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ladogapa: Hi.I think I found good settings for encoding video for n9 with ffmpeg11:04
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ladogasweet spot sorts of11:07
ladogaffmpeg -i videofile.mp4 -s 854x480 -r 29.97 -vcodec libx264 -vb 1024k -vprofile baseline -acodec ac3 -ab 192k -ac 6 videofile_N9.mp411:10
ladogavideo bitrate (-vb) up to 1536k seems to work fine11:13
ladogaand above also supports Dolby 5.1 audio (6 channels) when possible11:13
ladogaso surround sound should work with headphones11:14
ladogacat VTS_01_[123456].VOB | ffmpeg -i - -s 854x480 -r 29.97 -vcodec libx264 -vb 1024k -vprofile baseline -acodec ac3 -ab 192k -ac 6 videofile_N9.mp411:19
ladogalets you rip directly from a DVD11:20
ladogafor VOB use whichever vobfile on the DVD that includes the video you want to rip (the largest file usually)11:23
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thedead1440hi does anyone know if there is a GUI equivalent to d-feet ( for Harmattan? Thanks!15:04
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phakothedead1440: there's a Qt equivalent but that's nearly unusable on the device15:10
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thedead1440phako: thanks so there is no way to like run it on a desktop and via ssh input the device? Sorry if it sounds stupid as I'm still on the intro to DBus :D15:18
phakothedead1440: not that I know of. the other way round may work, run it on the device and have the ui on the desktop15:18
phakothedead1440: Well technically you could use Gabriel to tunnel DBus via SSH, but I think the necessary nastiness is prevented by aegis.15:20
thedead1440phako: even in open mode?15:20
phakothedead1440: oh, that might work15:20
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thedead1440phako: thanks! will try it out now :)15:22
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WntAre there newer versions of firefox available for the N9 than the one in the store?21:02
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WntI found these but they haven't been updated for a while21:03
WntIntrestingly someone has compiled newer versions for N900:
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JaffaEvening all21:08
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RzRZogG_laptop, hi21:25
RzRthis bb10 devb device takes forever to upgrade21:26
rashm2kI got my dev alpha b too!!!!21:26
RzRdid u upgrade it ?21:26
rashm2kalmost killed it21:27
faenilonly me with DevAlpha A, the laggy one xD21:27
rashm2ktrade it in for a new one?21:27
faenilthat's not possible afaik :/21:28
rashm2kWhat do you think of it compared to N9>21:30
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RzRhavent tested it so far21:48
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rashm2ktry the browser - with 1080p youtube videos - oh MY!21:56
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rashm2kdefinitely looking like an N9 replacement21:58
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RzRdo u use it as a regular phone ?22:09
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darkborghi folks, where can i find the latest image for n950 ? (with the sdk)22:21
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ZogG_laptopRzR: good :)22:27
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ladogai don't care about 1080p and whatnot, but how is the UI?22:41
ladogadoes it feel upgrade to N9 usability wise22:42
ladogai mean that with newer hardware better performance is expected22:45
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faenilladoga, N9 isn't that smooth, shouldn't be hard to leave it behind22:54
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ladogafeanil, you mean that n9 UI isn't smooth or intuitive?22:57
ladogai don't mean performance wise. but how natural it feels to use it22:58
ladogafor me atleast raw performance matters very little compared to it23:00
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ladogabut if UI is good, then it's all the better23:01
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ladogai guess much of it is a matter of taste though23:07
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ladogai haven't used either BB10 OS nor Sailfish, but in screenshots and videos both look like cheap copies of Harmattan UI.23:29
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faenilladoga, not cheap at all...but they share things for sure23:30
ladogainstead of improving the UI by simplyfying it they just seem to make it more flashy23:30
ladogadistracting backgrounds and useless animations that serve no usability function23:31
SpeedEvilthere are limited ui elements available on a phone.23:31
SpeedEvilthere is going to be some commibality.23:31
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ladogabut thats just my impression and I hope I'm wrong23:32
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rashm2kIt is very reminiscent of the N923:32
ladogaI think UI should be as simple and easy to eyes as possible23:32
rashm2kThe hardware is top notch23:33
rashm2kmuch better than N923:33
rashm2kKeyboard is also very nice23:34
ladogayou mean hardware as in performance, or as in build quality?23:35
ladogaor maybe both23:37
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ladogaformer is surely true, atleast compared to n9 which is much older (and didn't have best performing hardware to begin with)23:38
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rashm2kThe N9 feels solid no doubt but I feel they skimped on the speaker and microphone23:40
rashm2kN9 Speaker is crap23:40
ladogayes, many faults in N923:41
rashm2kBut the N9 was built under a very tight budget so understandable23:42
ladogapoor speaker and at most average camera23:42
rashm2kThe questions is weather BB10 will provide an alternative to us guys23:42
ladogabut OS and the UI are quite nice23:43
ladogaonly problem was that there were no further devices23:43
ladogain that sense hardware doesn't matter23:44
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ladogagood OS + UI with continuity would be nice23:44
ladogausable on lots of different hardware23:45
rashm2kYes, I do love the N9 UI - but what can we do? Nokia are now in M$ hands. Out of all the OS's out there it's either Android or BB1023:45
rashm2krzr you got the dev alpha b?23:45
ladogaMy N9 will last few years:) After that I'll see what has come along23:45
* SpeedEvil realises aapl stock dropped from 700 to 500 the last 3 months23:45
ladogabut I'm quite sure it won't ne Nokia:)23:46
RzRrashm2k, yes just today23:46
rashm2khow you liking it?23:46
SpeedEvilduring the same period, nokias stock price road by 50%23:46
RzRrashm2k, i just booted it , and it is upgrading for hours now23:47
rashm2kshould have downloaded the autoloader like I did and install the OS that way23:48
RzRwin only23:48
rashm2ktook me an hour max23:48
rashm2kI did it on win too23:48
RzRi am on lin :)23:49
ladogai think he means autoloader is win only23:49
RzRladoga, true23:49
ladogalots of ppl dont have any windows boxes:)23:50
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rashm2kI work on Linux but stil have both23:50
ladogaor well..atleast two. :)23:51
ladogaI have w2k somewhere...i think. Not booted it for few years23:51
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ladogaw2k was fine IIRC. It's just been more fun here in the open.23:58
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buhmanI was fiddling with meego 1.2 on the n9; I wanted to make it sync all of my google contacts (namely ones with phone numbers), but it seems to have done the exact opposite; only what it considers my "google talk" contacts are in the contacts list, and no phone numbers were synced (including the ones that also happen to be "google talk" contacts).23:59
buhmanis this intentional?23:59

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