IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-12-23

Venemomaybe it should've synced your already existing contacts up00:00
njsfGoogle contacts phone # info is accessible via MfE or CardDAV. And MfE is going away next Jan00:00
VenemoI dunno00:00
RzR MfE is going away next Jan ?00:01
RzRhow comes ?00:01
njsffor google accounts yes00:01
njsfNot sure if for "personal" accounts only or for their Google Apps accounts too00:02
RzRwell i dont see benefits of using exchange anyway00:02
njsfIf they keep it in the Google Apps, then the move is to charge for it00:02
njsfsince they will not be creating new free accounts in Google Apps00:03
njsfAlso really makes migration of Android to Windows Phone users a non-starter00:03
njsfI don't think WP has CardDAV (N9 does not have for sure :) )00:04
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RzRrashm2k, how do u wake up screen on dev b ?00:05
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rashm2kpress the power button?00:16
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paanybody familiar with symbian?00:19
Venemopa: I've seen it00:19
pais there a media player that can play videos over http? like the stock player of harmattan?00:19
paand possibly mkv00:20
VenemoI have no clue00:21
RzRmplayer ?00:22
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ladogapa: mplayer does that by simply mplayer <url> if there's slower connection you might want to use -cache and -cache-min flags00:40
ladoga"mplayer -cache 8192 -cache-min 50 <url>"  would download 8MB cache and download 50% of it before the playing starts00:43
ladogarest being downloaded while playing00:43
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bobofosho123Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask a question in here that I posted in the forums in the hopes of getting an answer:06:47
bobofosho123I currently own a Cyan Nokia N9 16g. I've had the phone for a about 4 months and have never had a data plan with my carrier active on the phone. For the record, I live in the USA and use T-Mobile, which uses the 1700 and 1900 MHz bands for 3G and HSPA+ data. Even though the phone is clearly compatible with the network for Internet I've had tons of issues properly configuring the phone to work with the data connection.06:47
bobofosho123I've already made sure the APN is set to and that the Access Point code (1234) is correct. I've spoken to reps at the highest level of tech support to see what the issue and they can't seem to find anything wrong, so now I'm coming here to see if anyone has any ideas. I've uploaded some screenshots of the settings for the data connection below:06:47
bobofosho123The connection works intermittently, sometimes it'll work for a day, sometimes it won't work at all. Sometimes it'll load web pages halfway and then cut out, other times it won't sync properly with my email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, etc. The problems seem to be random. FYI, I already know it works totally fine on wifi connections. If anyone has any ideas feel free to help. Thanks in advance.06:47
bobofosho123-Cheers, bobofosho12306:48
bobofosho123UPDATE: I forgot to mention a few other details, whenever I reboot the phone I get a text from T-Mobile saying "We see your phone doesn't have correct settings to access the Internet or send MMS. You will receive a message on how to fix this." After that, a screen appears asking for the access point access code, which is 1234, and then it comes up again twice and then it finally connects. However, it normally fails to06:48
bobofosho123properly connect to the data network, meaning I'm still unable to access the Internet.06:48
bobofosho123If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.06:48
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bobofosho123DocScrutinizer05: Could you help me out?06:55
DocScrutinizer05sorry, not really06:56
bobofosho123Damn, no problem lol.06:56
DocScrutinizer05might be related to storage of credentials in that secure aegis filesystem06:57
SpeedEvilI would wonder if your sim works with any phone06:58
bobofosho123It does06:58
DocScrutinizer05iirc we've seen similar problems of password not getting stored for other services, particularly some Nokia login06:58
bobofosho123I've tried it on an iPhone06:58
bobofosho123since it's the only other one I could find with a Microsim06:58
bobofosho123Any potential solutions06:59
DocScrutinizer05reflashing sometimes helped for that other problem07:00
bobofosho123But then I would lose all of my apps, settings, etc.07:00
bobofosho123I would do that as a last resort.07:00
DocScrutinizer05yep, probably07:00
bluefoxbuilt in backup functionality should get everything but applications07:01
