IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-12-27

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juicemeHiya Hurrian, ya there?00:48
juicemestill struggling wit the ubifs root fs00:48
juicemePatched with commandline override, and now it is possible to actually make it mount root to wherever I want it to.00:49
juicemehowever, as a result it just won't boot at all when I try to force it to go to /dev/mtd400:50
juicemeI created a rootfs there by "/usr/sbin/ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 4 ; mount -t ubifs ubi0:var /root/tp_mount" and copied whole content of my initramfs there.00:52
juicemeI tried these as kernel command line;00:52
juiceme"init=/init ubi.mtd=4 root=ubi0:var rootfstype=ubifs rw console=ttyS0,115200n8 omap3_die_id"00:53
juiceme"init=/init ubi.mtd=4 root=/dev/mtd4 rootfstype=ubifs rw console=ttyS0,115200n8 omap3_die_id"00:53
juicemebut neither of them work...00:53
Hurrianjuiceme, here00:54
Hurriando you have the init script at /init, and is its dependencies satisfied?00:55
juicemeWhen I boot the kernel I am using with command line override off, so that it boots the "normal" way as mmblck2 root device I can access the UBI devices correctly so I damn well konw my kernel options are correct...00:55
juicemeyes, as far as I have checked it00:55
juicemethe init script is faurly simple00:55
juicemeit just displays a text on the screen and kicks off telnetd00:56
Hurrianhmm, lemme check something.00:57
juicemeI have been trying to model this with the few ubifs root documents found off google, mostly they are about wlanbox configuration etc..00:57
juicemeconfig looks like this;00:58
juiceme[sbox-HARMATTAN_ARMEL: /usr/src/kernel-2.6.32] > grep _UBI .config00:59
juiceme# CONFIG_UBIFS_FS_XATTR is not set00:59
juiceme# CONFIG_UBIFS_FS_ADVANCED_COMPR is not set00:59
Hurrianyou may need to specify some crap passed by NOLO too00:59
juicemedid not think abou that00:59
juicemeit figures...00:59
Hurrianexcept for the ones involving serial numbers.00:59
juicemeso I need to combine my cmdline with the NOLO-given line + the UBI stuff...01:00
HurrianI'd try specifying mtdparts= first though01:00
juicemewill try that01:00
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juicemewhat's the "mtdparts=omap2-onenand:1024k(bootloader),2816k@1024k(config),16384k@3840k(kernel),2048k@20224k(log),469248k@22272k(var),32768k@491520k(moslo)" for anyway?01:02
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juicememight it be kernel does not recognize memory correctly without it?01:03
Hurrianthat's practically the NAND's partition table.01:04
HurrianDON'T make a mistake copying it to the kconfig, as you will mess up the data on the flash doing so.01:04
juicemeas it says "469248k@22272k(var)"01:04
juicemewell it'l be ro anyway at boot, right?01:05
Hurrianon the bright side, it can be used to repartition the flash, should we not need that moslo partition.01:05
Hurrianjuiceme, that depends on the cmdline ;)01:05
Hurrian469248k@22272k(var) = size@offset (from 0), name01:06
juicemeallright, now it's compiling01:08
juicemeawfully long cmdline :)01:09
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juicemenow flashing... keep fingers crossed :)01:10
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juicemenah... just managed to get it to reboot loop :(01:12
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HurrianOh, do you have a watchdog kicker?01:21
juicemeit's being handled with initscript01:22
juicemeif it ever got so far...01:23
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juicemeGot the beast to boot up01:25
juicemewell last time I inserted the whole shebang kilometer long init line01:25
juicemenow I trimmed it up just to UBI+mtdparts01:26
Hurrianincluding the device serials?01:26
juicemenah, left those off now01:26
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Hurrianjuiceme: and it should, unless every user would have to build their own kernel ;)01:26
juicemeI am online with it01:26
juicemebeautibul, thanks a LOT!01:26
HurrianAnd so begins the work on the biggest initrd anyone has ever seen.01:27
juicemethat stuff is to be added from the cmdline.txt at later stage01:27
Hurrianwith some work, cmdline from nolo can be saved into a procfs entry, and called by the kexec script as $DEVICE_IMEI, etc.01:29
Hurrianbut this'll work.01:29
juicemeI just wonder why it choked on the longer cmdline...01:29
HurrianOh, and reportedly, the Patched Open Mode Harmattan kernels can boot via kexec.01:30
HurrianTry it with the NITDroid kernel.01:30
juicemeLike, currently I patched the kernel to just NOT strncpy() the given line to cmdline01:30
juicemeI can easily create a new proc entry for "original_cmdline" or whatever01:31
juicemeas long as this "my-moslo-kernel" is used just as a bootstrap kernel to load up further images via kexec() I can put whatever thingies I feel like to it...01:32
juicemehave to thest the kexec() of openmode kernel next.01:33
juicemeHere is the proof ;
juicemeWell, at least now I could not kexec() to nitdroid kernel. Have to see what's hazy about it...01:52
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Hurrianjuice me, did you pass Harmattan's real cmdline to it?02:26
Hurrians/juice me/juiceme/02:27
infobotHurrian meant: juiceme, did you pass Harmattan's real cmdline to it?02:27
juicemehi, yes02:31
juicemebut I think I may have had my modules a bit askew02:32
juicemenoticed that aftwewards when I flashed the previous nitdroidkernel and it hung up too02:32
juicemehad to do "/sbin/depmod -a"02:33
juicemeso mow I am not sure if that was the problem02:33
juicemeor if it was with the kexec()02:33
