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Jonnijuiceme: any progress on non mdt4 version of ubiboot, or did you quit trying to get initramfs version to work?11:43
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coderusi'm looking for a config/value to change partition to export in mass storage mode.13:47
coderusi know about /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/gadget/gadget-lun0/file and so13:52
coderusi need to change partition exporting automatically in Mass storage mode, when connectiong usb cable =)13:52
RzRhi coderus13:55
RzRi had iftop in repo13:55
RzRdidnt it work ?13:55
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coderusRzR: i can't find iftop in your repo. it was, but not now. Link, please?14:02
ladogadoes vi that comes with harmattan support syntax highlighting?14:12
coderusladoga: vi don't, nano does14:16
RzRits there14:17
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coderusRzR: thanks, it works. but this is not the tool i want to get... i need something to track processes using web14:27
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ladogacoderus: :( maybe i'll get vim then14:35
RzRcoderus, feel free to suggest14:49
coderusRzR: i have no idea14:55
thedead1440coderus: you want to export rootfs or userfs via usb in mass storage mode? o.O14:59
juicemeJonni, ping15:03
juicemeJonni, I am still looking into the integrated ubiboot version (kernel+initramfs) but for some reason it is not so straightforward as I first thought...15:04
juicemeFor some reason, when the kernel boots the modules on the /lib/modules of the initramfs fail to load. I have tried both using modprobe and insmod with full path but it does not work.15:07
juicemeThe versions match for sure, I first build the kernel and modules, and then copy the modules to my initramfs directory, and then build the kernel again so that it recreates the cpio.15:08
coderusthedead1440: no ofc15:09
juicemeAgain a situation where I would love to have a serial console on my device :(15:09
juicemecoderus, thedead1440, hello15:09
thedead1440hi juiceme15:09
coderusjuiceme: hi =)15:10
coderusthedead1440: i have 5 partitions, 2 fat32 and 3 ext415:11
coderusthedead1440: i want to export mmcblk0p5 via mass storage automatically, not mmcblk0p115:12
thedead1440coderus: did you try /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini15:13
thedead1440that file should allow you to mount multiple partitions15:13
juicemecoderus, what usb module are you using... The way to export the FS over USB depends on the used modules15:14
coderusthedead1440: no15:14
coderusthedead1440: will check it now15:14
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juicemeThe exporting can be done also from command line, just echo the export device name to a sysfs setting15:15
juicemefor automatic exporting you can edit the file thedead1440 mentioned15:16
juicemecoderus, how are your partitions set up? I somehow thought you could only use primary partitions on N9 mmcblk0 and that the limit is 4 (I never even tried it!)15:17
coderusthedead1440: juiceme: thanks, seems like usb-moded is what i need15:17
coderusjuiceme: i already tested manual exporting by /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/gadget/gadget-lun0/file15:17
coderusjuiceme: extended partitions working okay.15:18
coderusjuiceme: just resized p1 and created extended p4 with p5 and p6 inside it15:18
juicemecoderus, that command works only if you are using USB export with g_multi.ko15:19
coderusjuiceme: p6 is 2GB ext4 for Nemo.15:19
juicemecoderus, are you planning on installing more OS'es :) :)15:19
* juiceme wants more partitions too15:20
coderusjuiceme: i just prepered partition for Nemo/Sailfish. no need in more oses for me15:20
juicememy Nemo lives on /dev/mmcblk0p415:21
coderusi need second fat32 for my old car fm-transmitter. my car stereo have no aux in.15:21
juicemeah, sure15:21
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coderusnow i can just copy my car playlist to Music folder and it will be exported over usb, not all MyDocs crap.15:22
coderusbtw, juiceme what is g_multi?15:22
coderusi see only MyDocs exported now15:22
coderusi need only Music to be exported, but i want to try multi exporting too15:22
