IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2015-02-08

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evil_corehi all04:54
evil_coreI got 64GB n9 again04:54
evil_coreI know that shop is closing, so I want to prepare mine n9 and make image, because I understand I will not be able to reinstall mine apps04:56
evil_coreshould I install ubiboot?04:56
coderusfreemangordon: ping05:44
coderusthere is no /dev/mem :)05:44
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coderusevil_core: it depends on what do you want to do with this phone05:55
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freemangordoncoderus: yep, you have to mknod it10:58
coderusfreemangordon: details?12:08
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freemangordoncoderus: openmode kernel?12:40
coderusfreemangordon: yes12:40
freemangordonwell, we're out of luck, seems OM kernel has /dev/mem not enabled too :(12:42
coderuscheck here: and probably write a request12:43
coderusif somebody compile proper kernel we can give you values12:43
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merlin1991freemangordon: yep I have a n9 and n95013:31
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evil_corecoderus: I want to simply use it. But I like compiling gstreamer plugins and software.14:18
evil_coreis it good idea to switch to btrfs for all FSes(including root) on n9?14:19
evil_core r6 > r4 ?14:20
evil_corethere are valid reasons to use older kernel?14:20
evil_coreis this mistake on page?14:22
evil_coreDownload r614:22
evil_core Updated to LTS14:22
evil_coreand from changelog r614:23
evil_coreI wanted also to ask if are there any valid reasons left, to not repartition the disk (rootfs were always to small for me)?14:27
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coderusrepartition is ok, btrfs not supported on this kernel14:37
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evil_corecoderus: btrfs not supported by which kernel?15:49
evil_corecoderus: Download r6: Enables btrfs15:50
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tbrI would not ever go anywhere near btrfs on a <3.0 kernel, even 3.0 had its problems. When was it declared "reasonably stable"? after 3.10? and then they still rewrote a lot of things15:59
coderustbr: 3.8 afaik16:01
tbrright ballpark then :)16:02
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evil_corewhat about FS encryption? Best idea is to use encrpted LUKS(via cryptsetup). Would it consume much of CPU/battery?19:33
coderusevil_core: nobody tried it19:39
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ortylpevil_core: this issue is as old as the first Jolla release, but till now nobody cared to put it into production20:41
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coderusortylp: isn't this channel for harmattan? :D20:56
ortylpcoderus: sorry, I tapped wrong tab on IRC... thanks for bringing it to my attention ;)21:10
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