bobofosho123Ist that only potential solution you can think of?07:02
bobofosho123*Is that07:02
bluefoxat least it got all my contacts/sms/etc moved over when i switched phones07:02
DocScrutinizer05I'm not even sure it's any solution at all07:02
bobofosho123Anything more concrete?07:03
DocScrutinizer05isn't there a setting where you could check what's the stored password of APN?07:04
thedead1440bobofosho123: have you tried deleting all your connections and starting afresh?07:05
bobofosho123Theres is no stored password as far as I can tell07:06
bobofosho123thedead1440: I'll try that.07:06
thedead1440bobofosho123: use gconf to unset the values and reboot07:07
thedead1440maybe it helps07:07
bobofosho123how do I do that?07:07
bobofosho123sorry a bit of a n00b07:07
thedead1440gconftool --recursive-unset /system/http_proxy + gconftool --recursive-unset /system/proxy + gconftool --recursive-unset /system/osso07:07
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DocScrutinizer05there's no stored password? well, that's the answer then07:07
bobofosho123do I do that from terminal?07:07
thedead1440those are 3 commands you have to type in terminal07:07
thedead1440the + is to append 1 from 2 and 2 from 307:07
bobofosho123go it, thanks07:08
bobofosho123*got it07:08
DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: so why not use && ?07:08
DocScrutinizer05or ;07:08
thedead1440yup :)07:08
thedead1440my bad07:09
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bobofosho123so I ran those three commands in order07:26
bobofosho123and restarted the device07:26
bobofosho123so now I should just attempt to connect to T-Mobile's data network again.07:26
bobofosho123Is that correct?07:28
bobofosho123It didn't work07:34
bobofosho123The commands erased the values, I rebooted the device, and then connected to "Tmobile Web2Go" and it didn't work.07:34
bobofosho123i.e. I still can't connect to the Internet07:35
DocScrutinizer05bobofosho123: please go to settings->internet->edit-networks->"your network"  and set APN user name and password there07:49
DocScrutinizer05then quit the screen, quit settings. Go there again and see if it got stored07:50
DocScrutinizer05if it still doesn't work, delete the whole setting and reconfigure it07:50
bobofosho123I don't know what the username or password are though07:51
bobofosho123I wasn't given either one by T-Mobile07:51
thedead1440bobofosho123: yup; i just saw your thread on TMO too and one of the reply there said not to have any proxy selected instead of the automatic you had07:51
DocScrutinizer05didn't you say password is 1234?07:51
bobofosho123the access code it asks me to enter to fetch the info. is 123407:52
bobofosho123It's not the username and password you're thinking of07:52
thedead1440so you mean you receive a message enter that code to receive settings?07:52
DocScrutinizer05usually you need to set up username and password. user frequently is "internet" or similar nonsense, password often is empty07:53
thedead1440bobofosho123: exactly what DocScrutinizer05 said; is that the way in your case?07:53
DocScrutinizer05please find out about the correct values for your APN07:53
bobofosho123Okay, I'll call T-Mobile again and ask07:54
bobofosho123thanks for all the help thus far btw07:54
bobofosho123I really appreciate it.07:54
bobofosho123that screenshot shows the pin screen that pops up07:55
DocScrutinizer05there's athing called configuration SMS or sth, you receive it, device asks you if you want to use those settings. If you answer "yes" then those settings like APN, username and password get set up for you07:55
DocScrutinizer05that's what you request by your "1234"07:56
bobofosho123yep, I enter that code07:56
DocScrutinizer05it might not work as expected07:56
bobofosho123another screen pops up asking to save the MMS and Internet settings07:56
bobofosho123I save them07:56
bobofosho123and a small black box pops up on the homescreen saying "We've recieved your settings"07:57
DocScrutinizer05you should google for your APN, the username and password settings are no secret07:57
bobofosho123but then it doesn't work07:57
DocScrutinizer05and configure manually07:57
bobofosho123would that be a relevant document?07:58
bobofosho123or do those settings no apply to the N907:58
bobofosho123i.e. the username as "None"07:58
thedead1440oops you already have the link :D07:58
DocScrutinizer05APN:     Username: None   (SIC!)      Password: <Not set>08:00
bobofosho123I saved it08:01
bobofosho123restarting device08:01
bobofosho123still not working08:06
bobofosho123followed your insreuctions to the letter08:06
bobofosho123both of your instructions08:06
DocScrutinizer05change user name to "none"08:06
bobofosho123all the settings are correct08:06
