01:14
KevinVermaonscreen keyboard in xchat won't do tabs for auto-complete ;p01:14
KevinVermaunless i use stylus01:15
kpelwhat's wrong with the stylus?01:15
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KevinVermathere is a limit  can't use it all the time01:16
kpeli played a bit with a friend's N800 and after a few minutes i got used to the stylus. too bad i had to return it to him:)01:16
Pupnikget a bt keyboard01:16
KevinVermaif stylus is so recommend then i should irc from palm01:17
kpela bt keyboard is a really good alternative because it works with so many gadgets01:17
KevinVermalarge onscreen keyboard is one great inovation , i agree to the fact01:17
kpelthere is one that i saw someone usng with his N9501:17
KevinVermabt keyboard is another 50usd01:18
KevinVermawhy do i want to be dork with too many devices ?01:18
KevinVermawhy not carry a viao ?01:18
Pupniki don't see a tab in the large onscreen keyboard01:19
KevinVermathat's the point01:19
Pupnikif they put more buttons on there, the keys would be too small for fingers01:20
kpelin my view, the tablet was designed as a multimedia platform, not for irc. that's why they don't sell it with a qwerty keyboard attached :)01:20
Pupnikhas anyone made alternate layouts for onscreen keyboards?01:20
kpelthe fact that people can add packages is an added bonus, but i don't see why a whole platform must change because of xchat01:21
KevinVermaactually, for auto-complete keyboard can  scan and load data, and offer as a auto-complete choice to complete with d-pad01:21
KevinVermaexample in xchat load user lista01:22
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KevinVermain bash term read list of path or files in pwd01:22
kpelso there is autocompletion for xchat in maemo after all?01:23
Pupnikit can?01:23
Takonly in the stylus kb01:23
Pupnikthat's great!01:24
Takat least until nicks get picked up by the builtin autocompletion01:24
Tak(the word completion)01:24
KevinVermawell make sure you are warned i am not even  a plumber01:24
KevinVermaif the idea loiks any cool pls code it01:25
KevinVermadon't expect me01:25
derfPupnik: I have, but I am not using the stock input method.01:26
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littlefaeFinally able to log back on to this place01:34
Pupnikwelcome back01:35
littlefaeANy idea why was inaccesible for, like, a month?01:37
Takit wasn't inaccessible here01:38
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kpeldo you guys know of any application that can synchronize a linux system with an N-series phone?01:53
kpeltried gnokii but doesn't support N-series for now01:53
kpeldoes maemo have some syncing application?01:53
* Pupnik dunnos01:56
Pupnikit'd be nice if garage had screenshots on the project pages01:56
kpelanother, more fundamental, question: is there an open standard format for storing contact and calendar information?01:57
Pupnikgood questino01:57
littlefaeThere are... some formats in common useage..01:58
littlefaeNot sure about open though01:58
littlefaevcs and ics seem to be the common two01:58
littlefaevcs is accepted by many makes of phone, sadly ics calendars are not01:59
Pupnikcool, someone who knows about this stuff01:59
littlefaeOnly partly. :)02:00
Pupnik  <- maybe a framework for exchange that we could use?02:00
littlefaeI know that GPE calendar accepts both formats, and all the cellphones I've ever used allowed me to transfer vcs files, which is handy since Entourage and Address book (on the mac) exports them02:01
Pupnikis there anything on the nokia that can do this?02:01
kpelright, thanks02:01
littlefaeICS I think was made by Apple for their calendar system, though I may be mistaken and they may, actually, have used an open format (yeah right).02:01
littlefaeOn the 770, GPE calendar supports ICS files02:01
littlefaeAt least, it claims to in its info02:02
kpeli think that nokia uses cvs as well. don't know about the calendar02:02
Pupnikah... this app looks well designed02:02
kpelofcourse the secret here is that... it doesn't matter02:02
littlefaeHey, its my old handheld! :D02:02
littlefaeGod I miss Qtopia....02:03
kpelif, let's say, thunderbird gets calendar support and picks format A then immeditely format A will gain a huge user base02:03
littlefaeICS works in Mozilla software. :)02:03
kpeli'm a bit confused here02:03
kpelthere is already calendar software made by the mozilla project?02:04
