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FatPhilanyone familiar with the n950 bootloader. Where does the mtd partition info in the kernel cmdline come from? I have no mention of a moslo partition, yet apparently others do have in theirs14:28
Aardit's stored in the cal area. n950s (the ones handed out as developer devices) should have a moslo partition, older prototypes and n9s don't have one14:30
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FatPhilyeah, this is a dodgy device with a broken screen from a friend of a friend who knew I wanted to do some poking around14:37
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FatPhilAnd dicking about with CAL is a rather risky operation. Has someone worked out what's where, and perhaps even created safe tools to mess with it?14:38
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Aardnot that I'm aware of. and I'm not even sure if you can write all areas without rnd certificates present14:47
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FatPhilAard: interesting. You've pointed me towards this:
FatPhilI'm wondering what mechanism "your CAL areas a permanently locked while in open mode" takes?18:11
AardJonni might know something there18:13
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padoes anybody know whether  there is some newer build of firefox for our beloved? or still 14 is the latest?18:41
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Morpog_PCmeffox is based on 21 iirc18:54
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paah thanksĀ§!18:58
pabut.. i assume it does not have the official features such as mozilla sync, does it?18:59
Morpog_PCno sync support in meefox, the code is there, just no API and UI that uses it19:00
paah okay19:00
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FatPhilNo R&D cerificate on this device, but writing to the CAL area works:20:26
FatPhil# dd if=dev_mtd1_c of=/dev/mtd1 bs=3276820:26
FatPhil12+0 records in20:26
FatPhil12+0 records out20:26
FatPhil393216 bytes (384.0KB) copied, 0.036468 seconds, 10.3MB/s20:26
FatPhilSo there's nothing physically preventing it. Gonna try a downgrade of software, and make sure that fails...20:28
abdid you check that the content is the same as in dev_mtd1_c ?20:29
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FatPhilab: indeed - the contents are not the same, so the write is not performed, and without the kernel reporting an error20:36
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JonniFatPhil: yes on secure mode writing to cal area works, but be carefull as editing wrong places will permabrick the device. In openmode bootloader order cal area of the flash to be ro.22:27
FatPhilJonni: what's "secure mode" in this context?22:30
FatPhilNot so worried about permabricking this one, as it's a junker from a skip with a broken screen22:31
JonniI mean normal mode == secure mode vs custom kernel == openmode22:31
FatPhilhmm, my tests using dd, just copying back an old known copy of the whole of the partition, indicated that the write had silently not taken place22:32
FatPhilI've now got Nemo/Mer on it, I guess I could try my tests from within that context22:33
Jonniwell if you have nemo/mer on it, then your in openmode, and that partition is readonly22:34
Jonniso dd will not write there22:34
FatPhilDo you know how the writes are blocked?22:34
Jonniyes bootloader order flash hw to mark that area ro22:35
FatPhilSo if it can be worked out how the bootloader does that (RE, or put it in emulation?) then perhaps it can be undone?22:36
Jonniand only bootloader pa has access to call that API, kernel nor userspace have no way to change it back to rw22:36
FatPhilahhh, those dreaded PAs22:36
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Jonniso without access to master signing key your out of luck :22:37
FatPhilMy original plan was to try to get HArmattan/Alt_OS dual boot22:37
FatPhilalas that requires a moslo partition on onenand22:37
FatPhilwhich isn't the config on this device, so I was trying to trace where the partition came from22:38
Jonniwith ubiboot you dont need to change onenand at all22:38
JonniI have triple boot to nitdroid / harmattan and sailfish on my device22:38
FatPhilYeah, I was told you were doing Sailfish on all kinds of devices22:39
Jonniyou can just flash ubiboot kernel, and use sfdisk on cli to create as many partitions as you like on your device.22:40
FatPhilI'm prepared to experiment with ubiboot, this device is for experimentation more than actual use22:40
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coderusHello!! Any source code for using transfers window in harmattan?22:53
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DocScrutinizer05well, at least that dialog between FatPhil and Jonni is what I could quote when somebody asks me why N9(50) are completely out of my range of interest23:55
AardDocScrutinizer05: even as somebody who has r&d certificates on his devices -- working on jolla devices is refreshingly painless for a change23:55
DocScrutinizer05I generally don't touch devices where some vendor-installed sw can do things I don't have any control over23:56
JonniI bet that N950 prices will drop below 300e when Sailfish devices start to hit the market.23:56
JonniI still have one extra N950 in unopened box as new.23:56
DocScrutinizer05Aard: good to hear23:57
DocScrutinizer05dang, I'm fighting my alter ego since ~one year at least to finally decide to sell N950, as long as it still cost more than gold23:58
AardDocScrutinizer05: even though parts are annoying -- there's some sentimental attachement to those devices for me23:59
DocScrutinizer05I think I haven't touched it since... 12 months23:59

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