IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-01-27

MDK has a good article00:01
MDK"Governments might pass laws, possibly with the stated goal of reducing copyright infringement, requiring that hardware manufacturers keep control over the software that runs on the boxes they sell."00:01
MDKis especially interesting00:01
suihkulokkihub: I know, that way they follow letter of GPL but not it's spirit.00:02
MDKsomething I can easily imagine happening00:02
hubsuihkulokki: do you think they have a spirit?00:02
hubsuihkulokki: they only have lawyers and shareholders00:02
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hubsuihkulokki: everything else is a side effect00:02
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|tbb|guerby: i figured out how u can re-enable the dpad without removing the battery00:16
*** kender has joined #maemo00:16
guerby|tbb|, could you add that to bugzilla?00:17
|tbb|im not registered00:17
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guerbyguerby, I can do it for u if u want00:17
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kenderI'm compiling a program with maemo sdk, everything goes right, make, there is the binnary file, I run it with qemu and only some steps works. I move it to the N800, and it says "Permission denied". ideas?00:18
Takchmod +x ?00:18
kenderI'm new on developing things00:18
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maddlerhey all!00:18
xankender, move it away from the memory card00:18
kenderxan, thanks00:19
Takah, card00:19
|tbb|oh i think i dont have to be registered is it so?00:19
kaatisi think memory card has the x bit disabled in mount options00:19
|tbb|hey maddler, still in love? :)00:19
guerby|tbb|, I don't know if u need to register to comment00:19
Takkaatis: probably00:20
maddlermore than ever!00:20
maddler770 is good.. but 800 is more!00:20
Tak(30 more)00:20
maddlerTak: right!00:20
kenderno /dev/audio found, any ln to another dev file?00:23
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c0ffee>200,000 lines diff between the nici libjingle and the stock libjingle :/00:27
c0ffeenow that's a mess00:28
jcml_How do I enable "soft" poweroff? I'm not seeing it as an option in the config UI anywhere00:28
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|tbb|I just figured out how u can re-enable the hardware keys without pulling the battery out.00:30
|tbb|Just go in soft poweroff mode again, by using the touchscreen and then before you push the power button to turn the device on again, hold any hardware button pressed till the device came up, i suggest the cancel button.00:31
|tbb|guerby here its how it works, write it to the bugzilla00:31
|tbb|jcml look at the bug and u see how it goes00:32
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guerby|tbb|, how can I go in soft poweroff with the keyboard locked?00:32
|tbb|using touchscreen00:33
guerby|tbb|, touchscreen is inactive when keyboard locked (it just displays press power button)00:33
|tbb|ah k, i was thinking we talking about soft poweroff mode00:34
jcml_hmmm.  Having read that, do I *want* soft PO enabled?00:34
guerby|tbb| if you follow my instructions you'll have to remove the battery (be careful)00:35
guerby|tbb|, I don't know if Nokia Q&A looked at it yet (I got the problem without soft poweroff in the first place, soft poweroff is just to reproduce it more easily)*00:35
kenderin the SDK, the audio works great, but in the N800, it says, /dev/audio no found00:36
Takare you using oss?00:36
kenderno idea, it is a porting00:37
Takprobably it does then00:37
kenderit is a simple program written in C00:37
kender#include <linux/soundcard.h>00:38
Takyou'll probably need to convert it to an audio driver/method supported by the n80000:38
Takthat's oss00:38
kenderI see00:38
kenderany howto do that?00:38
TakI haven't seen one if there is00:38
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Takhell, I don't even know what kinds of audio output are supported on n800 other than gstreamer00:38
|tbb|guerby: k may it just work only for the soft power mode bug, here it helps if u follow my instructions00:39
kenderwhat is using mplayer?00:39
Takgstreamer, I'm sure00:39
kenderand, the porting to gstreammer, is very hard?00:39
Takcheck out the gstreamer driver for fceu ( )00:40
*** bmidgley is now known as bmidgley|away00:40
|tbb|after all i will replace locking mode with soft poweroff which is quit more usefoll00:41
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kenderTak, thanks, I'll look for more info about gstreamer00:46
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kenderTak, the program support libao, that may help?00:49
* Tak shrugs00:49
Taklike I said, I have no idea what kind of audio the n800 supports00:49
jaebirdTak: it was about 10.00 for the N800 with discount00:50
Takeh?  the tax?00:51
kenderTak, Audio00:51
kenderAlsa compiled in, OMAP24xx EAC driver, mixer support, PCM should be handled by DSP.00:51
kenderthat helps?00:51
Takis that on the device or in scratchbox, though?00:51
kenderon the device00:51
jaebirdyeah...the must of calc on the discounted price for me00:51
Takif that was true, you shouldn't be having any sound problems now00:52
jaebirdmy total bill was 135 including shipping (which was free)00:52
Takjaebird: nice00:52
Takdallas, houston, or austin? ;-)00:52
* Tak nods00:52
jaebirdI have not received any responses to my offer via email, so I guess there isn't much demand00:53
Takforwarding the devices ooc?00:53
jaebirdI think it would be a nice gesture for us in the Have nations to help out the have nots00:53
* Tak nods00:53
hapanyone has informations about nstx on the N800 ?00:54
c0ffeehap, on the 770 the debian package did 'just work'00:57
c0ffeehap, should be the same on 80000:57
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kenderwell, Tak , now with the libao enabled, it says, Unable to find any usable output device01:03
kenderand, libao, seems to support a lot01:03
TakI wonder if alsa's oss emulation is enabled in the stock kernel01:03
hapc0ffee: ah, good to hear :)01:03
kenderTak, hehe01:04
hapc0ffee: have you found the binary package somewhere, or you compiled it yourself?01:04
Takdinner - bbl01:04
c0ffeecompiled myself01:04
kenderTak, osso-dsp-modules-rx-34 - osso-dsp-modules-rx-34 from Scratchbox01:05
kenderosso-dsp-modules-rx-34-maemo - This can be used only in maemo SDK.01:05
hapc0ffee: ah sux, i need to configure my vmware and all for compilation, i guess :)01:08
guerbyanyone installed busybox 3:1.1.3-3sdk2 ? it's proposed in check for updates but I'm scared :)01:09
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c0ffeehap, i can make you a package tommorow01:11
c0ffeenow i'm off01:11
hapc0ffee: ok great01:11
kenderguerby, I updated the busybox and my n800 break...01:11
hapno hurry01:11
kenderI don't know it that was the version01:11
guerbykender, wooops. Is there a way to see from what repo an update comes from?01:12
guerbyanyone going at FOSDEM 2007 ?01:12
hapi may go myself01:12
kenderfrom.... maemo repo or maemo hackers, I don't know01:12
hapwill nokia be there?01:12
kender[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: /usr/src/kernel-source-rx-34] > make menuconfig01:12
kender  HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep01:12
kendermake[1]: *** [scripts/basic/fixdep] Error 101:12
kendermake: *** [scripts_basic] Error 201:12
guerbyhap, they were last year, and they're sponsor this year but I see no maemo track in the program01:13
hapguerby: ok good.01:14
guerbyhap, toujours sur Paris ?01:14
hap(enfin presentement)01:14
guerbyhap, ca fait un moment que je suis pas alle au first jeudi01:15
hapj y vais plus01:15
lle2kender: try make menuconfig HOSTCC=host-gcc01:15
lle2kender: or do it outside sbox01:15
kenderlle2, 100% cpu for some seconds and then, the same error01:16
kender/scratchbox/compilers/bin/host-gcc: Too many open files01:16
lle2strange. easiest is to do it outside.01:17
kenderand if I want to compile a module or something?01:17
lle2I'd do all kernel related things outside01:18
lle2the build system knows how to cross-compile, sbox just makes things more complicated and error prone01:19
kenderhehe ok01:19
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|tbb|what r those files under /etc ?  pointercal-lph8923.default01:26
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trenka|tbb|: self destruction01:29
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kendertrenka, ¿?01:30
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kender/bin/sh: arm-linux-gcc: not found --> and now lle2 ?01:35
