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LOLfireHi. Supposedly, on Harmattan, one can hide app icons by moving .desktop files elsewhere. I guess this would break on package upgrades. So I thought one could use dpkg-divert so dpkg is aware of the moving around. However, I read that dpkg-divert has been released in one of the PRs. Is that true?01:11
LOLfirerestricted, not released. :)01:12
LOLfireOr does this only pertain to {pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts?01:13
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LOLfireI think one could edit the .desktop files and add Hidden= or somesuch, but that would be fragile as well.01:14
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DJKillcrazyRzR: Wonder what the vulnerability is?12:21
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Paliping jonni18:31
PaliI do not understand mmc arguments of fiasco-gen18:32
Palithere are:18:32
Pali--mmc=ARG            Location of MMC image18:32
Pali--mmc-append=ARG     MMC raw image to append18:33
Pali--mmc-partition=ARG  Partition for MMC raw image (in layout)18:33
Pali--layout=ARG         Specify layout file for previous image18:33
Palijonni, I have layout file and mmc FS image. what other params doing?18:34
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jonniPali: fiasco-gen is useless to you unless you have device with R&D certificate :)18:37
Palijonni, fiasco-gen for N90018:37
Paliboth harmattan & fremantle generate same FIASCO image18:37
jonniPali: even if you generate an image, it will not be flashable to normal devices without signing it with master key for N9.18:38
jonniPali: or are you trying only to make N900 images?18:38
Palijonni, I'm trying it for N900 images18:38
PaliI have rewritten 0xFFFF flasher for N90018:38
Paliand I need to be sure that 0xFFFF generating mmc fiasco images correctly18:39
Palijonni, do you know that above 4 arguments for fiasco-gen doing?18:39
jonniwell ofcourse I do, although you really only need 2 of them18:43
PaliI think I need --mmc and --layout18:46
Palijonni, and what doing other two?18:46
jonnithose are only for subimages18:47
Paliwhat is subimage?18:48
jonniyou can have flash images inside of another flash images, but that is rarely used and goes under NDA I think.18:55
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jonniand with layout you can also do all kinds of nice trickery forexample that it doesnt destroy the data underneath, ie it would only patch&update the files that you want to be updated, keeping the rest of the files unchanged.18:59
jonniI used to make addon mmc images, that you just install the stuff that I wanted on top of the official image.19:00
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Palijonni, is there any tool for generating mmc layouts?19:16
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jonniPali: any text editor like vi or nano :)21:09
Palijonni, and some documentation about format?21:10
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GeneralAntillesWhat cache do I need to delete to get Twitter to stop hanging on EVERY SINGLE operation?21:15
jonnithere is documentation, but afaik not public21:15
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Palihm... stupid... fiasco-gen is public, but documentation how to use it - not21:18
jonniPali: well documentation is in the same directory as fiasco-gen.c file if you have the sources21:19
PaliI do not have sources...21:20
jonniwell, then fiasco-gen is not really public, there just were one old version of it avail in fremantle :)21:20
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Palijonni, no harmattan fiasco-gen is (or was when was up) public too21:24
PaliSDK apt repo in nokia-binaries21:25
jonniPali: afaik it was binary only21:25
Paliyes, but binary was for public use21:25
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jonniPali: well not really, binary was used only by nokia internal components, or can you say which 3rd party app was using it? :)21:27
Paliin fremantle *every* kernel package21:28
Palifrom extras(-devel)21:28
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jonni3rd party app, meaning ovi store 3rd party application, so none?21:29
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jonnibut yes, I can see that some developers would use it on fremantle kernels.21:30
Palito flash kernel on n900 directly, you need to pack zImage to fiasco. so fiasco-gen was needed for that21:31
Palibecause n900 scripts on device can flash only fiasco images21:32
Palibtw SW for Maemo5 is distributed in Maemo Extras (only some are in ovi store)21:32
jonniyep and in N9 they can only flash _signed_fiasco images (or if you have R&D cert you can flash anything)21:32
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Palihm, now I found some info in flasher-3.11.5 (part of old N950 image): flasher-3.11.5 --howto=make_fiasco21:34
Palibut there is only example layout file21:34
Pali(which I can extract from existing fiasco image)21:35
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Palijonni, you can look at open source fasher & fiasco generator 0xFFFF:
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LOLfire"make_fiasco"? Cool.22:01
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jonniPali: unfortunately I cannot give feedback to 0xffff application, since my eyes have been tainted with internal flasher sources and most likely helping you too much would break NDA.22:05
Palibut you still can look at 0xFFFF code :-)22:06
kubahahaCan i ask for help here?22:08
kubahahaAnybody know, where is CSS for applauncher? i change icon size using one app, but i don't know how to restore it to normal.22:08
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan22:09
RzRhi jonni how do you the future for Harmman-dev ?22:10
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pajonni, would helping me with the qtlocation plugin that ships with nokia cityscene also break nda? :)22:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:25
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ZogG_laptopjonni helping everyone like always :)23:11
ZogG_laptopbtw if anyone knows if email stoped syncing and every reboot deletes all alarms and set ringtone to other song from music collection is related to tracker problems or what can be the cause?23:16
DocScrutinizer05jonni: (break NDA) WTF you signed? I never seen an NDA that forbids using own knowledge23:19
DocScrutinizer05jonni: so, while "you must use litte-endian in 'struct XY' since that's what I've seen in this other app" for sure is not allowed, general notes like "in struct XY there are two possibilities to define the variable: little endian and big endian" for sure is no problem23:22
*** Morpog has joined #harmattan23:23
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DocScrutinizer05jonni: I know about friggin insane NDAs of Nokia, I ran into them at ST-E when I was interested in some internal 'linux' repo. But even while they ask you to sign in blood, they don't own your brain23:34
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DocScrutinizer05even the toughest clean-room RE implementations of patent covered proprietary M$ et al shite don't require that the devels testify that they never had a look into any original binary disassembly or other source of info23:39
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean23:41
DocScrutinizer05generally speaking what's in your brain is yours, as long as nobody can *prove* that you must have learnt it from some NDA'd source they own23:41
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SpeedEvilprove may not be the issue23:51
SpeedEvillegal costs can be23:51
*** tomma has joined #harmattan23:52
SpeedEvilif you can demonstrate you did the full clean room thing, a challenge is  much more likely to get thrown out quickly.23:52
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DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: jonni said "unfortunately I cannot give feedback to 0xffff application, since my eyes have been tainted with internal flasher sources and most likely helping you too much would break NDA"  --  I don't think any legal case can get constructed from jonni just helping, as long as he doesn't quote from internal sources verbatim, or discloses facts that can't get deduced in any other way23:59

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