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juicemecoderus, it is one of the alternate USB driver modules, it's got both USB export and ethernet emulation in one module, very nice :)15:25
juicemeNormally, you only either export FS or set up IP, this does both :)15:26
coderusi see15:27
coderushow to use it instead of normal one?15:27
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juicemeIf I remember correctly, normally exporting FS launches g_file_storage.ko15:27
juicemecoderus, it's not in the vanilla kernel sources, ylu have to compile it separately15:28
juicemewhat kernel are you running, open or closed mode? (I assume open mode)15:29
coderusit need to be compiled in ubifs kernel15:29
coderusi want to try it soon15:29
coderusi'm in aegis-vanished openmode15:29
coderusnitdroid one15:29
juicemeThe ubifs kernel (which is mer/nemo based) contains the g_multi module15:29
coderuswanna move to ubifs soon15:29
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juicemeok, nitdroid is module-compatible with vanilla PR1.3 kernel, so you can get the sources, import module code from Nemo and build it to work with the nitdroid kernel15:31
coderusbut i'm using mtd swap now, need to repartition flash then to have swap partition15:32
coderusis it safe for flash memory?15:32
thedead1440coderus: it'll just wear memory out faster; not really worth it even though the wearing out will take some time15:32
coderusjuiceme: i'm not using nirdoid for the long tile, better i'll reflash to ubifs and try all new stuff here15:33
coderusthedead1440: i mead read/write limit. my phone not new15:33
juicemecoderus, I prefer to use mtd partition fror filesystems, not for swap. Using it for swap makes the flash memory age more rapidly, but luckily I think swap is not used very much15:33
juicemethedead1440, you were faster :)15:34
coderuswell, sure. i'm not using something big too recently to activate swap. most time my ram have enough space. okay, will think about swap as soon as it will need for me15:35
juicemecoderus, I think best is to backup everything off the device, flash clean, remove openmode warning, set up opnemode with l2-fixed kernel, then install ubiboot, nitdroid, nemo, whatever :)15:35
coderusjuiceme: i have no openmode warning :)15:35
juicemeWel yes, but if you clean-flash it, then you will get the warning back unless you remove it :)15:36
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coderusjuiceme: i think no need to reflash all over again15:36
juicemeYes, no need to do it unless the mtd-swap can be removed easily otherwise. I haven't tried it so I dont know about that.15:37
coderusjuiceme: sure, i will revert enable-swap.conf to original now15:37
coderusjuiceme: do i need to keep ubi0 in fstab?15:40
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thedead1440coderus: i don't think the N9's flash memory is rated for even 1,000,000 r/w so calculate how fast it may wear off yourself then15:41
coderusthedead1440: i decided to disable swap until i really need it :)15:42
juicemecoderus, just comment it out15:43
juicemeIt's an entry that s not used anyway, its just some leftover from an earlier development stage :)15:44
coderusjuiceme: okay, i removed it times ago :)15:44
coderusjuiceme: is it okay?15:52
coderusErasing 128 Kibyte @ 5a80000 -- 18 % complete flash_erase: Skipping bad block at 05aa000015:53
coderusErasing 128 Kibyte @ 15a80000 -- 71 % complete flash_erase: Skipping bad block at 15aa000015:53
juicemecoderus, meaning, taking off the line "ubi0:var /var ubifs noauto,no_chk_data_crc,bulk_read" from fstab, you mean?15:53
juicemecoderus, that's totally OK, it has not been used for anything15:54
juicemelong time ago, it was originally meant to be used as /var space, but the designers decided to not use it anyway.15:55
coderusjuiceme: i just removed ubi line from fstab15:55
juicemeIt was left unused, until new novel tings were developed to use it, like mtd-swap and ubiboot :)15:55
coderusjuiceme: warnings bad block while flash_erase its okay?15:56
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juicemeOn the other hand, what you could do is just put a line like "ubi0:var /mnt ubifs noauto,no_chk_data_crc,bulk_read" , then it is easier to mount it under Harmattan if you wnt to access it.15:57