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SyntaxNinjagreetings!  In the application catalog, what does it mean when an application (like gaim) is listed, but is not actually available for download (in any obvious way)02:36
SyntaxNinjaand I dn't see it via application manager or apt-get02:36
*** vivijim has quit IRC02:38
SyntaxNinjaI'm looking at this version of the application catalog:
SyntaxNinjagotta go.02:42
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mitchelocDoes anyone know how to leech the url to a radio stream off a website? There is this one I'd like to play through the n80003:40
Veggenmitchelog: click on it?03:41
Veggenit worked for me.03:41
mitchelocVeggen: i tried through opera on the n800, didn't work, preferably i can use the built in media player03:42
mitchelocThey use a flash applet to play it through the website03:42
Veggenoh, you'll need to find out if it actually has a direct URL for the sound, etc...03:42
mitchelocVeggen: this is the url to the feed i want -- (tinyized)03:43
konfoo to rip it, maybe?03:44
MarkovI'm looking at the maemo tutorial, and it is telling me to dl a file from ; am i nuts or is there no such tar.gz03:44
*** jacques has joined #maemo03:45
mitchelockonfoo: i'm looking at that now, thanks03:46
konfoooops i deleted the url03:46
konfoolet me fix that :)03:46
*** ajturner has joined #maemo03:48
mitchelocdownloading stream ripper, not sure how it'll help me find the stream url though03:49
*** saerdnaer2 has quit IRC03:53
mitchelocthis is the html source from the flash player page -- they have a bunch of variables defined at the top in plain english, i'm not sure which one the stream would be (if it's even in there)03:56
konfooit embeds windows media player?04:00
*** jonty_ has quit IRC04:01
mitchelochmm, it seems that they just changed that, it used to be flash, at least it can be muted now (unlike before)04:01
mitchelocif wmplayer is embedded then for sure there is a stream i can get right?04:01
konfoomms:// whatever04:02
mitchelocmaybe it's hidden in their js files04:02
mitchelocthe JS file is here for windows media player  --
konfoothat has no vars in it04:05
mitchelocthere is a line in there for the embed tag that says "SRC='this.URL'"04:05
mitchelocthats for the media ploayer, is it possible it's playing that actual URL that you pasted ^^04:05
konfoowhats the master url for this page04:06
mitcheloci mean this one --
mitchelocthat is ^04:06
konfoohaha &income04:06
mitchelocusing "Open URL" in windows media player doesn't work with that address ^^04:06
mitchelocneither are working, i tried with and without "mms://"04:07
konfoowhy dont you just run a sniffer04:08
mitchelocthey have this "WindowsMediaPlayer.prototype.SetURL = function(url)" in the js file04:08
mitchelocit didn't cross my mind, i'm loading ethereal right now04:09
konfoothis thing has the worst ui ever04:09
mitchelocit has actually improved from the last version heh04:10
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo04:14
mitcheloci have a packet dump now, looking through it, nothing is very clear04:14
mitchelocthere are a few requests for ".wma" files, but they are for advertisements04:14
mitchelocnot sure how to tell which packets are coming from the player04:15
*** ajturner has quit IRC04:17
*** X-Fade has quit IRC04:19
*** Merculis has joined #maemo04:20
Merculisheya all04:21
mitchelocthis looks close? - mms:// ?04:21
mitchelocthey have the ".wm." in there04:21
MerculisI'm a maemo newb04:21
Merculisnot .wma?04:22
Merculisdoesn't that url need an extension?04:22
mitchelocMerculis: no i don't see wma in there, i'm trying to find the stream url to an online radio station04:23
mitchelocso i can stream to the n800 :)04:23
Merculiswhich station?04:23
Merculisklsx fm04:24
*** SyntaxNinja has joined #maemo04:26
Merculistry this04:31
Merculish m04:38
Merculiscan you install vnc server on the maemo so you can access the GUI via another PC?04:42
Merculisis the GUI a variant of gnome or kde?04:42
SyntaxNinjaI'm able to log into my n800  via ssh, but the desktop or tableteer and menus are not running for some reason04:43
desrtcloser to gnome04:43
SyntaxNinjathe UI is fine; I an run applicaions via ssh,04:43
SyntaxNinjais there something anyone knows in particular I need to restart to get my interface back?04:43
Merculisbut I would like to access the UI via something like VNC04:43
desrteverything in the 770/800 platform that nokia didn't write for themselves is part of gnome04:43
MerculisI wish this thing had a keyboard04:44
MerculisI guess I am confused as to the purpose of a 77004:45
konfoo'internet tablet'04:46
konfoodoes anyone have gizmo04:47
*** NickDe has joined #maemo04:50
mitchelocMerculis/konfoo: sorry, i walked away for a bit, i'm back, neither of those three urls work for me?04:54
konfoothey appear to have some sort of cookie/session management attached, it would seem04:54
mitchelocso it'd take some programming to get/set the cookies, argh!04:55
konfoojust looking at their crappy code was annoying enough for me04:56
Merculisdoesn't a USB connection to a laptop charge the 770?04:58
*** Markov has quit IRC04:58
mitchelocthe code looks well written to me =/04:58
mitcheloci must have poor standards heh\04:58
*** MacSlow has quit IRC04:59
*** neostrider has joined #maemo05:02
neostriderhello fellows05:02
neostrideranybody home?05:03
MerculisI am05:05
Merculisbut I am a newbie05:05
*** jtokash has quit IRC05:07
Merculisso you mean to tell me that you can't charge the 770 via USB?05:07
neostriderim not a power user05:10
neostriderim just a developer05:11
neostrider(3rd party developer)05:11
neostriderim still fighting with scratchbox05:11
neostriderand the autotools05:11
neostriderto create a package of my game engine05:11
MerculisI doubt I would develop for the 770/80005:12
Merculisthe audience is too limited05:12
neostriderthe great thing about maemo is that we are building the plataform05:13
Merculisyeah, but for who?05:13
neostrider( not one of the developers of maemo,but) we are guiding it05:13
Merculisthe iPhone is gonna blow everyone out of the water05:13
neostriderfor ourselves05:13
neostriderlets it blow05:13
Merculisfair enough05:13
neostriderI more like maeamo05:14
*** sp3000 has quit IRC05:14
Merculiswell then you are obviously not in Maemo for a business05:14
neostridermaemo doesnt say what is best for mysef05:14
neostriderI know that it has some potential05:14
Merculisso did Newton05:14
neostriderI just want to make a good gaming plataform out of it05:14
neostriderim working for it for about 2 years05:15
neostridersince it was announced05:15
Merculishow is that possible, when it can't even stream YouTube?05:15
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo05:15
neostrideri dont know05:16
*** sp3001__ has joined #maemo05:16
neostriderI dont use it in a daily basis05:16
neostriderIm just developing a generic game engine for it05:16
MerculisI hope you succeed and I am sure many people will be happy05:16
neostriderif you are not satisfied with it...let the guys know it05:16
MerculisI just don't see the point05:16
Merculisthat's all05:17
neostridermaybe they can fix it05:17
neostriderI see Maemo as a new thing...maybe not ready for the great masses yet05:17
neostriderbut something with a great potential05:17
Merculisit will never be05:17
Merculisbecause Debian is not friendly at all05:17
SyntaxNinjadoes anyone have a suggestion for how to get the main UI back once it has apparently crashed? what I would call the "window manager" in linux?05:17
Merculismost people can't even operate Windows XP05:17
SyntaxNinjaI can ssh to the n80005:18
neostriderI just want to satisfy the people who choose Maemo05:18
MerculisSyntaxNinja: X WIndows?05:18
neostriderninja...maemo's WM is matchbox05:18
neostridertry calling it manually05:18
neostrideri dont know05:18
SyntaxNinjaMerculis: no, the window manager. X or whatever is running fine.  I can start applications, but I don't have the m enu system05:19
VeggenMerculis: see, most people doesn't need to know it runs Linux.05:19
Merculiswell they do to some extent05:19
neostriderVeggen...indeed. It only appeared to me as linux when I browse to file:///05:19
neostriderno Merculis...I dont see a small clue of it05:20 by extension, you think it's also totally useless to try to develop any Linux into a good desktop?05:20
neostriderok...just a GPL license in the "about" section of the help05:20
Merculiswhen you intend to do anything beyond using stable/released applications, you have to delve into the linux05:21
VeggenMerculis: Why would an ordinary user do that?05:21
neostriderMerculis...have you ever tried developing for Series 60 phones? not easy too05:21
Merculismaybe an ordinary user wants to install some application to remotely manage the device?05:21
