IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2013-01-20

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trxSazpaimon ping01:53
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Sazpaimontrx, hi02:23
Sazpaimonlooking for me?02:24
trxyeah, i am trying to compile FreeRDP for harmattan armel inside scratchbox..02:24
Sazpaimonare you using my package?02:24
trxdid you by any chance encounter this error while trying to compile : ?02:24
trxi want to try and create a QML UI..02:24
trxnope, i checked out master from GIT repo02:25
trxlatest version02:25
Sazpaimonhmm, that's new to me02:25
trxmaybe i should try to compile your package then02:26
trxand see if it goes away02:27
trxdo you have any suggestions regarding that error btw?02:27
Sazpaimonthat error looks like you're missing pthreads02:27
trxbut i have it02:27
trxand pthread.h is in /usr/include/02:27
Sazpaimondo you have all the libbost development libraries?02:27
trxlet me check02:27
Sazpaimonand are you building using dpkg?02:28
Sazpaimonif so, I would use the debian directory from my package, it doesnt build all the stuff that's not needed for harmattan02:28
trxno, i am running cmake manually02:28
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Sazpaimonbuilding a deb will make sure all your dependencies are handled02:29
Sazpaimonjust run dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b02:29
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Sazpaimonthat will build a deb file from the source assuming there's a debian directory in the source tree02:29
Sazpaimoniirc, freerdp includes this, but I had to make changes to it02:29
trxthere isnt one in this tree02:30
trxyeah, i saw you had some patches02:30
Sazpaimonyeah my patches fix a couple things and add sound support02:30
Sazpaimonthey're already in the master of the latest git02:30
trxi will then use your sources02:31
trxfor development and later figure out this mess02:31
Sazpaimonyeah my packaged version works for any version of windows and has NLA and sound support02:31
Sazpaimonthe only issue is the colors can be a bit off, nothing major though02:31
trxthats cool, thanks02:32
Sazpaimonyou also can't run it in fullscreen mode, it will disable swiping02:32
Sazpaimonbut that goes for any version of freerdp02:32
trxyeah, i hate that :)02:32
Sazpaimonif you run it in windowed mode, you get an annoying bar, unfortunately02:32
trxand the bottom line02:32
Sazpaimonyeah i never bothered on figuring out how to fix that02:33
trxi want to create an UI using qt/qml02:33
Sazpaimonthat would be cool02:33
Sazpaimontry to use libfreerdp instead of the xfreerdp binary directly if you can02:33
Sazpaimonthat's what it's made for02:33
trxi planned to create a new client that is the binary02:34
trxlike there is one using winapi, x11, etc02:35
trxi'll let you know when i have something :)02:36
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MFaro-TusinoI need help04:12
MFaro-TusinoWho knows which files are the hw dependent ones in the fw?04:12
MFaro-TusinoReason why we can't use N9 FW to boot N950 and vice versa04:12
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chezgihow can i install aegis-developer-unknown-source-policy in offline mode?09:49
chezgi it says "invalid installation package".09:49
chezgican anybody help me?09:50
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MFaro-Tusinowhy not use inception?10:32
MFaro-Tusinoor just tick the box in settings>applications>installations if you haven't already10:33
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nanashidoes someone know how to get nokia n9 running inder 32bit display?14:48
Jonninanashi: where do you expect to find such a display hardware? :)15:08
nanashiyeah? Is it a matter of hardware?15:10
nanashiI want to get rid of the gradient effect. plz confirm of u have it 215:10
Jonninanashi: can you even say what devices would have 32bit displays :)15:11
nanashiJonni: all of the current devices, I think!15:14
Jonnias usually expensive IPS LCD's can only display 24bit colours, Iphone 5 is 24-bit etc15:14
Jonninanashi: usually gradient effect errors are because you are using api's wrong or are using wrong way to convert the images15:15
nanashiJonni: ur right. I just checked, nokia n9 is too. :)15:15
nanashithe problem is that n9 isn't running at dull display, only 16bit.15:16
nanashiJonni: wich gives the gradient effect, do you have it.15:17
Jonnidepends what you mean by gradient effect, usually I can bypass all the render issues by googling and using the api's in right way :)15:18
