IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-12-20

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carlosguerreirorobtaylor, does that mean cairo is rendering everything in 24 bit and X is converting down to 16 bit?00:01
robtaylorcarlosguerreiro: hmm, i maybe wrong. I've just seen that 1.2 seems to have some 16bit support for certain orderings00:02
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carlosguerreirorobtaylor, if it didn't support at least the basic operations in 16 bit, wouldn't that show as lower performance?00:03
robtaylorcarlosguerreiro: yeah, it'd be wasting a *lot* of time and memory00:05
robtaylorbuffering to 24bit buffers and then the xserver converting them to 16bit00:05
tigertrobtaylor: thats good news00:06
konttoriAre there any 24 bit -> 16 bit dithering libs available? Nokia could include that for jpeg processing. At least for the image viewer.00:06
konttorifloyd steinberg or whatever it was was pretty good on amiga graphics00:06
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robtaylortigert: mm, unfortunatly any 16 bit rendering its cabable of isn't exposed in cairo_image_surface_create00:08
carlosguerreirotko, regardless of whatever we do in bugzilla, nothing prevents us from doing regular point releases of the haf. We just need to want to do it00:11
robtaylor * @CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565: This format value is deprecated. It has00:11
robtaylor *   never been properly implemented in cairo and should not be used00:11
robtaylor *   by applications. (since 1.2)00:11
robtaylormmm, suspicious00:12
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tkocarlosguerreiro, and someone needs to act as release manager and make sure it happens00:13
tkorobtaylor, it was just removed00:13
tkoyou should go poke #cairo :)00:13
carlosguerreirotko, do you have anybody in mind?00:14
tigertkonttori: I think gdkpixbuf does some dithering for you00:14
tigertbut I dunno if it is automatically on00:14
tigertor if I am just talking stuff I have no clue about :)00:15
robtaylortko: yeah,
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robtaylortigert: maybe if i'm bored over xmas i'll hack up a good 16bit renderer for you ;)00:23
tigertrobtaylor: :)00:23
tigertI try to finish the theme before christmas00:23
tigertbut it might be a long shot00:23
tigertlots of little widgets to style00:23
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tkocarlosguerreiro, kind of feels like it's part of what karl is going to be doing anyway, only with different pace and scope00:28
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carlosguerreirotko, could be. we can get ask him to give it a shot00:34
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pahartikwhat needs to be done for Nokia 770 to show up on "hcitool scan" output of other hosts?01:53
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* sxpert slaps PriYo 02:01
* spect slaps PriYo too02:04
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WhizI thought that all users with scripts like that were shot in the neck at mid 90's :)08:23
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inzWhiz, users of such scripts should've been shot in the nuts first, then waited for an hour or two and then shot properly...09:50
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Whizinz, k :)09:52
glassfor some weird reason most people with super annoying scripts seem to be from southern europe(and have bad english...)09:53
Whiznowdays they often are also from southern america :)10:00
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KnucklesI'm in need of some maemo development help.... anyone?10:17
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inzKnuckles, try asking, it never hurt anyone10:18
KnucklesOK - i've opened a remote browser window, and i just want to get it to open up in full screen mode. Either as part of the open call or alternatively a special dbus message?10:19
KnucklesI can't find any info online about it - maybe you can send dbus messages to emulate key presses?10:20
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inzKnuckles, I'd guess you're pretty much out of luck...10:24
inzKnuckles, you can send a fake F6 via XTest extension, but how to assure the recipient is another, less trivial task10:24
pahartikis configuration file of official Maemo 2.0 or 2.1 Linux kernel available anywhere? direct URL to it?10:24
inzpahartik, I'd guess it's at least in the kernel source packages10:25
KnucklesOK thanks inz, i guessed there wasn't an easy work around but wanted to check with someone.10:25
pahartikinz: oh, you ported and packaged Gaim to Maemo...10:32
inzpahartik, nope, Devesh did that, I just repackaged it to mistral10:33
inzpahartik, and fixed a couple of bugs10:33
pahartikinz: very good... :)10:35
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pahartikinz: seems to be best IRC client for Maemo so far10:38
inzpahartik, nope, xterm + ssh + irssi is the best =)10:39
pahartikinz: well, I would use Irssi, but I do not like that X terminal... especially as it changes size when keyboard appears...10:42
inzpahartik, that is quite annoying, yes10:42
inzpahartik, I accidentally detached all my other screen sessions, so last time I used it, mut screen got resized 'swell10:42
