IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2013-01-12

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* thedead1440_ just realizes that the 9 squares we get if meegotouchhome is corrupted is from the Dali UI05:59
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DocScrutinizer05pa: I suggested to get a hook into sofiasip, to allow intercepting and mangling of the number to dial, even to redirect calls from one transport to another. I don't know if the devels considered and implemented it06:04
DocScrutinizer05pa: the reporting of caller's number of inbound SIP calls also would need some love06:06
DocScrutinizer05since a) it seems contacts doesn't find the contact with <number> for an inbound call of "sip:<number>", and worse, I can't dial such 'number' via GSM though I might want to call via GSM rather than SIP06:09
DocScrutinizer05and b) worse*06:09
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Timothedead1440: Flash succesful, even my folders in the homescreen are still there! So are my contacts and e-mails! :)09:11
thedead1440Timo: Congratulations :)09:11
TimoOnly programs not, but that's logical if you do a rootfs flash ;)09:11
TimoIt's pretty fast now :)09:12
thedead1440placebo effect :p09:12
TimoNo, that's a 'no 50 programs installed and 20 programs opened' effect :P09:12
thedead1440you went from all apps to 0 apps09:12
thedead1440yup indeed09:12
TimoFirst, delete all bloatware09:13
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TimoAP mobile09:13
HtheBcan anyone confirm if the Audio in Qt for Maemo is supported or not?09:14
Timo <-- this thread tells me I have to flash the rootfs again... But it's only a kernel, right?09:17
thedead1440what do you want to do Timo ?09:18
TimoFlash into open mode && remove aegis mounts09:19
HtheBjust use inception09:19
thedead1440just flash zimage you don't need to do anything else except for disabling the warranty void message first09:19
HtheBinception is much better imo09:20
TimoHtheB: why? :)09:20
thedead1440HtheB: how so? :p09:20
thedead1440because it restricts you from ever fixing an incepted package?09:20
HtheBand you just keep ur original kernel09:20
HtheBoh and09:21
HtheByou cant use a password on openmode!09:21
Timoand? :P09:21
thedead1440zimage from nitdroid is original kernel with dual-boot capability; since its unsigned it neuters aegis nothing else09:21
thedead1440HtheB: you mean device lock?09:22
HtheBthat sux09:22
HtheBsomeone need to make a password screen09:22
HtheBa new ''appll09:22
TimoOh, that sucks09:22
thedead1440but i rather have the ability to apt-get install PKG --reinstall than a device lock :D09:22
HtheBwhich will activate once u locked the screen09:22
thedead1440^^^ for packages i incepted09:22
TimoWell,my phone always froze when I set a lock :P09:23
HtheBdid u installed one of the toggles?09:23
HtheBfor the statusbar09:23
TimoHtheB: toggles as in?09:23
TimoStatus menu extensions09:23
HtheBthats the reason09:23
HtheBthere is a bug09:23
HtheBu need to change the limit to 5minutes09:24
HtheBor any other option09:24
HtheBbut not to imidiate09:24
HtheBthen reboot09:24
HtheBthen set to immidiate09:24
TimoWell, I set it to 10 minutes and it froze...09:24
HtheBthen it works ok09:24
HtheBgive it a try ;)09:25
Timothedead1440: So, how do I remove the warning that my warranty is void and that I'm a badass09:26
thedead1440disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode09:26
HtheBto official stock image09:26
thedead1440you mean you still have it? after flashing rootfs?09:26
HtheBif u didnt done the command thedead1440 gave09:26
TimoBut I thought you have to remove it BEFORE you flash into Open Mode09:27
thedead1440yes you have to remove it first09:27
HtheBthats right09:27
TimoSo how do I do that?09:29
thedead1440disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode09:29
thedead1440type that in terminal09:30
Timowith root?09:30
TimoLet's install devmode first :P09:31
TimoI'm glad you're helping me, I really appreciate that :)09:32
TimoBy the way, do you guy carry your N9 'naked' or with the silicon case?09:33
TimoAnd no scratches on the camera/body/screen?09:33
TimoI'm a bit scared of it, tbh09:33
thedead1440i do have scratches; a spare N9 awaits for the future :D09:33
HtheBnaked n950 :P09:34
HtheBspare protoB2 awaits....09:34
thedead1440HtheB: that's unfair; you wouldn't get a case for it anway :p09:34
bluefoxnot like there are cases for the n950 if you wanted one anyway09:34
thedead1440HtheB: protoB2; the same as in the video posted by Max9 on n950's thread today?09:35
HtheBgrey device09:35
bluefox512mb memory i'm guessing?09:35
TimoProtoB2... What's the difference with the N950 then?
