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palatest wazapp doesnt sync anymore?01:08
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GeneralAntillesIs there a swipe control application that works in PR1.2+?05:36
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gabriel9|workis this temporarily:
bluefoxlooks like...hopefully it will be back soon10:14
gabriel9|work:( so i'm not the only one who see this10:15
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gabriel9|workdid anything new come for harmattan in qtcreator 2.6 ?10:19
gabriel9|workthey did not mention harmattan, and there is no package for ArchLinux yet so i could not check10:20
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gabriel9|workhow to get rootContext from QmlApplicationViewer11:04
gabriel9|worki tried this solution:
gabriel9|workand i get error: C2039: 'view' : is not a member of 'QmlApplicationViewerPrivate'11:06
tommai think that template changes a lot11:09
tommamy creator creates one which inherits QDeclarativeView11:10
gabriel9|workit's a nightmare11:10
tommaso with this it would work viewer->engine()->rootContext()11:10
tommaoh no need for engine11:10
tommaso viewer->rootContext()11:11
gabriel9|worklet me try :D11:12
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tommahmm... for some reason my creator doesn't have template for harmattan11:13
gabriel9|worki also had to add it manually11:15
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gabriel9|worki need to learn c++11:30
gabriel9|worki could code everything in JS or python11:30
gabriel9|workbut everyone told me that c++ is the way to go11:30
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pagabriel9, if python is fast enough for your stuff, use it12:46
pait works fine12:46
paand it wraps almost everything you need of qt12:46
pabut of course if your app is heavy,then maybe it would be too inefficient to do that in pyhton12:47
gabriel9i must take some free days to test all that12:48
ZogG_laptopgabriel9: btw i wanted to aswer you here few days ago but forgot12:52
ZogG_laptopyou asked about something i used in my app12:52
gabriel9i also forgot12:52
gabriel9do you think that Jolla will be succsess?12:54
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gabriel9|workDevelopment for N9 was really hard for me12:55
ZogG_laptopgabriel9|work: it might be12:58
ZogG_laptopnemo is not bad12:58
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gabriel9|workproblem is documentation13:21
gabriel9|workqml is easy as pie13:21
gabriel9|workand lack of examples13:21
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rZrgabriel9|work, then create them :)13:53
gabriel9|worki would like14:01
gabriel9|workbut here is some problems: i'm no expert in C++ and Qt14:01
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rZrgabriel9|work, u will be one if you manage to write them :)14:08
gabriel9|workif i success in polyphasic dream i would have time14:09
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ZogG_laptopgabriel9|work: i remember ur question14:38
gabriel9|workwhat was it14:38
ZogG_laptopjson in qt :P14:38
gabriel9|workthat was it14:39
gabriel9|workso this hell of the rest api returns really big json response14:40
gabriel9|worki could do it with JS in QML14:40
gabriel9|workbut i wan't to be fast and i will do it in C++14:41
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louisdkI can't find emmc.bin ...14:42
gabriel9|workdoes Qjson live in N9 ?14:42
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louisdkThe user data is fucked on my N950. I can't find emmc.bin for the N950. Can I use a emmc.bin for the N9 combined with PR1.3 firmware for N950?15:45
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kallelalouisdk: emmc image is only for pre-installed content under ~/MyDocs/. you don't really need that15:54
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kallelalouisdk: if some other user data e.g. under home directory is messed up, flashing only emmc is not helping15:58
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louisdkkallela: Well how do I fix it/repartition the partition where my home is located?16:29
kallelalouisdk: have you tried if the restore/erase device functionality under Settings menu fixes your problems?16:34
kallelalouisdk: or is reflashing the whole device an option in your case?16:35
louisdkI've trying to erase the device. And then see what happens.16:41
kallelalouisdk: to answer your original question too, yes, you can flash emmc.bin of N9 to your N950, if you like to try that16:41
louisdkkallela: I've backed up an emmc.bin file from the Nokia click tool for N950 and I'll you that if necessary.16:43
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ZogG_laptoplouisdk: you need to change d for c in nickname :P16:57
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louisdkZogG_laptop: dk stands for Denmark ;)17:06
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ZogG_laptoplouisdk: louis ck is a good comedian17:08
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paan easy way to use PC ethernet inet connection on the N9 via USB?18:36