neostriderI took me about 6 months to get a moving square on a N-Gage screen05:22
Merculisbecause a touchscreen keyboard is cumbersome?05:22
neostriderunavoidable for a developer to get into the system core05:22
VeggenMerculis: bluetooth keyboard.05:22
neostridermaybe the input still not adequate05:22
neostriderbut as a open comunity, we will evolve the plataform05:22
*** sp3001 has quit IRC05:23
MerculisI originally said remotely manage, I didn't say to supplement keystrokes05:23
Merculisi.e. SSH05:23
VeggenIf you want that, you're not an ordinary clueless user anymore.05:24
neostriderwhy ssh?05:24
Merculisneostrider: how else would you intend to remotely manage the 770/800?05:24
SyntaxNinjais there a way to restart matchbox or anything? it seems to think it's running05:24
*** Markov has joined #maemo05:24
neostriderwhy would I need that?05:24
SyntaxNinjadoes matchbox take care of the menus and such? I don't have menus along the side or the top05:24
MerculisVeggen: is there a way to charge this thing via USB?05:25
VeggenMerculis: no.05:25
neostrider(by the way, any autotools guru in the house?)05:26
SyntaxNinjahm. when I tell matchbox-remote to display the desktop, it complains that the desktop is not running. maybe that's the prob05:29
*** Merculis has quit IRC05:34
*** Merculis has joined #maemo05:34
*** spect has quit IRC05:35
* SyntaxNinja reflashes w/ a sigh05:38
neostriderany SDL developer here?05:40
*** sab has joined #maemo05:45
*** sab has left #maemo05:45
*** Markov has quit IRC06:01
neostriderhow do I call for Kees?06:02
neostridercall for his attention06:03
* sp3000 would like to subscribe to feeds with http basic auth :(06:06
sp3000it doesn't seem to work however06:06
neostriderdo you know anything about building a maemo package for a SDL app?06:10
sp3000seen wiki?06:11
sp3000or, I guess, what's the issue06:11
sp3000(not that I can be of any help on the substance)06:11
* sp3000 zzzs, too :)06:12
*** sp3000 has quit IRC06:12
*** sp3001__ has quit IRC06:15
neostriderI actually just built the bomberman06:21
*** rev has joined #maemo06:21
neostridernot its time rip everything from it off06:21
neostriderto use in my project heheh06:22
*** rofltosh has joined #maemo06:24
*** Merculis_ has joined #maemo06:25
*** Merculis has quit IRC06:25
neostriderthanks fellas06:27
*** neostrider has quit IRC06:27
*** dieguito is now known as dieguito-zzz06:33
rofltoshso, does the N770/800 support java?06:52
*** minra has quit IRC06:54
*** minra has joined #maemo06:55
*** rofltosh_ has joined #maemo06:58
*** rofltosh has quit IRC06:58
*** rofltosh_ has quit IRC06:58
*** gpd has joined #maemo07:15
gpdwhat's happening dudes?07:15
minrai'm avoiding learning scratchbox cross compiling07:21
gpdwhat package?07:22
gpdI've been distracted with sgt-puzzles07:23
*** rkaway1 has quit IRC07:26
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo07:29
*** MacSlow has joined #maemo07:54
minrai would like to port Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2)07:59
minraand TOME - troubles of middle earth - a roguelike07:59
gpdhmm - requires open gl :(08:00
jacquesso install mesa :-)08:02
gpdmesa for OS2007?08:03
jacquesI wonder if anyone has tried it.08:04
gpdFailed to run build on libglu1-mesa: Unable to install x11proto-gl-dev [256]08:06
*** rev has quit IRC08:26
*** DrPepperKid has joined #maemo08:41
*** SyntaxNinja has quit IRC08:46
*** rev has joined #maemo08:49
*** bjv has joined #maemo08:51
bjv2006 os, how do you re-sync the system time?08:52
bjvive done sh /etc/init.d/networktimerelatedstuff on systems, or used ntpdate on my newer debian based08:53
bjvthere might not be a network time client on 2006 os, i guess08:53
keesjbjv, do you know a small one?08:54
bjvi imagine they are all pretty small.08:54
bjvi was just wondering if anyone knew if there way already a way to do it.08:54
bjvin gui or something.08:54
keesjI don't think so , it is a good idea!08:55
*** DrPepperKid has quit IRC08:55
keesjperhas netdate is enough? I think ntpdate also contains a server and such08:56
*** MacSlow has quit IRC08:57
*** Sonej has quit IRC08:57
*** shackan has quit IRC08:59
keesjbjv, if you have xterm installed would you care to try the mud netdate deb file?09:23
keesjit' is here (not tested on real device since my girlfriend is sleeping next to it)
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo09:32
bjvi pulled the binary out of
bjvand pulled the library out of it's dependent .deb and put them into ~/bin/ntp09:34
bjvsimple. worked.09:35
bjvi noticed someone has made a fullscreen clock app for the 77009:37
bjvwhen the n800 came out that's the first thing i though of: "well, in 3 years i can always turn my outdated old 770 into a $400 network connected clock"09:38
keesjbjv about about creating something like this ??09:41
*** fabiob has joined #maemo09:45
bjvoh no! i mean, i use conky to paint "Time: yr-mo-day hr-min-sec" onto my x root window09:46
bjvit just put that information on the 770, and tape it to teh wall, so i dont need to run conky.09:46
*** bjv has quit IRC09:51
*** vidar has quit IRC09:59
*** booiiing has quit IRC09:59
*** sabotage_afk has quit IRC10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
*** booiiing has joined #maemo10:03
JaffaMorning, all10:27
Jaffabjv: which full screen clock? Don't use Maemochron without being plugged in to the power, or your device'll be dead after an hour or so10:31
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo10:43
*** xan has joined #maemo10:51
*** obergix[home] has joined #maemo10:51
*** Sonej has joined #maemo11:02
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC11:16
*** sunshine has joined #maemo11:17
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo11:18
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo11:18
c0ffeehap, should work11:37
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo11:38
sunshinenice pictures on your page c0ffee :)11:41
*** lele has joined #maemo11:47
*** |tbb|_ has joined #maemo11:51
*** benzea has joined #maemo12:00
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo12:02
hapok thanks12:03
*** ssvb has joined #maemo12:03
haphmmm no ctrl on the n800 xterm12:04
hapwithn the menu, not easy access12:05
*** |tbb| has quit IRC12:05
kulvehap: you have the wrong xterm..12:05
hapaah ? :)12:05
hapkulve: which one do you use?12:05
*** koen has joined #maemo12:06
hapi need ctrl for irssi12:06
c0ffeeuse the maemohacker one12:07
hapkulve: shortcuts for ctrl-n p, a, e would be great12:08
Molagihmm where can i get the latest xterm12:08
Molagitheres no scroll on my irssi12:08
c0ffeeyou can always bind the functionality to other keys12:09
c0ffeesee the application catalog in the wiki for the maemohacker repository12:09
c0ffee/help bind12:09
c0ffeealso, you can use /scrollback goto -<lines> etc12:10
Molagitoo much effort12:10
*** koen has quit IRC12:11
kulveMolagi: there's page up and down on the maemo-hackers xterm12:12
kulve..there are ..12:12
Molagiwhat version is that12:12
Molagiand does it work properly?12:12
kulveii  osso-xterm                                     0.13.mh19bora1               X Terminal Emulator for OSSO12:13
kulvethat's what I have and it have worked ok12:13
Molagiooh works12:19
Molagithank you12:19
kulvenp :)12:19
*** obergix[home] has quit IRC12:28
VeggenI guess N800 software/repositories will start to get better soon, when just the developers start packaging their software for N800.12:32
*** bedboi has joined #maemo12:33
bedboihi there.12:33
bedboii know what's the problem of the web shop12:33
bedboithey are not taking into account the discount code12:33
kulveI didn't have any problems with the code..12:33
bedboitoday i've called my bank and they told me that they where trying to get 339 eur from my credit card12:33
bedboiand as long as my credit card is prepaid i always put quite exactly the money need for the payment12:34
bedboikulve: i heard a lot of people are complaining12:34
kulvebedboi: yeah, I read about those..12:34
kulvedid you click the "validate" button after you entered the code? ;)12:35
bedboiyep obviolusly12:35
bedboiand the written price is 99 eur12:36
c0ffeeappearantly they didn't change the webshop software since the 770 :)12:36
bedboiyes. i think12:36
kulveyeah, well, the 770 did have same kind of problems12:36
bedboibtw i wrote to the customer support12:36
bedboii didn't know, the last time all went good12:36
bedboilet's see if they have fixed12:37
Veggenwhen that gets discovered, it's easy for a shop to fix it themselves.12:38
bedboii asked the support to call the technicians12:38
