IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2013-11-25

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gambitrex911, is anyone there?05:27
gambitrexI got a big, strange problem with my N905:27
gambitrexhmm some strange things started to happen a couple of days ago05:29
gambitrexall started with my SMS, coming multple times05:30
gambitrexthen, my call list, and messages list weren't refreshed anymore05:30
gambitrexfor example, when I got a call, it didnt appear in the Phone app anymore05:31
gambitrexnor new SMS, which is very annoying.05:31
gambitrexI tried to reboot a few times, and it somehow worked05:32
gambitrexfor the first times05:32
gambitrexbut then, after a reboot, my apps "went out" the folders, in desktop05:32
gambitrexthe folders are still there, empty05:32
gambitrex(sounds crazy, right?)05:32
gambitrexI thought it was a tracker problem, so I had the "brilliant idea": why not hard-reset it (soft-reset didn't work)05:34
gambitrexthat's when I lost all my contacts and SMS.05:34
gambitrex(before hard-reseting, my videos and music files weren't being refreshed -- I tried to delete some videos, but it was still being shown in "Videos" app)05:35
gambitrexso, that's where my questions begin. First of all, in /home/user/.contacts where are two files, tracker and trackerRelationshipCache. Is there any way I can use them to restore my contacts05:38
gambitrexOK, so an easier one: Is there any way to import contacts from Nokia Account directly from my N9? I know there's an option Import Account > Online Service, but seems like it's not working for me05:44
gambitrexalso, if I try to sync with Nokia Account, there's any chance I lost my data on the cloud? There is any way to stick with the Nokia account data, and not with N9 (which is none) data?05:44
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DocScrutinizer05sounds like disk-full and/or database corruption. alas I can't answer any of your questions06:43
DocScrutinizer05possibly even fs-corruption06:44
DocScrutinizer05Nokia had the "brilliant" idea to push tracker abuse to the max on HARM and store complete mails in there, and contacts and whatnot, afaik06:45
gambitrexyeah, everything seems strange. application data seems full, but I cant delet .qmf (taking more than 1GB)06:45
gambitrexsays error "read-oly fs"06:46
DocScrutinizer05yeah, that sounds like fs-corruption then06:46
gambitrexand none of my accounts (email, fb, twitter) is working now.06:46
gambitrexalso, some apps crash06:46
DocScrutinizer05on fremantle I'd suggest a data backup and reflash06:46
DocScrutinizer05df -h06:47
DocScrutinizer05I bet some apps that want to write to a file will crash06:47
gambitrexaegisfs with 96%06:47
gambitrexdmesg shows some ext4 errors06:48
gambitrexseems u right06:48
DocScrutinizer05prolly nothing a complete reflash can't cure06:48
DocScrutinizer05but don't listen to me, I didn't touch any HARM device for >1 year06:49
gambitrexhaha. But yeah, seems my fs is corrupted.06:49
DocScrutinizer05gives me headache06:49
gambitrexdamn, I have got so many apps, so many tweaks, so many things customized.06:50
DocScrutinizer05I'd bet though when you try to fix it with fsck then something else goes bonkers, like maybe aegis06:50
DocScrutinizer05also you probably *cannot* run fsck on it, since fs mounted06:51
DocScrutinizer05du /|sort -n06:51
DocScrutinizer05try deleting the hugest file you find that looks fishy06:52
DocScrutinizer05or ignore me and wait til somebody pops up who can really help. I'm just babbling06:52
gambitrexjust thinking of everything I have set up in one year and a half. It gives me headache.06:53
gambitrexplenty of IO error06:53
DocScrutinizer05I stopped enjoying that headache >1 year ago06:53
DocScrutinizer05good luck!06:54
gambitrexthanks man. Tomorrow I am gonna backup my data and reflash it. it's almost 3am in Brazil06:55
gambitrex(sadly, perharps I get a S3 or S4 mini. :\ )06:55
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DocScrutinizer05strange, only 3h difference brazil to CET?07:10
