IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2013-05-05

loinJonni, thank you for that hint, i will probably not chmod -x it but replace the content with exit 100:00
loinor something00:00
joecoolloin: oh you mean load time, ok.. UI lags and FC's are a part of android life00:00
joecoolthat and bad battery life00:00
Jonniloin: chmod a-x will not malf your device, replaceing with exit 1 will screw refhashlist and make your device not to boot up :)00:00
joecooli have not had the N9 go unresponsive yet00:01
Jonniand you can always a+x if you want to use smartsearch later.00:01
loinJonni, thanks for that, that's one less reflash i'll have to do on my device00:01
loinjoecool, maybe your n9 is better than mine :)00:02
Jonnismartsearch is the root of all evil, it indexes everything and makes everythinhg slow, it indexes all your audio, video, pictures, emails, facebooks, sms'es etc.00:02
loinJonni, but i don't have any filees on the phone00:02
loinso it doesn't really index anything00:02
Jonnibasicly it spies everything that you do on the phone and puts it on the database. All the incoming and outcoming calls and messages.00:02
joecoolJonni: where's it located at so i can chmod it?00:02
joecool(android has same issue, called mediascanner or something)00:02
Jonni"chmod a-x /usr/bin/smartsearch"00:03
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loinJonni, i added that info to my manifest and it still doesn't run as root00:05
Jonniloin: did you make the deb file with creator or scratchbox?  :), by default creator doesnt include aegis manifests in deb file :)00:06
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Jonniyet another nice feature that took me a while to notice00:07
loinqt creator, of course00:07
loini don't really enjoy scratchbox00:07
Jonniwell I bet that aegis file is missing from the deb package and script isnt runned as root00:07
loini only used scratchbox when compiling my systemui00:07
joecoolJonni: curious, how long can you stretch on the battery?00:08
Jonniloin: you can easily check if root permissions are missing by " tail -20 /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf"00:09
Jonniif it doesnt have request UID::ROOT then your creator didnt create valid deb file00:10
Jonniloin: if I remember right the trick was to remove AutoGenerateAegisFile line from manifest or otherwise creator just didnt do anything.00:11
loinJonni, nothing on the feelcache00:11
lointhanks Jonni00:12
loini'll try that00:12
loinsaved me a lot of time on debugging :P00:12
Jonnijoecool: it depens on usage, if I dont do anything with it and keep it on low powermode, it can last something like 4-5 days, but usually when I actively use it, I keep it on charger every night, and even on working hours on my workdesk.00:12
loinJonni, joecool
Jonnijoecool: and on long travels I have this with me makes live your easy to have extra 10000mAh, nice bonus for the default 1400mAh phone battery.00:15
loinJonni, for that small change i needed inception00:17
lointo override systemui00:17
JonniI find using inception to overrote sustemui a bit bad practice, since it changes the origin of the package. Personally I just override packages with origin, that way you can easily replace systemui back to stock systemui with just apt-get command. (where it would fail if you just incept the package)00:19
loini never intend to go back to systemui00:20
loinalso, removing auto generated aegis worked00:20
loinboy, this qt creator is a pain00:20
Jonniwell yes, but if someday there is some system package updated that is depending on some incepted package, end users might be in pain.00:21
joecoolJonni: yeah i got a similar battery unit because my ion only gets ~4 hours of battery life when on cell network with vpn00:21
joecoolwith the backup i can stretch it through the day, it's just annoying to lug around00:21
Jonnipersonally I just have added my own pgp keys are trusted keys, and when I sign my debian packages with my pgp key, system thinks that they are coming from origin00:22
loinJonni, any tutorial on your method of overriding systemui?00:22
Jonniso I can just add my own repo to sources.list and just apt-get my overriding systemui :)00:23
loinJonni, sounds like a nice plan00:23
loinJonni, but i used whatever method i found at the time00:24
loini don't like having inception00:24
Jonniwell yes, most people are just using inception because they dont want to learn how aegis really works.00:24
loinJonni, is it documented anywhere?00:25
Jonniyes its documented00:25
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loinJonni, did you write any tutorials on that replacing system ui without inception thing?00:27
joecoolhm so it seems like for openvpn i'd need openmode kernel?00:27
Jonnijoecool: openvpn works without openmode kernel.00:27
Jonnijoecool: I have openvpn running on stock kernel, but yes I used opensh to get all the required credentials to run it00:28
Jonniloin: sorry, not that many tutorials around, most of that info is just in my head :)00:28
joecoolok, will need this working by next week so phone is usable in canada00:29
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loinJonni, too bad, i'd really love to get rid of that inception thing00:29
loinJonni, how do you override package origins?00:30
Jonnilets see if I have time some day, I was planning to write triple boot tutorial soon also.00:30