VeggenHas happened to me, a few times, that I've been overcharged by an extra 0 or so, but that it's been fixed before I got around trying to fix it.12:38
bedboiwow :)12:39
bedboian extra 0 is not very good12:39
Veggenbedboy: mistyping, often.12:39
Veggencan happen.12:39
Veggen(this has been on restaurants, for example)12:39
bedboiah yep12:40
bedboiTotale:  € 99,0012:41
bedboithe good think is that now i remember my credit card number12:42
* bedboi crosses fingers12:42
* bedboi gives up12:42
hapkulve: i have ossoxterm12:44
hapthe ctrl key is within the menu, it sux12:44
hapnot on the keyboard12:44
Veggenhap: You need another version from a different repository, as said before.12:44
Veggenthere's been significant development on osso-xterm usability the last days.12:45
hapaah sorry, from different repo12:46
hap#deb mistral main12:46
hapthis one?12:46
Veggenyah, should be.12:47
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo12:49
hapW: GPG error: bora Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5FD45CD3EA68E29D12:50
Veggenthat's non-fatal.12:50
hapah ok12:51
Veggenmm, not sure if it's the right.12:51
VeggenThere's a bora repository at maemo hackers.12:52
hapaah much better :)12:52
Veggen bora main12:53
*** WillySilly has quit IRC12:54
Veggensorry, not awake. Been at work 21 of the last 27 hours ;P - of those, the last 14.12:54
Veggenjust waiting for someone to verify that what I've been doing is right, to avoid being called up again just after going to bed. :)12:55
sunshinehi sbaturzio13:00
sbaturziosuihkulokki: Ciao13:00
sbaturziosunshine: ciao13:00
sbaturzioargh...wrong <tab completion> as usual, sorry :-/13:00
*** minra has quit IRC13:02
*** minra has joined #maemo13:04
*** bedboi has quit IRC13:04
*** kup has joined #maemo13:10
*** kup has left #maemo13:11
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:20
*** simon_ has joined #maemo13:22
* Jaffa raises - which other people seem to have reported too13:23
maddlermornin' all13:24
Jaffalo maddler13:24
maddlerheya dude...13:25
*** |tbb|_ is now known as |tbb|13:27
maddlerwhat's up?13:27
|tbb|how can i identify my nickname automaticly.13:28
maddlerJaffa: in the meantime I found a solution for metalayer-crawler etaing up CPU... :)13:28
*** wasabi_ has quit IRC13:29
Jaffamaddler: Restricting where it runs in the filesystem? Very neat.13:31
JaffaCrazy it wasn't done before.13:36
maddleryou know... great discoverings... always happened that way! :D13:36
maddlerdo you think I could get Nobel for that?13:37
JaffaHmm. My N800 just rebooted again whilst sat alongside me. The screen lit up (which drew my attention to it), and I thought "that's odd, I wonder why it did that". Then it rebooted.13:38
maddlersaw the bug...13:39
maddlerdidn't happen to me... yet... :)13:39
JaffaDisconnect : ping13:41
hapJaffa: happending to me yesterday too13:41
*** Merculis_ has quit IRC13:41
Jaffahap: given the lack of voting on the N800 section (AFAIK), feel free to cc yourself and add a comment :)13:43
*** alex_ has joined #maemo13:46
*** bilboed has joined #maemo13:47
*** bergie has quit IRC13:51
|tbb|Jaffa how can i quickly list which apps i have extra installed with their package names ?13:52
Jaffa|tbb|: extra installed might be tricky.13:57
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC13:58
*** pleemans has joined #maemo13:58
|tbb|thats what i thougt13:59
*** benzea has quit IRC13:59
Jaffa|tbb|: do a diff between and `dpkg -l'13:59
|tbb|dunno how to do a diff even.14:01
JaffaSomething like: dpkg -l >my-n800.txt && wget && diff dpkg-n800.txt my-n800.txt14:05
guerbyJaffa, do you know where to find a diff for N800? (I use my desktop diff)14:05
* Jaffa doesn't know of one (yet). It'd be trivial to add to mud, though I guess.14:06
suihkulokkiyou could just copy the file from n800 and do the diff elsewhere14:06
JaffaYeah, that's what I'd do ATM14:07
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo14:07
|tbb|suihkulokki: is there a file allready on the n8 which shows the installed packages allready or do i have to create them myself first14:09
Jaffa|tbb|: As I said, "dpkg -l" will output it, so redirect it to a file: "dpkg -l >my-n800.txt"14:10
suihkulokki|tbb|: it's debian.. there is /var/lib/dpkg/ , but you will want the dpkg -l > to get more readable14:10
|tbb|Jaffa: thx i know how to create one by myself, i was just ask if there is one. thx14:13
Jaffaah, ok14:17
JaffaPeople who've uploaded to the extras repo, have you used gpg to create the key? It's rejecting mine as "not a valid PGP key"14:18
*** alex_ has quit IRC14:21
*** alex_ has joined #maemo14:25
maddlerJaffa: you have to have/generate a RSA key14:28
JaffaYeah, rather than the default.14:29
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC14:29
maddlerI generated one only to sign debs14:31
*** vol has joined #maemo14:32
*** zyxulnaga has joined #maemo14:32
Jaffamaddler: what key size did you use? I'm still having problems even after generating an RSA key (and clearing out my previous ones)14:35
keesjrsa? ain't that quite old stuff ?14:35
voli must say that the 800 is much more drop-able than the 77014:36
*** alex_ has quit IRC14:37
JaffaAh, debsign's fubared in scratchbox. That's a pain for mud.14:39
maddlerJaffa: 102414:39
keesjvol,  why do you think it is more dropable?14:42
keesjAn other question , is the sensitivity of the n800 the same as on the 770? when I use the 770 I now really have the feeling that I must "hit" the screen. is there a way to configure this behaviour?14:43
Molagiis there a VNC Viewer for n800 yet?14:46
hapcan the rss feeder import ompl files?14:50
*** simon_ has quit IRC14:50
Jaffahap: Yes, but you might need to put the OPML file on the command line, I can't remember.14:52
Veggenthe rss viewer problems reported (reboots), is those resolved?14:52
JaffaNothing's been resolved yet.14:52
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo14:53
VeggenI haven't dared add any new feeds :)14:53
* Jaffa neither. I think it was which was the culprit. Possibly because of all the images (especially if have "Load images" chcked on the feed)14:53
hapi want to import from google reader basicly14:53
JaffaGah, refuses to belive my public key is a valid public key.14:53
hapJaffa: don't forget to try ;)14:54
*** gummibaerchen has joined #maemo14:55
keesjI have disabled the rss, reader did not browse , I just was connected for about 1 day14:55
hapwell my n800 refuses go to to google mail anymore14:56
keesjI did use xterm and irssi and dropbear.14:56
Molagiwhich one is better TightVNC or realVNC?14:56
hapit keeps redirecting, looping14:56
keesjhap, funny my first crash was when I went to google mail14:56
hapkeesj: mine works at first, i had to go to static html version of google because the normal one didn't display properly14:57
hapthe subject was few pixel wide, making it impossible to read14:57
keesjI did not have the patience to way and cliked some labes a few times14:57
hapnow it doesn't work anymore :( would be easier if google offered imap access14:57
*** pleemans has quit IRC14:57
keesjhmm . I did not upgrade the os yet. I did not even look what version was installed (sorry)14:57
* Jaffa gives up and sends ferenc an email.14:57
hapdoes upgrading the software (flashing) means i have to reinstall all the software i installed?14:58
melmothhello world...Any idea wich repository to add in ubuntu dapper to have access to gtk2 book for devhelp ?14:58
Juhazno need to add anything15:02
Juhazlibgtk2.0-doc is in main15:02
melmothoki, i havent this one installed.Cheers15:03
melmothworks better now :)15:03
Jaffahap: yes15:04
Jaffadamn, another reboot.15:04
hap... :(15:04
hapJaffa: there is a list of features in that article from Sean that I would really like to be implemented.15:05
hapbtw i tried that python hello software, and it starts very slow, takes up to 2 seconds to display the hello i think15:05
hapi would expect to be faster, mostly for a simple hello window15:06
Juhazimporting gtk takes most of the startup time, and it's going to take just as long for hello world and ten million line mega application15:12
hapJuhaz: ok, would that be much faster using C then (i mean _much much_ faster) ?15:15
hapJuhaz: i would just like to prototype some idea before going C.15:15
tkoJuhaz, libgtk2.0-doc in maemo is empty, not much help15:16
JuhazI got the impression he was looking for it in the host machine, not within scratchbox, could be wrong15:17
tkooh, right15:18
*** koen has joined #maemo15:18
*** koen_ has joined #maemo15:27
*** ferulo has joined #maemo15:34
*** dieguito-zzz is now known as dieguito15:35
maddlerkeesj: about the sensitivity on N800... my feeling is that the screen is more responsibe...15:37
maddlerkeesj: on my 770 I also had the feeling of film layered on the screen...15:38
