IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-11-01

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MSCHOENWow, this channel has really grown since I was last year 6 months ago.00:14
Taklast year was nearly 11 months ago00:18
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MSCHOENack, you are right, my mind is scattered right now trying to read all the latest posts on - Ive been deployed over seas for 6 months and I finally upgraded to 2006OS.00:19
MSCHOENA few more neat features... most of which I probably wont use ;P00:19
danielsstill not quite as good as the person who told us he'd been using ubuntu in his school for two years.  that was september 2005.00:19
MSCHOENtigert: how have you been?00:20
Takor employers who require 8 years of c# experience?00:20
||cwonce saw a php5 req that would required a coder to have started using php5 at beta100:26
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tigertMSCHOEN: well. but now I must sleep &00:33
tigertMSCHOEN: thanks for asking, I'll be back tomorrow00:33
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JaffaMorning, all11:07
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pv2bi've got what must seem like an incredibly silly question. how on earth do you reboot a nokia 770? :-) i've seen it referenced in countless places, but never does it say *how* to actually reboot it...14:00
danielstake the battery out14:01
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pv2bthat simple? no magic reset hole? no weird key combinations? no hidden deep menu options?14:01
danielshold down the power button?14:01
nomispv2b: well, press the power button and select "switch off" from the menu that appears.14:01
pv2bnomis: does it actually reboot or just go into some kind of weird sleep?14:02
danielsthere's a magic reset hole on the button of the device: poke something conductive into it, and the mic will short quite badly.  but that's probably not what you want ;)14:02
danielspv2b: 'switch off' actually switches the thing off14:02
pv2bwow. i'm just so used to devices which lie about what they're doing as to not confuse people14:02
pv2boh, right. i see what i was doing wrong. i was leaving the charger in.14:03
inzYeah in that case it doesn't shut really down.14:04
inzAlso if there's an alarm soon (minute or two), the device doesn't really shut down.14:05
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tigertpv2b: I just take the battery out if I want to be really sure... :)14:48
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shaprGood Morning Finland!15:17
dpbAfternoon. o_o15:18
bergietigert: anything new about the application catalog layout?15:23
tigertnot yet15:27
tigertbut hmm, just put the content there and I'll style it. basically I want:15:27
tigert.------.  *Maemo Mapper* <link)        v1.0  :     .-.15:27
tigert| shot |                                     :    _| |_15:27
tigert|      |  Maemo Mapper is a nice and light   :    \   /15:27
tigert`------'  weight map viewer that can also    :     \_/15:27
tigert          work with a gps device  etc        : install now!15:27
tigertsomething like this15:28
tigertand the "box" left and right sides will have a color bar like the submenus15:28
tigertthat indicate OS2005 / OS2006 I think15:28
tigertie, os2006 apps could have an orange sideborder15:28
tigertbut that can be done later; just take it into account that it might be needed to style them15:29
tigertthe install now - thing has an icon that points to the .install file15:29
tigertand the title takes the viewer to the detailed page15:29
tigertwhich I havent thought of much yet, but it could be pretty similar15:29
tigertjust more info15:29
tigertdoes that help you?15:29
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mgedminwooh, pretty ascii art15:39
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bergietigert: yeah... using colors for different OSs based on the primary color scheme of that release's default template sounds nice15:46
tigertbergie: so what I am thinking is something like15:47
tigert#                                 #15:48
tigert#                                 #15:48
tigert#                                 #15:48
tigert#                                 #15:48
tigert#                                 #15:48
tigertfor the colors15:48
tigertie, on the sides15:48
abthey look the same15:48
abor I'm using wrong IRC client15:48
tigertab: thats because you have a monochrome font!!!! ;^)15:48
tigertbergie: ie, border-left: 8px solid #c0ffee15:49
tigertor something15:49
tigert(#coffee is horrible colour)15:49
Knirchhaven't seen colored fonts since deluxepaint 415:49
tigert#c0ff33 evem15:49
tigertor #c0ffee15:49
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alpi get "unable to complete secure transaction" when i connect to ssl sites in the browser (tried google mail and, is there a fix?18:11
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bedboihi there18:22
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shapralp: Haven't seen that problem, can you give more details?18:48
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alpit's the final '06 firmware, and the opera browser. just going to triggers a message dialog with that error and with an expanded url18:50
alp(a redirect i guess)18:51
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TakI have the same firmware and browser; I don't get this18:56
