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Mr_SmileyHello, I'm trying to install the development libraries for OpenGL ES, which I believe is in the package "libgles2-sgx-img-dev" but I can't find it anywhere. When I try and install it I get "E: Package libgles2-sgx-img-dev has no installation candidate". Can anyone help?01:36
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Mr_SmileyOK, for future reference: the package "libgles2-sgx-img-dev" is in the nokia-binaries repository.01:50
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bizzle1can anyone help me boot a newer kernel on the n900?03:12
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jebbafnordianslip: ya, that's what i had been looking at but it wasn't there. Trying now.05:23
jebbabizzle1, i coulda05:23
fnordianslipjebba: are you logged in?05:24
jebbai know it does some automated checking of the package, perhaps it was still in that state. I'm at spinning cursor again.05:25
fnordianslipin the big white text box above the package events in the bottom right hand corner - "Promote package"05:26
fnordianslipi see it on this page, for my iperf package:05:26
jebbaya, that's how i did it the last time.05:27
jebbai can view the page if i'm not logged in. If i'm logged in, it dogss....05:27
jebbaooh! i got ti05:27
jebbapromoted finally. Only took 10 hours.05:28
fnordianslipten hours to find the link? lol05:29
jebbano, i had that link 10 hours ago.05:29
jebbait's just the times i went there it would never load. And when i finally got it to load, the promote wasnt there.05:29
jebbai just tried to do it numerous times today.05:29
jebba(see backlog).... I was just confirming that was the page cuz if it was another i would have left /it/ loading for forever to get it ;)05:30
fnordiansliptypical.  i remember when there was an update for Chinook (I think) that nobody could download due to crap servers.  it was hellish.05:30
jebbado you know how the games/programs are pausing when they are backgrounded?05:30
jebbawhen you minimize an application in maemo, is it the same as iconifying it in a "regular" desktop?05:31
fnordianslipnope.  i've never actually written any code for maemo05:31
jebbaits not something that can be mirrored easily either05:31
jebbacool, promoted diffmo too05:33
fnordianslipi've been trying to build mercurial, but am failing05:33
jebbaerr, trying to promote diffmo...05:33
jebbacool, promoted05:34
fnordianslipmercurial build fails with this error:05:37
fnordianslipgoogling suggests it is often a problem with as version, but can't figure it out05:38
* jebba looks05:38
jebbauh, drop the option -Qy  ;)05:39
fnordianslipit doesn't seem to exist anywhere that grep can find it05:39
jebbanot sure. i definitely need to crash out now tho, back tomorrow for mucho.......later.05:40
fnordiansliplaters matey05:40
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BluesLeehi BabelO13:42
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stevenhonghow to setup up the maemo4 development?18:19
stevenhongok. thx. i will have a look18:26
VDVsxstevenhong, and are also interesting resources for maemo418:29
stevenhongok. thx again18:32
stevenhongi just only search the method for the ubuntu os18:33
stevenhongin our timezone now is 0:35 am. I will go to sleep.18:35
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dovHello. I'm a maemo newbee who managed to write my first hildon-enabled gtk program in scratchbox yesterday. But I realized when running the programs in Xephyr that my programs were not picking up the Maemo theme, but used the default graying gtk look. Why?21:09
Stskeepsuse run-standalone.sh21:18
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dovStskeeps: Thanks. But when I wanted to test it, scratchbox doesn't run anymore. :-( Got an error "Scratchbox is not properly set up!".21:23
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dovStskeeps: Great! It works! Thanks! Couldn't find that anywhere in the getting started documentation.21:27
dovNext question. I downloaded the SDK from maemo but I am missing two programs that are referenced in the documentation, evince and "terminal". I couldn't find them in apt repository extra either, where are they?21:29
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jebbadov: perhaps osso-xterm  ?21:33
jebbaand osso_pdfviewer  ?21:33
dovjebba: Neither is installed by default. I'll see if I can find them in the apt repository.21:34
jebbaosso-pdf-viewer is the latter package name21:35
dovjebba: Do you know what Catalogue it resides in? I can't find it in either of the default nor in "Maemo Extras" that I added.21:37
jebba fremantle/sdk/free21:38
jebbai think21:38
jebbaoh wait, that's most likely wrong. I did apt-cache policy osso-xterm.    I thought that gave the info, but that's what it says on my n900 tool.  Soo... not sure.21:40
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dovjebba: Thanks anyhow. I'll keep looking for the answer.21:50
woglindejebba can you do me a favour?21:52
jebbadov, here's my sources.list on the SDK:
jebbawoglinde: what's that?21:52
woglindecan you remove libxmuu and qtnx21:52
jebbafrom where?21:52
woglindeand reinstall it again via apt-get only21:52
jebbaah heh21:52
dovjebba: thanks21:52
woglindex-fade claims libxmuu is in normal fremantle21:52
* jebba checking21:53
jebbaE: Couldn't find package libxmuu21:53
woglindejebba whats apt-cache search libxmuu says?21:54
woglindeor does apt-get install qtnx works?21:55
woglindeon n90021:55
jebbaprobably that 1 sec21:55
jebbaThe following NEW packages will be installed:21:56
jebba  libnxcl1 libxcomp3 libxmuu1 nxproxy nxssh qtnx21:56
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asjoHi. I just got an N900 and I am new to Maemo. I got the SDK installed, pulled down the modest sources and built a modified package (adressing #3700 and #2563). I have put the packages in my Debian-repository and I can upgrade the package with apt-get, but not via App Manager. Any hints to finding out why?22:22
ruskiejebba, hmm which kernel did you say had the fbcon but lacked Tux?22:23
jebbaruskie:  2.6.28-20094102.3+0m9  i beleive22:24
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jebbawhy dont you want the penguins, anyway?22:40
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xorAxAxbug 370022:54
ruskie jebba simply find it annoying :)23:26
ruskiebtw how important is it to backup and restore the old modules23:27
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dovjebba: I  found osso-xterm through apt-get, though I couldn't install it through App manager.23:36
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jebbaruskie: keep them. That way if the kernel goes bad you can just take the original zImage, use flasher-3.5 to send it over and it will use your old modules23:48

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