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hahlohi long time since used n9, what happened repositories? are there any working ones?07:55
Jonnihahlo: yes install mirror repoes from here
hahloJonni: can you point me to some doc page where I can read usb-ssh user passwd and such basic information?09:00
hahlomy device has developer mode enabled and I remember devel-su passwd but not user09:04
hahlonevermind I remember it :)09:05
deram_hey, is there any way to still log in to my n9? screen+touch element is broken, but with av-cable I can see prompt for the device code. It does not register to my wifi and I deemed it not accesable when I tried last time. but now this usb-ssh minded me there coud be a way in through usb.09:15
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Jonnideram_: hardcore way is to connect to serial console pins which are under the sim slot (that way you can still recover secure mode files) or borrow working display from someone. But if you only want to recover photos and such, then you can just flash ubiboot kernel which exports all drives to your linux pc.10:38
Jonni(ubiboot does trigger openmode though, but for basic data recovery it doesnt matter)10:39
Jonni(or rescue kernel works too)10:40
deram_thanks. I'll have to investigate the serial option, as it would add possibilities for future use as a backup internet connection.10:45
deram_is there some documentation on those pins available somewhere?10:46
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Jonnideram_: well I did spoiler in here   but you would need to google search for schematics :)11:08
JonniI do have serial cable, but there are only handfull of people in world who have built their own custom one.11:09
Jonnirescue kernel is much easier solution for data recovery11:10
deram_data recovery is not the main interest. getting the device to some use would be more interesting11:11
Jonniwell ubiboot flashing custom kernel, and editing filesystem to automaticly to trigged usbnet when connected, that way you can make it usb modem or hotspot.11:13
coderuswhy not vnc?11:43
coderusah, can't ssh?11:43
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hahlohmm harmattan some reason doesn't accept user passwd usb-ssh16:33
hahloPermission denied, please try again, and I'm sure that passwd is what reads in sdk-connectivy16:36
coderushahlo: set it manually then16:38
hahlolike in terminal passwd ?16:38
hahlothanks I try that16:39
coderusbtw, you know you need to connect to "developer" user with passwd from connectivity?16:39
hahloah thats it16:39
coderusor set passwd in terminal for user16:40
hahlothat worked thanks16:40
coderuscool :)16:40
hahlocoderus: how tar works in meego? emojifix-bin.tar.gz I try to open that file but usual tar xzf file doesn't work16:47
coderusit have no autodetect i think16:52
coderusso tar xzcf or so16:52
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hahlook sorry about newbie questions :) seems that something called aegis lock apt16:54
coderusflash openmode kernel or kernelplus16:58
hahlook cool17:08
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