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coderusjuiceme: pingy ping07:37
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* coderus away for shopping08:07
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RzRi am looking for extra battery for n95012:27
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Hurrianwow, crap, I just forgot that cp -a run on a directory doesn't copy dot files.12:55
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infobot[aegis-no-thanks], or, or
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thedead1440hehe ladoga you were supposed to say C17:44
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ladogaor maybe Γ17:46
ladogawhy did romans change it to C anyway?17:46
thedead1440we should send the romans a query17:47
ladogaah..C _is_ gamma.
ladogaG was added later17:51
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valdur55Ä :)17:54
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ladogabtw. why doesn't nokia maps update to latest map versions?17:56
thedead1440ladoga: it does17:57
ladogai know you can do this manually17:57
thedead1440maybe delete all your maps and do it17:57
thedead1440or maybe one or more countries are on latest version17:57
ladogaso deleting and redownloading should do the trick?17:57
thedead1440mine all came up for update but when connection was lost after a few were updated no updates for the rest; only a deletion and re-add helped17:58
valdur55Omg.. I have problem with commercial app downloading. "There was a problem downloading this item. Try again" ... omg17:58
thedead1440valdur55: try again; network issues or mp-harmattan conflicting?17:58
TimoHi there guys :)17:59
Kozzivaldur55: this is whay I always use Catch Apps when I download/buy something from the store17:59
thedead1440shucks you don't need to use CatchApps when you can set it to auto-store a .deb18:00
TimoI flashed some time ago to the Open Mode Kernel, but now my N9 forgets some settings (like switching off network positioning) and my changes to the VKB dictionary. I think I did something wrong... Oh, and it also doesn't show my calendar entries anymore, the known workaround doesn't work for me... Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and even better how I can solve it? :)18:01
thedead1440changes in vkb dictionary get forgotten at reboot in pr1.3 unfortunately18:02
TimoOkay. Well, it isn't a really big deal, since it knows most of the words. Oh, I forgot to mention that the browser clears my cookies and passwords anytime I reboot as well18:03
valdur55Timo: you should remove aegis protected folders and then reboot.18:04
TimoOkay, which folders are we talking about?18:04
Kozzisoft reset could help, I had trouble with Web not showing History entries dated before reboot, soft reset solved this18:04
thedead1440Timo: check whether you followed these steps for open mode:
thedead1440and thank ladoga for the .txt18:05
TimoThanks ladoga for the .txt ;-)18:05
ladoganp, made for myself18:05
ladogaas i tend to forget things18:05
Kozziq: how I use MaskedItem in qml, what do I have to import?18:06
Kozziplaying around with 4chan api :P18:06
Kozziwould be nice to have item thumbnail like in filebox, image with round mask18:07
TimoJust out of curiousity, shouldn't cp /etc/ssl/certs /root/certs.bak have to be cp -r?18:07
TimoAnd rm /etc/..... rm -rf?18:08
Timothedead1440: ping :)18:08
thedead1440yup I use -R and -rf18:08
TimoOkay, tnx :)18:09
ladogacp -r, yes18:11
ladogai'll fix that18:12
TimoAnd just mv /root/certs.bak? I don't have to remove/clear the /etc/ssl/certs directory first?18:12
ladogai only deleted files inside /etc/aegisfs.d/, but you can probably get rid of the whole directory18:13
thedead1440Timo: nope as it would be removed with the aegisfs mounts18:13
TimoOkay, I'll move the contents :)18:14
TimoHmm, strange: mv /root/certs.bak/*.* /etc/ssl/certs, and I get the following output:18:15
valdur55ladoga: better way to stop aegisfs loading:
Timomv: Can't rename '/root/certs.bak/*.*': No such file or directory...18:16
TimoOh, wait, there's another directory in certs.bak18:16
valdur55Timo: you don't need use /*.* for dir rename. just do : mv foo bar18:17
ladogayes my error18:18
ladogadid that post install from memory18:18
ladogajust move the contents of /root/certs.bak/ to /etc/ssl/certs18:18