kpeldo they expect a royal invitation to integrate everything into a nice useful package?02:04
littlefaeI do my research. :)02:04
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kpeli don't doubt that02:05
littlefaeHey, I've had the same questions as most of you, which contact app to use, which calendar app, etc etc. :)02:06
littlefaeAdmittedly, I stuck with nasty proprietary stuff, but its infinitely more stable than Mozilla, m'fraid02:07
kpeli don't doubt that either02:08
littlefaeIf you want integration with Thunderbird, btw, I recommend getting the Lightning extension02:08
kpellittlefae: thanks. will that add calendar support or just an interface for sunbird?02:09
littlefaeIts a full calendar that integrates into Thunderbird, much like other extensions. :)02:09
littlefaeI believe, if you later add Sunbird it will share data files though02:09
kpelthunderbird, sunbird, firefox02:09
kpelthese names make you think that some cult of crazy druids are behind the mozilla project02:10
littlefaeFor those interested, here's the spec on the ICS cal format:
kpeloh, it's an rfc. then i suppose it's pretty open02:10
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kpeli even have the rfc on my pc but totally forgot about it... perfect02:11
littlefaeI like to help where I can. :)02:11
Takalso the Lightning extension for Thunderbird02:14
littlefaeYep, mentioned that. :)02:14
Takkpel: "once useful package" would be seamonkey or iceape02:14
littlefaeIs seamonkey including the calendar app now, then? :)02:14
Takit used to when it was "the mozilla suite"02:15
littlefaeThese people have weird naming conventions. :)02:15
kpelit's a nice way to confuse people02:17
littlefaeMakes 'perfect' sense.. Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lightning SeaMonkey..  I'm just waiting for EarthLion...02:18
kpelseamonkey is a web browser afaik02:18
littlefaeIt's a full suite, just what the doctor didn't order. :)02:19
kpeli'd rather have somethign for email+calendar and a separate, lightweight browser02:19
littlefaeSame here02:19
Takseamonkey is what they renamed the old mozilla suite, which was browser, mail, news, html editor, etc., all in one02:19
Pupnik_integrating that stuff into browser makes no sense to me02:20
kpelhaving the calendar in a separate app seems a bit of an overkill02:20
littlefaeBut, if they took all their seperate products and bundled them, with tight integration, that permitted use of the component programs without running the whole damn suite, I'd probably switch to it02:20
kpelold mozilla was horrible. too big, too slow.02:20
Pupnik_kpel, what if you don't like the browser's calendar/mail implementation?02:20
Pupnik_there is no reason to bind two seperate functions into one program02:20
kpelPupnik: that's why i asked about standards :)02:20
Taklittlefae, you mean like firefox+thunderbird?02:21
kpelwell, microsoft did it with outlook and it's quite good02:21
littlefaeI meant.. I dunno, like Microsoft Office..  Distribute it as a suite, but composed of seperate apps. :)02:21
kpelperhaps the only good thing microsoft ever did02:21
littlefaeMicrosoft did a better mail client btw. ;-)02:21
kpelthere is a mozilla project that coordinates firefox, thunderbird, crapdog, etc02:22
Takmeh, outlook is horrible if you're not accustomed to its brokenness02:22
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littlefaeThe Mac Office suite includes it, its called Entourage, and its slicker than a sheet of ice. :)02:22
kpelso let them integrate calendar in thunderbird and then make firefox play along with thunderbird02:22
littlefaeMy only grip with it, is the project manager in it.. :(02:23
Takkpel, that's already done02:23
kpelTak: define brokenness02:23
Takkpel, no thread support?02:23
kpelTak: thunderbird doesn't have out-of-the-box calendar support afaik02:23
kpelTak: and that stops you from doing... what?02:24
littlefaekpel: Mozilla's philosphy is like the Linux one.  Give them just enough rope to work with, and let them get more rope for other tasks02:24
kpelrope is dangerous. one might hang imself by accident02:24
littlefaeI was going to say hang themselves with it, but despite my dislike of mozilla apps, they have a good philosphy for the most part02:24
Takno builtin junkfilter?02:25
Takautomatically loading/executing everything from everyone02:25
littlefaeOh that junkfilter in Thunderbird is so useless...02:25
kpelTak: the automatic thing is stupid, i agree. but if you disable the preview pane yo can work around that02:26
