IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2013-01-11

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ZogG_laptopRzR: yeah i saw01:01
ZogG_laptopRzR: no time currently01:02
ZogG_laptopa lot of shit going in life01:02
RzRlike irc :)01:02
RzRbut anyway i wish you to get better w/ that01:02
ZogG_laptopi'm barely here01:04
ZogG_laptopi just have autoconnect to it when i get home01:04
ZogG_laptopbut trying to be around01:04
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TimoSo, I messed up my whole N9 that I have a broken UI now.  See also . I got the suggestion to use the FIX_MALF mode to get the things right or telnet into the device. I can't find any of those on the mighty Google. Does anybody know how I can repair it? :)14:58
thedead1440juiceme's telnet:
thedead1440fix malf state:
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TimoOkay, thaks thedead1440 :)15:01
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TimoOkay, but if I flash the zImage loader and the Initrd, won't my whole OS be replaced?15:03
thedead1440why would it? those are the two boot-up stage requirements; your OS is rootfs15:05
thedead1440you would only get into open mode; maybe bad for you but desirable for others :D15:05
TimoNot bad, it's just good ;)15:06
TimoI just don't want to do anything wrong :P15:06
TimoI can mess around with my N900, but my N9 is my daily phone so... ;)15:07
thedead1440its mine too :) its quite mess-proof honestly15:07
TimoIt's stupid I didn't enable SSH, since I knew this day would come...15:08
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JonniTimo: build yourself custom console cable and login without ssh :=)15:13
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TimoOh god, why can't Chromium save a whole folder as even wget can do that trick...15:15
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Timothedead1440: I only get a screen that the warranty is permanently void, that I'm a badass etc., but the sudo ifconfig usb0 fails...15:23
thedead1440i haven't tried telnet but it should work; what's the error?15:25
thedead1440ping juiceme15:25
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TimoSIOCSIFADDR: Onjuist apparaat15:25
Timousb0: ERROR while getting interface flags: Onjuist apparaat15:25
Timo(Onjuist apparaat means that the device isn't found in Dutch ;))15:25
TimoHm, and it keeps rebooting15:26
TimoNow the led flashes15:26
Timoand the scree turns of15:26
Timonow it enters the charging cyclus15:27
thedead1440loose connection b/w usb&device?15:27
Timolet's try lsusb15:27
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TimoBus 002 Device 017: ID 0421:0518 Nokia Mobile Phones15:27
TimoSo it is still there15:28
thedead1440its charging so its of course there; try repeating from step 1 again15:29
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TimoNope, flashing again doesn't help15:30
TimoI'm still a badass and my warranty is void... :(*15:31
TimoNow it reboots again...15:31
thedead1440weird; no experience with telnet here; you need juiceme to answer on it :D15:33
TimoIt just prompted me if I wanted to connect as mass storage etc. and when I choose SDK mode, telnet tells me "telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"15:34
thedead1440because you are past the stage of moslo15:35
thedead1440i think15:35
TimoYeah, I'm pretty sure of that, but why does it come past that stage? Shouldn't it keep saying my warranty is void?15:36
thedead1440loose connection maybe or something i'm not aware of...15:36
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TimoWhen the warranty void screen is popping up, lsusb doesn't show my device15:39
TimoI'll wait for juiceme :)15:41
thedead1440yup or if you want to just mount the partitions anyway, fix malf state does the same thing :)15:42
TimoI'll try that15:42
Timowhich folders do I have to replace? :)15:42
thedead1440 /usr/share/themes/base && /usr/share/themes/blanco15:42
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Timoand works on the N9 too?15:43
TimoI've void the warranty. Again :P15:45
thedead1440once you are all done and want to remove the warranty you can do a dd if of the rootfs and userfs; see:
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Timo"Wait a minute before a new device will pop up"15:50
TimoWell, it doesn't pop up...15:50
TimoDo you have experience with this method thedead1440?15:51
thedead1440yup use fdisk -l to find the name and do a manual mount15:51
Timofdisk shows only one disk, that's my internal HDD ...15:52
thedead1440you use Ubuntu right? why doesn't it mount? It should auto-mount on Ubuntu IIRC15:52
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thedead1440did the flash instructions go proper?15:52
Timobut yeah, even Fdisk doesn't show anything15:52
Timoyup, no errors15:52
thedead1440was your device plugged out before entering the command on your PC?15:52
TimoI'll try again :)15:52
thedead1440was your device powered-off?15:53
thedead1440you did a 8seconds power off right?15:53
TimoThat the device was powered off at least 8 seconds?15:53
thedead1440no you hold the power button for 8-10 seconds to ensure its powered off before plugging itin15:54
TimoI think it was...15:54
thedead1440s/itin/it in/15:54
infobotthedead1440 meant: no you hold the power button for 8-10 seconds to ensure its powered off before plugging it in15:54
TimoNo, I didn't do that15:54
TimoNow it's really off15:55
Timoand flasher runs again15:55
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thedead1440still not detected?15:58
thedead1440maybe you really need to make a serial console like Jonni said :p15:58
TimoIf that's really the case I'll reflash :P15:59
TimoFor an open mode flash, I only have to replace the kernel and rootfs, right? :P15:59
Arkenoiis there a way to turn "application not responding" warning off?16:00
