IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-11-22

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dashiadAnyone knows which signal do i have to connect to capture a keypress event on a textarea,when the key is pressed in the vkb?It looks like it only gets called when pressed in the bt keyboard..02:44
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timelyxanyone alive?04:04
dashiadMe...more or less :-P04:05
* timelyx sighs04:05
timelyxmy 770 decided to run out of battery :(04:05
dashiadEhrm, mine decides to do so every 2 days :-P ...Recharging helps .04:07
timelyxmine was charged when i left work a couple of hours ago04:07
dashiadUmm..I think OS2006 eats up more battery than OS2005...But not SO much...04:08
timelyxi'm used to fairly good battery life04:09
timelyxbut if the device decides to go prancing through messed up wifi hotspots, ...04:09
dashiadUmmm..The search engine on maemo web site is broken....04:11
Pio18/11/2006 - Keesj is working on xmoto for Nokia 77004:12
timelyxdashiad: does google work?04:13
dashiadYes, but not the "Advanced search" link04:13
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timelessgman: did you see my question about bonoboa-activation core?10:33
timelessoops, wrong channel10:33
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JaffaMorning, all10:54
timelessso it is10:54
AD-N770good morning11:04
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timeless  [3] abort(0x81167a0, 0xfede110c, 0xfedf3dbc, 0x3, 0x1, 0x8046f3c), at 0xfeef172d11:51
timeless  [4] g_logv(0xfede110c, 0x4, 0xfede10e8, 0x8046b30), at 0xfed9127411:51
timeless  [5] g_log(0xfede110c, 0x4, 0xfede10e8, 0xfede10d0, 0x800), at 0xfed912a111:51
timeless  [6] g_malloc0(0x800), at 0xfed8fd4411:51
* timeless loves gnome11:51
timelessyes, g_malloc0 really can fail when i run out of memory11:51
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florian_kcgood morning11:58
timelessit's either 5am or afternoon12:01
ferencgood morning florian_kc12:03
inztimeless, I'd guess it's guaranteed to fail when running out of memory12:03
inzwhich is reasonable12:04
timelessdefine reasonable12:04
timelesscrashing isn't reasonable in my book12:04
inztimeless, reasonable in the sense that it is specified to work that way, and there is g_try_malloc0, if you want to hassle with running out of memory12:05
timelessi'm an end user12:05
timelessi kinda want my apps to not eat my data12:06
timelessi know that makes me fairly demanding as users go12:06
timelessbut well, there you have it12:06
inztimeless, but the blame is the app, not g_malloc012:06
timelesshaving a function that would be better labeled crash_eventually()12:06
timelessis not a bug in the apps that call it12:06
timelessit's a bug in the api that introduced it12:07
timelesssee old new thing for information about crash randomly12:07
inztimeless, you like segmentation faults better than aborts?12:07
inztimeless, if the programs want to handle oom situations, they shouldn't use g_malloc0.12:08
timelessg_malloc0 shouldn't exist12:08
timelesspeople shouldn't be allowed to write code like that12:08
inztimeless, you go write your apps that have perfect memory handling and can survive any failing memory allocation12:08
timelessand note that g_malloc0 is not usually called by apps12:08
timelesswas the caller in this case12:10
timelessthat's not exactly some random optional piece of an app12:10
inztimeless, not being called by app directly doesn't make it g_malloc0's fault12:10
timelessevery single layer of gnome/gtk/gdk/glib12:10
timelessi'm not blaming g_malloc012:11
timelessi'm blaming the author of g_malloc0 for *authoring* it12:11
timelessor the maintainers of glib for creating/allowing it to exist12:11
Fataluse malloc then12:11
timeless(and yes, i know that's orbit)12:11
timelessi can't!12:11
timelessit's not my code12:11
timelessit's some random module used by some other random module used by some app that probably had my deata12:11
inztimeless, but back to the point of abort vs. segfault12:12
timelesswhy the **** do people assume that i'm a developer?12:12
timelessi'm a user who doesn't like it when my apps eat my homework12:12
Fatalsince you tell them how do do their code12:12
Fatals/do do/to do/12:12
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Fatalyou rant on about something you have no grasp of in that case12:12
timelessthat's a non sequitor12:12
timelessok, i'm a developer12:13
Fatalthen fix it12:13
timelessand i do work on code that actually does deal w/  oom12:13
timelessi just don't work on gnome12:13
timelesswhen i can avoid it12:13
timelessbecause gnome is broken as designed12:13
timelessit's *designed* to kill itself when it runs out of memory12:13
timelessthat was a design choice that they refuse to change12:13
inzThere _is_ g_try_malloc0, if the dev's are to handle the oom situation.12:14
Fatalplease do not confuse dying because there is no memory left for a string and dying because you can't cache a 30MB image12:14
tigerttimeless: you sure talk a lot :)=12:14
inzg_malloc0 is very developer friendly, as it tells what happened12:15
