IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2006-11-12

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nelsonAny trouble with the upgrade?04:51
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revhey ... does the N770 have a 220 or a 250 MHz CPU?05:29
revi've seen both numbers quoted, maybe even others05:29
revwhat's the deal?05:29
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nelsonWhat repos do I need to install maemo-mapper?06:40
nelson(aka "where's libsqlite"?)06:41
wasabiuds mtv was fun07:05
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ssvbrev: 252MHz (information from someone from Nokia), also there is no need to trust any sites, it is relatively easy to make some benchmarking program and it confirms that cpu really is ~250MHz :)09:09
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tigertyea, since its plain simple ARM09:37
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JaffaMorning, all11:59
koenhey Jaffa12:00
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* Jaffa did something weird in BitchX - best ignored ;-)12:17
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Piega` is down?!?!14:33
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nomisPiega`: not here.14:39
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neostriderhello folks22:27
neostriderwhats up with the community?22:28
keesjselect * from communities where type=?22:31
keesjneostrider, what are you referring to?22:32
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neostridersorry...I meant the developers doinh apps for the maemo plataform22:32
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neostriderlike me22:33
neostriderim developing a game engine specially for it22:33
neostriderwell. a port of a game engine i did with the maemo in mind22:33
neostriderit turned out to run on a good deal of plataforms22:33
keesjwhere you mailing about the gnomecavans?22:33
keesjI am currently playing with sdl + sdl-fgx22:35
neostrider(im playing with SDL and SDL_gfx this what you are talking about?)22:35
keesjI did not benchmark it yet , but I am quite happy with is22:36
neostriderim using it runs good.22:37
keesjthis one. it allows to draw lines and perform alpha stuff like that22:37
neostriderdo you have screenshots? =-)22:37
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keesjno I just have ran the standard tests that come with the software22:37
keesjTestRotozoom etc22:38
neostridernever used just using the basic polys22:38
neostrideryou ran these on the device itself?22:39
neostrideri ran my demo on the SDK...and im looking forward to run on the device...22:40
neostridersimple graphics, but easy to manipulate22:41
keesjThe goal of the project is to create enough code base that allow distributed clients to run based on multiple servers22:41
keesjcan you elaborate on that (just a little)22:41
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neostriderso is my goal22:42
keesjso it's a networked game engine?22:43
neostrideruntil the present time, I made several "processes" (actually, small "applets" running on one process) and trading messages22:43
neostriderI want it to be22:44
neostriderbut I have few collaborators22:44
keesjand the servers also need to communicatie?22:44
neostridermost of the codebase is made by me22:44
neostriderin my plans, every server keeps a portion of the space22:44
neostriderand only communicate when transfering a player from a place to other22:44
keesjneostrider, I am just trying to understand it all . sorry if my questions sound weird22:45
neostriderdont worry22:45
neostriderthe project is plain bizarre22:45
neostriderbut I guess we are getting good results sticking with a generic game engine that can be distirbuted without much effort22:46
neostriderwhat parts of it you didnt understood?22:46
keesjnone :) why do you need graphics for that?22:46
neostridergeneric question , huh22:47
neostriderwe want a vdkirtual reality22:47
neostrider*a distributed virtual reality22:47
keesjan other thing , if you want to play multi player games the clients will need to connect to know where others are22:47
neostrider(sorry, I hit [enter] soon)22:47
keesjoke now I get it , something like a location based game for example22:48
neostrideryes...and each server manages a place in the space22:48
neostriderits a plain client server game, but the client keeps being transfered from server to server, as he progresses22:49
neostrideruntil now, I just got a single player engine,but extensible enough to handle all the stuff22:50
keesjreminds me of jini  (java), agent technology :)22:50
neostriderthats good23:02
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neostriderwell folks...its great to be back, but i must leave now23:12
neostridergreets to all23:12
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zorrolerothere is a warning for the kernel-images in application-catalog2006, that you should not use them with the november-release...where can i find this release or changelog?23:23
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