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coderus not working07:38
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coderusworks now :)08:45
thedead1440nah not all links work on it08:45
thedead1440it was always up but half the links don't work08:46
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thedead1440they change too; few mins earlier zimage_openmode was working while the ubiboot_zimage wasn't working now its the opposite :D08:46
thedead1440maybe server maintenance going on08:47
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khertansomeone know a python apps that implement a MimeType=x-maemo-urischeme with success08:48
khertani see nothing in dbus-monitor08:48
khertanand while my apps is launched08:49
khertandbus method doesn't seems called08:49
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coderuskhertan: emm. implement what?08:56
khertancoderus, i'm trying to open my apps, on a special qml page to respond to a user click on an url bitcoin:abitcoinaddress in the browser08:58
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tobbe_Morning folks!09:11
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juicemethedead1440, re: my sites files being availabel/unavailable: Unfortunately there's been rather heavy DOS against our server over the weekend again :(11:49
juicemeSeems the mail reject policy of our sysadmin upset some spammers really bad and they are going to drop us out of the map :(11:50
thedead1440oh revenge :D11:51
juicemenonetheless, we run a solid bsd server so eventually your requests go thru :)11:51
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thedead1440ah no wonder11:51
juicememost of the DOS originates from China, but apparently they use also some hundreds of zombies in finland...11:52
juicemegod i hate the clueless who run zombies11:52
juicemethedead1440, ah, I saw you commented to Timo earlier that you think flashing so frequently as two months apart might be too much for your liking :)12:00
juicemecare to guess the number of flashes I do in 2 mounths... :D12:01
thedead1440lol you develop ;)12:01
thedead1440it gets irritating to flash and its also like a cop-out; don't know how to fix xyz issue just flash12:01
thedead1440one ends up learning zlich12:01
juicemeactually I _was_ thinking about that some time ago... since it looks that some people have more or less damaged mtd4, how many times can I flash my kernel before it also gets damaged...12:02
juicemewell yes, I just flash the kernel, for my FS'es I just back them up to tarfiles frequently and restore what I need..12:03
thedead1440the last time i flashed was in november due to xlsx and docx documents not opening and no solution seemed to work; prior to that was at pr1.3 launch. I hate the latest reflash and even more when i found the solution towards end of November and it wasn't related to flashing12:03
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thedead1440tarring and untarring is the same system just flashing due to kernel change or backup/restore; what people do is flash at the sign of a small issue12:04
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juicemeI agree with you, it's often like thrying to kill flies with a machinegun, flashing is NOT the solution to fix a broken system. Backups it the right way to do it12:04
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juicemeWell I compare my tarfiles and restore only the bits that cause the trouble :)12:05
thedead1440the best are those people who say I flashed my system like x days ago to start a clean slate and again the N9 is acting up; this phone really mis-behaves etc. FFS regardless of the flash its $user_error for the travails :D12:06
juicemewith ubiboot thats even simpler than before, I used to do that first by running FIX-MALF kernel, then I made the own MOSLO based solution which finally evolved to ubiboot...12:06
juicemesure, when people install all sorts of c*rp on their devices and fail to clean up... I wonder if other platforms suffer from that?12:07
thedead1440yeah once you release ubiboot that doesn't utilize mtd4; i'll flash it asap :D My swap is too precious for me at the moment to leave it aside for ubiboot (even though i like the ubiboot concept)12:08
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juicemeI'm working on it.12:08
thedead1440oh every platform has similar issues; the other day I flashed my S2 with a custom ROM and the power button stopped working. It was like fuck the N9's power button screwed up a week ago and now this one too. Reading the xda thread the developer had "forgotten" about the power button in the ROM for some reason so flash again to my previous ROM.12:09
juicemeAlso, I have some backlog of bugcorrections already, like what peterleinchen noticed, that ubiboot does not correctly handle sleep states12:10
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juicemeit's easy to fix that one, though12:10
thedead1440yeah read about that12:10
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juicemeI knew about that, and about another one nobody propably ran across yet, same thing happens if your device is powered off and an alarm event triggers...12:11
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juicemebut since I never tyrn my device off I just did not think it was important :(12:11
thedead1440so if an alarm even triggers it won't boot up?12:11
thedead1440yup quite true; i was surprised to see people turn their phones off actually :D my only turned off phone is the lumia in the cupboard :D12:12
juicemeit will boot up, sure, but if you do not have default boot enablet you will be stuck at the menu :)12:12
juicemefortunately thet's defaultly enabled in boot.conf12:13
thedead1440oh so the alarm won't ring and the phone will be stuck at the boot menu12:13
