IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2012-10-09

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ketasPali: ping01:56
Paliketas, pong01:56
ketashm, n902:03
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Octal_Damn, is it impossible to send commands to a contactless credit card using Qt NFC APIs on the N9 ?02:26
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* Dante_J greets the room02:39
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ketasdamn why nokia built battery into n903:38
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cckwesheymaster: your problem has been solved?04:06
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ketasuh damn it04:18
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ketasmtd4 - rootfs.jffs2 (a fucking copy of the above rootfs?)04:45
ketasi love documentation04:45
djszapiDante_J: greetings from my side04:45
ketasfcorrea: ping04:46
fcorreaketas, pong04:54
fcorreaketas, did you break your N9? My wife's seems to be dead so far. Waiting for a set of torx screw drivers to arrive so I can rip it open and apply high voltage directly on its heart04:55
fcorreain other words, I'll take off the battery and try to load it so I can "jump start" the cell phone04:56
fcorreaI never though I'd do something like that04:56
ketasfcorrea: no04:57
ketashowever i managed to get into two flashing modes04:57
fcorreaketas, wow...share the knowledge04:57
fcorreabut I assume you had a working usb04:58
ketasyou haven't?04:58
ketaswell, you can turn it off, right?04:58
ketasor you can't keeps rebooting?04:58
fcorreaketas, right, wont turn off04:59
ketass/keeps/, keeps/04:59
infobotketas meant: or you can't , keeps rebooting?04:59
fcorreaso yeah, keeps rebooting and I'm tired of that "nokia" thingie04:59
ketass/ , /, /04:59
ketascan't turn off?04:59
fcorreaI mean, as long as it's not in the usb or wall adapter it's off05:00
ketasit's charged, right?05:00
fcorreabut sending positive thoughts to it didn't help05:00
fcorreaketas, I don't believe it is05:00
fcorreayeah, I believe it is05:00
fcorreareason why I'm taking the battery off for external charging05:01
ketaswell, anyway, hold "-" down, then press and hold power until usb symbol appears05:01
fcorreanow, why the heck can't we just turn the cell phone from the adapter wall05:01
fcorreaketas, but with the usb plugged in?05:02
ketasnot sure if it can enter into that mode without usb connected05:02
ketasshould try05:02
fcorreawell, already tried that many many times but never worked. I suspect this is all micro usb falt in the first place05:02
ketaswtf rapid blinking05:03
fcorreasince all the charging is done through it and I can't have it to work, I assume it's faulty05:03
ketasthe usb itself?05:04
fcorreayeah. my wife told me she never managed to get her mac to mount the usb.05:06
fcorreashe only used the usb to charge05:06
fcorreaand now now that I can't simply can't get the usb to work so I can put it in charge mode, I suspect it's faulty05:06
befordI had this weird behavior the other day05:06
befordthe battery got completly empty05:06
fcorreaso it doesn't matter if I charge the battery, I'll never get the usb storage mounted05:06
befordand after leaving it almost all day charging, it still wouldnt turn on,05:07
fcorreabeford, yeah it's very annoying05:07
fcorreabeford, what did you do?05:07
befordso I just plugged it into the computer and it got recognized as usb network05:07
befordafter a couple of plugging unpluggint it turned on05:07
befordand the battery was full05:07
fcorreaso you basically plugged and unplugged for a couple of minutes?05:08
befordunplugged it from the wall charger after being there all day and showing no signs of life05:08
befordthen plugged it on the computer and even if it seemed to be dead, it got detected as usb modem05:08
beforder, usb network05:08
fcorreaso yeah, right now the phone is on the wall charger. I'll leave it there for 24h05:09
fcorreawell, luckily the same will happen to me05:09
befordyea, I can't remember exactly, I probably pushed the power button after/during it being connected to the PC, but it worked05:10
fcorrearight now all that I see is the blinking led and the nokia logo reboot after reboot05:10
fcorrearight, well, I'll try everything before I rip it open05:10
ketasR.I.P., n905:15
ketasi wonder how to hack mine working05:15
ketasit's locked05:15
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fcorreaketas, so your n9 wont boot or what?05:22
fcorreaketas, have you considered ripping it open and pulling the battery out for a couple of minutes?05:22
ketaswell it's locked05:23
ketasboots fine05:23
fcorreaah right05:23
ketasbattery is full now, too05:23
fcorreaso you are trying to unlock it05:23