bobofosho123well now it loaded a web page08:06
bobofosho123but it was slow as molasses08:07
DocScrutinizer05change proxy from "automatic" to "none" as well08:07
bobofosho123way to slow for HSPA+ at full bars08:07
bobofosho123already did that.08:07
thedead1440do a speedtest then ;)08:07
bobofosho123got a site that works on the n9 for speedtest?08:07
bobofosho123or app?08:07
thedead1440cnlab speedtest from the store is for free08:07
bobofosho123already have it lol08:08
bobofosho123closest server is NY08:08
bobofosho123I'm in LA08:08
bobofosho123here goes08:08
bobofosho123Seems way to slow to me08:10
bobofosho1231880 kBit/s down and 48 kBit/s up08:11
DocScrutinizer051880k downstream? sounds pretty fine to me08:11
bobofosho123that's barely above 3g speed.08:12
DocScrutinizer05this is as fast as my DSL here08:12
bobofosho123And it's still not connecting to other services properly08:13
DocScrutinizer05well, maximum bandwidth only under optimum conditions08:13
bobofosho123It's timing out with email, facebook, twitter, etc.08:13
bobofosho123true, but it's still not working08:13
thedead1440maybe give it another reboot?08:13
thedead1440although i don't see why a reboot is needed :o08:14
DocScrutinizer05I'd suggest you first make sure you don't see this requester anymore08:15
DocScrutinizer05only then bother about speed08:15
DocScrutinizer05since those are two unrelated topics08:15
bobofosho123I'm not seeing the access code request anymore08:16
bobofosho123but the connection still isn't working08:16
DocScrutinizer05you might have enabled powersave mode or what it's called08:16
DocScrutinizer05which is basically pretty much tearing down connectivity for most services when it kicks in08:17
bobofosho123It's not on08:17
bobofosho123just checked08:17
DocScrutinizer05(the one where you define % of battery capacity)08:18
bobofosho123I know, it's off08:18
DocScrutinizer05doublecheck if your APN is up to date08:18
DocScrutinizer05the info that is08:18
bobofosho123all good08:19
DocScrutinizer05well if that's the recommended APN, and your logon works, then any connectivity problems are probably on carrier side08:19
DocScrutinizer05not much you can do about it08:20
DocScrutinizer05blame t-mo08:20
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: blame :p08:20
infobotwell, tmo is, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.08:20
infobotfrom memory, t-mo is T-Mobile08:20
infobottm0 is probably trolls, mooses and orangutans08:21
bobofosho123The strange part to this is the T-mobile rep said all things were green on their end with my connection08:22
bobofosho123they showed no connectivity problems08:22
bobofosho123and this is coming from a senior tech rep08:22
bobofosho123i.e. the highest level support, blah blah blah08:22
DocScrutinizer05they have pretty poor diagnostics tools for individual connections08:22
thedead1440why not disconnect and reconnect to the connection?08:22
DocScrutinizer05all they can do is check the config and the general network/cell status08:23
DocScrutinizer05so if the hear "1234" and "" from your side...08:24
bobofosho123I've done that a million times08:24
bobofosho123I've troubleshooted the living hell out of this thing lmao08:24
bobofosho123and I tried an AT&T sim and it worked perfectly08:25
thedead1440so then its the T-MO sim thats the issue not the phone08:25
thedead1440get a replacement sim from them?08:25
DocScrutinizer05meh! the sim obviously works08:26
thedead1440i mean if the AT&T sim works well and the Tmobile one has speed etc issues then could be a lousy quality sim, no?08:27
DocScrutinizer05it's not like data flows *through* the SIM08:27
bobofosho123Alright, seems to be working now08:27
DocScrutinizer05the SIM is only used for logon purposes08:27
bobofosho123porn sites are loading08:27
bobofosho123I'm happy08:27
DocScrutinizer05logon evidently works08:28
DocScrutinizer05so no use in swapping the SIM08:28
thedead1440yes right ;)08:28
bobofosho123btw, I want auto-retrieve IP Address and DNS address on, right?08:28
thedead1440unless you have a manual address to input leave it on auto08:28
bobofosho123got it08:29
DocScrutinizer05full DHCP08:29
DocScrutinizer05i.e. retrieve IP, DNS and other shite from network, aka 'automatic'08:30
DocScrutinizer05except maybe proxy, which you usually don't want to use, except when you want to use it since e.g. it does some compression for you08:31
bobofosho123does the N9 have VPN functionality built in?08:31
DocScrutinizer05don't think so08:31
bobofosho123That's what I though08:31
DocScrutinizer05but you better ask you dad08:31
bobofosho123mmmhmmm lmao08:32
bobofosho123Anyways, Happy Festivus for the rest of us everyone08:32
bobofosho123or at least for me08:32
DocScrutinizer05and HOOHOOHOOOOO08:32
