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thedead1440RzR: hi08:08
thedead1440RzR: did you modify that python script for it to fail on
thedead1440freemangordon too couldn't find such a link in the python script and i was thinking to try installing scratchbox on my other PC to verify it08:09
thedead1440even doesn't have that binary-armel link and skeiron had mirrored it before scratchbox was placed under maemo.org08:10
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mgedminmy N9 can't use 3G (or 2G) all of a sudden13:08
mgedminrebooting doesn't help13:09
TimoDo you mean you can't use your data connection, or can't you make calls?13:09
TimoOr both.13:09
mgedmindidn't occur to me to try calls13:09
TimoDid you already remove the sim, and reinsert it?13:09
mgedminit sees the network, but when I try to use it (browse the web/twitter/check weather), the 2.5G icon blinks blue a few times, then suddenly it fails to see the network at all13:10
mgedmintried reinserting the sim13:10
mgedmintried rebooting13:10
mgedminoh, look, fun fact: it can't use the wifi either13:10
mgedminas in: I can open a terminal and ping a hostname successfully13:10
mgedminbut try to open it in the web browser, and it times out13:10
TimoHm, strange.13:10
TimoHave you tried another browser?13:11
mgedminwith a complimentary "hey you no longer have GSM network" status bar change in the middle13:11
mgedminlet me try Firefox13:11
mgedminFirefox works!13:11
TimoAs well on 3G?13:12
mgedmindidn't try 3G13:12
mgedmingood idea13:12
mgedminat the moment it doesn't even list 3G as an option in the Connect dialog13:15
TimoMaybe you just don't have a signal which is strong enough?13:15
mgedminthis can't be a coincidence: as soon as I try to open any website in the internal browser (while connected to wifi), the status bar stops seeing my GSM network13:16
TimoThat is really strange.13:16
mgedminok, pulled SIM card, wifi still on... web browser doesn't work13:17
mgedminfirefox works fine13:17
TimoBut if Firefox works, I guess it's a software problem, so reflashing won't be a bad idea.13:17
mgedminmay be worth a try13:17
mgedminor I could bite the bullet and buy an Android phone :/13:18
TimoOr buy a second hand N900.13:18
mgedminI have a N90013:18
mgedminI just don't know where it is13:18
mgedmin256 megs of RAM is paltry13:18
TimoThumb2 is a solution13:19
TimoI've got an N900 too, but don't use it as daily phone anymore, however I'd like to, the N9 is just so limited at some points.13:20
mgedminI was quite happy with my N9, while it worked13:23
mgedminwell, except the Twitter app was unbearably slow13:23
mgedminand Web wouldn't let me scroll/zoom Medium, Instagram, and a few other websites13:24
mgedminand the battery life wasn't long enough13:24
mgedminand Camera startup time was unbearable13:24
mgedminbut other than that it was excellent13:24
thedead1440mgedmin: check your resolv.conf file for any errors13:29
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mgedminthedead1440, I did say that 'ping somewebsite' works fine in a terminal, didn't I?15:05
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Jonne|beanyone know what could cause this issue?16:53
Jonne|be~ $ touch test16:53
Jonne|betouch: test: No space left on device16:53
Jonne|bethere is space left on the device, before you ask16:53
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JackaLXJonne|be: well, not completely sure, but when it happened to me the only thing that got rid of it was a complete reflash including emmc.  And yeah, this is related to your camera problems too, and I wouldn't be surprised if you are losing your contacts as well17:06
JackaLXAt one point I think I tried to fix it with fsck, and that even worked for a short while, but the problem came right back shortly after17:08
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JackaLXIt drove me totally nuts... even threw the phone across the room at one point (that's how my usb flap broke off) :-)17:09
JackaLXBut it has been good since flash17:09
JackaLX~6 mnths ago17:10
Jonne|behmm, will give fsck a shot17:21
Jonne|beif i can find the right syntax17:21
Jonne|be seems like this is exactly the issue i have17:27
Jonne|beand there's no fsck on the device, afaict17:27
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Jonne|behow do i unmount /home ? umount /dev/mmcblk0p3 returns 'operation not permitted'17:34
Jonne|beand i'm root17:34
JackaLXall bets are off with what root can and can't do when aegis is concerned :-)17:35
JackaLXI cheated and booted from rescue nemo image17:35
Jonne|beyou cheater you17:35
Jonne|bei guess i should look into booting into recovery mode or something, instead of doing it over ssh17:36
JackaLXFor me, fsck'ing was only a very temporary fix.  I had to reflash to fix it for good17:37
Jonne|beguess i'll have to bite the bullet and do that then. Is there a guide to do this from Linux?17:38
JackaLXthere's a good article about it on TMO17:38
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Jonne|bewell, that's going to take me a while17:40
Jonne|beinstall navifirmex in wine17:40
Jonne|bebacking up my data17:40
JackaLXwhy do you need navifirmex/wine?17:41
Jonne|beguide says i need it to download the images17:41
Jonne|be" Use the following steps to retrieve the appropriate firmware files for your phone:"17:41
Jonne|beunless they're on some ftp somewhere?17:41
Jonne|be oh, here they are17:42
JackaLXright at the top there is a link to a mirror17:42
JackaLXalthough... PR1.3 doesn't have the emmc included17:42
Jonne|bewhat does that mean?17:42
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JackaLXthe emmcs is the user data that comes with the device17:43
Jonne|be"Additionally, there is a content image ("eMMC image") for most countries/regions that can be used to reset the user data on the phone and restore the wallpaper/music/map files that originally shipped with it."17:45
Jonne|beoh, i don't care about that17:45
Jonne|beunless i need it to fix the emmc?17:45
JackaLXSure, but I'm pretty sure that the problem is some corruption in something that ships in that emmc... probably tracker db or some such17:46
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JackaLXI'm going to bed, good luck with it, Jonne|be17:49
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