ladogaprobably mv /root/certs.bak/* /etc/ssl/certs18:18
TimoYes, I tried that, now I get a permission denied, while I actually am root...18:19
TimoOkay, copying did the trick18:20
TimoAnd after copying rm -rf certs.bak, of course ;)18:20
ladogaso cp -r root/certs.bak/ /etc/ssl/certs ?18:20
ladoga/root/certs.bak *18:21
TimoOh, but I get a permission denied when I try to remove /root/certs.bak18:21
TimoPretty strange...18:22
TimoWell, I'll reboot anyway, I think it is safe, I just checked if the contents were in /etc/ssl/certs, and they were...18:22
Timoladoga: But I don't know if it's a good idea to put the certs.bak into /root. Maybe it's safer to put it in /home/user...18:24
ladogait's just temporary18:24
TimoYes, I understand that, but when I try to delete it, I get Permission Denied, while I am root...18:25
ladogayou delete it anyway after reboot and copying it back to /etc/ssl/certs18:25
coderus> 22:00 < thedead1440> shucks you don't need to use CatchApps when you can set it to auto-store a .deb18:25
coderuswhat? how?18:25
ladogaTimo: i don't remember getting any permission errors18:26
Timoladoga: but I do :P18:27
ladogaeverything inside /etc/ssl/certs is owned by root18:28
ladogadid you try to delete it before rebooting?18:28
TimoNope, after rebooting18:28
ladogado you have files there owned by something else than root?18:29
coderusi still need help with ubiboot:
valdur55coderus: "Phone still powering off after nokia logo." << do you get bootmenu ?18:33
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coderusvaldur55: no18:36
valdur55coderus: Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 5a80000 -- 18 % complete flash_erase: Skipping bad block at 05aa0000 << wow18:36
coderusjuiceme said its ok =D18:36
Timoladoga: What's the command for that? :P18:38
valdur55ok. maybe  you should fistly copy tar to /mnt and then untar it.18:38
thedead1440valdur55: that's perfectly fine18:38
ladogals -lar /etc/ssl/certs/ | grep user18:38
coderusvaldur55: what the difference?18:38
valdur55Maybe  there is symblink issues ...18:38
ladogashould show anything user owned18:38
ladogaor maybe just ls -lar /root/certs.bak18:39
TimoNope, nothing which user owns...18:39
ladogaand see what it might fail to delete18:39
TimoNothing in certs.bak either...18:40
ladogawould be strange that root cant delete root owned file18:40
coderusvaldur55: i'm sure all symlinks okay :)18:40
TimoYes, it is18:40
ladogaprobably develsh doesn't make a difference?18:40
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thedead1440Timo: are you really in open mode? Which kernel did you use?18:41
Timothedead1440: accli -I tells me I'm in open mode18:41
TimoI used the same one as in ladoga's tutorial18:42
coderussorry for caps :D18:42
thedead1440ah yes could be18:42
Timocoderus: Well, you made it clear though :P18:42
valdur55coderus: maybe just do: dd if=/dev/zero of=/foor/bar18:43
coderusvaldur55: instead of flash_erase?18:45
TimoHey, but my N9 remembers the settings now :D18:45
ladogaaren't only directories inside /etc/ssl/certs ones used by aegis mounts18:45
ladogathat's probably why i didn't copy them over18:45
ladogawith cp -r18:45
ladoganext time i'll copy paste those steps exactly as i did it:)18:47
ladogainstead of relying on memory:)18:47
valdur55Timo: did you commented "start aegisfs" line in groups-mce.conf file?18:49
TimoNope, not yet18:50
TimoDo I have to do that?18:50
TimoWell, I guess so, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it :P18:50
ladogai haven't done it18:50
TimoWhere's that file exactly located?18:50
ladogabut i guess it wont hurt18:51
valdur55Look my post.18:51
valdur55DO: ps ax | grep aegisfs18:51
valdur55aegisfs daemon is running without config.18:51
Timo676 aegisfs /usr/bin/aegisfs18:52
Timo3030 root grep aegisfs18:52
valdur55ladoga: better way to stop aegisfs loading:
valdur55:D Here is this link again18:53
coderusremoved my extended partition, still no ubiboot menu =(18:53
ladogayes i'll do that...tho i guess i can just kill it instead of rebooting18:53
ladogaas it's doinf nothing18:53
TimoGreat, I get a permission denied when I try to write the changes to the file :(18:54
valdur55Timo: give command: whoami . Output18:55
TimoOh wow, now it can't even READ that file -_-18:56
thedead1440coderus: ubiboot hates you :p18:57