juicemein the case of no default boot scema, yes12:13
juicemewill be fixed in next release, though :)12:13
thedead1440:) looking forward to it12:14
* juiceme needs to go to lunch now12:14
thedead1440see ya12:14
juicemesee ya12:14
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cityLightshi all, I removed all the accounts "mail for exchange" yet I still have one such calender in my calender application in the N912:16
cityLightshow to remove this calender?12:16
Hurrianjuiceme, doesn't the N9 also have a MOSLO partition?12:20
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thedead1440Hurrian: on your Note2 does the touchwiz ROM allow you to edit the quick launch shortcuts in page buddy? I installed the leaked JB Touchwiz on my Note and it doesn't allow any editing :(12:25
Hurrianthedead1440: CM10.1 here, Touchwiz is out for this week.12:26
thedead1440the page buddy is a nice feature; plug in headphones it makes a new homescreen for it same while roaming12:27
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juicemeHurrian, no MOSLO in N9 AFAIK, it's NOLO12:47
Hurrianjuiceme: /proc/mtd12:47
HurrianIs that partition totally free?12:47
juicemejust a sec i'll check12:47
juicemeya you're correct.12:48
juicemenever thought about it...12:48
juicemeit might be usable... not completely empty though12:50
Hurrianjuiceme: what's in it?12:50
juicemeon my device "cat /dev/mtd5 | strings" gives just stream of "UBI#" strings...12:51
juiceme130 of those in fact...12:52
juicemewhat's on it on your device?12:52
Hurrianjuiceme: Blank.12:52
Hurrianrun ubiattach -m 5.12:53
juicemeblank like full of zeroes?12:53
HurrianIt seems to have a UBI partition on it.12:53
Hurrianjuiceme, running ubinfo on it, it's got no UBI volumes.12:56
Hurrian…and is around 30MB.12:56
HurrianThat's a lot of space if you use zlib as the UBI compressor.12:56
Hurrianoh, and on attaching it, I get no errors about ECC, which may be a good thing.12:57
juicemewell it seems we still do get some surprises :)12:58
Hurrianjuiceme: updated fork of MOSLO with more features?12:59
HurrianLooks like it's starting to become a bit more interesting.12:59
juicemeI would like to consult Jonni on this but if it's available then I could immediately make a ubiboot version using that as rootFS12:59
juicemesince current buiboot FS size is just 10.2M13:00
infobotjuiceme meant: since current ubiboot FS size is just 10.2M13:00
juicemejonni, ping13:01
juicemejonni; any idea what /dev/mtd5 "moslo" is used for?13:01
Jonnijuiceme: my memory is kinda bad what it was used for, if I remember right it was for moslo kernel13:05
HurrianJonni: which was for some bizarro reason, mothballed on the N913:06
juicemebut I thought MOSLO stands for MerOsLoader13:06
juicemeso how come one ends up on N9..?13:06
juicemeor am I completely mistaken here...?13:07
Hurrianwell, it was on the N950, which arguably came before the N913:07
thedead1440i thought MOSLO means Meego OS Loader13:07
Hurrianand the N9 is the same stuff, but slightly gimped.13:07
juicemewell yes, Meego == Mer, really13:07
juicemeso you might be right :)13:07
Jonniit was for openmode stuff which were never released.13:08
juicemeso it's free for taking?13:08
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HurrianJonni: there was going to be a better version of Open Mode?13:08
HurrianThose dev tools would've been fun, but oh well.13:08
Hurrianjuiceme: I guess it's free for the taking, and should work with both N9/5013:09
JonniHurrian: yes before elops speech there were plans.13:09
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thedead1440also there was MOSLO related files on tablets-dev mirrored here:
juicemethedead1440, there is your solution then :)13:10
thedead1440found the link from:
juicemeNow you can keep the swap-on-nand and install ubiboot :)13:10
thedead1440yay :D13:10
cityLightsam I suppose to query the .calender/sqlite to see if I have an upcoming event?13:11
cityLightsI mean to write a program to notice when an event is due13:11
phakocityLights: there's a calender api13:29
phakokcal ?13:29
cityLightsI ran devel-su and appear as root13:30
cityLightsyet I can't ls .calendar/13:30
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cityLightsdoes the calender db comes with Chinese calenders build in? I mean where did they get in there?15:31
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rigohi all, in the maps, the GPS search for satellites goes on for ever on PR.1.3 Is this a known bug?18:44
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tobbe_rigo, no lock?20:00
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aliare you there20:33
aliwhere are you from20:35
suywhy do you ask?20:35
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aliits just a question my friend not any more20:36
dm8tbrali: this is not a chit-chat channel.20:37
TimoBasically you don't ask such things on a serious help channel.20:37
alihello suy20:37
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tobbe_isnt this a flirt channel? ;)20:50
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adilsuy are you there20:55
suyDoes my nickname sound like the one of an attractive woman? I don't get why people like me so much here. Some random person queried me the other day too.20:57
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ajalkaneYeah it does. You no woman?21:15
ajalkaneIf not disregard my flirting21:15
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ajalkaneThe first google image searches for "suy" show me results much more "where are you from"-warranting than that. Where are you from?21:26
ajalkaneI have poor memory... thank god for irc history. Disregard my poor query.21:27
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: sup22:12
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