inzInstead of random segfault12:15
inzYes, the sw should handle the situation in a perfect world12:15
timelessthey like the design, i don't, and they won't accept patches to fix it12:17
timelessbecause they don't consider it to be broken12:17
Fatali find it insane to handle oom if i need to malloc room for a string, without it my program won't work, so please _DIE_12:17
timelessand they don't want to bloat the code with something they don't believe can happen12:17
* timeless shrugs12:17
timelessit happens\12:17
timelesseven on systems w/ 4g of memory as was the case for that crash12:17
inztimeless, what patches they don't accept, a patch that replaces g_malloc0 with g_try_malloc0?12:17
timelessches to fix it12:18
timelessbecause they don't consider it broken12:18
* timeless sighs, connection got stuck things were sent twice :)12:18
tigertif you run into this kind of crashes a lot, you need more ram :)12:18
timelesstigert: 4g isn't enough?12:19
tigertif you run out, not :)12:19
timelessi have probably half a dozen cores from that12:19
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inztimeless, I find asserting that g_malloc0/g_malloc returns 8 byte aligned pointers is more weird12:19
timelesstigert: but note that some of us use systems with <1/2 g of ram12:19
timelessinz: where's that?12:19
inztimeless, the link you pasted, right after the g_malloc012:20
* timeless nods12:20
timelessnote: orbit isn't my code, it's a generic proxy system that lots of modules use12:20
timelessmost proxy systems like playing tricks w/ memory addresses by tagging them12:20
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timelessthe expectation is that people developing a port to a system where that isn't true will see it long before it's released12:21
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* timeless ponders about 8byte though12:21
inzYeah, I know what ORBit is, and I've already understood you're not it's maintainer, nor want any affiliation with it for that matter =)12:22
timelessthat does seem a bit high, must be some quirk of glib that the orbit devs bet won't change12:22
dwdtimeless: I have 2G of memory on my workstation, and running out of RAM+SWAP is a rarity that's always indicative of a runaway process. On the 770, it's a bit different, of course, but in general, when an app runs out of memory and cannot allocate more, it's a bit difficult to handle the case in any reasonable way. (I suppose you could have some code which assassinated other processes to reduce memory load, though)12:22
timelessyou mean like the oom killer in linux?12:22
timelesstoo bad the 770 protects 99% of all apps12:22
inztimeless, you can replace the g_malloc funcs with your own with g_mem_set_vtable12:22
timelessthe one app it doesn't protect gets respawned instantly :)12:22
timelessinz: that won't help12:22
timelessbecause the coders expect it never to return null12:23
timelessyou can't just replace it12:23
dwdtimeless: Well, that's one option. I prefer badly written runaways that self-terminate, in fact. :-)12:23
inztimeless, I didnät suggest it as a fix for the crash, but a reason for the assertion to fail12:23
timelessthe apps that died were *not* the app that ran away btw12:23
timelessthe app that ran away was busy taking 2 dumps to disk (writing 4g to disk twice just isn't that fast)12:24
timelessand actually, the app that ran away handles oom in 99% of cases12:24
timelessit just missed a couple of spots :)12:24
timelessotherwise it wouldn't have crashed and all the poor gtk apps on my system would have12:25
timelessinstead of just a bunch of them12:25
timelessanyway, the reason the alignment trick works relates to the new_size they ask for12:27
timelesswhich is bigger than 8bytes12:27
timelessit's a reasonable assert12:27
timelesscertainly better than doing the pointer arithmetic without it12:28
inzAnd once again, it's better to assert it, than counting on it12:28
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JaffaYay, I've finally got Sylpheed: a) compiled against 2006 OS; b) integrated into the task navigator (thanks to the recent maemo-dev thread)12:35
JaffaNice to see the "porting an existing app" tutorial doesn't mention osso_initialize() either12:36
timelessi know i read that in a howto12:36
timeless8.2.1. Maemo Initialization12:41
timelessAll maemo applications need to be initialized correctly or they will not work as expected.12:41
timelessOne symptom of missing initialization is that application starts from Task Navigator but12:41
timelesscloses automatically after few seconds.12:41
timelessdon't you read the howtos?12:41
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Jaffatimeless: is supposed to be a walk through of porting Gaim, but doesn't mention osso_initialize(). The fact that some other document does mention osso_initialize() is of no relevance to the bug in "Porting an existing application to maemo 2.1"12:43
timelessjaffa: i only wrote about 100 complaints while reviewing the howtos12:44
timelessconsistency checking each howto against all the others for "you missed a function call" wasn't on my list12:44
timelessi can try for next time12:44