ketaswith constant usb hacking05:23
ketasnot possible?05:23
ketasalso, trying it with 0xffff :P05:23
fcorreaso, fully functioning phone but you can't hack it right?05:24
ketasmaybe should try nokia flasher05:24
ketaswell it was functioning until i managed to lock it05:24
fcorreayeah, I guess refleshing the rootfs would be the best thing05:25
fcorreait will basically reinstall the os and installed apps but will preserve data05:25
fcorreaso as long you don't care about the OS, I guess it's fixable05:25
ketasrootfs is ro?05:25
ketasi wish this thing can boot off usb05:26
ketasor, that i can access to it's filesystems05:27
ketasbefore it actually boots05:27
fcorreaketas, well, I don't know, you basically pass the arguments to the flasher as in: flasher -f -F firmware.bin05:27
fcorreait will only replace the os and the apps05:27
fcorreasaver your data05:28
fcorreasaves even05:28
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djszapibeford: heya06:45
befordmy pi finally arrived :) using it as irssi client at the moment06:56
ketasyour 3.1406:57
cckwesbeford: +106:59
djszapibeford: my also arrived 3000 kms away07:02
djszapibut I am more into the playbook.07:02
ketashmm, damn07:09
ketasi have n900 somewhere too, maybe i should hack that too07:10
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rzrdjszapi, i am back in the h scene11:26
rzri was busy w/ leaving current job now i have some time for harmattan11:26
djszapiok, I do not. :)11:27
rzrso what's wrong w/ phonom ?11:30
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djszapirzr: nothing14:02
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KleggasIs there a way to (without opening browser) add an ssl certificate to the n9 broswer so it does not popup the question about trusting the cert?14:10
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bjoernfanKleggas: Shouldn't you be able to put it in /etc/ssl or something? I have never installed my own certs though.14:13
deramI think, put pem file into home dir, and use settings -> Security -> Certificates -> Add new certificate14:14
bjoernfanKleggas: Please share what you ended up doing later. :)14:19
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Kleggasbjoernfan: I will share, when I get back home from job and can test :)14:23
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Kleggasderam: my problem is, I got a server software I wrote, which I am connecting to using python + curl and displaying in QML ui. At one point, I need to call an external api (paypal) which I will be using browser for, and on accept/decline the user will be redirected to an url on my server again... I made my own cert, and thaqt is where it pops up. I am looking for a way not to bother user with manually adding the cert. its there, on their disc, used in c14:25
Kleggasurl, but troubles me in browser :)14:25
Kleggasit is external (default) browser, not webview (didnät work, so using browser)14:25
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rzrKleggas, add cacert keyring ?14:36
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Kleggasrzr: yes. how? :)14:58
KleggasI am kinda new to the cert thingies...14:58
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rzrthere is a package of cacert cert, if your is generated by cacert , it will be silent15:02
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Kleggasrzr: thanks, will look into that too after work15:18
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fcorreaoh boy, the hammer will work15:52
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fcorreahardware should not fail, specially if you paid €700 for it15:53
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ketasfcorrea: 700 eur, eh?16:48
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fcorreaketas, yeah16:50
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ketasfcorrea: the price of n9?16:51
fcorreaketas, well, yeah, that's what we pay down here. Well, used to pay16:54
ketasi got it used for 172...16:54
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fcorreaketas, we should talk them. There's a whole market for low priced hardware ;)17:04
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Lava_Croft250eur, used but brand new17:09
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fcorreaketas, typo, s/them/then/17:50
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aquariusI'm getting the issue that numerous people have reported about Google calendars failing to sync over CalDav with an "internal error", and no amount of deleting and recreating the caldav account seems to solve it :( Is there more than what's on the forums known about the problem?18:45
Shaan7aquarius: try adding your google account as a microsoft exchange, it syncs calendar, plus contacts :D18:47