juicemecoderus, bad blocks is OK, everybody has them in NAND flash.15:58
juicemeAs long as there are not too many, it's okay15:58
juicemeRegarding the line in fstab, I have been using a script that basically does "/usr/sbin/ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 4; mount -t ubifs ubi0:var /mnt", but now I thought maybe I should put that in my fstab...16:00
juicemeThat would be more elegant16:00
coderusjuiceme: do i need to umount /mnt after untar ubiboot_fs?16:01
coderusjuiceme: i need to change /mnt/4 to /dev/mmcblk0p6. how to?16:03
juicemecoderus, yes, its always nice to do sync ; umount16:10
juicemecoderus, just go to the ubiboot FS when it's mounted; cd /mnt/boot16:11
coderusjuiceme: what is /boot/Harmattan/boot/zImage- /boot/Harmattan/boot/zImage- entries?16:12
juicemeand then do "rm Nemo" and " ln -s /mnt/6 Nemo"16:13
juicemecoderus, just my test kernels :)16:14
juicemejust an example how to use the file, you put your own kernel names there16:14
* juiceme has too many test kernels :)16:15
coderusjuiceme: okay, i'll use your l2 patch one16:15
juicemeThat's a good basic kernel, just the basic aegisfix and L2 fix16:15
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juicemeAnd it's module-compatible with vanilla-Harmattan kernel and Nitdroid v.13 kernel16:16
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juicemecoderus, forgot one thing :)16:18
coderusjuiceme: forgot?16:19
juicemeyou should also go to the /mnt directory on ubiboot, (/mnt/mnt on Harmattan) and create the mountpoints for your extra partitions16:20
juicemeand also, edit the init script, there is place where it mounts the partitions that have kernels, change there the number 4 to 616:20
juicemeand your ubiboot fstab; edit that and add lines for your extra partitons16:21
juicemeWell that was three things actually :)16:22
juicemecoderus, your having Nemo on different place than everyone else requires these :)16:22
coderusjuiceme: where init script?16:23
juicemeit's on the root of the ubifs, that would be /mnt/init on harmattan16:24
coderusjuiceme: ok16:24
juicemethere is a place which says "# Mount the partitions that got kernels on them                                "16:25
coderusjuiceme: okay, done16:27
coderuslet me time to reflash and try booting16:27
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coderusjuiceme: i think my phone noot booting16:39
juicemecoderus, how does it behave16:39
coderusjuiceme: just sadly blacky screen...16:40
coderusjuiceme: NOKIA logo and nothing after it16:41
juicemecoderus, did you get to the 1st stage boot, seeing the menu correctly, and only stuck after selecting the 2nd stage kernel?16:42
juicemeor did it hang before you got to the menu?16:42
coderusjuiceme: it hang immediately after NOKIA logo. phone turns off16:43
juicemebad flashing, maybe?16:45
juicemeor something problem with the mtd4 filesystem setup16:46
coderusmtd4 works. how i edited wiles in it then?16:47
coderusjuiceme: can you provide ne checksum for ubiboot kernel?16:47
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coderusjuiceme: downloaded file again, checksum is same.17:02
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coderusjuiceme: ping?..18:00
GeneralAntillesThere isn't a way to prevent the Harmattan browser from switching to portrait when it loses focus, is there?18:00
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thedead1440GeneralAntilles: I think you have to enable landscape orientation for homescreens for it to work that way18:01
GeneralAntillesLandsacpe's on18:01
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GeneralAntillesIt still switches to portrait.18:01
thedead1440hmm then it must be the default behaviour18:02
thedead1440i remember a thread or two on it on TMO. Let me see if i can find it18:02
coderusGeneralAntilles: thedead1440: not for homescreens, globally. use GLOL.18:02
thedead1440coderus: sorry didn't understand. You mean GLOL allows the browser to be in landscape in the task-switcher?18:03
thedead1440I found this thread but I don't seem to remember if it worked even though I poste it :/
thedead1440s/poste/posted in/18:06