*** koen has quit IRC15:43
*** c0ffee has quit IRC15:45
*** moo_mou has quit IRC15:45
*** koen_ is now known as koen15:49
*** c0ffee has joined #maemo15:49
Molagihmm what can i do if some app freezes?15:50
Molagihow do i close it15:50
keesjwhat os version?15:54
keesjwith it2007 you can first press the home key and hit the close button15:54
Molagididnt work15:55
Molagihad to reboot15:55
keesjthere is also a home applet with a process monitor with options to kill the process15:55
*** shackan has joined #maemo16:09
*** ferulo has quit IRC16:19
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo16:20
hap^^ is the way the icons are displayed a simple Gtk Table with 3x4 size ?16:20
Andy80After upgrading "becomeroot" utility, when I do: sudo su16:20
Andy80it asks me password:16:20
hapis that the best to display something similar?16:20
maddlerheya Andy80!16:21
Andy80what password? I only have root password, not user password :(16:21
Andy80hi maddler !16:21
maddlerAndy80: tried "rootme" already?16:21
hapAndy80: just su - ?16:21
Andy80su - requires root privileges16:21
hapsudo gainroot ? :)16:22
maddlerhap: menu->view16:22
maddlerhap: you can choose among small and big icons16:22
hapmaddler: i know, the way it's on the N800 is different though. But I wonder on the dev part, if I want to display something similar, shall I just use Gtk Table ?16:22
Andy80hap: "sudo gainroot" works16:22
hapAndy80: see...16:23
Andy80maybe something has changed with tha latest "becomeroot" version :)16:23
maddlerhap: dunno...16:23
maddlerAndy80: dunno... I always use the dropbear way :)16:23
* hap thinks he should really setup all his SDK to start cross compiling and go faster16:23
sunshineI dont understand this with this trend, that a nokia 770 break(the display thing), now comes this breaking because I maked me to root or is this some "special " hardware issue?16:23
maddlerhap: indeed16:23
hapAndy80: you could ssh localhost also16:23
hapmaddler: i would really like to have something similar to palm or iPhone as launcher16:24
Andy80I've to go out for about 1 hour... I've to do a shit task: a friend of mine (a girl) just bought Norton Antivirus and she asked me to install it -_-16:24
maddlerhap: yup... that would be kinda useful16:24
hapI would really like nokia replying to this Saen article about UI issues.16:24
Andy80see ya later :°°°16:24
sunshineAndy, have you dbclient? when yes try : dbclient root@127.1      I think than you are root too16:24
maddlerAndy80: LOL!16:24
maddlerAndy80: have fund dude!!!16:24
maddlerNAV is very bad by the way...16:25
hapmaddler: seeing how slow it is for a PyGTK Window, it'd say Python won't be the best for such a launcher16:25
maddlervery resource consuming...16:25
melmothIs it possible to add a gtkcombobox in the toolbox or are only button possible ?16:25
maddlerhap: indeed...16:25
hapmaddler: the source for this should be available somewhere, shouldn't it ?16:26
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC16:30
JaffaAndy80: installing "becomeroot" lets you do "sudo gainroot", exactly as if R&D mode was enabled.16:31
keesjJaffa, I was thinking , perhaps mud package must not be hosted on the extra's repository16:32
maddlerhap: I think so... try asking who did the applet16:32
hapmaddler: i'll install a fresh ubuntu, the SDK, and start to svn checkout16:32
Jaffakeesj: ?16:32
Jaffakeesj: btw, you asked some good questions on the mailing list, which I'm thinking about before rushing to reply16:33
hapJaffa: link?16:33
Jaffahap: to which?16:34
keesjif there is such a simple think as the .install file we might be restricting ourself by using that repository16:34
hapgood questions, i like to read such16:34
Jaffahap: ah, erm, hang on...16:34
* maddler just noticed scrolling/drop down icons on status bar!!16:34
hapis there a way to ask N800 _not_ to screen off when powerplug is connected?16:34
Jaffamaddler: yeah, neat isn't it? :)16:34
hapmaddler: what's that?16:34
keesjI would really like stats for the packages, and being able to select a bleeding edge repository with fresh daily builds16:35
maddlerhap: when you have too many icons a drop down menu comes out showing the remaining icons...16:35
tkohmm, I just realized wikipedia logo looks a lot like death star.. coincidence? ;)16:35
maddlerinstead of hiding them a la 77016:35
keesjstats being the number of downloads16:35
*** rofltosh has joined #maemo16:35
hapmaddler: on the left bottom side menu?16:36
maddlerhap: right16:36
maddlertko: hahahahaha16:36
Jaffakeesj: a good point; however it'll be interesting to see if there's any form of remote API for updating the new application catalogue - if so, that could be very feasible. If not, I'm hoping things added to the extras repo will be automatically added to the app catalog. If none of those, then I'll either moan at Ferenc or write something to drive the web interface.16:36
keesjI know allows you to host such things16:36
hapmaddler: hmm, on the left mine gets hided16:37
hapand i have to hit the bottom arrow to see them16:37
JaffaHosting shouldn't be an issue,'s still got loads of space and bandwidth - I'm most concerned about finding apps (through the new app catalogue) and ease of the process. The extras process currently seems a bit broken, given it won't accept my GPG key :-(16:38
maddlerhap: right=yes16:38
maddlersorry :)16:38
*** sUs has joined #maemo16:38
keesjJaffa, alright , I think I understand. I would not automate this part. Perhaps I would create some virtual debian repository just for that app.16:40
Jaffakeesj: No, that makes discovery too hard. Being able to look through "Installable applications" when on your device is an important use case, I think.16:42
rofltoshhey guys... another noobish question... is there a guide to installing apps for complete idiots... something akin to for the N800?16:43
tkoIMO there should be only one repository that is preconfigured, which would host all available packages, and the user would only need to choose whether he wants to see only certified stable apps or something more adventurous (somewhat similar to ubuntu multiverse)16:45
keesjJaffa, yes , that is true16:46
*** ajturner has joined #maemo16:46
keesjtko, perhaps, but I would have specific requirements for such a repository16:50
keesjOne of the thing I want mud to solve is that it must be easy to create packages16:50
keesjand it does a lot more :like making it possible for other to build the package and making it easy for people to port and develop together16:51
*** koen has quit IRC16:52
maddlerrofltosh: there should be something on the wiki I think...16:55
rofltoshokay, i'll take a look16:55
*** klattimer has joined #maemo16:55
*** klattimer has quit IRC16:56
sUshi to all, new and not-linux-expert here (gladly learning though). I am trying to Xforward my Ubuntu desktop on the 770. It seems not working: I have installed (and working) OpenSSH on the 770, I have modified (on the 770) the ssh_config and sshd_config files so that Xforward is enabled, to be sure I've modified them in Ubuntu too (which are the ones to be modified really?). Then I have started OpenSSH on Ubuntu as root (/etc/init.d/ssh restart),16:56
sUsand from 770 in XTerm, as user or as root, I've tried "ssh -X username@ -vvv", where "username" is the username I use to log in Ubuntu, and the ip address is the one I can read in Ubuntu via ifconfig (it's the private ip). Is that correct?  It hangs with "debug1: Connecting to [] port 22". What's wrong? Can someone suggest?16:56
*** klattimer has joined #maemo16:57
c0ffeeafaik it's not possible to use xforwarding on the 77016:58
klattimerhello all16:58
sUsthere's something on the wiki too16:58
klattimermay i say thank you very much for my N80016:58
sUsit seems it's possible instead16:59
maddlerklattimer :D16:59
klattimernow who was it exactly that put me forward?16:59
klattimerwell i didn't apply for it, but i got the email? this has confused me somewhat so i assume someone recommended me for it17:00
*** rofltosh has quit IRC17:00
*** rofltosh has joined #maemo17:00
c0ffeeklattimer, this time it was "don't call us, we call you"17:00
c0ffeeklattimer, so nobody had to apply (for the first wave of discount codes that is)17:00
maddlerklattimer: it was the same for me!!! and that was *GREAT* to get that mail!!!17:00
klattimeryeah but who?17:00
maddlerklattimer: who may tell...17:01
klattimerwell either way, i was wondering where i get started with this thing17:01
klattimeri've been on a download spree17:01
maddlerklattimer: if you have been porting some app or contributing to the wiki maybe...17:01
klattimernot been doing anything for it, as i didn't see the point without having one17:02
