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djszapiketas: what do you mean?00:00
ketasby n9 or 0xffff?00:02
ketasor what00:02
djszapiwhat is that question supposed to mean? I do not understand.00:02
ketasactual idea was to get n9 security lock off without losing data00:04
djszapihow does your question come to existence from that "actual idea"?00:05
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djszapiand what does the "0xffff" mean?00:05
djszapiand takes in as in minutes00:05
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djszapitakes in as in commands00:06
djszapitakes in as in other means... etc00:06
djszapihard to answer or even understand the real problem with those doubts for me.00:06
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ketas0xffff is
ketasi don't really know how much all those n things differ in hw00:08
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djszapiwhy don't you wanna answer the questions?00:15
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djszapiunsure it is a good practice for getting help. :)00:16
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ketasdjszapi: i googled for hours and couldn't still find proper solution for security locked n900:32
ketaswhich i don't know how i managed to do00:32
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ketasstrange, it seems like security code screen is on top on something, just can't get there01:28
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ketasthis reminds me how dangerous is to have phones without memory cards01:51
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fcorreawhat's up everybody. So my wife's N9 wont reboot and wont charge. Already went through pretty much all forums trying whatever it was written04:14
fcorreaI guess the problem is the USB as it's not recognized either on windows 7 or linux04:14
fcorreaon linux I guess this:
fcorreaon windows, the new device shows up and immediately disappears as the device disconnects itself04:16
fcorreaI suspect this is related to some USB issues as we never were able to connect the device to any desktop environment on mac, windows or linux04:17
fcorreamain question is, is there anything else I can check before taking it to NCC?04:17
djszapiketas: works for me from the settings04:44
djszapihave you tried the cold flash?04:50
djszapialso, to see if the device is in a reboot loop why it does not seem to charge?04:51
ketasdjszapi: i don't understand04:53
djszapiketas: well, there is a settings as autolock off...04:53
ketasbut i can't get to settings anymore04:53
ketasbecause i don't know what the lock code is04:54
djszapiI thinkI cannot help as there lots of information missing.04:54
djszapilike this one.04:54
ketasprevious owner claimed have done nothing special with it04:54
djszapiI cannot spend my time if basic information is missing, I am afraid.04:54
ketasi opened track & protect from menu04:55
djszapidemand the previous owner to give the password.04:55
ketasit was mistake04:55
djszapior re-flash, or NCC.04:55
ketasdoes this reflash delete all content from phone?04:56
djszapialso, ssh could be tried as well anyways.04:56
djszapiwell, no.04:56
djszapiemmc is preserved.04:56
ketassecurity code can be reset without data loss?04:56
djszapiyou will lose the rootfs.04:57
ketasis there way to mount it... in any way?04:57
ketasi'm assuming this isn't encrypted?!04:57
ketasonly you can't access it?04:57
fcorreadjszapi, hey there. Thanks for answering04:58
fcorreadjszapi, yeah, it's in the reboot loop without showing the spinning thing, just the "nokia" text and then reboots04:59
djszapifcorrea: ok, that is not too desperate.04:59
djszapiand the reason is clear.04:59
djszapithe reboot takes more kraft than the charging.04:59
djszapiso it is actually charging, but you need to turn the reboot loop off.05:00
fcorrearight, that's what I imagined05:00
djszapithere is an option for that if you read the help output of the flasher util.05:00
* djszapi goes back to sleep05:00
* fcorrea checks05:00
ketashow come you go back to sleep...05:00
ketasdid you just woke up? :)05:00
fcorrealet's try the cold flash thingie (if linux manages to get access to the USB)05:01
* fcorrea wonders what is the "2nd image"05:05
ketasi wish there be recovery boot for n905:05
ketaswell supposedly there is05:05
ketasbut that's not installed there05:05
ketasas i read it works like this05:06
fcorreayeah, that would be nice05:07
fcorreathis was quite unexpected and I was really hopping for some combination of the volume rocker + pwr button05:07
ketaswonders if buttons05:10
ketasit still has some!05:10
ketaswhole three buttons05:10
fcorreawell, the thing is that linux wont detect the device and thus it can't be flashed05:13
fcorreanot sure if it's an issue with the micro USB05:14
ketascan't the flasher somehow "catch" it?05:14
fcorreathe device is rock solid, except for that05:14
