IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2013-06-04

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rigotortoisedoc, the N9 calendar really can do timezones. I tried with the SoGo calendar and it worked00:03
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rigotortoisedoc, the N9 calendar really can do timezones. I tried with the SoGo calendar and it worked00:03
tortoisedocrigo -> awesome00:04
rigonow if I step out on the plane in Tokyo on Friday, it should just work out of the box ...00:04
tortoisedoclol three days to tokyo in one plane?? what kind of plane are you flying? ;)00:05
rigook, good night. I don't use screen here :)00:05
rigonot going with Cesna :) just boarding later this week (A 380)00:06
rigocattle class of course00:06
deramyes. it seems to respect the timezones saved in events, though there is no way to edit or view that data on N9 calendar00:06
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deramyou need to sync to some other device and use that calendar to edit the timezone..00:08
tortoisedoctoo late :/00:09
deramoh.. I see00:10
tortoisedocif aegis is bitching about my app00:12
tortoisedocwhy is it started at boot anyway???00:12
tortoisedoc*twice* btw?00:12
valdur55damnih. i found better rubybox parkage but i lost correct dosbox00:13
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tortoisedocwell, f*ck it00:15
tortoisedochave a good one guys00:15
tortoisedocif someone would like to help, [28064.284088] credp: duicontrolpanel: credential 3::9990479 not present in sou$ [28064.284118] Aegis: credp_kcheck failed 9990005 [28064.284118] Aegis: verification failed (source origin check)00:15
tortoisedocwtf is this?00:15
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello !00:29
Sfiet_KonstantinMy N9 just died today00:29
Sfiet_Konstantinwhere to find firmwares since navifirm is down ?00:29
arcean001 variant:
Sfiet_Konstantinarcean: let's pray that I have the 001 variant ...00:37
arceanuse the flasher -i command00:38
Sfiet_Konstantinarcean: bricked00:38
Sfiet_Konstantincannot boot00:38
Sfiet_KonstantinI was hoping about coldflash00:39
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Sfiet_Konstantinresurrection ...00:56
Sfiet_Konstantinthe phone just turned on00:57
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DocScrutinizer05skeiron has most firmware variants01:26
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HtheBanybody alive?01:41
HtheBi want to use ubiboot01:44
HtheBbut somehow, the read me is kinda confusing about 01 and 0201:44
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HtheBI think I've bricked my phone02:30
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HtheBjuiceme: u there by any chance?02:45
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juicemeHtheB, morning :)07:37
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Jonnijuiceme: he is alredy offline. Maybe the readme should say more clearly that 01 is the obsoleted way.08:40
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juicemeJonni, yes I realised that.09:25
juicemeJonni, HtheB posted a question at TMO
juicemeIt seems he managed somehow to get his device in a state that he cannot flash it any longer?09:31
juicemeah, actually I am wrong, he magnaged to boot it agfter all09:31
infobotjuiceme meant: ah, actually I am wrong, he magnaged to boot it after all09:31
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juicemethedead1440_, check up #ubiboot :)10:38
juicemefinally done it :) :)10:39
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HtheBjuiceme: you there?11:48
mschlenshe was an hour ago11:49
HtheBjuiceme: I wasn't able to boot my device (even after flashing official kernel, I couldn't boot) but after flashing my device, I could boot up. Somehow I was stuck in a loop11:50
HtheBBut the readme file of ubiboot is a bit confusing11:50
HtheB(by the way, good morning)11:51
Jonni01 instructions are obsolete, you should use 0211:55
HtheByeah, I try to use that11:56
HtheBbut since it's 'mixed' together11:57
HtheBits a bit hard to understand what is for 01 and what is for 0211:57
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HtheBi've come to the screen where ubiboot shows up with the OS's11:58
HtheBbut, ofcourse.. since i didn't put any modules somewhere... im stuck again haha11:58
Jonniyou just skip all the 2.* steps11:58
HtheBthats the part that i didnt understand11:58
Jonniyou just drop thefiles in mydocs/boot dir and your all set, or what part was confusing?12:00
HtheBlet me telnet to my phone (hopefully)12:00
HtheBstupid windows xp can't install the drivers for telnet12:01
Jonniwell dafault values in configs are pretty good so you dont need to edit the files much.12:01
HtheBJonni: well how come I can't boot my device :D12:01
Jonnimaybe you didnt copy the the kernel in harmattanrootfs/boot directory?12:02
HtheBthats the part that I missed12:02
HtheBflashed back original kernel to copy the kernel in /boot/12:03
HtheBlets see what it does now :)12:04
Jonnibasicly if you do triple boot setup, you have boot dir on harmattan rootfs where the harmattan and android kernels are, you have boot dir in mydocs where the configs are, and you have boot dir in p4 partition where nemo kernel is.12:05