TakI don't have any problem with it02:26
* littlefae hugs Entourage's filters.02:26
kpeland yes, the junk filter tin tbird isn't doing much02:26
littlefaeTakes a while, too long if you ask me, but meh02:26
kpelthe brilliant thing is that you can have all your emails, appointments, contacts in one place02:27
littlefaeThey need an Adblock++ stylled extension built in to it, for mail02:27
kpeland you get reminders as well02:27
Taksame with tbird02:27
littlefaeSpeaking of calendar apps, is there actually a non-crashy one for Maemo yet?02:29
Takmy fiancée's been using gpe-cal for ages now02:29
littlefaeThe GPE calendar I mentioned earlier breaks my handheld a lot..  And its built in home-screen plugin resets my device on startup02:30
kpelcan't find sunbird in found a "Nokia Synchronization"extension though02:30
littlefaeBlanks the screen, and the GUI elements end up white for a period of about 90 seconds, then causes apps to stop loading properly til you rest02:30
Takwow - how do you know it's gpe-cal?02:31
littlefaeNothing else ever did it before, and after removal, its not happened since.02:31
littlefaeMakes it a good suspect, at least02:32
littlefaeThe plugin definitely causes issues though02:32
Takweird - yeah, we're not using the plugin02:32
littlefaeI seriously recommend never activating that plugin..02:33
littlefaeIt's like Nokia cyanide02:33
TakI'm a big fan of tbird+lightning - I used them to escape outlook in my exchange-only environment02:34
Takhas anybody put in a feature request for thumbable app menus?02:36
littlefaeSunbird is a good app, and the only one to get the full thumbs-up from me.  The browsers all seem to break when I use them, and the mail client seemed... unfinished, every time I used it..02:36
littlefaeThumbs?!.... on my Nokia?.... Eeesh02:36
littlefaeNasty, dirty things..02:36
* Tak thumb-typing atm02:36
littlefaeI wouldn't mind a decent, cheap, BT keyboard for the 770.. But, since there is none with a suitable holster, I'm at a loss02:37
TakI like not having to carry anything02:38
littlefaeI wouldn't mind having a handwriting recognition panel that actually worked, as an alternative, but there isn't one..02:38
kpeltoo expensive02:39
littlefaeMaybe, but when the Apple Newton trumps the 770 for its engine, you know its bad02:39
Takare you using tf with the stylus kb then?02:39
kpelpattern recognition is only part of the challenge. the low processing power and the battery life are other parts02:39
littlefaeI'd love to, but I lost tf. :'(02:39
littlefaeGod I miss it so..02:40
Taklol - you lost the email too?02:40
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littlefaeI archived...02:40
littlefaeMy archive.rge file is missing though... I think I archived the archive..02:40
kpelwhat was that about apple newton?02:40
littlefaeI used to own one, and despite its lousy handwriting recognition engine, it always got what I wrote in, about 95% of the time.  Best of all, were the inbuilt gestures too, and the ability to write anywhere02:41
littlefaeThat beats the 770, incidentally, which gets what I write in, about 5%% of the time02:42
kpeland the n800 recognition doesn't work?02:42
littlefaeI use the pickboard mostly02:42
littlefaeI dunno, I have a 770. :p02:42
kpelseemed to work ok for me, and i don't have such a good handwriting02:42
kpelTak: you said that the lightning extension is exchange compatible?02:43
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Takit's also in mistral extras02:44
Takkpel, it doesn't upload to exchange (e.g. shared calendars on server), but that's all it doesn't do02:46
littlefaeAhhh, just found my next laptop... :)02:47
kpelTak: thanks02:47
kpellittlefae: $2000 ?02:49
littlefaeI don't care.. :)  I don't like big things much. :)02:49
kpelyou can have a N95 + bt keyboard of the same size for less02:49
kpel(and N95 has gps, hsdpa, 5M camera)02:50
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littlefaeYes, but it runs Symbian..:p02:50
gla55hardly the same thing as a full windows capable pc though02:50
littlefaeI want a more... PC like PC. :)02:50
kpeli saw a sharp windows mobile02:51
littlefaeI'd wipe XP though. :)  Probably put Debian+xfce on it. :)02:51
kpelwith a slide out qwerty keyboard02:51
Takxfce is very nice these days02:51
kpelthe ui was quite responsive but the wlan capabilities were not that good02:51
kpel<- xubuntu02:51
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Pupnik_greets unique31103:03
