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JeffHooglandAnyone know if I can find the python-gst0.10 pacakge for harmattan anywhere still?01:09
JeffHooglandAll the references I'm finding online are broken01:09
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sashaidoes NITroid work with PR1.3?11:55
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coderuswork ofc12:02
sashaiI am using your bootloader coderus <312:07
sashaihowever nitroid doesent boot but shuts down...12:07
sashaii had 50.2012 firmware12:08
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sashaii tought it was too new and flashed 40.2012 firmware12:10
sashaistill unsuccesfull12:10
sashaii guess flashing must be even cleaner12:10
sashaido you recommend using --erase-user-data option in flasher?12:11
sashaiis meegos own clean devices enough?12:12
coderus--erase-user-data will remove media storage12:20
coderusthe most slean flashing is: flasher -F main.bin -F emmc.bin --erase-user-data=secure --no-preserve -f -R12:21
coderusit will wipe all data and restore original partitions layout if something wrong12:21
coderusbut be careful and download firmware for your product code12:21
coderusif you flash different firmware your radio chip may not work due to different radio firmware12:22
sashaii was planning to flash the chinese version to get rid of FB and twitter :D12:26
sashaithanks for the command coderus12:34
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sashaii am booting for android!13:15
sashaimany thanks coderus for your help =)13:15
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sashaido you think PRC could have blocked Wazapp from N9?14:35
sashaiFB owns whatsapp IIRC14:35
sashaiinstall is possible, but it doesent open14:36
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sashaidowngrading disallowed16:50
sashaiwhere could i aqcuire this .bin?16:51
sashaifirmnaviex is not working16:52
sashaifrimnavi+ is not working on WINE16:53
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sashaimr. crab only has 40.2012 not the 50.201217:03
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coderus40 is latest17:16
sashaiwhoa why hasnt nokia released this version?17:19
sashaii had this version on my N9 ;_;17:21
sashaiwhy did i flash17:21
sashaiso i guess i have to go with the lates version17:21
sashaiso if i understand correctly going from 003 to 009 is not considered downgrading?17:22
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coderusflasher -i17:55
coderust check your current firmware17:56
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sashaiis it just because of MMC that it failed?18:53
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coderussashai: its mcusw, its not mmc19:00
coderusyou need to flash mcusw19:01
coderusfrom DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00319:01
coderusor whole DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00319:01
coderusinstead of 00919:01
sashailets try19:01
sashaii hope it dosent say downgradinf disallowed ;_;19:01
sashaiDowngrade disallowed (1338190949)19:03
sashaiso what options do i have?19:04
sashaii can try something down the line19:04
sashailike australian version?19:05
sashaioh aussies have 00119:09
sashaican i still have a working N9? ;_;19:10
sashaior is it game over...19:10
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Alexxxlrusпривет всем разпаботчикам кто прямо щас пилит вазапп ))))19:18
sashaii guess its game over19:27
sashaiwell at least i tried..19:27
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sashaito have nitroid19:35
sashaibut i admit, installing 003 was a bad idea :(19:37
coderussashai: what is your product code and region?19:39
sashai059H6N5 Northern europe19:40
coderusah yeah, you flashed different region19:40
coderusso, now19:40
coderusflasher -F firmware.bin --flash-only=cmt -f -R19:40
coderususing your original firmware19:41
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Alexxxlrus003 ?19:43
coderusyes using firmware downloaded by product code19:43
sashaimcusw is taking long..19:44
sashaimcusw is failing..19:44
coderusshow log19:45
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coderusJonni: ping?19:46
coderusJonni: ^19:46
coderusneed to wait Jonni help, i cant help you more19:51
sashaiokay i understand19:51
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sashaimcusw managed to install with your command from the chinese 00220:17
sashaii guess i am good to go now20:22
sashaicalling and internet is working20:22
sashaii guess thats what missing mcusw meant20:22
sashainow lets just flash to open mode...20:23
Jonnisashai: I've said in tmo forum many times, that once you have flashed chinense cmt (003), you cannot ever change it back to western version, 003 can only be updated with 00320:25
Jonniso all attempts to flash 003 over with 009 or 001 will always fail. chicense cmt cannot be overwritten20:25
Jonniso basicly if you have tried to flash 009 over 003, the device will be brick.20:25
sashaiyes i should have read more forum20:26
Jonniyou can only flash 009 over 001, 002, 004, 005, 006, 007 and 008 versions20:26
Jonniie one device has been flashed chinense version, that will remain chinece for ever. So bying chinense N9 and hoping to flash western cmt is never going to happen.20:27
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sashaiwell i have chinese N9 now20:27
sashaiwhat does cmt basically affect?20:28
Jonnicmt handles phonecalls20:28
Jonniie the modem firmware20:28
sashaiyes that was broken20:29
Jonniso you have wifi tablet :)20:29
sashaimaybe the chinese government wanted to spy on ppl calling and nokia said yes20:29
sashailike nitroid ;)20:30
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hedayathi! I've 2 questions:23:04
hedayat1. Does having newer kernel versions for Harmattan OS useful?23:05
hedayat2. Does mean that filippz kernel 3.5 branch supports all N9 hardware functionalities (Kernel work is finished)?23:06
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coderushedayat: kernel is here and working23:11
coderuskernel is under development23:11
coderusand currently only mer core supporting this kernel, not harmattan23:12
hedayatcoderus: You mean that the kernel still doesn't fully support N9 hardware?23:13
coderusit support it23:13
coderusand running very well23:13
hedayatcoderus: And I wonder if newer kernel versions for harmattan (compared to 2.6.32) has any benefits?23:14
coderusthis kernel have no aegis23:14
coderusso it can't be used with harmattan23:15
hedayatcoderus: Well, maybe I should ask a more clear question; actually what I'd like to know is that if porting this kernel to harmattan is useful. If yes, I might decide to spend some time to see if I can do anything in this regard.23:19
coderusyou decide23:20
coderususeful for23:20
coderusfor you, for somebody?23:20
hedayatcoderus: Does it make anything possible in Harmattan, which is not possible with its current kernel version?23:21
hedayatSomething which would make it possible to bring new features to Harmattan23:21
coderusonly if some specific filesystems23:22
coderuslike btrfs or so23:22
coderusor systemd stuff23:22
coderusbut its useless for harmattan23:22
hedayatcoderus: aha, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks23:24
hedayatIt seems that I should found some area to enhance Mer/Sailfish compatibility; and new kernel seems to be almost ready and supports all N9 hardware (as far as kernel is concerned).23:26
coderusdid you tried last available sailfish_1.0.8.21 on N9?23:31
coderusbased on fillipz kernel :)23:34
hedayatcoderus: I've downloaded it, but not tried it yet. Actually, I've not tried Mer/Sailfish at all till now as I was a little busy and my N9 is my main phone. Also, it is 16GB, so I should backup and free enough space for re-partitioning. I'm going to try it very soon.23:34
hedayatcoderus: But I read that it is not stable, and I wondered if it is related to the kernel or user space tools.23:35
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hedayatI'm going to spend some time on N9 and try to figure out where I might be able to contribute a little.23:38
coderusits laggy, and touchscreen is unresponsive23:39
coderusless sensivity23:39
hedayatcoderus: Is it known that it is related to closed source parts or open source parts of SailfishOS?23:40
hedayat(Can we do anything about it?)23:40
coderushedayat: lags are probably related to egl stuff23:41
coderustouchscreen can be calibrated23:41
coderusjoin #sailfishos23:41
coderusfillipz is here sometimes23:41
coderusyou can also read its backlog23:41
hedayatcoderus: OK, thanks. I will.23:42
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