juicemeanyway cleaned up the kernel options a bit and am recompiling it again...02:34
juicemeI think there is still something hazy about the kexec() call, it does not work on all kernels even as the options are compiled in.02:35
juicemesee, when I ran it before with vanilla 2.6.32 I did not get the next stage to boot up correctly even when I had the commandline surely correct.02:36
juicemebut with the kernel included in the MOSLO boot, which is from it works correctly.02:38
juicemeThe problem is, I do not have the source for the latter kernel, so I cannot recompile it to boot from the UBI drive.02:38
Hurrianjuiceme, the MOSLO boot kernel is whatever Nemo uses nowadays02:42
Hurrianjuiceme, try building the regular Harmattan kernel with kexec() support02:44
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juicemeThat is what I did, the normal harmattan kernel (with aegis neutering)02:48
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HurrianSo both the first kernel and the second kernel are kexec() enabled, right?02:52
Hurrianhmm, this is odd.02:52
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juicemeaa, no03:00
juicemeThe SECOND stage was not kexec-enabled03:01
juicemedoes it matter?03:01
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juicemeif it does matter, then I am in a bit of a problem here... As I would like to boot nitdroid kernel as one of the 2nd stage selections and e-yes did not give me the source for that :(03:03
juicemewell well, it's 3:02 am here... maybe I should go take a nap..03:04
Hurrianyeah, something to do with relocations03:05
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Hurrianjuiceme: try to boot Harmattan first, then you can diff e-yes' changes to the PR1.2 kernel afterwards03:06
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ladogathedead1440: Seems like cutetube won't display archived movies if i set download directory to ~/ MyDocs/Movies14:06
ladogait downloads them there all right tho and the stock video player finds them14:07
ladogaso it doesn't look like a tracker issue14:08
ladogais marxian here under some other nick?14:13
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thedead1440ladoga: cutetube creates its own directory14:27
thedead1440so its ~/MyDocs/Movies/cuteTube14:27
thedead1440you need to put your videos into that folder14:27
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thedead1440its not a tracker issue certainly14:27
thedead1440i just changed my user-dirs.dirs to set default videos dir to ~/MyDocs/Movies/cuteTube so that all videos are downloaded/saved there14:28
thedead1440instead of having to do a manual transfer14:28
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rashm2k1does anyone have ANY idea how to setup scratchbox for blackberry?15:10
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ladogathedead1440: yes, i  just wanted to avoid having a new directory17:05
thedead1440ladoga: unfortunately that's the only work-around currently17:05
thedead1440but a minor inconvenience for its benefits :D17:05
thedead1440alternatively keep it at cutetube's default ~/MyDocs/cuteTube17:06
thedead1440then you can use that instead of ~/MyDocs/Movies17:06
ladogaso i set cutetube downloaddir to ~/MyDocs/Movies instead17:08
thedead1440then it would result in ~/MyDocs/Movies/cuteTube17:08
thedead1440and thats where all your videos/movies would need to be put in17:08
ladogaso it doesnt create it's own subdiretory17:08
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thedead1440nope it always results in its own sub-directory17:08
thedead1440maybe marxian should be asked to include an option not to have it as such17:08
ladogaonly problem is that cutetube cant show the movies it downloads there:)17:08
thedead1440are you sure its not in ~/MyDocs/Movies/cuteTube instead?17:09
ladogayou can change the directory to what you want17:09
thedead1440yup but it always has a sub-directory for itself within your chosen directory17:10
thedead1440quit the app and re-open it to see the change17:10
ladogajust edit .config/cuteTube/cuteTube.conf17:10
ladoganope try it17:11
thedead1440ah yes never saw that :S17:11
thedead1440so those videos it downloaded can't be played via the archive feature?17:11
ladogaso im sort of asking if cutetube could add scanning video files to its download dir, even if its not something/cuteTube17:12
thedead1440ah ok17:13
ladogai can play them with the stock player though17:13
ladogaso its not a big issue17:13
thedead1440maybe its hard-coded somewhere in the code not to  play them if the videos are not in ~somewhere/cuteTube17:13
thedead1440did you try putting it in a cutetube subdir?17:14
thedead1440also i think the scanning feature should be doable17:14
ladogayes the "feature; i use is probably unsupported17:15
thedead1440   this post by marxian says cutetube uses QtGallery instead of keeping its own record for files so i assume its plugging into tracker hence should be able to use all dirs with videos17:15
ladogaas you cant do it in cutetube itself. just accidentally found it by changing the downloaddit in config file17:15
ladogamaybe its a bug then17:16
thedead1440could be17:17
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thedead1440ladoga: maybe you can report it to marxian?17:21
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ladogaif cutetube gets subtitle support it would become more important17:25
ladogaotherwise youd have to move all movies to cuteTube directory which makes no sense17:26
thedead1440true; subtitles would make it a handy all-in-one17:27
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