*** Pupnik_ is now known as Pupnik03:04
unique311my scratchbox broke again.03:05
unique311thinking of doing a native installl03:05
unique311always getting a system disk full error...after installing lots of stuff...lol03:05
Pupnik'native install'?03:07
Pupnikyou have vmware scratchbox?03:07
Pupnikmaybe you can increase size of a vmware disk image (dunnoo)03:08
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unique311nothing worked..03:08
unique311lost a bunnch of stuff i had been working on03:09
unique311i want basiliskII running on my n80003:09
Pupnikit gets big fast03:09
unique311i think i can get dgen runnning..if not generator03:09
Pupnikdgen for linux builds but crashes on startup here03:10
Pupnikdu -s /scratchbox/03:11
Pupnik9330428 /scratchbox03:11
unique311you tried generator03:11
unique311do you know why its crashing on startup?03:13
Taksuspect memory alignment issue?03:13
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Pupniki have read about this, and seen code that has alignment problems and code that fixes it03:14
Pupnikbut i couldn't fix it myself03:14
unique311ill try it on n80003:14
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* TimRiker got a broken n800. any idea how to get ahold of nokia for warranty service?03:15
Pupnik // Need to know if we end dword alligned \  int end_align = srcw%403:17
unique311broken n80003:18
unique311i feel for you Tim03:18
unique311life as you know it is over03:18
unique311well not really/...03:18
PupnikTimRiker: warranty information is usually shipped with the device03:18
Pupnikthen the x86 code strangness does stuff like03:19
Pupnik uint32 *to = (uint32*) (bits + desty*line_width + destx);03:19
unique311did you change the rom files to bin03:19
unique311with the tobin03:20
Pupnikyou started a game with that dgen binary?03:20
unique311i think i did compile dgen03:20
unique311and tobin was another item in the folder03:21
unique311i use that to change the rom file to bin03:21
unique311and then you are suppose to run the game03:21
Pupnikoh "dgen_tobin - Convert SMD-format Genesis/Megadrive image to raw (BIN) format03:21
Takwhy convert to bin?03:22
Takit runs smds...03:22
Takor what am I missing?03:23
unique311guess you don't have to03:23
unique311but if crashing on sms03:23
unique311why not try bin03:23
* Tak shrugs03:24
Pupniki did actually, no luck03:24
Pupnikthe best hint i can give is that it played back the sega title screen03:25
unique311k, my theory suggestion just went out the door03:25
Takfor me too03:25
unique311tak you are on n800?03:25
Pupnikso looking at what happens after that is necessary03:25
Tak"SEGA..." crash03:25
Taktried on both03:25
sussmanPupnik: my n800 crashes on your prerelease03:26
sussmani can watch the intro fine, but when I try to start a new game, it just hangs03:26
sussmanxterm shows a bunch of fatal SDL errors03:26
sussmanthen the whole n800 spontaneously reboots after 30 secs03:26
* TimRiker looks around for the box...03:26
Pupniksussman did you have mp3 music enabled?03:26
sussmanwell, I had it in the tree03:27
sussmanI never selected any 'enable' box or anything03:27
Pupniksussman, edit .exult.cfg and change03:28
Pupnik    <use_oggs>03:28
Pupnikyes to 'no'03:28
sussmanwill do in a bit and get back to you03:29
Pupnikthanks, cheers03:29
unique311SDL Parachute Deployed03:32
unique311seg fault03:32
unique311starts nice03:32
sussmanyeah, I get that same parachute.  :-)03:34
*** booiiing has quit IRC03:35
Pupnikunique311: know anybody that can read japanese?03:36
Pupniknevermind, zaurus uses xscale i remembered03:36
*** booiiing has joined #maemo03:37
littlefaeLovely jubbly03:40
littlefaeThe internet: A wonderful resource03:40
littlefaeI've been viewing google videos, and discovered that I am legally entitled to what calculates, presently, at around £700 cash.03:40
Pupniki was just offered £800,000 in an email03:42
littlefaeYeah, but thats not serious... The video really was. :)03:42
Pupnikhow does it work03:43
littlefaeApparently some UK legislation ruled in favour of customers over the bank charging system.. I know I've had £700 in charges since opening my bank... So, I'm working on the documents.. :)03:43
littlefaeI can claim back up to 6 years of charges. :D03:43
littlefaeSo, assuming I actually am entitled, and I do win, I'm going to get myself a new n800 handheld. :D03:44
*** neostrider has joined #maemo03:45
neostriderwhere can I download maemo-games-startup?03:45