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thedead1440_gambitrex: you can delete the .qmf folder as user in terminal not as root iirc. Most probably due to your emails being stored there, it has led to application storage becoming full and the resulting issues cropping up. Re nokia account I would advice to hold and fix the storage issues before proceeding. If in open mode you could use ubiboot and export all partitions to your PC before boot hence allowing you to fix anything as you would07:59
thedead1440_on a regular PC.07:59
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Dante_Jsorry, typo.08:57
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gambitrexthedead1440_: thanks for your suggestion. I tried already as user, then as root, then reboot and tried again like 5 times. My .qmf folder simply does not get removed. :(13:36
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thedead1440_gambitrex: use opensh, ariadnesh or opensudo to get escalated privileges to do it then13:37
gambitrexthedead1440_: I believe there's a problem with my fs, since a lot of stuff is getting removed. I lost several app (including stock apps, such as facebook and twitter)13:37
gambitrexthedead1440_: I dont believe it's gonna work, because it's getting an filesystem error, not permission error13:37
gambitrexbut I will try anyways13:37
gambitrexnothing to lose, huh :)13:38
thedead1440_Ah didn't see u saying about getting a filesystem error13:38
gambitrexjust finishing the backup (using qtweak to download/cache my apps)13:38
gambitrexlet me try to delete again so I can paste you the exactly error13:39
gambitrexhold on13:39
gambitrexwow, it.. worked!13:41
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gambitrexthere is something really really strange with my N9. haha.13:42
gambitrexWhen I woke up today, lots of apps were missing. Also ALL my accounts disapeared.13:42
gambitrexalso, my 3rd "desktop" (the one which shows notifications), is empty -- not regular empty, it's... clear. nothing.13:43
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gambitrexalso, all my terminal history was gone.13:44
mgedminany errors in dmesg?13:44
gambitrexyestarday, a lot of ext4 errors. let me check agaun13:45
gambitrexthere are a lot of entries onenand_wait.. seems like my EMMC is corrupted ->
gambitrexalso, in the morning, my N9 didn't turn on. It vibrates, then black screen. It took me a while to get it on (the battery was full!)13:49
gambitrexbut checking dmesg, since yestarday I don't receive more ext4 errors13:49
gambitrexcan it be a signal that my N9 is dying?13:49
gambitrexor is it just corrupted fs?13:50
mgedminbut filesystems generally don't just corrupt themselves for no reason...13:50
mgedminanything about read/write errors from the underlying eMMC device?13:51
gambitrexmgedmin: yeah, that's what I am afraid of13:51
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gambitrexnot that I can find...13:54
gambitrexhowever: EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended13:54
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gambitrexwhich says nothing, right? it's only a warning to check fs after XXX mounts.13:57
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gambitrexwell, I am backing up my .debs, and after finish it, I will flash my N9. :(14:12
mgedminthe flash on my N950 failed once14:13
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mgedminshowed up as filesystem error, bits getting remounted read-only14:13
mgedminI tried reflashing, the process failed in the middle with a write error14:14
mgedminafter which it wouldn't boot, obviously14:14
mgedminhad to return it14:14
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gambitrexmgedmin: you sir, are freaking me out.14:18
gambitrexmgedmin: :S14:18
gambitrexdamn, if anything happens, I gonna miss my N9.14:19
mgedminmine died a few months ago14:20
mgedmin(power button stopped working -- lack of physical contact somewhere?)14:21
mgedminit's no fun when you can't lock your phone before putting it in a pocket14:21
mgedminanyway, it was under warrantly (< 24 months since date of manufacture), but took a couple of weeks to repair14:21
mgedminand I couldn't live without a smartphone, so got myself a Nexus 414:22
mgedminthen got my N9 back, put it in a drawer, and forgot about it14:22
mgedminit was cool, but new hardware is noticeably faster14:22
