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DocScrutinizer05[GENERAL NOTICE] DNS switch for migra#2 pending - see
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thedead1440coderus: ping11:55
thedead1440coderus: you have mtd4 issues right? Guess what the ubiboot i'm currently running is on mtd5 and my mtd4 swap is unaffected :p11:55
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thedead1440coderus: the mtd5 method works so much better ;)12:23
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coderusthedead1440: hm. is mtd5 unused too?13:02
thedead1440coderus: yup 24.5MB ;)13:02
Jonnijuiceme: your ubiboot web is down13:03
coderuswell, i have small suggestion. automaticaly start kernel if only one in group. configurable in boot.conf13:03
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thedead1440coderus: juiceme built another kernel using moslo hence i had it on mtd5 instead of mtd413:05
thedead1440<juiceme> You are now the first ever to run both ubiboot and mtd-swap at the same time :)13:06
thedead1440coderus: if you want you can get it from here first till he moves things to skeiron later today:
thedead1440the modules in case required:
coderusthedead1440: is modules different?13:10
coderuswill try it13:11
thedead1440ensure that the modules are in directory
thedead1440the -01 is important13:11
thedead1440also coderus try the preinit; the one by juiceme (preinit_harmattan) didn't boot up for me so used the default nitdroid /sbin/preinit as /sbin/preinit_harmattan13:12
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coderusthedead1440: where to put modules?13:22
thedead1440in ubifs/lib/modules13:23
thedead1440meaning /mnt/lib/modules/13:23
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thedead1440you can leave the existing modules too13:24
thedead1440coderus: where do you store Harmattan's boot kernels?13:26
thedead1440mine were in /boot/Harmattan/boot13:27
thedead1440kept failing; they need to be put just in /boot/13:27
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thedead1440oh he meant /boot/Harmattan/boot/ in ubi_fs not Harmattan; hence my issue13:28
coderus/mnt/boot/Harmattan in symlink to / in Harmattan13:29
thedead1440only after doing manually via telnet realised the file not found error13:30
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coderusthedead1440: my mtd5 is 128KB13:44
thedead1440coderus: ?? its supposed to be 24.5MB13:44
thedead1440i didn't even have to flash_erase it for that size13:44
coderusbut it 128KB only13:45
thedead1440ubi0:moslo               24.5M     11.8M     11.5M  51% /mnt13:45
thedead1440hmm even after flash erase?13:45
coderus/home/user # flash_erase /dev/mtd5 0 013:46
coderusErasing 128 Kibyte @ fe0000 -- 100 % complete13:46
thedead1440yeah that's ok13:46
thedead1440attach it and mount it13:46
thedead1440once you attach you can see the size13:46
coderus/home/user # ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 513:46
coderusUBI device number 0, total 128 LEBs (16515072 bytes, 15.8 MiB), available 122 LEBs (15740928 bytes, 15.0 MiB), LEB size 129024 bytes (126.0 KiB)13:46
coderusaha fine13:46
coderus15MB enough13:47
thedead1440yeah its enough :D so it means different N9s have different moslo sizes13:48
thedead1440UBI device number 0, total 128 LEBs (33030144 bytes, 31.5 MiB), available 0 LEBs (0 bytes), LEB size 258048 bytes (252.0 KiB)13:49
coderusbtw, thedead1440, what is ubi0:moslo? i have ubi0:var13:49
thedead1440no you do ubi0:moslo13:49
thedead1440not ubi0:var13:49
thedead1440 :var is mtd413:49
thedead1440 :moslo is mtd513:49
coderusneed different ubimkvol command then13:50
coderus/home/user # ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -N var -m13:51
coderusSet volume size to 1574092813:51
coderusVolume ID 0, size 122 LEBs (15740928 bytes, 15.0 MiB), LEB size 129024 bytes (126.0 KiB), dynamic, name "var", alignment 113:51
coderus/home/user # ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -N moslo -m13:52
coderusubimkvol: error!: UBI device does not have free logical eraseblocks13:52
thedead1440its ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -N moslo -m13:53
thedead1440substitue all 4 with 5 and all var with moslo ;)13:53
coderus/home/user # ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -N moslo -m13:54
coderusubimkvol: error!: UBI device does not have free logical eraseblocks13:54
thedead1440its better you ubidetach, flash erase then ubiattach and mkvol13:54
thedead1440because you mkvol as var previously13:54
coderusbtw, why kernel modules are different?13:55
thedead1440he compiled new ones; told me to use them just in case there may be some differences13:55
thedead1440he rushed thru everything. started 24hrs ago then spent around 1.5hrs getting it to boot up13:56
juicemeho hum13:57
thedead1440ah you ran away from your customer :p13:58
juicemecoderus, careful with your ubi devices :)13:58
juicemeyes :)13:58
juicemeif ya already have /dev/ubi0 attached, use /dev/ubi1 for the next one :)13:58
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coderussadly, but moslo not working for me too =(14:05
coderusubi kernel not booting14:05