bobofosho123hohoho indeed08:33
DocScrutinizer05could you do me a favour and see what a /msg nickserv info DocScrutinizer05    shows for you. (it shows different detail when you ask for own account)08:33
bobofosho123Information on DocScrutinizer05 (account jOERG_rw):08:34
bobofosho123Registered : Jun 04 12:27:14 2012 (28 weeks, 5 days, 18:07:06 ago)08:34
bobofosho123User reg.  : Jun 01 00:56:15 2008 (4 years, 29 weeks, 3 days, 05:38:05 ago)08:34
bobofosho123Last addr  : ~HaleBopp@openmoko/engineers/joerg08:34
bobofosho123Last seen  : now08:34
bobofosho123Email      : joerg@openmoko.org08:34
bobofosho123Metadata   : cloak-alternative = Maemo/community/council/joerg_reisenweber08:34
bobofosho123*** End of Info ***08:34
DocScrutinizer05thanks! :-)08:34
bobofosho123take it easy08:35
bobofosho123thanks for the help08:35
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dm8tbrhrm, missed him. there is vpn functionality. at least tun/tap is there08:57
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ladogathedead1440: do you have ffmpeg running on n9?11:19
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan11:35
thedead1440ladoga: nope on the laptop11:36
thedead1440i used movgrab on my laptop11:36
ladogatranscoding on n9 might take some time :)11:39
thedead1440ya that's what i thought11:39
ladogathough ffmpeg would be useful there too11:39
thedead1440i was thinking maybe if there is a way to transcode on the n900 since its my spare so you know input like 5-10 videos at night to transcode so 0 disturbance11:39
ladogabtw. with movgrab i think you can use "" just around the URL?11:40
thedead1440i had to use it around the file name i wanted to save as not on the URL11:40
thedead1440initially i was saving as xyz.mp4 without spaces so i thought the "" were redundant but it kept grabbing 0byte files11:41
ladogaonly reason it fails is because youtube links contain ? i think11:41
thedead1440so finally i realised that it was my stupid mistake to omit the "" from the file name11:41
ladogahmm.. for me movgrab works fine with  movgrab -o angryspace.mp4 -f mp4:1280x720 "
ladogasorry...broke the line11:42
thedead1440but when i added it into one line with the ffmpeg command thats when i was getting the error11:42
thedead1440hence the long time figuring out what i was doing wrong :D11:42
ladogathats weird because they are separate commands11:43
thedead1440oh you added "" on the URL which i didnt11:43
ladoga; in between11:43
thedead1440even my final command in one line has no "" on the URL11:43
ladogayes "" needs to be around url as it contains ?11:43
thedead1440just on the inputfile.mp411:43
thedead1440ah ok11:43
ladoga; just equals to "press enter"11:44
thedead1440yup that's why i was thinking what was wrong :S11:44
ladogasame as && afaik11:44
thedead1440&& didn't work for me but maybe it was due to the ""11:45
ladoganothing works if "" wasn't around the url...otherwise bash parses it as wildcard11:45
thedead1440true but why when i put no "" on the URL but on the input.mp4 does it work fine?11:46
ladogai think ยดยด you put around the whole thing solved that too11:47
thedead1440ah no wonder11:47
ladogait prevented bash from interpreting whats inside and just executed the whole11:47
thedead1440i had followed from this thread on TMO:
thedead1440it too has no "" on the URL and without the backticks too11:48
ladogamaybe ash interprets it differently11:50
ladogaor whatever shell he has11:50
*** jaywink has quit IRC11:50
ladogai'm just used to using "" around paths or filenames that contain !,?,*,>,< space etc.11:52
thedead1440nope i think its the way movgrab expects it; it doesn't expect with the "" i just tried it without the backticks too11:54
thedead1440~ $ movgrab -o "angryspace.mp4" -f mp4:1280x720 ; ffmpeg -i angryspace.mp4 -s 1280x720 -r 29.97 -vcodec libx264 -vb 1536k -vprofile baseline -acodec ac3 -ab 192k -ac 6 angry_n9.mp4 ; rm -rf angryspace.mp411:54
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thedead1440but yeah its always good practice to have the "" around special characters; i've had a few problems when i miss out on them :o11:56
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thedead1440ladoga: another thing i realised was using 25fps was markedly better in the sense at 29.97 there can be slight stuttering if you use cuteTube to play the video in the background or if you aggressively change the volume; these were taken care of at 25fps12:00
ladogafor 1280x720 or 854x480 or both?12:02
thedead1440havent tried 854x48012:02
ladogai guess it's better to use 25fps then12:03
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC12:03
ladogai only noticed stuttering when going above 30fps12:03
ladogabut didn't try with 1280x720 yet12:03