deramthere is at least shakelock app available.. I think I saw app that just locks phone when icon clicked also..14:24
gambitrexwell, warranty of my n9 is expired.14:24
gambitrexand yeah, I can't live without a smartphone. If mine could last at least two months, I can get a Jolla.14:24
gambitrexif not, I'm gonna try Android.14:24
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gambitrexfeeling guilty for droping my N9 twice last week.14:48
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* auenf might install 40.2012 soon rather than upgrade to a newer device14:50
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thedead1440_gambitrex: the onenand thing can be ignored. Search for it on tmo to see why it comes about... Iirc it is simply wear and tear of flash memory15:10
gambitrexthedead1440_: oh OK. just finished the .deb backup, copying it to my PC and then will reflash it.15:13
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gambitrexjust finished flashing16:33
gambitrexno errors16:33
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DocScrutinizer05while I just ordered a new toy to destroy16:49
DocScrutinizer05and OF COURSE they managed to once more send HTML-only mail which ends in my spam folder per default16:50
DocScrutinizer05doesn't give me hopes for jolla to get anything sorted when they haven't even heard of multipart-alternative yet16:53
rigo_DocScrutinizer05, all higher value email (e.g. airline confirmation) is crappy unsecure html email and I wonder why16:53
rigo_and nobody ever suggested to make a Specification and fix HTML emails16:53
rigo_except glazou16:53
mgedminwhat's worse than text/html email?  multipart/alternative with a badly rendered and useless text/plain part16:54
DocScrutinizer05goes to spam as well16:54
rigo_DocScrutinizer05, looks like your spamfilter is pretty much whitelist only :)16:55
* rigo_ is very happy with CRM11416:55
DocScrutinizer05whatever that means16:56
mgedminwhy?  because my mutt auto-renders text/html into *usable* plain text with w3m -dump, but multipart/alternative turns that off16:56
mgedmin(CRM114 is a tool to build spam filters)16:56
DocScrutinizer05congrats, I hope it even executes JS16:57
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DocScrutinizer05of course it downloads embedded 1*1px "cookie" images?16:57
DocScrutinizer05alows cross site scripting?16:57
DocScrutinizer05auto-opens malwar attachments?16:58
mgedminnah, I'm too lazy to implement all those features16:58
DocScrutinizer05aah I see ;-P16:59
DocScrutinizer05so it renders html but does NOT download any non-attached pictures16:59
DocScrutinizer05for sure looks great16:59
DocScrutinizer05and spammers still will love you ;-D17:00
rigo_kmail is a pain, but it does html mail correctly without downloading stuff and without JS17:04
DocScrutinizer05i'm concerned though - isn't nowadays JS mandatory for HTML, or you won't get any useful result? This doesn't apply to HTML-mail?17:04
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rigo_DocScrutinizer05, depending on the version you're using17:04
DocScrutinizer05rigo_: *my* kmail moves html-only mail to spamfolder17:04
rigo_HTML5 is all about EcmaScript17:04
rigo_HTML4 can be used without17:05
DocScrutinizer05just like jolla *can* send multipart/alternative17:05
rigo_the securest browser ever:
DocScrutinizer05but watching their website, I don't think they plan to do either17:06
rigo_oh, jolla is the only alternative if you want a privacy friendly phone. And they are doing all their promo on Facebook17:06
DocScrutinizer05at least the order page worked in konqueror (though with JS enabled)17:06
rigo_ha, my favorite browser. Do you use the webkit part or the khtml part?17:07
DocScrutinizer05I prefer a string phone ;-P17:07
DocScrutinizer05webkit :-/17:07
* rigo_ is vailliantly facing the web with pure khtml :)17:08
rigo_for it khtml works pretty well, for the rest, I switch browsers as I see fit17:08
DocScrutinizer05I gonna change back to khtml eventually, none of the "tools2 work with webkit17:08
rigo_I especially like the fish protocol in konqi17:09
DocScrutinizer05all "tools"->"HTML settings"->* doesn't work with webkit X-(17:12
rigo_hmmm, does the archiver work at least?17:12
