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rZrhi what's up ?00:47
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coderusrZr: n9's dying01:16
rZrmodem ?01:24
rZrI read that users are complaining about modem failures01:25
rZrI have been trying to use a NokiaX for a month, but I still carry N9.01:26
rZrX is a really weak device :)01:27
Enforcernokia x wasnt a high end device tho was it?01:51
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evil_corecoderus: would it be hard to write plugin to change volume/brightness using 2/3/4 fingers swipe, like in Sailfish2?02:41
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evil_coreI am not sure whatfiles should I use for ubiboot03:12
evil_corethis are latest?03:12
evil_coreI see there's ubiboot 0.3.5 and 0.3.6 and found some reference to 0.3.7(maybe misstype)03:14
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BasilSemuonovHi Basil, I am sitting here trying to install Warehouse on my Nokia n911:33
BasilSemuonovThe problem like is, I have n9repomirror installed, and developer mode enabled. And neither Warehouse or Warehouse Installer works. They both install, but Warehouse writes "Rejected error message, 3 matches" and doesn't work with the repos. Warehouse installer writes "exited with unknown return code 1". So neither of them works xD11:35
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evil_corecan I run ubiboot recovery directly from flasher (when partitions in n9 are broken, to simply restore back image from hdd?17:15
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