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qusayAard, ffgg08:34
qusayAard, gg08:34
qusayAard, helllo08:34
qusayAard, ض08:35
qusayAard, هلووو08:36
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marcelluxhi. does any one know if it's possible to track a nokia n9 which has been stolen? the device cannot be shutted down cos it is password protected, though I guess the SIM card has been removed (I cannot reach my number)09:28
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rikaneemarcellux: if it's not online, it can't be tracked.09:38
rikaneeI guess, if your telco allows simless registration for emergency calls then yeah, it may be trackable09:39
rikaneebut if your telco requires a SIM for that, you're screwed.09:39
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marcelluxdoes "telco" stand for telephone company?  my nokia n9 had no SIM-Lock09:44
rikaneeyes, telephone company.09:44
rikaneesome GSM configurations require a SIM (any SIM, really) to make emergency calls, others do not09:45
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trxtelephone companies can see if your IMEI shows up on their network10:02
marcelluxso, the best thing I can do, I guess, it's to report this to the police depertment. Thanks for your answers!10:05
trxno problem and good luck10:06
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Win7Macthedead1440, any progress?13:35
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thedead1440Win7Mac: sorry haven't tried it since18:42
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Win7Macok, please let me know when you have19:03
thedead1440try it out; my n9's usb seems to have broken today and i'm overseas so i can't even get my backup N9 in action :(19:05
thedead1440fcking nokia devices; they _always_ have usb port issues19:05
Win7Macno USB required (besides for charging)19:08
thedead1440Win7Mac: yes i can't charge my device now19:08
SpeedEvilDoesn't n9 support wireless charging, or am I confused.19:08
Win7MacI definetely will not try it, I only have N9 and need it...19:08
thedead1440its at 19% and only dropping whenever i plug it in19:08
thedead1440SpeedEvil: nope it doesn't19:08
SpeedEvilthedead1440: I suppose you've tried swapping out the cable and charger?19:09
Win7Macthere's a hack for wireless charging AFAIK19:09
thedead1440SpeedEvil: yup wall chargers refuse to charge it while via USB on PC it shows to be charging but the percentage only drops19:09
thedead1440or remains the same19:09
SpeedEvilthedead1440: :/19:09
thedead1440bmestat shows 207mins to charge from 19% but it just remains there19:09
thedead1440my n8 had a usb port issue but that had the small nokia charging point too so it was manageable; now the n9 has only this one bloody port that's useless19:10
mschlenslooks interesting.19:11
SpeedEvilWhat happens to n9s returned for service now - are there still warranty repairs done?19:11
mschlensSpeedEvil: lol19:11
mschlensYou might end up with a Lumia19:12
* SpeedEvil sighs.19:12
mschlenssort of like they used to replace N900s with E85s19:12
thedead1440SpeedEvil: they find the most stupid excuses not to repair them. when i had the power button issue and my device was out of warranty, they told me if it didn't have the device's region firmware they won't be able to repair it19:12
* SpeedEvil fails.19:12
thedead1440so fcking lame...19:12
SpeedEvilI meant to ebay my lumia, but it's still in the box.19:12
SpeedEvilI suppose I should do it.19:12
SpeedEvil(n900 replacement due to USB failure)19:13
Win7Macthedead1440, sorry to hear your USB gone bad, hope you'll manage to keep it alive for your trip19:14
thedead1440nope its switched off19:14
thedead1440my home sim is on my sgs3 and overseas sim on my n90019:15
Win7Macprobably try to bend it *slightly* while charging19:15
thedead1440doesn't help; tried all those tricks19:15
Win7Macand no 2nd phone with you?19:16
thedead1440Win7Mac: >>00:18 <thedead1440> my home sim is on my sgs3 and overseas sim on my n900<<19:16
thedead1440my n900 is my spare so it comes to good use now :D19:16
Win7Macah ;-)19:16
Win7Macok, then we'll test this Flash version thingy when you're back :p19:18
thedead1440haha ok19:18
thedead1440or ask ladoga to do it too; he has a 2nd N9 doing nothing for such things :p19:18
Win7MacI wonder why nobody answers in my thread19:20
thedead1440because people don't use flash on n9?19:20
thedead1440its so freaking slow that its redundant...19:20
Win7Macbut many sites still use it19:21
thedead1440agreed but the performance is so poor on the n9 that people most likely don't even bother with it19:21
Win7Macbetter low performance than not beeing able to visit those pages at all19:22
thedead1440well most people have multiple devices along with the n9 so...19:23
Win7MacAND so far I've only found flash streams for Formula1 live stream. Are there others?19:24
Win7Mac^ which ofc didn't work so far...19:26
thedead1440yeah understand your point... try to ping ladoga if he can help test it. i'll be back home in ~3days so may only be able to do it then19:29
Win7Macok thanks19:33
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