littlefaeIsn't it on the Nokia standard repositories?03:45
neostrideri cant grab it at the repos03:47
neostridermy wifi dongle is not working03:47
neostriderI must download the debs03:48
littlefaeCorrect  me if I'm wrong, but you can access them via web interface on any computer, can't you?03:48
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo03:48
TimRikeranother issue... I tried upgrading the firmware on another n800 using flasher-3.0.static on debian unstable x86 running 2.6.20 debian kernel.03:49
TimRikerthe flasher see's the usb device change (as watched through strace) but does not show that it finds a n800 to upgrade.03:49
neostriderlittlefae: yeah, but where?03:49
TimRikeris this a know issue on the new kernels? How should I update firmware from Linux?03:49
TimRikerusbfs is mounted on /prov/bus/usb and I also tried with the flasher patch to use /dev (which also exists) and get the same results (other than the path info shown in strace)03:51
littlefaeOne would assume that if you type in: that it would bring up some http document, since the app manager uses it, but since I've never tried to manually grab such a thing I wouldn't know03:51
littlefaeOkay, so I'm wrong.. :p03:53
neostrideractually, its the repo03:53
neostriderbut Im not familiar to where could it be03:53
littlefaeI assume you're after the 'armel' package?03:54
littlefaeAnyway, finally peels apart that site for you, that package isn't in there03:56
littlefaeIndt did it, it says, so should have a copy03:58
Pupnikmanually browsing repos is a pain03:58
neostriderindt used to have it04:01
neostriderbut doesnt have anymore04:01
neostriderdo you have the gregalle SDK in your box?04:01
*** mat has quit IRC04:03
neostriderI've compiled lxdoom (should have worked, right?) but when installing on hardware running gregalle it complains about missing maemo-games-startup04:03
neostriderthats becouse I couldnt also generate packages for my own game04:03
neostriderim going for some TV04:05
*** neostrider has quit IRC04:05
littlefaeWhats the actual package name for maemo-games-startup?04:05
Pupnikmaemo-games-startup_0.1.7_armel.deb on my old system04:05
Pupnikoh package name not filename04:05
littlefaeNo no.. thats perfect.. :)04:06
littlefaeneostrider: Try this page out:
littlefaeSeveral versions on there, it seems, one may be perfect04:09
* littlefae hails the mighty google gods04:09
*** soleblaze has quit IRC04:11
Pupnikhe's not here04:12
littlefaeMeh, thought he was idle here04:12
littlefaeAhh well, if/when he returns, pass on the linkie04:13
*** yerga has quit IRC04:22
Pupnik:) your chat client doesn't show channel joins/parts i take it?04:30
littlefaeUsually it does, though I think I've got them silenced04:32
littlefaeNope, I don't. o.o04:33
Pupniki will leave/rejoin04:34
*** Pupnik has left #maemo04:34
*** Pupnik has joined #maemo04:34
Pupnikdid you see the part/join?04:34
littlefaeCan't even find an option for ignoring such things04:35
Pupniki am what chat client?04:36
Pupnik-"i am"04:36
littlefaeConversation, for OS X04:36
Pupnikoh nice, tcl and tk build fine in scratchbox04:42
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*** dolske has joined #maemo04:56
*** littlefae has quit IRC05:04
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*** _follower_ has joined #maemo05:13
Pupniki need to get these added to a repository but for google, here are the links05:14
*** _follower_ has quit IRC05:14
Pupniktcl 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Pupniktcl 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Pupniktcl 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Pupniktk 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Pupniktk 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Pupniktk 8.4 for maemo it2006 nokia tablet
Takdid you need to make code changes?05:16
Takwhy not submit them to mud-builder then?05:17
Pupniktesting them with Frodo (an emulator) that uses tcl/tk for the setup frontend05:17
Pupnikok will do05:17
Pupnikdidn't understand the mud-builder docs when i looked earlier05:17
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo05:18
sussmanfor google?05:23
Pupnikthis channel is logged and shows up frequently in maemo-related google searches05:25
Takthen I guess I should probably keep quiet about my necrophiliac tendencies toward underage alpacas05:31
*** spect has quit IRC05:32
Pupnikfrodo gui working, but i have to modify it to fit onscreen05:33