Jonnithere has been problems with some people especially when they tried to use qml in a wrong way :)15:19
Jonnibug or feature, depends how you see it :)15:20
nanashiI haven't ywt used an qml app that bypass the prob. I think it's a backend issue15:23
nanashiJonni: changing some X configuration may solve the *prob*. possible?15:24
Jonninanashi: nope, that is wrong way to solve the problem, since there really is no problem if you use right API's. So can you give screenshots of your problem?15:25
Jonnior pastebins15:26
Jonnichanging X configurations just increases the problems since GPU is not powerfull enough to handle 24bit, thats why 16bit was chosen. And frameworks just convert the graphics to 16bit on the fly (if conversion is needed).15:28
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nanashiheres a scrnsht: b8f965f15cd405fa5355cbe7de46015320d0d6db15:42
nanashisorry. thats not it. 1 mmnt15:42
Jonniwell browser doesnt support html5 so that is expected15:49
nanashiits on ffox too. want a scrshot? beleive me.15:51
Jonniwell n9 firefox doesnt really support html5 too, all the n9 browser are using API's in a way which doesnt render right15:52
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nanashiyes browsers, across all the OS15:55
Jonni   there is also bug open on gradient calculation on arm15:56
Jonniapps and browsers should use to convert to 16bit (which they arent using if they are having that dithering effect)16:03
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nanashiJonni: snowshoe solvea the prob, but not usable at the moment.16:24
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nanashiJonni: anowshoe solvea the probleme.18:04
nanashiJonni: snowshoe solves the prob18:05
Jonnisure, snowshoe uses 16bit conversion function18:05
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nanashiJonni:shame to not have same deithering process across the os18:13
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Lava_CroftI had an ex-nokian ask on twitter what would be the best way to get contacts from the N9 to say, an ipad mini18:34
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piggzLava_Croft: ironically, via google18:36
Lava_Croftok, that18:36
Lava_Crofter that's what we've come too also18:37
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sqrt7744is there an easy way to determine if the program is running on harmattan? I need this for cross compilation, etc. (i.e. on harmattan I want the specific QML ui to be used...). I note that QSysInfo doesn't help in this situation19:19
Jonnisqrt7744: you want compile time detection or runtime?19:21
sqrt7744Jonni, doesn't really matter...19:22
sqrt7744i just don't want to have to tend to two branches on github! One codebase please...19:23
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sqrt7744Seriously is this such a difficult problem? It doesn't look like harmattan even has a Q_OS_HARMATTAN definition, it's just found by exlusion here: like, if it's not symbian then it must be harmattan. But that is not viable in my situation.19:38
JonniQSystemInfo::Version if you want runtime detection for example19:38
Jonnior if you dont have for example other arm targets, you can check in .pro files the linux and arm combination19:39
sqrt7744There's QSysInfo, but it doesn't seem to have a Version function... at least not 4.7? Am I missing something?19:39
JonniQSysInfo != QSystemInfo19:40
sqrt7744Yeah, I noticed, but QtAssistant doesn't seem to know that QSystemInfo exists... will try.19:40
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Jonnisqrt7744: or you can just use compile time detection like in .pro file:    unix:!symbian:!maemo5:!macx { message(Harmattan build) }19:59
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heymasterhi harmattan devs. any ideas for a app ? :)23:45
RzRwill it be opensource ?23:46
heymasterit might :)23:46
RzRa mpd client ?23:47
RzRthere is one for symbian already23:47
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heymasterso it's like itunes airtunes?23:48
heymasterplay music over wifi?23:49
JackaLXRzR: I have a mpd client on my N9 now.  You can't have mpd stream to your N9 from your desktop (that needs extra pulseaudio plugin), but you can control a running mpd from your N923:54
RzRgood what's it name ?23:56
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JackaLXMPD Remote23:56
JackaLXthink I got it from ovi store23:57
JackaLXyeah, it's in the store23:58
RzRclosed source ?23:59

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