IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2015-10-07

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evil_corewhen I connect phone to computer I've got usb reconnects all the the time03:44
evil_corewhen I connect n9 to nokia charger, I get ubiboot recovery03:44
evil_coreisn't that wired?03:44
evil_coreit was not powered/charged for half of the year, and before for something like 1 year03:46
evil_coreI wonder if battery is damaged by deep discharge03:46
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evil_coreweird*04:49 powered off while restoring old partitions04:53
evil_corecan I simply let it be powered off while connected to charger?04:54
evil_corein ubiboot recovery its not charging04:54
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coderusflasher before process should charge phone for 10%06:31
coderusif it was not enough for flashing - your battery dead06:31
evil_corecoderus: thx06:40
evil_corecoderus: found in TMO its probably "G_OVERRIDE_USB_CHARGER_BOOT=1"06:41
evil_coreanyway why then it boots to ubiboot recovery mode (not ubiboot menu)06:42
evil_corewhen connected to PC it boots to ubiboot menu06:42
evil_coreso it looks like actions are reversed (bug in ubiboot or sth bad in mine conifguration)06:42
evil_core../flasher_64 -F ../download/firmware.bin   -k zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_301013 --flash-only=kernel -l06:49
evil_core-l option will not really flash device, right?06:50
evil_corehmmm..after ctr+c in flash, when led is blinking its charging, or flasher must be running to flash?07:00
evil_corenvm, it don't have, percentage jumped :-)07:01
evil_coreG_OVERRIDE_USB_CHARGER_BOOT=0 didn't helped. Still boots to ubiboot recovery menu and not charge (after connecting to original charger, not PC)07:18
coderusppl says you can flasher -i07:22
coderusand it will charge07:22
coderusprobably on stock kernel, i'm not sure about ubiboot07:23
coderusJonni: you should know more07:23
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evil_corebut the most annoying thing is that while connecting to charger powered off device with ubiboot, it will not charge, but load recovery mode discharging more battery :/07:35
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evil_coreI don't really understand differencae between /boot and /home/user/Mydocs/boot dir, where to put kernels and config07:49
evil_coreI need to go sleep, by all07:49
coderuslolwhy you flashed kernels if you dont see dofference in folders :D07:59
evil_coreit was long ago08:04
evil_coremine n9 was stolen over year ago08:04
evil_coreafter few months brother gave me his n9(he switched to android phones), but after dpkg -i it was in broken state08:05
evil_corebtw, do you still use n9 or Jolla?08:06
evil_corewhen looking over TMO and openrepos, i have feeling that more development is going for n900 than n9/n950 :/08:06
coderusjolla ofc.08:08
coderusn9 is really dead end08:08
evil_corebut I really love n9 build quality and slick design08:11
coderusphone is great, no doubts08:11
evil_coreharmattan is also very elegant, never used Sailfish, but looking on screenshots08:12
evil_coredo you think I can simply recompile tracker and get rid of sms/contacts database problems?08:13
coderusi have no idea08:16
evil_corehmm...n900 isn't bigger dead-end? :P08:17
coderusstill more n9 users than n90008:17
evil_coredo you know if updating to new kernel is only backporting patches, or are we blocked by some binary drivers?08:19
coderusthere is a thread about that, but i dont know details:
evil_corecoderus: hmmm...I was thinking you are the greatest n9 hackers, that knows everything about n9 and harmattan ;-)08:21
coderus no more08:22
coderusyou can ask me  about jolla and sailfish, but  not n908:22
coderusi'm not using it for years08:22
coderusbut i still remember some things08:23
coderusbut if you ask me about symbian - i dont remember anything at all, no single configuration file path08:23
evil_coreI am preparing to get back to n9 as only phone08:24
evil_coreI am collecting software, if you want some old deb, I should got it on HDD08:25
coderusme not :D08:25
coderuscheck tmo, there should be some requests for apps from closed ovistore08:26
evil_corethe only thing is out of reach is 'OBD AutoDoctor Pro', it never leaked :/08:26
evil_coreI wanted to buy it, but didn't repaired OS before closure...08:27
evil_coreOVI closure*08:27
evil_coreI know that some apps don't work after installing from deb(like fmradio)08:27
coderuswell, fmradio author is responding on emails and giving licensed versions08:28
evil_coreI bought it, and deb got identical md5, like pirated one08:28
coderusalso i remember i did a crack for fmradio app :D08:28
coderusit relies on apt-get policy fmradio output08:29
coderuswhich tells if app installed from store or not08:29
evil_corehmm..the main problem is that for OBD AutoDoctor Pro there's no '.deb'08:29
evil_coreonly for lite version :/08:30
evil_coreand you say n9 is dead-end08:30
evil_corebut theres more usable and polished apps and games for n9 than Jolla08:30
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coderusjust because jolla have aliendalvik08:31
coderussome devs decided not to put efforts on it08:31
evil_corecoderus: do you know what causes CMT problems? (flashing?) I am scared of destroying mine nice n9 and would like to use this phone till the death ;-)08:35
coderuswrong firmware revision incompatible with your chip08:36
coderusyou should flash сье from firmware matches your productcode on sim tray08:36
evil_coreso CMT is not broken bacause of aging? (some wrote that they breaks usually after 5 yrs)08:38
evil_coreand after flashing kernel I got MALF :/08:38
coderusi dont know what happened with your phone :)08:40
coderuswhat malf says?08:41
evil_core"Zainstaluj ponownie autoryzowany system operacyjny"08:41
coderusit just  disclaimer08:42
coderusits not malf08:42
evil_corehmm...but I had disabled disclaimer warning08:42
evil_coreso now I need to reflash everything?08:42
coderusyou said you tried to reflash it08:42
evil_core../flasher_64 -F ../download/firmware.bin -k zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_301013 --flash-only=kernel -l08:43
coderusbefore kernel, no?08:43
evil_coremaybe because I had changed partition table08:43
evil_coreyes, it was in open mode from many months08:43
evil_coreI used ubiboot, etc08:44
coderusi mean you didnt flashed original fw?08:44
evil_coreonly that command08:46
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evil_coreit changed only CMT and 'maybe' kernel(not sure)08:46
evil_coreServer implements softupd protocol version 1.808:46
evil_coreImage cert-sw skipped08:46
evil_coreImage cmt-mcusw skipped08:46
evil_coreImage xloader skipped08:46
evil_coreImage secondary skipped08:46
evil_coreImage kernel skipped08:46
evil_coreImage moslo skipped08:46
evil_coreImage rootfs skipped08:46
evil_coreImage mmc skipped08:46
evil_coreImage tar skipped08:46
evil_coreImage config skipped08:46
evil_coreBattery level 19 %, continuing.08:46
evil_core    image        [state    progress         transfer     flash speed]08:46
evil_core[x] cmt-2nd      [finished   100 %      95 /      95 kB      NA     ]08:47
evil_core[x] cmt-algo     [finished   100 %     789 /     789 kB      NA     ]08:47
evil_corei hope CMT is not broken08:47
coderusthen i dont know why disclaimer triggered :)08:48
evil_corechanged partition table?08:50
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coderuswho knows :)09:11
coderusflash with --no-preserve09:11
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