Jonnibasicly I've just patched dpkg to allow AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN export.00:31
lointhat's it?00:32
fmunozsbut only in openmode?00:32
Jonniso I just run " dpkg -i foobar.deb" if I want package installed as ovi credentials, and " dpkg -i package.deb" if I want to package appear as nokia system pacakge00:32
Jonnifmunozs: I have enabled that in secure mode :)00:32
loinJonni, don't you need open mode to AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN ?00:33
Jonniso basicly all the benefits of open mode export, but without need to ever go into open mode :). So you dont need openmode :)00:34
Jonniby default you need to be in openmode to use that export, it just requires a bit of paching to enable that in secure mode.00:35
fmunozsbut you can't "easily" replace dpkg with a patched one, or can you?00:35
JonniI find using export much cleaner solution than inception :)00:35
loinJonni, any commits you can point to for the dpkg thing?00:35
Jonnifmunozs: well define easily, I just have a 3-line shell script that does the patching, so its semi-easy. :)00:36
fmunozsnot sure, I was just guessing that dpk is protected by aegis so you couldn't replace it without causing MALF on reboot00:37
Jonnifmunozs: well yes simple replace causes malf. basicly line 1 just does echo trick to selected place, line 2 calculates new sha1sum for reflashlist and line 3 just resigns refhashlist with opensh capabilities.00:39
Jonniie if you patch things, you need to make corresponding changes to refhashlist to keep system happy00:39
Jonnibut after the patch life is easy and you never need to use inception again :)00:41
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fmunozs:/ can't run QtSDK on new ubuntu00:56
fmunozsseems i found a fix
fmunozsyea, 13.04 and that fix -style cleanlooks worked00:58
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loinhow can i set context properties?02:37
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fmunozsanyone tried the nfcchat demo on N9? I'm getting this error when trying to stablish the connection Status message: Client socket error: The socket operation failed because the application lacked the required privileges.04:50
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fmunozsoh seems to be an issue with 1.0 firmware04:52
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loinhello, does anyone know if i can just change context properties as easily as i can read them with libcontextsubscriber?09:50
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loindoes anyone know how i can interface with the email app to force sync?10:28
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dm8tbrI'd expect dbus10:52
dm8tbrcan't you just listen to dbus and see the sent messages?10:52
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loindm8tbr, listen to see what happens when i press sync?11:18
dm8tbr$ man dbus-monitor11:20
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DocScrutinizer05on voting:
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loindm8tbr, thank you for that, i'm checking it out now12:16
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DocScrutinizer05MohammadAG: anyway filenames with spaces are a pita in unix, and I strongly suggest to not even allow them anywhere. When importing e.g. mp3 then just convert all spaces to underlines14:29
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loinwhat is the user password20:07
loinfor ssh user@...20:07
GeneralAntillesThere isn't one, I don't think.20:11
Morpog_PCu need to set one20:11
Morpog_PCpasswd user (and enter some password)20:11
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer05, I use iTunes to manage my music, it renames files and folders depending on artist/album/title20:32
MohammadAGso that's not an option20:32
loinMorpog_PC, i was thinking about that but i'm not sure20:38
lointhanks GeneralAntilles , Morpog_PC20:38
ZogG_laptopGeneralAntilles: hey, i saw sowatch code, i'm too noob to make bb10 port :) but at least i still can try :)20:40
GeneralAntillesZogG_laptop, less noon than me.20:51
ZogG_laptopdon't think so :)20:53
GeneralAntillesI'm a facilitator and wannabe writer. :P20:55
ZogG_laptopi'm just sloth :)20:55
GeneralAntillesHaha, yeah, sloth I know.20:58
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fmunozsJonni, do you know if it affects somehow performance having a big image on the qml diectory if it is not  used?21:55
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Jonnifmunozs: well if its inside qrc then yes it affects, if its not, then not.21:56
fmunozsthanks, i always put the launcher splash image there (to avoid editing the pro file)21:58
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loinam i alone in thinking that jolla is crap?23:28
dm8tbrwhat would you base that opinion on?23:29
loindemos online23:29
loinby demos i mean videos23:29
dm8tbrtheir usage paradigm seems consistent and ui choices seem thought out, what's your gripe then?23:31
loinwell, i just don;t like the ui23:31
loinit's nothing like the swipe ui23:32
loinit looks too much like android23:32
dm8tbrwell, de gustibus non est disputandum23:33
dm8tbrnobody will force you to like it23:33
loini was just wondering if other people felt the same23:34
lointhat was all23:34
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