Whizchanging windows in irssi is pain in the ass :(10:43
inzhow so?10:43
glassconfigure them to just some easier buttons?10:43
glasslike left/right for window change10:43
WhizI've binded them to letf/right buttons :)10:43
inzI've not bound them, I like to use left/right for other uses10:44
Whizbut I sometimes want to correct what I'm saying or add afterwards a word in a sentence I have previously said.10:44
pahartikinz: but I believe special IRC client can be much better than Irssi on device with small screen and restricted input devices10:44
WhizI mainly use Xchat but it has some problems why it isnt a very nice to use.10:45
inzI don't concider the 770 screen to be small10:45
Whizit is huge compared to my E60 which I previously used when I was somewhere else than home :)10:46
pahartikinz: default size of my Rxvt window is 90x55, that is how I like Irssi and Lynx (and shells)10:47
inzpahartik, I use 80x50, some of it gets outside the xterm, but I don't care, stuff that doesn't fit there isn't fresh enough anyway ;)10:48
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JaffaMorning, all11:09
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Jaffatigert: very nice sneak.png :)11:14
jonekgood morning11:15
jonekhas anybody tried to compile sun's GPL'd phoneME for the 770? I guess this would interest quite some people here and I'm wondering if there is a joint effort.11:16
Jaffajonek: AFAIK no-one's tried it, but it would be interesting to see how it performs.11:17
jonekJaffa: I tried, but was stuck when I saw that java is needed to compile phoneME advanced which isn't the case in scratchbox.11:22
jonekI wrote a mail to maemo-dev but got impressive few response for a quite promising possibility of Java on 77011:24
* pahartik gets frustrated with Gaim, as it thinks I only have one "account" after starting up11:24
* pahartik decides to try configuring X-chat again11:25
jonekyesterday there was traffic in sun's phoneME advanced forum. someone is using it on the ARM926EJ-S same as in the 770 ->
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AD-N770good morning11:27
jonekhi AD-N77011:27
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konttoritigert: Jeah!!!!! I got TM finally working with your layout files.12:08
konttoriAbout time!12:08
konttoriNaturally it's been typo hunting time... ;)12:08
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VRe..007 and his 770 =)12:17
inz~007 = 770(oct)12:20
inzGiven that you use 9 bit integers...12:21
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tigertkonttori: !!13:03
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tigertinz: :)13:03
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X-Fadetigert: I can't help to notice that your sneak preview differs quite a lot from the template in svn ;)13:06
konttoritigert: although it seems that theme maker is messing up the home view top bar.13:07
pahartikinz: I changed my mind, X-chat is better than Gaim... but it required figuring out how to modify configuration file by hand, due to network list dialog being too large and partially out of sight13:14
inzirc_message_send(g_object_new(IRC_TYPE_MESSAGE_GREETING, "greeting_type", IRC_MESSAGE_JOIN, "timezone", irc_timezone_get_by_name("ugt"), NULL));13:15
inzpahartik, improving it has been on my geek-TODO list, but unfortunately my geek-TODO list is quite low in priority and my non-geek-TODO list is long.13:15
pahartikinz: which one?13:18
inzpahartik, the Xchat connection dialog13:19
pahartikinz: is that progress bar supposed to keep moving constantly by text input field or is X-chat busy with something?13:22
inzpahartik, I dunno =)13:22
tigertX-Fade: yes it does13:28
tigertkonttori: how is it messing it?13:28
konttoriwell, for some reason the part that has the app title in the app view, isn't visible13:29
konttoriAnd after the messup, no other theme is able to get their home view top bar to work either.13:29
konttoriI think I may be able to fix it though.13:29
tigertit would be good to be able to do a diff between the gtkrc's13:29
tigertmaybe something is missing or wrong there?13:30
tigertonce I get this style right, I will make a -2 template too13:30
tigertand then we'll get a nice blue theme :)13:30
tigertbut its quite a lot of work to do it all13:30
tigertand do it well13:30
tigertwith hildon-theme-tools its easy now though13:31
tigertthe remaining challenge is just artistic13:31
konttoriIt uses the -2 gtkrc13:31
konttorithe problem is not in the gtkrc.13:31
konttoriIt's in postinst script... I think13:32
tigertdo you also use the -2 template?13:32
tigertyes, could be that too13:32
tigerttried setting a new wallpaper?13:32
konttorigood point13:32
konttoriI just restarted, so after bootup, will do that13:32
tigertsince the desktop "top panel" is just the small icon area13:33
tigertthe rest of the "top bar" is just rendered on the wallpaper on runtime13:33
konttoriso, could also be in a too old version of the home-image-loader13:33
konttorior wrong params13:33
konttoripostinst does /usr/bin/home-image-loader new_image 013:33
tigertI dunno about that one13:33
tigertand mdk is not logged in13:34
tigerthe always forgets to get online :)13:34
konttoriand some params. So, it's not too old version, but perhaps the params have changed from 2006 initial to the 2.1 version13:34