ketasto stop reboot loop05:14
ketaswhat happened with it anyway05:14
fcorreaso far I couldn't get the reboot to stop05:15
ketastried hammer?05:15
ketaswell, one might have problem starting boot again after that05:15
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fcorrearight, so my wife went visit her folks and noticed that it wasn't charging. Then when it finally booted to meego, she said there was a red rectangle at the very top of the screen and it was locked05:16
ketasbut it surely stops it05:16
fcorreashe then tried a hard reboot and it got stuck there forever05:16
fcorreaI guess if there was a reboot counter in the hardware, it would be close to 1M reboots so far05:16
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fcorreaso yeah, both windows or linux can't detect the device on the USB because it seems it disconnects itself right away05:19
ketasassuming 1m reboots, and it reboots every 3s you only need to wait 4 days05:20
ketasyea that sucks if it can't stay connected to usb long enough05:20
ketasi wonder what can one do05:20
fcorreaheh, I guess I'll try the hammer before that05:21
ketassim card is in?05:21
ketashmm does cold boot take bit longer05:22
ketasthan hot rebooting05:22
fcorreahere's the evidence of the reboot and connect/disconnect:
fcorreait keeps going on and on05:23
ketasround and round05:24
fcorreawhile the flaher patiently waits for it05:24
ketasearth turns...05:24
fcorreayeah, almost a full turn by now05:24
ketassince n9 first failed?05:25
fcorreayesterday, I mean, saturday05:25
ketasMon Oct  8 05:25:39 EEST 201205:25
fcorreaketas, not sure how long you've been hanging out here but have you ever heard people complaining about USB issues? Like not being able to mount N9 as USB storage?05:26
ketasjoined yesterday05:26
fcorreaI'm behind, still Sunday here....23:2605:26
ketasi though giving this n9 to mother05:27
ketasdamn lock!05:27
ketashow did lock happen anyway...05:27
fcorreaI'm a big fan of the device but this is killing me...actually it's killing it05:27
ketasif you hit it with hammer finally, does this mean n9 committed assisted suicide05:28
fcorreaI really don't know. My wife noticed in the morning that it didn't charge and then the device decided to enter in reboot mode05:28
fcorreawell, right now it's pretty much holding a loaded gun in his mouth this close to pulling the trigger05:29
* fcorrea suspiciously looks at the hammer05:29
ketasyou actually have hammer there? :P05:29
fcorreayeah, I was fixing the place yesterday05:30
fcorreaalright, I'll crash and let it plugged on power AC. Will poke people tomorrow and see if it's fixable05:33
fcorreatake care05:33
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ketasWOW, it entered into special usb mode!07:38
ketas0xffff talks with it07:39
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sony123Anyone tried using Qt Creator 2.6 with symbian qt component on a blackberry target?09:39
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ketasstill hacking n910:00
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ketas / Nokia N9 fell from 16th floor balcony10:39
ketaspoor thing!10:39
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heymaster << bought used N9 and after 1 day got such scree. Anybody knows how to solve this problem?10:59
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cckweshow about a re-flash?11:02
heymastercckwes: thanks. will try11:02
cckwesheymaster: welcome, hope your problem will be solved :)11:04
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SpeedEvilhat is quite plausibly a hardware issue.12:01
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Hurrianheymaster, that's definitely a hardware issue.12:46
HurrianDoesn't look like simple framebuffer bugs as usual.12:46
heymasterHurrian: ok. i will try to reflash and will post any news12:46
ketashow about my lock code12:48
Lava_Croftwoa nice borked screen :<12:49
ketasbtw, 0xffff even seems to work with n9!12:49
ketasi was able to turn r&d mode on12:49
Hurrianketas, nice, it means that Nokia didn't change the flashing protocol too much with the N9.12:50
Lava_Croftheymaster: when my used N9's camera broke, i just returned it to Nokia Online Repair12:50
ketasand -b works too... as it seems12:50
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ketashowever can't dump flash12:50
Lava_Croftthere they just replaced the broken HW and returned my phone12:50
ketasno device :(12:50
HurrianIIRC Pali was working on a rootfs and eMMC flasher for the N900, with a few tweaks to allow Harmattan to use ape-algo it could flash Harmattan.12:50
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ketasany kernel boot args i can pass to avoid lock code?12:51
heymasterLava_Croft: yes, i have guarantee, but don't know why seller don't said about such problems12:51
ketasi doubt i can...12:51
Lava_Croftheymaster: you bought the N9 without seeing it in action?12:52
