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arvutGood morning.. Does the Store app still work for you? I can't reach any of the pages it tries to display and I suspect the service has been shut down :(10:13
arvuton the N9, running Meego harmattan 1.3 with inception installed10:13
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thomasezarvut: The same day MS buys Nokia..10:21
thomasezarvut: But it works for me. downloading a way too old Firefox to tst.10:22
thomasezN9, 1.3, no inception.10:22
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thomasezINstalling apps as a madman now, I presume the Store is history before the year has passed.10:32
mschlens_and no decent replacement on the horizon...10:48
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thomasezmschlens_: well, I am crossing my fingers for Jolla.11:16
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mschlens_I seriously hope they can pull it off proper.11:20
thomasezGames of bubble, "free" my ass. why does it want to go on Internet after I've burst five lines of bubbls.11:21
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juicemeRzR, what causes problems with encfs home is mounting/unmounting MyDocs partition.11:53
juicemeRzR, also tracker does not like encfs wrapped directories, and I suspect it is to do with a bug in the FUSE version that default PR1.3 kernel has.11:54
juicemeRzR, thanks for reminding me about it, I need to fix fuse and try it again some day :)11:55
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CissWitso, here it is, microsoft bought nokia :
leinirnoooot... the best article BBC has ever written... but then, they're notoriously bad at that whole thing :P12:31
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RzRjuiceme, yes12:36
RzRjuiceme, I tried to upgrade fuse tools, it's same12:36
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Jonne|beguess my n9 knew about the MS thing all along, and decided to crap out the day before15:39
mgedminwhat, yours too???15:44
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mgedminmine lost the ability to do 3G three days ago, the ability to browse over wifi two days ago, the ability to turn on yesterday15:45
mgedmin(that's a dramatized version; basically the power button is so worn out it won't register presses, so I can't turn it on/off/lock the screen by using it)15:45
mgedmin(I can turn the n9 on by plugging it to a PC via USB, which makes it boot)15:45
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Jonne|beon mine the /home partition set itself to readonly15:47
Jonne|bei've been told reflashing it would fix it, but i've been trying to back up my files first15:48
Jonne|beright now i can't take pictures any more and my address book and calendar is gone15:48
Jonne|bealso skype is broken15:49
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Jonne|beand probably more stuff, never a good idea to have your os trying to write to a ro fs all the time15:52
Jonne|behow the hell did you wear out your power button?15:53
rigomine works like charm :)15:53
Jonne|bethe buttons on the n9 always seemed to be pretty sturdy to me15:53
Jonne|beunlike the little usb lid15:53
rigoand if you have trouble, put yourself on the waiting list ... ;-o15:54
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rigofor the "unlike" I mean ...15:54
* Jonne|be hopes it will still work until Jolla stuff is available15:55
Jonne|beif not it'll probably be nexus 4 and an ubuntu dual boot or something15:55
rigoI had Firefox OS in my hand recently. It is a valid replacement although not looking as nice15:58
* rigo is also trying to get a Jolla if the N9 is worn out15:59
thomasezI can't make my apps in python with FirefoxOS :=)15:59
Jonne|benot sure if i want a web-only OS15:59
thomasezI'm sure I won't.16:00
rigothomasez: FirefoxOS is webapps and W3C stuff, so python=> HTML+Javascript=>firefox OS16:00
Jonne|bei need offline maps at least, and i don't think web apps can do that16:00
thomasezgot my Pepple working with libpebble on the N9.16:00
rigoJonne|be: it works offline. Note that Jolla will not have maps AFAIK16:00
thomasezno idea if I can do the same on firefox os.16:00
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chouchounerigo: why wouldn't they have maps ?16:14
chouchounethere's AT LEAST open source Android apps doing maps and navigation using openstreetmaps => compatible with Jolla (downloadable from F-Droid store so no need of Play Store)16:15
chouchouneand I'm sure they will have a maps provider, that would be nonsense if they don't have any16:16
chouchouneat least an openstreetmaps implementation16:16
* mgedmin was waiting for Jolla, but since it's not ready, and my N9 is dead, ordered a Nexus 4 today16:16
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Jonne|berigo, offline directions too?16:32
Jonne|beie, can i download a country and look up places offline?16:32
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rigoeverybody who has internet can have google maps. The question is offline maps. And this is a specific Nokia feature that nobody else has as Nokia acquired NavTeq some time ago17:06
rigoI encouraged the Jolla-folks to go to Nokia and ask for offline maps. They said it will be difficult. But this may be different now17:07
Jonne|beopenstreetmaps is decent enough, although i have no idea if its data lends itself to use for navigation17:08
rigoI think openstreetmap is great, but nobody cared to develop an offline version so far for mobile phones.17:09
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rigooffline googlemaps would then work with Jolla as Jolla can do android apps.17:16
thomasezI really hope we'll get/keep Nokia Map and drive for Jolla.17:17
leinirthere is no "keep"17:18
leiniryou seem to still be thinking of jolla as the next version of the nokia n9, when that's a different company ;)17:18
thomasezNja, Sailfish ain't that long way from Harmattan.17:18
marsjeJonne|be: I do a bit of openstreetmap editing and the information in OSM is quite detailed and could be perfectly used for navigation17:18
leinirentirely irrelevant, it still isn't Nokia :)17:18
thomasezTo be honest I've been seeing Jolla as Nokiax exit strategy if the MS thingie failed.17:19
leinirit's not... it /is/ an exit strategy for the engineers, though :)17:19
thomasezBut we can wonder what the agreement with MS is.17:19
thomasezwe'll see.17:20
Morpog_N9_i would be ok with a port from harmattan drive to sailfishos17:20
Morpog_N9_not much effort for here guys17:20
Morpog_N9_and all old nokia fans would buy it17:21
leiniri'd kind of like the new version more... which is also Qt based, and they've been showing it off in a variety of places...17:21
leinirmaps and drive are showing their age17:21
Morpog_N9_well, that would be fantastic, still i'm ok with old harmattan versions17:22
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Jonne|bemarsje, i don't know much about GIS, but i assume you need data like speed limits and road type & driving direction to use it properly for navigation, does osm have this data?17:33
Jonne|bei guess it could be crowdsourced with a waze-type arrangement17:33
marsjeJonne|be: yes, it does, but of course it depends on the location how accurate it is17:37
marsjein some countries it's very accurate and detailed, in others there is almost nothing17:37
marsjeif you go to, you can see the map, but you can also see the underlying data17:40
marsje(on the right side press the layer button and check "Map Data")17:41
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Jonne|beyou bastard, sending me straight to borgerhout without a warning :p17:52
Jonne|bethat is pretty detailed, so yeah, if someone wants to do the work it's totally doable17:55
marsjethere is already a routing engine that uses osm data18:00
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Venemo_has anyone ever completed the Qt5 port to harmattan?18:38
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juicemecoderus, ping21:30
juicemecoderus, I just updated info on freshly compiled kernel-plus image with ExFAT support on TMO...21:31
juicemecoderus, see post
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