HtheBwill going to desolder the 64GB09:36
HtheBchange it with the black one09:36
bluefoxtwo tone does look quite good09:36
bluefoxi'd hate to risk doing anything to my n95009:36
HtheBi would have change the keybaord too...09:36
HtheBits not hard to disassemble09:37
bluefoxyeah, 4 screws on the back09:37
HtheBand reassemble09:37
TimoI'd like a spare N9, if they weren't that rare here... :(09:37
HtheBbuy them online09:37
bluefoxwas going to replace the battery with a new one at some point, but that's about it09:37
bluefoxsince that's very easy09:37
TimoHtheB: Online, they're even rare09:37
HtheBi have a grey protoB2 for 1200€ here09:38
HtheBif ur interested :p09:38
TimoSecond hand is the only not-600-priced N9 here09:38
bluefoxah, if you want new, that's going to be harder to find09:38
HtheBtimo, dude where r u from09:38
bluefoxthat's a pricey proto too09:38
HtheBer zijn veel mensen die nog nieuw in doos verkopen09:38
TimoIk kijk dan zeker scheel ofzo09:39
HtheBkijk anders ff op
bluefoxactually, plenty on ebay for $350ish for the 64gb version09:40
bluefoximagine they ship to europe09:40
HtheBas bluefox says09:40
TimoOké,maar dat is de 16 gig variant die op onbekende levertijd staat voor 350 euro09:40
HtheBebay s cheaper09:40
bluefox16gb is only $25509:41
paamazon is the same price09:43
pa64gb i mean09:43
HtheBsomething different:09:43
HtheBcan anyone confirm if the Audio in Qt for Maemo is supported or not?09:43
bluefoxquick one for you since you already have a proto and might know more about them09:44
HtheBlol what?09:44
bluefoxany of the hybrid n9/n950 ones floating around? i forget the model09:44
HtheBi dont have a proto...09:44
HtheBwas just kidding09:45
HtheBbut i do want to get one of these09:45
HtheBjust to upgrade the 64GB09:45
bluefoxthere was one on ebay a month or so ago with a damaged screen09:45
HtheBsold for like 100009:45
bluefoxbit more than what i paid for my n950...09:46
HtheBnot gonna spend 1000€ for a broken screen09:46
Timo <-- only €140 bid... :P09:46
bluefoxyeah...i got an immaculate n950 for $700, so that seemed a bit rich09:46
HtheBgood price09:47
bluefoxconvinced the seller to sell to me before the auction finished :P09:48
HtheBstill waiting for the latest emumaste09:50
bluefoxyeah, that hasn't been updated in a while sadly :(09:51
HtheBbeta version has a big red BETA sign on it09:51
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djszapiN9Jonni, ping12:11
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ladogadoes anyone know where to get (javispedro's?) command line FM tuner for harmattan13:40
ladogai see fmrx_0.1.2_armel.deb mentioned in but the link is dead13:40
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JonnidjszapiN9: pong14:10
HtheBwas just gonna paste that link!14:15
Jonniladoga: or if you want sources then
Jonniactually that link also hase 0.2.0 version, so you dont have to use ole 0.1.2 version14:16
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Sfiet_Konstantinhi HtheB14:33
HtheBhi, how are you14:33
HtheBwhat happened to your great widget project? :(14:33
* HtheB still wants that awesome N900 dock on his harmattan device14:34
Sfiet_Konstantinmissing time14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinand interst14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I can get back if needed14:35
Sfiet_KonstantinI found that well ...14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinwidgets are not the future :(14:35
HtheBI just like the N900 behaviour14:36
HtheBfar more supperior14:36
HtheBthen harmattan14:36
HtheBi dont know14:36
HtheBI think I just cant do it without hildon ...14:37
HtheBgot 1 more question though14:37
HtheBSfiet_Konstantin, i think I just lost connection14:39
Sfiet_Konstantinso one more question ?14:39
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, libwidgets is designed to be easily extensible14:39
Sfiet_Konstantincan be used in nemo for example14:40
Sfiet_Konstantinbut look at sailfish14:40
Sfiet_KonstantinI prefer sailfish :)14:40
HtheBadd sailfish ''dock''?14:40
HtheBnow that would be a killer feature14:40
HtheBbringing the sailfish ui like, to harmattan14:40
HtheBbefore sailfish os self is out14:41
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HtheBbut the question is:14:41
HtheBcan you add a password option to the widgets?14:42
HtheBwould be perfect for people who has openmode and still wants to use device lock14:42
HtheBas you maybe know, you cant have a device lock when you're in openmode14:42
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Flowconthi, talking about locks14:43
JonniHtheB: well, actually you are wrong in that one, there is a package available somewhere which enables device lock in openmode too. I just havent seen that one leaked in forums yet though.14:43
Sfiet_KonstantinHtheB: I might ... but ... It takes time !14:43
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Flowcontis there anything similar to androids pattern lock?14:44
HtheBjonni, care to share?14:46
HtheBi rly like to have this :(14:46
HtheBsux that my phone isnt protected anymore >_<14:46
HtheBjust because i want to use openmode14:46
thedead1440HtheB: you flashed open mode kernel? :p I thought inception for you? :D14:47
HtheBahha thedead1440, meh, I flashed nemo14:47
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pais it possible to define a "prefix" for a (sofia)sip account?16:02
paso that any number dialed using that account gets automatically such prefix16:02
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khertanHello !23:52
khertanSomeone know if there is little bluetooth keyboard that support n923:52
khertanlook like bluetooth on n9 didn't support hid23:52
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khertanonly      A2DP, AVRCP 1.0, FTP, HFP, HSP, OPP23:53
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bluefoxlook for 'btinput' in the store23:53
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khertanbluefox, thx, any suggestion on working keyboard ?23:56
khertan(small keyboard)23:57
khertanlike this one ?23:57
bluefoxthat i unfortunately can't help with...the only one i have is the logitech dinovo edge and it's not exactly small23:57
khertanbluefox, thx anyway :)23:58
bluefoxno problem23:58
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