infobotthedead1440 meant: I found this thread but I don't seem to remember if it worked even though I posted in it :/
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thedead1440 <--- Konttori said it was planned to get auto-hide for browser toolbar; I wonder what happened to that work...18:10
GeneralAntillesFell down the Elop hole18:11
GeneralAntillesWhat could've been. . . .18:11
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coderushah, really. stock browser dropping orientation to portait in any case :D18:12
thedead1440hehe that should be added to the dictionary :D18:12
coderuswell. ubiboot kernel still not working for me =(18:14
thedead1440coderus: no errors in the steps?18:15
coderusthedead1440: yes.18:15
coderusblank screen after NOKIA logo18:15
thedead1440maybe the mtd4 on your device is borked?18:15
coderusthedead1440: how i edit files in mtd4 partition then? :)18:15
thedead1440well i think 1 or 2 people on ubiboot thread did the same as you and got stuck too; it was put down to poor mtd4; one of the presumed reasons why mtd4 wasn't used in production for /var18:16
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coderusehhhh... =( i awant ubiboot in my device18:17
thedead1440wait for juiceme to do the alternative method then ;) I haven't used it too as i'm awaiting his alternative which may allow me to retain mtd4-swap18:19
ladogayou can remove the &highlight part :) sorry18:25
thedead1440ladoga: Vesuri's mod allows landscape in task-switcher?18:26
ladogaanyway that enables you to have browser rotating when not focused18:26
thedead1440nice. thanks!18:26
ladogaand you can apply it per application..use it for only ones you like and lock orientation of others18:27
thedead1440hehe my own post answers my question: :D18:27
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GeneralAntillesthedead1440, isn't it fun searching for stuff and getting your own answers in the results? ;)18:29
thedead1440GeneralAntilles: hehe18:29
thedead1440its the most irritating thing; almost every thing i search for has my post answering or leading to the answer.18:30
* thedead1440 should find a way to search his own posts instead18:30
thedead1440now i simply bookmark my replies on threads so that it solves the issue for me :D18:31
coderusladoga: i have this mod and my browser rotating to portait in switcher.18:32
thedead1440coderus: is grob defined in the gconf values manually by you? i think that's what's required here18:33
coderusthedead1440: why i need to define it? it rotating everything.18:33
thedead1440hmm true. ladoga PING!!! :p18:34
thedead1440haha Rob has posted he spent 2 hours on IRC yesterday for as if that's a big thing...18:36
ladogano idea18:41
ladogathat's how it works for me18:41
thedead1440thanks ladoga18:42
ladogai had rotation for launcher/feed/taskselection views enabled18:42
ladogaand then installed the patch18:43
ladogaafter that grob rotates in taskselection screen (before it returned to portrait)18:43
bef0rdi'm almost 24x7 here, not that I help been here though :P18:44
ladogabefore installing vesuri's patch i mean18:44
thedead1440bef0rd: indeed :D18:44
ladoganow rotation stays landscape if i'm in landscape mode and switch to task selection18:46
ladogaand inside task selection view moving phone to portrait also rotates grob correctly (and vice versa)18:47
ladogamaybe you can check from gconf if you have set grob orientation locked?18:49
ladogathough you'd probably know it18:49
ladogaor maybe you didn't kill meegotouchhome and changes didn't apply yet18:51
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ladogathedead1440: happens to me all the time :)18:53
ladogaeven if i post lot less than you do18:55
ladogabut yes i remember there being something flaky with rotation even with vesuri's patch applied18:56
ladogasometimes working and sometimes returning to portrait with no apperent reason18:56
ladogaprobably some magic and sorcery at play:)18:57
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KozziHow do I append content to a subitem in a model using a loop in qml?21:56
Kozzi , I would like to have a model with page element and subitem(s) consisting of post objects21:57
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