DocScrutinizer05don't think so17:12
DocScrutinizer05the thing that creates .war ?17:13
DocScrutinizer05It seems gone17:13
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DocScrutinizer05KDE4 for (or from) the losers, realy17:14
DocScrutinizer05KDE3 redone by web programmers (sorry to any web programmers in here)17:15
DocScrutinizer05and don't get me started about akonadi17:15
rigo_yep, KDE4 was a long painful walk. I started with KDE 1.1 and 4.0 - 4.10 were really painful17:16
rigo_4.11 works rather well, including the nepomuk stuff17:16
DocScrutinizer05ok, maybe time for yet another update17:16
rigo_but you need 4 core 8GBRAM and an SSD17:16
DocScrutinizer05after full disk image#17:17
DocScrutinizer05good, got exactly that17:17
rigo_tip: do that before the WE and leave it alone indexing over the WE17:17
rigo_it hammers your CPU over 3 days (at least) to index everything17:17
DocScrutinizer05oh yeah, been there done that17:17
DocScrutinizer05importing my mails into new kmail took like 30h17:18
rigo_but the improvements done by Vishesh make the search solid and lightning fast17:18
DocScrutinizer05gail akonadi17:18
DocScrutinizer05hail even17:18
DocScrutinizer05what an abomination17:19
rigo_yep, and my preferred bug was only fixed in 11.417:19
rigo_they did not refresh correctly, so you had to start kmail to see new email17:19
rigo_wait... looking for URI17:19
rigo_and this because of a borken plasma think that indicated how much new mail you have17:20
DocScrutinizer05plasma - yet another POS17:20
* rigo_ needs more coffee17:21
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* DocScrutinizer05 needs coffee17:27
DocScrutinizer05yeah, seen that too before I downgraded to some hacked up 1.98467534 kmail version17:28
DocScrutinizer05kmail2 and akonadi are poisonous17:28
DocScrutinizer05pondering to switch to SLED17:31
DocScrutinizer05don't think suse would let such crap kreep in to their professional distro17:32
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DocScrutinizer05rigo_: thanks for this pointer to kde ticket. Pretty disappointing and discouraging read though18:09
DocScrutinizer05this bug ruins mail for zillions of users of kmail2 since 10 months now18:10
DocScrutinizer05has potential to kill businesses18:10
gambitrexhey, I am back. Everything seems OK with my N9 so far -- which is great news :)18:12
gambitrexQ: Some time ago, I used inception in my N9 to install some "untrusted" packages. But now we have openrepos (didn't take a deep look though). Does that replaces the "need" of doing inception or open mode?18:13
gambitrex*for installing unsigned/untrusted packages only18:13
gambitrexI know I may still need open mode for installing Nitdroid18:14
EztranNot really. Trusted repo + opensudo does to an extent.18:14
gambitrexbut currently, what is the best option? inception/open mode/ others18:15
EztranOpenmode's pretty great.18:16
thedead1440gambitrex: if you don't need device lock i would suggest simply using open mode with juiceme's fix for applauncherd to prevent applications from closing when dpkg is running...18:16
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gambitrexthedead1440: hmm.. I gonna need device lock... you know, jealous girlfriend... :P18:17
thedead1440haha then open mode with open sudo and coderus' trusted repo should be the way forward :D18:18
thedead1440s/open mode/closed mode/18:18
infobotthedead1440 meant: haha then closed mode with open sudo and coderus' trusted repo should be the way forward :D18:18
gambitrexthedead1440:  lol tks18:18
gambitrexgonna spend some time until configure my n9 as it was (just figure that restore backup does not works to me -- some restricted ui plugin I had mess it all), but I am very optimist now. \o/18:20
gambitrexThank you all!18:20
gambitrexreally appreciate your help/time/guessing18:20
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gambitrexif anyone is coming to Brazil next year, let me know, so we can drink a beer :o)18:25
rigo_DocScrutinizer05, this bug was present since KDE 4.7 and 4.4 until 4.8 were more or less unusable. So either stick with debian stable and 4.3 or directly go to 4.11. I would wait for 4.11.4 as it has the bug fixed. 4.11.4 is supposed to be released on 3 Dec. I use opensuse KR11 repos18:29