alpi recently went to Tools and cleared all history, etc. in the browser19:00
alpmaybe it wiped ssl certs by mistake?19:00
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alpwell, i'd hope that they're installed read only for the ordinary user actually19:00
shaprI think certs are handled in the control panel.19:02
sp3000alp: did google on the error msg help? I see a bunch of relevant-looking hits19:02
alpsp3000: i had a brief look earlier but didn't find replies19:03
alp for reference19:05
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sp3000alp: could something funny have happened to your proxy settings?19:10
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sp3000alp: see (look for "Update 3"19:15
sp3000alp: which refers to
sp3000which suggests your clock is set to the future19:16
sp3000(dst ftw!)19:16
sp3000omg unbalanced parens19:16
* sp3000 will blame dst for anything19:20
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* Tak is a dst-hater as well19:23
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alpfixing the clock did it. cheers!19:40
sp3000np :)19:51
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shaprMan, I had a maemo question, but I can't remember it...22:32
Takno soup for you!22:32
shaprLet's see... I've already asked about the alarm framework status. (answer: Still in legal check)22:33
IkeKrulli just wish my 770s would actually connect to my wifi LANs22:34
TakI wish I could connect to a WEP+PEAP LAN22:34
IkeKrullmy problem is with WDS... the Nokia connects, but wont work for more than about 30 seconds or so before dropping off22:35
IkeKrullhopefully the open source prism54 guys will get their driver functional and stable soon22:36
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shaprProbably not much point in asking for the contacts app to be open sourced so I can add a phone number field...22:39
shaprI'd like to see maemowiki pages that document ad-hoc network experience :-)22:57
* mgedmin is wondering if/when somebody will start to develop a completely open set of applications based on Maemo, as an alternative to IT200622:58
mgedminI think I saw a mailing list post from a Nokia developer that explained ad-hoc networking on the 770 nicely22:58
VeggenI'd really like to be able to hook into more parts of the OS. Like, the networking stuff (for example to implement PAN)22:59
* mgedmin initially expected all software (except for Opera, and maybe some hardware drivers) to be open-source22:59
IkeKrulli've been looking at completely bypassing all the networking stuff but wpa_supplicant doesnt work with the nokia driver22:59
||cwshapr: tried the GPE pim apps?23:00
IkeKrullopie (Qt based PIM environment) can also run on the 770.. lacks power management though23:00
TakIkeKrull: I ran into that as well23:01
IkeKrullmy clients project is a qt-embedded app23:01
IkeKrullgot that working pretty well23:01
shapr||cw: I don't think I've tried it yet, but does it integrate into the google talk contacts part?23:02
||cwshapr: not yet, but it is a full contacts app, with mutliple phone and address per person support and all that goodness23:02
||cwto be fait, I don't know if anyone is working it either23:03
shaprmgedmin: Any keywords I can use for the nokia dev ad-hoc post?23:03
||cwgoogle talk is pretty new in the linux world23:03
mgedminshapr: Message-ID: <>23:04
shaprmgedmin: excellent =)23:04
mgedminDate: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:04:47 +030023:04
mgedminSubject: Re: [maemo-users] link local and adhoc networks...23:04
mgedminFrom: Kalle Valo23:04
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Ayozehi all23:12
Ayozeone question... where to find libsdl-net1.2? I need it to install battlegweled..23:12
Ayozethanks jobi :)23:15
jobiyou are welcome, it's a bug it's in the SDK but not on device23:17
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Ayozejobi: not on the device?23:18
Ayozei'm talking about the device23:18
guru3anyone seen any good 3d stuff on the 770?23:18
jobiAyoze: I mean that itÃ's not shipped on the device23:19
jobiAyoze: but that package should work23:19
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Ayozei cant install that package on the device :S23:19
jobiAyoze: hmm you may have to use dpkg directly23:23
AyozeI'm using the application installer23:23
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jobiAyoze: this is so broken. You would need to get it from an apt repository, but using the maemo scratchbox repository where this package is breaks other things23:27
jobiAyoze: does this one work for you: ?23:35
Ayozedo you mean... installing from the app installer?23:35
jobiI recompiled it and tried to make it AI friendly23:36
Ayozeok, one sec23:36
Ayozejobi: no :(23:36
shaprI agree that a debian repository should never hold packages for the device if it holds packages that only work in scratchbox and will kill the device.23:38
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jobiAyoze: I updated
jobiworks for my AI now23:42
Ayozejobi: ok, one sec, ill try23:42
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Ayozejobi: yeah, it works !23:43
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jobiAyoze: cool23:44
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Ayozethanks jobi :)23:44
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jobiAyoze: you're welcome, this repository screw up is a bit embarassing to say the least23:52
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