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heymasterLava_Croft: i flashed 1.3 version on first day. but seems i saw black parallel lines12:52
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heymasterLava_Croft: no. i checked everything12:52
Lava_Croftwell, maybe the seller never knew then12:53
ketasdidn't check screen?12:53
Lava_Crofti would go the safe route and try Nokia Care12:53
heymasteri check12:53
Lava_Croftyeah, nobody buys a phone with a screen like that:)12:53
Hurrianis it under warranty in your country?12:53
Lava_Croftmaybe it broke during transport?12:53
heymasterHurrian: yes12:53
Lava_Croftheymaster: you in EU?12:53
Hurrianheymaster, it should be covered12:53
Lava_Croftthen you are completely covered, like me12:54
heymasterI bought it from person near my house :)12:54
Lava_CroftI bought it a few cities from here, from someone who was completely lost with it12:54
Lava_Crofti think he expected to buy  a top of the line Symbian^3 device:D12:54
heymastercan't be any problems with usb cabel to reflash ?12:55
heymasterbecause i using different usb cable12:55
Lava_Crofti use all kinds of USB cables on my n912:55
heymasterand reflashing with macflasher12:56
Lava_Croftdont think that matters, but i dont own a mac12:56
Lava_Crofti flashed both on archlinux and windows7 without problems, i doubt macflasher would break stuff like this12:56
ketasthat's one shitty usb cable if this interferes with flash12:57
HurrianI think the flash will fail immediately if the USB cable's faulty.12:58
HurrianIIRC USB has a checksum of sorts on each packet.12:59
Lava_Croftthe way the screen looks suggests hardware failure12:59
ketasstrange, i found flashing mode key combination in n912:59
Hurrianketas, it was "hold volume button something", iirc13:00
ketas- + power on... hold until usb symbol appears on right top corner13:00
HurrianI plan to do my reinstallations with backupmenu now though.13:00
ketas"-" + "power"13:00
Hurrianfirst things on agenda once I back up my N9 is to unify the rootfs and home partitions.13:01
ketascan n9 boot off usb?13:01
Hurrianketas, it doesn't have hostmode13:01
Hurrianso unless you're using NFS over USBnet, no.13:01
ketaswhat is the client and host usb modes then?13:02
infobotketas meant: what are the client and host usb modes then?13:02
Hurrianit's a USB gadget iirc.13:02
HurrianHost mode = you can plug slave devices like printers, USB modems and flash drives13:03
HurrianUSB Gadget = the device is a slave for a USB Host13:03
heymasteri haven't done anything with phone.13:03
ketasHurrian: so it has usb host mode?13:03
heymasterbut i see such parallel black lines13:04
heymasterand first day i noticed them13:04
Hurrianheymaster, I'd worry about those, those are not normal.13:04
heymasterHurrian: why ?13:04
ketasit at least does usb eth... i bet host too13:04
HurrianTake it to Nokia Care, man, especially if you're covered.13:04
heymasterHurrian: ok13:04
HurrianThe screen, apart from the purple/green separation on white edges, is supposed to be flawless.13:04
ketasDevice's USB mode is 'client'13:04
ketashmm it can be set to 'host' too13:05
HurrianIt can, but kernel interfaces and hardware PHY isn't ready for it13:05
Hurrianfirst off, it's a USB Micro-B connector, which lacks an ID pin for auto identification13:05
ketashackish usb host works13:06
Hurrianminor inconvenience to manually switch modes, major inconvenience to find a micro-b to Full Size F cable13:06
heymasterHurrian: will care won't reflash my device to regional firmware ?13:06
Hurrianheymaster, tell them NOT to flash the device13:06
heymasterHurrian: thanks13:07
Hurrianyou're in europe though, so you'd probably get 00113:07
HurrianWhich country?13:07
heymasterHurrian: yes i noticed my firmware was North Europe13:08
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ZogG_laptopi sent u link eysterday to proper fw13:12
Hurrianheymaster, yup, you're safe.13:13
heymasterok, thanks13:13
heymasterZogG_laptop: yes13:13
mf2hdheymaster: nice country btw, been there couple of times at new year.13:17
heymastermf2hd: (y)13:19
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ketaswhat is fast blinking of led in n913:30
ketasseems like "can't boot"13:30
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Jon_Severinssonketas: Has something to do with charging, I think it means too little power to boot.13:36
Lava_Croftcan you charge the N9 while its powered off?13:36
Lava_Croft(it better be able to!)13:36
ketasno went away fast but it seems like 50% full13:36
Lava_Croftsilly n900 cant boot and couldnt be recharged if battery is too low13:36
ketasi try to hack security code off13:36
ketaswithout losing anything13:37
Jon_Severinssonketas: yes, but verry slowly (at minimum usb power level).13:37
Lava_CroftJon_Severinsson: thats better than not charging at all :)13:37
ketasthere are supposedly some devices that don't charge at all13:37