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DocScrutinizer05KDE 4.8.5 :-S18:31
DocScrutinizer05but kmail is a downgarde, as I mentioned before18:31
rigo_in this case update to 4.11.3 immediately. This is a different world18:31
DocScrutinizer05this would kill my kmail custom build18:32
rigo_either use KR411 or suse 13.1 which also has KDE 4.1118:32
rigo_used it to configure clean machine to go to china18:32
rigo_worked very well18:32
DocScrutinizer05I nuked my mail 3 times (incl the archive) during january/february18:33
DocScrutinizer05thanks to kmail/kde418:33
rigo_uuuhhh oooohh, I have switched to imap for that reason18:33
rigo_they did not manage yet to destroy imap folders18:33
DocScrutinizer05I can't do that18:33
rigo_even local imap server helps already ...18:34
DocScrutinizer05I have like 10 mail accounts, and ~300k of archived mails (#, not bytes)18:34
rigo_I have more18:34
rigo_ kind of > 10gb18:34
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rigo_that's why it takes 3 days to index :)18:35
DocScrutinizer05meh, I don't even know how many bytes this is18:35
*** tigerfoot has joined #harmattan18:35
rigo_DocScrutinizer05: du -h * ?18:35
rigo_mail is in a folder, you just du the folder18:36
DocScrutinizer05the ONE folder? haha18:36
DocScrutinizer05I moved across 4 machines with that mail18:36
rigo_ahh, I have one folder and 1mio subfolders, so I'm just better organized :)18:37
DocScrutinizer05I have ~.kde3/*18:37
DocScrutinizer05and several other backups, even under other user accounts18:37
rigo_nooooo! I'm feeling the pain :-o18:37
* rigo_ has everything in some /Mail18:38
DocScrutinizer05but I don't care how much bytes this is, I'm just served by seeing "300000 mails"18:38
rigo_I do NOT trust any .kde folder as you have to remove them from time to time18:38
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DocScrutinizer05and then you "upgrade" to anohter kmail version and POOOF again all filters and subfolders and everything nuked18:39
rigo_there is a function of "export filters"18:39
rigo_in the next version you can re-import those filters18:39
DocScrutinizer05I never removed any .kde folder, I as weel could run over my PC with a lorry18:39
DocScrutinizer05there is ~1 man year of configuration and tweaking work in those .kde folders18:40
rigo_uhh, don't upgrade :)18:40
DocScrutinizer05as well*18:45
DocScrutinizer05well, that's basically what I do18:46
DocScrutinizer05bott-nagger sitting in systray since months (since 2 kernel updtaes to be correct)18:46
DocScrutinizer05saturn:/ # uptime18:47
DocScrutinizer05 17:46pm  up 234 days 17:36,  25 users,  load average: 0.18, 0.14, 0.1518:47
* rigo_ switches computers off because of energy consumption18:54
DocScrutinizer05I don't have periods of no use that are long enough to even consider switching it off19:05
* rigo_ is not compiling, so no presence and the computer is bored => switch off19:06
deramI use suspend to ram where it's applicable..19:11
deramservers stay on allways, desktops suspends when not in use..19:12
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gambitrexOk, after some installations (including coderus' opensudo), I have some questions about opensudo19:52
gambitrexin coderus' post, it says:19:52
gambitrex#installing package with privileges from file:  sudo aegis-dpkg -i packagename19:53
gambitrex#installing package with privileges from any repository:  sudo aegis-apt-get install packagename19:53
gambitrexbut there's no aegis-apt-get nor aegis-dpkg binary19:53
gambitrexalso, when I try to install [system-ui-brightness]:19:54
gambitrexThe following packages have unmet dependencies:   system-ui-brightness: Depends: unrestricted-system-ui19:54
gambitrexand there's no package unrestricted-system-ui in coderus' repository. Any idea?19:55
gambitrexwell, there's the .deb alone:
gambitrexWhy didn't he put this package in his repository? :S any thoughts?19:56
DocScrutinizer05deram: my desktop is also a "server"19:58
Eztrangambitrex: The installation stuff turns up when you install opensudo, IIRC. I think unrestricted-system-ui stuff got moved?19:58
EztranNo, wait. Here's the aegis bit.
