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merlin1991anybody in here having the issue of the n950 consistently asking for the pin?02:07
merlin1991it drops connection at irregular intervals and asks for the pin then02:08
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villagerdashin: probably permanently02:19
villagerthough let's hope it's temporary02:26
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ketasok, i guess i managed to found ways to manage roaming data connection04:34
ketasstupid workaround, watch syslog for specific number calling04:37
ketasshould probably watch for sms04:38
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padoes the N9 sync todos/tasks to somewhere, in the calendar?17:52
pai mean, it doesnt with caldav17:52
pabut maybe with mfe?17:52
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ajalkaneA guest, you say? Be welcome.18:03
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djszapiajalkane: how is hello kitty 5 ? In Ovi store, millions of downloads a day? You already rich on the bahamas?18:26
ajalkanedjszapi: In reference to earlier discussion, I'm kinda unmotivated doing it, knowing I don't have enough time to finish it before the end of the world18:27
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vladestalways nice to meet end of the world on the bahamas :)18:48
ajalkanevladest: should be nice scenery. Remember to have a drink at hand and be in a beach chair enjoying it18:51
vladestin the meantime qt5 builds are broken18:52
ajalkaneqt5... what a thorn on harmattan devs side. I'm probably looking it at most after new beta or the final release. Hopefully things are somewhat more workable then.18:53
djszapihmm, that reminds me the patch I have not submitted to gerrit that to fix it...18:56
djszapiwhat a lazy bugger I am... :-)18:56
rZrhi djszapi welcome back18:57
djszapicheers =)18:58
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vladestdjszapi: yeah, btw, welcome back19:01
vladestdjszapi: what was the patch?19:01
ajalkaneyes... welcome back19:01
ajalkaneand patch it up. Without bikeshedding.19:01
ajalkanepretty please19:02
ketasbikeshed should have blue leds19:03
ajalkanewhy blue?19:04
ketasno idea19:06
ketasactually it's sick that power leds are blue19:07
ajalkaneCount 2 of people who have no clue19:07
ajalkaneI couldn't afford a new computer with translucent case and with blue leds dottering the interiors19:08
djszapivladest: option to configure to disable the v8 stuff as of now.19:08
ketaswe have new card readers in buses, they show big blue led when they are idle19:08
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ajalkanedjszapi: so the v8 stuff don't compile on harmy?19:16
vladesthow to make full clean in qt5 tree?19:16
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djszapivladest: git clean -fdx or make distclean19:18
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djszapiajalkane: yeah, Qt5 checks against a scratchbox environment, but the community OBS does not use scratchbox.19:22
djszapienvironment variable*19:22
vladestdjszapi: distclean doesnt works because of qmake.conf absence19:22
djszapiand the qemu used on the c-obs makes the jit code crash for arm even if it is a valid jit code.19:22
djszapianother workaround would be to update qemu for the community obs, but I would not like to touch that even with a stick.19:23
ajalkaneUh, updating obs sounds like something not happening before EOW19:23
djszapivladest: should work, what exactly is the issue?19:23
vladestGenerating Makefiles...19:24
vladestWARNING: Include file D:/development/qt5_pb/qtbase/mkspecs/qmake.conf not found19:24
vladestCould not read qmake configuration file D:/development/qt5_pb/qtbase/mkspecs/qma19:24
vladestError processing project file: D:\development\qt5_pb\qtbase\qtbase.pro19:24
vladestQmake failed, return code 319:24
djszapiif you had tried to execute "make distclean" in D:\development\qt5_pb\qtbase\ and this would be the result, then I would say something is fishy.19:25
djszapinmake distclean on Windows for sure, btw.19:25
djszapibut someone got Qt5 working on Android. That is nice.19:26
vladestAndroid support goes to Tier 1 which is very good19:28
djszapiwhere did you hear or/and read that?19:29
djszapiI have not seen Android in the list.19:29
vladeststill doubt about making money on Android. all wonna free aps19:29
vladestdjszapi: read l8st digia news19:29
vladestDigia is planning to invest into the further development of Qt on Android and aims to introduce Android as fully supported platform of Qt, i.e. as a Tier 1 platform during 2013.19:30
djszapiok, so not for Qt5.0 hopefully.19:31
djszapiand we do not yet know if it really comes to truth :)19:31
djszapiseems like the guy made more work alone on the android front than full Digia.19:32
djszapiwhat bugs me is that it seems from that news, they are awaiting BogDan do the job that then they can just sell. This is not what they have said to us. :(19:35
* vladest pretty sure, BogDan is hired in some way by Digia19:43
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djszapithat would be silly.19:44
djszapiGoogle is way more stable company than the future of Digia Qt.19:44
djszapiless risky, to put it mildly.19:44
djszapiand he has a family so risk is an unwishd metric.19:44
djszapicomment left.19:46
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vladestwell, Google doesnt provide QT for Android19:53
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djszapithat is a different topic.19:53
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ajalkane /topic Qt by Google on Android20:12
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ajalkaneUh... Why the topic didn't change?20:12
ajalkaneI was getting interested20:12
djszapiajalkane: you can only change change the topic after 10+ beers. :)20:13
ajalkaneI see... Red wine is not counted, it seems.20:13
djszapi~red wine20:15
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djszapiahaha :D20:15
ajalkanepoor bot :(... That'd never happen to Blender.20:16
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ZogG_laptopVenemo_N9: hi hi21:55
Venemo_N9hey ZogG_laptop, what's up?21:55
ZogG_laptopnot bad21:57
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rashm2kany experts on using 'const' methods in c++22:33
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rashm2kI need to call a non-const method from a const method22:33
rashm2kthe method being called is simply a getter so it actally is a const method22:34
Octal_Well, you can const_cast this, but why ?22:34
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rashm2kI'm trying const_cast but it does not seem to be working22:35
rashm2klet me show you the code22:35
rashm2kthis is my code22:36
rashm2kthis is my header file22:37
Octal_rashm2k: what's the non-const method ?22:39
Octal_count += 0;>size();22:39
rashm2kreturns std::vector<ns_trading_service::ItemType*>*22:39
Octal_what ?22:39
Octal_Your expression is just useless22:39 is non-const22:39
Octal_rashm2k: it SHOULD be const22:39
rashm2kyes indeed it should22:39
Octal_And why are you returning a pointer to a vector ?22:40
Octal_looks like a bad conception22:40
rashm2kIt is generated code -22:40
rashm2kusing AXIS2C/WSF CPP22:40
rashm2kNormally I have changed the getters to be const as they should be22:41
rashm2kbut in this case the code is 150MB and takes over 30 mins to compile!22:41
rashm2ksmall changes mean a LONG dev cycle22:41
Octal_count += const_cast<AbstractMyEbayListModel *>(this)->>size();22:42
rashm2knope not worked22:43
Octal_Well, your code is bugged22:43
Octal_Even though is has been generated22:43
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Octal_Your toolset is bugged22:43
Octal_Fix it :)22:43
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rashm2kYeah I think I might have to - unless you have some more ideas?22:44
rashm2kthis seems to have worked22:47
Octal_It's broken code22:47
rashm2kI'm trying to shield my self from it22:47
rashm2kWhat happens when the WSDL file (which is 5MB) and generates a 150MB of source code and 45mb of .so code changes?22:48
rashm2kI'm fucked22:48
rashm2kwhich I why I don't want to touch the generated code at all22:49
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