ketassome charge SLOWLY13:37
Lava_Croftn900 doesnt charge13:38
ketasat all?13:38
Lava_Croftit needs to be booted to charge13:38
Lava_Croftthats why one carries around a stack of BL5J's13:38
Lava_Croft(the n900's battery)13:38
Lava_Croftwell, that and being able to be the only person with a working smartphone after several days of not charging:)13:39
ketaswhy should it fail like this13:40
Lava_Croftwhat code do you want, enabled security code or the other one13:40
Lava_Croftthe Lock code or whatever13:40
ketaswell i got used n9, previous owner said (s)he didn't enable anything... i managed to open track & protect... there it was13:41
ketasasking security code13:41
Lava_Crofti dont even know if the t&p sec code is a seperate one13:42
Lava_Croftseperate from for example the code to unlock SIM or the other code13:42
ketasnow i'm trying to get it off somehow13:42
Lava_Croftuser said he/she didnt enable any security code?13:43
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Lava_CroftMaybe that happened to the previous owner13:43
ketasi thought i can take quick peek and i didn't end up giving myself backdoor before this happened...13:44
ketasso sad13:44
ketassomeone said that swype password input screen has bug that gives you main menu :P13:46
rigoHi all, already earlier I reported that fenix is crashing once I try to open another mail folder of my imap server. Now I looked with ps aux and found that fenix continues to run, but that it looks like the folder dialog crashed. As nobody else has that problem, it looks like it is related to personal preferences. In KDE I would just remove .kde and start from scratch. What would be the equivalent for an N9?13:46
ketassupposedly you click on link in about swype dialog13:46
Lava_Croftrigo: Settings -> Reset -> ?13:48
Lava_Crofthaha, what13:51
ketasvery good13:52
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ketasduring hacking, i somehow ended up having somewhat different ui but still lock screen13:56
ketaswhat kind of screen is this anyway13:56
ketassome app running on top?13:56
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fcorreahowdy folks. So, I'm waiting for my Torx screw driver set delivery. The N9 will need a volt charge directly in its heart18:10
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jonnifcorrea: usually its enought to have 1A 5V wallcharger18:24
fcorreajonni, yeah, already tried that18:26
jonniand led doesnt flash?18:26
fcorreajonni, it got stuck in the reboot loop and it wont be detected by either linux or windows so I can't query the id18:26
fcorreajonni, the led flashes yes, but it reboots and reboots18:26
jonnibut if it reboots and reboots, then its easy to query the id18:27
jonnijust put it to query the id in the background, and when it reboots it returns the value18:28
fcorreajonni, yeah, but only if linux or windows can detect it, which is not the case18:28
jonniand if it doesnt then change the usb port untill it does18:28
fcorreajonni, yeah, I guess that's what happens, when it turns on, it reboots so fast that it can't grab the id18:29
jonniif it reboots every second then maybe, but if it takes more than couple seconds then it can grab it18:29
jonniand ofcourse you can try 30seconds longpress powerbutton to change the mode manully to charning mode.18:30
fcorreajonni, 30 seconds? that's new18:31
* fcorrea tries18:31
jonniwell usually its 15-30s untill it vibrates18:31
jonnicold reboot.18:31
fcorreajonni, ok so I plug the wall adapter and the led goes white, the nokia logo shows up and then the led starts blinking. Then it sits there for like 50sec to 1min and then that process restarts18:35
fcorreajonni, so after the first vibration happens, right after the nokia logo shows up, press it and hold it for 30sec?18:36
jonniyep thats normal, then just do "sudo ./flasher -i" and it should detect when it restarts18:36
jonniand if it doesnt, then try diffent usb port, since detection sometimes work better on 1st port vs the others18:37
fcorreajonni, thanks will try18:38
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:39
jonni99.99% cases can fix rebootloop without ever opening the device, the only time when I had to dismantle the device has been when the usb port was totally broken, then I opened it and charged manually before I soldered a hack fix for usbport18:40
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:40
jonnithere is usb debugpads on the backside of motherboard on the worst cases if port happens to break up :)18:41
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan18:42
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away18:42
fcorreajonni, right. So yeah, it was weird. My wife was using the device and then she said she left it charging and then when she got the device in the morning it showed up a red square at the top of the screen. She then forced a hard reboot and then it got rebooting since then18:42