thedead1440so for 1280x720 25fps and 854x480 29.97fps12:04
ladogai'm now trying with -r 30 -g 3012:06
thedead1440is it any better?12:06
ladogai wonder if theres a better way to set i-frames12:06
ladogaas this depends on fps12:07
thedead1440not sure12:07
ladogaso with -r 25 youd have -g 2512:07
ladogaand so on12:08
ladogato have one i-frame per second12:08
ladogafrom what i understood i frames are higher quality frames used for reference and indexing12:08
ladogaso having more i-frames makes searching faster and enhances picture quality12:08
thedead1440wouldn't that mean stuttering would be more likely?12:09
ladogabut has some cost in overall filesize12:09
ladogawithout enough i-frames searching would be less accurate12:10 probably noticed when playing some videos12:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan12:10
ladogaso i guess it's worth trying12:11
thedead1440i'll try it with 25fps 1280x720 now12:11
ladogaend result should be just video that is more responsive to player controls12:11
ladogaand which might look slightly better (not that it's bad now)12:12
thedead1440that would be desired of course :)12:12
thedead1440i tested the same video on 25fps 1280x720 with and without the I-frame setting and certainly it seems to skip faster with I-frames; file size increase in my case was 100kB larger for that 44s angry birds space video12:18
thedead1440thats around a 1% increase in size12:18
ladogaif source video is not good quality.. has garbled frames for example and such broken frame is used as reference. then output would be ruined until next i-frame12:19
ladogaso having more i-frames helps in that too12:19
thedead1440ah thats good12:19
ladogaor thats how i understood what i read today:)12:20
thedead1440it seems like what you said:
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TimoHi there12:46
TimoI've got a question about the vkb12:46
TimoI've bought myself a slide out BT keyboard, and paired it with btinput. How do I let the VKB hide, or how do I edit the layout of the VKB, so I can make a VKB without any keys?12:48
ladogago ahead12:48
Timosee above ;)12:48
ladogayou were too fast:)12:48
ladogadoes that answer your question?12:50
TimoYeah, but that's only a terminal12:50
TimoI'm a terminal beast, but whatsapp doesn't have a CLI ;)12:50
Timo install MesInput from Nokia Store;12:53
Timo- open MesInput and search for "Empyt for VNC" keyboard layout and install it;12:53
Timo- swipe to right or left until this keyboard layout appears12:53
TimoNice, gonna try that, thanks for that thread :)12:53
TimoHarmattan on the N900 would be so nice12:55
Timoit's sad that Nokia gave it just 256 MB of ram12:55
ladogaTheres many sad things that nokia did13:00
Timo*That Elop did13:00
ladogaI'm quite suprised they managed to put out such nice devices as N9 and N900 at all13:01
TimoDone, I now have an empty VKB, thanks!13:01
Timoladoga: hmhm13:01
HurrianTimo, Harmattan on the N900? Well, the kernel will need to be patched for Aegis first.13:01
TimoHurrian: isn't it possible to port harmattan without aegis13:02
HurrianLast time I tried, it failed the boot for not having the required sysfs entries, and since it had less than 1GB RAM, it started swapping on /dev/mtd5.13:02
TimoYeah, that's another question I have: If I want to upgrade Nano and Imgrup by apt-get upgrade, Aegis tells me that it won't let me do that because it was previously installed out of the ovi store. Is there any way to fix that?13:03
HurrianTimo: The kernel-level interfaces for Aegis are open-source, and can be ported to any kernel. We could run that on the 2.6.37 Adaptation kernel, and try to boot Harmattan (with mtdswap OFF!)13:03
HurrianTimo: export
Hurriandpkg -i debfile.deb13:04
ladogaif in openmode13:04
Timoladoga: only inception13:05
Hurrianthen incept the package.13:05
Hurrianyou will only be able to upgrade by incepting.13:06
Hurrian question though, why not enter Open Mode?13:07
ladogahurrian is there any use for removing all aegis mounts in open mode?13:07
HurrianThey make apps work normally again.13:07
ladogawell i guess there's no use having them13:07
Hurrian(Back up your SSL certs first!)13:07
ladogai did, well atleast output of df is not cluttered withthem anymore :)13:08
HurrianWant to clear up the df output even more? Move /home to rootfs.13:09
TimoHurrian: So with open mode, it won't bother me with aegis things?13:09
*** ortylp has joined #harmattan13:09
HurrianPatched open mode.13:09
HurrianAegis shouldn't hinder you anymore (just remember to set AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN instead of incepting, dpkg is still Aegis-patched)13:10
*** faenil has joined #harmattan13:10
ladogawould it be possible to install the stock dpkg from debian?13:11
HurrianI would do a diff first.13:11