HtheBlol... /boot is empty?!12:05
Jonniif you forget to copy kernel there, then that would explain why it doesnt bootup :)12:05
HtheBkinda weird12:06
HtheBbecause what I understand from the readme was to create a boot directory within MyDocs12:06
Jonniyes configs go into boot directory in MyDocs12:06
HtheBso I copy the zImages to /boot?12:07
Jonnidepends where does your /boot point to?12:07
HtheBwhat about the cpio?12:07
Jonniits not the /boot of the telnet interface :)12:08
Jonnicpio goes into MyDocs/boot/12:08
Jonnior cpio is actuallly in dev/mmcblk0p1/boot   if that makes it any clearer12:09
HtheBoke, let me check the conf file12:09
HtheBah, default is /boot/Harmattan/boot/12:09
Jonnikernel goes into /dev/mmcblk0p2 devices boot dir, which is that /boot/Harmattan/boot/ config line12:10
HtheByes, works! :)12:11
Jonniso basicly you dont edit the configs, but you just put the kernel files in right places12:11
HtheBby the way, do you know what the 'fix12' kernel does?12:11
HtheBsome how, just before booting into Harmattan12:13
HtheBit returns back to the os select screen >.<12:13
Jonniso how many partitions your device has, have you setup nemo partition?12:14
Jonniand where have you copied the kernel?12:14
HtheBto /boot/Harmattan/boot/12:15
HtheBcopied the zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix12:15
Jonniin that environment, ubiboots telnet interface?12:15
HtheBif I boot the phone while usb plugged in, i can telnet I suppose (needs drivers though)12:16
HtheBanyway, flashed original kernel once again12:16
Jonnithat sounds like a wrong directory, or does df show that dir mounted?12:16
HtheBlets see what I did wrong12:16
HtheB(booting phone)12:16
HtheBon the conf file12:17
HtheBG_HARMATTAN_5_LABEL="Openmode + L2fix" G_HARMATTAN_5_FILE="/boot/Harmattan/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix"12:17
HtheBseems like the file is in the correct place12:17
HtheBi should say that, does that kernel works for n950?12:17
rigoHi Jonni, while you're here. How secure is it to put sailfish on an N9? Will it be bricked?12:18
JonniHtheB: and you do understand that config file path is different from actual path?12:18
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HtheBthe ubiboot.conf is located at /home/user/MyDocs/boot/12:19
JonniHtheB: yes12:19
Jonnibut the harmattan partition is not mounted in telnet interface12:20
HtheBhmm... even after flashing orininal kernel, the phone will boot into telnet now....12:20
Jonniso you dont copy anything to /boot/Harmattan/boot/ , you copy the kernel to harmmattan rootfs partitions boot directory12:20
Jonnior was that already so?12:20
HtheBwell, i copied zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix into /boot/Harmattan/boot/12:21
HtheB(how can I get rid of the telnet now?)12:21
Jonnithat thats is a wrong path12:21
HtheBwhen I boot the phone, it says "Boot menu script not fond! please run a maintanance boot12:22
Jonnior did you mount the dirs on linux, and copied it to rootfs/boot?12:22
HtheBi copied them within terminal12:22
HtheB(on device it self)12:22
Jonniand did you mount the harmattan rootfs partition first?12:23
HtheBi didnt mount anything12:23
Jonnilike "mkdir /foo; mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /foo; mkdir /foo/boot; copy zImage /foo/boot/;"12:23
Jonnithats the only way to get the zimage to /boot/Harmattan/boot dir12:24
HtheBoke... so what next :D12:24
HtheBwhat should I do to at least get rid of the error message so I can boot the phone12:24
Jonnior do it easier, refhash to harmattan12:24
HtheBagain? =(12:24
Jonnicreate the /boot dir in harmattan and copy zImage there, and then copy configs to mydocs/boot12:24
Jonniand after that flash ubiboot kernel12:25
HtheBJonni: but thats what I did...12:25
* HtheB feels really n00b now12:25
Jonniso you did "mkdir /boot; mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/boot" as they are 2 different dirs?12:26
rigoexcept that you forgot to put the kernel there. And Jonni tells you that it only works if you either copy it there or reflash it there12:26
Jonni1st one is for kernels and second one for cpio12:26
HtheBJonni: yes, exactly12:26
Jonniif you forgot to put kernel in there, then only telnel terminal cannot be used to recover, you need to mount the partitions to copy the files12:27
Jonnior reflash and follow the instructions again12:27
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HtheBflashing phone again to its original state now12:27
HtheBwith mmc12:27
HtheBto be sure12:27
Jonniand #ubiboot channel might be more helpfull too, as ubiboot users idle there12:28
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Jonnil2fix enables L2 cache on hw, since by default kexec doesnt do it, so kernel boots faster than without the fix12:29
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HtheBthnx for the channel, didnt know :)12:30
HtheBdo you know by any chance if the kernel (l2fix) works on n950?12:30
HtheBsince.. well... n950 and n9 kernel can differ12:30
Jonnikernels are 100% the same, there is no difference12:30
HtheBthnx! :)12:31
Jeffrey04erm... can anyone help me with this?
