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freemangordonhi guys, could anyone dump the memory of N9 at address 0x00014000 for 0x0001BFFF bytes (needs devmem2, I can provide the binary). This is the so-called BootROM, and contains the DRAM timings we need to correctly program the memory controller on Neo90012:54
valdur55freemangordon: hello. give more information :D then i do it13:10
freemangordonvaldur55: I guess you'll need root access13:12
valdur55no problem.13:12
freemangordonok, gimme a minute tu upload the binary13:13
valdur55but... i have already devmem13:14
valdur55not devmem213:14
freemangordonthe binary I'll provide is tweaked to do a hexdump of the whole region13:15
valdur55ok. but i have problem with devmem : devmem: can't open '/dev/mem': No such file or directory13:15
freemangordonthat's bad :(13:18
freemangordonwhat kernel is that?13:19
freemangordonvaldur55: ^^^13:19
valdur55original: Linux n9 #1 PREEMPT Mon Apr 2 14:14:32 EEST 2012 armv7l GNU/Linux13:19
freemangordonis that stock kernal?13:19
freemangordonhmm, wait, there were some trick13:20
freemangordonvaldur55: could you try what is described on
freemangordonthe mknod stuff13:22
valdur55Error at line 69, file devmem2.c (6) [No such device or address]13:24
freemangordondid you create it with mknod?13:25
freemangordonis there /dev/mem?13:26
freemangordonwell, seems the stock kernel is built without support for /dev/mem. dammit :(13:27
freemangordonvaldur55: and you are root, correct?13:28
freemangordonI am not much into harm stuff, you know :)13:30
valdur55NFC is on.13:30
infobot[nfc] No Fucking Clue, or near field communications13:30
DocScrutinizer05dev/mem sounds like *exactly* the sort of "file" Aegis would completely forbid to access13:30
valdur55aegis is on13:30
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: well, but the error is not EACCESS13:31
DocScrutinizer05unless you use openmode kernel, not much luck I guess. Please take my rant with 3 grains of slat, I refused to touch Harmattan since some 2 years already13:31
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freemangordonso it is more probably there is no such module compiled in the kernel13:32
DocScrutinizer05yes, quite possible13:32
freemangordonhmm arcean is MIA :(13:33
DocScrutinizer05nobody would be allowed to use it anyway13:33
freemangordoncoderus: ping13:33
freemangordonwait, merlin1991 is here :). merlin1991 do you have N9?13:34
DocScrutinizer05arcean <> was last seen on IRC in channel #neo900, 22d 14h 13m 9s ago, saying: 'quatrox: isn't it already in RHEL7?'.13:34
coderusfreemangordon: sorry, no N9 at hand atm13:35
coderusfreemangordon: you can send app/code and details to coderusinbox@gmail.com13:35
coderusi can get you mem when return to home13:36
freemangordoncoderus: I'll send you the web address, ok?13:37
coderusfreemangordon: okay, to the mail please13:38
freemangordoncoderus: done, thanks13:38
coderusfreemangordon: received13:39
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DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: would that help?14:02
DocScrutinizer05jr@saturn:~> ssh root@
DocScrutinizer05BusyBox v1.19.0.git (Maemo 3:1.19-7+0m6) built-in shell (ash)14:02
DocScrutinizer05Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.14:02
DocScrutinizer05  no /dev/mem   :-S14:04
DocScrutinizer05freefall - LOL14:05
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: what kernel is that?14:05
DocScrutinizer05Linux RM680 #1 PREEMPT Wed Jun 1 18:17:45 EEST 2011 armv7l GNU/Linux14:05
freemangordonI guess that is the stock kernel14:05
DocScrutinizer05NB RM68014:05
DocScrutinizer05iirc it is14:06
tbrnote that the N950 had a quite different memory chip IIRC14:06
DocScrutinizer05anyway _any_ help regarding digging up proper init for KCE00E00CA (N9 RAM+OneNAND) *highly* welcome14:08
DocScrutinizer05it prolly genuinely hides in N9 xLoader (aka trailer of "uBoot")14:10
DocScrutinizer05don't even recall what it's called on HARM14:10
freemangordonit is the same14:10
DocScrutinizer05there also was MOSLO but I guess that's a chainloaded thing and highly useless, right?14:11
freemangordonno idea14:11
DocScrutinizer05supposed to be needed for openmode kernel14:12
DocScrutinizer05  actually14:14
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DocScrutinizer05(if you can't find MOSLO and/or OCF on, ping me, I got them locally)14:17
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DocScrutinizer05could somebody please find out about specific type of NAND used in N9? Thanks! (needed for patching BeagleBoard-xM_reworked MLO/xLoader)18:12
DocScrutinizer05I'm talking about the 512MB NAND in PoP chip, not the eMMC flash storage18:12
DocScrutinizer05the /dev/mtd stuff18:13
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DocScrutinizer05nm, seems we got it solved - as far as checking N9 goes.  >>[  0.137054] OneNAND Manufacturer: Samsung (0xec) [    0.137084] Muxed OneNAND 512MB 1.8V 16-bit (0x50) [    0.137084] OneNAND version = 0x0232<<18:52
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