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louisdkJust rain apt-get dist-upgrade which upgraded liborganiser and before I could stop it it removed mp-harmattan-rm680-pr. When I try to install mp-harmattan-rm680-pr again it says a bunch of packages new to be a newer version (Log: I'm running the latest PR1.3 for N950 and think it's is pretty strange. If I run "apt-get -f install" it says that I need to run apt-get autoremove to remove a bunch of unneeded packages which i'll00:55
louisdknot run! Is mp-harmattan-rm680-pr just a metapackage? Is it safe to run without it - I'll I still be available to reflash it? Is it save to reboot without this package installed? Looking foward for some help. I don't want to brick my device.00:55
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arceando NOT install mp-harmattan-rm680-pr from the OTA repo!00:59
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arceanthe one from the repo is much older than the one from the PR 1.3 image00:59
louisdkarcean: Is it safe to run without the  mp-harmattan-rm680-pr package?01:01
arceanhonestly? no :D01:01
arceanfor eg Nokia Store app will wipe out most of your OS01:02
arceanwhat you have to do is to type:01:02
arceanapt-get install package1 ... packageN01:02
arceanwhere package1..N are the packages listed to be autoremoved01:02
arceanit will mark those packages as "manually" installed, and apt-get autoremove won't touch them01:03
arceanso you'll be safe then :)01:04
arceanotherwise you may create a backup and prepare to reflash device :P01:04
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louisdkIt's not possible to get the right mp-harmattan-rm680-pr somewhere? :)01:07
arceanNot that I know of :P01:10
Hurrianlouisdk, when you've borked your system to the point of removing a package that the system metapackage depends on, reflash01:15
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louisdkHuriran: Good advice.01:28
louisdkI've now marked all packages that was set to be autoremoved as manually installed. I'll now take time to backup everything and then reflash.01:37
arceanlouisdk: if the metapackage is the only thing you've removed, then nothing bad should happen01:38
louisdkarcean: It is. But I really don't want to brick my device and as Hurrian points out, it's the safest think to do. If I installed a new app later on that do to depencies-issues removed some of my manually selected app it wouldn't be fun. I mean if I uninstalled the wring packages then my N950 could turn out to be broken an unflashable, right?01:45
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arceanmaybe, I'm just saying I've been using harmattan without metapackage for 5-6 months without problems :)01:47
arceanahh, but If you've installed something after removing metapackage, then yes, it's a good idea to reflash the n95001:48
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louisdkarcean: I have not installed anything after removing the metapackage. I'll play it safe and reflash when I'm ready. Maybe a bit off topic, but Is there an option for apt-get to don't do anything without confirmation? Like the opposite of -y?01:52
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Hurrianlouisdk: that's the default.02:30
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Arkenoihow can i increase ANR timeout?12:19
RST38hMoo Arkenoi12:23
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ArkenoiRST38h, having a lot of sync accounts always online slows down the device terribly.. so ANR becomes very annoying. I guess it is somewhere in gconf2?12:33
RST38hArkenoi: It should be but I am afraid the system will not let you change it12:34
RST38hArkenoi: if it is in gconf,there should be a bunch of xmlfiles somewherein the system that are used to initialize gconf. You can search them.12:34
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dt3rmfellow citizens of the world...16:24
dt3rmmerry cristmas16:25
virtualdgod jul16:25
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djszapiN9hi, is it possible to get notification for private facebook messages like with sms, phone calls, and so forth?18:28
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djszapiN9it seems to be pull based instead of push.18:39
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flohollHi all, I fail to set up a Diamondcard SIP account on my N9, using settings recommended at and on a standard DSL router. I get a "Wrong username or password error" consistently. Any ideas?18:41
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romaxa_homeis there are way to disable aegis and security mode for PR1.3?20:48
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DocScrutinizer05any suggestions welcome on how to compress a storage of ~1.2zillion HARM-firmware.bin images21:05
DocScrutinizer05that's what I got on running jdiff (a binary diff/patch tool) against 2 arbitrary images:21:06
DocScrutinizer05Equal     bytes         = 48337441721:06
DocScrutinizer05Data      bytes written = 56887146121:06
DocScrutinizer05Overhead  bytes written = 905116521:06
DocScrutinizer05real   20m33.384s21:06
DocScrutinizer05user   9m43.002s21:06
DocScrutinizer05sys    2m33.515s21:06
DocScrutinizer05I.E. the *diff* is ~0.57 size of the original21:06
DocScrutinizer05if you want your dang firmwares backup'ed beyond 2013-01-01, and you know any method to compress those 2000 different firmware.bin versions, please speak up!21:07
DocScrutinizer05NB each of those firmware.bin is 1 damn jiggabyte21:08
SpeedEvilin principle, can they be unpacked?21:10
juicemeDocScrutinizer05; how come there are so many?21:16
DocScrutinizer05(unpacked) unclear, no idea21:16
juicemeI mean, most of them are not necessary, right?21:16
DocScrutinizer05(so many) ask Nokia21:16
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DocScrutinizer05they are signed with different keys :-S21:17
juicemeahh. silly.21:17
SpeedEvilcan we tell the keys?21:18
SpeedEvilI mean, we don't care about non user signed key ones do we?21:19
SpeedEvilI suppose in the event of a leak, we do21:19
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ttt0600hi guys. can someone tell me the path to N9 background applications? I am working on a new theme to find it21:24
ttt0600I meant the default apps21:24
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SpeedEvilpath to?21:29
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njsfAnybody here familiar with hacking organiser feed ?22:24
njsfI can't get it to run under Qt Creator or remotely to my N922:24
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juicemeHi Hurrian, u there?23:35
juicemeEven when I am setting the kernel command line to "init=/init root=ubi0:var rootfstype=ubifs rw console=ttyS0,115200n8 omap3_die_id" it still does not boot from mtd4 :(23:40
juicemeWhat is the correct option, should it be something like  root=/dev/mtd4 instead?23:43
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