timelessi think i'll go bother the person responsible for them now though, so if you have a laundry list, please provide it now12:44
timelessotherwise, you'll have to wait for the next proxy pony12:44
JaffaThat's the main one I've found so far. I was going to file a bug against it, but if you're going to do it anyway, I won't bother?12:45
timelessnah, file the bug12:45
timelessthe more is used, the better12:45
timelessplease do me a favor though, include in the url field12:46
timelesspreferably w/ a #anchor target to where you expect it to be12:46
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timelessdo note that there are at least 3 cross references to the  Maemo 2.1 tutorial which has that call listed12:47
timelessbut i agree, their omition of that detail is a fairly big bug12:48
* timeless wonders why they didn't release a patch showing precisely what they did12:49
timelessanyway... off to bother the engineers12:49
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timelessjaffa: i hand delivered the complaint14:20
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Jaffatimeless: thanks14:30
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Guardianhmm curious, when i launch xephyr from my SDK_PC target everything is ok16:01
Guardianhowever if i launch Xephyr from Ubuntu 6.10, then if i click a menu the menu gets closed automatically16:01
Guardianis the xephyr that comes with sirroco modified in some way ?16:02
tigertkoen: woot, interesting16:05
koentigert: sean is the project lead for the FIC phone16:05
tigertcool :)16:06
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keesjHi, In my app i want to find out what code needs performance tweaking, what tool can I use?16:36
keesjcprof , oprofile, callgrind ?16:37
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abkeesj: cachegrind + callgrind16:45
abif it is a userspace16:45
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keesjbut callgrind seams a bit abandoned17:05
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myrencallgrind works so fantastically well theres no need for it to be updated17:43
keesjmyren, right , it does not compile against vallgrind 3.2 :)17:45
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo17:49
keesjmyren, sorry , it itegrated in valgrind 3.2 , thanks for the help (I will try to find out where the callgrind binary is located)17:51
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Wiredlesswell it is here17:57
Wiredlessanyone working on canola here?17:57
Wiredlessok anyone else beta testing canola then?17:59
Takis it available for beta?17:59
Wiredlesswell not sure17:59
Wiredlessi was allowed17:59
Wiredlessbut asked not tos hare18:00
Takgotta love proprietary software18:00
Wiredlesshow so18:00
Tak"NO SHARING!"18:00
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo18:00
Wiredlesswonders if it will free18:00
Wiredless29th relese date18:01
Wiredlessguys did a nice job on interface18:02
Wiredlesshats off to them18:02
Wiredlessim having some server side problems tho18:03
Wiredlessguess i should put an XP system back together and try that18:04
Wiredlesssecond though screw that18:05
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:06
koenWiredless: does it have a mythtv client?18:14
disqheh everybody's waiting for canola :)18:17
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keesjto me it sounds like good Italian food18:17
disqWiredless: which upnp servers did you try it with? do those servers reencode xvid etc? :)18:18
spaetzIs Canola going to be open source?18:20
spaetzI'm not waiting for it, if not. Just for the record :-)18:22
disqi don't really care that much. but i'd prefer it being open source of course18:22
disqand to me italian food == cooking steak in the hotel room (yes, milano was boring)18:23
Takspaetz: no, according to
keesj lol18:23
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spaetztak, ahh thanks18:24
disqbtw i don't like how they're going with the "truly scriptable ui" etc. sure it might work great on the new device (880? 780? whatever) but not in 77018:24
disqeven nullsoft couldn't pull it off with winamp318:25
keesjI think ajax is what we today call scriptable ui. I like it to be scriptable , but I like it even more to look nice18:33
keesjmedia-streamer looks nice18:33
timelesswhat's a truly scriptable ui?18:35
keesjand who is this god person18:35
disqa scriptable ui is an ui that can be scripted to do unnecessary and usually stupid things. like putting the menubar on the right side but clicking on one of the items opens up the submenu on the other side18:37
keesjtimeless, I think it can be defined in time meeded to create a nice looking application and the type of users using it18:37
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timelessanyone here used svn before?18:42
*** sab_afk is now known as sab18:43
timelessswift% svn up18:43
timelesssvn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for details)18:43
timelessswift% svn cleanup18:43
timelesssvn: Can't copy '...' to '...': No such file or directory18:43
disqi used svn but only for basic stuff like checking out and checking in18:43
