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Jef91Can I make Qt/PySide applications use the system theme on Harmattan some how?10:52
Jef91Right now they are ugly and grey by default10:52
hedayatJef91: (I'm not familiar with PySide): I guess that it is using Qt Widgets rather than QML, right?11:01
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hedayatJef91: If it works like native Widgets applications, you should be able to have a better look using '-style cleanlooks' or '-style plastique' command line options11:17
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Jef91yea hedayat - not qml.15:50
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hedayatJef91: So, that'd be like C++ QWidgets applications. The only way I found for them was to use -style command line parameter for running the application. It still doesn't look like QML apps, but is much better than the win98 style!16:21
Jef91Ahh alrighty, I'll have to figure out how to use that with my pyside app16:22
hedayatJef91: That option is parsed by QApplication16:24
Jef91alrighty, i pass cli args to that already16:24
Jef91so should be simple16:24
Jef91do I need to install a package on the n9 to get cleanlooks theme installed?16:24
hedayatJef91: No, at least I didn't. Both plastique and cleanlooks themes were available on my N9 already.16:25
Jef91ahh yea16:26
Jef91they work16:26
Jef91this is much better than "win 98" as you put it16:26
hedayatJef91: :) Yes!16:26
Jef91any idea if there is a way to get rid of the white bar16:29
Jef91at the bottom of an application?16:29
hedayatJef91: no, sorry. I see it for JavaSE and QtWidgets applications. Haven't tried to get rid of it though.16:30
Jef91yea I can deal with it16:30
Jef91Would just be nice16:30
Jef91to be rid of it16:31
hedayatJef91: sure16:31
Jef91hedayat: thanks again ->
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