IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2006-11-04

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kendworkanyone here feel like porting the latest Tux Paint to the 770? :)01:05
kendworkthe previous version was ported to OS1 (hildonized) and OS2 (sadly, not hildonized)01:06
kendworkand now Nokia's asking if they can distribut Tux Paint.  which is cool, but it'd be good to have something more up-to-date and well-integrated ;)01:06
kendwork(oops, OS2005 and OS2006, not OS1 and OS2, sorry :) )01:06
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kendworkhrm, noone here wants to take a stab? :)01:15
* kendwork thinks... there's a place to ask for people to port things to Maemo, isn't there?01:15
kendworklike a Wiki?01:15
kendworkawesome, thanks :)01:16
* kendwork adds01:18
etrunkokendwork: it's already in ApplicationCatalog, but with a couple of bugs that should be easily fixed01:18
kendworkah, ok :)01:19
kendworki am happy to apply any changes necessary to ease hildonization to the main codebase01:19
kendworkand man, i need some fixed point math routines ;)01:19
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jaeki'm looking for a file manager for my desktop that can browse my nokia phone like the 770's file manager04:07
jaekanyone have any pointers?04:07
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WiredlesHello all09:31
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AD-N770good morning13:39
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Tybstaranyone have a link to a non-.EXE version of the latest software update for the 770?13:52
KrnlKlinkdoes anyone know how to change how your cellular phone is configured over bluetooth? My 770 tells me I cannot transfer files to the to from the phone even though I can with my PC.14:02
partTybstar: what,, then select downloads and "The Internet Tablet 2006 OS image is also available for download.", doesn't work?14:08
Tybstarah ha, thanks, i was looking all over nokia's site14:09
partTybstar:,8764,79636,00.html says: "For updating your software using a Linux computer, go to"14:15
Tybstarheh, i live on the wrong continent14:16
partnokia's us site seems to be flash only, I can't even see products14:27
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mlpugcan you do ondevice debugging with regular maemo+internet tablet development setup? if yes, what is connectivity? USB? is there some debugger server running in the device?15:02
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suihkulokkimlpug: just run gdbserver on the device15:24
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mlpughow about the connectivity. if you debug ondevice do you have to use usb or can you (also) use wlan for example17:04
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florianhi all18:48
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maddlerhey all...19:39
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florianhi maddler20:06
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kpelhi all20:30
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phil|outnot work!20:38
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kpelbye people21:17
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timelesshello world23:14
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timelessi'm having trouble w/ my 770 and am wondering what i might do about it :)23:15
Robot101what kind of trouble?23:15
timelessconnection list doesn't show anything (just searching)23:16
timelessmost control panel applets close if i press a button (if they open at all)23:16
timelessbackup included :)23:16
* timeless is kinda looking for a way to backup the device23:16
Robot101so you can flash it?23:17
timelesstechnically, gconf crashes :)23:17
timelesswell, i'd like to back it up first23:17
timelessbut yes, i can flash it23:17
Robot101well you can file a bug on maemo.org23:17
Robot101what version of the software are you running?23:17
* timeless coughs23:17
timelessit's approximately the 2006 version23:18
Robot101uh oh :P23:18
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* timeless is mostly looking for a way to backup the device using a flashign tool23:18
timelesspresumably that's easy and well documented23:19
Robot101not that I'm aware of23:19
Robot101when you plug it in on USB, the MMC appears as a mass storage device for PCs etc23:19
Robot101you could just go cp some stuff into there23:20
timelessyeah, not very helpful :)23:20
Robot101all of your stuff is kept in your homedir23:20
timelessif wifi worked (it's broken), i could use scp23:20
Robot101I think, anyway. :)23:20
timelessbluetooth works, and i could probably setup usb networking23:20
timelessi've seen pages that explain how to do that23:20
maddleris anyone experiencing problems with maemo-mapper and europe maps?23:21
maddlerlooks like only "geographical" data are being downloaded... but no roads..23:22
sp3000timeless: rmmod g_file_storage; insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/*/g_ether.ko; ifconfig usb0 x.x.x.x23:23
sp3000oh, nm, there /are/ docs and everything :)23:24
timelesshello sp3000 :)23:24
timelessactually, i have a 1g mmc23:24
timelesscan i convince tar to just tarball the entire root file system? "_23:24
* timeless dislikes busybox apps23:25
timelessi almost understand how to use standard gnu tools, and busybox has to hack things so that they don't support the syntax i learned :( :)23:25
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timelesssp3000: so, what's the magic to make tar do what i want? :)23:28
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timelessand rmmod doesn't seem to be in path, unless i need root :)23:29
timelessah :)23:30
sp3000yeah, root :)23:30
timelessrmmod didn't like g_file_storage :(23:31
timelesshow about the multiboot thing, it should be possible for me to boot from mmc w/o too much effort, right? :)23:31
sp3000it's probably only loaded once usb is plugged in23:31
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timelessok, it's plugged in, still won't let me remove it :)23:32
timelessinsmod worked23:36
timelessnow i just need to figure out how to make the usb host side work23:36
timelessthat's "harder" :)23:36
sp3000what's the host?23:39
* timeless coughs23:39
sp3000oh, you've learned swedish :P23:42
* timeless ponders23:42
timelesswasn't it danish or something?23:42
timelessand wasn't it choking?23:43
mlpugi did install scratchbox from debian packages. I seem to have a lot of stuff in /scratchbox directory but i dont have script and cant thus proceed. what to do?23:44
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mlpugi did install core, devkit-debian, libs, toolchain-cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm and i386 .deb packages23:45
mlpugshould i dpkg purge everything and install from the tarballs or what23:46
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* sp3000 giggles at
* timeless doesn't get it23:47
sp3000mlpug: I'd expect debian packages to take case of running_me_first.sh23:50
partmlpug: have you tried using sbox? It should just work without any extra scripts23:50
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mlpugpart, i did try to run sbox_adduser and it gave some error + please run first so i purged everything and now i am downloading tarballs23:53
mlpugrunning sbox_adduser is the next thing to do according to install manual at maemo.org23:53
mlpuglogin is the next step according to the manual and that i did not try. probably i should have tried that as well. as said i already deleted everything...23:54
* timeless chuckles23:56
timelessit seems bugzilla is really too hard to use23:56
timelessso, i'm curious23:57
partmlpug: if you don't try, you can't see whether it works or not23:57
timelessdo people in this channel actually use the 770?23:57
tigertI use it a lot23:58
tigertthey made my GPRS flatrate now23:58
tigertthat says something :)23:58
timelessyou're an artist, no?23:58
tigertduh, please no invites to random channels :)23:58
timelessdo you use sketch ;-?23:58
tigerttimeless: andreasn from #tango uses the sketch23:59
tigertand he did awesome stuff23:59
timelessi can't use /msg, i promise, it's just to avoid publicly aring23:59
timelesssp3000 will vouch for me, i'm harmless23:59
timelessit's um, i have no idea what time it is23:59
partregister, then you can /msg23:59

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