timelessis this a feature?18:43
* timeless supposes that it's remotely relevant that earlier this happened:18:44
timelessswift% svn up18:44
timelesssvn: Can't copy '...' to '...': No space left on device18:44
pokute_hmm. Sounds like buggy behavior18:45
timelessyou don't think that's a feature?18:45
keesjand you have space on the device?18:46
timelessi didn't when it ran out of space18:46
keesjperhaps remote is out of space?18:46
timelessi have 4.6G now18:46
Takyou're b0rked18:46
keesjO it's a recursive call?18:46
TakI'd backup the working copy and make a clean checkout18:46
timelessum, i don't have space to backup the working copy18:47
timelessi do have time to file a bug if someone wants to suggest where it belongs :)18:47
Takyour svn project is > 4.6G ?18:47
keesjIt's nice that the cairo maintainer is being active18:47
timelesssome of my svn projects are >10g18:47
timelessbrowser 9.28M 4.58G 9.28M /export/home/svn/lxr-root/lxr-data/world-all.0/world/garage/browser18:48
timelesshrm, no, that's not it18:48
* timeless frowns18:48
timelessyeah, two of them are >10g each18:50
mgedminI would do a svn diff > my-changes.diff, just in case18:51
mgedminthen maybe rm the whole tree and make a clean checkout18:52
mgedminif you decide to go that way, make sure you add any new files before the svn diff, or you'll lose them18:52
timelessthis is a cross reference, it shouldn't have any changes in it18:53
mgedminalso, diff cannot express binary files, which might be a show-stopper18:53
mgedminhey, idea18:53
mgedminprobably bogus, but still18:53
mgedmin"No space left on device" might mean you ran out of inode numbers if this is an ext2/3 filesystem18:54
mgedmindf will show plenty of free bytes, but df -i will show 0 inodes18:54
timelessswift% df -h ~18:54
timelessFilesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on18:54
timeless                        69G   7.6G   2.8M   100%    /export/home/timeless18:54
timelessi really ran out of disk space18:54
timelessthis wasn't just no inodes18:55
_follower_is that a literal '...' (three periods?)18:55
timelessi'm not sure if the paths are public18:55
_follower_i love "open source" :-)18:56
timelessit's foopy.svn-base foopy.tmp18:56
_follower_i wonder if a 'svn status'18:56
timelessbarpy.svn-base barpy.2.tmp18:56
_follower_(or it's more verbose cousin)18:56
_follower_would help point to anything18:56
* timeless runs svn status for kicks18:57
_follower_does barpy.svn-base or barpy.2.tmp exist?18:57
timelessbarpy.svn-base doesn't exist18:57
timelessbarp.2.tmp does exist18:58
timelessbarpy.2.tmp does exist18:58
timelessthat'd be pretty bad accounting i suppose18:58
* timeless applauds svn18:58
_follower_thinking -base got copied to .tmp and then -base was deleted?18:59
timelessi think it didn't correctly maintain its list of what it had/hadn't done18:59
timelessand got confused18:59
timelessso it's playing back the wrong step18:59
timeless!summon fer19:00
_follower_unfortunately i think when such things have failed for me in the past i did in fact backup the changed files and then re-checkout and merged...19:01
timelessbut you didn't file a bug? :)19:01
_follower_well, it wasn't specifically that issue :-)19:01
timelessopen source is about sharing your problems with people who can fix them so that you don't share the bugs with people who can't deal with them :)19:01
_follower_i guess i didn't consider it a bug :-)19:02
timelesscorrupting the file system such that it can't be fixed on its own isn't a bug?19:02
timelessboy, i like your definition of features19:02
_follower_each to their own :-) it was too long ago...19:04
_follower_anyway, back to your problem at hand, i'm afraid i can't suggest much more. other than going to wherever the svn chaps hangout on irc... :-)19:04
timelessany ideas which way that is? :)19:04
_follower_that way ---->19:05
keesjtimeless, perhaps also /tmp might be used19:07
timelessi don't see anything interesting there19:08
timelessplus relying on that when the user just ran out of disk space seems like a bad idea :)19:09
_follower_good luck and good night...19:10
*** _follower_ has quit IRC19:10
*** rambokid is now known as rkaway19:12
TakI'm not sure there's really anything to be done when you run out of disk19:17
timelessyou should always be able to retreat to a safe point imo19:18
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:18
timelessespecially in a transactional system19:18
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|tbb|anyone knows how much effort does it need to port macchanger for the n77019:57
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* dashiad begins to follow his own howto :-P21:46
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keesjthis macchanger ?? isn't that just a ifconfig command to set the mac address?23:10
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mgedminsoulds like a web 2.0 social website for people with macs that want to exchange them23:23
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keesjisn't that web 3.0 ?23:25
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