maddlerklattimer: doh... who may tell then!17:02
Jaffatko: I agree - a single repository with different components makes most sense to me, which is why I wanted the actual upload to the repository to be handled by the "mud team", rather than mud just being something people could download and use, they'd contribute to the growing set of packages in the mud upstream and the packaging/upload would be handled for them.17:03
c0ffeeit would have been interesting if the discount code mail contained a paragraph about 'why you got the code' :)17:03
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo17:03
maddlerc0ffee: hehehe... yep...17:05
sUsc0ffee, here it is a link on maemo wiki where it says xforwarding is possible on 770 (and not that hard):
*** sp3000 has quit IRC17:06
c0ffeesUs, hum nice, never tried that17:07
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo17:07
klattimerso, what can i do with my new n800?17:08
jcml_sUs: It's possible.  I've got chunderbird working over a GPRS link (==PAIN!!)17:08
bilboed+1 for the n800. pop out memory card from camera, stick it in n800 and you're able to see your photos with a MUCH better screen :)17:08
klattimerfirst thing i'd like to do is put a better email client on, as the bundled one is terribly slow on imap17:08
klattimerheard about this amazing thing called tinymail17:09
*** ajturner has quit IRC17:09
*** ajturner has joined #maemo17:09
Jaffaklattimer: may I humbly suggest (suggest you install a smaller fonted theme and turn off some of the frippery to suit)17:09
Jaffaklattimer: No TinyMail-based client has yet been released. Nokia are working on one called "Modest"17:09
sUscan't figure out where's my mistake on xforwarding. Someone has clues?17:09
c0ffeexterm+ssh+mutt :)17:09
jcml_klattimer: tinymail's the basis for the not-yet-released email client for mameo: Modest17:09
jcml_I think17:10
*** rofltosh has quit IRC17:10
jcml_sUs: I'll paste my ssh command line and sshd.config  - hang on ...17:10
sUsjcml_, ok, tnx17:10
*** RpJ has quit IRC17:11
klattimerwell is sylpheed the standard client?17:11
JaffaThe standard client is based on Sylpheed, but in no recognisable way.17:12
jcml_oh. oops :)17:12
klattimerthats what i meant17:12
Jaffai.e. it's been made really, really, crap.17:12
klattimerlots of do nothing loops17:12
jcml_*unrecognisably* crap :)17:12
*** Rotund has joined #maemo17:12
JaffaWhereas my Sylpheed port is more of a straight port.17:12
maddlerif only standard client had Imap folders... :(17:12
Jaffa...if only the standard client didn't fire up osso-browser to display each message <shakes head/>17:12
RotundAnyone else upgrade their 770 and find themselves unable to find some packages?17:13
klattimeri had to move almost 20000 messages out of my INBOX into other folders just to get it to function-ish17:13
RotundI can't seem to find the libsdl-ttf2.0-0 package (even searched the repositories manually)17:13
jcml_sUs: can you ssh across and get a command line? i.e. is *basic* ssh working?17:14
maddlerRotund: I'd say it's not related with the upgrade...17:14
sUsjcml_, yes, ssh works17:14
RotundWell, it is in the fact I have to reinstall everything =)17:14
*** Eloi has joined #maemo17:14
maddlerRotund: maybe you miss some repo17:15
RotundThe package apparently USED to be on the garage repository.  I just searched and it's not there anymore17:15
*** RpJ has joined #maemo17:15
*** RpJ has left #maemo17:15
Rotundshould;ve been here
klattimerhow do i flash the device with the rootfs?17:15
sUsjcml_, ops - I don't know: I have used ssh the other way. How can I test basic ssh from 770? just ssh usernam@ip?17:15
*** NickDe has quit IRC17:16
Rotundor on non-free, but it's not there either17:16
maddlerklattimer: if you just got it you don;t need to reflash it...17:16
jcml_sUs: so, on the server, on the *correct* and *active* (check this!) sshd.config, you've got "X11forwarding yes" and "X11DisplayOffset 10"?17:16
*** RpJ has joined #maemo17:16
klattimerso how do i install debs?17:16
maddlerklattimer: btw
jcml_sUs: to test, just ssh user@ip or ssh user@host if you've got local resolution working somehow17:16
klattimerheh yeah i have that written on my t-shirt17:17
sUsjcml_, on the 770 I have X11forwarding yes and X11DisplayOffset 10. As the user@host command, which is the "host"? I used the address, but maybe this is the mistake?17:18
jcml_no - IP should work.17:18
jcml_hap: thx for that email - I'll take a look when I'm back on a fast connection :)c17:19
sUsjcml_, btw the file on 770 is "sshd_config", not sshd.config17:19
jcml_sUs: I know - I'm not asking you to look at that one.  That's for sshing IN to the 770 - which i17:20
klattimerthe package installer is elite17:20
jcml_sUs: .. is /not/ what you need17:20
sUsjcml_, ok, so the sshd_config in Ubuntu, right? btw, same options there apply.17:21
klattimerjaffa has your sylpheed been tested on the n800?17:21
Jaffaklattimer: yes, some people reported needing to add an additonal repo. I've not had a chance to test it myself yet17:22
klattimerwell i installed it fine, but was unable to run it17:22
jcml_sUs: Yes - my mistake :) Ubuntu /is/ the same ... :)17:22
klattimersurely deb should have warned about deps17:23
hapjcml_: which one?17:23
JaffaIt's an old 770 package. I've not had time to look into it yet. Some people have reported it working.17:23
jcml_sUs: /etc/sshd_config17:23
hapoh yeah17:23
hapjcml_: no prob17:24
sUsjcml_, yes already checked it, and yes those options are right (I already edited them)17:24
hapjcml_: usefull, you ll see17:24
jcml_sUs: so does ssh user@ip work?17:25
sUsjcml_: no it doesn't. I use "ssh io@" from XTerm in 770, where "io" is my Ubuntu username. Is that wrong?17:26
sUsjcml_: if I verbose it with -vvv, I can see it's trying to connect but the times out. I'm a bit dubious about the ip address, should I use the one I see with ifconfig in Ubuntu?17:27
jcml_sUs: it's wrong in that it /should/ work :)17:27
sUsjcml_: :)17:27
sUsjcml_: ok, thanks, hope to solve some day! thanks for your time.17:27
jcml_sUs: (just on the phone at the mo - bbiab)17:28
*** sUs has left #maemo17:30
*** vidar has joined #maemo17:32
*** kender has joined #maemo17:32
*** NickDe has joined #maemo17:32
klattimeri keep getting hit by deb problems17:35
*** benzea has joined #maemo17:35
klattimerdoes anyone know off the top of their head which repos libglade2 libsdl and libxau0 are in?17:37
keesjapt-cache policy libglade2 libsdl libxau017:41
keesjlibxau0 -> mistral/free Packages17:41
*** cambba has quit IRC17:41
*** cambba has joined #maemo17:41
keesjthe other don't return anything on my install17:42
keesjbut I know libsdl is available17:42
klattimerlooks like i've found them17:43
klattimeri was trying bora17:43
tkolibglade2-0 libsdl1.217:43
*** mcpeepants has joined #maemo17:44
klattimerahh i can't create a new game in doom!17:46
klattimeroh sussed it17:46
*** stanlly has quit IRC17:47
*** koen has joined #maemo17:50
*** koen has quit IRC17:50
*** koen has joined #maemo17:53
* Andy80 back!17:59
Andy80maddler: I've found other 50 "smart" people :P17:59
kender/scratchbox/compilers/bin/host-gcc: Too many open files18:06
kenderTrying to compile the kernel...18:07
*** IWIK has quit IRC18:09
*** trenka_ has joined #maemo18:10
*** ferulo has joined #maemo18:10
maddlerAndy80: hehehehe...18:10
Andy80maddler: I've improved the script that generates tha map: now network without enc are displayed with a green point, and the other are red18:11
maddlerAndy80: good...18:12
maddlerJaffa: he was working on a kismet+gpsd -> googlemaps stuff :)18:12
JaffaOoooh, shiny.18:13
Andy80the map is growin day by day :)18:13
*** jaebird has quit IRC18:14
*** jaebird has joined #maemo18:14
*** sunshine has quit IRC18:23
*** trenka has quit IRC18:24
*** Rotund has quit IRC18:24
gpdso I have a working osso-xterm on N800 - but i am hearing good things now about the hackers version -- the upgrade wants to upgrade packages... /me worries slightly18:25
*** kender has quit IRC18:25
*** Eloi has quit IRC18:26
keesjthe hackers xterm rulez big time18:26
gpdok -- upgrading :)18:26
gpdooh - shiny18:28
gpdso am I still right in thinking that apt-get (dist-)upgrade is a *bad* idea?  The -s shows:18:31
gpd bsdutils e2fslibs e2fsprogs libblkid1 libcomerr2 libss2 libuuid1 ncurses-bin18:31
gpd^ new, busybox held back, ncurses-base upgradeed18:31
keesjare you sure those files are comming from maemo-hackers18:32
gpdno - not all18:33
gpdonly ncurses-bin and base it seems18:33
keesjIt installed the same thing with me , but I suspected that those where base installs18:33
*** benzea has quit IRC18:33
gpdso if we/I comment out the hackers - than do the dist-upgrade?18:33
