IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2015-06-10

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hahlohi, anybody know way around of sms problem? N9 doesn't show lumia windows phone sms at all if there is graphical smiley16:06
Aardhahlo: I guess the ancient N9 stack can't handle 32bit wide unicode characters properly, and combined with crappy error handling just barfs if it encounters them. unlikely that you'll get a fix for that16:10
hahloAard: ok thanks and any setting doesn't help?16:12
Aardhahlo: it's a bug about unicode character handling which might be pretty low down in the stack. so either the messaging app, or somewhere in the middleware encounters a string it can't properly decode, and just aborts16:15
hahloI see ok thanks16:15
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auenfthats the emoji bug?16:52
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Jonnihahlo: there is fix for n9 sms unicode char handling in talk.maemo.org19:44
JonniI think that I also have fixed libsms deb somewhere which can be installed to system with AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN hack.19:50
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hahloJonni: thanks19:57
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