*** Kabouik has quit IRC20:01
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*** Kabouik has joined #harmattan20:01
DocScrutinizer05an educational masterpiece of "how to fsckup a whole linux system by a silly DRM enforcer disguised as `user protection┬┤"20:02
gambitrexdamn, that's complicated. lol20:02
gambitrexEztran: thank you, let me read some more20:02
DocScrutinizer05yes, and that's why I don't touch HARM anymore20:02
DocScrutinizer05aegispaegis fscked it up, none of the tools you're used to as unix professional does work anymore20:03
*** Hurrian has quit IRC20:04
DocScrutinizer05and Nokia promised an openmode which everybody understood as "no need to bother about that aegis crap" - they didn't deliver20:07
EztranTrue. Openmode still has aegis, it's just been crippled a bit.20:08
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
DocScrutinizer05THIRD PARTY software that requires a safe (FROM USER TEMPERING WITH IT) execution environment20:11
DocScrutinizer05not exactly any better than tivo20:12
gambitrexso how about Sailfish? does it is openmode?20:12
DocScrutinizer05it allegedly has no aegis. But then AFAIK it's *based* on android closed stuff on system level20:13
anonfriese_android stuff on system level? really20:13
anonfriese_i thought it was just mer on system level...20:13
EztranHardware implementation.20:13
rigo_I thought they would not tap into android as I don't like android for various reasons20:17
rigo_security model, privacy controls are only a few of them20:17
rigo_reaction time, display, battery lifetime ...20:18
DocScrutinizer05that's not the level sailfish/jolla is exploiting android stuff though20:18
gambitrexEztran: I hate being so dumb. Seems like things never work easily for me on Harmattan. I have installed the .deb as coderus instructions, but there's still no unrestricted-ui! :(20:18
gambitrexnow I have aegis-apt-get, aegis-dpkg and aegis-install20:19
gambitrexshouldn't unrestricted-ui be installed with that hack?20:19
EztranNah, that just lets you install with correct privileges from untrusted repos.20:19
*** Kabouik has quit IRC20:20
DocScrutinizer05which you will need badly once Nokia pulls the plug of the original harmattan system repo20:20
DocScrutinizer05planned obsolescence at its finest20:21
gambitrexthat is so confusing to me. Please bear with me, I will recall everything I have done so far20:22
EztranTBH, I did think the trusted repo had the system-ui packages in it. Looks like it might've been moved somewhere? I think they were working on getting openrepos trusted, might be related... Anyway, N9QTweak always kinda had the simplest way to do it, IMO.20:22
DocScrutinizer05o/ cya20:22
gambitrexBEFORE: inception + install unrestricted-ui .deb + install plugins (show BT, brightness, and so on)20:23
gambitrexNOW (after reflash the phone): trusted repository + openmode + aegis hacks20:23
gambitrexbut where do I get the restricted-ui? the same way as before (installing dpkg -i <unrestricted-ui deb>)?20:24
gambitrexshouldn't it be within coderus' repository?20:24
*** hasan has joined #harmattan20:25
gambitrexEztran: I see. I can try to install N9QTweak, but I just want to understand what is happening here...20:25
*** hasan is now known as Guest2616820:25
gambitrexEztran: actually, I *will* install qtweak later anyway...20:26
*** Guest26168 has quit IRC20:27
Eztrangambitrex: Well, if you want to do it manually anyway, looks like the package's still in the thread,
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keithzgHmm, I'm about to try and follow, and I see reference to having to remove the "Scary Warranty Warning" "before entering open mode", but I see (and haven't been able to find) what steps I'd need to take to do so.21:43
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Eztrankeithzg: from a closed-mode install: 'disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode'.21:49
*** ortylp2 has joined #harmattan21:49
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keithzgEztran: Aha, thanks21:54
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