Jeffrey04my phone claims that the inbox is full whenever message is sent to my number12:32
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Jeffrey04but after dismissing the message, the text message will be received after a minute or two12:32
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Wntanyone know where to get mosh for harmattan? Tried following these instructions: but it seems that is down15:57
Wntso it's down for good?16:06
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mschlensWnt: since 05/2916:07
Jonniyep, intel decided year ago that everything releated to does down 05/2013.16:09
Wntok, good to know16:10
JonniI'm a bit supriced that is still up, but I guess that domain disapears at some point too.16:10
Wntcoderus: Thanks for the link! itsnotabigtruck's repo was not available from there, but rzr's repo also has a package for mosh16:11
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Jonniand you can always compile deb for yourself since sources are public :)16:12
Wntsure, but I don't currently have a SDK environment set up for the N916:13
Oni^can someone compile this to N9
WntHave you guys tried mosh? It makes using Irssi much nicer over mobile internet connections16:18
Wntand it's also nice that you can switch between wlan and mobile internet connections without having to reattach to screen16:19
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JonniWnt: yes I've tried most + irssi, but I nowadays have switched to quassel-core + quassel-client combination, no need for reattaching and can be connected from 10 different machines to same irc session without need to detach the other sessions.16:22
Jonnibut yes, its handy that most doesnt freeze on ip change16:22
SpeedEvilQuassel is nive.16:23
SpeedEvilI just wish it did plaintext logs16:23
WntJonni: ok, i'll definatelly test that too!16:25
Jonnihmm that reminds me that maybe I should test if Quasseldroid would work in sailfish16:29
WntJonni: Do you guys at Jolla already use Jolla devices as a main phone?16:37
Jonnisorry, cannot comment on that.16:37
Wntok, no problem16:37
WntI should have posted that question to the DNA Jolla hangout but I missed that16:38
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DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: (quassel sqlite) should be damn easy to patch. aiui it's doing that db nonsense *only* to have no wasted 0.5 last blocks on "small" files17:34
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DocScrutinizer05while probably ignoring the overhead in storage usage that _every_ dbms brings, which I'd almost like to take bets outweighs any block/sector alignment overheads of a normal fs. And then there's still reiserfs and other byte-addr fs, and of course plain long bibary file with byte pointers into it17:37
DocScrutinizer05binary even17:37
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* SpeedEvil ponders measuring differential power use on sds.17:40
SpeedEvilit should be quite easy to track a rewrite17:40
DocScrutinizer05but honestly, as long as that's on server side I couldn't care less about it, since the I hardly can figure it will go beyond a "waste" factor of *217:41
SpeedEvildepends if the server is on flash.17:41
SpeedEvilmine is on a micrpsd on pi17:41
DocScrutinizer05let's start quassel-grew-a-brain ;-)17:42
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thedead1440hi Jonni could you help this poster? Is it hardware failure or software issues?21:27
Jonniwhat poster?21:28
thedead1440oops forgot the link :D21:28
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Sysiis there quassel2go (client) with touch-friendly interface? I installed from .deb in here but it's the same as desktop version and hardly usable (repost, I think my last line was lost dues to network hiccups)21:42
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Sysifor n900 there was really nice looking version, but I can't find package for it anywhere
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Sysiapparently RzR is the last person that has worked on quassel2go21:44
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SysiI don't have building enviroment set up so I can't test building from gitorious sources and I'm not very eager to do it21:55
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DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: will lusers ever learn that flashing N9 isn't as easy-peasy as they might think?22:36
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DocScrutinizer05Jonni: time for somebody to disclose how to flash 1.0 to recover from swiss version no-downgrade-lockedin-syndrome22:37
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Jonnithedead1440: thats hardware error, that phone will be brick for ever22:49
HtheBJonni: can I ask you something?22:50
JonniHtheB: sure22:51
HtheBcheck ur mail :D22:51
HtheB(that didn't sound like a question though)22:52
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Jonnidont see any mail :)23:00
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HtheBlol what?23:06
HtheBcheck ur query then over here23:06
joecoolis there any way to workaround bug over bluetooth with SIP calling23:07
joecoolphone tries to do sound cancellation on the handsfree in my car, turns volume down to zero on the speakers within a second or two23:07
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joecoolif i turn up i can hear the other end and they can hear themselves too23:08
joecoolregular calls work fine over bt, just sip has this issue23:08
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DocScrutinizer05ooh 121 users?! *great¡*23:20
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