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konttoricool. changing bg fixed it13:34
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konttoriso, it seems that the home-image-loader params are at the moment wrong13:35
MDKhome image loader? Does this load the wallpaper?13:36
konttoriIf I remember correctly, yeah13:37
konttoriMDK: sent you privmsg. did you get it?13:39
MDKkonttori: nope. I think you're not registered with freenode13:42
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MDKkonttori: so you want to bundle your wallpaper and switch to it upon installation?13:57
MDKjobi: ping13:58
konttoriMakes sense if someone wants to use left side bar that looks partially transparent13:58
konttoriAs e.g. aqua theme uses13:58
konttoritesting bites ... test. no-go. change a bit . recreate theme. upload to 770. test. loop.14:05
tigertkonttori: no kidding14:05
MDKtigert: yeah?14:13
tigertMDK: what is the logical color used for selected menu item text?14:13
MDKhmm... should be same as everywhere14:16
MDKthe task navigator menu uses a custom one14:16
MDKshould be PaintedDefaultTextColor14:19
tigertlemme see if that is black14:19
tigertnope, its not14:20
tigertlemme show you14:20
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* pahartik wonders about where does "load-applet-run" store those saved commands14:28
tigertprobably in gconf?14:29
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pahartiktigert: that would make sense...14:32
inzosso-statusbar-cpu does at least14:33
tigertok, it was a bug14:40
tigertmenu text color for selected was painted using default text color14:40
MDKfixed in svn14:42
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tigertwhat about -2?14:44
tigertI wonder if the bug is there too14:44
MDKbut check first if it works for you so I'll backport it14:45
tigertwilco, once I get this sardine version done14:46
tigertMDK: if you have a sec, come over? :)14:49
konttoriaw... I had .png in the postinst and the file was .jpg. .... I just hate these small typos.14:52
konttoricool. but now it's done!14:52
konttoriWant a version?14:54
konttoriThis will allow you to use any layout.txt but gtkrc is always the on that is in
tigertyea, thats a good start14:54
tigerteventually everything needs to come from one selected bundle14:55
konttoriI'll implement bundle behaviour later on14:55
tigertlemme know if you need ui help14:55
tigertI would love to help with that14:55
konttoriwell, I'll have extended bundles, but they will be compatible with yours as well.14:55
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tigertwe want to extend this to icons too14:56
tigertonce we write the tools14:56
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konttoriI think background should also always be part of a theme14:59
konttoriYou should include that as well14:59
*** skodde has joined #maemo14:59
tigertalthough force-changing it while you switch themes is not nice15:01
tigertas the user might have some nice photo there etc15:01
konttoriIndeed. the installer should have a question for that. Any ideas on how to add it without too much trouble?15:02
konttoriCurrent TM uses -2 gtkrc. If you need to test with -3 stuff, just replace the gtkrc, index.theme , gtk.maemoafdesktop15:03
konttoriI mean replace them in the defaultcontent.zip15:03
konttoriOh, and if you use layout, use -2 nokia theme png15:03
konttoriOnce I get the bundles running, this stuff should help quite a bit.15:03
konttoridid you get the file?15:06
konttorislash mail15:06
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florian_kchi all15:07
tigertkonttori: lemme check15:08
tigertyes, thanks15:08
tigertcan I forward it to mdk also? as I need to run in a sec, cannot test it today15:08
tigertbut will be eager to try it out tomorrow when I can15:09
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tigertkonttori: also the top bar height btw changed between os2006 -> sardine15:11
*** epx has joined #maemo15:12
konttoriI'll keep that in mind. TM should be able to change that for the app top bar.15:12
konttoriat least it is able to do that for the current gtkrc15:12
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Anidelanyone here that installed Sardine ?15:37
*** keesj_ has joined #maemo15:38
konttoritigert: anyway, if you use the TM, let me know how it goes.15:43
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kenderhello keesj16:10
kenderhello keesj_16:10
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bencerhas anyone built gpe-minibrowser on maemo ?16:24
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Zmanuchan for user of nokia 770 ?16:57
Juhazuser, developer, ...16:58
Zmanui've just get mine16:59
Zmanui see wonderful use of it, a guy with a robot16:59
keesj_yes , that yourtube movie right?17:00
Zmanumy girlfriend is less happy, because i can get a computer every time in my pocket :)17:00
keesj_pretty amayzing17:00
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keesj_Zmanu: try playing Mahjong with here with one nokia and two pens.17:01
Zmanukeesj_: is there some information about how he done17:01
keesj_Zmanu: there is a garage project search on garage.maemo.org17:02
keesj_I think that for controlling robot's perhaps the 770 is a bit overdone17:02
Zmanuyes, i see but i only start to look config, so i keep garage for later17:02