valdur55coderus: make full reflash :P18:59
ladogaha..killing aegisfs made my phone to reboot:)19:00
Timovaldur55: I can't read that file now...19:00
TimoNor as root, nor as user19:00
ladogalooks like your openmode isn't working properly19:01
TimoI guess...19:01
ladogasounds like refhashlist issue19:01
ladogaso aegis is still active19:01
TimoAnd I guess that'll only be solved by a full reflash? :/19:02
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TimoOr can it be done by something else?19:03
valdur55ladoga: you prevented aegisfs loading.19:04
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ladogavaldur55: yes19:05
valdur55So. aegis loading is normal. Do : ps ax | grep aegis19:06
ladogathough as it had no mounts i thought it would be fine just to kill it19:06
ladogaanyway now running without it. thanks19:06
valdur55ladoga: maybe aegis is protecting aegisfs :)19:06
ladogaps -A | grep aegis , none nada:) just user running ps and grepping for it19:08
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valdur55group-system.contains aegis and aegis-session. I malfed my phone when i commented both lines.19:12
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valdur55some daemons uses aegis-session :)19:13
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valdur55Can i bacup/restore my device rootfs f19:20
ladogaseems like removing aegisfs process causes some problems for me19:20
ladogagps lock is now very slow and some apps hang19:21
ladogaworked just like normal when only mounts were removed19:21
ladogaso i'll try to put it back and reboot19:21
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coderusvaldur55: nah?19:35
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ladogavaldur, sorry i just had gps disabled from settings :)19:45
valdur55.. with dd19:46
valdur55coderus: ??? :)19:49
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ladogaRzR: ping21:30
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ladogadpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of vim:21:31
ladoga vim depends on vim-runtime; however:21:31
ladoga  Package vim-runtime is not installed.21:31
ladogai couldn't find vim-runtime in your repos, maybe I'm just being blind? :)21:32
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valdur55ladoga: maybe you need enable sdk repo21:33
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ladogaharmattan sdk?21:34
ladogano vim there21:34
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ladogai fethed this one from rzr's repos. it seems to work but misses a dependency21:35
valdur55Are you manually downloading those packages?21:35
ladogaI haven't enabled any additional repos on my N921:38
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valdur55you should enable additional repos:
valdur55it's pointless to play package manager ;(21:44
Jonniand why dont you just use vi instead of vim, or you just prefer vim over vi?21:44
ladogasyntax highlighting21:45
ladogano other reson really21:45
ladogavi is fine21:45
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ladogaso yes, i'll just use it instead. I just saw vim in rzr's repo so decided to try21:47
valdur55I am nano user and learning vi / vim ....21:47
ladogavaldur55: is a good start21:48
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valdur55ladoga: i have already finished it...21:49
valdur55Olny problem is my mobile keyboard layout.21:49
ladogaand remembering the shortcuts, atleast for me21:50
ladogafor someone who uses it daily it must be great though21:50
valdur55I use dvorak on my mobile :)21:50
ladogawell..i think i'll just fetch vim-runtime from debian21:59
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ladoganevermind found it :/ stupid me. it was in all (arch independent)22:01
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* ladoga should just enable the repo22:05
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ladogadidn't get vim syntax highlighting to work anyway22:47
ladogaback to using vi:)22:47
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valdur55lol. i just finished qtypist dvorak first module. Domen23:39
valdur55s/Domen/homerow basic skills/23:39
infobotvaldur55 meant: lol. i just finished qtypist dvorak first module. homerow basic skills23:39
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