gpdor is it safe to just /leave well alone/ ?18:33
gpds/safe/more sensible/18:34
keesjgpd, I have never ran dist-upgrade and  I do thrust maemo-hackers18:34
gpdit disturbs my sense of well being not being able to shaboom ! :D18:35
keesjperhaps you I am misunderstanding what you are afraid of18:35
gpdI was under the impression that upgrade / dist-upgrade would/could cause severe breakage (even without hackers)18:36
maddleranyone with gizmo?18:38
gpdi have gizmo project installed on my n800, yes...18:39
keesjyes dist-upgrade  can ruine your system. so I only use it if somebody else did it before me :p18:42
maddlergpd... were you able to place calls?18:42
gpdmaddler: yes - mostly - seemed to take a long time to connect18:42
gpddespte the fact that it was 'ringing'18:43
gpdfirst call was described as 'as if you are underwater'18:43
maddlerI;m unable to place calls... :(18:43
maddlercould you try to add/call me? (komputika)18:43
*** Disconnect has quit IRC18:44
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo18:45
*** wasabi has joined #maemo18:49
*** wasabi has quit IRC18:58
*** wasabi has joined #maemo19:01
keesjhmm Engineering Manager does not sound good to me. ( I will start my c/c++ based job next month)19:03
*** wasabi has quit IRC19:04
keesjis there any reason why not to post that on or on the mailing list?19:05
gpdkeesj: wtf is gnomehide?19:05
keesjI don't know19:07
gpdah -- i mised the 3 off the end of your URL!19:07
keesjgnome header ide19:07
gpdall now becomes clear :D19:07
*** wasabi has joined #maemo19:08
tkokeesj, it was in the planet19:08
*** koen has quit IRC19:09
*** klattimer has quit IRC19:11
*** phil|work is now known as philipl19:11
*** Rotund has joined #maemo19:15
*** alexander has joined #maemo19:17
melmothAny idea why i do not have any osso nor gtk python module in my scratchbox ?19:19
melmothit runs maemo 3.0 and both gtk and libosso works in C, but i cannot run any of the python tutorial example for lack of those module. apt-cache search python gives some .deb, but they are all installed already19:20
*** gummibaerchen has left #maemo19:22
*** __shawn has quit IRC19:24
disqdid anybody try out maemopad+ on the n800 yet?19:27
Tahitibobmelmoth: Do You have some error messages ?19:27
melmothwell, it says there is no such module:19:28
melmoth>>> import gtk19:29
melmothTraceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?19:29
melmothImportError: No module named gtk19:29
melmothsys.path is the following:19:29
melmoth['', '/scratchbox/devkits/doctools/lib/site-python', '/scratchbox/devkits/debian/lib/site-python', '/scratchbox/devkits/perl/lib/site-python', '/home/melmoth/dev/rapier', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/python2.3', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/python2.3/plat-linux2', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/python2.3/lib-tk', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload', '/scratchbox/tools/lib/python2.3/site-packages']19:29
TahitibobYou seem to use python 2.319:30
TahitibobYou have to use python2.519:30
melmoththis is the python the maemo installer installed19:30
*** mcpeepants has quit IRC19:30
melmothis there a more recent one to install somewhere ? (repository url would be fine :))19:31
Tahitibobthe binary for python 2.5 is python2.5, the short name 'python' is python 2.319:31
Tahitibobin command line, type "python2.5" and 'import gtk'19:31
vittoriowow, mame works great!19:31
melmothi only have 2.3.4 installed19:32
TahitibobDo You see python2.5 packages ? : 'apt-cache search python2.5'19:32
melmothmy source list says19:33
melmothdeb bora free non-free extras19:33
melmothdeb-src bora free non-free extras19:33
melmothdeb file:/home/melmoth/maemo-sdk-nokia-binaries_3.0 bora explicit19:33
Tahitibobdeb bora free non-free is missing19:33
Tahitibobadd it19:33
Tahitibobit works for me19:34
Tahitiboband install python2.5-runtime19:35
*** spect has joined #maemo19:35
maddlerany clue on how to get battery status/charge from commandline?19:36
melmothlooks like it works, thanks.19:37
*** koen has joined #maemo19:37
*** _follower_ has quit IRC19:40
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:44
*** koen is now known as mister19:44
*** mister is now known as koen19:44
*** benzea has joined #maemo19:46
maddlernoway... gizmo is not working on my 800! :D19:48
maddlersame account is working on 77019:48
*** wasabi has quit IRC19:49
*** gortan has joined #maemo19:56
melmothGreat, with this version of python i can even use the home made python sword module that did not work with the vanilla python :)19:57
melmothTahitibob: however, the funny thing is, this python (2.5) does not seem to understand the help keyword.19:57
melmothis this ...normal ?19:57
Tahitibobthe help command does not work19:59
Tahitibobthere are some limitations with python2.519:59
melmothwell, thanks for the info anyway :)20:00
Tahitibobsomeone sent a mail today on maemo-developpers maling-list with the list of things to limitation20:01
*** gortan has quit IRC20:01
Tahitibobsorry, for the delay, i 'm french, i need time to write in english20:01
Tahitibobthere are things to improve : python-maemo3.0 wiki page, help command, etc ....20:04
feruloI bet that help and doc modules has been removed from maemo-python in order to decrease package size20:07
c0ffeeTahitibob, you can just edit the wiki page20:07
melmothTahitibob: huhu je suis francais aussi :)20:08
melmothi was thinking you were from tahiti :)20:09
*** neurocyt1 has joined #maemo20:21
*** Sonej has quit IRC20:26
*** __shawn has joined #maemo20:30
*** kender has joined #maemo20:31
*** visor has joined #maemo20:35
visorhi everybody20:35
visori know this may not be the place to ask but im interested on a n770 tablet and i know it is a cellphone also but i wonder if it is kind of "locked" to some providers or can it be used with any GSM provider (since im not in the U.S. / Europe)20:36
visordo you know if it works on other countries?20:37
glassssit is not a cellphone20:37
*** __shawn has quit IRC20:37
visorohh i did not know20:37
*** neurocyte has quit IRC20:38
visori thougth you could make phone calls20:38
*** neurocyt1 is now known as neurocyte20:38
maddlervisor: 770 is *not* a phone20:38
glasssswell if you route them through the internet sure..20:38
maddlervisor: maybe you are looking for N70 instead...20:38
visorwell actually im just looking for a pda-kind gadget that works on linux and windows20:39
visorbut i thought it was a phone also20:39
maddlervisor: if you are looking for a GREAT pda-kind gadget... 770/N800 is your choice...20:40
maddlerif you are looking for a phone I'd suggest E6120:40
VeggenAs a pda, it's not that great.20:40
Tahitibobc0ffee:the page about python is not on the wiki, but in the developper tab, so, I can not edit it20:40
visorVeggen: why? it runs linux, anytyhing its possible :P20:41
visori havent heard anything bad about the gadget, yet20:41
Veggenvisor: sure, for those that value flexibility and hackability, it's great.20:41
*** ssvb has quit IRC20:41
Veggenbut if you want it to keep contacts, sync your calendar, etc, mainly, it's not that great yet.20:42
visorand i already own a cellphone but i wanted to have it on the same device, you know, to save space, but i guess i can live with it20:42
visorVeggen, ohh i see, sync issues?20:43
Veggenwell, it's just not got that great pda-features.20:43
*** __shawn has joined #maemo20:43
Veggengpe is getting along, tho, but last I saw, it was quite some manual labor to get syncing going.20:43
visorthats strange coming from a device whose software its open20:44
visorill guess itll get better20:44
Veggenvisor: oh, it's fixable, and will get better, likely.20:45
kenderloading a modules compiled by me, in N800, it give me an error "cannot open modules: No such file or directory", the same as if I try to insmod the ext3.ko (that come with the N800 originaly; insmod jbd.ko works fine)20:47
maddlerkender: insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/<yourversion>/ext3.ko20:50
kenderyes, that, give me that error20:50
kendersame as my modules20:50
maddlerno idea then...20:51
kenderbut, jbd.ko modules, loads fine20:51
kenderext2.ko same error20:53
maddleroh... you have to load mbcache.ko20:55
maddlerand then ext220:55
kendernow yes, everything right20:56
kenderwell, so, for my modules, the same error20:56
kenderthe module is snd-pcm-oss.ko20:57
kenderto enable the alsa-oss emulation in the kernel20:57
*** arnnn has joined #maemo20:57
arnnnwhat do I need to do to make evince for n770 work for n80020:57
maddlerarnnn: you could try with human sacrifices...20:58
kendernow, works20:59