aquariusShaan7, as far as I can tell, using MfE only syncs the *main* calendar, not many of them. (I'm already using MfE for contact sync)18:48
Shaan7ah yes, thats true18:48
Shaan7I used to use caldav and worked fine though18:48
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aquariusyeah, it worked fine for me too; a number of people seem to be reporting errors about there not being enough space, or getting "internal error", which is exactly what's happening to me, but no-one on the forums seems to have solved it18:49
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djszapihas anybody ever used this webex thingie on the N9?19:26
djszapidoes it even work with the mobile internet connection on it?19:26
djszapiare there clients or it is only a grob way, or not even that?19:26
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Venemo_N9I broke that flipout thingy on my N9 :(21:07
djszapiwell, happens to many.21:09
djszapiI wish that was the case for me, and not broken screen :(21:11
heymasterso how to use Linux software on N9?21:13
heymasteris needed to add apt-get repositories ?21:15
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djszapiheymaster: what linux software exactly?21:19
heymasterdjszapi: don't know :p any cool21:19
djszapiyou can check our repository with rzr21:20
heymasterusespace programs21:20
heymasterdjszapi: so harmattan has X11?21:21
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heymasterrzr: thanks. i know this page21:53
rzru welcome21:53
rashm2kCan I use aegis to store a user token securely?21:54
ketasfooo... why doesn't this thing support recovery boot natively :(21:55
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jonnirashm2k: 'semi' securely atleast :)22:20
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rashm2ksemi securely will do22:31
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* ketas looks at Pali 23:01
djszapirashm2k: yes, you can.23:02
djszapiheymaster: yes, Harm has X11.23:02
djszapiketas: why on the earth would an average user recovery boot?23:03
djszapimoreover it has sorta done for ages.23:04
heymasterdjszapi: does N9 kernel drivers are opensourced ?23:05
djszapiheymaster: yes, Nokia does not violate GPL.23:05
heymasterdjszapi: cool. so we can have normal Android port23:06
ketasall drivers are opensource?23:06
djszapiheymaster: I am not interested in android :p23:06
djszapibut see the nitroid project for details.23:07
heymasterdjszapi: N9 has some drivers as userspace ?23:07
heymasterbecause i think android uses many drivers in userspace, no ?23:07
ketasdjszapi: well, aren't average users ones who commonly fuck things up?23:07
djszapiheymaster: yes there are userspace drivers as well for sure.23:07
djszapiketas: no.23:07
djszapiif an ordinary user can "fuck up" the kernel, that is a wrong platform already.23:08
heymasteri want to learn some kernel dev, but it's for too hard23:08
djszapithat point is exactly the opposite.23:08
ketasdjszapi: just userland is enough23:09
heymastermaybe use raspberry pi to learn some dev23:10
djszapiit does not really matter if it is kernel or userspace really.23:10
djszapiI wanted to write "platform" actually.23:10
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djszapiheymaster: use desktop23:10
heymasterwhy desktop?23:10
djszapibecause that is the  vanilla linux kernel way23:11
djszapicurrently no platform with open government maintenance.23:11
heymasterdjszapi: ahh, ok23:12
heymaster << i did isb nes controller. i think in feature to create spme isb device and learn to write drivers just hobby23:12
ketasdjszapi: i take it as there is no way to get access to generic n9 that has security lock on, with ALL device data staying intact?23:13
heymasterusb is avr controller with software usb implementation23:13
heymasterketas: what's your name?23:17
heymasterbecause my name is kestas :)23:17
ketaswhy should your name be kestas23:18
heymasterjust my name similar to your nickname :)23:18
ketasfrom latvia?23:19
ketasor what were other *s-names countries23:19
heymasteri'm from lithuania23:20
heymasteryour from latvia?23:20
ketasno, i'm not ketas actually23:21
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:27
piggzheymaster: you wanna get low level on the rpi?
heymasterpiggz: yes, it's interesting tutorials23:32
heymasteri was reading few chapters23:33
piggzim yet to do any programming on my rpi :/23:33
heymasteri'm too :)23:34
heymasteri want to learn work with usb, but it's too hard for me23:35
heymasterauthor of tutorials wrote usb code23:35
heymasterso it's very great tutorial23:36
*** iDont has quit IRC23:36
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:42
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