*** Knouki has joined #harmattan18:42
*** rnovacek has quit IRC18:44
fcorreajonni, not sure if it entered in charge mode or not but after pressing the button for 30sec, it doesn't blink anymore18:45
jonniheh red square doenst tell much, if you dont look into the text next to it informing whats its about, could be broken hardware, corrupted flash (or malfed software), or software upgrade etc :). But if you havent installed any custom sw and havent played with inception, then charging should fix it. but if its checksum error in sw then reflash is needed18:45
fcorreajonni, connected to the usb though18:45
fcorreajonni, :(. I wasn't around when it happened18:45
jonniheh, I know the feeling :)18:46
fcorreaanyways, let's hope it's charging now. I don't see it blinking so I'll just leave it alone18:46
*** Sh2k has quit IRC18:47
*** Sh2k has joined #harmattan18:47
*** Sh2k is now known as Sazpaimon18:47
jonniyeah hopefully its charging quietly, atleast its a good sign that its not in rebootloop anymore.18:47
fcorreaI wish I could plug my amp meter to the USB cable and check if some current is flowing by18:48
*** rm_work has quit IRC18:49
fcorreajonni, ftr, I have "sudo flasher -i" waiting for it to come live. So far nothing...but I suspect that if it's sleeping, then it should be like that18:50
fcorreajonni, and this is what I get in /var/log/syslog:
fcorreanot now, but when it's rebooting18:52
*** khertan has quit IRC18:52
jonnifcorrea: that looks like your linux kernel needs to reboot, or you should try different usb port, that happens when port/kernel is in bad state18:53
jonnisome kernels and distributions and ports sometimes have problems when enumerating the usb devices.18:54
fcorreajonni, that could be very true indeed. I mean, I'm on 3.5.0-15 here18:55
fcorreajonni, but while trying on window 7, I'd get a dialog showing the an USB device was available, and then immediately it disappeared (because of the reboot loop or weak battery I guess)18:56
jonniwell windows flasher can have 32bit vs 64bit probelms etc.18:58
*** vladest1 has quit IRC18:59
jonnianyways I havent been using windows flashers that much, usually I do things with linux or mac18:59
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan18:59
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fcorrearight, well, I'll stick to linux19:01
fcorreaand try that reboot later19:02
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan19:09
ZogG_laptopjonni: hey19:12
jonniZogG_laptop: hi19:14
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fcorreajonni, so it seems that the battery is extremely weak. It only shows the nokia logo when plugged to the wall adapter. While using USB, the LED comes up, start blinking but no screen20:14
fcorreaalso, noticed that it didn't go into charging mode....maybe because it can't hold the charge for 30sec before rebooting20:15
jonniblinking means charging, you should just leave it for 24 hours to charge up20:15
fcorreajonni, even if it reboots? I guess that the reboot loop will consume whatever charge the battery has accumulated in the previous boot20:16
fcorreabut fair point, I'll just leave it20:16
jonninope, it if reboots it eats up the battery, you neede to get it to -i mode20:16
jonniwhich means rebooting linux, or using different kernel20:16
fcorreayeah, the -i mode is killing me. Not sure if the micro USB is malfunctioning20:17
fcorrearight, will try a different kernel20:17
fcorreajust rebooted this one20:17
fcorreano luck20:17
jonniand never use usb hubs etc, needs to be connected to machine directly20:17
fcorrearoger, yeah that's what I've been trying20:18
fcorreaunless this mac USB is already internally routed20:18
*** rcg-work has quit IRC20:26
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan20:28
fcorreajonni, just tried other kernel on a different machine. No luck...same errors on syslog20:30
fcorreajonni, I suspect the USB is malfunctioning. As a matter of fact, I do remember my wife saying she never was able to enable the USB on the mac20:31
fcorreaso not sure it's fixable20:31
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KleggasEvening. Is there a way to "attach" to the external web browser after opening it with qml, to listen for url changes? Kind of like possible with webview, but for external browser?21:13
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* ketas looks at Pali 23:19
ketassomeone said you have some ideas on 0xffff + n9? :)23:20
Paliketas, need to look at NOLO and MKII protocol23:22
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:23
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rashm2kexperts on aegis about?23:35
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan23:36
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ketasPali: it partly works23:42
*** rzr has joined #harmattan23:45
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