*** sussman has quit IRC05:35
*** |tbb| has quit IRC05:49
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo06:00
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo06:04
*** _follower_ has quit IRC06:09
Pupniknice to see an emu running full speed on this thing for once06:16
*** bhima|gone is now known as bhima06:17
*** TimRiker has quit IRC06:31
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:09
*** soleblaze has joined #maemo07:10
Pupniki built automake1.9 to satisfy newer packages07:11
Pupnikbut "x-build conflicts with automake1.9"07:11
*** philipl has quit IRC07:25
*** philipl has joined #maemo07:26
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:28
*** JohnMeacham has quit IRC08:08
*** desparateforlove has joined #maemo08:21
*** Tak has quit IRC08:22 is down and I really need an xterm08:23
*** JohnMeacham has joined #maemo08:26
*** desparateforlove has left #maemo08:26
*** desparateforlove has joined #maemo08:28
*** _k-s_ has quit IRC08:34
desparateforlovethe life and death of the planet as we know it depends on me getting an xterm package08:44
Pupnikuse the internet, luke!08:45
desparateforlovethere's no mirror in site and doesn't seem to have the old xterm08:45
desparateforlovePEOPLES LIVES ARE AT STAKE!08:46
Pupnikapt-get install osso-xterm08:46
desparateforlovewhere is it i would type apt-get if i didn't have a terminal?08:47
Pupnikssh session08:47
Pupnikapplication manager doesn't show an osso-xterm for install?08:48
Pupnikwhat tablet do you have? what distro?08:49
desparateforloven800 2007 march update?08:50
Pupniki don't see why the old osso-xterm is not available08:50
desparateforlovewhat repo is it in?08:51
Pupnikdon't know08:54
Pupnikmine (770) is from http://repository.maemo.org08:54
Pupnikosso-xterm: Installed: 0.13.mh2108:55
Pupnikyou are right08:57
Pupnikit has no osso xterm for bora08:57
Pupniksee for repositories you can add08:58
desparateforlovethat's one helluva set of tables man08:58
partPupnik: maybe because it's old, and the new, "advanced" osso-xterm is better08:59
desparateforloveit looks it09:00
desparateforlovebut alas is down09:00
*** user_ has joined #maemo09:03
desparateforloveit just links offiste :(09:04
Pupnikif you want i can give you osso-xterm_0.13.mh13_armel.deb09:06
Pupnikor contact the admins at
*** Tak has joined #maemo09:08
desparateforlovemy grandmother always told me not to take files from strangers without an official md5sum09:10
*** booiiing has quit IRC09:12
*** booiiing has joined #maemo09:13
desparateforlovegah - cookies, logins09:13
Pupniklogging into
PupnikConnecting to|2002:c140:1f0f::6|:80... failed: Address family not supported by protocol09:15
Pupnikping works though09:16
desparateforlovei'm from the mirrors for the prevention of alien invasion association09:17
Pupniki'm paranoid so i cache .debs locally09:18
Pupnikthe site is up but the webserver is down09:19
desparateforlovei shoulda been doin that from the beginning09:19
* Pupnik swishes his cape09:22
* Pupnik leaps over capital T with a single bound09:23
desparateforlovenot so fast batman09:24
desparateforlovelibncurses missing09:24
Pupnikwhat do you say?09:31
desparateforloveincompatible application package09:32
desparateforlovejumpin jimminiy crickets pupnik09:32
Pupniki'm not an n800 user, but you can browse the tree09:33
Pupniknonetheless, my help is finished now09:33
desparateforlovewait wait, i thought if we simply joined this channel we got the n800 discount09:33
desparateforlovei appreciate your help pupnik09:34
Pupniknp, cheers09:35
*** desparateforlove has left #maemo09:53
*** sabotage_afk has quit IRC10:01
*** jlbrd_ has joined #maemo10:01
*** pleemans has joined #maemo10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
*** rasgod has joined #maemo10:06
*** philipl has quit IRC10:09
*** philipl has joined #maemo10:10
*** jlbrd_ has quit IRC10:28
inzDamn, my apache had mysteriously died10:46
* Pupnik salutes inz10:46
Pupnikyaay it's back :)10:47
* Pupnik is testing it2007 on 770 and *loves it* so far10:56
rasgodHi, do anyone in here knows, which port I have to switch on, to cure a WSOD on an 770?10:59
rasgodI am back :)11:01
rasgodyes Pupnik, on maemo I read that I *could*fix the wsod I have on my Nokia 770 with some port, the ports next to the battery, you have to activate them with a could flash(the serial port console)11:03