thedead1440coderus: no telnet also?14:08
thedead1440hmm weird; mtd5 isn't used for anything so shouldn't be damaged like mtd4 isn't it?14:13
Jonnithedead1440: well sometime it can be damaged off the factory :), there was a reason whey mtd was not used in the final product :)14:14
thedead1440Jonni: hehe14:15
juicemeJonni, another thing completely... about using the AUX connection for debugging :)14:20
juicemedo ya think it's doable?14:20
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Jonni    and
Jonnijuiceme: so yes it doable :)14:29
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juicemeyes, I kind of thought so :)14:37
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juicemelooking at the schematics I see that phone jack connects to headset amp (N2140), which again is driven by DAC33 (N2121) which is hanging off OMAP on some busses called MCBSP2 and APE_CTRL, right?14:52
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juicemeMCBSP2 and APE_CTRL are driven direcly from the OMAP14:55
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juicemeso what needs to be done, is biasing the headphone amp correctly, and then driving it via the DAC.14:56
juicemewhat's this TVOUT for?14:57
juicemeit connects to the mic line via silicon switch14:58
Jonniyou get composite signal of the phone out of from there, ie you can attach that to your tv forexample15:00
Jonnigreat for seeing what you are doing if your display is broken forexample :)15:00
Jonnior if you want to show your photos on tv with crappy quality :)15:02
juicemehad a vague recall about something like that but did not remember it's muxed to the aux connector15:02
juicemeyeah, komposti-quality :)15:02
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juicemeneed to dig into kernel to see how the thingy's driven15:04
Jonni(ca-75u cable that you can get easily from ebay etc for people who say that video out is a must)15:04
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juicemewould propably work with my canon cable that has 3.5mm jack in the other end and bnc-f in the other end.15:05
Jonnicheapest ca-75u cables from china costs about 2euroes which includes the postage.15:05
juicemenot that I really ever used that with my camera... propably it's still in the original wrappings :)15:05
Jonniand about 5-6euroes from uk15:05
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juicemeI guess it's HW driven from the display chips, cannot be used for other than composite output?15:07
JonniI would guess that too15:07
juicemetime to go home...15:08
juicemesee ya15:08
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qwazixhow do I reset *all* connection information from the N9? For a weird reason it can't connect to my network. Other N9's can, and this one can connect to other networks. I just changed the router too, so it must be something in the N9.19:36
qwazixobviously deleting the connection didn't help19:36
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valdur55qwazix: networks are stored in gconf19:45
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rhkfinAnyone heard someone experience loss of home partition? My N950 had switched off at some state, tried to start it several times but only got the wait/loading icon for a loooong time and it didn't start. Then finally after several trys it started but all messsages, contacts, settings gone but apps still there. Any ideas how to try to recover?21:03
rhkfinThis looks like something worth trying at some point:
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valdur55I chrooted my phone and used testdisk against Mydoc part21:21
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rhkfinvaldur55: how did you connect it to PC?21:28
rhkfinor more precise, in what stat did you have your phone when chrooting?21:28
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valdur55or... install ubiboot and mount your MyDocs to your computer21:34
valdur55oh. home part...21:34
valdur55against home part :)21:35
valdur55err... use testdisk on you local computer and check  N950 homepart deleted files21:37
rhkfinah right.. Will try..21:38
rhkfinubiboot looks interesting21:38
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rhkfintestdisk finds the disk: Disk /dev/sdd - 9453 MB / 9016 MiB - CHS 9016 64 32 but no partition..21:52
rhkfinIt's unmounted on desktop21:52
valdur55Yea. there isn't partinsion table. Its a partinsion21:56
rhkfintestdisk doesn't find anything. i try advanced (Disk tools) but all i get is 'No partition available'22:00
rhkfinI'll have a try with dd..22:01
valdur55You should chose "No partition" in partition type menu22:02
rhkfinI did22:02
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rhkfinmade an image with dd an now using photorec to see if it finds something..22:16
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rhkfinPhotorec only finds 1 file (.apple!?)22:30
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* HtheB pokes Jonni 'till he's awake23:49
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HtheBJonni !!!! bzzzt bzzzt wake up :P23:56
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