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Zmanukeesj_: thanks for interesting doc17:14
Anidelanyone here played a bit with Sardine or Herring ?17:15
*** ab has quit IRC17:18
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nomisAnidel: probably.17:19
Anidelwell :) no one replied :P I've been trying to install Herring.. with no luck so far17:21
*** dottedmag has quit IRC17:22
X-FadeSardine doesn't work on my 770 atm. Something crashes and leaves me with a white display :)17:22
nomisAnidel: I have not played with either, but if you'd ask a specific question about a specific problem, someone might be interested in answering.17:22
Anidelx-fade: exactly.. some issue.. I am trying with Herring now17:22
Anidelnomis: well it's not a "specific" issue.. as I get only a white screen :)17:23
X-FadeCan you post a me too there? :)17:23
AnidelI will :)17:23
*** florian_kc has joined #maemo17:25
Anideldamn.. creating a new account17:26
Zmanui put my cable to my usb, i get icon, but can i use usb cable to use internet from my pc ?17:26
X-FadeDoesn't work when a MMC card is inserted though.17:28
Anidelok done..17:28
Anideluhm.. the new initfs is not working .. shoot...17:29
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ZmanuX-Fade: ok17:30
*** tigert has quit IRC17:30
*** ab has joined #maemo17:31
Anidelx-fade I cannot choose to boot from the MMC anymore :/17:34
*** dralex has quit IRC17:34
*** tigert has joined #maemo17:34
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Anidelflashing the nokia again.. :/17:36
Anidellet's see if the initfs flasher works working from a brand new system17:37
Anidel"Such is life on the bleeding edge." ... right17:39
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Anidelgreat! it worked..17:47
*** philipl_ is now known as philipl17:47
Anidelnow I can boot again from flash and from MMC.. now I just have to update the MMC to Herring.. and it should work17:47
Anidel*should*.. so let's cross the fingers17:48
*** konttori has joined #maemo17:49
Anidelthis time I'll update to Herring from inside the nokia.. and not from ssh.. let's see17:49
tigertprobably disable lifeguard17:53
Anidelalready did it... or reflashing to a brand new IT2006 will put it back ?17:53
tigertso killing maemo-launcher wont reboot the tablet17:53
tigertit shouldnt put it back17:54
Anidelin fact.. ok.. installing hildon-application-framework..17:54
Anidellast time it gave me many errors regarding no dpgr-preconfigure and no /etc/
tigerti would do this from ssh so term dying wont stop you17:55
Anidelis this normal? and no I think... well that was with "sardine", now I'm trying with "herring"17:55
Anideluhm ok..17:55
AnidelI'll have to install ssh..17:55
tigertalso. if it breaks, please document it on the devel mailing list17:55
tigertso people know.17:56
Anidelsure.. I didn't do it with "sardine" as it may be well know already (as they are updating it often I think)17:56
*** Rebe has quit IRC17:57
tigertwe are trying to move into using sardine ourselves but it takes time to do the change17:57
tigertyet its the only way to make sure it works17:58
Anidelyep I can imagine.. actually the upgrade to sardine didn't work for me.. same as here:
Anidelok.. in the nokia via ssh.. let's try the install and then the upgrade now18:00
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:01
*** benzea has joined #maemo18:02
Anidelwhile it downloads and installs... are those errors about "/bin/sh: /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure: not found18:02
Anidelnormal ?18:02
tigertok. good luck, i need to run now18:03
tigertsorry about that18:03
Anidelokay.. thanks :)18:03
Anidelanyway also: ldconfig: Can't open configuration file /etc/ No such file or directory18:03
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*** jamey_ has joined #maemo18:03
AnidelI think they are normal.. :) bye18:03
*** Rebe has joined #maemo18:03
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Anideldamn! it keeps booting from the internal flash now! :/18:30
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Anidelbye to everyone19:01
*** Anidel has left #maemo19:01
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robtayloranyone know what packages i need for building kernel modules on maemo?19:47
koenand sacrifice those19:48
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pahartikAny suggestions for buffered telnet client like TinyFugue?21:17
TakI built a tf deb if you'd like it21:20
pahartikTak: not sure about that... maybe I should try remote TinyFugue first to see how bad it feels with constantly changing terminal size21:25
* Tak shrugs21:25
pahartikTak: or do you mean that you have package already?21:27
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Takpahartik: I mean I built it months ago21:55
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ivladis there a way to get a internal jabber client connection log in maemo?23:35
* ivlad cannot get jabber working23:35
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minraclicking in the opera url text box while it is working is a sure way to crash it23:59
minraif it is building up a site, and you tap the textbox, it crashes23:59
minracan anyone verify?23:59

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