paqwazix, does rawcam now uses the 12mp of n950? :)18:37
qwazixpa, rawcam doesn't work on N95018:38
qwazixviewfinder is black18:38
qwazixit does take pictures though, 12mp, but the colors are wrong18:38
pahm..because FCam is not available for N950 or why?18:38
qwazixfcam is available but doesn't fully support N950 (this is the color issue)18:39
pai read about different bayer color arrangement18:40
qwazixand something else with the overlay which I can't grok causes the viewfinder not working18:40
pawhy it is not enough to swizzle the colors afterward?18:40
qwazixyeah, and despite the fact that fcam recognizes the N950 and gets the right MPix count, it doesn't set the bayer color arr. correctly18:40
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paqwazix, but what kind of data do you obtain from FCam? already demosaic'ed bitmaps?18:41
qwazixAnd nokia hasn't released fcam sources for harmattan besides telling people to check out the sources in harmattan-dev website18:41
heymasterAnybody know why i switch my app and return to her press button and it crashes ?18:41
qwazixpa, yes, but I think that you can request other things too, didn't play with image data much18:42
heymasterlooks like it crashes only if i do task switching but not sure18:42
paoh ok18:42
payou have the sources up somewhere , right? does it compile easily with qtcreator?18:42 is dead :/18:43
rZris it ?18:43
rZrnot good18:43
paok found the repo18:44
pabut is it a qtcreator project or does it require the scratchbox?18:45
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paqwazix, is the github repo the right one? i see last commit 3months ago18:47
qwazixthat's the one, last commit about a month ago18:48
qwazixI've done some half-things since then that I haven't pushed18:49
qwazixI'll push when there's something usable18:49
rZrhi qwazix have you talked w/ n9phographer ?18:52
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qwazixno, not yet18:52
qwazixI saw the pictures though, very nice18:54
rZrhe knows how to use it better than i go18:55
paqwazix, do you build in scratchbox?18:56
qwazixI used to, but now I build in madde and then on OBS18:56
qwazixit should still build in sb though (after fixing build depends and debian/rules - I think I have comments where things should be changed)18:57
pamadde = qtcreator, right?18:58
pado i have to add fcam somehow?18:58
pai dont have it apparently18:58
pai mean the source18:58
qwazixyes you have to download debs and install them to madde chroot with mad-admin18:59
paah right19:01
paharmattan-dev is down..19:01
payea.. -.-19:01
paok i have towait then19:01
qwazixI've got them, let me upload them somewhere.19:02
heymasterBuilt on Jan 25 2012 at 12:40:26 It it latest Qt SDK ?19:02
heymasterBased on Qt 4.7.4 (64 bit)19:03
pa1.1.2, iirfc19:03
paor was it 1.2.119:03
heymasterQt SDK 1.2.119:04
heymasterso i need to use this SDK ?19:04
heymasterI downloaded it from Nokia page19:04
heymasteror just updated iirc19:05
pathanks a lot :)19:10
qwazixpa, also look at this
qwazixit's a photo taken with an allegedly REed fcam for N950 on nemo19:14
paah cool19:16
paand luckily there's google cache19:16
qwazixfor documentation and examples see the fcam page on maemo garage. Better laid out and most of the things are the same anyway19:19
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palast thing, to install it,i tried mad-admin -i libfcam....deb, but it complains i havent set MADDE target..19:22
paand finding documentation about it with the site down is kinda hard..19:22
qwazixisn't it mad-admin xdpkg -i the correct syntax?19:24
qwazixoh, and as of some version I fail to remember, I need to run rawcam with invoker so that I don't get a permission error and a subsequent segfault19:25
paah right, xdpkg19:27
pado you run from a standard shell? or how do you set the MADDE environment?19:28
qwazixI copied both debs to /opt/madde/bin and just mad-admin xdpkg -i *.deb19:29
qwazixI don't remember having to set up madde env19:29
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paok, found out thanks to google cache :)19:41
rZrpa, add url to
pacache url you mean?19:46
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faenil_n950vladest, ping20:02
vladestfaenil_n950: pong20:02
vladesthost not reachable :)20:02
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gabriel9good evening20:43
gabriel9just want to inform you that i wrote first c++ class and connected it with QML :)20:44
gabriel9sorry about that, but i am happy and just wished to told someone :D20:44
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faenil_n950fair enough :)20:53
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gabriel9Has anyone used QJson?20:55
gabriel9never mind, i find the solution: To use Qjson you must add this to .pro file: LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib -lqjson20:58
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heymasterany qt videos on memory management ?23:40

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