kenderUnable to find any suitable output device!21:01
kenderthe program uses libao, with is supposed to support, esd, oss and some others21:02
arnnnif I install .deb from xterm and fail, will it tell me why it fail?21:03
arnnnor is it going to be the same as installing from application manager ? (which only says 'application not compatible' when it fail without further detail)21:04
arnnnto install from xterm , the command is dpkg -i bla.deb ?21:04
c0ffeeTahitibob, you can send ferenc a mail with diffs21:05
kenderyes arnnn21:07
*** benzea has quit IRC21:13
arnnnwhat's the easiest way to become root in n800 ?21:13
visorbtw, how does the n770 does connectivity with linux apps? (thunderbird, evolution, etc.)21:13
c0ffeeinstall becomeroot21:13
*** bedboi has joined #maemo21:14
bedboihi there21:14
arnnnc0ffee, where can I get that ?21:14
kenderarnnn, AplicationCatalog21:15
arnnnkender, will it work for os2007 ?21:18
kenderI tested it21:18
arnnnkender, so I downloaded becomeroot_armel.deb, and then double click it ?21:19
kenderthen, sudo gainroot in xterm21:20
kenderand You are GOD for a moment21:20
Fatalno redpill for os2007?21:20
c0ffeeredpill works here21:21
kendertested too21:22
bedboiis there any news about webshop bug?21:23
arnnnI got error package architecture (arm) does not match system (armel)21:30
kenderarnnn, with what package?21:31
arnnnkender, evince...21:32
kenderno idea21:32
kendermaybe it is not ported21:32
arnnnyea..what do I need to do to port it ?21:33
bedboiit seems that i have to wait for customer support to reply my mail21:33
kenderarnnn, scratchbox, maemo sdk21:37
kenderview docu in maemo web21:37
kender(look at)21:37
arnnnoh this stuff is too heavy for me21:38
soleblazehow much better is evince then the pdf viewer that comes with the n800/770?21:41
jonekhi - why is the developer code called "GARGARIN"?21:43
bedboilike the astronaut21:44
bedboidon't know why21:44
arnnnsoleblaze, evince can see the pdf bookmarks, and it can scroll continuously (it can see part of page 1 and part of page 2)21:44
*** jacques has quit IRC21:45
kenderarnnn, don't worry, somebody will port it soon, is a great and very know program21:45
soleblazeah, nifty.21:46
soleblazeyeah i twas ported ot the 77021:46
soleblazeI dunno..I'm converting my pdfs into ebooks21:46
arnnnI'll stick with n800 built in pdf21:46
soleblazeso I can use FBreader21:46
arnnnsoleblaze, how do you the conversion ?21:47
soleblazeI'll let you knwo when I find out lol I think plucker desktop can do it..I'm installing it now21:47
soleblazeorrr maybe not..this thing has a nightmare interface21:51
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:04
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:06
maddlersbaturzio: aloha kahua! :D22:07
maddler(e ciao!)22:07
maddlernice to see some italian around here sometime! :D22:07
sbaturziomaddler: Ciao!22:07
sbaturzioyeah and we're not alone22:07
shackanitalians are everywhere22:14
kenderno italian, but spanish yeah!22:15
shackanmaddler, your $real_name doesn't sound very italian tough22:16
*** Jui has left #maemo22:17
*** guerby has quit IRC22:18
*** ed__ has joined #maemo22:18
roopeitalians and the irc are a dangerous combination. ;)22:23
trenka_ed__: vah22:24
*** trenka_ is now known as trenka22:24
*** mlpug has joined #maemo22:25
ed__Why is it so silent here?22:25
ed__trenka: Do you have some time to test mplayer build?22:26
trenkalunch time :)22:27
trenkaed__: sure22:27
sbaturzioroope: even in real life they are dangerous. :-D22:27
trenkaed__: you called me (just took phone)22:27
trenkaed__: mplayer_1.0rc1-maemo.8_armel.deb ?22:29
bedboiroope, agreed.22:29
ed__Cool. Get it from here please:
bedboito any italians with discount code: do you have  been able to purchase n800 ?22:30
ed__Nope. This one is a bit different and should play faster on N800.22:30
bedboiand have you checked how much they charged on your credit card?22:30
sbaturziobedboi: no, sorry. Have you received a discount code from Nokia? I have some friends looking for it.22:32
ed__trenka: Download Doom.divx from the same place. You'll need it for benchmarking.22:33
trenkaJust wanted to ask "Any special test files?" :)22:33
ed__trenka: Run mplayer -benchmark -quiet -nosound -vo <xv,sdl and x11> Doom.divx for 3 mentioned vo's.22:34
ed__And post results here.22:35
ed__trenka: On your N800, of course :)22:35
*** arnnn has quit IRC22:42
*** Markov has joined #maemo22:42
*** bedboi has quit IRC22:43
trenkaXV: BENCHMARKs: VC: 59.499s VO: 22.161s A: 0.000s Sys: 0.986s = 82.646s22:44
trenkaBENCHMARK%: VC: 71.9933% VO: 26.8140% A: 0.0000% Sys: 1.1927% = 100.0000%22:45
ed__trenka: I have almost the same.22:45
trenkaseems you use same software on the same hardware22:46
ed__trenka: But for x11 I had VO 5s, which I totally don't understand. That's why I'm asking you to test it.22:47
*** lasala has joined #maemo22:47
trenkaok. wait a bit22:47
trenkaSDL: BENCHMARKs: VC: 53.364s VO: 83.524s A: 0.000s Sys: 0.950s = 137.838s22:48
ed__trenka: yep. The same.22:49
trenkaBENCHMARK%: VC: 38.7154% VO: 60.5956% A: 0.0000% Sys: 0.6889% = 100.0000%22:49
ed__Was it x11?22:49
trenkano, SDL, x11 is the next22:50
*** visor has quit IRC22:51
trenkaX11: BENCHMARKs: VC: 49.361s VO: 141.065s A: 0.000s Sys: 0.909s = 191.335s22:54
trenkaBENCHMARK%: VC: 25.7982% VO: 73.7268% A: 0.0000% Sys: 0.4750% = 100.0000%22:54
ed__Hmm. That looks more realistic.22:54
ed__Thank you.22:55
ed__Which firmware do you use?22:56
ed__Mine is 2006.57-122:58
trenkathere was xserver update22:59
ed__Still have time to test? I'll rebuild package for armv6.22:59
ed__BTW, what would be the best -mcpu value for N800? Which hardware-specific options would you suggest?23:00
ed__I'm going to use -mcpu=arm926ej-s -mfpu=vfp. Any other suggestions?23:01
ed__Oops. sorry. arm1136j-s -mfpu=vfp23:02
koenarm1136 would be better I guess23:02
trenka-mtune=arm1136jf-s -mcpu=arm1136jfs23:02
ed__Just arm1136 or arm1136jf-s?23:02
ed__OK, thanks.23:02
suihkulokkied__: + -mfloat-abi=softfp23:02
ed__suihkulokki: I tried this already. It seems doesn't help.23:03
ed__building with -mtune=arm1136jf-s -mcpu=arm1136jfs -mfloat-abi=softfp23:05
suihkulokkied__: mm, I meant use "-mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=vfp"23:06
ed__Sorry, just missed it :)23:07
*** raph_ael has quit IRC23:07
lasalahmmm it seems that the N800 or os 2007 is more unstable than my N70023:08
*** cworth has joined #maemo23:09
trenkalasala: sometimes yes23:10
trenkabut fbreaders looks pretty stable :)23:10
ed__lasala: It's a new product. Why should it be more stable than previous one whith 2 major updates?23:10
lasalaed__: cos Nokia learned from these 2 major update to release an OS which is more stable23:11
ed__lasala: If this is the case why you just said the opposit ;)?23:12
lasalaed__: i meant that it should be that way23:13
trenkalasala: really, Nokia wants to prove the software mathematically. But people do not want to wait a couple of hundreds years23:13
ed__lasala: I really wish this.23:14
ed__trenka: It's ready. At the same place.23:17
ed__trenka: And the same name :) (I know it's bad)23:18
trenkafor me it's ok ;(23:18
*** jtokash has joined #maemo23:19
ed__trenka: Look what I have at Nokia770 with the same file:23:21
ed__BENCHMARKs: VC:  69.865s VO:   8.043s A:   0.000s Sys:   1.513s =   79.421s23:21
ed__BENCHMARK%: VC: 87.9687% VO: 10.1267% A:  0.0000% Sys:  1.9045% = 100.0000%23:22
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:22
trenkawhat do the values mean ?23:23
ed__I don't know exactly. VO: is video output benchmark. The less - the better.23:24
*** kender has quit IRC23:27
*** trenka_ has joined #maemo23:28
trenka_X11: BENCHMARKs: VC: 49.381s VO: 130.626s A: 0.000s Sys: 0.835s = 180.842s23:28
trenka_BENCHMARK%: VC: 27.3059% VO: 72.2321% A: 0.0000% Sys: 0.4620% = 100.0000%23:29
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo23:30
trenka_XV: BENCHMARKs: VC: 60.317s VO: 21.202s A: 0.000s Sys: 0.835s = 82.390s23:32
trenka_BENCHMARK%: VC: 73.2094% VO: 25.7342% A: 0.0000% Sys: 1.0564% = 100.0000%23:32
ed__Hmm. Relatively the same.23:34
trenka_yes, still far :)23:34
ed__trenka: Thank you.23:35
*** ed__ has quit IRC23:36
melmothMhh .What is this 'roostrap' thingy one has to download in order to compile for arm ?23:39
melmothMaemo_Dev_Platform_v3.0_armel-rootfs.tgz   does not seems to be the correct file23:39
melmothany idea wich one to download, and from where ?23:40
*** koen has quit IRC23:42
*** cesman has quit IRC23:43
*** trenka has quit IRC23:43
*** jpetersen has quit IRC23:46
*** myren__ has joined #maemo23:51
*** cesman has joined #maemo23:58
*** mlpug has quit IRC23:59

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