rasgodIf you look at the backside of the Nokia 770 where the battery is, are there some yellow pins (11pins are there)11:06
Pupnikcan't you just flash the device?11:07
rasgodThat I tryed Pupnik, but the Wsod was after the flash still there11:08
rasgodSOme friend of mine in a nokia shop flashed it to but now I got some *strange* message when I want to re flash it for a could flash, it tells me the: "USB device found at bus 001, device address 005 Unsupported board (id= 0x000)"11:09
Pupniki wish i could help11:09
rasgodthx Pupnik :) but maybe I'll find a solution :D11:10
rasgodHave anyone in here , experiences with white screens of death?11:11
*** tomboh has quit IRC11:13
*** user_ has quit IRC11:26
Pupnikit2007 / thinkoutside stowaway - Pairing failed. Device resources exceeded11:38
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo11:40
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:44
*** rasgod is now known as away11:48
Pupniki just tapped on my computer screen with the stylus12:02
tigertyea, that happens :)12:15
tigertyou wish everything was touchscreen12:15
Pupnikwhat should be the path of the 770 now?12:17
Pupnikshould we be working to port and patch-up it2007?12:17
Pupnikseems to me if 770 users have a solid option to move to it2007, then we have a more homogeneous base12:18
*** jku__ has joined #maemo12:18
Pupnikand if 770 users move to it2007, we reduce fragmentation in development and repos12:19
*** jku_ has quit IRC12:20
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo12:30
fish_maemo mapper seams not to supress blanking the screen when in fullscreen. i'm running the latest version. the version i had before has stopped screen blanking in fullscreen..12:38
fish_Pupnik: am i (as a 770 user) allowed to run all those propritary apps on it2007 at all?12:40
Pupniki have compiled some things for gregale/it2006 that have run on bora/it200712:41
fish_well but whats about the propritary apps like the browser and the video player12:41
Pupnikit2007 comes with an opera that works12:42
Pupnikit comes with all the basic stuff installed12:42
fish_yes, but when i want to install a it2006 image i have to enter my device id for the download12:47
fish_isnt that with it2007 the same?12:48
fish_or can i use my n770 id also for downloading it2007?12:48
fish_ah, okay ;)12:48
*** acydlord has quit IRC12:49
*** acydlord has joined #maemo12:50
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo12:51
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo13:02
Pupnikit2007 on 770: bora version of fceu errors with "Could not open pcm device file /dev/dsptask/pcm3"13:14
*** muts has joined #maemo13:19
mutsintense n00b needs help with an n800, and available for trivial questions ?13:20
mutsand = any13:20
mutsPupnik, i still havn't managed to sync the repositories...13:21
mutsdeleted all repositories off my n800 (nokia), and when i try to sync, it dets stuf at downlaoding 10k...13:21
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo13:21
Pupnikmaybe you need to rebuildcache13:22
mutshow ?13:22
mutsbut i'm only with the original nokia firmware13:24
mutsthe n800 is brand new, still original firmware13:25
Pupniksorry ok13:25
Pupnikyou can download individual packages for it here
Pupnikwith browser13:25
Pupnikbut that takes time of course13:26
mutstried that13:26
Pupniki don't know what the issue is13:26
mutsthey end up as 0k size13:26
Pupnikcan you test download something to a pc and see if it's a problem with the nokia?13:27
Pupnikperhaps the flash is defective13:27
mutsdownloads ok on my pc13:27
mutsnot on the n80013:27
Pupnikdid you try reflashing with a fresh os?13:28
mutsno, not yet13:28
mutsthat brings me to a different issue...13:28
mutsi tried downloading the windows pc utility13:28
mutswhich does not recognise the n800 for some reason13:28
mutsro recognises it partially13:29
Pupnikwhat is the error?13:29
muts1 sec13:30
mutslet me reboot and try again13:31
*** muts has quit IRC13:32
*** muts has joined #maemo13:36
mutsPupnik, "nokia connected in a non compatible mode, change from UI"13:36
Pupnikdid you start the flash process with the nokia turned off?13:38
mutsnever flashed anything yet13:38
Pupniki am not familiar with the windows flasher13:39
Pupnikwith the linux flasher you initiate flash with device turned off, then turn device on13:39
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo13:40
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo13:40
mutsPupnik, do i need to have an extra card in the n800 ?13:40