thedead1440i don't get it why devices don't get detected :S I've done this at least 4 times and no issues at all; yesterday also 2 people on TMO were saying the same thing about no partitions mounted16:00
Jonnitime: sometimes detection depends, on what usb port you are using, so switching the port might help too16:00
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thedead1440Jonni: does it require that no other device be plugged into usb port too? Read that somewhere but I've had both my n9 and n900 plugged in and it still worked16:01
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Jonnithedead1440: depends on luck, usually it works better when its connected on the 1st enumeration of the usb device, and also depends on kernel drivers, how they detect mtd modes.16:03
TimoI can try it on Windows, though I don't really think that'll make things better16:03
TimoI'll try it on my desktop, also Kubuntu 12.04...16:04
Jonniwindows cant detect rescue kernel devices, so its quite unlikely that it would help16:04
TimoMy desktop is now booting16:04
Jonniand usually kubuntu works worse that ubuntu, atleast on my earlier experiments. needs some kernel driver blacklisting etc to get it working16:04
TimoHm, Ubuntu doesn't work with the AMD/ATI drivers16:05
TimoOr actually, Compiz doesn't work16:05
TimoSo that's why I use KDE...16:06
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TimoJonni: Will it work if I try this from a Live CD?16:12
Jonnidepends on hardware, on some machines yes it will work.16:13
TimoBecause it doesn't work with Kubuntu on my desktop either16:13
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thedead1440Timo: if you want to try a LiveCD i think this should work:
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TimoHey, that's nice :D16:38
Timothedead1440: Do you think I can throw it on a USB using Unetbootin? :)16:39
TimoOkay, I will have it within 30 minutes :P16:40
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Timoloosy internet connection...16:40
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Lava_Croftlousy connection in NL? Where?17:33
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TimoLava_Croft: Apeldoorn, Telfort...17:36
Timo800 KB/s17:36
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Timothedead1440: on that live cd nothing works as well :(17:37
thedead1440Timo: Jonni is your solution then :D17:38
Lava_CroftAh, mobile?17:38
Lava_Croft800kb/s is nearly as much as i have at home, downstream :)17:38
Lava_Crofton my landline17:38
TimoJonni: I heard you're my solution :P17:38
TimoWe can't get more out of the ADSL line Lava_Croft, we live too far from the telephone exchange...17:39
Lava_CroftNear Alkmaar here, in a rather small town17:41
Lava_Croftyou live on the outskirts?17:41
Lava_Crofta friend of mine has this problem, he lives in an industrial area, also too far from exchange stations17:41
Lava_Croftsucks :\17:41
TimoNo, near Paleis het Loo, but the exchange is in the centre17:42
Lava_CroftThat's pretty lame17:42
Timothedead1440: I think a reflash is the only possible option, except a serial console :P17:43
thedead1440well if you find what to blacklist then you can skip on the reflash17:43
Timohm, that's true17:44
Jonnior testting with different machine if it would have better usb ports17:44
TimoI've already tested two different machines, both don't work17:44
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TimoI'll go for the reflash then, unfortunately :(17:46
thedead1440Timo: try this once:
thedead1440It might be what your OS needs for it to work17:46
Timoinstalling it now17:47
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Jonniif in tampere and really important files on the device, I could help with my hardware, but if there are no valuabke files in the device, then might be easier to flash if usb device is not detected right17:48
thedead1440another one:  Note: I'm just throwing wild-cards here17:48
TimoJonni: well, there aren't that imported files on it, but the fies in MyDocs will be kept?17:49
TimoAnd my e-mails?17:49
Jonniah yes MyDocs will be kept if you only install main firmware (emmc nukes MyDocs), but emails might be lost as those are not keps in MyDocs afaik17:50
Jonnikept even17:50
TimoAh well, I do have a back up17:50
TimoF*ck this shit I'm doing a reflash :P17:50
TimoTo flash into open mode, do I have to flash the emmc?17:51
thedead1440flash into open mode? its just flashing a zimage17:52
TimoLike I just did multiple times17:53
thedead1440oh a rootfs flash should suffice17:53
TimoI'll do that17:55
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TimoOh, by the way, with a rootfs flash will my contacts be held?18:03
thedead1440nope :D18:04
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Timothedead1440: oh f*ck, so I'll lose all my contacts? :(18:18
thedead1440Timo: didn't you ever learn that backups are important :p18:23
TimoI HAVE back ups of my photos, videos etc., but not of my contacts :p18:24
thedead1440it takes 30seconds to back-up contacts; or you can use Nokia account too :D18:25
thedead1440if you don't want to use other cloud services18:25
TimoWell, I18:25
Timohave got a back up from back in november...18:26
TimoI'll use that one...18:26
thedead1440yup it should have all your data in there...18:27
TimoActually, that back up is called 'N900' :P18:27
TimoBought my N9 back in november18:27
TimoMan, the navifirm servers are really slow!18:28
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thedead1440Timo: they give me around 500-1000kb/s so not too bad18:32
TimoI got about 100 KB/s18:33
TimoAh well, I'll give the router a reset18:34
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pastupid question that probably nobody had before19:55
pais it possible to define a "prefix" for a (sofia)sip account?19:55
paso that any number dialed using that account gets automatically such prefix19:56
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