Hurrianit may break osa.13:11
*** freemangordon has joined #harmattan13:11
TimoActually, I don't want to reflash my phone to install open mode :P13:12
HurrianTimo: you don't need to ref lash.13:12
thedead1440its just flashing kernel13:12
ladogaisn't it good to flash userspace too13:12
ladogato avoid account related problems13:13
thedead1440ladoga: from what i understand you can delete the accounts first or simply delete the 3 folders after the flashing of open mode kernel to fix it up... never had any account related problems after that13:13
ladogai did clean flash before flashing openmode kernel, so no idea13:13
*** Pali has quit IRC13:14
Timothe thread says a reflash is needed...13:14
ladogai remember reading somewhere that it could cause some problems13:14
thedead1440except for deleting the 3 folders i never had problems when changing the kernel13:15
freemangordon~seen arcean13:15
infobotarcean <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo-ssu, 2d 10h 3m 37s ago, saying: 'yeah, it good time for bed :)'.13:15
TimoI'll incept it for now13:15
thedead1440the reflash comment must be as a precaution measure13:15
Hurrianprobably from battery life paranoia.13:18
Hurrian(but the N9 has crap battery life with the LPM clock on anyways)13:18
thedead1440battery life affected by open mode? didn't know that13:19
thedead1440never noticed a difference personally13:19
thedead1440or maybe the OP just doesn't want to be responsible for someone somewhere screwing something up13:20
ladogabtw. Timo are you a finn?13:22
*** faenil has quit IRC13:23
Timoladoga: nope, a dutchman :)13:25
Timobut with a Finnish name :013:25
ladogaTimo is quite sual name here too13:25
TimoGreat, packages are incepted :)13:25
*** freemangordon has left #harmattan13:26
*** faenil has joined #harmattan13:26
TimoThere are quite a few people called Timo in the year I was born :)13:27
thedead1440Timo: just curious, why didn't you simply uninstall the old packages and install anew instead of incepting the new ones?13:27
Timoin the Netherlands13:27
Timothedead1440: that's a good question13:27
thedead1440now you are in the same situation; no package can replace that incepted package13:27
thedead1440so unless you incept the next upgrade you still have to purge and install13:28
TimoWhy do things in the simple way if there's also a difficult one ;)13:28
Timoit are just two packages13:28
Timoso incepting that two isn't that hard13:28
TimoIs there by the way also something like a maemo-offtopic channel? :P13:35
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phakois there some DBus interface I can listen on for incoming calls?15:06
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rashm2khow I include bb10 qt libraries?15:49
rashm2kqt creator can't seem to find qobject15:50
*** arcean has joined #harmattan15:59
faenilrashm2k, I guess this question is for #BlackBerryDev16:08
faenilanyway, there's a wiki guide about how to configure QtCreator for BB1016:09
rashm2kI fixed it - seems like Qt creator does not like absolute include paths, once I included the QtCore from the bbndk is worked fine.16:10
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paRzR, ladoga, mplayer for symbian? does the port exist?16:52
RST38hYes, it exists in hell16:58
RST38hSatan uses it t torture iPhone users16:59
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ladogapa: I have no clue about symbian, never used it. But mplayer being a CLI program I doubt18:16
ladogai use mplayer (via smplayer GUI on the desktop) and on N9 via KMPlayer (to use subtitles)18:18
ladogawhen used as backend with a correct config file it autoloads subtitle files18:20
ladogaalso mplayer might be able to play some formats that gstreamer can't18:22
ladogai also use it from command line - although rarely - to listen to internet radio streams18:26
ladogalike mplayer -playlist
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dt3rmhi guys...21:21
*** said has joined #harmattan21:21
*** said is now known as Guest2887421:22
dt3rmi have a nokia n9 and i was wondering if i can create folders in my galary21:23
leinirnot quite21:25
leinirbut you /can/ tag things, and then show those tags21:26
dt3rmok thanks i will give that a try see how that works...21:28
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ladogaany ideas why "mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video1" doesn't work?21:31
ladogait seems to recognize the device as video output21:33
ladogaI'm trying to find out if N9 cameras' output are accessible from /dev21:36
*** disturbed_ has joined #harmattan21:36
ladogalooks like on n900 it works pretty much the same as any desktop/laptop webcams21:37
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