mutsextra memory card13:40
Pupnikno, the flashing is done to on-board non-volatile memory13:40
mutsi will try this13:40
mutsthanks :)13:40
Pupnikgoing to sleep soon13:40
*** konttori has joined #maemo13:43
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*** Pupnik is now known as Pupnik_zZz14:31
Okkoanyone tried syncbox or some other usb copier?14:51
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kpelhi all16:23
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC16:26
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sciboyN800 is looking mighty sexy right now.18:08
*** KevinVerma has joined #maemo18:12
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sciboyAny Aussies who can recommend a place to buy one?18:42
*** acydlord has quit IRC18:52
*** acydlord has joined #maemo18:52
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zuhAFAIK, Aussies can buy them from the US or Europe...19:02
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molkkorootfs is understandable concept: kernel mounts it as / but what is initfs?19:51
ptmanmolkko: it's what is used as rootfs until the real rootfs can be mounted19:54
kpelis it like an initrd image then?19:57
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo20:13
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maddlerevening all!20:29
kpelhi maddler20:36
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:37
molkkokpel, what is initrd then? boot(7) manual page in ubuntu describes well generic boot process but it has not references to anything like initfs or initrd. Are they embedded or maemo specific concepts?20:40
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Okkomolkko: no, they are not. many pc computers have initrd as well.20:46
kpelmolkko: as the man page initrd(4) says, it is just an image with modules. the kernel mounts that image first, then loads the modules stored in it in order to proceed with the boot process20:46
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo20:46
Okkomolkko: they usually contain device drivers so that the system is able to use the rest of the devices to boot up properly.20:47
kpelpersonally i find this initrd thing weird. i used to be a hardcore slackware user before switching to xubuntu. dunno why one cannot compile the necessary drivers into the kernel. the average pc has more than enough memory.20:47
Okkokpel: now I'm guessing, but it may be that at that time the system is unable to use all of the memory or access the whole disk20:48
kpeldon't know about the memory but the disk thing might be a reason20:49
*** djcb has joined #maemo20:49
Okkoyou know, only able to access first 640 kilobytes of mem or first 512k of disk etc :)20:49
kpelalthough i used to use the same 80G disk and 512M ram with a slackware system without initrd20:49
kpeli really don't know. i don't even want to touch that thing. not enough time20:50
*** KevinVerma has quit IRC21:00
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo21:00
zuhIt would be silly to compile in support for dozens of different setup options which affect the boot (different filesystems, network boots, raids etc) for stock kernels in distributions.21:02
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Pupnik_zZzanyone using it2007 on n770 want to chat?21:20
*** mat has quit IRC21:22
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zuhHmm, is down?22:04
zuhah, there it came. Just took a minute...22:04
*** Zword has joined #maemo22:09
timelessanyone here ever had problems w/ the internal memory card slot on their n800?22:09
vbraunIs there any way to connect to wireless AP using "Dynamic WEP"  WEP + 802.1x EAP TTLS+PAP (e.g. eduroam)? Did anybody port wpa_supplicant?22:09
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo22:10
koenvbraun: no one has got that working yet22:11
* koen wants eduroam support as well22:12
vbraunI've looked at wlancond source, but that didn't seem to do the eap auth? Or did I miss it?22:12
vbraunAnd wpa_supplicant should work, after all the reason for the screwy protocol is so that dumb (wep-only) hardware can support it.22:14
vbraunAnybody tired wpa_supplicant?22:14
Pupnik_zZznick Pupnik22:25
Pupnik_zZztimeless, what problems -22:26
*** Pupnik_zZz is now known as Pupnik22:26
*** _k-s_ has joined #maemo22:26
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Pupnikvbraun: not tried22:29
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